To Raise Winds For The Destruction Of Ships…

I mentioned in my post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – The Scottish Play’ that two of my friends were at Stirling University with Jack McConnell, who later became First Minister of Scotland. Thee was someone else at Stirling with my friends who also became a big figure in Scottish politics  – Tommy Sheridan.

Tommy Sheridan joined Militant in about 1983 whilst at Stirling University and became Scotland’s highest profile member of Militant. He was expelled from the Labour Party in 1989 and formed Scottish Militant Labour. By 1993 Scottish Militant Labour had six Councillors in Glasgow, including Tommy Sheridan. In 1996 Sheridan and others formed the Scottish Socialist Alliance which in 1998 evolved into the Scottish Socialist Party. In 1999 Tommy Sheridan was elected to the Scottish Parliament as a Glasgow MSP and was re-elected in 2003.

Tommy Sheridan had a cult following – he led a campaign against the Community Charge in Scotland, was active in the protests at the Faslane Naval Base where the nuclear fleet is held and he went to prison in the course of his activism. Tommy Sheridan was remarkably effective and acquired some powerful enemies. He was really hated by everyone on the right but also by huge swathes of those on the left as well. Obviously Sheridan was loathed and feared by the Scottish (and the rest of the) Labour Party, but he also had enemies within the hard left as a result of factionalism and infighting.

Sheridan is undoubtedly a very tough politician, but he came unstuck as a result of a bizarre series of almost unfathomable events after he took on Rupert Murdoch and the News of the World.

In July 2006 Tommy Sheridan sued the News of the World at the Court of Session in Edinburgh for defamation after they published allegations that he frequented a swingers club in Manchester – Cupid’s – where they alleged that he partook of champagne, cocaine and group sex. In Aug 2006 Tommy won the case and was awarded £200k in damages – which is when his problems really began.

The News of the World immediately stated that it would appeal.

Two days after Sheridan won his case a letter was published in the Scottish Socialist Voice signed by six leading members of the SSP (Scottish Socialist Party) alleging that Tommy Sheridan had admitted at an SSP Executive Committee meeting to attending Cupids.

There was some indications that Sheridan was going to be in for a rough ride anyway when the day after his victory over Murdoch the Daily Mail published a florid article with a reference in the headline to ‘ranting Sheridan’.

Allegations and counter-allegations flew. People began emerging from the woodwork claiming that Tommy Sheridan had perjured himself during the trial – his wife Gail, who hosted a radio show, came under fierce attack from the media and her image as a loyal wife was questioned. There was much hostility towards Sheridan because of his cross-examination of one woman, Kristine Trolle, at the News of the World defamation trial.  Trolle had claimed that she had actually gone to Cupid’s in the company of Sheridan.

Sheridan and his supporters were subsequently to claim that he was under massive attack from News International as pay-back for daring to win a case against Murdoch.

It was clear that people had been prepared to lie on oath in the wake of a meeting of the Executive Committee of the SSP on 9 Nov 2004. Sheridan stepped down as convenor of the SSP after this meeting but his resignation was steeped in controversy. It transpired that the SSP’s Executive Committee had forced Sheridan to resign. Stories had appeared in the media about a then unnamed MSP – Sheridan confirmed at the meeting that the stories were about him and stated that he would take legal action against the newspaper concerned. After Sheridan resigned, the News of the World named him as the MSP in the stories.

There are differing accounts of what happened at the Executive Committee meeting on 9 Nov 2004. Eleven members at the meeting stated that Sheridan admitted at the meeting that he had visited Cupid’s. Three other members of the Executive Committee maintained that he had made no such admission.

What is agreed was that Sheridan later had a row with the SSP and called them ‘scabs’ because they would not support him in his proposed action against Murdoch.

The minutes of the 9 Nov 2004 meeting contained a record of Sheridan admitting that he had attended Cupid’s. In 2006 the News of the World subpoenaed the SSP to force them to hand over the minutes. Alan McCombes of the SSP refused to hand them over and in May 2006 was imprisoned by judge Lady Anne Smith. Other members of the SSP then handed the minutes over in order to have McCombes released from prison. Sheridan claimed that the minutes weren’t accurate.

At the SSP Conference in March 2006, Sheridan had been elected as the Party Co-Chair. However he left the SSP in August 2006 declaring that the ‘mother of all stitch ups’ had occurred, involving the leadership of the SSP, MI5 and News International. In Sept 2006 Sheridan launched another party, Solidarity, with MSP Rosemary Byrne, his former colleague from the SSP. Byrne had been one of those who claimed that Sheridan did not admit to attending Cupids at the Executive Committee meeting on 9 Nov 2004.

In Aug 2006 the Lothian and Borders Police had received two complaints of perjury – one from the former Conservative MSP Brian Monteith and another allegedly from the SSP’s minutes secretary. The News of the World’s appeal against the damages awarded to Sheridan was postponed until the proscurator fiscal announced the outcome of the perjury probe.

In Oct 2006 the Lothian and Borders Police started a criminal investigation. In the same month the BBC reported that the Grampian Police were investigating a death threat that had been sent by post to one of the witnesses who had appeared at the News of the World trial.

The News of the World also pitched in during Oct 2006. They published a video recording which they claimed was Tommy Sheridan admitting that he had visited Cupid’s. The recording had been made by SSP member George McNeillage using a hidden camera in his home after he had invited Sheridan there.  Tommy Sheridan could not be clearly seen on the tape at any point and the News of the World was unable to produce any images of his face. Sheridan maintained that the video was a fake and that the recording of his voice had been spliced with clips of someone else. News of the World produced four ‘experts’ who maintained that the voice was that of Tommy Sheridan alone. In an interview with the BBC, forensic speech specialist Peter French emphasised that it can never be conclusively said that such a recording can identify someone and that such material should never be used to bring a criminal trial.

In March 2007 the Lothian and Borders Police examined a bugging device found in Sheridan’s car and stated that it was ‘not the kind used by the British security services’.

Tommy Sheridan believed that MI5, somebody in the SSP and Murdoch had conspired in order to undermine his campaign for an independent socialist Scotland.

In May 2007 staff of Cupid’s told the police that they had been bribed not to co-operate with the inquiry.

In Dec 2007 Sheridan was charged with perjury along with six of his relatives and colleagues. Interestingly in the end the only person who was actually put on trial was Tommy Sheridan himself – the charges against everyone else melted away, although the charges against Gail Sheridan weren’t withdrawn until Tommy’s trial at the High Court in Glasgow in Oct 2010.

In Dec 2010 Tommy Sheridan was convicted of perjury and was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Tommy Sheridan left prison in Jan 2012 under the automatic early release scheme. In June 2016 he resigned as co-convenor of Solidarity to dedicate his time to fighting Murdoch, whom Sheridan claims framed him.

I followed the Tommy Sheridan case in the press at the time. Sheridan won his defamation case against Murdoch before the scandal involving phone hacking and serious criminality on the part of News International occurred. What I remembered after the allegations that Sheridan had perjured himself emerged was the acres of newsprint from right across the political spectrum baying for Sheridan’s blood. Sheridan had no support from any corner in the mainstream media – even the dear old Guardian put the boot in. But they would – the Guardian is not as radical as it likes to think that it is.

No-one seemed to be taking one major factor into account as the allegations that Sheridan was Satan incarnate flew – Sheridan had taken on MURDOCH. No-one dared take on Murdoch – the first thing that Blair did when he put his plans for electoral success into action was to make friends with Murdoch. It was common knowledge that Murdoch’s right hand woman Rebekah Wade/Brooks felt able to summon Gov’t Ministers, spout simplistic rubbish in their direction and expect to see her words translated into Gov’t policy. It was clear that no-one was safe from Rebekah and Murdoch long before the phone hacking scandal became public. Sara Payne, the mother of Sarah Payne, a little girl who was murdered by a paedophile in 2000, was befriended by Rebekah and the murder of Sara formed the basis of a News of the World ‘campaign’ concerning public access to registers of paedophiles locations, Sarah’s Law. As a gesture of friendship Rebekah gave Sara Payne a telephone on which she could ring Rebekah for a bit of support because caring sharing Rebekah knew what a bad time Sara Payne was having. There is much evidence that Sara Payne was led by the nose by Rebekah. I seem to remember reading in Private Eye that as the questions about the conduct of News International began gathering steam, Sara was reminded by Rebekah of how much the News of the World had ‘helped’ her. In July 2011 it was revealed that Sara’s mobile had been targeted by the News of the World for hacking.

Not that Rebekah was ever the most sensitive of flowers. Shortly after Rebekah was appointed as Editor of the Sun – the first female editor! – in 2003, Frank Bruno had the misfortune to develop serious mental health problems and was sectioned. The Sun ran the headline ‘Bonkers Bruno Locked Up’. Public outrage followed and even Rebekah realised that this was not good PR because later editions of the paper ran the equally enlightened headline ‘Sad Bruno In Mental Home’.

I am delighted to report that after her faux pas, Rebekah studied at the knee of the finest. The day after telling the world that Bonkers/Sad Bruno had been locked up/confined to a mental home, Rebekah published a 600 word response from this blog’s old friend, concealer of and colluder with paedophiles and serial bedfellow of a number of paedophiles’ friends, Marjorie Wallace, the Chief Executive of SANE (see post ‘One Dangerous Fucker’) – a charity that has robustly campaigned for bonkers people to be locked up. Since then the Sun has adopted a style guide concerning the coverage of mental health stories prepared by the paedophiles’ friends at SANE. Rebekah and her husband spent a day with Marjorie and made donations to SANE.

I discovered something else whilst I was researching for this post – that Tommy Sheridan and Rosemary Byrne had fallen out with the NUJ back in 2006, over the funding of some Parliamentary journos.

I have no idea whether Tommy Sheridan enjoyed himself at Cupids or not and I wouldn’t be in the least bit bothered if he did – the salient issue is whether he lied in Court about this. What has been demonstrated since Tommy Sheridan was jailed is that News International would do anything, anything at all, to achieve their ends and that a lot of craven spineless dickwits from across the political spectrum were happy to do their bidding. News International employees hacked phones, lied, bugged people, misrepresented themselves, bribed people, smeared people and paid public servants for stories – it certainly would not have been beyond their ken to have set Tommy Sheridan up. People are in general rather weak and a lot of people are very easily bought off – my own battle with a bunch of Top Doctors who facilitated a paedophile gang has made that very clear to me and I haven’t even won a defamation action against Murdoch.

Tommy Sheridan came under savage attack in both the Guardian and the left wing press for cross-examining Katrine Trolle in Court over her ‘sexual history’ – the story was reported as though Sheridan was a rapist who had cross-examined his own victim. Katrine Trolle had maintained that she had accompanied Sheridan to Cupid’s where they had participated in group sex. Sheridan maintained that this had not happened – it was Katrine Trolle’s evidence that News International were relying upon to win the case against Sheridan. Sheridan defended himself in Court – he was simply alleging that he had not had group sex at Cupid’s with Trolle and others. If Sheridan was telling the truth his only option was to cross-examine Trolle. This was not made clear in the vitriol that was poured upon Sheridan’s head for ‘traducing a female socialist’s character’.

One witness at Sheridan’s 2010 trial for perjury was Andy Coulson, the former News of the World Editor and at the time of the trial David Cameron’s Head of Communications at No 10. Coulson lied on oath during Sheridan’s trial.

Coulson was later charged with criminal offences in a case unrelated to Sheridan’s trial for perjury as a result of the police investigation into the News of the World phone hacking scandal and related matters

Sheridan’s leave to appeal against his conviction was rejected by the High Court in June 2011.

In 2015 Andy Coulson was charged with perjury as a result of lying under oath at Tommy Sheridan’s 2010 trial. Lord David Burns, sitting at the High Court in Edinburgh, acquitted Coulson although he accepted that Coulson had lied under oath. Lord Burns’s rationale was that the lies that Coulson had told at Sheridan’s trial were ‘not relevant’ to the case, that ‘not every lie amounts to perjury’ and that the ‘false evidence alleged in this indictment was not relevant evidence’. The jury at Coulson’s trial were not told that Coulson had already served seven months in prison after having being found guilty at the Old Bailey of conspiracy to hack phones when he was Editor of the News of the World.

Prior to being admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in 1977, David Burns worked as a legal assistant in Rochester, New York and San Francisco. In 1998 Burns was appointed the Deputy Commissioner for Social Security. Burns was the defence Counsel in the 2000-02 Lockerbie case. Burns was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court in July 2012.

Coulson’s defence advocate was Murdo MacLeod QC. In 2015 Murdo also successfully defended Dr Yousi Badri, a Top Doctor charged with Middle East related terrorist offences.

Coulson’s acquittal was considered to be a ‘severe blow’ to Police Scotland and senior prosecutors in Edinburgh. The charges against Coulson were part of Operation Rubicon into allegations of hacking, bugging and Data Protection Act breaches by journalists employed by News International, which was launched in July 2011 after Murdoch closed the News of the World. Rubicon cost nearly £1 million in terms of police salaries and involved 23 hacking victims in Scotland. Bob Bird, the former Editor of the News of the World Scottish edition was charged, as was Doug White, a news executive with News of the World in Glasgow as well as Gill Smith, the news editor at the Scottish Sun. Charges against these three included perverting the course of justice. The Crown Office prosecutors dropped all the cases. The acquittal of Andy Coulson resulted in the collapse of Operation Rubicon.

After Coulson was acquitted, his friend Gary Farrow a PR consultant gave a few comments to the press regarding the ‘hell’ that Coulson had been through and how he was a lovely bloke who just wanted to get home to his family. Gary Farrow is an entertainment PR and his recent clients include Jeremy Clarkson, Elton John and Sharon Osbourne. His former clients include Jonathan Ross, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, George Michael, David Bowie, Bob Geldof and Paula Yates. Gary entered the world of pop music/showbiz in the mid-70s. He’ll have been one of the many who didn’t know about Jimmy Savile.

In Aug 2016 Murdoch’s company lost their appeal against the £200k that Sheridan was awarded for defamation.

So Tommy Sheridan was defamed and Andy Coulson lied on oath. In the wake of the mountains of conflicting evidence that was presented by the numerous people involved in the Tommy Sheridan saga – conflicting evidence which by definition meant that a number of people had perjured themselves – the only person who was found guilty and went to prison was Tommy Sheridan.

As for Murdoch’s right hand woman throughout much of the action, Rebekah Brooks – Murdoch paid her £10.8 million pounds to leave News International after the phone hacking and associated criminality scandal. At one point Rebekah took advice from her friend Tony Blair. In Sept 2015 Rebekah returned as CEO of News UK, formerly known as News International.

Tommy Sheridan has called for the Scottish Gov’t to hold an Public Inquiry into the whole sorry business.


Footnote: One of the people who was arrested and charged for perjury along with Sheridan but who had the charges against her dropped was Rosemary Byrne MSP. Byrne is a former teacher and trade union activist and for several years was President of Irvine Trades Council. There was some years ago a child abuse scandal in Ayrshire. Irvine is in Ayrshire and when people working with children are accused of child abuse they seek protection from their union – and they get it. In 2016 Byrne resigned from Solidarity.



Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Interesting how Mayfayre PI Company was kept out of Lawrence Inquiry and MacPherson after Det sgt Davidson’s 1995 disciplinary. All routes to Murdoch become culs de sac.

    1. Obviously there was a great deal about Murdoch and Rebekah that I stumbled across that I have not had time to put up on the blog, I only confined myself to the bare bones that were the most relevant to the Tommy Sheridan case. Everyone at the time banged on about Tommy Sheridan’s ‘conspiracy theories’ – I bet that they weren’t conspiracy theories, Tommy Sheridan knew exactly what that lot were capable of and he knew how many people would join in if they thought that someone was out to get him. Tommy Sheridan also knows how dirty a lot of politicians hands are, he’s been involved with politics from a young age. I have no idea whether Tommy Sheridan did visit Cupid’s – but even if he had been a regular there, Cupid’s is neither here nor there considering what some of the others have been involved with or concealed. The Sisterhood came out in force to roundly condemn Sheridan and his allegedly macho, misogynist ‘psychopathic personality’. I don’t know Sheridan, but I do know what some of the Sisters have kept quiet about and believe me, they are in no position to throw stones at anyone else.

      As is evident from last night’s sacking of Damien Green, it is becoming very easy to smear men – a few references to porn and then a delicate flower comes forward to explain how she felt ‘uncomfortable’ and if it’s played the right way, BANG, one sacked man. In Damien Green’s case it was a sacked man after an illegal police raid, the unlawful examination of his computer which had nothing illegal on it and a woman who’s family he had known for thirty years ‘feeling uncomfortable’. Christ almighty, I think that I could have half the people that I’ve ever met sacked on that basis. ‘Feeling uncomfortable’ is like ‘feeling offended’ – it is entirely in the eye of the beholder, so an excellent basis for the moving of goalpoasts and a witch-hunt. ‘He looked at me in a funny way’. Thank God Jess Phillips was able to find time to appear on the Today programme this morning to tell us how it was only right and proper that Damien had been sacked. The Jess whose mum ran the NHS whilst Mid-Staffs killed people and who did what Blair told her, who’s family ran an management consultancy which leeched off the NHS and who knows a lot more about the abuse of dispossessed people by the state than she’s letting on.

      By the way, I note that Rebekah grew up in the Cheshire/Lancashire area – the location of Sir Peter Morrison and friends, as well as all the corrupt police officers and lawyers who were helping them out. Rebekah used to be married to that rather gormless East Enders actor – so she’ll have known about Savile et al.

      As for Murdoch, husband of Jerry – Jerry’s ex Mick and his mates names have cropped up again and again in my research re sexploitation of disadvantaged youngsters.

      Murdoch has been telling Gov’ts what to do for years – of course he could have arranged the framing of Sheridan from start to finish.

      1. The latest Private Eye is telling us that the Digger’s daughter, Elisabeth Murdoch, has been appointed to the Board of the Arts Council England by Culture Secretary Karen Bradley.

      2. Now here’s something interesting –

        Between May 2012 and the end of 2015 Guto Harri was Murdoch’s Director of Communications at News International.
        Prior to working as Murdoch’s PR man, Guto was Boris Johnson’s PR man and also masterminded Boris’s successful campaign for re-election as Mayor of London.
        Before working for Boris, Guto had spent many years at the BBC – among many other positions he was also political correspondent.
        Guto is a Trustee of S4C.
        Guto comes from Cardiff and is bilingual in Welsh/English – he was educated at Queen’s College, Oxford and then at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism.
        Guto is currently MD, External Communications for Virgin Media owner Liberty Global.

        Guto’s dad died in 2015 at the age of 81. He was Dr Harri Pritchard Jones. Harri was known as a writer – but Harri was also a psychiatrist. Harri grew up and was educated on Anglesey. He studied at University College Dublin, but then practised as a Top Doctor in the Cardiff area.

        Harri Pritchard Jones was a Top Doctor at Hensol Hospital in south Wales, a long stay hospital for people with learning disabilities. Hensol closed down in 2003 but more recently a photographer along with some other folk took an interest in what had gone on under Harri and his colleagues. An exhibition was held and Hensol Hospital was described as ‘a hidden and painful part of Wales’s history’. Rather like Dafydd and Gwynne and the paedophile gang. There are some photos of Hensol patients in the hospital available online – it is grim stuff but you can guarantee that only the best aspects of that hospital were ever photographed, it will have been the NHS Tour of North Korea.

        Harri was an enthusiastic Catholic and seems to have held office in the Catholic Church in Wales. When he died, Edwin Regan the Bishop Emeritus of Wrexham and parish Priest of Blaenau Ffestiniog paid tribute to Harri and mentioned that ‘he was so proud to be a Catholic’.

        Harri won awards from the National Eisteddfod, from the Arts Council and was Chair of Wales Academi, 1991-96.

        Harri’s wife – Guto’s mum – Lenna was a BBC Wales producer.

        When Guto went to work for Murdoch he remarked that ‘not everyone at News International was involved in phone hacking’. No, but they all knew that it was going on Guto and they all denied it. Just as your father knew about Dafydd, Gwynne and the paedophile ring and kept schtum. And I bet you know all about it as well.

        One of Harri Pritchard Jones’s novels was called, most appropriately, ‘Prey’.

        1. Lenna was with BBC when they were doing the documentary preparation to which Lynette White Bute Town was a source until she was murdered ?

          1. A moot point Richard. Just think of how many things were happening in Wales in the 80s and 90s that involved corrupt professional people including police officers – the murder of Lynette, the murder of Harry and Megan Tooze and the framing and imprisonment of their daughter’s boyfriend, the murders of those walkers who were found dead on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, the wrongful imprisonment of Wayne and Paul Darvell, the deaths of the victims of the paedophile gang in north Wales, the appalling abuse of June and Jennifer Gibbons and much much more. Of course all the journalists knew about these cases but because they were friends or relatives of the corrupt professional classes, no questions were asked.

            By the way I was looking up the case of Peter Moore ‘the man in black’ the other day, supposedly Wales’s worst serial killer who murdered those gay men in north Wales. For all I know Peter Moore was guilty but I noticed that Alex Carlile was the prosecuting barrister at the trial and came up with a frankly ludicrous rationale for the crimes based on a very curious interpretation of some of Freud’s more whacky theories. All presented as fact of course. That’s the Alex Carlile who went very quiet about Mary Wynch once Michael Howard at the Home Office shafted her – ah well at least Alex got his peerage.

  2. Keith Best, the former Tory MP for Ynys Mon, has featured on this blog previously – Best was the first person I approached about the misconduct of the mental health services in north Wales. He was totally uninterested. I didn’t realise at the time that Best was part of the Welsh Office which had concealed the wrongdoing of the mental health services and the paedophile ring in north Wales for years. Best was PPS to Secretary of State for Wales Nicholas Edwards, 1981-84 – not only did Edwards conceal serious criminality but he and his mates made a packet out of the development of Corruption Bay. The plans for Cardiff Bay were being cooked up whilst Baroness Eluned Morgan’s dad was leader of South Glamorgan Council – the Baroness is now the Welsh language champ in the Senedd. The Baroness is a good mate of the Kinnocks.

    Best was MP for Ynys Mon 1979-87.

    What I didn’t realise before this morning was that Keith Best was a Brighton Borough Councillor, 1976-80. John Allen, the ringleader of the paedophile gang in north Wales and owner of the Bryn Alyn Community, owned brothels in Brighton and London where he trafficked the children in his care. Allen set up in business at Bryn Alyn in 1968, so his brothels staffed by kids in care from north Wales will have been in business whilst Best was a Brighton Councillor.

    In 1992 five witnesses to the paedophile gang in north Wales were killed by a firebomb which was thrown into the flat in Brighton where they had been invited to a party – John Allen had told one party-goer that he would see them there but Allen didn’t turn up. An arsonist did instead.

    Best was in the Territorial Army’s Royal Artillary, 1967-89 – he reached the rank of Major.

    There is a group of nurses at Ysbyty Gwynedd who are keen members of the TA. One of them is Stephen Gallagher, the senior A&E nurse who refused to treat me, threatened me and tried to have me arrested after lying to the police. The incident was captured on CCTV – Martin Jones, the Chief Exec of the North West Wales NHS Trust at the time, destroyed the CCTV tape. The Chair of the Trust was Elfed Roberts, the former acting Assistant Chief Constable of the North Wales Police. Elfed’s colleague Superintendent Gordon Anglesea of the North Wales Police was a member of the paedophile gang in north Wales and was imprisoned for abusing kids in care.

    Best resigned his seat in 1987 when he was jailed for fraud.

    In 1987 Best was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Federalist Movement; he was Director of Prisoners Abroad, 1989-93; CEO of the Immigration Advisory Service, 1993-09; Chair of the Council for Electoral Reform, 1998-03 as well as Chair, Conservative Action for Electoral Reform; CEO, Freedom from Torture, 2010-14.

    Best’s wife Elizabeth Gibson was until quite recently the Secretary of the Evelina Family Trust. The Evelina Family Trust is now called the Evelina Children’s Hospital. It is one of the charities attached to Guy’s and Tommy’s Hospital.

    Best was a barrister who concealed a paedophile ring. Whatever would he want with Good Causes?

  3. I have become interested in how major news stories have often blown up at the most convenient times for Dafydd and the paedophile gang – such as the Orkneys Satanic Panic and the Cleveland Child Abuse Scandal (there’ll be a post on Cleveland soon). The first such event that I noticed was the voyeuristic futile gawp fest on 16 Dec 1986 when Myra Hindley was taken back to Saddleworth Mooor accompanied by the police, TV crews and a representative from the Home Office to look for the bodies of two dead children whom even the police accepted that she had not murdered – the police had asked her to take them to Saddleworth Moor to show them Ian Brady’s favourite spots because they wanted to do a bit of speculative digging in front of the media.

    Why do I remember it all so well? Because I watched it on the TV – whilst I was illegally imprisoned in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, along with victims of the paedophile gang and a girl who had been abducted, kept in an attic for three days and sexually assaulted. One of the nurses -a lady called Ingrid who knew that I and the others were being held illegally – had attended Brady’s and Hindley’s trial at Chester Assizes in 1966. No wonder Ingrid started crying when I confronted her over Dafydd’s wrongdoing.

    The man who had the brainwave to take Hindley to the moor whilst Alison Taylor was approaching the police about the abuse of children and whilst Dafydd had captured me and a few others was Peter Topping, the former head of Greater Manchester CID. Officers from the North Wales Police who concealed the paedophile ring had many links with Greater Manchester Police – Elfed Roberts was Facebook friends with a few retired officers from Manchester.

    Whilst I was imprisoned in Denbigh Ian Brady was in Ashworth Hospital – a hospital run by Top Doctors who were mates with Dafydd and who were concealing Dafydd’s criminal activities. Brady had been moved to Ashworth from Gartree Prison in Leicester in the summer of 1985 – just as Alison Taylor and Mary Wynch were raising the alarm about serious criminal activity in north Wales. And then I went to see Keith Best MP in the summer of 85 as well.

    So at the time when Dafydd and co had imprisoned me and were busy doing everything possible to construct me as an Evil Young Woman, there was a load of convenient publicity about another Evil Young Woman from the past, fuelled by police officers known to Dafydd’s mates and journalists with contacts to Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends – right when Alison Taylor had gone to the police to report the abuse of children in care in north Wales and when Mary Wynch had won a Court case against Dafydd. Alison Taylor was suspended from her job by Gwynedd County Council in the same month that I was illegally imprisoned by Dafydd and that Myra Hindley was filmed on Saddleworth Moor.

    Brady and Hindley were tried at Chester Court – by people with a track record of lying, abusing their positions and framing innocent people, whilst they concealed very serious offences. Brady did murder three children, but that’s about where the certainty stops. From the minute that they were arrested until the day that they died, Hindley and Brady were in the hands of corrupt professional people whose wrongdoing was every bit as serious – and sometimes more – than those that they had banged up.

    After no-one found bodies on Saddleworth Moor in Dec 1986, everything went quiet again – until Sept 1997 when the most enormous row erupted over a picture of Myra Hindley which went on display at the Royal Academy’s ‘Sensations’ exhibition in London. There were protests staged by a charidee called Mothers Against Murder and Aggression – which was led by a woman who later moved to a village in Snowdonia where she intimidated local people who suffered from or had relatives who suffered from mental health problems (David Blunkett gave her an MBE in return for her efforts). MAMA (it’s enough to make you vomit isn’t it) helpfully took the elderly mother of a boy who was thought to have been murdered by Ian Brady along to the exhibition where she was filmed crying and generally being overwhelmed by distress – windows of the building housing the exhibition were broken and there was much trouble. Once more we were all reminded that there are Evil Psychopaths who need to be banged up by Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends.

    The picture of Evil Myra was not new. It had been painted by Young British Artist Marcus Harvey and was purchased by the man who donated the paintings for the Sensation exhibition in 1995. The art collector in question decided to launch his exhibition with that painting in the autumn of 1997. Just as the Waterhouse Inquiry started hearing evidence from the former kids in care in north Wales.

    Who was the art collector in question? Step forward Charles Saatchi, assailant of his former wife Nigella Lawson – the man who devised the advertising strategy that won Thatch the 1979 general election. The Thatch who employed as her aide Sir Peter Morrison, who was a member of the paedophile ring that operated in north Wales and Cheshire and who molested kids in care in north Wales.

    Charles Saatchi is a PR specialist.

    Nigella’s father was a member of the same Gov’t as Peter Morrison. Nigel Lawson’s constituency was in Leicestershire – which was host to another paedophile gang involving Frank Beck and Greville Janner, which like the N Wales gang was linked to the wider Westminster Paedophile Ring.

    Have a lovely Christmas paedophiles’ friends – I’m holed up with a stack of papers and books related to the Moors murders trial and I’ll be going through them over Christmas to look for salient names…

    Are you looking forward to 2018 Professor Bluglass? Do you still have your second home in the Pyrenees – I think that you’ll find that a European Arrest Warrant covers that neck of the woods. I was interested to hear that DGE Wood is now practising in Cyprus – I know that Asil Nadir evaded justice for years by living there, but the Gov’t has taken steps to have that particular loophole closed.

    One more time, let’s hear it from north Wales – ‘We didn’t know…’

    1. Nigella – can we look forward to a Christmas Special in which you will have your cleavage on display and cook a BIRD stressing that BREAST meat is involved and that you can LICK LICK LICK all the juices that are dripping FROM BETWEEN IT’S LEGS?

      What wags you and old Saatchi are – stuffing cocaine up your nose and raking in the dosh from cooking programmes with sexual innuendo.

      A paedophile ring Saatchi/Nigella. A paedophile ring. Who murdered some of their victims after they complained or gave evidence.

      1. Nigella – you spent part of your childhood in the village of High Kinnerton in Flintshire. Flintshire was the base of many of the professional people who concealed the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal – Sir Ronnie Waterhouse himself and his network came from Flintshire. Would you like to explain what your family’s connections were to Flintshire?

  4. Are you in contact with Operation Winter Key ?

    Your Keith Best evidence and information about those surrounding Keith Joseph as DHSS minister should be put on their record. Celia Hensman, Professor Trethowan. Dr Pamela Mason, Patrick Mayhew, Nicholas Lyell etc all should be put on their files. Tony Newton too

    1. I’m not in touch with any of them Richard! I fled north Wales some time ago when it was clear that it wasn’t safe for me to live there and earlier this summer I received mountains more incriminating documentation from the legal firm who took over the practice who were representing me just before Operation Pallial opened. I understand that the lawyer who was representing me has now left the country – her advice to me after the threats and harassment culminated in me and a friend who was a witness to some of what happened to me being threatened by a police officer with a gun which he should not have had was to report him to the police! It seemed a rather high risk and pointless strategy so I didn’t…

      Before I left north Wales I was friends with someone who knew one of the few surviving kids in care from north Wales who had moved abroad to escape the relentless threats and harassment – he told my friend that he wouldn’t be bothering to contact Pallial ‘because everybody knew what was happening to us at the time and they did nothing’.

      Everybody knew what was happening to me – members of the public were so horrified by what they witnessed happening to me at the hands of various NHS staff that they even made statements to the police. They then found themselves threatened and refused NHS care. I became very high profile because I was an allegedly ‘dangerous’ mental health patient who ended up being called ‘doctor’ and started appearing in the broadsheets and writing books. What went on could not have been more public.

      I have 10,000 documents detailing the most serious criminal conduct on the part of numerous people in numerous organisations. Like my friend’s friend who went abroad, what would be the point of me making contact with a police investigation when the police were involved in threatening me and whose colleagues were members of the paedophile gang? They all know what went on and they all knew who was involved.

      I am living a nice peaceful life where no-one tells my neighbours that I am a danger to their children, where I am not threatened by policemen with guns, where I am not subjected to attempts to run me over and where I am not constantly arrested because NHS staff have perjured themselves. Of course I believe that many people should be charged and put on trial but that is not going to happen – every investigation/inquiry is log jammed with the people who were responsible for the organised child abuse scandal and its concealment in the first place.

      There would be no point in even bringing Dr Dafydd Alun Jones ‘to justice’ now or Lucille Hughes – they are in their mid-80s, they ran a vicious paedophile ring for years and the victims were found dead. Nothing can undo it – like Jimmy Savile (whom I suspect that Dafydd knew) no-one stopped them. Scores of their accomplices have now retired and are living comfortable lives on NHS/social services/Council pensions.

      Relatives of those who were wrongly imprisoned and/or died asked me to publish the story and one of the (surviving) victims of Dafydd et al told me that someone needed to go public on what happened and name those involved so that they spend the rest of their days in their communities in shame, no longer able to tell their friends and neighbours how they were doctors and nurses ‘who helped people’. They were vile, wicked – or at the very best spineless – people who knew exactly what Dafydd and the gang were doing.

      I like writing and that’s what I’m going to do – I’ve got more that I want to put up on this blog and my interests in sociology and history have given me lots of plans for future books/publications as a result of what I have uncovered whilst researching for this blog. I will find that very much more worthwhile than wasting my time with an endemically corrupt inquiry or Court. I have two friends in the media world – who were also hounded out of their jobs because of what they knew had happened to me – who are interested in making a film about it all.

      The truth will be told. But it won’t be told by an idiot like Professor Alexis Jay or a corrupt ‘radical human rights lawyer’ or any other lame hypocrite who appears in yet another ‘never again’ Guardian article about ‘safeguarding children’. It will be told by blogs like this – there are quite a few springing up on the web – and people like you who publish their own knowledge of those involved.

      I have had thirty years of complete hounding because when I was young I was illegally banged up in the North Wales Hospital by a madman who was supplying the Westminster Paedophile Ring. People have used their knowledge of what happened to me to land themselves jobs, gain promotion, gain money and a few people even sold information about me and my whereabouts to people who wanted to do me physical damage. The last thing that I need is more doings with society’s infrastructure which allowed all this to happen!

      1. I am in Winter Key. I have faced intimidation and disinformation since 1972. The year I had a medical accident temporary death. Looks like I was aged 2 when first put on research drugs.

        I too have little faith in IICSA. Bit more trust in Winter Key who are conducting inquiry suggested by me. No trust in Islington Council who are determined not to air the 43 child care deaths at Ixworth Suffolk. Even though Winter Key has told them they the council have civil jurisdiction the Islington council still hides behind Winter Key to say it is police jurisdiction.

        1. I discovered a few things about the Islington Scandal that I hadn’t previously realised a few days ago.

          First, that John Rea Price, the Director of Islington Social Services 1972-92 who was in post whilst the paedophiles molested the kids was a former Islington probation officer. After he scarpered from Islington Rea Price was appointed Director of the National Children’s Bureau. After the scandal blew up he was appointed by the Home Office to a role in the Inspectors of Prisons Service! He specialised in Young Offenders Institutions.

          It absolutely sent a shiver down my spine – not just for the obvious reason, but because some years ago someone wrote to me whose mentally ill son had been wrongly arrested and detained in a Young Offenders Institution where he was murdered by his cell mate, who cannibalised part of his body. The dead young man’s parents demanded an inquiry and ended up going into hiding such were the threats made towards them. They finally got their inquiry – lies were told about their son and the Young Offenders Institute was cleared of all blame. Who Chaired the Inquiry? One Professor Robert Bluglass. Add that to the fact that Sir Frederick Crawford of Corruption in Birmingham, former VC of Aston University, was appointed to Chair the Criminal Cases Review Board – Crawford’s son was involved in crime and boasted that his dad used to get him out of trouble, he was found dead of a heroin overdose in a hotel in Israel a few years ago – and that Colin Berry and David Mawson who knew about Dafydd and concealed his crimes both sat on the Parole Board, along with Roy King latterly of Bangor University whilst David Blunkett was Home Secretary. Rea Price was working for the Prisons Inspectorate in 2003 – when Blunkett was Home Sec.

          Second, Ian White who wrote the White Report about Islington admitted that the kids had been abused but guess what – he found ‘no evidence’ of a paedophile ring. Ian White was Director of Oxfordshire Social Services – where Barbara Kahan ruled the roost. There is institutional corruption in the psychiatry dept at Oxford – Professor Mark Williams who knew about the paedophile gang in north Wales but kept schtum went to that dept, so did Professor Tom Burns who knew about Dafydd et al when Burns worked at Atkinson Morley/St Georges/Springfield.

          Why are we not surprised that there was a huge paedophile ring/trafficking gang caught working in Oxford not so long ago?

          There is no doubt about it, people who concealed the organised abuse of children in care were deliberately appointed to senior roles in medicine/social work/the criminal justice system.

    1. You are welcome to forward anything that I have published on this blog – or anywhere else – to Winter Key. They will find that all the facts are correct. There are minor errors in for example some spellings – I was never sure if Mary Wynch was Wynch or Winch, both spellings were used in different reports. I have all the documents to back up the story of my personal experiences – I have always offered to meet anyone under conditions of safety and security to allow them to see these documents themselves if people find that they cannot believe my account – although I doubt that an Operation like Winterkey would need my documents, the info could all be correlated from other sources.

  5. So Tony COE Suffolk Chief constable visit to Lord Henniker 1992 ? He concealed that the Beeches child deaths history had been raised and that HM Coroner had done a record check giving grounds for concern. I think there is no doubt he misled Islington Council (who raised his visit to Henniker) and that he misled White inquiry too by his failure to disclose.

    But I cannot see that it was a criminal offence for him to conceal facts.

    1. But if a crime had been committed it would have been an offence to conceal facts wouldn’t it? This is my argument against those we know and love – and the crimes that they were keeping quiet about were a lot more serious than stealing a few sweets from the Pick n Mix in Woollies. If you are an Angel or a Top Doctor and you know that a psychiatrist has unlawfully imprisoned a young woman because he wants to force her into having sex with him and he has even admitted this to you and you’ve written it on the bloody medical notes, I think that it makes you quite culpable – even more so if you are one of the Top Doctors or Angels who know that he has done this before and is even concealing a paedophile ring. What position is an Angel left in when she documents in detail upon a patient’s medical records that the patient is being illegally held and that they have to let her go because the law has been broken, but when the Angel in question told a consultant – Dr Neil Davies – this, he told her that Dr Dafydd Alun Jones has ‘done a deal’ with Superintendent Roberts at Bangor Police Station and the patient mustn’t be released but the nurse mustn’t worry because it isn’t actually her who has done the deal with the corrupt officer? What about Ian Rickard a nursing manager at Hergest Unit who received a letter from Brown explaining that Brown listened in to a phone call between Dafydd and me in which Dafydd tried to bribe me into dropping my complaint, only for someone to hand write messages saying ‘what shall we do about Dr Brown’s letter?’ and ‘do not reply’ and then place them in my medical files?

      Or an NHS manager – Alun Davies – who sends a detailed letter to a number of other people explaining that Dr Tony Francis is going to appear to take a ‘caring’ attitude to me because that will show the Health Authority in a positive light when they next take me to Court and increase their chance of a conviction???

      Or barristers and lawyers – including Ann Ball, Sir Robert Francis and Andrew Park – who wrote letters to Tony and Sadie Francis telling them that there was not any evidence that I’d assaulted people, but who still went ahead and told Court hearings that I had? Or barristers such as Crispin Masterman and Ian Murphy – both now judges – who read evidence as part of the case that consisted of letters of complaint from me detailing criminal misconduct of NHS/social services staff but said nothing?

      I have got thousands of documents of this nature – including some detailing how other people were illegally imprisoned by Dafydd – containing not merely vague references to possible ethical grey areas, but detailed accounts from numerous professional people of how they are going to lie about me and tell other people to lie about me, in order to imprison me or have me banged up in a high security hospital. Many of the plans were cc’d to people in the BMA or the MDU. The MDU solicitors Hempsons received many of the letters and an MDU rep called Dr Ian Sanderson was the man who was being cc’d into the plan to frame me.

      There is even a document from St Georges Hospital Medical School written by someone who admits that they rang one of my blood relatives pretending to be someone else! Then there are the written accounts from Alun Davies of how someone working at St Georges intercepted my mail to try and find out my home address so they could give it to Davies.

      There are documents written by police officers, social workers, Top Doctors, probation officers, managers, lawyers, Angels and people employed by the Mental Health Act Commission from north Wales, Liverpool, London, Leicester and Glasgow describing and detailing very serious crime on their part. It is so bad that it points to only one thing – serious organised crime. I know of at least one other mental health patient from north Wales who has a collection of records that his lawyer obtained that are nearly as incriminating as mine.

      I only received the full documentation after my lawyer had closed her practice and gone abroad – I very much suspect that was because she could see what she was dealing with here and didn’t want to end up in a river with concrete blocks attached to her feet. This is way, way beyond ‘mistakes were made’ or ‘someone fell through the net’.

      Oh and I’ve got the relevant pharmacy records from Ysbyty Gwynedd as well – the most corrupt pharmacy in the world…And print outs from the PNC showing that the record was interfered with and amended. And then there’s the forged certificate of indictment and the letter from Martin Jones which clearly demonstrates that he knew about this.

      I’ve got enough here to keep Miss Marple, Kavanagh QC, Inspector Morse, Bergerac and Sherlock Holmes in business for decades.

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