Unacceptable Behaviour!

I received a letter from Gary Doherty, CEO of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, by e mail earlier this afternoon, accusing me of ‘unacceptable behaviour’. It seems to be Gary’s response to my recent attempts to arrange a meeting with Simon Leeson and a senior manager from the Betsi to discuss the sexual assaults that Simon’s junior doctors carried out on patients known to me. I did explain during the course of my ‘unacceptable behaviour’ ie. requests for a meeting, that I had been asked to raise the matter with Simon and the Betsi and that I had documentary evidence that other Top Docs, including those who were referring patients to Simon, knew that these assaults were occurring.

Gary’s letter was attached as a PDF so I can’t copy and paste the text here and I’ve tried attaching it to this post but I haven’t managed to do that either. Gary’s letter says:

Dear Dr Baker,

Re Unacceptable Behaviour

I understand from colleagues that you have recently been making defamatory comments about individuals in our Obstetrics and Gynaecology team, sending unacceptable e mails and making abusive telephone calls to the department.

I am writing to ask you to refrain from this behaviour with immediate effect as it is causing unwarranted concern and distress to the individuals involved.

Due to the verbally aggressive nature of your calls, staff on the Obstetrics and Gynaecology team have been advised not to meet or speak with you.

Should you need assistance regarding any clinical care that you may require from the team, your single point of contact is Llio Johnson, Lead Manager, Women’s Services


Should you wish to raise a formal concern, you should follow the standard Putting Things Right process.

Yours Sincerely,

Gary Doherty.

Regular readers will know from my comments following my post ‘More Hollywood Gossip’ exactly what I said during the allegedly ‘abusive’ calls and that my calls were handled by clueless staff, one of whom was offensive, as I repeatedly tried to arrange a meeting between Simon Leeson, a senior manager and me to discuss the serious criminal conduct of Simon’s colleagues, which in the case of at least one patient was witnessed by third parties.

I cannot understand why Gary has suggested that I should waste my time with Llios Johnson or the Putting Things Right procedure, when Gary has ordered them all not to speak to or meet with me! Furthermore I can’t even speak to Gary; should I wish to reply to this asinine letter, I have to e mail Dawn.Lees@wales.co.uk.

Previous posts have discussed a formal complaint of mine some years ago re the Betsi when Gary was CEO that I submitted through the Putting Things Right procedure. It was never ever resolved because Gary simply stopped responding to my e mails, before matters had been Put Right, even though part of the complaint concerned confidential info about another patient that had been forwarded to me and confidential info from my records that had turned up in the records of someone in England – Shropshire – who traced me via this blog and wrote and told me…

I still have the confidential records of the other Betsi patient and the person in Shropshire never managed to successfully expunge the information about me from her records because the Betsi just stopped communicating about the matter.

As well as my unacceptable calls, I have of course e mailed Simon Leeson, informing him of the matters that I wish to discuss with him and senior management and e mailed Sister Hutt, The Hague, Julie Morgan, Vaughan Gething and the Pink Blancmange, as they all held/hold roles with direct responsibility re the assaults. This letter from Gary is the only reply that I have received.

Have this lot ever asked themselves whether people who have been sexually assaulted actually want to have to go through this sort of rigmarole should they attempt to complain?

I can only warn people that as far as the Betsi is concerned, even if a patient is sexually or physically assaulted by a member of their staff, in front of witnesses AND this is recorded in writing by another Top Doc, all staff, including those responsible for those who carried out the assault, will be instructed to knowingly misconstrue requests for a meeting as ‘abuse’ and to use this as an excuse to refuse to communicate with the complainant.

The NHS has done what it always does; when faced with the most damning evidence against named staff, it has taken steps to ensure that those staff do not ever have to meet the person who has complained, let alone explain themselves.

I know of a case of a midwife in north Wales who threw a jug of water over a woman in labour because she was screaming. Immediately after the baby was born, the patient was moved to another ward and Gwynedd Health Authority did everything they could to ensure that the patient who had been assaulted did not manage to make contact with the midwife. The husband of the patient was kept well away from the person who had assaulted his wife as well. The Angel who told me about this smugly explained how the midwife was afforded full protection although there were witnesses… The Angel boasting of their total immunity was Liz Stables, the Angel who used to run the Student Health Centre at UCNW with D.G.E. Wood. Liz’s son Gareth became a Top Doc; the last that I heard Gareth was working in Leicester.

As for Simon’s junior docs who were known to be assaulting – and injuring – patients and are now being provided with as much protection as that dreadful midwife was, at the time of the assaults that I wish to discuss with Simon, one of those with management responsibility for the ‘service’ was Dis-Grace Lewis Parry. Dis-Grace is currently Board Secretary to the Betsi (unless she has very recently stepped down, her mugshot wasn’t on the website when I clicked on it yesterday). See ‘More Hollywood Gossip’.

I note that the address at the top of Gary’s letter was Block 5, Carlton Court, St Asaph Business Park, St Asaph. When I was trying to speak to someone about Simon Leeson and his junior docs the other day, the one man on the switchboard who was trying to help but had not been given the info that he needed by his managers to carry out his job properly, found out that Dis-Grace is based at Carlton Court and he put me through to her office. No reply…

So there we are. Sexually assaulted in front of witnesses by docs in north Wales? Any attempts to discuss the matter will be met with the representative of the complainants/complainants themselves being constructed as abusive, the complaint itself constructed as ‘defamatory’ and the CEO of the Betsi will ensure that the matter cannot be discussed with anyone. He will at the same time cover his arse by inviting the complainants to speak to one of the members of staff who has been specifically ordered NOT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THEM or instead to try the NHS complaints procedure, that Gary knows will fall at the first hurdle because ALL the staff have been told not to discuss the matter..

Furthermore Gary has already indicated to the subject of the complaint that they will be cleared because his description of the complaint is that it is ‘defamatory’.

I will be taking further action with regard to this, but not in either of the ways suggested by Gary, because they have so obviously been devised to ensure that complainants are caused maximum distress and that staff are cleared. The staff will then tell the world and his wife that the patient ‘tells lies about’ Angels and Top Doctors.

Which is exactly what happened to me and Brown when we raised concerns about Gwynne and Dafydd…

Anyone for finding Sexual Abuse and People Trafficking Abhorrent?


I was asked earlier today to blog details of another Empowered Service User in Gwynedd who was scandalously neglected by the mental health services during the early years of the millennium, because I was told that this would demonstrate just how bad that Gang are. I’m not going to because the Empowered one concerned is doing much better now and I doubt that they want to be reminded of what the Community Mental Health Team did to them until the Empowered one moved house to get away from the CMHT. I know for a fact that the CMHT were deliberately abandoning and neglecting a seriously ill person in the hope that their ‘client’ committed a serious offence.

The solution to the problem of the neighbours ringing the CMHT and complaining about the shocking neglect of their client who was suffering from ‘severe and enduring illness’ would then have been found; once more it would have been a Dangerous Nutter whom the Caring ones had done their best to help…

At the same time as this was happening, a man who was being Cared For by the same CMHT who lived about one mile down the road murdered a member of his family. The subsequent media reports stressed that he was a Dangerous Nutter. The other family members said no, he was an excellent father and husband but he became seriously ill and the CMHT were not even fulfilling their basic obligations… Another neighbour under the care of the same CMHT committed suicide whilst an in-patient at the Hergest Unit.

One of the members of this CMHT with such an appalling track record over just three years was subsequently given a Senior Lecturing post in the School of Healthcare Sciences at Bangor University; it was Louise Ingham. At the time, the Head of the School of Healthcare Sciences at Bangor was former Denbigh Angel Ruhi Behi, who is alleged to have been awarded a degree in psychology from UCNW back in the 1980s without having completed the course or passed the exams. See previous posts.

I have blogged about Louise Ingham in earlier posts but she now seems to have disappeared from the internet. However, I have discovered a Celia Louise Ingham Clark at the very top of NHS England who I think might be something to do with Louise Ingham; it would explain a great deal if she was.

Celia Ingham Clark

Celia Ingham Clark is the Medical Director for Clinical Effectiveness at NHS England. She trained in Cambridge and London and was appointed as a consultant general surgeon at the Whittington Hospital in 1996. After early work in medical education Celia developed an interest in quality improvement and this took her through several medical management roles to become Medical Director of the Trust, 2002-2012.

More recently Celia worked as National Clinical Director for Acute Surgery and Enhanced Recovery and as London Regional Lead for Revalidation and Quality.

For two years from 2014 Celia was the NHS England Director for Reducing Premature Mortality and in 2016 became the Medical Director for Clinical Effectiveness.

Well Celia, Consultant General Surgeon, whether you are anything to do with the dreadful Louise or not, in the wake of the Shropshire Dead Babies Scandal you have some explaining to do.

Celia was awarded an MBE in 2013 for services to the NHS.

Celia is also the interim National Director of Patient Safety at NHS Improvement.


The General Manager for the Gwynedd Local Health Group who was then appointed as CEO of Gwynedd Local Health Board during the criminal neglect that resulted in the deaths of the two neighbours in Gwynedd who were under Louise’s care, was none other than Dis-Grace Lewis Parry (see ‘More Hollywood Gossip’). I know that Dis-Grace was, as ever, Appraised Of The Situation.Grace Lewis-Parry

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Over the past week, there have been two more letters in the Daily Post from Gwynedd citizen Michael Joyce spelling out clearly how dangerous virtually all services ‘delivered’ by the Betsi are and how many laws are being breached. Mr Joyce makes reference to yet another unnecessary death – the inquest hasn’t yet been held – and today Mr Joyce’s letter quotes at length yet more banal nonsense spouted by Gary the CEO of the Betsi re upholding standards and keeping patients safe. The statement of Gary’s from which Mr Joyce quotes was made some weeks BEFORE the letter that Gary sent me that I quote in the above post.

    There are undercover officers in the Betsi and sitting on that Board. They moved in after Merfyn Jones was hounded out as Chair by the Gang. Merfyn’s been out for some six years now. Look at what continues to happen in the NHS in north Wales and the letter that I received from Gary…

    Can the security services either do their job properly or fess up that they allowed the problem to get so out of hand that they just cannot get it under control? Hundreds and hundreds of complaints, including mine, ignored. People recorded hatching murder plots, thousands of quid known to be given to people to shut them up… That was in the 1980s and 90s. The security services cannot get it under control because no-one would confront the Top Docs…

  2. When Merfyn’s own PVCs began trying to force him out of Bangor University the plants went in there with a vengeance as well. Particularly the Law School, because Aled Griffiths aka the Buffet Slayer was the admissions tutor and he was known to be letting in the children of Gang members. After the first scandals of law students at Bangor being exposed as having criminal convictions, the security services sent in plants disguised as students just to see what the Slayer would allow. Hilarious, the Slayer allowed anything, anything at all. There were no limits, not even the legendary Andrew. Andrew told people that his ambition was to hack into Merfyn’s computer. So I rang IT and told them ‘There’s a law student who’s intention it is to hack into Merfyn’s IT system’. They told me that it wouldn’t be a problem and hung up on me.

    Andrew got drunk and went to sleep in a lecture. Snoring at the back of the room. Oh, no problem. Then he got into the bed of another student in hall, a girl, but she was a plant as well, so she played along and the other girls went apeshit and called security. Andrew was still not expelled.

    While Andrew was a law student at Bangor, he never had to pay for accommodation because he just stayed in B&Bs in Bangor and left without paying. If ever he was challenged he told them that he was a barrister and he’d bloody well sue them and they soon stopped asking for their money.

  3. This is one of the best laughs. The Management Centre. Oh God it was so bad, it was haemorrhaging money, there was embezzling going on all over the place, blackmail, bribery, of course there was, Elfed Roberts, the Deputy Chief Constable who had been sacked for corruption and was then given the job of the Chair of the NW Wales NHS Trust was involved with TMC (as it called itself), so plants went in there. Who was one of those tangled up with TMC? Elizabeth Heywood, the wife of one Peter Hain…

    Elizabeth was outraged at being treated so badly. Which I could understand, Elizabeth really was given a metaphorical kick in the chops. By the plants.

    This is all good fun, but it’s cost a great deal of money and the problem of the Top Docs is still very much with us… Because the plants haven’t been effective. They’ve been effective at providing me with entertainment, but the plants have been bloody useless at protecting me and people like me. To suggest that I need these sodding coppers next door is just an insult really. What I want is my dosh.

    Can’t the plants simply cleanse the Senedd of the Pink Blancmange and his entourage who send billions of pounds in the direction of the Betsi while people continue to die?

  4. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/03/the-queen-greets-nato-guests-but-problems-mount-for-absent-son
    So surprise surprise Andrew has either got a body double who cannot dance and sweats excessively or loves pizza and whose daughter cannot discern as different or Andy has successful explored the space-time continuum and was dancing badly and on the sofa at home with a belly full of pizza.
    The eyewitness to dad dancing was always going to turn up and truth is just limbering up.

    1. So Virginia was unwillingly lumbered with a rich Royal in relatively young adulthood with his own gleaming choppers but who got a bit sweaty on the dancefloor and who’s Moves weren’t up to scratch?

      Well we had it tough. An elderly lobotomist with Brylcreem, false choppers and trousers with the crotch down by the knees. And after you’d turned him down twice – politely – you were abducted and imprisoned by an insane old bugger with green teeth, a liberal coating of dandruff, clad in a gangster suit, who had not had a bath for many months who then turned up in your dorm at midnight to carry out a Ward Round with just you.

      And you tell that to the young people of today that and they won’t believe you. Well they will if they’re in north Wales obviously because Dafydd is infamous and as far as I know still alive.

      I would Reach Out to a rich American lawyer for Peter Hain’s e mail address Wise Owl but I couldn’t afford her fees.

      No doubt the coppers next door know Peter Hain’s e mail address but they’ll refuse to hand it over because I’m now In Danger – I’ve just been told! – and we wouldn’t want anything untoward to happen to me would we?

      I’ll be visiting a few folk in person soon because I’m used to being In Danger; Brown, I and our friends were In Danger for many years and no-one gave a fuck, but I do want my money.

    1. Wise Owl, as any fule kno, this ‘medicine’ and others like it are being purchased online by Empowered Service Users in north Wales because they are so utterly sick of the fuckwittery of the Top Docs, that its easier for them to buy it from rogues online. I have discussed the risks that they were taking with some of them and to be fair they explained that in the wake of what the mental health services had done to them, the rogues online would be less risky. I knew some of these people well and what had happened to them and I had to agree with them.

      When I was young and hadn’t yet had a bellyful of working with the Top Docs, I used to be rather disapproving of alternative medicine because the purveyors didn’t know enough to spot a serious illness, even if their clients liked their bedside manner. Sadly ‘real’ Top Docs are so unregulated and dangerous that I no longer see alternative practitioners as being as unaceptable as I used to. I wouldn’t waste my own money with them and I still think that some of them are ruthless sharks but then so were most of the Top Docs I found myself lumbered with. I have been interested to see in recent years how the sharks from the alternative sector have now teamed up with the sharks of ‘real’ medicine so the customers are now faced with Hobsons choice…

      Ask your Doctor about Mindfulness Meditation and Talking Treatments! The Surgery has a Counselling Nurse who is Trained in Complementary Therapies…

      For years Empowered Service Users in north Wales swapped tablets which is just as well because the Top Docs were putting lives at risk by either refusing essentials or prescribing dangerous stuff. When F was over-indulging in prescription tablets without my knowledge – the Top Docs told him Not To Listen To Me re tablets – another Service User wrote to Tony Francis because she was concerned that F could damage himself. Francis told F and I that the letter was malicious, F had a huge row with her and it was after that her brother told me ‘Do you know how many he was taking? We were worried that he was going to bloody kill himself’. They were right to be worried. Francis had been precsribed F tricyclic antidepressants – F wasn’t depressed, he had just thrown a wobbler after we had been arrested YET AGAIN on the orders of Tony Francis! – and Francis got the prescription pad out. Even seven or eight tricyclics can cause sudden heart failure. Because ‘they weren’t working’ ie. F didn’t instantly cheer up from the trauma of the fucking arrest, F took more. About 12… God knows how F ever managed to survive in the face of what they were doing to him. I got my books out, showed F, explained to F that THEY ARE POISONOUS F, 8 CAN KILL YOU…

      I have hundreds of pages of evidence in my files as to what was being prescribed by Francis et al, over years; it is shocking and there is no doubt about it, people died because of the Medicines dished out by that lot…

      In the 1990s there was an outbreak of deaths from temazepam in north Wales. They were called jellies – green things, gel capsules – and addicts were injecting them into their legs, the jellies caused a blockage and they died. I know why there were so many deaths. Dafydd was selling those jellies to addicts who were selling them on. I knew one bloke in Bethesda – Dafydd’s patient – who was flogging them. He didn’t know that jellies can block your vessels but Dafydd knew.

      You or I don’t inject goodies into our legs Wise Owl, but we aren’t the former kids in care who were TAUGHT to take drugs by John Allen and the social workers… I witnessed a social worker who was an old buddy of F’s from his hippy days sit in our living room and encourage him, with her, to ‘enjoy himself’ and ‘pop a valium’. I felt like fucking strangling her, I had spent so much time trying to persuade F to be a little more responsible with the tablets… She then received promotion to a job as a social work trainer in Conwy…

      There was a video man who used to rent the vids to customers around Bangor and Bethesda and the video man would also exchange vids in return for prescription medication. Brown thought that it was hilarious and wrote about it in one of his books. We didn’t know but the Gang saw it and were spitting blood…

      OK Gang, you want to have a go at the video man and Brown? Well I’ll let everyone know that the video man as a teenager had been in the clutches of Dafydd and then his stepson was as well. The video man tried to get away; everywhere he went he was sacked. He tried to set up a business; he went bankrupt. It was THEM, the Gang. That’s why the video man did videos in return for tablets. Dafydd knew damn well that he’d been forced into it, by the Gang…

      Then there was Slob Ingham’s Client who openly flogged his wares in the Royal Oak in Rachub; ‘I can get you anything you want at all’. Slob Ingham perjured himself in Court AFTER that in an attempt to have me imprisoned.

      The Top Docs and social workers of north Wales WERE the main drug dealers. It was their clients who would be caught and shamed…

      1. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/dec/05/cocaine-seizures-in-england-and-wales-at-highest-level-since-1973
        This time not a POM (prescription only medicine) so only rogues. Heroin (diamorphine) now available in Middlesbrough and Glasgow from your doctor more services to be commissioned.
        If you want sublingual fentanyl or sustained release morphine then the Surgery can do that for you a GP with a special interest, if it’s ‘just’ co-codamol 30/500 then 200 is a phone call away.
        Methadone yes of course. Mix it up with SSRIs/ tricyclics/benzodiazepines/
        atypical anti-psychotics what ever the fuck you want. How can this be true Wise Owl? Well it’s not wholly true, some medical practitioners are not prescription happy but most just go for the easy life and give people what they want and for some it’s proper business.

  5. Here’s another blast from the past, when Dis-Grace, Tony Francis et al were colluding with terrible things.

    Earlier posts have discussed the ‘suicide’ of Georgie Fame’s wife on Aug 13 1993. I remember it because I discussed it with Ella Fisk, the Senior Angel at the Day Centre. I told Ella that I thought it was suspicious, none of it added up. Georgie Fame’s wife was found at the bottom of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, after approaching a young man, giving him her same and saying ‘please raise the alarm’. No-one did raise the alarm and her body was found. A ludicrous story was supplied by a Private Doctor, about how Nicolette was a ‘menopausal woman who could not come to terms with her children leaving home’. Women of her social class and generation did not kill themselves because the kids had left home, they have a great time, for goodness sake, it was as ridiculous as some of what Ella and Tony Francis told me about myself! I argued with Ella, no, she wasn’t having any of it, poor old Nicolette had chucked herself off of the bridge cos she was hormonal with an empty nest.

    Nicolette had married George Fame after leaving her husband, Lord Londonderry. Nicolette’s son was actually fathered by Georgie Fame, so there was a row there over the inheritance. I knew that, but what I didn’t know was that Nicolette’s daughter, Lady Cosima, claimed that her real dad was Robin Douglas-Home, nephew of PM Alec. Robin was the first husband of Tory Michael Howard’s wife, Sandra Paul. When Robin and Sandra were splitting up, Robin was shagging Ma’am Darling. Robin subsequently ‘committed suicide’.

    I also didn’t know that Nicolette’s father-in-law, Old Lord Londenderry, owned huge amounts of land in mid and north Wales and owned the RAF bombing school on Pen Llyn that Lewis Valentine, Saunders Lewis and their mate set fire to in the 1930s, that became a cause celebre on the part of the early Plaid movement. Dafydd was recruited by the security services to infiltrate Plaid and make friends with Saunders partly because of that particular event.

    Here’s more info about Nicolette’s first husband:
    Alexander Charles Robert “Alistair” Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 9th Marquess of Londonderry (7 September 1937-20 June 2012) was a British nobleman.
    The son of Robin Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 8th Marquess of Londonderry (1902–1955) and his wife, the former Romaine Combe (died 1951), Alexander Charles Robert Vane-Tempest-Stewart was known familiarly as “Alistair”. When the 8th Marquess died in 1955, Alistair became the 9th Marquess at age 18. He renovated the family estate, Wynyard Park, County Durham, which Nikolaus Pevsner described as “the most splendid 19th century mansion house in the county”. Wynyard was sold by Lord Londonderry in 1987 and is now owned by the property developer Sir John Hall.
    Lord Londonderry was an accomplished pianist and a self-taught linguist. He could read French, German, and Italian. As a student, he ran a jazz band called the “Eton Five”. His first wife, whom he married in 1958, was Nicolette Elaine Katherine, daughter of Michael Harrison, a stockbroker, and his Latvian-born wife Baroness Maria Koskull. Nicolette, Lady Londonderry, gave birth to two daughters: Lady Sophia (b. 23 February 1959) and Lady Cosima (b. 25 December 1961, who married Lord John Robert Somerset, third son of David Somerset, 11th Duke of Beaufort).
    She also gave birth to a son, Tristan, who was once but is no longer styled Viscount Castlereagh, as Lord Londonderry later proved that Tristan was not his biological child, but that of singer Georgie Fame. The Londonderrys divorced in 1971. Lady Cosima would later claim that her biological father was actually Robin Douglas-Home, nephew of Sir Alec Douglas-Home, the former Prime Minister. Nicolette married Georgie Fame in 1972; they later had another son, James. She committed suicide on 13 August 1993 by jumping off Clifton Suspension Bridge.
    Lord Londonderry’s second wife was Doreen Patricia Wells, former principal dancer at the Royal Ballet, whom he married in 1972; they divorced in 1989. They had two sons, Frederick Aubrey Vane-Tempest-Stewart (born 6 September 1972), and Lord Reginald Alexander Vane-Tempest-Stewart (b. 1977), who is married to Chloë Belinda Guinness (born 29 April 1976); the couple have one child.
    The 9th Marquess of Londonderry died on 20 June 2012, aged 74. His elder son, Frederick Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, succeeded to his titles as the 10th Marquess.

    1. Now Then. Here’s info about the Lord Londonderry who was Nicolette’s father-in-law who owned the bombing school to which Saunders Lewis set fire:

      Edward Charles Stewart Robert Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 8th Marquess of Londonderry, DL (18 November 1902-17 October 1955) was a British peer and politician.

      Educated at Eton College, he was the only son of Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 7th Marquess of Londonderry and his wife, Edith Helen (née Chaplin).

      He worked as honorary attaché to the British Embassy in Rome and as a director of Londonderry Collieries, the family’s coal mining company. A keen football fan, he was first a director and then chairman of Arsenal from 1939 to 1946. A portrait of him painted in 1911 as a pageboy at the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary by Philip de Laszlo hangs at Mount Stewart, County Down, the Londonderry ancestral seat in Northern Ireland.
      Known formally by his courtesy title Viscount Castlereagh and as Robin by friends and family, he was an accomplished public speaker and was Unionist MP for County Down in the House of Commons from 1931 to 1945. He succeeded his father as Marquess in 1949.

      He was married on 31 October 1931 at St Martin-in-the-Fields to Romaine Combe (d. 19 December 1951), the daughter of Major Boyce Combe, of Farnham, Surrey, and had issue:
      Lady Jane Antonia Frances Vane-Tempest-Stewart (b. 11 August 1932), who married Max Rayne, Baron Rayne in 1965, and has issue; she was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s Maids of Honour at the 1953 Coronation. Lady Jane married in August 2012, the royal biographer and historian Robert Lacey
      Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart (b. 13 June 1934)
      Alexander Charles Robert “Alistair” Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 9th Marquess of Londonderry (7 September 1937–20 June 2012)

      Lord Londonderry was a celebrated host and practical joker, reportedly once decorating the Christmas tree at Wynyard with condoms to startle a visiting cleric. He was an attentive husband and devoted father, entertaining his family with stories and tales. Also regarded as slightly eccentric, on one occasion Lord Londonderry had taken to his bed after a few drinks too many, when Ruth Graham, the wife of the American evangelist Billy Graham, came to call. Although informed that His Lordship was “indisposed”, Mrs Graham insisted upon admission to his bedroom, having “come all the way on Billy’s account”. She was duly announced. Lord Londonderry threw aside the bed-sheets and shouted, “Get in.”
      He had an awkward and distant relationship with his parents, especially his father. The two men took opposite sides during industrial disputes involving the family coal mines, most notably during the general strike in 1926. When he married Romaine, a brewer’s daughter, his family viewed the union with disdain. It was a happy marriage by all accounts, but tragedy struck when Lady Londonderry died from cancer in 1951 and her husband plunged into depression and alcoholism.
      “Daddy changed, literally overnight, into a complete drunk,” Lady Annabel Goldsmith, his daughter, recalled. “It was awful. He would collapse while making speeches to the cricket club, that kind of thing. He was on the bottle night and day.”
      Lord Londonderry died from liver failure on 17 October 1955, at age 52. He was buried alongside his wife at Wynyard Park and both were later re-interred in the Londonderry family vault at St Mary’s Church, Long Newton, County Durham.

      So Lord Londonderry had strong N Ireland associations – think Lord Mountbatten, the 5th Duke of Westminster, Kincora etc – strong Durham associations – Gwynne’s partners in crime in Durham eg. Lord John Walton, Lord Lambton, Anthony Eden’s family came from Durham and of course Eric Sunderland was sent to Bangor as Principal after years at Durham University when I refused to keep quiet about Gwynne…

      Furthermore, Sir Jams’ wife Annabel was Lord Londonderry’s daughter. I’m making my way through Lord Wyn Roberts autobiography at present and one of his good mates was Mark Birley, who was part of the Sir Jams and Annabel crowd… Lord Wyn, bestest friend of the Gang…

      I know that I take the piss out of Ugandan discusions, but honestly, I don’t really mind. It’s the assaults, child abuse and serious crime that concerns me with this lot.

      When Nicolette fell off of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, David Kirke et al were hanging out with Mr Bridgy Celeb and Coutts cheques were changing hands. F and I were being intimidated and harassed by predators who had abducted F’s baby. We had just appeared in Court after Gwynedd social worker Jackie Brandt perjured herself AGAIN.

      Whichever Top Doc was treating Nicolette will have known DGE Wood’s family of Top Docs in Bristol.

      As for the link between Michael Howard and the alleged real father of Nicolette’s daughter, Lady Cosima ie. Robin Douglas-Home, the first husband of Howard’s wife Sandra Paul, what was Michael Howard doing in 1993 when he was Home Secretary? Shafting Mary Wynch. As well as me and F of course.

      As for deaths in Aug 1993, days after Nicolette hurled herself off of the bridge because the kids had left home, E.P. Thomson died. E.P. Thompson was one of the Commies who had lived at Cwm Croesor and known about Gwynne and Dafydd etc. E.P. had retired to Halifax, the local MP being Shirley Summerskill, the Nice Lady Doc who knew the Drs Francis. Shirley had won the seat from Maurice Macmillan…

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