Time For Resignations…

My previous posts ‘Lord Gnome, My Distant Relative By Marriage’, ‘My Gangland Family’ and ‘By Popular Demand – Or Request?’ discussed Lord Gnome’s grandson, Mark Piercy, a graduate of New College, Oxford and a barrister of Lincoln’s Inn a la Richard Crossman’s father Sir Charles Stafford Crossman, Lord Denning, George Carman, Miranda and Cherie.

Mark’s wife Vivien is a lawyer too. This is how Mark Piercy and Co Specialist Family Law Solicitor Vivien Piercydescribes himself on his firm’s website ‘Piercy & Co, Family Solicitors’:

Mark Piercy practised as a barrister for many years, specialising in all aspects of family law including finance and property issues in divorce proceedings, cohabitation property cases, children cases and inheritance claims. He has extensive experience of advisory work, drafting pre-nuptial and separation agreements, court proceedings and advocacy at all levels. viz comic legal advice man pubHe has appeared in a number of reported cases in the Family Division.

Mark has dual qualifications as solicitor and non-practising barrister, having been admitted as a solicitor in order to form the specialist firm of family lawyers, Piercy & Co, with his wife Vivien Piercy. He now practises exclusively as a solicitor with higher rights of audience as a solicitor advocate. He is a trained collaborative lawyer and an accredited specialist of Resolution.

Amongst the reported cases in which Mark has appeared as an advocate are the following:

P v P [2007] 2 FLR 439: Wardship jurisdiction concerning the temporary removal of children for the purpose of education

V v V (Contact: Implacable hostility) [2004] 2 FLR 851: a landmark case in which the High Court transferred residence to a father as a result of the mother’s repeated breaches of contact orders

Re B (Wasted costs: Abuse of process) [2001] 1 FLR 843

K and A (Local authority: Child maintenance) [1995] 1 FLR 688

W v W (A minor: Custody appeal) [1988] 2 FLR 505

Appointments and Memberships: Mark is a member of Lincoln’s Inn and the Inner Temple. He has appointments as legal adviser to the Institute of Actuaries and legal assessor to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Health and Care Professions Council and the General Optical Council. He is an accredited specialist of Resolution with particular specialisms in Advocacy, Divorce Financial Provision, Cohabitation. Private Children Law and Financial Provision for Children. He is also a member of the Family Law Bar Association.

Publications/Lectures: Mark has published articles in Family Law on the subject of Cohabitation and Property Rights and Intractable Contact Disputes. He has also lectured on family law issues and on evidence and procedure in contested proceedings.

Mark was a Scholar at Oxford University and is M.A (Oxon). He was a Hardwicke Scholar of Lincoln’s Inn. He was called to the Bar in 1976 and was admitted as a solicitor in 2007


Mobile: 07766024229

39 Carson Road Dulwich London SE21 8HT
020 8766 6805  mark@piercysolicitors.com

This is Mark’s wife:

Piercy and Co Specialist Family Law Solicitor Vivien Piercy

Vivien Piercy originally practised as a barrister specialising in family law. She was admitted as a solicitor in 1997 and is now dually qualified as a solicitor and non-practising barrister. She has extensive experience of all aspects of divorce and cohabitation , and the related children and financial issues connected with relationship breakdown, and undertakes her own advocacy in suitable cases. Vivien is committed to a non-confrontational approach and to finding alternatives to litigation wherever possible.viz comic legal advice man pub

After graduating from University College London, Vivien worked for other law firms specialising increasingly in family law before setting up her own specialist family law practice in 2001.

She is a member of the Law Society’s Family Law Panel, an accredited specialist of Resolution, a trained Mediator and a member of the Inner Temple.


Mobile: 07917484749


Mark and Vivien’s home page tells us:

It is our aim to give clients a personal, efficient and affordable service. As accredited specialists of Resolution we are committed to resolving family law disputes in a constructive and non-confrontational way, designed to preserve the dignity of all concerned and to encourage agreement. As former practising barristers we have the experience and expertise, where necessary, to conduct cases effectively through court proceedings, thereby providing our clients with a comprehensive service and significant savings in costs.

Mark and Vivien’s page entitled ‘About Us’ declares:

Piercy & Co is a specialist family law practice based in Dulwich and Central London.

We cover all aspects of family law including:

  • Marriage and cohabitation.
  • Divorce and separation.
  • Pre-nuptial, cohabitation and separation agreements.
  • Preservation of family assets and preventing their removal and dissipation.
  • Investigation of trusts, private companies and pensions.
  • Financial settlements.
  • Children: residence, contact and parental responsibility agreements and orders.
  • Children: removal from the jurisdiction.
  • Civil partnerships.
  • Rights of dependants to financial provision following the death of their partner, spouse, parent or other family member.
  • Enforcement and variation of court orders.

As family lawyers we understand the emotional and financial impact of relationship breakdown and adopt the Resolution Code of Practice which aims to minimise areas of conflict and to resolve disputes in the best interests of the family. Where proceedings are unavoidable, we are able to provide in-house advocacy, giving our clients the benefits of continuity in the conduct of their cases and significant savings in costs. The firm has excellent connections with specialist Counsel and experts in all related disciplines, including forensic accountants, pension experts, property valuers and lawyers in other jurisdictions. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an efficient, responsive and personal service and a high level of expertise. Appointments can be arranged at our office in Dulwich or, if more convenient, in central London at 2 Harcourt Buildings, Inner Temple, London EC4. In either case, office hours are flexible and charging rates competitive.

I’m surprised that non-confrontational committed to resolution Mark and Vivien haven’t left a message on my blog what with me being family! How about it Mark and Vivien, I do have 10,000 documents with evidence of serious organised crime over ooh more than 35 years…

Mark and Vivien: GANGSTERS aren’t you Mark and Vivien? 10,000 documents Piercys…

Mark and Vivien Mr H, a terrible pair! The Lucan side of the family! The Philanderer ought to write Miranda a thank you letter for blocking his peerage. Christ, one wouldn’t want to be in the Lords with the fucking Piercys in there…See the source image

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

9 thoughts on “Time For Resignations…”

  1. Gang and Gigglers:
    You are all in VERY deep shit. Although I understand that you are far too dim to have worked this out yet.
    You’ll need to do more than distribute food boxes to the Needy with boring organic veg to get out of this one Hutt you bloody idiot…

    1. This post is dedicated to Norman Scott. The first person whom this load of absolute bastards tried to murder but didn’t manage to, who had the temerity to complain about them and was insulted in Court and in the media as a result…

      It’s the Top Docs. Time’s up MDU, GMC, BMA you useless murdering bastards. RESIGN.

  2. Sally
    In solidarity with Norman I myself was subject to an attempt to kill me. The Pocklington School 2.3 tonne mini-bus empty of children, out of area at the top of Garrowby Hill home of Lord Halifax , a side impact at high speed sufficient to take my Subaru across the carriage way, the wide verge and across the Halifax’s hedge.
    I was a member of the BMA in times past, sent all my documents detailing concerns to the MDU as my defence organisation and was subject to disciplinary proceeding ‘under health’ for pointing out the criminality of my GP colleague. This was all before I wrote to the NHS Regional Medical Director about serious organised crime in the NHS and was not deal with as a whistleblower.

  3. Curiouser and Curiouser.

    Richard, Norman might need people to be in solidarity with him. After my recent comments in a post about Wedgie Benn always maintaining a pleasant manner in public, I’ve just come across various entries in Wedgie’s Diaries 1974-76 in which he says the most appalling things about Norman Scott, almost as good as Peter Cook’s biased judge spoof. That was of course the standard line to take re Norman at the time, but the salient point is that those sodding MPs KNEW that Norman was not a loathsome spotted reptile, a blackmailer, a liar etc. They ALL knew that Norman was the victim of serious crimes even if they weren’t au fait with all details…

    Even more interesting is that during the years 1974 to 1976, Wedgie Benn and John Biffen had begun to become very friendly with each other! Friendships across the political divide were common, but those two palled up – with sod all in common – just when the Gang’s mates were lining Thatch up as the next Tory Leader, after buttering Mrs Brady up and opening fire on my grandfather, father – and when those awful teachers began to arrive at Chilton School who particularly hated me. I’ve checked the dates, it is a perfect fit. Benn and Biffen were up to something and it’s not too hard to guess what when one knows that Benn was mates with Gnome et al! Harold Wilson resigned because of the Westminster Paedophile Ring and Mr Thrope, I always knew that, but it looks like someone gave Harold a shove because of things in Bridgy… I have more correlating of dates to do but it is seriously weird, this couldn’t have been a coincidence.

    After finishing the post above, I received a message saying ‘This is really serious, YOU were being targeted, it was organised’. My response is as ever Er yeh, I knew it was serious in 1984, I just didn’t realise how serious… But I began to guess when I was unlawfully arrested again and again – three times in one weekend – perjury in the High Court exposed repeatedly but no action, and when I was attacked and my car trashed in broad daylight, in front of a crowd of witnesses in Llanberis, by the drug addicted girlfriend of a big time drug dealer from Liverpool who had left the village the day before, after shotguns were waved about. The police told me that it was my fault because my dogs had barked at her.

    Anyone remember the Son Of Sam serial killer who heard the dog next door barking and decided that the dog was telling him to murder people? My dogs were obviously nearly as powerful.

    I’ve been given other info as well re the mass surveillance of citizens in Britain during my childhood. Just a little thing but like someone knowing that Mr Bridgy Celeb wrote to the BBC to ask for a photo of an ice warrior from Dr Who when he was at school, it demonstrates that data was being collected on normal people. One day we were on the beach and Mr Bridgy Celeb and father found a plastic thing floating in the sea with a tag on it telling whoever found it to contact this Govt research station because it was a Govt survey of tide patterns and meteorology and they wanted to collect data. So Mr Bridgy Celeb replied and received a message back thanking him. It was when he was quite young, he still liked bird watching, tides, fishing etc, so it was probably before he was at Sydenham School. Someone’s told me about it, his name stayed on a database…

    There’s loads more info that I’ve found out today too, I’ll get it all up on the blog when I can.

    Miranda and other reps of the Rotten State, you DO NOT do this to people, you absolutely do not. Whole families destroyed – the Maudlings, the Harlechs etc – just because someone Talked. You just resign and fuck off now, EVERYONE who had a hand in this. ALL of you, I have lots and lots of info…

    I’ve been told that a lot of the aggro when I was young was because I was taking the piss out of Mr Rigg the Dirty Vicar. Rigg it seems was a key figure in a big abuse ring; I’d be keen to know who Mr Rigg was, all I know is the allegation that his family were ‘judges’ from Lincolnshire.

    I’ve been given info too about attacks on the family who tried to complain about Rigg when he assaulted their daughter; I knew that they had been smeared and threatened, but something much bigger and more subtle happened that they won’t have realised, in true Gang PR style. I haven’t blogged about it because if I name the Stars involved the family could be identifiable. But a children’s Pop Favourite built their career on the back of that case lest anyone ever go public on what Rigg did to that girl. Even more worryingly, the manager of that children’s Pop Favourite then somehow got to know another girl whom I knew in Somerset, a vulnerable girl. He was a middle aged man and how he ever got to know that girl I have no idea. She was a pupil at King Alfreds School in Highbridge, where Bill Francis’s daughters went to school and where Bill Francis was a Councillor… She was in my class before I transferred to Chilton and she was absolutely crazy about this lame old pop manager. She’d met him and everything. When I was at Bridgwater College I met a girl called Sue Trolley who had been at King Alfreds and knew the girl who had got to know this awful pop manager. When she realised that I’d been at King Alfreds for a few months she asked me who I remembered. I mentioned this girl’s name and Sue Trolley said ‘Oh gosh, she’s obsessed with [name of pop manager]’. I was gobsmacked, she’d met him first when she was 11 yrs old and she was still linked to him. The Pop group concerned had no credibility with teenagers, it was a children’s thing, it wasn’t as if this bloke was the manager of the Stones…

    This pop group were targeting CHILDREN, not teenagers, but kids of primary school age. Dressing up in novelty outfits and appearing on Savile’s shows.

    Sue Trolley went to Manchester University to do music, I bumped into her one day when I was visiting Manchester…
    I don’t know what happened to the girl who had somehow become involved with the manager of the children’s novelty group that had the link to Rigg…

  4. Frank Kearton, Chairman of Courtaulds, had lunch with Wedgie Benn on 22 July 1975. Wedgie had known him for nine years and he told Wedgie that he would be resigning from Courtaulds the next morning. Frank told Wedgie ‘all about his wartime experiences and how he had come to know Klaus Fuchs [the nuclear scientist who was jailed for 14 years in 1950 for passing info to the Soviets] well’. Frank told Wedgie that he had met Harold Wilson recently and had told Frank that ‘In politics timing is everything’. Harold hadn’t yet ‘suddenly’ resigned.

    On 11 Feb 1975 Thatch had become Leader of the Tories.

    Previous posts explain how I’ve been told that the neighbours who moved in next door to us when I was about eight were, I have been told, working for the security services. I’ve spelt their name on this blog as ‘Rowe’, but people are telling me that it was ‘Roe’. Anyway Mr Roe was one of the shop stewards at Cellophane in Bridgy, Cellophane owned by Courtaulds. Mr Roe knew all about Mr Rigg… Cellophane was a closed shop, the workers had to join the union.
    Cellophane was the biggest employer in Bridgy for years. The second biggest employer in the 1960s was the factory of which my grandfather was Chairman. My grandfather had very big plans for his company in the late 1960s and couldn’t understand why it went so badly wrong. Brown and I always thought that he probably just had small town dipsticks working for him who couldn’t put his ideas into reality, but I’m beginning to wonder if there might have been more to it. Just look at who the Ministers for Trade and Industry were; they were ALL tied up with Du Cann, Tiny Rowland and the Gigglers.

    Wedgie Benn’s Diaries name a lot of people in High Places and in low places who were playing crucial roles in Somerset life at the time. Wedgie who was er Industry Secretary.

    I’ll leave it to Tom King and the Piercys to explain why the security services knew about an international trafficking ring, moved in next door to the kids who’s grandfather had tried to expose those behind it and instead used the info to cause havoc and ensure that the ring expanded.

    I’ve been told that the MDU are, thanks to this blog, in the sort of state that Python’s Black Knight was in ie. no arms and no legs. I’m delighted to hear it, but as no-one from the MDU has yet sent me a compensation payment for over 30 yrs of the most disgusting criminality, if it’s OK with you MDU, I’ll carry on blogging. Wedgie Benn’s diaries name so many accomplices!

    Don’t do it again MDU, not even to two young leftie students who you think don’t matter. A lobotomist organising the gang rape of children, it really wasn’t good.

    And can the police stop asking me for the names of more people from Bridgy and Wales whom they want to arrest? You go and arrest the Docs and the Piercys police, they’re rather more guilty.

    Although I do have another anecdote re Criminals In My Family, it’s along the lines of the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery, that I’m happy to relate. The Uncle (it was always my Uncles!) involved was slaughtered by the Top Docs a few years ago just after my father and another Uncle died. The point of the story, as Tom King knows, is that this particular Uncle of mine WAS guilty of a Hinkley Point related crime but the whole bloody workforce clubbed together to get him a good lawyer because if he’d gone to jail the fun and games at Hinkley would have been at an end for everyone out there. The reason my father refused to speak to this Uncle – Mrs Brady’s brother – for so long was that the stolen property was er… you’ve guessed it! It was in Ancient Days, before the Brinks Matt Girdle Robbery, when Maurice Macmillan was bankrupting father. Obviously tonnes of stuff stolen from Hinkley found on father’s land would have been manna from heaven…

    Is Heseltine dead yet? I hope to hear news soon.

  5. I’m continuing to make my way through Benn’s diaries, 1973-76.

    Fred Phillips, Benn’s mate, was a leading light in the Bridgy Labour Party, 1952-74. On 12 Dec 1975 Benn attended a party in Bristol to celebrate Fred’s 25 yrs as an election agent. Benn’s diary states that Fred was born in the Austrian empire in 1914 and came to the UK as an illegal immigrant with the help of the socialists at the time of the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, met his wife at an ILP function, served in the British Army and in 1950 went to Bridgy. With a background like that Fred was probably obliged to work for the British security services.

    There’s quite a bit online about Fred Phillips and his role in the microcosm of Bridgy life during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The Tory Ladies Luncheon Club of which Mrs Brady was Chair loathed Fred and his mates; I didn’t know Fred’s name but I recognised others… I’ll be doing an in-depth trawl soon.

    Now Then. On 13 Dec 1975, Harold Wilson demanded that Benn tell him ‘the truth’ because Benn had stated that he had enjoyed a knees up with Fred in Bristol but on 13 Dec, The Times ran a story under the headline ‘Benn Delays Energy Talks – Mr Benn said today that he had deliberately delayed talks on energy in Europe to attend a Labour Party meeting in Bridgwater’. Benn denounced The Times story as ‘harassment’.

    It was when Benn was at Energy that he made such a good friend of John Biffen.

    On 16 Dec 1975 Benn had to, with others, select Board members of the British Gas Corporation. Benn wanted, among others, Terry Parry of the Fire Brigades Union. Previous posts have discussed Janet Taylor, a teacher at Chilton who hated me, ignored the serious problems in the school and ended up as Headmistress years after I’d left Chilton when Bill Francis finally retired. Taylor was married to a fireman who was involved in the Fire Brigades Union. When Benn was asked to appoint a woman member of the Gas Board, he suggested Marjorie Proops no less, agony auntie of The Mirror. My mates and I used to have a laugh at Marjorie and one of my mates observed that Marjorie’s advice was downright dangerous. When battered women wrote into the Mirror, Marj would tell them to Stand By Your Man. We had that conversation years after Chilton though, when we shared a house with Brown in Leicester, one of the people in the house being a girl who I’d known at Chilton. The security services bugged the house. Benn didn’t get his choice with Marj in Dec 1975, he was over-ruled and the Duchess of Kent was appointed instead. She who was Patron of St George’s Hospital.

    The really important matter here is that this was the era of the Oil crisis. I have blogged much about how the London Hospital was run by the Oil industry. North Sea Oil had just begun to flow but Britain was still very dependent upon Oil from the Middle East. The Shah of Iran was beginning to encounter serious difficulties and Benn was meeting the Shah, Sheikh Yamani and all the names from that era. Earlier posts have discussed the dodgy deals that George Thomas and William Mars-Jones were involved with re Yamani.

    I’ve been asked if I remember father and Mrs Brady visiting Gnome’s widow Veronica in the 1970s. Yes! I never visited them, we kids didn’t go; I don’t know why they went but Veronica was living in Knightsbridge with ‘Aunty Nancy’ (grandpa’s sister) and I heard about the grand house and two posh dogs. Little white dogs. What I remember most was that Veronica and Nancy were the only ‘British’ people left in their road. It was one of the areas of Knightsbridge that had been entirely brought up by Arabs with the Oil dosh. It wasn’t just a racist tale, there had been a newspaper feature about the only British inhabitants left in that street and it was Veronica and Aunty Nancy. I have no idea what their address was, but father came back from London saying it was extraordinary, ALL the neighbours were Arab oil millionaires.

    There was at the time also a lot of reports in the English media of ‘Arabs’ hanging out in gambling clubs, strip joints, brothels etc and not being prosecuted when matters got out of hand because Britain needed that oil. One really big story was the girl who was raped by a group of Embassy men from a Middle eastern state who weren’t prosecuted because they had diplomatic immunity; she killed herself and there was a big scandal. It was discussed in class at our school by Mr Calaminus, the teacher whom I am now told was sent into that school to befriend me but not genuinely. Mr Calaminus’s dad was a C of E vicar who was concealing Mr Rigg’s offending and his brother was a bent police officer. Mr Calaminus was gay, had been living in Brighton, knew Jeremy Thorpe and lived near Weston Super Mare, in the bit of Somerset that became Avon. Wedgie Benn used to receive delegations from Avon re schools, DHSS etc. Mr Calaminus died not long ago. His nephew Paul is now a senior manager for the NHS, the Maudsley, specialising in er drugs and organised abuse. The other story was the Death Of A Princess scandal which I think was shortly after, the Princess who was executed by her family and the British Govt were too frightened to make a fuss. I need to look up the details…

    Although much of the media coverage of the Arabs in Knightsbridge in those days was very racist, there was however a big cultural gap between those residents of Knightsbridge and the Posh Old Brits who had left because of it. I’ve been asked to think about why Veronica and Nancy remained there with all their mates gone, the neighbourhood transformed by people from a totally different background with so little in common with them…

    The Piercys were into Posh Crime, I can only presume that Veronica saw a few opportunities with her new neighbours being filthy rich and untouchable by British law. And bankrolling the London Hospital and Gwynne’s Giggles.

    I’ve also been asked if I remember the Illegal Immigrants! Yes, indeed, I thought it was ridiculous. The Tories in Somerset had told Mrs Brady that illegal immigrants were coming in, but the allegation was that they were coming in at Kilve Beach! No Illegal Immigrant would bother, they’d have to row all around Cornwall, up the Bristol Channel, ‘Right lads, where’s Kilve Beach, that’s where we get off’. However father said there was an illegal immigrant scam but it won’t have been boats arriving at Kilve, it’ll have been false ID, passports etc. Which it will have been. Dafydd’s been doing false IDs for years now. So there was someone in Somerset doing them…

    I told people in our shared house on Anglesey about the immigrants at Kilve Beach, because one of our housemates had said that there had been exactly the same story about immigrants coming into Hell’s Mouth on the Llyn, where he grew up. He lived on Dafydd’s turf… Our house was bugged while we had a good laugh at the notion of illegal immigrants rowing thousands of miles to get to Kilve and Hell’s Mouth…

    Wedgie Benn discusses the Young Liberals trying to get rid of Mr Thrope because he was thought to be a liability. That will have been That Dreadful Peter Hain, the man who caught the imagination of the Bridgy Tories…

    Perhaps C can shed light on what Veronica and Aunty Nancy were up to with their neighbours.

    Do any readers know if, as Brown speculated when we were younger, whether grandpa’s older sister turned to sex work to keep the family when they were abandoned as children in the East End by the wealthy but irresponsible parents? Grandpa’s sister was 12 and raised them all, she died before I knew her, Nancy was the surviving one. The more I think about it the more I think Brown will have been right. These grandiose posh relatives going to Somerville and being all affected and marrying self-made Lords, they were kids in a slum who were abandoned in about 1910. My grandfather never made any bones about it, they had been dumped, they were in rags and his sister kept the whole lot of them fed and housed. He never got on well with Nancy, it was the sister who died (I think before I was born) whom he really idealised. Everyone just took the piss out of Nancy and Veronica when I was a kid.

    I hope to blog properly about Mr Benn The Red Knight and the Oil dealings etc but it’ll take a few more days reading. The Top Docs are in the middle of it.

    Lord Gnome died in that crash in 1966, the year that a few other Insiders re Profumo met their maker – Bill Astor, Dorothy Macmillan, Lady Megan Lloyd George – and Gnome’s daughter who was Wedgie Benn’s Mandarin at the Ministry of Technology bagged her gong in 1968. Think Krays, Bob Boothby, London Hospital, Giggles…

  6. Dear Readers
    Thank you for the many thought provoking comments re Gnome’s family and their cosy relationships with Lord Denning, George Carman, Cherie and Miranda, esp through Lincoln’s Inn…

    It is really interesting, I am flattered that so much effort was put into gunning for me and everyone who dared support me, but I don’t want to lose sight of the bigger picture here – the Gang was not about me! The Gang was an international criminal cartel and they came after me because I was grandpa’s favourite grandchild and, I have been told, du Cann et al feared that if any of grandpa’s kids survived the onslaught from them and ended up in a professional job or in politics, it would be me. As I had been written off by certain people when I was still very young, it got really difficult…

    This was what the Gang did to people! They destroyed whole families, it was their MO, I might have been an example who lived to tell the tale, but we really need to ask ourselves how the British state – the WELFARE STATE – was ever allowed to do this to people. Ministers, Law Lords, Mandarins etc who had firsts from Oxbridge assisted with this, there is no way that they Didn’t Understand the degree of criminality!

    I have been told that an absolute fortune was stolen from my grandpa by the Piercys’ network. There was the village in Hampshire that grandpa’s father had left for him that grandpa never found out about until he was in his 70s and I’ve been told that grandpa had left a Trust fund for my siblings and I that wasn’t there when the will was read. I have mentioned previously that after grandpa died my uncle said Christ where’s the money gone, there’s a fortune missing… That led to wild speculation ooh grandpa must have been off gambling or something. No, I’ve been told that it was stolen. I didn’t take much notice at the time because there were bigger things to worry about than money being nicked, or as far as I was concerned there was. I did presume when I was older that everyone just overestimated my grandfather’s bank balance, Somerset was like that, they were always trying to guess how much dosh someone would leave in their will! Then they’d all read the deaths and wills column in the Bridgwater Mercury, it was the most popular bit of the Mercury.

    I only ever heard one mention of a Trust fund for us but the context of that mention is the only reason why I’m even interested. It was from one of those vile crooked GPs from Nether Stowey, either Leighton or Butler who were obviously doing grandpa no good at all; they used to do home visits after his stroke and when he learned to talk again he would be back discussing politics. I heard one of them insulting him to someone else because grandpa had complained about supertax and this old git of a GP had commented that he didn’t think that grandpa would be in that bracket (well neither did I). BUT the same old Giggler also told someone ‘he’s gone and tied his bloody money up in a Trust fund for those grandkids’. Again the conversation was who does he think he is, Trust funds are for the seriously wealthy. Yes, I always took that view as well. Furthermore I also seem to remember that when I was very young, before the stroke, before the serious difficulties, it was taken that Mr Bridgy Celeb would inherit whatever grandpa left in any will… It wasn’t questioned, it was old fashioned but Somerset was old fashioned, there’s only one son, it goes without saying that he’s the main one in the line.

    The biggest thing of interest to me is why those fucking vile murderous GPs were discussing this with third parties.

    I can see the rest of the picture that readers have been filling in: a la other families under attack, shove them all into destitution and then do damage in any way poss ie. buy off Mrs Brady and Mr Bridgy Celeb because they were clearly open to that sort of thing and then give father and me hell because we weren’t…

    Once more I make the point that a lot of people knew about this, or I wouldn’t be getting all this info! There should never ever have been a state infrastructure that allowed this to happen. As for the dreadful details I’ve been receiving re porn pics of Paul McCartney being deliberately hidden where it was known that I would find them after grandpa died, third parties told that I was used for child porn, this just shows how fucking sick these people were. I ask readers to consider just how rotten the dear old medico-legal establishment was that this could ever have taken place! No decent people would have allowed this to go on, they just wouldn’t. There wouldn’t have been layers and layers of corrupt Gigglers and the MDU backing them up if they were not doing this sort of thing regularly.

    You’re sick MDU, really, really sick and you need to bloody well communicate with me because I have 10,000 documents that makes it quite clear that you knew just how criminal your clients were. Never mind worrying about a missing Trust fund, I am owed a bloody fortune by the YOU MDU. LORD DAVID HUNT, he is a CRIMINAL who should be inside, not leading an international law firm taking work for the MDU. As for that thick Daily Mail reader DGE Wood and Dafydd, well…

    BTW re the details I’m getting of all the lecherous old men whom bothered my friends and I when we were young, no I’d never associated them with the Piercy onslaught, but whoever came up with that Cunning Plan obviously didn’t know much about teenaged girls. They do er laugh at old blokes trying their luck… I only complained when I found them in Doctors surgeries, the old farts who cluttered up other places are an occupational hazard for young women and I never associated them with the Gigglers. The Gigglers tend to employ rather more unpleasant emissaries than silly old blokes.

    Piercys, next time you find that a target isn’t a drip who freaks out easily, don’t send murderers after her friends because somehow I don’t think this is going to end well for you. Furthermore I was never a big Beatles fan, the sight of Paul McCartney’s plonker didn’t make that much difference to my life, although I hear that Tim Frampton who also saw Macca’s bits and when he was older worked out what had happened when we were 13 blackmailed a fortune out of various people.

    That plan cost the Establishment a great deal of money without ensnaring me! Better luck next time Piercys. DUH!! The best brains of Lincoln’s Inn, it’s like a Viz joke isn’t it, where the old perv goes online to the girl of 12 and says ‘Hi, I like ponies and Rhianna, do you want to chat?’ Hey Piercys, do you like AC/DC? Or Slipknot? They’re my faves!

    I’ve received info re plants in UCNW when I was a student there. I did guess that there were more than a few in view of what was happening at UCNW and of course I’d turned up as well. The assortment of plants disguised as students etc showed up very nicely what was happening there; but it wasn’t stopped.

    But then I have documents in my possession showing that Tony Francis was prescribing me an unnecessary drug that would have slowly poisoned and killed me had I carried on taking it; it was the anti-cancer drug that was used to try to kill the Shah of Iran. I stopped taking it because I didn’t have much faith in the Top Docs and I often stopped taking pointless drugs that made me feel dreadful. No-one warned me about that drug, it was one that I wasn’t familiar with, but I’ve got the documentation here, it’s clear and Francis’s signature is on it. I refused to take another drug on a different occasion because I did know that at the dose prescribed it could have killed me.

    Don’t tell me that we were Protected. We weren’t. That lot were killing patients, WHILE the security services sent plants in to Find Out Just How Bad They Were. They were killers. No-one warned us and the deaths continued.

    Norman Scott claimed in an interview some months ago that seven PMs have covered up Mr Thrope’s crimes. Yes, I believe you Norman. It’s because you were by no means the only person that lot targeted. 10,000 documents Norman, if ever I get to meet you – I’ve thought for years that it would be amazing to meet you – I’d be very interested to hear what you have to say because some of the names on my documents were the same people that caused you such problems. They were horrendous Norman, just horrendous, don’t ever think that if you had done anything differently they might not have come after you. Gangsters, a load of bloody Gangsters, employed as Docs, lawyers and Civil Servants. Protected by the full force of the British state while kids of 12 In Care were repeatedly raped and occasionally murdered.

    1. The MDU haven’t contacted me yet so I’ll remind everyone of a few more Interesting Facts:

      In Lincoln’s Inn, along with Lord Denning, George Carman, Miranda, Cherie and the Piercys was dear old Lord Hailsham, a man who – with his family – looms large in this blog with regard to Giggling-inflicted damage. Hailsham’s third wife was his secretary in his Chambers, the daughter of Top Doc Peter Shannon. Hailsham spent years as the MP for Marylebone, a constituency full of Harley Street docs.

      Much info is arriving telling me that the Piercys and their network as utilised by Miranda were behind much of the chaos that reigned at Bangor University, Miranda’s chief target being Merfyn rather than me.

      Dunno what Miranda had against Merfyn if it was more than Merfyn refusing to unlawfully force me out of the University but there you are Miranda, the world knows now. To have a go at a VC with whom you had a problem, you mobilised a network of paedophiles and those who facilitated them/kept them out of prison. I wish you all the best re the PR Miranda because I doubt that your reputation will recover from this no matter how much you jet around the world giving pompous speeches.

      You’ve been beaten by Welsh Goats and Somerset Bumpkins Miranda! It’s the consequence of hanging around with the likes of the Lucan side of my family…

      If any readers know who killed Fungus Lowe not long after I left Bangor, please do let me know. Fungus, the biggest and boldest Insider witness at Bangor who got above himself to such a degree that someone somewhere didn’t risk him staying alive. They took the same view re Tony Francis.

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