Update, 23 June 2019: The Future Of This Blog

Dear Readers

Apologies to anyone who has not been able to access the blog this morning. The usual happened; I was working on the latest post and my site went down. When I rang my hoster they maintained that I had run out of space and needed to hand over yet more cash to get back online and continue blogging…

I’ve agreed to be fleeced once more, so I’m up and running once again, but I really cannot afford to keep doing this. I am not working for the Welsh Gov’t as a Commissioner for the Wellbeing of Future Generations, neither do I have a job with Public Health England promoting public health campaigns that do not work and never will work, so I cannot just keep splashing the cash.

There is much more that I want to get up on the blog though…

Perhaps I should arrive in Primrose Hill with my handcart painted with the slogan ‘Gardens dug, chimneys swept, academic articles and books written, along with online exposes of paedophile rings that never existed’ or ask Julia Hobsbawm if she needs a cleaner.

Alternatively I could enter the sex work business as Dafydd and Gwynne were so keen that I should decades ago. I am still living up to Dafydd’s diagnosis of ‘attractive and seductive’ although these days, being 56 (not ‘of a certain age’, I am 56), I have to qualify the ‘attractive and seductive’ bit with ‘for my age’, in the way that the Queen Mum and Gracie Fields were Marvellous for their age.

Should I enter the sex industry, I will not be working for foul old Top Doctors or indeed anyone else, I will set up in business myself. I will have to employ younger staff obviously, but unlike Cynthia Payne, my establishment really will be fun for all and will not have a hotline to Dafydd and Gwynne’s Gang and employ anyone who might have been put under pressure to work in the sex trade. Neither will it be a networking base for Top Docs, lawyers, judges etc to get each other out of trouble when they get caught molesting children or sexually assaulting people. So I will no doubt be raided by the police and shut down very quickly, unless of course I offer a free shag to the police themselves. That was the way that it worked in Bangor Police Station back in the Good Old Days of 1986. Dafydd doesn’t know that I knew that but yes, I did know.

Should I set up in the sex trade, I do not wish to be bothered by Wimmin who are telling me that I am being exploited, because I can name many Wimmin involved in such ‘campaigning’ who knew what was happening to us at the hands of Dafydd and Gwynne who really were not interested. It’s why the Greenham Wimmin were so hostile to me but I didn’t realise that at the time.

The founder of the Greenham Wimmin was of course that Nice Lady Doctor from south Wales who was just so committed to Justice and Peace and her poor old heart broke when she heard about those nukes and ooh she’d do anything to get rid of them as well as Thatch. Well anything that included marching through small Welsh towns, giving interviews in media outlets that were run by men who were actively involved in sexual abuse or protecting those who were or just banging on about Changing The World. Not anything that involved exposing Thatch’s mates Peter Morrison, George Thomas, Jimmy Savile etc…

Now I think that I know why Jill Evans MEP was so fucking rude to me when I met her a few years ago. Never mind Jill, carry on with the Strong Green Woman bit, for God’s sake don’t admit that you and the Sisters knew about the carnage in north Wales.

So I’ll continue blogging until my hoster cuts me off (again) and then I’ll have to have a think. If I do have to stop blogging, the blog posts that are already up will remain online, I’m OK for maintaining what is already here, it is just the constant requests to shell out more money every week that are a problem. I don’t do twitter or anything else online, but people are always welcome to e mail me if I the blog comes to a halt and falls silent


Meanwhile perhaps the Gang could forward me the Royalties that I am owed for the porn pics that were taken when I was in Denbigh without my knowledge or permission and then flogged.

BTW, should a very special customer be interested in using the services provided by my brothel, a very special customer who demanded such discretion that my career was destroyed and one of my friends was murdered because I would not drop my complaints about Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist, in view of the previous conduct of this very special customer, I will be following a policy of not offering him services. I can’t have my staff put in danger Sir, if you get my meaning. When people say no, I am someone who actually accepts that as an answer.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Brown and I were lefties Wood you fucking oaf, did you think that I would be INTERESTED in members of the extended Royal Family, yet alone intimidated into doing what I was ordered by Important People? I wasn’t a fucking feudal serf, I was a constitutional peasant a la Python and the Holy Grail…

    Neither did Brown’s brother, a SIXTH FORMER, expect to have people trying to kill him after I’d told him about Gwynne and he made the ‘hypocritic oaf rather than hippocratic oath’ quip.

    There is still one blog post that I shall push out all the boats to complete – NEUROSURGEONS.

    Anyone dare risk their neck at the Walton Centre?

  2. I’m continuing comments on this post, because my ‘Two Cultures’ post has been jammed…

    The squealing from the Community In Pain has reached hitherto unseen levels. They’re certainly pushing out all boats in the Welsh Assembly. Helen Mary Jones of Plaid wants a Regulatory Body for NHS managers along the lines of the GMC and NMC, two bodies that have just been so effective at maintaining standards.

    This conversation took place in the 1980s re the press. Pompous old buffers used to say ‘what we want is a regulatory body for editors, like the GMC’. I’m no fan of Kelvin McKenzie but he has probably done far less damage than Gwynne, Dafydd, DGE Wood and many more.

    Top Tip Helen Mary: when a professional cohort is rotten to the core, a regulatory body won’t work. Because the regulatory body will draw its members from the worst… If one looks at the GMC, NMC or indeed similar bodies, their function is to maintain the status and reputation of the profession. They can’t do that if they admit that there is a huge problem of serious criminality, so they take minor cases, or go after whistleblowers to show that Standards Are Being Upheld.

    In the same speech Helen Mary has stated her intention to Empower Whistleblowers! Perhaps Helen Mary would like to take the NMC to task for suspending Nicola Kingston, the whistleblower who exposed the abuse of patients in Tawel Fan. The NMC did not mount a case against any of the Angels who were filmed abusing elderly patients. Only Nicola. Lies were told about Nicola which were published in the press and Nicola received death threats and was arrested but not charged. The Chairman of the NHS Board who sacked Nicola, reported her to the NMC and failed to take action against any abusive member of staff was Peter Higson.

    Higson is a former Welsh Assembly advisor, they have commissioned him again and again and he is now a member of the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority. His sister Ruth Hussey was until recently Chief Medical Officer for Wales.

    The CEO of the Board that sacked Nicola was Gary Doherty. Gary admitted last week that managing the Health Board is beyond him and he has asked the Welsh Gov’t for a Troubleshooter.

    The Health Minister when Tawel Fan blew up and Nicola was hung out to dry was Mark Drakeford. He is now FM. He became FM HOURS after his adult son was jailed for the brutal rape of a young woman and also convicted of grooming a child. When I was violently assaulted by Angels, taken to court on the basis of NHS staff’s perjury and all complaints of mine were ignored, Drakeford was the FM Rhodri’s SPAD. When I was threatened at gunpoint Drakeford was an AM, having taken over Rhodri’s safe seat.

    As Health Minister Drakeford ignored communications from me re serious criminality and research fraud in the NHS. Weeks later he was photographed in the media, promoting Mindfulness, the research fraud of which I supplied him with details.

    Drakeford, like Helen Mary, is a former social worker. Drakeford worked for Dyfed Social Services when there was a paedophile ring in Dyfed, facilitated by Dyfed Social Services. Dyfed Social Services provided the inspection team for Gwynedd in the 1980s who maintained that there was no problem in Gwynedd. Dyfed gave a clean bill of health to some of the people who later threatened, harassed and perjured themselves in my case.

    Helen Mary, when whistleblowers/complainants are wrongfully arrested, threatened with murder, violently attacked, unlawfully sacked and even found dead, they don’t need to be Empowered, they need police protection and a major criminal investigation needs to be launched, particularly if one of the senior NHS managers involved is the former Assistant Chief Constable who was kicked out of the force for corruption.

    The matters NHS that Helen Mary described as Failures are the consequences of serious organised crime. You can’t Empower people against gangsters Helen Mary, you bloody well get in there and put a stop to it. If a judge breaks the law in open court, you don’t give him a job as Lord Lieutenant, you begin an investigation and bring charges against him.

    If politicians are too frightened to stand up to these people – and they are, undoubtedly, apart from Darren Millar who has stood up and said ‘prosecute these people and now’, all one gets from the others is crap about Difficult Decisions, Complex Matters, With Hindsight, Empowerment – how exactly do they intend to Empower the rest of us? It is we who are blogging, publishing, writing to the media, not those who would Empower us. If the AMs themselves are social workers who are the former colleagues of the gangsters, the Councillors who failed to stop the crime in their Councils, the daughters and wives or other family members of the friends of George Thomas and other molesters, how are they going to Empower anyone?

    Yesterday Andrew Davies, the Chairman of the NHS Board in Swansea, was on BBC News Wales. Andrew’s Board has Failed as well. There’s a surprise. Andrew blames the Welsh Gov’t. They were on the sodding phone to him constantly, telling him what to do. Andrew used to be a Minister in the Welsh Gov’t.

    When I was doing my PhD, Andrew, then a Minister in the Welsh Gov’t, was having an affair with Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom, a member of staff at Bangor University and a former Gwynedd social worker. It was no secret, Andrew and Meri were snogging on Bangor pier and Meri said to a third party ‘I must thank you for bringing Andrew and me together’. I was told ‘Christ it was like dealing with two 14 yr olds, they are a total embarrassment’.

    After loves young dream on Bangor pier, Andrew made a State Visit to Bangor University. Meri turned up. Andrew openly joked to the journos from the Daily Post that they weren’t to print anything about him and Meri having an affair. He also joked that he had not had anything to do with Meri’s recent promotion at work. I was told ‘Merfyn was dying of embarrassment, it was just so tawdry and crass and made the University look very very bad’. Merfyn was later heard swearing away quietly to himself re ‘this fucking visit’.

    I was later told that indeed Andrew had not had anything to do with Meri’s promotion, that had been Rhodri, who had rung Merfyn and told him that Meri had to be given a senior job because Merfyn needed a woman PVC. But not any woman, it had to be Meri. Rhodri was reputed to be a former bedfellow of Meri’s.

    One Prof at Bangor observed that Meri must be the first person who had closed the gender gap by opening her legs. No she’s not, it’s a tried and tested way, I can provide many more examples…

    It got better. Meri had also been appointed Chairman of the Welsh Language Board while she was shagging Andrew. There was one hell of a row, on the internet, in the press. Meri had not declared the relationship. (Not that it was a well kept secret.) Meri was not removed. Meri then caused havoc at Bangor University, presided over the collapse of the Dept for Lifelong Learning, fucked up the consultation for the new arts centre and screwed it all up at the Welsh Language Board as well.

    Andrew held a number of Ministerial roles including Minister of Finance and I think Communities. The fuckwittery continued. Merfyn was ordered about constantly by Andrew, Rhodri and the other dipsticks.

    Andrew had a heart attack, left the Welsh Gov’t and then turned up as a Prof at Swansea University and then the Chair of the NHS there.

    Meri became the Welsh Language Commissioner on £100 k pa and fucked that up as well.

    Merfyn was given such a bad time as VC that he stood down. He then became the Chair of the Betsi NHS Board. After mounting a prosecution against a violent, over 6ft male Angel who threw an old lady across the ward injuring her and impersonated a police officer, Merfyn was faced with a co-ordinated campaign on the part of Top Docs and managers etc to force him out by withholding crucial info from him, to cause an outbreak of C difficile and make him resign. It worked. Merfyn has now left public life. He was threatened by a mob in public in front of TV cameras and journos and not a word of it was reported.

    Gangsters run the public services. Honest staff and managers are hounded out no matter how senior they are. Stupid vacuous politicians refuse to support honest people and instead make silly speeches about Empowerment. Merfyn is not the only senior NHS person who was forced out for tackling the unacceptable. The CEO of a Trust in Cornwall was as well. Sir someone or other (his name is in the depths of the blog somewhere, Sir Nigel someone), the Director of the whole of the West Country NHS, with his office in Taunton, kicked out the CEO of the Cornish Trust after the CEO raised concerns about patient safety.

    There is no room for honesty in public life. Or in the Welsh Assembly. Get rid of them; they are dim, craven, spineless and personal friends and relations of crooks and conmen.

    Helen Mary has had every opportunity to support whistleblowers. She hasn’t. If she wants to make herself useful she can get me my Royalties for the porn that was made of me without my knowledge by Top Docs.

    The Guardian has produced a podcast asking if Docs should be prosecuted when ‘treatment doesn’t work’. Of course not, only when they have committed criminal offences. It is not rocket science.

    Julie Morgan, Rhodri’s widow, has been wailing at the top of her voice about Protecting Children From Abuse. Julie the former social worker in Barry where kids were not protected from abuse, Julie the former Deputy Director of Barnardos when Barnados kids were being abused and trafficked. Fuck off Julie you dangerous cow, just fuck off, you should be in the dock not in the Senedd.

    Get out of that Senedd the whole damn lot of you, Wales is on its knees and it is YOU who have done it. You have called the shots for years now, the same small circle of fucking cheats, idiots and liars who can all trace their links back to Dafydd and Gwynne. There are a few exceptions, but not many; the few good AMs are becoming tainted by you lot, whoever will take them seriously looking at the bloody carnage? It’s a problem that has dogged Wales for years – Dafydd and Gwynne made the nation a laughing stock for Englishers and positively dangerous for local people.

    The Baroness of Ely. A Baroness because her dad was mates with George Thomas…

    1. Another Bangor Academic who was not only not in the least Academic but who was deeply unpleasant as well: Ruhi Behi, for many years the Head of the School of Healthcare Sciences (Nursing) at Bangor. I’ve mentioned Ruhi previously, but I’ll flag him up again here with added insights.

      Behi was one of the biggest problems in Bangor University. Numerous complaints about his bullying and intimidation of students and staff (serious intimidation as well, the complaints were not of a ‘snowflake’ variety. Many of the staff in that Dept were of very low calibre because good people just wouldn’t work there; the University tried to headhunt a few and they told me that they knew the regime that Behi was running and they would not be joining it. I watched Behi sitting with some of his pals (he ran a regime in which he favoured a group of ‘boy nurses’ who did the intimidation and exclusion) in a university café openly gesticulating towards, and laughing at, a gay student who had dared complain about the most appalling behaviour from Behi and his mates. I was one of the student’s PhD supervisors who had taken over when the University had been obliged to remove him from Behi’s mates.

      Behi was, like the Crack of Doom, one of these mysteries a la ‘WHY has he not been sacked, he is appalling…’

      Easy. Ruhi Behi was a former Denbigh nurse. He was there when Gwynne lobotomised and Dafydd imprisoned victims of sexual assault in a dungeon. Ruhi Behi was not an academic in any way and clearly knew nothing about any academic branch of nursing. He had a bachelors degree in psychology, having registered for one in the early 80s when the Dept of Psychology at UCNW was still dominated by Dafydd. Behi rolled up on that degree in the aftermath of Mary Wynch.

      Behi is a greedy old bastard and wouldn’t live like other students, he wanted money. So he was offered a job as a theatre Angel at the C&A Hospital in Bangor while he did his degree. I knew two students on the psychology course who knew Behi. They told me that throughout the three years Behi did not attend any lectures or pracs and no-one remembered seeing him in the exam hall. But his name appeared on the list of successful grads… They both swore blind that he had not done that degree. Behi graduated when Dafydd’s daughter was doing a PhD in the Psychology Dept, although her degree was too poor to fulfil the university’s rules for PhD registration. Dafydd Fixed It For Her. As he did for Behi.

      Behi is Iranian. The real article, he speaks Farsi, his first language. I don’t think that he came to the UK after the revolution, I think he was here before. He worked at Denbigh when the place only employed local Angels who wanted a job in their home town or who’s mums and das had worked there or who were literally unemployable. Nearly all junior docs at Denbigh were overseas graduates who did not know what they were going to when they were offered the job. Or they had blotted their copybook in such a major way that they were unemployable.

      Behi is someone who in true Denbigh style, accessed confidential/fallacious info about people and passed it on. I am told that when I worked at Bangor University he was one of the sources of info that I was Dangerous and that people like him Knew All About Me.

      Behi became Head of the School of Nursing when Nursing became a University Subject and was moved from the hospital into the University. So probably when Roy Evans was VC of Bangor. I was told by an Angel more competent than Behi, one of those who refused a job in Behi’s Dept and remained working as an Angel, that the Angels in Behi’s Dept were not academics, knew it and would never be able to integrate into the University and Behi would stop them from doing so anyway.

      When Merfyn was VC, like the School of Education, Ruhi Behi’s contingent were one of the biggest problems he had as VC. The litigation re bullying and unfair practice, the constant complaints of racism (yes, it was remarked upon that the most serious complaints of naked racism from students were coming from the Dept headed by an Iranian man), the stream of distressed students withdrawing from the course… Teams of mentors were sent in, polite and sensitive discussions were had, the Angels were told that they really couldn’t treat students and colleagues in this way. Other Depts roared with laughter at the ‘Caring Nurses up there who are at each others throats again’. Two PhD students had nervous breakdowns over the terrible treatment; they may have been many more, I just knew of those two.

      What did anyone expect? A lobotomists and sex offenders assistant was Head of Dept and no-one would sack him.

      There was eventually an assault on the Dept of Nursing. Fungus the Deputy VC sent an emissary up there one day who literally handed out the redundancy notices. 12 of them I think. Angels were in tears while their former victims shrieked with laughter. For once Fungus was perceived to have done something sensible.

      Sadly Fungus did not sack Behi; of course not, Fungus was an academic in the Psychology Dept when Behi was given a degree for nothing. Behi knew where the bodies were buried, literally, as did Fungus. So Fungus did his usual. He harassed Behi out of his job. It did happen in the end, Behi retired. But not before scores of Masters and PhD degrees were given out to Angels and other NHS staff from north Wales who in no way fulfilled the criteria. I was receiving e mails with the evidence from moles, it was extraordinary. Degrees for sale to clueless or abusive Angels and managers who had been told by their bosses in the NW Wales NHS Trust to register ‘because it will make the Trust look good’.

      Students (experienced Angels) from other universities knew what was going on and were horrified. They also found out about the dangerous and unethical research on psych patients being conducted at Bangor by Richard Tranter and others and mentioned it in a public research forum. I was glad that they did, but Prof Catherine Robinson, the person challenged about what was happening, just smiled at them and said ‘mmmm’. The Catherine who once worked at Denbigh but didn’t see or hear anything and never met Dafydd. The Catherine who was on the psychology degree when Ruhi Behi was. Or Wasn’t.

      As ‘Healthcare Research’ fell apart at Bangor, who was blamed? Merfyn of course. After Ruhi’s mates had killed his wife.

      Come on scumbags from the Community In Pain, admit what you did. The whole bloody lot of you built your careers by helping Gwynne and Dafydd, smearing anyone who dared tell the truth about them and then blackmailing like there was no tomorrow when Gwynne snuffed it.

      I was forwarded the e mails and ‘applications’ from Angels and NHS managers in the NW Wales NHS Trust for Masters and PhDs. Hilarious. Although terrifying. One of the applications openly stated that the Angel had found it very hard doing a BSc and he didn’t want to do an MSc ‘but my manager at the Hergest Unit Lena Henry has told me that I’ve got to’.

      Lena Henry was the nurse manager in the Hergest Unit who was one of those who perjured herself in court – at least three times – in an attempt to have me imprisoned. Lena was never investigated. Lena’s sister Gwen was a Secretary in the School of Education when I was doing my PhD. Gwen had a lovely time telling people that she knew all about me because her sister was a Senior Nurse at the Hergest Unit at which point I was told Gwen would roll her eyes knowingly.

      Lena Trained as an Angel at Denbigh. She used to supervise the Occupational Therapy. Which for one 19 year old patient who was sectioned after she witnessed a Princess Diana scene when she ran off to London and had an adventure (this girl wasn’t your usual Bangor pleb!!) was packing Dr Whites into boxes for no pay. Like me, this girl was quite academic and when she was older she turned up at Bangor University doing a Masters. The School of Nursing enjoyed themselves with her as well. I wonder how many of them knew about the photo of Princess Di that as a young woman she had taken to a newspaper???

      Dangerous Young Women!!!

      The Princess Di girl witnessed a death at the homeless hostel in Bangor as well. It was of a boy whom she was striking up a relationship with. She got into his bed (after a previous invitation) and found him dead. She was understandably very upset. She was sectioned, all of her clothes were taken away and never returned, she was given a forensic suit to wear but never interviewed by the police and she stayed in Hergest for months. By the time that she was released the boy had been buried and his inquest had been held and completed. She was the key witness. Never interviewed by anyone. The Head of the Hostel later became the CEO of the North Wales Housing Association.

      Fill yer boots everyone, if a Nutter witnesses serious crime we’ll be on a generous meal ticket for ever.

      1. Sheila Bennell. Long-standing pain in the butt of the School of Education and later the Theology Dept. Bennell was offensive and mad but still another job would be found for her after she buggered up the last one.

        Sheila is (or was) in the Eryri Harriers, as is/was Maggie Fookes, one of the Gwynedd Social Services abuser/perjurers. Sheila and Maggie were good mates. So of course Sheila always had a home at Bangor University.

        1. I reiterate: there are some very nice people at Bangor, able, supportive high achieving academics. But they are either forced out, don’t get anywhere or if they are finally grudgingly promoted, they are treated like crap and afforded no respect although everyone will rely on them to make the machine work.

          It can all be traced to Prof Sunderland’s little arrangement with Thatch and the UGC; let this University survive and we’ll shaft that girl who complained about Gwynne and anyone who supports her. Carlo was Chancellor and he knew about that arrangement. He was at the centre of it.

          Can I have my Royalties please Carlo? For the Porn? You might like to make a donation to the Princess Di girl as well. Photo of your late wife, taken to a newspaper in London by a teenager with a sense of humour. Police called, she was sectioned. She is three years younger than I am and like me forever That Girl ooh Denbigh you know… Very able, but gets kicked out of every job she ever gets although no-one can fault her performance there. Criminal record as well as a result of wrongful arrest. She was also sexually assaulted when a patient in Hergest. There was no investigation.

          1. The Princess Di girl won a Good Neighbour award; she lived on a Housing Association estate in Caernarfon. When young she had owned a rather nice house (well buying it on a mortgage) in Bangor, but an extended stay in Hergest put paid to that. Sectioned, refused permission to leave the ward or communicate with anyone, couldn’t talk to the bank or building society, WHOOPS bang went that nice house. (Sadie Francis might recognise the similarities between that and the circumstances under which I lost my own quite nice cottage on Anglesey after years of working up to acquiring somewhere that wasn’t at the very bottom of the housing market…)

            Weeks after winning her award, Princess Di girl was arrested. For Threatening A Vulnerable Resident. Down the police station, strip searched, the lot. She had Threatened A Learning Disabled Neighbour. Except that she hadn’t. No charges followed. Informal inquiries on the part of Princess Di girl later uncovered a conspiracy between a Gwynedd Social Services employee and someone from the North Wales Housing Association. There was never any formal investigation.

            It was the same people every time behind all wrongdoing. The Gang’s MO was to force any target into dependency upon other branches of the Gang; if someone had a job and their own house, they bloody well wouldn’t after the Gang got going. They would be on benefits and in social housing. Or homeless. Then this would be flagged up in the court case after they were arrested on the basis of lies from the Gang. If they had children, no matter how good their parenting, that kid would end up in care. And that was the end: they’ve had a child removed from their care!!! Doesn’t that just say everything about them M’Lud?

  3. Over the past 48 hours I have seriously considered writing to the GMC once more giving them detailed accounts of the sexual assaults that I know happened on named patients in north Wales. I could provide names, dates, venues, all docs involved, the way in which patients were trapped into seeing dangerous docs whom they had previously refused to see. But the info will be leaked won’t it? If I do that, the info, like other info from the GMC and ‘confidential bodies’ will be sent to third parties, as my documents show has happened in the past.

    So I’ll confirm here that Drs Gwynne Williams, Dafydd and Tony Francis were NAMED on my medical records by OTHER docs as sexually assaulting or exploiting patients. Yet the GMC told me and other people that there was no evidence of misconduct against these three.

    Every Doc in Bethesda surgery admitted that they knew that the three named above were assaulting patients. Five docs in St Georges/Springfield were named as knowing.

    Hundreds and hundreds of complaints in north Wales. No evidence of organised abuse. Except of my medical records (and no doubt other peoples), records which were unlawfully withheld from us.

    These docs SIGNED LETTERS to other docs admitting that the three perverts were a problem. Those letters were sent to NHS managers and others.

    Theodore Huckle, the Counsel General of Wales, read those letters some six years ago. As well as all the plans to frame me in Court. Theo advised the Welsh Gov’t that there had been no clinical negligence with regard to my case at any time. Theo is now practicing as a Human Rights lawyer in Doughty Street Chambers with St Helena Kennedy and George Clooney’s wife. St Helena, in her book, ‘Eve Was Framed’, thanks one of the docs at St George’s who was told that Dafydd and Francis were sexually exploiting patients for his help in her cases.

    Drakeford was Health Minister when the Welsh Gov’t told me that there was no clinical negligence in my case and refused my claim for damages.

    So Drakeford, what is your explanation and who is going to apologise to me and hand over the cheque? I imagine that one problem will be assessing what the fuck the damages are in a case like this… If I receive anything like the award that I am due I will be very happy to share it with the young woman whom your son raped because I bet she hasn’t received a penny either.

    Get rid of the Welsh Assembly now. It has no credibility at all. It didn’t have much before, but the day that Drakeford became FM it was finished.

    1. Toni Sphere. A US woman who worked for MIND in north Wales in the late 1970s/early 1980s. I never met her but I heard about her. Everyone believed that Toni would Put A Stop To It. She didn’t mince her words and she collected statements from five women patients who said that they had had sex with Dafydd. I saw a list of their names, Mary Wynch showed it to me. Toni didn’t Put A Stop To It. Toni hated Dafydd, she openly challenged people about him and the drips all were relying on Toni because they certainly weren’t going to stop it. Toni didn’t either. She went back to the US and never published or went public on any of it.

      Another person Who Knew was the Vietnam War draft dodger who lived in Cwm Croesor. He later became a Senator for the Democrats in the US. He Knew about Gwynne and many others…

      What exactly is wrong with you all? I am a bumpkin from Somerset with a £300 laptop because my other one broke a few weeks ago. I am not a Senator and I am not a PM, so how is it that I can write this blog after gathering evidence and the rest of you can’t?

      DUH!!! As the ‘Americans’ Monty Python sketch said ‘I just wanna say this… Let me just say…’ Or there were the Americans on Fawlty Towers who wanted a Waldorf Salad and threatened to bust Basil’s ass because he didn’t know what a Waldorf Salad was.

      The Americans couldn’t even bust Dafydd and Gwynne’s asses, they can’t complain about Basil.

      1. Here’s comes another one!

        Because the Empowered Service Users were non-persons, a lot of Angels and Top Docs would have a fag, a coffee and a chat ‘on their break’ (ie. on duty on the ward) and hold very interesting discussions without worrying about the Nutter sitting within earshot.

        Jeff Crowther, the Nursing Officer and his mate John Thomas, Senior Nurse, held the best conversations. Jeff and John were brighter, had a sense of humour and knew that Dafydd was involved in very serious crime; they also screamed with laughter at his idiocy but they didn’t dare challenge it.

        One day – approx. 1991 – Jeff came onto the ward, roaring with laughter after having heard from one of his mates in a psych hospital in England. They’d sectioned a man who was trying to buy a Rolls with money that the Rolls people didn’t believe that he had. He was most angry when arrested and sectioned, so angry that he got the usual treatment; dragged onto the floor by Angels, needle in bum. He got a padded cell as well, three days (renamed Seclusion Room). At this point he told the Angels that he was a well-known Top Doctor and they were going to be in very deep shit for this. They laughed in his face. He stayed being Helped for a few more days. Until the hospital received a call.

        Do you realise WHO he is and WHAT you have done to him? He is indeed a very wealthy Top Doc from England, he is famous and he has been ill for years, it has been concealed but he did have the dosh for that Rolls. Let him go, let him go now and destroy ALL records relating to him.

        Jeff and John Thomas wept until they cried!!! Jeff joked that it was a fucking close shave that the sectioned mad but rich Top Doc wasn’t DA!!! It could so easily have been…

        1. Mary Wynch always claimed that Dafydd killed her mother. Not by shotgun but by an overdose of barbiturates in one of his nursing homes. Mary alleged that dirty deals over the will between her sister and brother-in-law were the motive. Mary never said this in the media because Mad Mary who made Wild Allegations couldn’t prove it, having been unlawfully arrested and sectioned by Dafydd. But she told me and others.

          One person who knew was Mary’s neighbour, Sgt Tim of the North Wales Police. Sgt Tim refused to investigate my complaints about the Gang and arrested me on their orders. Sgt Tim was mates with Jeff and was good enough to tell Jeff that this was farcical, I was no more than a ‘mischievous young woman’ and those bastards were being paid a fortune but were demanding the police arrest me every time that I complained. Sgt Tim was later promoted to Inspector Tim and was part of the North Wales Police investigation into a paedophile ring which found no evidence of such a ring in north Wales/Cheshire. Tim had previously undertaken undercover work in Cheshire so he’d know.

          Empowered Service Users openly discussed the murder of Mary Wynch’s mother by Dafydd. The only time that we had to explain was to a new patient who didn’t know who Mary Wynch was. She thought that Mary was a little girl and Dafydd had murdered her mother in Denbigh. It was OK, we explained all. When people who were not Empowered Service Users heard the discussions re Mary Wynch’s mother, they would say ‘Does Mary Wynch seem sane to you?’ And we would say well she won in the High Court against Dafydd, it was in the Torygraph, the Guardian, the Indie and the Spectator. Dafydd admitted that she was indeed sane and she had been unlawfully kept in Denbigh for a year. The case made legal history. No-one ever then yelled MY GOD DAFYDD MURDERED HER MOTHER. They just dropped the conversation.

          The Empowered Service Users got so used to this that they just took the piss. F would do a Dafydd voice and go on about being a scamp and scrumping apples and then murdering Mary Wynch’s mother. There was just no point in complaining. Even I gave up on many aspects. Consider this:

          After Mary Wynch’s unlawful imprisonment, Dafydd’s mate Robert Bluglass rewrote the Mental Health Act and Dafydd’s other mate William Bingley rewrote the Code Of practice. it could never happen again. Three years later Dafydd did it again. To me. He did it to many others as well, but I was the only one who after TWO YEARS of consistently writing was granted an NHS investigation. Robert Bluglass Chaired the investigation. He made minor criticisms of Dafydd and declared me to be a Dangerous Psychopath who would end up in a ward for the Criminally Insane and that poor Dafydd had been driven to distraction by me. Dafydd had met me once for 5 mins three months before he illegally imprisoned me, when I had been illegally imprisoned at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Dafydd tried to Talk Sex. I refused and he threatened me with arrest and detention in Denbigh if ever I complained again.

          Bluglass failed to interview key witnesses including the Angel who had detailed in writing every bit of Dafydd’s criminality. Bluglass didn’t tell me that she’d done this, neither did anyone else and I only found out five years ago when my lawyer got my medical records. Bluglass reiterated a series of lies that Dafydd had told him about me that Bluglass knew were lies. Bluglass did not investigate any part of my complaint that related to Gwynedd Social Services or Tony Francis. He didn’t investigate my allegation that I was assaulted and threatened by Angels. He stated in his report that I had described Gwynne Williams in a highly nagative way. I had actually told Bluglass that Williams had made inappropriate indecent suggestions to me.

          Bluglass isa very rich man, owns one of the finest art galleries in Europe and for years had a second home in the south of France. Dafydd held clinics in the south of France. John Allen owned a villa there where kids in care from north Wales were taken for ‘holidays’.

          One of the people who did the Is Mary Wynch Sane? bit on me was Nita Mitchell-Heggs, the Occ Health physician at St George’s. Nita knew Bluglass and she knew Dafydd. She also knew damn well that Mary Wynch was sane and had made legal history. Nita’s problem was me having met Mary Wynch and of course Gwynne and Dafydd…

          After a few years of this Empowered Service Users gave up complaining. As F said to the Gwerin member who waved a shotgun at him in the Ogwen Valley and said ‘I fucking hate you’, ‘people like you have hated people like me for generations and I just can’t be bothered with it all anymore’.

          I know what will happen if I do write to the GMC, indeed if I send them copies of my 10000 documents AND the forged document purporting to be a letter from me that was found in their possession. They’ll tell me that I didn’t mention any of this to them before…

          I understand that Gwerin are reading this blog and muttering that they Didn’t Know about such and such. No because I fucking well gave up. You knew about so much that if you had wanted to offer help or ask the right questions you could have. But you made it clear that you were not interested. And anyway Merfyn’s a Git, his friend is a Philanderer and his other friend is a Drunken Groper and as any fule know it’s all Graham Day’s fault.

          Now, I must get on with the next post. I’ll be doing the Alan Turing connection soon. Well who did you think was linked to the prosecution of a Spy who was gay, his subsequent chemical castration and his ‘suicide’??? Alan Turing worked at Bletchley Park with Asa Briggs, at Manchester University with Gwynne and Dafydd’s mates and lived in Cheshire. No wonder there was all that fuss about a pardon a few years ago and then The Film Of The Story and Ooh Trumpers knew him you know!!! No she didn’t, Trumpers hated poofs, she thought that she might have once seen Turing but Trumpers did know Jimmy Savile, she gave him the job at Broadmoor when she was Health Minister.


          Bring on Funnywoman Jo Brand, there’s a BBC programme that needs her right now. What about a Hike For Charidee Jo??

          1. PS. What happened to the real Angel who documented Dafydd’s wrongdoing IN DETAIL on my medical records in 1986? She died.

            She died in 2002, just after I was forced out of my job at Hillgrove School, where I was teaching her two children. They had no idea that I knew their mum. They were lovely kids, really nice. Their dad I think is a paramedic. She was taken ill, admitted to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and died in their care. A young mother. She should never have died.

            Wendy Gough-Hughes. Witnessed the whole bloody lot and was brave enough to write it all down. She later got the hell out of Denbigh and worked in Manchester.

            You need to start fessing up everyone because none of you, none of you, are safe. The murdering bastards to whom you grovelled are killing you. Wendy was much nicer that many other Angels, she really was and in many ways she tried to protect me. She then got the hell out of Denbigh and probably never came forward even during Waterhouse. I don’t know if she realised it was me teaching her children; I met her at a parents evening and recognised her name. She knew me under a different name when I was young but the Gwerin were livid when I began teaching and I expect that Wendy did know who I was.

            Now you really have been incredibly dim, they will kill you and unlike me and Brown you don’t refuse to go near Top Docs…

            Tony Francis. Dead isn’t he. Adrianne Reveley. Dead. Cilla. Dead. There’s loads of them. They weren’t young but they could have expected more years of healthy life.

            Perhaps someone should encourage Drakeford and Julie Morgan to make a doc’s appointment asap. Get your prostrate checked Drakeford. Julie, you’re looking rough. Bowel cancer worrying you? What about a boost of HRT for Sister Hutt??

            I’m sure you’ll be safe with the Top Docs and Our Wonderful NHS!!

  4. The Tory Leadership contest is so lame that I haven’t bothered to follow it. However I did catch a glimpse of a programme last night Comparing The Two Candidates.

    I have mentioned previously on the blog that Boris’s dad Stanley worked for the security services when they concealed Gwynne and Dafydd’s criminality, that Boris’s mum was treated dreadfully and parked in an asylum herself and that Boris was at Oxford with the goons who made friends with the person in Somerset who found himself in possession of a lot of dosh and the offspring of rich n famous Tories who had discovered the Cottage Inn in Fiddington after the Gang came after me. Then Boris turned up at Taunton Cricket Ground when people who knew me were there! They hardly ever went to the cricket but they were invited on that particular day…

    Boris has only ever done one good thing and that was sacking Sir Ian Blair when his police force shot dead an innocent man and then smeared the deceased. At all other times Boris has shown himself to be a dangerous dishonest idiot.

    I have mentioned previously that Jeremy Hunt’s dad was a senior naval officer – he reached the rank of Vice-Admiral – from Flintshire in north Wales. Vice Admiral Nicholas Hunt’s wife came from Cheshire, a military family. Jeremy’s mum and dad knew about Gwynne and Dafydd, in fact Jeremy’s dad knew a great deal about Gwynne and Dafydd didn’t he Jeremy?

    After his Navy career, Jeremy’s dad was Chairman of South West Surrey District Health Authority, 1990-95. Jeremy’s dad Chaired that DHA when some of its employees participated in the research fraud that involved Tony Francis’s friend Peter Maguire and resulted in the suicide of Tim McElwain. Jeremy’s dad will have known all about it, it was headline news. No-one followed up and mentioned that every cheat and liar went onto senior academic posts except for one junior researcher who changed career.

    Jeremy’s dad was Chairman of Nuffield Hospitals, 1996-2001. Dafydd was commissioned by Nuffield Hospitals as were many more of his pals.

    Among Jeremy’s dad’s other roles was Deputy MD, Eurotunnel, 1987-89. Anyone remember the appalling safety record and the deaths of workers on Eurotunnel? Although that pales into insignificance compared to an international paedophile ring and the murder of witnesses.

    Jeremy knows about all this, which is why the little squirt couldn’t deal with the BMA dispute. They all concealed the same very serious criminality.

    Jeremy holds the seat for South West Surrey. He succeeded Virginia Bottomley. Who er um lied about the closure of the North Wales Hospital and the retirement of Dafydd and gave Dafydd the contract for ‘substance abuse services’ for north Wales days before Bing Spear, Dafydd bent Home Office Drugs Branch friend and Peter Morrison were found dead. Virginia’s daughter is a Top Doc who has worked for, among other things, Nuffield Hospitals.

    Please stop banging on about being an Entrepreneur who made Millions Jeremy. You’re a nasty little shark who has nothing in common with any real businessman.

    What a choice for the Tories. Two men with a track record of deceit and dishonesty both staking their chances on their fathers’ role in concealing a paedophile ring and the Royal Lobotomist.

    Whoever wins, they won’t be able to tackle any serious problems as PM. Wherever they go there’ll be a little squeal of ‘We’re going to tell, we’re going to tell…’and then the BMA will come along and demand a lot of money. They’ll get it too. Won’t they Boris and Jeremy?

    1. John Sawers, the former Head of MI6, has stated that the UK is having a ‘political nervous breakdown’.

      I’ll tell John who had a political nervous breakdown; I did in 1986. After Dafydd had had me unlawfully arrested on the grounds that I had ‘attempted to throttle a junior doctor’ and then in the initial Court hearing stated that he believed that I should be detained at Denbigh for ‘assessment’, I was taken to Denbigh. When I returned to Court for the trial I was told that the doc had withdrawn his allegations. Not that I was freed; I was taken back to Denbigh because without my knowledge the evening before Dafydd had sectioned me on the grounds that his ‘assessment’ of me in Denbigh suggested that I was mad and dangerous. The assessment that had been carried out when I was unlawfully arrested and detained. By Dafydd.

      Before we went back to Denbigh, the two Angels who had driven me to Court took me for a ice cream strawberry thing in Canes, a café that used to exist in Bangor. While I had my strawberry thing the two Angels chatted between themselves and one said ‘This trial and detention is political isn’t it, just like we all suspected’. The other Angel agreed and they had an interesting chat about me, the political prisoner. Those Angels never gave me any hassle unlike others, but no, they never spoke up about what they had witnessed…

      John Sawers worked for the security services while I was a political prisoner. He never held an investigation of any sort. Sawers has expressed his deep concerns that Britain doesn’t have the calibre of politicians needed to run the UK. No it doesn’t because Sawers et al stood back while the House filled with dim, rotten, corrupt people who all kept quiet about exactly the same criminality as Sawers did.

      I have mentioned many times previously that the security services knew how bad things were in north Wales by 1979 and after Mary Wynch they flooded the region with undercover officers, as they did St George’s after Ollie Brooke was jailed in 1986. No matter what intrigues the security services set up, I know what happened to me and my friends and they did not stop any of it. I was threatened, harassed, assaulted, unfairly dismissed and wrongfully arrested until the day that I finally fled Wales. No-one was interviewed, investigated, sued or arrested. Those who said so many things about me have either gone strangely silent or are among those screaming about Empowering Wimmin and Safeguarding. No-one was going to stop the Gang, no-one. Not even John Sawers.

      This was the MO of the Gang: Dafydd et al would see a target – either a young person whom they wanted in their brothel or someone like Mary who had asked too many questions – and they would be unlawfully arrested on the back of perjury by a member of the Gang and a dodgy deal with a corrupt police officer. Dafydd would then declare that the person was probably mentally ill and he couldn’t bear to see them in prison so he was offering a bed at Denbigh for them. That was the end. From then on you were Dafydd’s patient. You’d never asked to see him, if you were me you got up and walked out when he came in and so Angels locked you in a room with him. So you refused to speak to him and that was evidence of how mad you were and you couldn’t possibly be released until you’d spoken to a pervert drooling all over you.

      If you did get out of Denbigh – a lot of people didn’t, they disappeared – whether you were in Leicester, London or Surrey, if you went to a Top Doc, explained the problem, you’d be told to return in a week and they would then have transferred your case to another Doc. When you did return, the Doc would cheerfully tell you that they’d spoken to Dafydd and he was ever so worried about you and he had made you an appointment to see him in north Wales next week. So there was no need to transfer to another Doc because Dafydd was offering to see you!

      Being me, after YEARS I did finally manage to get my case transferred. Back to Tony Francis – who it turned out was the person who told Dafydd to take over my ‘case’ in the first place -who told me that he was so sorry for any misunderstandings, let’s start with a clean sheet. I now have documents in my possession demonstrating that Tony was working in collaboration with Dafydd throughout and because I was refusing to shut up about Gwynne or Dafydd there was just Cunning Plan after Cunning Plan for years to have me sent to a high security hospital. A great many other people knew about this but they said nothing to me.

      Like Mary Wynch, I demonstrated that I had been unlawfully arrested and detained. Although people admitted that, they nonetheless documented that I had been in a psych unit so ‘this could be delusional’. Although like Mary, I had shown that I was not ‘mad’ and indeed this had been admitted.

      Mary’s ‘symptoms’ of madness were that she alleged that there was a ring of corrupt solicitors in north Wales who had colluded with Dafydd to have her sectioned to fleece her of her inheritance. Mary privately told people that Dafydd had murdered her elderly mother when she was in one of Dafydd’s nursing homes. The Master of the Rolls declared Mary sane. Dafydd then admitted that Mary was sane. Yet no-one investigated the ring of solicitors, or Dafydd or the death of Mary’s mother or indeed where Mary’s inheritance had gone after Dafydd declared her insane and not capable of handling her financial affairs.

      Likewise, although it was admitted that I was a political prisoner, none of my claims which were the basis of Dafydd’s claim that I had Paranoid Schizophrenia were ever investigated. Not even when he changed the diagnosis again and again and again…

      John Sawer, Dafydd and Gwynne abducted and imprisoned young people with whom they wanted to have sex. Then they murdered some of them. This went on for many years. You knew about it. You did not stop it.

      Please, everyone, I know you mean well when you say that I only got all this because I was brave enough to stand up to them, but stop saying that. Do you really believe that ANYONE would have behaved like this if they were not already very used to doing so? Would a whole police force, Welsh Office, NHS etc flatly refuse to investigate in the face of 10,000 signed documents compiled by the criminals? Would lawyers disappear in the middle of cases only to re-emerge as judges in England? Would the one lawyers firm who had possession of copies of the 10,000 documents be taken over by the lawyers firm who are representing the clients at the IICSA which everyone knows is a cover-up and then destroy the 10,000 documents, as has the NHS? (So it’s just as well that I’ve got my copies isn’t it.)

      As a 21 year old Brown was right when I said to him after the first outrage ‘How have they got the nerve to do this?’ and he replied ‘Because they’ve done it before and it’s worked’. You bet they had done it all before. The fit ups, the abductions, the assaults, the forged documents, the attempted murders and the actual murders. They’d been doing it for years, they didn’t think twice.

      Years after I got to know and love the Gang, I was told that there was an aristocrat in north Wales who didn’t inherit; his younger brother did because the heir ‘was deemed mentally incompetent’ When I told Brown he simply said ‘Now there’s a job for DA Jones’. We pissed ourselves laughing, but the sadness is that it almost certainly was.

      Lucille Hughes works for the National Trust at Penrhyn Castle. Prior to that the National Trust at Penrhyn Castle employed the Gang’s victims on a summer work scheme every year. F did it for years, I heard a great deal. They all had a good laugh down there but they were also all quietly pumped by the supervisor, Wing Commander Ian Panton, as to how much they remembered of the serious crimes that they had witnessed, in Risley, in Denbigh etc.

      If I was a friend of Edmund I’d retrieve that documentation and have a look at which Top Doc signed on the dotted line. I think that Edmund should be told. Then everyone who took that worthless document as ‘evidence’ of anything other than a criminal conspiracy needs to explain themselves.

      Dafydd and Gwynne’s speciality was colluding with criminal family members against another member. Honest family members would be discredited, smeared, marginalised or if necessary fitted up themselves. The claims of the criminal family members would all be taken as evidence.

      I have mentioned that the criminals are foolish to do deals with Dafydd. He’s not going to go to jail for them. Lady Janet died in Nov 1997. Just as Ronnie Waterhouse finished hearing the evidence from those who Lied To Get Compensation. I met Lady Janet a few times. I worked as a care assistant in the terrible ‘care home’ where Lady Janet spent her final years. The building was lovely but the standards of care were dreadful, the fees were high and everyone knew the score: this is where wealthy elderly are placed who’s families want to keep up appearances but don’t give a damn.

      There was report after report of neglect and abuse of the residents, including to the Older Peoples Commissioner in Wales. They weren’t even investigated. There was also unpaid labour. Jobs were advertised and the lucky winners were told to work a few days without pay ‘on trial’. Everyone would then be told that there had been a mistake, there wasn’t a vacancy after all. No-one had to even fail the trial, there just wasn’t a job. I surpassed myself; I paid them. While I was cleaning a room, I sent a cup flying. I had to pay for the breakage! It wasn’t a Ming vase in Lady Janet’s room, just a silly thing with a pink rose on the side but Breakages Had To Be Paid For.

      The man who did inherit lives in Cyprus and collects expensive vintage cars. Which is where DGE Wood has that little side line of his these days…

      1. Lady Janet’s family were distantly related to another big landowning family in north Wales, the Sandbach family. Both families were slave traders.

        Antoinette Sandbach is the Tory MP for Eddisbury in Cheshire. Antoinette spent her career as a criminal barrister (so to speak) in London, then felt the call of north Wales, just as Gordon Brown moved in on Merfyn the VC of Bangor University and the Gang were going ape shit in my direction. Antoinette returned to the family estate, worked as a minion for David Jones the Tory MP for Clwyd West – David is a solicitor who sat in the Courts in north Wales watching us all being fitted up and also worked in the same practice as Elwyn Jones who fleeced F of his property, money and child while Elwyn did that – and then became a Tory AM. Then it was off to safe Westminster seat for Cheshire!

        Get howling Antoinette, howl even louder than you did in the Senedd and in the Commons when you talked about Sam, get the onions out once more and howl for your life Antoinette because you really are in the crap now

        Antoinette’s dad was the most senior Freemason in north Wales during the Waterhouse Inquiry and throughout some of the attempts to frame me for serious offences. Her gran was President of the Denbigh branch of the Royal College of Midwives.

        Where did the abducted babies go Antoinette? Hundreds of them. I know one went to Cheshire and I suspect that money changed hands.

        Gwynne died years ago and Dafydd and Lucille are not long for this world.
        Anyone for Gaining Justice For The Victims?

        1. The police have busted a big Modern Slavery gang in Birmingham. It was an Orrible Crime involving vulnerable people and the police can’t understand how the neighbours didn’t realise what was happening.

          Easy police. The Modern Slaves were people who had been released from prison, or who were drinkers or mentally ill or homeless. They were exactly the same sort of people whom you arrested when they complained about Dafydd. They were people whom the world were told were Scroungers and Criminals who would lie and cheat and steal from anyone who gave them the time of day. The only difference between them and the Empowered Service Users were that they were Polish. But then an outstanding young Polish academic who was identified as one of the best in her field in the world was told that she should not have been given a job at Bangor University because she wasn’t Welsh.

          Some two years ago, after a Gypsy gang were done for keeping slaves in south Wales, a headline referred to a Millionaire Gypsy who had slaves working for nothing. A reader told me that it could be referring to Dafydd and his charidee CAIS. CAIS has still not been closed down. But then the former Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales is the CEO so it probably won’t be. Clive was Deputy Chief Constable when I was assaulted by Angels, wrongfully arrested twice and then threatened at gunpoint. Don’t worry about it Clive, you just carry on giving evidence to Parliamentary Committees as you did not long ago. Nia Griffith MP was truly impressed and more money was given to CAIS in the form of massive Gov’t grants.

    1. Thanks Richard, I’ve only just had time to look at the list of the Public Inquiries in the link that you’ve sent. I had heard of most of them and I knew that every one was a well known cover-up but I have only just realised that EVERY ONE of the NHS/organised abuse Inquiries was actually an Inquiry into Dafydd and the Gang! All of them, just take a look…

      Neither had it hit me that the Fallon Inquiry AND the Alder Hey Inquiry took place during the Waterhouse Inquiry.

      The Fallon Inquiry investigated Lawrence Ward, the unit in Ashworth set up and run by Dafydd’s mate Chris Hunter and was used as a dustbin for people who had crossed Dafydd’s path. Bluglass was on the Inquiry team and was responsible for investigating the murder of a patient by Angels. To help him, Bluglass commissioned an Angel of Dafydd’s in north Wales. This was less than 10 yrs after Bluglass covered up for Dafydd and a violent Angel, and others, when I complained. The violent Angel of whom I complained was transferred from Denbigh to work at Ashworth. Stephen Rose, remember the name!

      Those responsible for the wrongdoing at Alder Hey were Robert Owen and his mates. Prof Owen was the man who, with Bluglass, concealed the crimes of Dafydd et al when I complained…

      If older Public Inquiries were part of that list, we would see many more into Dafydd et al eg. the Staffordshire Pindown Inquiry or the long list of Inquiries into psych hospitals. They can all be traced back to Dafydd. Take a look if you don’t believe me, look at the people involved and who they worked with. They are all Dafydd’s mates.

      Dafydd has never been named in any Inquiry. His mates have but then his bigger and better mates have Chaired the Inquiries and like Bluglass, sat on the Inquiry teams.

      The North Wales Hospital was never the subject of a Public Inquiry although it was the centre of the highest number of complaints, the most serious of complaints and Mary Wynch’s case made legal history.

      Brown has told me for ages that Dafydd will have been used for advice re Inquiries. No-one’s ever dared put him on an official team lest someone like me pops up, but Brown said that to keep his status as an Expert, to keep his Home Office licence (he uses that to prescribe the Class As that he flogs), etc Dafydd will have been one of the unnamed advisers.

      People have laughed at me for years for relying so much on Brown. But I do so because he is so very often right and re the Gang and Dafydd, Brown has been right every single time.

      I was told repeatedly by friend and foe, from 1986, there is no point taking on Dafydd, he does whatever he wants, he is untouchable. No-one would explain WHY this was so, but an awful lot of people said it. ‘You won’t get him, doesn’t matter what evidence you have or how many witnesses, you will not get him, no-one, no-one, will touch him.’ Other people – not threatening but warning – told me to leave Dafydd et al alone or I would be found dead. I was told by some people to leave the country (UK, rather than just Wales). I am incredibly still alive but a lot of people known to me aren’t.

      Dafydd is still on the Medical Register. And there is still green paint on the Renault.

      1. An anonymous article has appeared on the Guardian website, written by a ‘female academic’ who is ‘too ashamed’ to be named, explaining that in the 1980s as a student at Oxford, she organised events – including the procuring of prostitutes – for the Bullingdon Club, of which Boris, Call Me Dave and Osborne were members. She has written about their excesses and truly dreadful conduct and maintains that the idea of Boris becoming PM fills her with dread.

        I do wish that the writer had identified herself. I too saw a few of that lot in action, but the Dangerous Sports Club rather than the Bullingdon; they were very similar and mates with each other. They were the people who suddenly found that they wanted to be in Bridgwater and at the Cottage Inn in Fiddington when the Gang were after me, as described in eg. ‘A Holy Fool Among A Feast Of Fools’.

        Boris and Cameron constantly bang on about being ashamed but haw haw we were young and foolish. Let’s get a few things straight. Many people now in Respectable Life under 60 took recreational chemicals at university a la Gove. No matter what elderly Tory Party members think, this doesn’t say a great deal about their honesty or integrity. It simply means they were young in the 1980s. Not many were actually addicted to anything because addiction tends to do such damage that it’ll stop you being a Cabinet Minister when you’re 50… Likewise many young people take the piss or have naïve or downright bad attitudes that they later move away from. They’re young and when you are older you forgive young people because it is about not having the experience of life needed.

        The Bullingdon and Dangerous Sports Clubs were in another league. Don’t underestimate how appalling these people were. They were not just high spirited youngsters who blew dope and slept around a bit. They were grossly exploitative, abusive people, some of whom were involved with serious criminality. Furthermore not all of them were young.

        David Kirke, the leader of the DSC, was in his 50s. He was a ne’er do well and a conman who cheated and fleeced other people, living in the best hotels but did a runner before payment after passing himself as an Oxford Professor. He was eventually jailed. That man sat at a dinner table with my father, knowing that my father loathed him, didn’t want him in the house and hated everything that Kirke stood for. Kirke didn’t give a stuff, he was ruthlessly manipulating other people. How he managed to impose himself on my father under those circumstances I can’t understand; I could never have behaved like it.

        They were not cheeky Oxford undergrads, they were OBNOXIOUS, absolutely obnoxious and they were there to harass my father and cultivate the company of other people less well disposed to me. I was present on some of those occasions; a room full of offensive, aggressive men, demanding and braying loudly who blanked me as I SAT IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE VISITING HIM.

        Now you just explain that Boris. They were personal friends of yours. The rest of the Tory Party who don’t know you might believe that you huffing and puffing away spouting Latin are suddenly going to come over all statesman-like once you become PM, but I remember 1987-994 and I know what you were like. It wasn’t the folly of youth, you and your mates were vile and intimidating.

        Who was that Canadian shite who constantly sized up young women and crudely discussed them, who gave out sweatshirts across Bridgwater to the plebs to impress on them all that Mr Rich and Generous had dropped in? He didn’t manage to say thank you for the dinner, but then neither did his six or seven mates, who rolled up, DEMANDED feeding and then complained about the grub! I’d have tipped it over your fucking heads for you ‘Boys’ (or in some cases 40 yr old men),but then I wasn’t as gullible as the people you were leeching off.

        Why was the death of Tommy Leigh-Pemberton, son of Robin, Guvnor of the Bank of England, never investigated? He was shot dead when he was pissing people off in Nairobi. It was hushed up. He died ‘in an accident’. Tommy Leigh-Pemberton was excessive with Class As, but he was excessive with everything. He was told that he was going to be shot if it didn’t stop but ooh Tommy won’t listen to a fuzzy wuzzy. So he was shot.

        By the way Boris, I have received details of very serious offences that your mates are alleged to have committed during their crazee days in Somerset. I haven’t put it all up on the blog because I’m not sure of the truth re all the allegations, but I know what I saw when I visited Somerset during those years and it was pretty appalling. The police were after more than a few of them and although Kirke eventually went to prison, I’d be interested to know why a few more of them didn’t.

        While the loud guffawing continued and the leeching off a man who was being shafted by people known to Ken Clark – it was my father who was footing the bill for the food that was being consumed but was nonetheless complained about – my friends were being found dead.

        I can understand the feelings of that anonymous Guardian commentator. No-one should be fooled by the awful Boris and his opening of every statement with ‘My friends…’ followed by a classical reference. I met Boris’s Friends and they were fucking dreadful.

        My friends, my friends, we’ve killed someone. Never mind, he’s only a Bulgarian student with no living relatives in this country so we’re not worried. Haw Haw Haw jolly good show, Boris will Step Up To The Plate when he’s PM…

        Don’t you believe it Tories, this lot are seriously nasty.

        1. What’s the betting that the female academic hasn’t identified herself because rather than feeling ashamed, she’s too bloody frightened to? After all, it is widely known what happened to a female academic from north Wales who refused to keep quiet about this lot.

          Haw Haw Haw Haw, Boris!! What will I remember about your Friends next??

          1. The DSC newsletter that contained the obit of Tommy Leigh-Pemberton. What a joke. An account of the short wasted life of this indulged twat who did nothing constructive at all but was memorably described as ‘brave as a bull’.

            Brave as a bull. So the silly fucker drove up and down outside a certain building in Nairobi in a fast car paid for by dad because he and his mates had been told that if they did it one more time, an anonymous person would fire from one of the windows and shoot him. Tommy being as Brave As A Bull, sped past again. That was the end of one really thick bull.

            Tommy liked cocaine as well. Not a la Gove, but Tommy really liked coke. Not having any meaningful employment to lose, Tommy could have been addicted but I’m not certain. But I do know that he was as Brave As A Bull.

            These were not 14 year old school boys. They were adult men, mostly in their 20s and 30s and Kirke was old enough to be a grandfather.

  5. Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw [fill in Latin bollocks here]…

    While adult aggressive louts crudely discussed girls and women whom they had spotted around Somerset when they were dropping in on the bumpkins and scoffed dinner while sitting next to a man who refused to speak to them because he hated them so much and ignored me, the police tried in vain to prosecute the bastards but got nowhere. However I was being dragged through the Courts repeatedly on the basis of perjury. Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw Boris.

    I have been told that one of those who was delighted to find this bunch of utter twats dropping in on them in Zummerzet was providing info to Tony Francis, Dafydd et al as to my insanity. Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw… It was used as Evidence in the discussions re how I really must be sent to a secure unit asap as well.

    My friends… my friends… these Europeans really are dreadful my friends…

    They were bloody invaluable to Dafydd and his pan-European trafficking ring.

    1. During those years when members of Boris’s circle spent their time at the Cottage Inn in Fiddington and at various venues in the Bridgwater area, there was another unfortunate death that I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet but I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently.

      A young man called Kevin who lived in the cottage next door to Brown’s mum. I can’t remember Kevin’s surname, but he shared his cottage with a girl whom I knew quite well from school. Her brother and his best mate were killed in a motorbike accident in Fiddington no less, weeks after we left school. I always thought that Kevin was rather nicer than the rest of the meatheads who cluttered up the Cottage Inn at the time, but after he died Brown’s mum told me about the horrific domestic violence to which he subjected his girlfriend. I had no idea, but Mrs Brown gave me enough details to suggest that it was indeed true. Mrs Brown told me that Kevin had one hell of a drink problem.

      Anyway, every time I saw Kevin he’d be chatty and cheerful. He was very Somerset as it were and was seriously impressed by the wankers from the Dangerous Sports Club. Kevin’s explanation for their dangerously irresponsible behaviour was that they were so posh and so clever that it had sent them insane. Which was certainly an interesting theory.

      Kevin might well have been a bit of a liability re those posh insane CRIMINAL people, because Kevin freely chatted about their extraordinary activities. Kevin probably didn’t understand how seriously criminal it was and how ‘Important’ their parents and other family members were. Kevin won’t have known what a Governor of the Bank of England was.

      Kevin was killed while Boris’s mates were colonising Somerset. Kevin was killed when he was hit by an ambulance zooming through North Petherton ‘answering a 999 call’. There was no sympathy for Kevin, the media discourse was entirely one of the NHS heroes who were Helping when this twat jumped in front of the ambulance, causing the ambulancemen no end of trauma, ooh they couldn’t have avoided him and now they’re off work with stress. It was agreed that no matter what Kevin’s own problems were, he should never have committed suicide in that way. There were not that many witnesses to this incident, although North Petherton is a big village with a huge road through the middle of it. As far as I remember, the only witnesses were the ambulancemen and I think one other person.

      I know how many ‘witnesses’ lied about me when ‘persuaded’ by people after the NHS and others found themselves in a very difficult position.

      Kevin from Stogursey really enjoyed himself re one aspect of the jollies with Boris’s circle. It was on the trips to sex clubs and prostitutes in London. I don’t think that Kevin had been to London before, but he accompanied the posh clever insane ones to Soho and other venues and Kevin could not believe what he saw and what they all got up to. Kevin was so impressed that he told people. He related some of it in front of me, let alone in front of people whom he knew well.

      I only found out last year that at about the time of Kevin’s death ‘there was a whole load of young blokes from Stogursey who killed themselves’. One of whom was Stephen Young. I didn’t know the others. I remembered Stephen Young. He had two sisters, one, Carol, a spiteful thick bully and the other Paula, who desperately wanted to get into the police but kept being rejected. After many years, Paula became a Community Support Officer.

      A lot of people at school didn’t like Paula, particularly if they had difficult backgrounds. She wasn’t a bullying bitch like Carol but Paula was very judgemental to kids who had been, essentially, abused. Paula couldn’t grasp the nuances of society and I used to think that if Paula ever did become a police officer she might be quite dangerous. If she was told by a corrupt officer or witness that someone was a wrong ‘un, Paula would never ever question it. I don’t think that Paula would ever feel able to challenge wrongdoing on the part of senior people either.

      Paula eventually became a PCSO in north Somerset, where police corruption was rampant and the bent coppers had links to Dafydd and DGE Wood. I don’t know why the police finally took Paula after years of refusing her, but it happened when the Gang were doing all that they could to have me banged up in a secure hospital.

      Paula knew some of what was happening to me because she was mates with the daughter of one of the villagers who knew about those posh clever insane people arriving en masse to intimidate my father. I was told that Paula’s mate Karen did really well out of knowing what was happening to me as well. Karen who’s husband was in the RAF. They emigrated to Australia and are having a whale of a time. Karen popped back to the UK when her dad died. Karen’s dad was a union rep for a farmworkers union. He worked for the Hills, the wealthy farmers at Fiddington who have featured in previous posts.

      The Hills who used to give a lift to the person who was hosting the posh clever insane people to Fiddington Church every Sunday. The Hills who’s fortunes also became so much better – although they were pretty good to start with – when I had such problems with the Gang. The Hills who ran Somerset County Cricket Club when Boris dropped into Somerset CCC and invitations were issued to people who knew me; the Hills who’s daughter was a midwife in Notts, who’s other son is some sort of social worker in Bridgy…

      There’s a pattern here. This lot were either found dead or encountered incredibly good fortune.

      People in Stogursey had an explanation for the unpleasant aspects of the Young offspring. Their mother. A total cow who intimidated the rest of the Stogursey and found that her boat had really come in when Paula joined the police. When the Young kids were at school, the family were friends with the young woman who later shared a cottage with the goatman who befriended me when I was 12. The goatman who was a spotter for Dafydd’s Gang… Paula was, like me, 12. She won’t have had any idea… But as an adult Paula might not have been the sort of person to withstand blackmail, bribery, threats etc.

      1. I’m thinking of more and more deaths that we all just thought were unfortunate tragedies at the time. When people were trying to kill Brown’s brother, two of Brown’s brothers’ good mates from Newcastle University died. In a climbing accident in the Andes. As with most climbing accidents there were no witnesses, just bodies found. They’d been roped together so both died.

        Brown’s brother had a circle of mates at Newcastle who were terrifically good fun and were very loyal to each other. I went up and stayed with them when I was working at Surrey. When unbeknown to me Ken Clarke and John Marks were using me in their battle and we were all under surveillance. Neither did we know that there was a big ring in Newcastle directly linked to Dafydd. We all got stoned and chatted about Bizarre Things In Our Lives. Brown’s brother’s mates knew some of what I had found out about Dafydd. Nearly all the crowd who were there that weekend encountered difficulties although they were all bright undergrads who began professional careers. Like the rest of us everyone just thought they’d had a run of bad luck. Most of them like Brown’s brother found that their ‘luck’ was just so bad that they emigrated.

        The two blokes who died in the Andes died at quite an early stage, before people’s lives just fell apart for no good reason.

        Because of the involvement of people like Charles Evans and John Hunt in the Gang, the Gang had a lot of contacts in the climbing world, contacts who took their mountaineering seriously and did the big hauls to the Himalayas and Andes…

        1. It’s onward and upward as ever for the Top Docs!! Another New Medicine has been discovered that will transform the lives of people with amyloidosis. Never heard of this condition? That’s because it is very uncommon. If the Top Docs really have found a Cure for amyloidosis, people with amyloidosis will be delighted. But there are not many of them… While the Top Docs crack out the champagne over this, there will still be millions of people who’s lives are seriously limited because they cannot get the basic social care that they need or are looking after other people who can’t get it.

          The Top Docs have now announced that the HPV vaccine will be available to teenaged boys as well as to girls. I don’t know why the Top Docs have announced this, I’m sure that it has already been announced. Anyway, it will Save Lives. Save even more Lives than it would have the last time that the Top Docs announced it.

          I’m glad that the cervical screening programme is still telling wimmin lies. My neighbour showed me her ‘invitation’ for a smear test yesterday. I noted that it simply told her that this test ‘reduces the chances of you developing cervical cancer’. That is untrue. Even if the programme were functioning properly, even if there were enough staff in the labs, even if there were not constant problems with false negatives and positives, even if as in Gwynedd there was not a risk of women being sexually assaulted during the ‘test’ the ‘test’ does not reduce anyone’s chance of getting cervical cancer. The idea is that if the test is carried out properly, it will detect pre-cancerous changes in cells and then treatment can be given. But because not all ‘pre-cancerous changes’ lead to cancer, even that bit of the rationale isn’t based on solid ground…

          I was entertained to read on my neighbour’s letter that she needed to contact her GP if she was pregnant, had had a hysterectomy or was transgender. Wouldn’t it be easier to tell patients that if they have had a full hysterectomy or are a man, they don’t have a cervix so they didn’t need this letter in the first place??? WHO is sending invitations to cervical smears out to people who do not have a cervix?? People’s medical records do contain such info.

          Good morning Sir, here for your smear are you?? Perhaps an invitation could be extended to Gwynedd Top Docs Tivey Jones and Simon Leeson, it was their patients who were being sexually assaulted. It wasn’t THEM assaulting the patients, it was junior docs working for them and this was so well known that I don’t believe that Tivey Jones and Leeson did not know what was happening. Particularly as the assaults were filmed undercover. In Ysbyty Gwynedd. At least two of the assaults were witnessed by Angels as well but no, no-one said a thing, although Angels were known to have to apologise to Tivey Jones’s patients who ended up in tears because they found their encounters with him so distressing.

          Ah, they’re wonderful, you can’t complain!

          Doesn’t the wording of the smear test invitation just exemplify NHS one size fits all fuckwittery and insensitivity? Transgender women (and men) have enough battles as it is, do they need an NHS that doesn’t understand that they don’t have a uterus?

          I note that BBC News Wales has announced that Wales’s first NHS gender identity clinic has opened in Cardiff. Which is a little odd because for years now, Dafydd’s mates Kenny Midence and Sadie Francis have advertised themselves as gender identity specialists. Has Wales managed to find some real Gender ID specialists as opposed to the friends of sex offenders?

          ‘Fire chiefs’ are threatening to ‘close hospitals’ because they are so decrepit and run down. The Guardian tells us that the NHS budget has been ‘raided’ repeatedly and Hospitals And The NHS have Suffered.

          I invite Guardian readers to conduct an experiment. Go into a variety of hospitals in the UK and have a good look at the areas of the building that are open to patients and then go for a wander through the part of the hospital that houses the Board Room and the Execs/managers offices. You will, in most hospitals, notice the difference immediately. The latter areas of the hospital will have carpets that are expensive and clean, there will be those bottles that dispense clean cold water into little plastic cups in the corridor, there will be several communal spaces of Board Room standard with crockery and hi tech equipment available if needed (and in north Wales, translation facilities), there will be good quality expensive chairs in every office. No expense will have been spared. You will not find a bog full of turds that hasn’t flushed for days, you will not find floors that have not been cleaned, you will not find those plastic coated uncomfortable chairs that guard against the incontinent. You will find excellent working conditions and the cars parked in the exec car park will not be Reliant Robins.

          This is not because patients are Bastards who crap in the bogs and block them with malice or who steal the nice furniture or carpets, it is because a different standard is applied, even during the planning, of space for patients and space for senior staff. This is honestly not just me being Deirde Spart, go and look for yourselves. It is extraordinary. Brown extended the analysis and pointed out that if one looks at the status and salary levels of people in the NHS (or indeed most people professions) the less that one has to do with the customers, the greater your status and salary. The most highly paid people in the NHS have the least to do with the patients. The poorly paid healthcare assistants are the people who interact with the patients. With medicine, the analysis is skewed a bit because of course senior highly paid consultants do still see patients, but it is still the junior docs who do most of the interacting…

          Polly Toynbee really must stop spreading the rumour that the NHS Loves People. Polly, it hates them, it loathes plebs, the NHS is the most brutal, status ridden hierarchy that one could ever encounter.

          At present the NHS Confederation is advertising for a Deputy Policy Director. £70k pa and £15k pa for your immediate expenses on top. The Chairman of the NHS Confederation is Stephen Dorrell who was John Major’s Health Secretary when the world was told that Denbigh had closed and Dafydd had retired when neither was true. The CEO is Niall Dickson, my old friend who used to be CEO of the GMC. I have dozens of e mails in my sent box to Niall, detailing the threats, assaults and harassment to which I was being subjected while he was CEO of the GMC. I didn’t even receive a reply to most of them. No investigation at any point.

          1. Now here’s something interesting. The practice manager of Bethesda Surgery where the Top Docs were facilitating so much crime, in the early 1990s became very seriously ill with depression and she ended up in Ysbyty Gwynedd. I’m not breaching confidence here, she was very open about it, people in Bethesda were concerned and sympathetic and those of us who were in hospital with her found her very friendly and approachable once she began to recover and could chat, sit with us etc. She was clobbered badly, she was very ill.

            She never breached confidence herself or said anything inappropriate although she knew that many of us were patients of Bethesda Surgery and she will have known how badly they had treated us. However I got the impression that Bethesda Surgery and the Top Docs didn’t do that lady any favours either.

            She was a middle aged, professional, very competent person. Whether her breakdown had anything to do with her job I don’t know but I do know that as she languished in hospital she received a visit from the senior partner of Bethesda Surgery, the notorious Dr ‘What to you expect me to do about it?’ Mithan. Mithan had arrived to sack her, or rather tell her that she had been ill for so long that it was no longer possible for them to keep her job open for her. She was very graceful about it and told Mithan that she ‘understood’.

            I didn’t understand. Why had she been admitted to Ysbyty Gwynedd, where she was an inpatient along with patients of her practice? Breach of confidence/privacy for everyone involved. She was ILL. She had been ill for a few months, but the Docs of Bethesda Surgery were the most highly paid people in Gwynedd. I am fairly sure that the Surgery could have sustained this lady’s bout of time off and paid for a stand-in while she recovered.

            She was ill for a long while I suspect for the same reason that the rest of us took so long to get on our feet again: the paucity of care. It was just so bad, even for that lady. She told me something very interesting. That none of the anti-depressants ‘worked’ on her so she was given ECT. A lot of it. So much that it wrecked her memory. That is a well-known side effect of ECT and it is why a lot of Docs won’t give it to a professional person. It usually means that they won’t be able to resume their career. When she chatted to me she used to apologise and get embarrassed and say that she was really sorry, she couldn’t remember the word, it was the ECT, it really had buggered her, although it had worked unlike the anti-depressants…

            I am someone who knows something about pharmacology, as did that lady. But until I finally received my full medical records even I had no idea how fast and loose Tony Francis et al played with the ‘medication’. What is revealed by those records is terrifying…

            And of course the records show that I was being lied to when I asked questions, including by Docs at Bethesda Surgery. I knew that prescribing practices were so dangerous that Patient F’s life was being put at risk and I knew that Bethesda Surgery were telling him not to listen to me because well I was just difficult and suspicious wasn’t I. I challenged Docs myself over some of the prescriptions for me because I could see that they were either just not necessary or had side effects that would cause me too much damage. So everyone just began lying.

            I walked out of one YG clinic – not a mental health clinic, another speciality – because I could see that the Doc really was clueless. I could have actually told him what tests etc he should now be ordering at this stage, but no, he wasn’t going to listen to me and he certainly didn’t know. I showed Brown the documentation later and Brown just said ‘Well, he really didn’t know what he was doing at all..’ I refused to return to the clinic and Brown and I explained to F that the doc was just fucking clueless, it really was a waste of time. Bethesda Surgery told F that it was all me again, ooh you know how impatient she is, she’s got a hot temper…

            They were lethal, absolutely lethal and the records now in my possession show that they were far more lethal than even I knew.

            When the anti-depressants Didn’t Work on the practice manager of Bethesda Surgery, the first police investigation into a possible paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire had begun. Witnesses were dropping like flies or going to prison. By the time that the Jillings Investigation began, the practice manager of Bethesda Surgery had lost her career and her memory. She’d retired from professional life. She had been treated by the Docs who were concealing the paedophile ring that didn’t exist.

            Even if that lady had have remembered anything and come forward as a witness, it would have been noted that not only had she been a Psychiatric Patient but she had, by her own admission, experienced such severe memory loss that you can’t be sure that you have remembered that correctly can you Mrs Former Practice Manager Of A Gang Of Sex Offenders? Who was in hospital with me, one of the key witnesses…

            The Practice Manager wasn’t a drug addict, a criminal, a pleb, a former kid in care, or a loathsome spotted reptile. She was a well known respected professional person who knew what the Top Docs were doing. By the time that the investigations into that ring began she was however not a credible witness. Like so many of the rest of us.

            Ah you can’t complain can you?

  6. Another lady who was in hospital with the practice manager and me was a mum from Holyhead. She was distraught and had experienced a nervous breakdown after her 13 year old daughter tried to kill herself. The lady felt dreadfully guilty because she hadn’t realised that her daughter was in such distress. Her daughter finally told her mum that she had tried to kill herself because she was being bullied at school. Because she was so ill, the daughter’s mother had been in YG for a long time. Ah bechod, care was arranged for her daughter!!!

    The ring was operating in Holyhead. The Social Services, who Cared for that lady’s daughter, facilitated the ring. As did Sadie Francis, who was that lady’s Top Doc.

    1. There was another person who was on our ward at the same time as the practice manager and the mother of the girl who tried to kill herself. A school teacher, who was really nasty and rude. I thought that she was yet someone else who just had a problem with me but then I noticed that she was nasty and rude to the practice manager as well. She just wouldn’t speak to the lady who’s daughter had tried to commit suicide, she walked out of the room.

      The rude teacher didn’t Not Get Better, Stay For Months and Have ECT. She made a remarkable recovery and was up and off after a couple of weeks.

      BTW re children trying to commit suicide. The Named Psych Angel at Ysbyty Gwynedd with responsibility for children’s welfare was Rea Stanley. I always found Rea very pleasant but she knew about the abduction of F’s baby and said nothing and Rea was one of the Angels who told me that I had to stop telling people that Dafydd was having sex with patients ‘because it’s not true’. Some two years before I left north Wales after guns etc, I bumped into Rea in Tescos in Bangor. She told me that she heard that I had finished a PhD and had written a couple of books and how good to was to see me so well after everything that happened. She then started crying and said that it was best not to talk about it all really and walked off.

      Dafydd was having sex with patients Rea. Other Docs recorded it on my medical records. Including Docs from Bethesda Surgery. According to the Docs who compiled my medical records, Gwynne and Francis were sexually exploiting patients as well.

      1. I’ve just remembered how it was that I ended up in hospital at the same time as the Practice Manager from Bethesda Surgery who had her memory obliterated and her career ended by the Top Docs. It was because after months of the Top Docs refusing to treat me after I’d come back to Rachub after leaving London – after St Helena’s mate Prof Nigel Eastman told me to go back to north Wales because Dafydd was my doctor, I would not be seen by any Doc in London – my neighbour in Rachub, who had been very supportive and friendly to me rang Bethesda Surgery and asked them to please come out, I was ill, being threatened by nasties and she couldn’t believe my claims that I was being refused NHS care.

        Amazingly enough someone turned up, the illustrious Dr Mithan no less. He knew my neighbours well, they were the only people in the village who would even agree to see him, everyone else had given up with him ages ago. Mithan turned up and was his usual robotic self, until I said, in front of my neighbours, that I had been refused all NHS treatment in London and north Wales. He looked at my neighbours who said ‘surely this isn’t true’ and of course Mithan was obliged to deny it, there were witnesses. Witnesses who were not plebs/criminals/addicts, witnesses well known in the locality, retired teachers who were friends with professional people.

        Mithan left the room, returned minutes later and announced that of course I had never been refused treatment, Ysbyty Gwynedd were offering a bad right now, please could I go in straight away. All this was said in front of my neighbours. So off I went. It was then that I had the meeting with Tony Francis previously discussed on the blog whereby he apologised for previous ‘misunderstandings’… My documentation shows that behind closed doors, nothing had changed but in Alun Davies’s words (Davies was the corrupt NHS manager), the Health Authority would appear to take a ‘caring attitude’ to me because then they would be more likely to secure a conviction against me the next time that they prosecuted me… So they obviously knew that there would be a next time…

        That was how I met the Practice Manager, she was already a patient when I arrived. Mithan turned up sometime afterwards and sacked her.

        I have mentioned that my neighbours were about the only people in the village who didn’t loathe Dr Mithan. They were agreeable co-operative people and they had known Mithan for years, because one of them had heart trouble. Like many well educated men who had heart trouble he made a point of doing all the right things if you have heart trouble. So he knew Mithan because Mithan seemed to be the GP who was the conduit between him and the consultant. His wife had learnt resus techniques because the Top Docs had told her that there was a danger of a heart attack. Mithan and the rest of the surgery knew that this couple were always polite, respectful, had never complained and had never called a Doc without very good reason.

        They also knew that I had lived next door to them for a time and had been friendly with them.

        Just after I finished my PhD when the Gang were gunning for me, my PhD supervisor and Merfyn the VC, my former neighbour died. He had had a heart attack and his wife had rung Bethesda Surgery. The doc on call had flatly refused to come out. My neighbour called an ambulance instead and by the time that it arrived her husband was in a very bad way. He was taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd, transferred to Manchester and died 12 days later without regaining consciousness. The villagers of Rachub were of the opinion that Dr Heinersdorff killed Ron. Heinersdorff lived a 10 minute walk up the lane from Ron’s house, in Rachub. She was on call. She simply refused to go out to see Ron. She had been living in the village and working in Bethesda years.

        Heinersdorff was one of those who was involved in the abduction of F’s baby. She was friends with Lil, Jeff Crowther’s wife. Jeff was the Nursing Officer at Ysbyty Gwynedd and Lil was a psych nurse who did a PhD in the Psychology Dept of UCNW, then stayed on as a lecturer. When Dafydd ruled that Dept. Lil shared an office with Dafydd’s daughter. Lil died at the beginning of the Waterhouse Inquiry. In Ysbyty Gwynedd, after complaining of a severe headache and collapsing. She died in YG later that night. By then, Jeff was working as an Angel in Dafydd’s drugs team.

        Heinersdorff was one of the Docs who wrote on my medical records that my complaints about Dafydd ‘are not delusional’.

        Other interesting Interesting Facts about Ron:

        Ron knew many Gwerin. He had learnt Welsh to a very, very high standard and used to go to Welsh literary discussion groups etc. Ron was a botany graduate and knew Prof Greig Smith who ruled the Plant Biology Dept at UCNW for years. Ron had been one of Greig Smith’s students back in the 1950s at Manchester University. Greig Smith had been mates when he was at Cambridge with Douglas Hurd’s Uncle, the botanist Edred Henry Corner. Greig Smith was mates/colleagues with DGE Woods wife and many other members of the Gang. He knew Gwynne. Greig Smith’s son was a Top Doc in Liverpool.

        Ron and his wife also knew the psychologists at Bangor University, because they used to volunteer for experiments and trials there. Like me, they noticed that the psychology students weren’t being mentored properly, that Fergus Lowe was encouraging them to lie to participants, cut corners with the experiments etc. Then Fergus’s colleague Oliver Turnbull asked Ron’s wife if he could buy a painting off her (she is an artist who’s works sell internationally) but for thousands less than the asking price. She said no, she wanted the full price. Turnbull asked her if she had another buyer. She said no. He repeated his request to buy the work for far less than the asking price. She said no. She was later told that Oliver Turnbull had told a number of people that he knew that she had very little money and that was why she and her husband volunteered for the trials in the Psychology Dept and he would wait until they were so poor and so desperate that she would sell him the painting for peanuts. My former neighbour got to hear about this and told me that she would be having no more to do with the Psychology Dept or Prof Turnbull.

        Ron and his wife had lived near Manchester before they moved to Bethesda. They had both been teachers and had done all sorts of interesting things. They campaigned for prisoners on death row in Jamaica – who’s stay of execution depends upon the Privy Council – and through that work they knew the Radical Lawyer Lord Gifford. Ron and his wife discovered that local people had been told that they campaigned on behalf of paedophiles…

        Ron’s wife hit the jackpot when Harold Shipman was arrested. She had known him when they lived in Manchester. He had been her mother’s GP and had even done her mother’s shopping. She used to enjoy saying to me ‘Do you know, I’ve been in Harold Shipman’s car?’. There was a great deal of comment about that terrible woman who joked about Harold Shipman and Campaigned For Paedophiles.

        She was every bit as bad as me, no wonder the Top Docs killed her husband.

        1. The Practice Manager will have had the gen on something that happened before I arrived in Bethesda. The circumstances under which Dr Nickson Went To Egypt.

          Dr Paul Nickson of Bethesda Surgery had fallen out with many in Bethesda. The pecking order in the surgery was: Mithan – the worst. Nickson – not good but not quite as bad as Mithan. Gareth Jones – better than Nickson and Mithan. Nicky Heinersdorff – the best of a very bad bunch.

          It was openly discussed in Bethesda that Nickson Had Killed That Bloke A Few Years Ago. A man had been taken ill, his wife rang Bethesda Surgery. With typical bad grace, no-one would help. So the man’s wife rang an ambulance. Nickson then arrived at the house, having been told that an ambulance had been called. He gave the wife a bollocking and cancelled the ambulance and left the house. The man died shortly afterwards.

          I was told that a complaint was made to the GMC and that Nickson went to Egypt on an extended holiday, but returned to his job in Bethesda Surgery.

          It’s a damn good job that Practice Manager had all that ECT.

          In terms of inappropriate relationships and conflicts of interest:

          Jeff Crowther’s wife Lil was mates with Dr H. Dr H. played a major role in the abduction of F’s baby. Jeff was mates with the family of abusers who made fallacious allegations about F and hijacked his baby. Jeff was mates with them and was then appointed as F’s keyworker AFTER yet more fallacious allegations had been made about F which resulted in him being arrested, although he was subsequently acquitted. Dr Nickson was also mates with the family who lied about F, hijacked his baby and were then demonstrated to have abused children themselves. Dr Nickson admitted in front of me that he knew that two members of the family had a history of abusing children. Meanwhile Gareth Jones, the other Bethesda GP, told F that he’d lost his baby, now just forget about it.

          None of this was a secret. the whole of Bethesda knew how bloody dreadful those Doctors were, how they had very inappropriate relationships with certain people and how this was resulting in gross inequality let alone breaches of confidence and miscarriages of justice.

          Oh yes and F went to a party once where Dr Nickson got completely bladdered and told F that he hated his job, he hated his patients and he wished that he could just give it all up.

          Oh just put an end to this outrageous scam, the GMC knew, the MDU knew, the BMA knew and the interests of those venal bastards was prioritised above the welfare of the people of Bethesda every single time.

          Perhaps someone would like to interview Dr Oliver who spent a year working at Bethesda Surgery and then went to Australia. Goodness knows what he thought of some of what he witnessed. Mind you, it probably just means that they’ve got someone in Oz who’ll lie through his teeth for them because I doubt that Dr Oliver would ever want to admit that he didn’t blow the whistle on this lot.

          1. Leading story on the Today programme is that of overseas patients – Health Tourists!! – being charged by the NHS and the plight of those who cannot pay. One anecdote concerned a lady who had a C-section – Malcolm Pearce told me not to use the expression C-section in 1990, he said it was ‘horribly American’ – the baby was dead by the time he/she was delivered anyway and because she couldn’t pay the £10k bill, the hospital wouldn’t do the bit where they dress the dead baby, put it in a basket, provide a photo etc. If I had been that lady I might have been tempted to ask why they wanted £10k when they hadn’t saved the baby anyway. Surely a rebate or a price cut would have been in order?

            As for the bit where the baby is dressed up and left with the parents etc, a Doc on the Today programme has just stressed that is important for Grieving. Indeed, they always did that bit at St George’s. One day I heard Richard Penketh, the relentless sexual harasser, telling the midwives that a particular couple needed to cuddle the baby’s body before they left the ward. The midwives were onto it, but matters had been delayed because one of the midwives was playing with the baby’s body in the sluice, putting the babies’ legs in obscene poses etc. It was OK though, after she’d had a good laugh, she dressed the baby up and did the sympathetic expressions and gave the baby to the mother to Grieve. Not all the midwives carried on like this, some were really nice. They didn’t dare challenge things that were so obviously not right, they knew there’d be no point…

            My friend who’s baby was killed by Robert Fox’s team in Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton was photographed with the baby. She sent me a copy of the photo. It was stolen and sold to Rupert Murdoch along with other documents, because someone knew who the baby’s mum was and why the baby had died. Ah well at least being harassed by Michael Grade and Samuel Brittan, then unlawfully sacked by the Royal Television Society gave my friend some idea of what she would be in for after she wanted to make a TV documentary about north Wales. She stuck by me even after all that, so presumably that dead baby was supposed to give her cause to think again.

            There’s a Crisis re the police. They have held their hands up and told the Home Office Minister responsible that they simply cannot do their jobs. The job is so big that it is beyond them. Every police force in the UK for years now has been frank that the biggest ‘drain’ on resources is them looking after people with mental health problems when the NHS has refused to. I have discussed very rotten police on this blog, but I have also mentioned that not all of them were rotten, all Empowered Service Users in north Wales, by 2000, were of the opinion that most police were more helpful than most mental health staff.

            The Police Federation were warning 15 yrs ago that NHS Docs were simply refusing to treat patients and the police couldn’t understand why they were allowed to do this even when the patient was found dead hours later. There was a speech made at one Police Fed meeting at which it was stressed that if the police did this, they would be sued and that if a mentally ill person dies in police care, there is an investigation, but not if they die in NHS care or after being refused care.

            Police, I know. The Top Docs get away with murder. Some police do as well, but they really do not get away with what Top Docs do. If the police cover up a murder in police custody, they do at least have to endure a cross-examination when they lie in Court. Top Docs don’t. They lie, they unlawfully refuse to treat, the forge documents, they perjure and they are never ever questioned. Everyone knows why. Its because the BMA will call a strike and no PM will risk mass patient deaths while BMA leaders wring their hands on TV blaming the PM for The Cuts.

            People are dying in great numbers anyway because the NHS doesn’t work anymore. The BMA have suffered so much as a result of this blog that they haven’t broken cover this time. So instead we’ve had two rich, powerful, Top Doc friends of Dafydd and Gwynne’s circle who are in the Lords banging on about having been killed in the 1915 Armenian massacre/the Holocaust and how they are now broken hearted at the anti-Semitism all around them.

            Spoilt Bastards. Put their mates on trial, there is no shortage of evidence.

            As for Little Nell who has joined the party, can she explain why in her capacity as MP for Barking she said nothing about that lethal hospital in her constituency which was killing mothers and babies? While that was happening I heard Little Nell on Any Questions screaming about ‘My NHS’ and how people were running it down. It was killing your constituents Little Nell and you knew it.

            Re the Home Office Minister for policing. It is Nick Hurd. Douglas’s son. Douglas who was responsible for the attempt to frame and imprison me in 1987. Douglas who’s uncle was mates with Prof Greig-Smith at Bangor University.

            Just tell your dad to send me my cheque Nick. No need to worry about an apology, the money will do nicely. People In N Ireland might want a few questions answered as well, your dad did some pretty disgusting things when he was NI Secretary…

  7. The snatches of news that I’m hearing are maintaining that Boris is a dead cert to win the Tory leadership and be the next PM. He’s coming under fire for not supporting this diplomat who is at the centre of a row re comments about Trump.

    The diplomat should have been mates with Boris’s wider circle from the Dangerous Sports Club, there’d have been no worries about a huge public row re rude e mails then; as mentioned previously the DSC crowd got away with a great deal more than that, as did those in Somerset once they made friends with those in the DSC.

    Someone asked me yesterday if I Knew About That Skull that was stolen from a grave in Somerset. Indeed I did. I saw the skull. They had a name for it didn’t they, the name of a man who’s grave had been dug up and robbed but I can’t remember what the name was. I can’t remember which church yard either, it wasn’t Stogursey, I think it was over near Stolford or Lilstock. Those concerned went out at night, literally dug up a grave, removed the skull and for a very long time it remained in the house of one of those who was mates with the DSC. They really just could not understand what they had done. For my father it was the last straw. God he went apeshit. Never mind, that was just more evidence of what a difficult old bugger he was, of course David Kirke would continue to drop in and simply ignore the fact that father hated him, wouldn’t speak to him and just wanted him to fuck off.

    A few other people were by then saying ‘Why are that lot NEVER arrested?? Just look what they are doing, everyone knows what’s going on’.

    Not only were they never arrested for desecrating a grave or indeed for anything else but the TV appearances continued. The man who dug up the skull featured on that programme that John Peel used to run on Radio 4, ‘Home Truths’ or something, a series in which Peel went out and about meeting eccentric people but who in true Radio 4 way lived with their Own Special Brand Of Happiness. This is a man who with his charming wife and children lives an offbeat life in the Quantocks on their farm! The domestic violence meted out towards the previous girlfriend didn’t get a mention or indeed the violence endured by the first wife, a girl with whom I went to school and that skull was certainly never mentioned, although it was probably still in the house somewhere.

    I had no idea that Peel had Dafydd-connections at the time, I just thought ‘God its another gullible media person again swallowing the ‘one helluva guy’ line’. I did wonder where the man who dug up the skull acquired all the money from though. I had known him for years and although he did work, he worked as a farm labourer or builder on low wages. When I first knew him he lived in a caravan on the farm of the farmer who employed him. His wife’s father footed the bill for his first wedding because he certainly couldn’t. He led a sort of itinerant life for years, spent a year travelling around Africa, returned to Somerset and not long after he and his mates bumped into the DSC, he was purchasing land in the Quantocks and building a sizeable house for himself and by then his next wife and kids near Stolford.

    Then John Peel got to hear all about him!

    Not long after, his sister made allegations that as kids their own parents had been involved in an abuse ring and they had suffered terribly as a result. She had responded to the Talk About It ads and PR that saturated the UK in the wake of Esther discovering child abuse and began going for Counselling in Bridgwater. By then the Gang were trying to have me sent to Broadmoor to live with Jimmy Savile and when I heard about the Help that skull man’s sister was accessing I just thought ‘Christ I wouldn’t go near the bastards after what I know now’, but I didn’t know her well enough to make contact and warn her. I have been told that the Gang didn’t miss a trick, the jungle drums were working overtime, they knew that her brother knew Boris’s crew, that her brother knew me etc.

    The girlfriend with whom skull man travelled around Africa had rather more about her than most of the girls and women whom that lot ruthlessly exploited and I always wondered why she was anywhere near them; she had a mind of her own and opinions.

    She paid quite a high price for that, she got bawled at a lot, told that she was a silly cow, a stupid bitch and to fucking well shut up. On one occasion I dared suggest that she had a point after she had been shouted down when she raised questions about a sexploitation situation. One of skull man’s mates yelled at me that ‘there’s big money involved’ and no-one was going to listen to a stupid bitch like me. I’m sure that Jeffrey Epstein agreed.

    Great japes Boris!! That lot of ageing misogynists must be delighted that a pal of their old mates is about to become PM. I wonder if the skull that was stolen from the grave that was desecrated is still in that man’s bedroom? Didn’t he put a candle inside and use it as a lamp or something?

    Someone who knew a lot more about the activities of this lot was Brown’s mum. She wouldn’t tell me everything that she knew because of the involvement of a relative of mine and although I used to reassure her that I knew that he couldn’t be defended and I wasn’t going to try, she still did the polite and sensitive bit and didn’t tell me the worst. For their part, skull man and his mates spat poison about Mrs Brown and the old cow’s narrow minded ways. No sense of humour at all, just like my father. After Mrs Brown was found suddenly and unexpectedly dead she was cremated, so at least no-one’s been able to dig up her grave and remove her skull my friends. I’m sure that Boris knows the latin for ‘Can’t the old bastards just stop moaning as we flagrantly break the law, abuse other people, kill Bulgarians and are never ever held to account’. BTW here comes yet another camera crew…

    At least one solicitor in Bridgwater knew much of what this lot were up to; she was having sex with one of them. He was younger and better looking than the others but his attitudes were just as bad. After having a nice chat with me about politics and evolution, someone switched on the TV and Coronation Street was on. Did this young man continue the chat with a socio-cultural analysis of the dross that was Coronation Street? Er no. He made one comment about the actress that played an Asian shopkeeper; ‘She must be the fucking ugliest Asian woman in the world’. But then his two mates a few years previously used to shout ‘Abbo’ when Moira Stuart came on to read the news. Being Ignorant I had no idea what this was about; it was explained to me that it was Caveman for ‘Aborigine’.

    I have no idea what the Bridgwater solicitor found in the company of the man who believed that the ugliest Asian woman in the world starred in Coronation Street in the 1990s, but after they fell out, he told a number of people that she had ‘just used me for sex’. As if that wasn’t ironic enough, it was also alleged that she had been paying him for the sex. Such an arrangement is between them and not anyone else’s concern, but because they were all such scumbags, it is highly likely that her practice as a solicitor was compromised by her relationship with that bloke and his mates.

    1. Just checked. The Home Truth’s episode was broadcast on 3 May 2003. I’d just begun my PhD and was on bail awaiting trial for ‘threatening to kill Alun Davies’ after eight NHS staff and a police officer perjured themselves. The Bulgarian man had been killed in Nov 2002 but the case didn’t come to Bristol Crown Court until the summer of 2004. The death had received a lot of media coverage and someone at the BBC will have known of the longstanding friendship between the star of that episode of Home Truths and the man who would later stand trial for manslaughter.

      Brown commented yesterday that although there was much anger and puzzlement as to Justice Heather Hallett stopping the trial at Bristol, the Health and Safety Executive behaved in an inexplicable way as well. They knew how dangerous the stunt was that led to the death of the Bulgarian student, they knew that there had been two previous serious injuries and they had a series of meetings with the man who later stood trial for manslaughter. From what I saw, they were referring to him as an expert and telling him that because he was the first person to build and use the machine that led to the death, they would rely on his expertise. I saw the carefully collected ‘documentation’ that was presented to HSE. I couldn’t understand why HSE were missing a major factor here: it was dangerous and everyone involved was a reckless idiot who had a track record of not giving a damn when they had harmed someone.

      Brown observed that if a new ride at Alton Towers kills someone, HSE aren’t usually quite so understanding.

      1. It’s OK criminal justice system, you don’t need to thank me for putting all this together on the blog, info that you were well aware of but didn’t publicise yourself. Don’t worry about the apologies either or the admission that you’ve Failed.

        A large compensation cheque will do nicely. Clinical negligence, harassment, misconduct in public office, wrongful arrest, perjury, malicious prosecution, I’m sure that you get the picture…

        I am being asked once more to tell the world all about those not very nice teachers in Bridgwater. Nah, can’t be bothered. How about just putting Judge Huw Daniel on trial and of course Dame Heather?

        1. Charlie Falconer was Lord Chancellor at the time of my trial and the trial of the man who killed the Bulgarian student. Charlie was appointed Lord Chancellor some five weeks after the Home Truth’s PR broadcast.

          Charlie’s at the centre of this anti-Semitism row in the Labour Party. Charlie’s Shocked and Disgusted and maintains that the problems leads straight to Jezza’s office. No Charlie, this particular problem leads straight to the door of little Nell.

          Yesterday I had a chat with Brown re Little Nell’s heartbreak and he too commented that he did not imagine that Little Nell was behind the locks and security cameras in her house crying over jokes about big noses. I said that Little Nell probably lives in a Gated Community. Brown reckons that Little Nell will have a gate all of her own, although she probably has a pied de terre in London as well.

          Charlie et al have praised the Bravery of people who broke NDAs and Spoke Out on Panorama last night. Charlie, I haven’t yet posted up everything that I could on this blog, so if you or anyone else wants to offer me lots of dosh in return for signing an NDA, I too will take the dosh and then Open My Heart Bravely. It’ll be a win-win for me, sounds great. I haven’t ever shagged Sir Philip Green, but I have had quite a lot of adventures and I’ve witnessed many more. More importantly I’m in possession of 10,000 highly incriminating documents.

          1. Some months ago when we were reminiscing about the Good Old Days when we still lived in Somerset, Brown said ‘God we did grow up surrounded by trailer trash didn’t we’. Yes we did, it was before Somerset became gentrified. Not everyone was trailer trash, we knew some very nice people as well, but we were particularly exercised by the trailer trash because we were aware that they were the people who had said the most poisonous things about us when the Gang came after us.

            Much more recently, I have been told that it was the views/comments/opinions of the trailer trash which the Gang relied upon to compile their reports of my Extreme Dangerousness, my Insanity, my Risk to children etc. It was the accounts given by the trailer trash that were behind abusers employed in Care Contexts screaming at me that they ‘know what you’re like, we’ve heard all about it from the people who really know you’.

            Well if the Top Docs, Angels and others would like to tell the world now why they prioritised the word of people who dug up dead bodies from church yards and stole the skulls, who were jailed for fraud, who stood trial for manslaughter, who kept immigrants in slave like conditions in tin sheds and worked them until they dropped, who violently assaulted other people and who had sex with school girls – I know that one of those girls was 12 when her ‘partner’ was 30 – I’m sure that everybody who wondered why I and my immediate friends had such difficult lives would like to hear it.

            It isn’t about ‘baggage’, it isn’t about ‘problems’, or intractable mental illness, it was about very, very serious crime, revolving around an international trafficking ring, that spanned the whole of the UK and involved people who wanted to keep Top Docs and politicians out of prison. The security services knew, the police knew and they knew right back when Brown and I were at school and no-one did anything to stop it.

            Pray don’t go all silent on me now NHS and Gwerin. You have had SO MUCH to say for so many years. One of them dug up a dead body and kept the skull as an ornament. That is the sort of person who’s word you relied upon when you all scurried around discussing the importance of Removing Me From Teaching.

            I’d have thought that a few years of dining at High Table at Trinity College Cambridge would have provided a foundation for not taking the word of grave robbers as gospel but clearly not. But then I would never have thought that a Gang of Top Docs would ensure that the wife of a VC didn’t survive because her husband had given me a PhD place and then a job. No worries, it can all as ever be blamed on Merfyn, the Philanderer, the Drunken Groper and of course the daddy of them all, Graham Day.

            Ah well you were right Gwerin, I certainly was trouble….

            How’s Miranda? Surely it is time for him to intervene in the anti-Semitism row in the Labour Party?

            Anyone for a lamp made from the skull of a man who’re relatives were probably still alive, accompanied by a statement re She’s Always Been Mad You Know, Even At School and OOOH that Brown…

            I wonder where all this will end up? Who knows…

  8. As I keep stressing, don’t worry about the apologies or the admissions that you have Failed.

    The cheque will do nicely. Really big one please! I have waited over 35 years for a degree of honesty and fair play, but no, once I’d met the Royal Lobotomist that just was not going to happen.

    The dear old NHS must have made history now. The word of a bunch of plebs who dug up a body and kept the skull was taken as solid evidence of the need to send me to a high security psych hospital. Christ Almighty. I suppose there is an historical precedent though: it was the Top Docs who traditionally paid grave robbers, the grave robbers didn’t want the corpses, the Top Docs wanted them to use for anatomy demonstrations etc. If poor old Peel wasn’t dead himself, he could make a Radio 4 light entertainment programme about it all.

    I do hope that Peel is buried very deeply, I’d hate his skull to be sitting in someone’s house along with a bunch of cavemen who are screaming Abbo every time that a black person appears on TV and rating the extreme ugliness of the Asian women who appear in TV soap operas.

    Ah the doctors they were just wonderful really, you can’t complain can you! Well Brown and I did and look what happened. The Skulls and Bridgy contingent even bagged good quality care from the NHS for a virulent STD that one of them sent around the area at one point. All partners traced, everyone treated with brave jollity by friendly Top Docs. Although one of the girls whom they had sexually exploited ended up infertile as a result, WHOOPS…

    I’m not suggesting that it should have been any different for any variety of patient, but I can only imagine the fun that those lovely Top Docs in north Wales would have had if ever I’d walked through the doors with a dose of clap. The test results would no doubt have been sent to all of my neighbours, my employers and indeed probably everyone who had ever bumped into me in the street during my entire life. Then discussed by DGE Wood and his mates in public at every opportunity. Dafydd would have loaded himself up with pro-active penicillin and been knocking at my door demanding a free shag or He’d Tell Even More People.

    1. I do apologise; I have unfairly sleighted Trinity College Cambridge; they are not the only grandiose institution to take the word of grave robbers. Jesus College Oxford did as well.

      Sorry Trinity!!

      Anyone for a No Nonsense Judge who graduated from Jesus College, as did his dad before him??

      As Michael Caine once said ‘If there’s one fing worse than a murderer is a dirty rotten grass’.

      I’ve never seen Alfie or indeed anything else featuring Michael Caine, although I do remember the Spitting Image sketch in which Michael Caine and other True Cockneys all sang ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of swimming pools’. I was always a big fan of Spielberg’s Carrie though and I seriously enraged Martin Jones the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust once by imitating the mad mother on Carrie and saying ‘They’re all gonna laugh at you Martin’ after Martin had done something particularly bonkers which had blown up in his face. They’re all gonna laugh at Huw if he continues pompousing about in his customary manner. ‘There’s the No Nonsense Judge who relies upon the testimony of grave robbers’.

      1. It was of course a particularly grand alumnus of Trinity College Cambridge who presided over the institution who employed some of the people who collected evidence from grave robbers, modern slave masters, people who stood trial for manslaughter, people who had sex with 12 year old girls etc to demonstrate my insanity and propensity for Lying To Get Compensation: Carlo. Chancellor of Bangor University.

        Don’t bother to set up yet another charidee for young people, or women in business, or to promote mental health Carlo. A cheque will do nicely. There just is no excuse is there and I think that even your minions the Top Docs must have exhausted their resources by now. My e mail address is on the blog or you’re welcome to leave a comment here. You name a suitable figure for appropriate compensation. It’ll be a biggie Carlo!!! Heather Mills was quoted in the media as saying that the dosh that the Digger handed over to Heather was one of the biggest libel settlements in legal history. I bet even the Digger didn’t use the evidence of a gang of grave robbers as the basis of the libellous allegations against Heather.

        Time to call it a day Ma’am! The UK Peacock Throne has been well and truly splattered! A nice send off for Phil the Greek, he hasn’t got much time left and there were always those rumours that he was one of those who…. I don’t need to spell it out. Just have a look at the dates. 1952. The security services gave their full backing to the training of a dangerous man who would do anything at all for money to take over the baton from Gwynne the Royal Lobotomist. Ooh a man who’s a local, Welsh speaker, not posh and upper class. They got him through a medicine degree although he was utterly incompetent, sent him to the Maudsley to network with the big boys in London, he had contacts with the IRA/Kincora and he knew all the Plaid hopefuls. Qualified and in place in 1957! Ready to Serve Bertrand Russell and other Very Special Customers who liked having sex with children and people who didn’t want to have sex with them and thus had to be silenced.

        As usual, things are worse than I thought. I presumed that Dafydd had found out about it all, wanted to go to med school and blackmailed everyone. No, Brown explained what really happened: the security services needed to train up Gwynne’s successor, a dangerous idiot with absolutely no sense of morality at all was needed. Dafydd was identified as being the Man For The Job! The year that Dafydd went to med school, the Gang’s accomplice Lord Kilmuir assumed responsibility for MI5. Then Lord Maelor and Geraint Morgan QC were in place as MPs. Rock solid. Abductions, lobotomies and even the murders of witnesses. No questions would ever be asked.

        God Save Phil the Greek!!! The ‘ladies man’ who caught Lilibet’s eye when he was a Handsome Young Naval Officer.

        Yeh, I think I can translate…

        On her Maj’s very sordid service. Dafydd and Gwynne.

  9. Another solicitor knew a great deal about the people who dug up a dead body, had sex with girls of 12, hung out with the Dangerous Sports Club etc. Sarah Kerswell, although I don’t know if she still uses that name. One of Sarah’s family had a relationship with one of the cavemen, she was involved with him for years; the world looked on and just thought ‘Que???’ Sarah’s parents hated him, they were very, very concerned about it. Sarah only became a solicitor when she was slightly older; she went to the same school that I did but she was younger than me. She later did an OU degree and I think she did her articles in a firm in Bridgy. Suddenly Sarah was a solicitor and according to legend soon a wealthy one.

    Well Sarah knew that the police would do nothing at all about the cavemen and she knew a great deal about their criminality. A great deal. Sarah’s parents moved in polite society in Somerset, they weren’t daft, they too will have realised that people in high places were concealing serious crime.

    The family member of Sarah’s who was a witness to so much serious crime knew me and knew some of what was happening to me in north Wales. I was told that she did finally escape from the cavemen. Brown always wondered whether she was being coerced by them in some way. She wasn’t anything like them, she was sane and the last person on earth whom one would have imagined would have given them the time of day.

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