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  1. A few more Pathetic Sharks from the Bangor area –

    Pat Corns, retired social worker for Conwy Social Services. The first time that I heard Pat’s name was when someone who played sport with her mentioned that one of the women in the team was mad, rude and offensive and worked as a social worker. Some three years later a former social worker from Gwynedd who left practice because they felt that the abuse of patients by the ‘services’ was so bad that they were unable to protect them told me that a Pat Corns who had just retired from Conwy Social Services was attempting to become involved with a ‘service users’ group and was not only intimidating the service users but was accessing sensitive confidential information about them ‘for no constructive purpose’. This person told me that they had been told that whilst still in practice Pat Corns had been deemed to be harmful to service users and that there was great relief among some of her colleagues when she retired.

    One standing joke about Pat in the sports team was that she genuinely hated her husband and routinely referred to him as the ‘ginger bastard’, but not in an ironic or affectionate manner. I didn’t know Pat Corns but I did know the ginger bastard. The ginger bastard was Professor Tom Corns, a Milton scholar and one time PVC for Teaching and Learning at Bangor University.

    Tom Corns is one of the leading authorities on Milton, he really does know his stuff. But Tom has a problem – he can’t teach and he doesn’t like the rest of the human race. So eager students keen on Milton would beat a path to Tom’s door only to find that Tom couldn’t communicate what he actually knew about Milton. Tom’s communication skills are so poor that someone who heard him speak after he won a major prize for one of his volumes on Milton was asking people if Corns really did write the book. Yes, he did – but Tom just can’t talk to anyone and I don’t think that he wants to either.

    Tom was a major disaster as PVC for Teaching and Learning and one of the mysteries of Bangor University was how ever Corns landed the job. I’ll tell you how. The only person in Bangor University whose research interest was in the scholarship of teaching and learning was my PhD supervisor. And Tom Corns really fucking hated him – Corns hated him so much that he cooked up a deal to ensure that my supervisor did not bag the PVC’s job. It wasn’t difficult – my supervisor was someone who knew exactly what a bunch of backstabbing gits the Pathetic Sharks were but refused to retaliate. So the Pathetic Sharks had a field day, making life as difficult as possible for my supervisor and his wife, who also worked in the University.

    My supervisor never told me any of this, he kept a dignified silence but other well-wishers who were appalled at Corns’s conduct filled me in. I was told that the VC wanted to prioritise online learning and Corns presented him with a truly impressive document and it was on the strength of that document that Corns was given the PVC post. I was told that what the VC didn’t know was that Corns hadn’t written the document – my PhD supervisor had and Corns had plagiarised it. I am not sure that my supervisor ever knew about this.

    Corns, Fergus Lowe and associates then harassed and intimidated my PhD supervisor and his wife until they decided that they really didn’t need this and they both took early retirement. Much was made by Fungus and the gang of fools over the victory – until my supervisor landed a job at Oxford and his wife was head hunted by the Trinidadian Gov’t as an education consultant. Tom, you will be delighted to hear that we had a party at John and Della’s place to celebrate – we celebrated the fact that John had been touched by the Curse of Tom Corns, so riches and success had come his way. Tom cursed a few other people as well, once they’d fallen out with Tom, they too landed on their feet unexpectedly.

    Tom and his Pathetic Shark of a wife have a son who is a Top Doctor!

    Can anyone see a theme here? Tom, Pat and Fungus went for the jugular of a man just after he’d offered me a place to do a PhD. Yes, it was the Paedophiles’ friends at work again, not only giving John a good kicking for providing me with an opportunity, but doing their best to get him out of that university before I walked out of there with a PhD. I will always be greatful to my supervisor that he tolerated all the crap until all of his team – including me – were set up and had finished our various projects.

    It was a few years after I finished my PhD that I was told who had been the Brains behind the plan to stuff John over. The person who sent out the execution order was Fungus, but Brains was Professor Colin Baker – who became PVC for Teaching and Learning after Corns had to be removed from the post for being such a disaster. Colin Baker’s wife worked in Ysbyty Gwynedd! Enter the Pathetic Sharks/paedophiles’ friends once more…

    I was always told that Colin Baker killed with a smile on his face. When I was eventually told that it was him who had orchestrated the plan to get rid of John, I remembered that when, after I finished teacher training, I enquired about doing a PhD I was told that the only research taking place in the School was bilingual research with Colin Baker’s team. Who told me this? Colin Baker! Who was supposedly the person responsible for postgrad study in that School. It was someone else who told me to go and have a word with John – who had a team of 12 and was accepting PhD students. By the time that I had finished my PhD, Fungus, Tom Corns and Colin Baker aka Toad, had succeeded in having the whole team disbanded. Colin Baker was the Professor of Education and had spent his whole career in Bangor – in a region where the paedophile ring had caused havoc..

    Do you perhaps know anything about that paedophile ring Toad? It was operating on your patch throughout most of your career.

    Is there perhaps a Toad in a Hole in Bangor?

    Well I’ve exposed you all now you bunch of tossers.

    More Pathetic Sharks fun to come soon..

    1. A few other mysteries associated with the Pathetic Sharks at the Obs and Gynae Dept at St Georges in 1989 –

      In the summer of 1989 there was a medical student working in Cathy Wilson’s lab, but the reason for his presence there was a bit odd. The young man concerned did as little work as possible and very obviously only made an appearance every day and kept a civil tongue in his head because he had been ordered to work in Wilson’s lab for the summer to prove himself or he would be thrown off the medicine degree. Cathy was a physiologist not a clinician but it seemed that she was going to be the sole judge of whether this student would be allowed to continue his medical training.

      The reason why the sword of Damocles was hanging over this young man’s head was that he and another medical student had played a prank on a third medical student. They had kidnapped him, bundled him into their car after tying him up, drove him miles out of London into the countryside and left him naked and tied up, sans wallet, shoes or even a bus ticket back to London. When the kidnap victim was eventually found and recovered, he told his dad what had happened and there was a very big row indeed between the dad and St George’s. The dad wanted the two students responsible kicked out on the grounds that this was too much even for students messing around and they were not fit to qualify. St George’s refused but seemed to think that a period of probation in Cathy Wilson’s lab was a suitable response.

      At the end of the summer Cathy wrote her report, explaining that this student had a ‘very relaxed manner’ but it hid his commitment to medicine. I’m not sure that it did. This young man was one of the many students at St George’s who was from a British Asian family who had pressurised him into doing medicine when he very obviously wasn’t that interested.

      I cannot understand why it was in Cathy’s gift to decide whether this student remained on the course. Cathy was an abusive workplace bully herself, the medical students all hated her and she hated them – she used to start the physiology lecture series with the opening remarks ‘now I hate you and you hate me but we’re stuck with each other’ and she was universally referred to by the students as ‘the menopausal old idiot’. Cathy was an animal physiologist who was a lot more interested in the biochemical changes in rats brains than she was in the suitability or otherwise of students to qualify. There was misconduct and research fraud in the dept and Cathy knew about it.

      There was another medical student working in Cathy’s lab that summer as well, an undergrad from UCL. He wasn’t up on a disciplinary charge but he was a student with problems who was very unpopular at UCL – his father was a GP who was a friend of Wilson and was one of her neighbours at Notting Hill Gate. Cathy Wilson had a high opinion of this GP – who of course also had a Harley Street practice ‘so that the family can have a decent standard of living’. They certainly had that – they lived in a palatial residence and the student in Cathy’s lab had been to St Paul’s School which will have cost someone a great deal of money. The family were Tories but to explain this GP’s heart of gold Cathy told everyone that as well as his Harley Street practice, this Top Doctor also treated alcoholics in the East End. I know well-heeled people who do try and contribute positively to the lives of others so I didn’t have a problem with that. Until Cathy explained that this GP didn’t take any crap from his East End patients and had even threatened and thumped some of his patients in the past – well some of them were homeless after all – but they always returned to his surgery because he was the only Top Doctor who would treat them.

      Which was always the excuse used as to why Dafydd’s appalling conduct could be tolerated – ‘he treats those boys from the children’s homes when no-one else will’. Yes because everyone knew the deal – those boys been abused by a gang of paedophiles and Dafydd and his associates were running the gang. One word of complaint from ‘those boys’ and they’d be in Ashworth on the grounds of Dafydd declaring them to be dangerous.

      I too ended up as ‘Dafydd’s patient’ – without my consent or knowledge. Even when I moved to London, it was explained to me that I was Dafydd’s patient and they’d already rung him and had an extended discussion about me. Dafydd famously told them that I was attractive and seductive and they documented in writing that Dafydd ‘had lost his boundaries’, but nonetheless I would not be treated in London, I would be sent back to north Wales.

      Young female patient whom Dafydd wanted to shag? You just couldn’t get away even if you moved to England…

      The son of Wilson’s GP friend was working in Wilson’s lab to gain a bit of research experience which would look good on his CV after he qualified. No chance that he’d ever find himself trapped in the clutches of a gang of sex offenders.

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