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After hearing Paddy Ashdown on Radio 4 stating his interest in forming a new centre party – obviously the one that Paddy himself led between 1988-99 hasn’t done what Paddy hoped that it would – I quipped on this blog that surely Dr Death would soon appear as he always does in times of political crisis. So I was entertained when only days later Radio 4 did indeed broadcast an interview with Dr Death, although I presume that the programme must have been recorded some while before the present outburst of in-fighting on the part of all the main UK parties. Nonetheless it was good to hear that Dr Death is still alive and kicking and available for BBC interviews to explain how he played a crucial part in Britain’s history, saved the Labour Party from destruction and revived social democracy. Most people I know believe that Dr Death merely wreaked havoc and achieved nothing but ensuring that Thatcher won successive General Elections.

Dr Death appeared on Radio 4’s programme ‘The Reunion’ on Sunday morning and what a trip down memory lane it was. The Reunion in question was a reunion of the movers and shakers behind the launch of the SDP in 1981. Obviously the whole Gang of Four couldn’t appear because Woy is dead, but we were treated to much archive sound track of Woy at his best lest we had forgotten Woy’s stellar performances after a few bottles of the best claret. Dr Death, Shirl and Bill Rodgers were there in person. The programme made me aware of two other people who played key roles in the SDP who had gone under my radar, Mike Thomas and Dick Newby.

I have blogged about Dr Death, Shirl and Woy but have paid less attention to Bill Rodgers, as he never quite hit my consciousness in the way that Dr Death, Shirl and Woy did. The other members of the Gang of Four elbowed Bill Rodgers out of the Gang but they never explained what Bill did to be jettisoned from the brave new world of social democracy. Bill admitted on ‘The Reunion’ that for many years the relationship between Bill and Dr Death were so bad that when they bumped into each other the exchanges did not go beyond ‘Hello Bill’ and Hello David’. Bill might like to take a leaf out of my own book when people who have colluded with a trafficking ring try and exchange pleasantries after one has found out what they’ve been up to – ‘Fuck off, I don’t want to know’ conveys one’s feeling far better than ‘Hello David’.


On Radio 4, the Gang of Three reminisced about the time that they were at the centre of the universe and how at that meeting at Dr Death’s house in Limehouse on 25 Jan 1981, Dr Death’s residence was besieged by journalists for hours and Shirl realised that she ‘had nothing to wear’, presumably having popped over to Dr Death’s place in her bra and knickers, so Dr Death’s wife Debbie the American millionairess lent Shirl a little something to enable Shirl to appear in front of the cameras. The Gang of Three maintained that they were completely taken by surprise when the media laid siege to Dr Death’s house and it was then that the Gang of Four realised that they had been handed the remit of saving the nation. The media scrum in Limehouse may have been something to do with Dr Death et al summoning them all there. Why the media hung around outside for hours while Dr Death kept everyone waiting I cannot understand, it wasn’t as if they were Dr Death’s former patients in the out-patients at Tommy’s waiting for the great man himself to condescend to turn up to hold the clinic, but they did indeed wait until those who broke the mould of politics appeared and made history.

The declaration was launched on a small bridge in Narrow Street, Limehouse. Organisation ‘was very last minute with Matthew Oakshott being sent to make photocopies of the statement at the Savoy Hotel, ‘it having the closest available photocopier’. Where no doubt Woy et al all later enjoyed a good meal, after Oakshott had done the photocopying for them. If I was breaking the mould of politics and saving the country from the clutches of The Far Left and Michael Foot, I suspect that I might have done my photocopying the night before, but then I wouldn’t have known that photocopying facilities were available at the Savoy.


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  • Here’s Shirl, looking glam after borrowing Debbie Owen’s glad rags:


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One week later, on 5 February 1981, an advertisement was published in ‘The Guardian’ under the name of the Council for Social Democracy announcing that the Gang Of Four had received 8,000 individual messages of support. The advertisement listed one hundred of their names, which included thirteen former Labour MPs, four of whom had been Cabinet ministers including Lord George-Brown, former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. George Brown was known for being so perpetually bladdered that, when in a previous time George Brown and Harold Wilson were considered to be the two obvious candidates to lead the Labour Party, Tony Crosland observed that the choice was ‘between a crook and a drunk’. The crook won the battle.


In ‘The Reunion’, the Gang of Three demonstrated that as ever their perception of their activities differed from that of most of the rest of the planet, although they did all remember how much they were loathed by people ‘on the hard left’, which just went to show how much the Gang of Four were needed. Many other people remember something rather different, including ‘Private Eye’ being able to mine a rich seam of satire for years as a result of the handiwork of the Gang of Four. On Radio 4 Dr Death made reference to the subsequently created Alliance between the SDP and the Liberal Party as being ‘a partnership of principle’. The Eye ran a cartoon entitled ‘Forbidden Alliance’ for quite some time, the theme being Doc n Dave and Shirl competing in the disco dancing championships. When the Alliance received their thrashing at the polls, ‘Forbidden Alliance’ featured Shirl collapsed on the dance floor with the Alliance claiming ‘a moral victory’. Which is pretty much what Shirl said on Radio 4 on Sunday.

After the Partnership of Principle ended up with everyone at each others throats, the SDP and the Liberals merged to form the Lib Dems. Except that Dr Death refused to join in and carried on flying the flag for the Continuing SDP with a few die-hards. I think that it was after Dr Death’s Continuing SDP polled fewer votes than the Monster Raving Loony Party in the May 1990 Bootle by-election that ‘Private Eye’ published a cover featuring a grim looking Dr Death underneath the headline ‘Ta Ra Luv’, a skit on a headline ‘Ta Ta Pet’ that one of the tabloids had run after the death of a Coronation Street star. Unfortunately it wasn’t a case of Ta Ra Luv, Dr Death turned up in the Lords and has made a nuisance of himself there ever since.

The level of political apathy at Bootle was high and Bootle was traditionally one of Labour’s safest seats nationally. The little media attention that the by-election attracted was focussed on a bizarre row between Labour and the Raving Loonies. Relations between the Labour Party and the Loonies had never been good, but they reached a new low when the Labour agent tried erroneously to have the Loony candidate, Screaming Lord Sutch, arrested for breaking an electoral law that had been changed in 1987. He attempted to have Sutch charged with the former offence of using a public house as an election campaign headquarters. The main by-election headlines in the tabloid newspapers referred to ‘Kinnock’s Killjoys’ for the campaign’s duration. In the event, when the votes were counted the SDP candidate, Jack Holmes, finished far behind the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and the SDP suffered even worse publicity than Labour. Within a week of the result, Owen announced that the party’s National Executive had voted to dissolve the party, saying that it could not possibly continue after finishing behind the Raving Loonies.

The mirth at the Monster Raving Loony Party out-polling the SDP eclipsed something very much more worrying concerning that by-election. Precisely that the by-election had resulted from the death of Michael Carr, the Labour MP for Bootle, after he had been in office for only 57 days. Mr Carr had dared take on Militant in Liverpool and died after Walton Hospital, which was pretty much run by Militant, subjected him to such gross negligence that the most likely explanation was that it was deliberate. Attempts by Mr Carr’s family to extract an explanation for Walton Hospital’s inexplicable lack of care of Michael Carr when he was seriously ill came to nothing.

The circumstances of Carr’s death required an inquest and one was convened on 26 Feb 1991. When the full story emerged, the Merseyside coroner Roy Barter postponed the inquest to consider criminal charges for negligence against some of the health care personnel involved. The DPP decided that no charges should be brought and the inquest was resumed on 9 April 1992, when the coroner again postponed the hearing after referring three points of law to the High Court. Carr’s family then successfully sought a judicial review of this decision which was held on 28 May 1993. A file was sent to the DPP, although insufficient evidence was found to prosecute. The judicial review nullified the proceedings at the first inquest and ordered a new one under a different coroner. This second inquest opened on 20 Feb 1995. On 23 Feb 1995, a verdict of death by natural causes was recorded.

Neither Thatcher, the Windbag, John Major, John Smith or Blair – the main party leaders throughout the sad events at the time of and following Michael Carr’s death – let alone anyone from the SDP or Lib Dems, made a comment regarding the slaughter of Michael Carr by Walton Hospital. The DPPs involved were the endemically corrupt Sir Alan Green and the endemically corrupt Dame Barbara Mills. Both were DPPs when serious complaints about the abuse of children and vulnerable people in north Wales were ignored yet ludicrous trivial prosecutions of those doing the complaining were mounted. Alan Green resigned in a scandal after he was caught ‘approaching prostitutes’ in Kings Cross. Green’s wife was found dead in very troubling circumstances. Dame Babs was the wife of New Labour bank roller and Camden Labour big wig John Mills, who was the brother of David Mills, Tessa Jowell’s husband, the David Mills who famously escaped prison on a technicality after receiving a bribe from Blair’s mate Silvio Burlesconi. For details of the previous of Alan Green, Dame Babs and Tessa’s clan, see previous posts.

The NHS on Merseyside at the time of the events surrounding Michael Carr’s death was a branch of Dafydd’s empire. See posts ‘These Sharks Are Crap As Well’ and ‘In Memoriam – Professor Robert Owen’.

For further details of the terrifying circumstances of Michael Carr’s death, see post ‘News From Sicily’.

Screaming Lord Sutch himself met an untimely and unfortunate end in June 1999, just seven months before the publication of the Waterhouse Report. David Sutch was found hanging, having ‘committed suicide’. He had been under the care of Top Docs for clinical depression. A lot of people will have breathed a sigh of relief at the death of David Sutch, because he was a close mate of Cynthia Payne, who ran the brothel at Ambleside Avenue in Streatham and at one point Sutch lived at Ambleside Avenue with Cynthia. Ambleside Avenue was of course the brothel for VIPs and police raids on the brothel found politicians, senior clergymen, police officers, lawyers and judges within. That brothel was also used by Top Docs from St George’s, but they were never mentioned in any press report. I do not have a problem with people using brothels if those employed within the brothel are consenting adults who have the opportunity for alternative work if they wish. The problem with Ambleside Avenue was that it was serving as a networking opportunity for some very corrupt, powerful people who were involved in facilitating the abuse and trafficking of children/vulnerable people and the associated serious organised crime. Cynthia served a prison sentence and knew what would happen to her if she ever blabbed about the identities of those who had frequented her brothel and David Sutch is dead, as I bet are any of the other folk who worked at Ambleside Avenue who dared tell anyone who the clients were. So the plebiscite still do not know which of the Great and the Good were furthering their careers as corrupt professional people via Cynthia’s brothel. See post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’.


In the wake of the Bootle result, Dr Death told everyone that he wished that he had remained in medicine. Dr Death’s short time working in psychiatry had included a stint of three years or so in the mid-1960s as research registrar to the lethal Dr William Sargant at Tommy’s. William Sargant is now one of the most discredited Top Docs of recent history. He brutalised and effectively tortured patients and carried out experiments upon them which resulted in a number of deaths. Medicine has done its best to forget that Sargant ever existed and he has been air-brushed out of recent textbooks. However, there are many accounts of the appalling things that Sargant did online, some informed by surviving patients and their relatives or staff who witnessed what went on at first-hand. Sargant was considered even by the standards of his time to be a dangerous doctor and as with Dafydd, the attempts to reign him in simply consisted of people doing their best to ensure that he didn’t get his hands on anyone important or their relatives. Dr Death has described Sargant as ‘brave’ and the sort of Top Doc who is sorely needed. For more details of Sargant’s butchery and Dr Death’s enthusiastic support for it, see post ‘Dr Death’.

Sargant’s empire was at Tommy’s. Tommy’s is the most elite of the London teaching hospitals and is also the one that has a very cosy relationship with Westminster. Tommy’s concealed the organised abuse of vulnerable people and the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Dafydd’s mate Professor Jim Watson held sex education/sex therapy clinics there, after doing the same at the Maudsley and St George’s Hospital Medical School (see post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’). Watson and his colleagues colluded with Dafydd and the gang in north Wales, as well as with the linked abuse/trafficking gang in south London. Ed Miliband’s Uncle Harry aka Prof Harry Keen was a consultant at Guy’s/Tommy’s (the two institutions merged in 1993) when Jim Watson worked there.


Sargant was quite seriously ill himself and prescribed himself cocktails of medication, including amphetamines. I am fairly sure that Dafydd was taking amphetamines as well. Anecdotes of Dafydd’s floridly manic/psychotic behaviour are legion in north Wales – not only among patients – and having witnessed Dafydd’s punishing schedule over years, which involved ward rounds and visits to patients at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh in the early hours of the morning, clinics across the UK, clinics in France, midnight visits to prisons and police cells, TV appearances and all this while driving back to his home on Anglesey at frequent intervals, the most likely explanation is that Dafydd was ripped to the tits on artificial stimulants. As was Margaret Thatcher, it was the basis of the myth of the Superwoman who only needed three hours sleep per night. It was openly discussed in London medical circles that Thatch was running on amphetamines and those drugs are readily available in Harley Street and from other private practices.

Dr Death had personal links with some of the Top Docs who were facilitating the trafficking gang in north Wales.

In one media interview years ago, Dr Death boasted that one of his proudest moments was having an article published in an academic journal of psychiatry and neurology. I remember Dr Death saying that it was a jointly authored article published in the 1960s and I wondered whether if it might illuminate Dr Death’s proud years in medicine in the way that Cilla’s friend Geoffrey Chamberlain’s 1965 published article detailing experiments on a seven month old foetus whom he then killed would have shed much light on why things went so wrong in Chamberlain’s Dept at St George’s had anyone publicised that article. Brown and I have searched databases for Dr Death’s article but we can’t find it. I wonder what is going on. Has someone kindly deleted that entry from the database because what was described in the article was so grim that Top Docs and others might not want it known that a man who served as Health Minister and Foreign Secretary was involved in such work? I think we should be told. Send me the reference Dr Death, I am in need of your expertise!


David Hole, the corrupt MSF rep who worked at St George’s Hospital Medical School and was concealing the criminal activity there, including organised abuse, was a leading light in Wandsworth SDP. One of the contingent from Somerset whom I discussed in previous posts (eg. ‘Upper Class Twit Of The Year – Shooting Themselves’) who received much money in return for keeping quiet about what was happening to me in north Wales became very friendly with a distant relative of mine – one of my father’s cousins – at that time and I never understood why they became such good mates because father barely kept in touch with that cousin. The cousin in question was an SDP activist in her community. My father’s cousin may not have been involved in any skulduggery at all and she is almost certainly dead now, but I have mentioned this friendship because I have been made aware that virtually every friend and relative of mine and Brown’s was targeted by the security services and either came under attack if they were loyal to us or bought off in return for smearing us/keeping quiet if they did not stand by us. I have been told that one of Brown’s cousins, an LGBT activist, was also approached because of her work with Centrepoint in the 1980s/90s. Centrepoint concealed the Westminster Paedophile Ring. I have no idea whether Brown’s cousin did succumb to corruption but she seems to have disappeared off the planet. She was called Katie Dent and in the 1980s was the President of the Gay Soc at Oxford University, but I suspect that she is now using another name.


The Partnership Of Principle was of course with Sir David Steel. Who was portrayed as weak and in Dr Death’s pocket on ‘Spitting Image’, but who it is now known very effectively concealed Cyril Smith’s sexual assaults on children for years. I discovered the other day that it was David Steel who conducted negotiations with the press to ensure that the allegations of Cyril Smith’s sexual assaults went no further than the radical newspaper in Rochdale which published the story in 1979. Steel was very worried indeed because the Smith story emerged in Rochdale at the same time as Jeremy Thorpe was due to stand trial for conspiracy and incitement to murder Norman Scott. I seem to remember that the corrupt barrister George Carman QC was approached to keep Cyril Smith’s hobby out of the media because of the enormous damage to the Liberal Party which Steel feared would be incurred. Years after the Thorpe case, Steel commented that it had been a ‘tragedy for Thorpe’. Steel showed no such concern for Norman Scott, who’s life was wrecked by Thorpe and Thorpe’s mates for years (see post ‘My How Things Haven’t Changed’).

George Carman QC was Thorpe’s barrister. Tony Blair was one of Carman’s pupils and Cherie worked in Carman’s Chambers. At one point Jimmy Savile retained George Carman but it is said that Carman never actually acted for Savile. He wouldn’t have needed to, if word had got out that Savile had Carman ready and waiting, no-one would have dared publish a word about Savile’s crimes. Furthermore George Carman had a deep and meaningful relationship with Sue Cook, who worked for the BBC presenting Crimewatch. It was Jill Dando who was assassinated, not Sue…For further details of Carman’s violence, alcoholism, corrupt practices and his network, which included Top Docs, gangsters, corrupt police officers and journos, see posts ‘No Ordinary Methods’ and ‘No Ordinary Methods – Supplementary Post’.

George Carman lived in Wimbledon. As did many of the Top Docs of St George’s Hospital Medical School, including Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain, who was concealing the crimes of Dafydd et al in north Wales as well as a linked gang in south London as well as patient harm and research fraud (see post ‘Now Then…’). John Moore, who was Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1987-88 and Secretary of State for Social Security (after the Dept was split), 1988-89, under Thatcher also lived in Wimbledon. Moore was Health Secretary when the DHSS was concealing serious organised crime in the NHS and social services, including that in north Wales and at St George’s…When Moore became ill himself, it was revealed that he was treated at the private Parkside Hospital Wimbledon. There was a hullabaloo with accusations that Moore ‘didn’t trust the NHS’. You bet that he didn’t, he knew what was being concealed, he would never have risked his neck with the lethal people traffickers of St George’s. But then even the staunchest Labour Party NHS-supporting politicians, such as Rhodri Morgan, work very hard to ensure that they and their own nearest and dearest do not end up in the hands of the Dafydds or William Sargants. Those are Top Docs for the Little People.


The Radio 4 discussion concerning the formation of the SDP listed the names of PR gurus and leading figures in advertising who offered their services to the SDP without payment. The reasons for this were not explored, so I will try to discover more. The man who so helpfully put the Gang of Four in contact with so many effective propaganda merchants was David Kingsley.


Dr Death and David Steel were not the only members of the Gang of Four who colluded with the sexual abuse/exploitation/trafficking of children and young people. There were so many people at UCNW (Bangor University) involved with the gang in north Wales that in the 1970s the institution became deeply dysfunctional and Mary Wynch, a secretary in the Dept of Agriculture, was unlawfully arrested and imprisoned by Dafydd. The Plaid MP for Caernarfon, Dafydd Wigley, asked Shirl, in her capacity as Secretary of State for Education, to hold a Public Inquiry into the management of UCNW by the Principal, Sir Charles Evans. Evans was a Top Doctor who was autocratic and difficult, but the fact that great swathes of UCNW were being managed and staffed by those facilitating a trafficking ring was the major problem. Shirl refused to hold any inquiry. She knew what was going on at Bangor and she also knew that Carlo was the Chancellor, I really don’t think that Shirl was going to turn over any rocks. I don’t know the circumstances in which Dafydd Wigley made his request, but I don’t really think that Dafydd Wigley would have wanted the barrel of crap opened either. Many people from Plaid were colluding with the gang – Dr Dafydd Alun Jones had stood for election to the Commons for Plaid himself on a number of occasions in the 1960s – and the gang were operating through Gwynedd County Council’s Social Services Dept. Gwynedd County Council was Plaid dominated and had it’s HQ in Caernarfon, just around the corner from Dafydd Wigley’s constituency office.


Shirl was the Labour MP for Hitchin in Hertfordshire, 1964-79. She was Minister for State for Education and Science, 1967-69, under Secretary of State Patrick Gordon Walker, in Harold Wilson’s Gov’t. Walker was Labour MP for Smethwick, 1945-64 and rose rapidly through the ranks of Clement Attlee’s Gov’t. In 1946 Gordon Walker was PPS to Herbert Morrison, Mandy’s granddad, when Morrison was Leader of the Commons. At the 1964 General Election, it was presumed that if Harold Wilson won as expected, that Gordon Walker would be appointed Foreign Secretary. Although Labour did win that election, Gordon Walker lost his seat to the Tory candidate Peter Griffiths. Smethwick had been the focus of immigration from the Commonwealth and Griffiths ran a campaign critical of the opposition’s and the Gov’ts, policies, including on immigration. Griffiths was accused of exploiting the slogan ‘If you want a nigger neighbour, vote Labour’. Despite not being an MP or peer able to answer to Parliament, Gordon Walker was nonetheless appointed to the Foreign Office by Wilson. Gordon Walker subsequently stood for the safe Labour seat of Leyton in the Leyton by-election in Jan 1965, losing again, and was finally forced to resign as Foreign Secretary. After a sabbatical conducting research in Southeast Asia, Gordon Walker finally won Leyton in the 1966 General Election. It was after this that Gordon Walker eventually served as Secretary for Education and Science. Gordon Walker retired from the Commons in 1974 and received a life peerage in July of that year. He was also briefly an MEP.

There are archive clips available of Gordon Walker reporting on the liberation of Belsen. Gordon Walker was working for BBC European Service at the time, so Gordon Walker will have been working for the security services.

Gordon Walker’s predecessor as Secretary of State for the DES was the bisexual Tony Crosland, who at Oxford had been in a relationship with Woy. More worryingly, it was Tony Crosland who as Secretary of State for the DES has concealed the paedophile ring in the north east of England, which at that time involved Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth. In 1973, Arnold and Howarth relocated to work at Bryn Estyn in north Wales, where they joined and expanded Dafydd’s gang. It was Blair’s mate Ernest Armstrong, the MP for North West Durham, 1964-67, who used his links with Crosland to keep a lid on sexual exploitation of kids in the north east. Ernest’s daughter Hilary Armstrong succeeded her father as the Labour MP for North West Durham and was a member of Blair’s inner circle. It was Ernest who was a key mover and shaker in securing Blair the nomination as Labour candidate for Sedgefield. See post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part III’.

Shirl will have known about the shenanigans in the north east which were being concealed by the DES.

Between 1969-70, Shirl was Minister of State for Home Affairs in Wilson’s Gov’t, under Home Secretary Sunny Jim Callaghan. Who not only continued the valiant Home Office collusion with the crimes of Dafydd and the gang in north Wales, but who, along with his wife Audrey, also had a close friendship with bent solicitor and Labour MP Leo Abse and did everything possible to help Abse develop what became the Children’s Act 1975, which resulted in hundreds of kids being handed over to John Allen and Dafydd’s gang in north Wales. Audrey had previously colluded with child abuse during her time as a member of London County Council and later as the PM’s wife she lent her glorious support to Great Ormond Street Hospital as Chairman of the Governors and by taking a leading role in GOSH’s fund-raising efforts.

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The child in the stylised image above is crying. Whatever could have been the problem?


Jimmy Savile scandal: How Savile even preyed on dying ...


‘We Didn’t Know’.

Leo Abse was a close friend of the child molesting Labour MP George Thomas and threatened/bribed witnesses to Thomas’s crimes into silence (see post ‘It Wasn’t On Our Radar’). Abse has also been investigated for historical sex crimes himself. For further details on the sordid way in which Abse used Callaghan and Dr Death to ensure that the Children Act 1975 ended up on the statute books, see previous posts, including ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’.

Older readers will remember the tosser Callaghan singing ‘Waiting At The Church’ at a time of national crisis, of which there were quite a few as a result of Jim Callaghan. Here is the smug old bastard, looking like a hybrid between Gwynne the lobotomist and Sir Ronnie Waterhouse:


The Lord Callaghan of Cardiff
James Callaghan.JPG


Callaghan and co wore Brylcreem and trousers with the crotch down by their knees, they were stupid, complacent and corrupt, thank goodness there was the Gang Of Four to save the country from The Hard Left. Which resulted in everyone voting for Thatch for years.

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After Labour lost power to Ted Heath in 1970, Shirl was Shadow Secretary of State for the DHSS, 1970-71 and then Shadow Home Secretary, 1970-73. Shirl was given a big responsibility in Jim Callaghan’s Gov’t in 1976 when she was appointed Secretary of State for Education and Science, a post which she retained until 1979 when Labour lost the General Election.

I was at school when Shirl was Secretary of State for the DES. I have discussed in previous posts and comments the brutal failing schools in Bridgwater that I and my friends attended, the fact that a small number of teachers were overtly abusive yet those schools and teachers received full support from Somerset Education Authority. I have explained how I have been told that one person who taught me at school was linked to Dafydd’s gang in north Wales and that people who knew me when I was at school and at Bridgwater College were approached to smear me and lie about me in the wake of my complaints about Dafydd and the gang.

In the way that many professional/middle class people ensured that their children did not attend the secondary schools in Bridgwater in the mid-late 1970s because those schools had such serious problems, there were some primaries which were avoided like the plague by parents in the know. One was Stogursey School. For many, many years, a great number of children left Stogursey unable to read and write. Their literacy problems were so well-known that the secondary schools automatically put the kids from Stogursey into the remedial stream until the odd few kids who were literate had proved themselves. I lived near Stogursey and I was well used to the appalling attitudes of the teachers to kids from Stogursey. They were thick and inbred – just like the kids from Newborough on Anglesey were -according to those who staffed the failing secondary schools in Bridgwater. There was one factor which was never mentioned. The Head of Stogursey School, Mr White. Mr White was a lovely old boy, the kids really liked him, but Mr White did not believe that children from Stogursey needed to learn to read and write because ‘they’re only going to work on farms’. He articulated this opinion to Brown’s mum – Brown’s brother was at Stogursey School at the time – and beamed his beatific smile as he did so. I see nothing wrong with working on a farm, but one can be a highly educated farm worker/farmer which increases one’s options. The irony was that the teachers of Somerset were deeply contemptuous of their former pupils who were working on farms or in factories in Bridgwater. Working on farms was for other people’s children whom they were paid to teach – or indeed not to teach – but not for their own.

This was happening when Shirl was Education Secretary.

At that time in north Wales, Dafydd’s gang were operating and many of those working in the schools of Gwynedd and Clwyd were well aware of what was happening.

Shirl was very opposed to grammar schools and fought hard for them to be dispensed with. She famously cited comprehensive schools as her greatest achievement, stating: ‘I have never in any way regretted them and I still believe strongly in them. The problem was that in many places they were heavily skimmed because people kept grammar schools in place beside them.’ As her daughter Rebecca approached secondary school age, Shirl moved into the catchment area of the state-subsidised Godolphin and Latymer School (which later became private in preference to becoming a comprehensive), allowing her daughter to gain a place there. Shirl didn’t relocate to Bridgwater or north Wales then.

Like Shirl I do not support dividing kids into those who attend grammars and those who attend secondary moderns after they have sat the eleven plus exam. That is because: it is not possible to meaningfully assess a child’s ability and potential when they are eleven and certainly not by the use of the eleven plus; children should not be made to feel more valuable as humans if they pass a particular test at 11; the schools which the children who failed the eleven plus attended were often vastly inferior to the schools attended by those who passed; the eleven plus was used to divide children socially and was accompanied by such a degree of social snobbery that kids who failed it often felt terrible about themselves and aspiring parents were so concerned for their children’s prospects if they failed that they frequently packed them off to a private school.

However the answer to all this was not to allow appalling, abusive comprehensive schools to continue to be appalling and abusive in the name of opposing grammar schools. Brown remarked after he left the school which put him through hell for five years that the best thing to do with that school would be to drop a bomb on it, not defend it as a symbol of equality.

Schools like the ones that Brown and I went to, as well as some of those in north Wales and others across Britain which were under-performing and in some cases facilitating the abuse of children, were not for Shirley’s kids, they were for us. Because our mothers weren’t Vera Brittain The Famous Feminist.


Testament of Youth Book Cover.jpg


Kids in care in north Wales whom Shirl ignored were found dead in Risley Remand Centre:

GB. Risley Remand Centre - G.B. England. Cheshire, Warrington. HM Prison Risley. Risley Remand Centre. With writer Russell Miller, I - Peter Marlow


The victims of Dafydd’s gang who’s screams for help went unanswered by Shirl and her mates also ended up here:


  • North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - County Asylums


Leo Abse’s brother Danny knew all about it, Danny Abse was a Top Doctor with an interest in psychoanalysis. See earlier posts for Danny and Leo’s previous.

In Nov 1981 Shirl won the Crosby by-election and became the first SDP member elected to Parliament. Two years later however, having become the SDP’s President, Shirl lost the seat in the 1983 General Election. Crosby was a Merseyside constituency but was substantially made up of affluent parts of the region, containing many middle class professionals, including Top Doctors. There was a branch of Dafydd’s empire on Merseyside. Dafydd was a graduate of Liverpool University and had numerous links with corrupt professionals on Merseyside. Crosby also contained a high proportion of Roman Catholics – Shirl is a practising Catholic and went down very well with them. The schools and children’s homes on Merseyside run by Liverpool Catholic Social Services had major problems with the abuse of youngsters which was acknowledged in the early 1990s and there were links between the staff of those institutions and Dafydd’s gang in north Wales/Cheshire as detailed in previous posts.

Shirl was President of the SDP, 1982-87, while Dr Death and then Woy were the Leaders.

So what did Shirl do after a career of implementing policies which screwed up the lives of those on the receiving end of them and patronising any audience member on ‘Question Time’ who questioned this not very bright arrogant old bat? She took up a Chair at Harvard of course, in 1988, in the Kennedy School of Government, where she remained until 2001 and thereafter as Public Service Professor of Electoral Politics, Emerita. Nonetheless, Shirl remained active in politics and public service in Britain – having bagged a peerage in 1993 – as well as the US and internationally. Shirl helped draft constitutions in Russia, Ukraine and South Africa. Unbelievable isn’t it.

Shirl also served as director of Harvard’s Project Liberty, an initiative designed to assist the emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe; as a Board member and acting Director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics.

Shirl returned to the UK in 1993 after that peerage – well she needed to pick up the £300 daily allowance simply for turning up and clocking on and no doubt the lower orders in the UK were in need of their elder and better telling them what to do once after that absence of advice when Shirl was in the US.

Shirl has maintained a close association with Harvard University.

Shirl was Leader of Lib Dems in the Lords, 2001-04, under Charles Kennedy, who had one hell of a drink problem which no-one would admit until it was killing him.

In June 2007, after Gordon Brown replaced Blair as PM, Shirl accepted a formal Gov’t position as Adviser on Nuclear Proliferation, provided that she could serve as an independent adviser. Shirl remained a Liberal Democrat. She was a member of the Top Level Group of UK Parliamentarians for Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation, established in October 2009.

Shirl’s interest and commitment to education continued and she served as Chair of Judges of the British Teaching Awards.

Shirl was originally opposed to the Health and Social Care Bill, describing it as ‘stealth privatisation’ during 2011. The Gov’t made some changes to the Bill, described by Shirl as ‘major concessions’, but dismissed as ‘minor’ by the Shirlesque Guardian journo Polly Toynbee. Not that either of them will be risking their neck with any NHS hospital in north Wales. Shirl urged Liberal Democrats to support the amended Bill during the conference in March 2012, saying ‘I would not have stuck with the bill, if I believed for one moment it would undermine the NHS’. Recent figures have demonstrated how much of the UK’s NHS services are now being commissioned by one private company alone, Branson’s Virgin Healthcare. Had Shirl et al not ignored serious organised crime in the NHS, no-one would have been conned by Branson and his ilk anyway.

Shirl spoke against gay marriage in the Lords, saying that ‘equality is not the same as sameness. That is the fundamental mistake in this Bill’ and that woman and men ‘complement one another’ – yes their genitals fit together nicely – so that marriage between people of the same sex should not be called marriage, but should have ‘different nomenclature’. In late 2015, the nation heaved a sigh of relief when Shirl announced her intention to retire from the Lords.

Shirl is the President of the Cambridge University Liberal Association.


Shirl’s partner in concealing crime, Woy, had a previous every bit as bad as Shirl. Woy always made much of his humble roots in south Wales, but although Woy’s dad Arthur Jenkins, an NUM official, was imprisoned during the 1926 General Strike for his alleged involvement in disturbances, Arthur Jenkins later became President of the South Wales Miners’ Federation and MP for Pontypool, PPS to Clement Attlee and for a brief time, a Minister in the 1945 Labour Gov’t. Woy’s mother, Hattie, was the daughter of a steelworks manager. So by the time that Woy came along, they were in no way a disadvantaged family. Indeed they were considered by people in their community to be quite grand, particularly Hattie.

Woy went to Abersychan County Grammar School, University College Cardiff and then Balliol, Oxford. His fellow students at Balliol included Tony Crosland, Denis Healey and Ted Heath and he was friends with all three of them. During WWII Woy served in the intelligence services.

Woy was Labour MP for Southwark Central, 1948-50, so he would have known about the excesses of the nearby Maudsley Hospital and its role in colluding with the abuse of vulnerable people. Woy then served as MP for Birmingham Stetchford, 1950-77. By the early 1970s, there was a trafficking gang operating in the West Midlands with links to Dafydd et al and numerous kids in care from the West Midlands were sent to children’s homes in north Wales where they were abused and trafficked. Woy’s constituency was on the territory of the notorious corrupt, Freemason-heavy West Midlands Serious Crime Squad. Woy colluded with all this wrongdoing when he was Home Secretary, 1965-67 in Wilson’s Gov’t and again when he served another stint as Home Secretary under Harold Wilson, 1974-76. During Woy’s first go at being Home Secretary, Matt Arnold and Peter Howarth were abusing kids in their capacity as staff of Axwell Park Approved School in Gateshead. When Woy had another turn at being Home Secretary, Arnold and Howarth were abusing kids at Bryn Estyn. Approved Schools were directly managed by the Home Office until 1971, so Axwell Park was down to Woy, as was the extensive police corruption and the corruption at Risley Remand Centre and Walton Prison which assisted Dafydd and the traffickers so much during Woy’s second go at being Home Secretary.

Woy was Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1967-70, under Wilson and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, 1970-72. When Wilson suddenly resigned as PM in 1976, Jenkins was one of six candidates for the Labour Party Leadership in March of that year, but came third out of the six candidates in the first ballot, behind Callaghan and Foot. Woy withdrew from the contest. He had wanted to become Foreign Secretary, but accepted an appointment as President of the European Commission after Callaghan appointed Tony Crosland to the Foreign Office.

The main development overseen by the Jenkins Commission was the development of the Economic and Monetary Union of the EU from 1977, which began in 1979 as the European Monetary System, a forerunner of the Single Currency or Euro. Woy was the first President to attend a G8 summit on behalf of the Community. Woy remained in Brussels until 1981, contemplating the political changes in the UK from there.

Woy attempted to re-enter Parliament at the Warrington by-election in 1981 but Labour retained the seat with a small majority. Risley Remand Centre is at Warrington and many of the staff lived in the constituency which Woy targeted. By 1981 it was very clear that Risley was being used as one of the personal prisons of Dafydd and the gang and this had come to public attention by 1981 as a result of Mary Wynch’s case. The abuse of inmates and the death rate at Risley were horrific (see post ‘Include Me Out’).

So both Shirl and Woy, under the SDP colours, targeted constituencies which were heavily populated by people who were part of Dafydd’s empire of crime. Were I blogging about people other than politicians who were Cabinet Ministers during the 1970s, I would put this down to coincidence. However because we’re dealing with Shirl and Woy here, I’m not going to.


In 1982, Woy was elected in the Glasgow Hillhead by-election as the MP for a previously Tory-held seat, after the death of the MP Sir Thomas Galbraith aka Tam Galbraith, who had held the seat since 1948.

Sir Thomas Galbraith
Thomas Galloway Dunlop Galbraith.jpg

Sir Thomas Galloway Dunlop Galbraith was a Scottish Unionist politician. The eldest son and heir of Thomas Dunlop Galbraith, 1st Baron Strathclyde, Galbraith was educated at Aytoun House, Glasgow; Wellington College; Christ Church, Oxford and Glasgow University.

Galbraith served as a lieutenant in the RNVR, 1939–1946. He was Assistant Conservative Whip, 1950; a Government Whip from 1951–57; Civil Lord of the Admiralty, 1957–59; Under-Secretary of State for Scotland, 1959–62; and Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Transport, 1963–64.

Galbraith was the man who was named in the John Vassall spy scandal. In 1952, Vassall was appointed as a clerical officer, to the staff of the Naval Attache at the British embassy in Moscow. He became acquainted with a Pole named Mikhailsky, who worked for the Embassy and who introduced Vassall to the homosexual underworld of Moscow. In 1954, Vassall was invited to a party, where he was encouraged to become extremely drunk and where he was photographed in compromising positions with several men. The party, arranged by the KGB, had been a honeytrap. The Soviets used the photographs to blackmail Vassall into working for them as a spy, initially in the Moscow embassy and later in London, following his return there in June 1956.

Vassall returned to the Admiralty, where he worked first in the  Naval Intelligence Division and then, as the clerical officer assistant to the Private Secretary, in the Private Office of Tam Galbraith, then Civil Lord of the Admiralty. At the time of his arrest Vassall was working in Military Branch II. During his espionage career, Vassall provided the Soviets with several thousand classified documents.

During Galbraith’s time at the Admiralty, questions were raised about his connection to Vassall after letters from Galbraith were found in Vassall’s possession. It was thought odd that a Minister would communicate by post with an official of his own department and there was considerable speculation of impropriety in the press. Given Vassall’s known homosexuality, rumours began to circulate that Vassall and Galbraith were involved with each other and that Galbraith might have shielded Vassall from discovery. The committee of civil servants originally established to probe the Vassall affair investigated the correspondence and declared it innocent, but this verdict was not universally accepted. The PM, Harold Macmillan, was compelled to open a wider inquiry, conducted by three jurists. Eventually, the inquiry determined that Vassall had not been helped or favoured by any of his seniors. Being in the RNVR and at the Admiralty, Galbraith would have also known about the other shenanigans in those organisations, including those that were alleged to have involved Lord Louis Mountbatten. See post ‘The Defence Of The Realm’.

Vassall was identified as a potential spy after a senior member of the KGB defected to the US in 1961. The KGB, worried that Vassall would be exposed, ordered him to cease operations until further notice. Another defector added to the case against Vassall, but doubts about the evidence provided by both defectors persisted. Vassall soon resumed his work. It had become obvious to his colleagues that Vassall had some other source of income, because he moved to an expensive flat in Dolphin Square, took foreign holidays and was said to own 36 Savile Row suits. His annual expenditure was later estimated at about £3,000, when his official salary was £750.

On 12 September 1962, Vassall was arrested and charged with spying. He made a full confession and directed detectives to the cameras and films concealed in his flat. The documents which he admitted to stealing did not account for everything believed to have been taken however, which led to speculation that there was another spy still operating in the Admiralty. Some have suggested that Vassall was deliberately sacrificed by the KGB in an attempt to protect the other (possibly more senior) spy. In October 1962, Vassall was sentenced to 18 years in jail.

Vassall served ten years of his sentence and he was befriended in prison by Lord Longford. Vassall was eventually released on parole in October 1972. Vassall subsequently changed his surname to Phillips and settled in St John’s Wood, which was where Sir Ronnie Waterhouse lived at the time, along with a few other lawyers, judges and celebs. Vassall worked for a firm of solicitors in Gray’s Inn. A number of Dafydd’s umbrellas, including one of the biggest, Sir William Mars-Jones, were leading lights in Gray’s Inn. Vassall died after suffering a heart-attack on a London bus in November 1996: it was not until nearly three weeks later that the press became aware of his death. Vassall pegged out on that bus a few months after his neighbour Ronnie Waterhouse opened the Waterhouse Inquiry.

  • On the Buses (1971) - Posters — The Movie Database (TMDb)


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Galbraith was President of the Scottish Georgian Society, 1970–1980 and was a Member of the  Royal Company of Archers. He was knighted in 1981.

Galbraith married Simone Clotilde Fernande Marie Ghislaine Blicquy on 11 April 1956. They had three children: (Anne Marie) Ghislaine du Roy Galbraith (born 1957); Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith, 2nd Baron Strathclyde (born 1960); Charles William Du Roy De Blicquy Galbraith (born 1962).

Galbraith predeceased his father, the 1st Baron. His elder son Thomas succeeded as 2nd Baron in 1985 and was subsequently a Conservative junior Minister, Chief Whip in the Lords and Leader of the House of Lords.


The 2nd Baron Strathclyde aka Tom Galbraith was educated at Sussex House School, London and Wellington College. Wellington College is in Crowthorne, Berkshire, as is Broadmoor Hospital, which housed some of the witnesses to the sort of wrongdoing that Tom Galbraith’s father and his associates were so desperate to keep quiet.

Wellington College:

Broadmoor Hospital:
Broadmoor Hospital sirens sound after thunder - BBC News


Jimmy Savile, the former manager of Broadmoor:

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The person who appointed Jimmy to the senior management team at Broadmoor:

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Some of Jimmy’s friends:

  • Britain’s only woman prime minister Margaret Thatcher dies ...

Charles, Prince of Wales


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Tom Galbraith attended the University of East Anglia, graduating in 1982. He also studied at Aix-Marseille University. Strathclyde entered the Lords in 1986, becoming a Junior Whip in 1988, then Minister for Tourism in 1989. Between 1990 and 1992, he was Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries in the Scottish Office. Tom then served in the Dept of the Environment and the DTI, before being appointed the Conservative Party Chief Whip in the Lords in 1994. The next year, Tom was sworn of the Privy Council.

In 1998 Strathclyde, along with the Conservative front bench in the Lords, threatened to tender his resignation if the Party refused to accept a proposed compromise plan for reform of the Lords that had been negotiated with the Labour Party by Lord Cranborne, the Conservatives’ leader in the Lords, unbeknown to the Leader of the Opposition (in the Commons) William Hague and to his annoyance. Hague however accepted the proposals, dismissing Cranborne for the conduct in negotiations and Strathclyde was appointed to succeed him. Under Strathclyde’s leadership, Blair’s fudge the House of Lords Act 1999 passed: under this, Strathclyde was elected by other peers as one of the 92 hereditary peers to remain in the Lords.

When the Conservatives formed the Coalition Gov’t under David Cameron in May 2010, Strathclyde became Leader of the Lords and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, with a seat in the Cabinet. On 7 Jan 2013, Strathclyde announced that he would be stepping down as Leader of the Lords and resigning from the Cabinet with immediate effect, to pursue a second business career.

Strathclyde and his family live in Westminster and at the Galbraith family estate in Mauchline, Ayrshire. As Strathclyde has no sons, the heir presumptive to the peerage is his younger brother the Hon. Charles William du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith.

Lord Strathclyde is a Governor of Wellington College. He is a Director of Auchendrane Estates Ltd, a landowning company in Scotland. Strathclyde’s wealth is estimated at £10m. He was a non-executive Director on the Board of Trafigura’s hedge-fund arm, Galena Asset Management, 2004- 09. Trafigura defended court actions during the 2006 Ivory Coast toxic waste dump scandal.

The 2006 Ivory Coast toxic waste dump caused a health crisis in Ivory Coast. A ship registered in Panama chartered by the Singaporean-based oil and commodity shipping company Trafigura Beheer BV offloaded toxic waste to an Ivorian waste handling company which disposed of it at the port of Abidjan. The dumping, which took place against a backdrop of instability in Abidjan as a result of Côte d’Ivoire’s first civil war, allegedly led to the death of 17 and the injury of 30,000. Trafigura originally planned to dispose of the slops – which contained 500 tonnes of a mixture of fuel, caustic soda, and hydrogen sulphide – at the port of Amsterdam. The company refused to pay Dutch company Amsterdam Port Services (APS) for disposal after APS raised its charge from €27 to €1,000 per cubic meter. The ship was reportedly turned away by several countries before offloading the toxic waste at Abidjan.

Trafigura denied any waste was transported from the Netherlands, saying that the substances contained only tiny amounts of hydrogen sulphide and that the company did not know the substance was to be disposed of improperly. After two Trafigura officials who travelled to Côte d’Ivoire to offer assistance were arrested and subsequently attacked in jail, the company paid US$198 million for clean-up to the Ivorian government, without admitting wrongdoing, in early 2007. A series of protests and resignations of Ivorian Gov’t officials followed this deal.

In 2008, a civil lawsuit in London was launched by almost 30,000 Ivorians against Trafigura. In May 2009, Trafigura announced that it would sue the BBC for libel after ‘Newsnight’ alleged the company had knowingly sought to cover up its role in the incident. In September 2009 ‘The Guardian’ obtained and published internal Trafigura emails showing that the traders responsible knew how dangerous the chemicals were. Trafigura agreed to a settlement of £30 million (US$42.4 million) to settle the class action suit against it. Law firm Leigh Day, which represented the Ivorian claimants, was found guilty of negligence after £6 million of the settlement funds were embezzled.

In the weeks following the incident the BBC reported that 17 people died, 23 were hospitalized and a further 40,000 sought medical treatment (due to headaches, nosebleeds, and stomach pains). These numbers were revised upward over time, with the numbers reported by the Ivorian Gov’t in 2008 as being 17 dead, dozens severely ill, 30,000 receiving medical treatment for ailments connected to the chemical exposure and almost 100,000 seeking medical treatment at the time.

Following revelations by local press and government on the extent of the illnesses involved, the nine-month-old transitional Gov’t of PM Charles Konan Banny resigned. The Gov’t vowed to provide treatment and pay all medical costs associated with the waste dump.

Faced with a libel case which under British law could drag on for years and cost millions of pounds, on 10 December 2009, the BBC removed the original story entitled ‘Dirty Tricks and Toxic Waste in the Ivory Coast’, along with accompanying video, from its website. The story claimed that Trafigura brought ‘ruin’ on the country in order to make a ‘massive profit’. The stories remain available on WikiLeaks. On 15 December 2009, the BBC agreed to apologise to Trafigura for the ‘Dirty Tricks’ report, pay £25,000 to charity and withdraw any allegation that Trafigura’s toxic waste dumped in Africa had caused deaths.

At the same time, the BBC issued a combative statement, pointing out that the dumping of Trafigura’s hazardous waste had led to the British-based oil trader being forced to pay out £30m in compensation to victims. ‘The BBC has played a leading role in bringing to the public’s attention the actions of Trafigura in the illegal dumping of 500 tonnes of hazardous waste’, the statement said. ‘The dumping caused a public health emergency with tens of thousands of people seeking treatment’.

The BBC did not agree to remove further allegations about the dumping such as the 16 September article:- ‘Trafigura knew of waste dangers’; this quoted from internal Trafigura emails which showed that the company knew the waste was toxic before they dumped it. In one, a Trafigura employee says ‘This operation is no longer allowed in the European Union, the United States and Singapore’ it is ‘banned in most countries due to the hazardous nature of the waste’ and another says ‘environmental agencies do not allow disposal of the toxic caustic.’

The BBC journos who exposed the scandal were Meirion Jones and Liz Keane, who were the only journos with the guts to expose Savile.


Here is one of the Trafigura Directors at the time of the dump:

The Lord Strathclyde
Official portrait of Lord Strathclyde crop 2.jpg

Lord Strathclyde won Channel 4 ‘Peer of the Year 2000’ and ‘The Spectator’ ‘Peer of the Year 2004’. What criteria were used in the judging is unclear.


It cannot have been coincidental that Woy succeeded Tom Galbraith’s dad  in Glasgow Hillhead.

Woy was Leader of the SDP, 1982-83, his Deputy being Dr Death. During the 1983 General Election campaign Roy was appointed PM-designate for the Alliance, which must have given a great many people a good laugh. Woy’s role as PM-designate was questioned by his close colleagues, as his campaign style was by then regarded as ineffective; David Steel was considered to have a greater rapport with the electorate. The electorate didn’t know at the time that David Steel was concealing Cyril Smith’s sexual assaults on children and that he felt sorry for that nice Jeremy Thorpe.

After the 1983 General Election, Dr Death succeeded Woy as Leader of the SDP unopposed.

Woy continued to serve as the SDP MP for Glasgow Hillhead until his defeat at the 1987 General Election by George Galloway, after boundary changes in 1983 ‘had changed the character of the constituency’. It’s good to know that boundary changes were to blame, rather than the electorate preferring George Galloway to Woy. George Galloway has a habit of defeating fakes at the polls, although George is frequently charged with the same crime. In 2005 George defeated the sitting Labour MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, Oona ‘I’m just a little black Jewish woman who wants to help the poor’ King. Oona’s dad was a Professor, her aunt is the Top Doctor and writer of owner’s manuals for menopausal women Miriam Stoppard who was married to playwright Sir Tom Stoppard. After Tom dumped Miriam, he moved on to Felicity Kendal, but in 2014 he hit the jackpot with Sabrina Guinness, an old flame of Carlo’s. Oona was educated at that institution which specialises in teaching the children of the privileged who identify with the plebs to such an extent that they want to be Labour PM, Haverstock Comprehensive School. At Haverstock, Oona was a contemporary of Ed and David Miliband. Oona’s official deprivation narrative maintains that at Haverstock she told her careers teacher that she wanted to become PM, but librarian work was suggested instead. No Oona, that won’t have happened, not to you at Haverstock. It was far more likely that all you not very bright kids from the Labour aristocracy were told that you would become Labour PM.

Brown, when he was attending Haygrove School in Bridgwater, living Shirl’s dream, was advised to work in a wet fish shop. I was told various things, including that by the time that I was 19 I’d be married to a farmer with five kids or that I’d become a prostitute or end up in prison. One of my friends who ended up with a 2:1 from Stirling University when she was 22 was prevented from sitting O levels by Chilton Trinity School because she wasn’t clever enough for such things. She was entered for CSEs in every subject and was then accused of plagiarising her English course work because her teacher couldn’t believe that a kid from Bridgwater was capable of writing to such a high standard. Not all of our teachers held out such high ambitions for us, but if we’d announced that we had wanted to become PM we’d have probably been given a detention for taking the piss, not told to consider librarianship. After all Philip Larkin was a librarian…

Sir Tom Stoppard was appointed President of London Library in 2002.

In 2008, PM Gordon Brown appointed Oona to act as his Senior Policy Adviser on Equalities and Diversity and Faith. In January 2009, King was appointed Head of Diversity at Channel 4. In 2010, King unsuccessfully challenged Red Ken for the Labour Party nomination in the 2012 election for Mayor of London. King’s first campaign speech, at Haverstock School, focused on ‘engagement with young people’. That’s how diverse Oona is. I expect that she encouraged them to fulfil their potential by telling them all that they could become Labour PM. Particularly the girls.

Oona of the Common People has since found her true home in the Lords with Lord Strathclyde of Toxic Waste Dumping In Hot Countries.


Woy liked to believe that he was the architect of the permissive society, famously supporting David Steel’s liberalisation of the abortion laws and Leo Abse’s reform of legislation regarding male homosexuality. That Woy was a bisexual swinger was not a secret, neither were his many extra-marital relationships. Woy was filmed admitting to them in a TV interview but told the interviewer that he would not be naming the people with whom he had relationships. I accept Woy’s point there, it was between him and his wife and the other parties and nothing to do with anyone else. Sadly, although people enjoyed trying to make capital from Woy being a bisexual swinger, no-one mentioned that he played a key role in concealing the organised abuse and trafficking of children and young people by gangs who murdered some of the witnesses. Ignoring that whilst worrying about which consenting adults Woy was sleeping with was inexcusable.

Woy was Leader of the Lib Dems in the Lords, 1988-97 and Chancellor of Oxford University, 1987-03.

Here’s Woy with a message for those of us who complained about Dafydd et al:

  • Roy Jenkins | Celebrities lists.


Woy’s useful life didn’t end with the demise of the SDP and the ineffectiveness of the Lib Dems. Woy acted as a mentor to Blair…


Now for Bill Rodgers, the member of the Gang of Four who was elbowed out. William Thomas Rodgers, Baron Rodgers subsequently helped to lead the SDP into the merger that formed the Lib Dems. Rodgers was educated at Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool. Famous Quarry Bank old boys include Rodgers’s Labour Party colleague Peter Shore who concealed the sexual abuse of young people by Dafydd’s gang and others (see post ‘Apocalypse Now’) and the trade union leader Dave Basnett, who er concealed the sexual abuse of young people by Dafydd’s gang and others (see post ‘A Very COHSE Relationship With Some Very Nasty People’). John Lennon was Quarry Bank’s most famous former pupil. When they were still based in Liverpool, The Beatles were mates with Cilla, who when she was older and rich and had moved to a mansion in Buckinghamshire because she loved Liverpool so much was a friend of Professor Geoffrey Chamberlain of St George’s Hospital Medical School, when Chamberlain was colluding with Dafydd and the gang in north Wales and the linked gang of traffickers in south London.

Rodgers went on to Magdalen College, Oxford. He was General Secretary of the Fabian Society, 1953–1960 and was succeeded in that role by Shirl. Rodgers was then Chair of the Fabian Society, 1966-67. He was preceded as Chair by Peter Townsend, the sociologist who knew about the organised abuse of young people by political figures and others.

Rodgers was a Councillor on St Marylebone Borough Council, 1958–62. His patch will have covered Harley Street.

Bill Rodgers was the Labour MP for Stockton-on-Tees, 1962-83. Stockton-on-Tees is in the Cleveland area and was the location of a paedophile/trafficking gang while Rodgers was an MP. Rodgers served in Labour Governments under Wilson – Rodgers was Minister of State for Defence – and under James Callaghan, serving as Secretary of State for Transport, 1976-79. From 1979 to 1981 Rodgers was Shadow Defence Secretary.

At the 1983 General Election Rodgers lost his seat. After leaving the Commons, he was Director-General of the Royal Institute of British Architects and also became Chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority. In 1987 Rodgers was Chairman of the successful “Yes to Unity” campaign within the SDP in favour of merger with the Liberal Party.

Rodgers received a peerage in Feb 1992, two months before a firebomb killed five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal (see post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’). Rodgers was the Liberal Democrats’ Leader in the Lords, 1997-01, which spanned most of the duration of the Waterhouse Inquiry and the subsequent publication of the Waterhouse Report.

Mike Thomas was another name mentioned on ‘The Reunion’. Michael Stuart Thomas identified with the Labour Party until 1981 and thereafter with the SDP. Thomas played a major role in both the establishment of the SDP and then in the SDP’s subsequent demise.
Thomas was educated at the Latymer Upper School and King’s School Macclesfield.  He studied at Liverpool University, 1962-66. From 1965 to 1966 Mike Thomas served as President of the Liverpool University Guild of Undergraduates and from 1966 to 1968 he was a member of the National Executive of the NUS.

Thomas initially made a career in political and social research, acting as head of the Co-operative Party’s research department, 1966-68 and as a research associate with the predecessor body of the Policy Studies Institute, 1968-73. 

Thomas was elected as the Labour MP for Newcastle-upon-Tyne East in Oct 1974, after the death at age 45 of the sitting Labour member Geoff Rhodes. Mike Thomas will have known about the paedophile ring in the north east, as will have Rhodes.

Thomas’s rivals for the Labour candidature included a number of local Party activists, notably the prominent local Councillor Jeremy Beecham. The talents of Jeremy Beecham were utilised by the Welsh Gov’t in 2006 when Jeremy Beecham was appointed to set up a Review to advise the Welsh Assembly Gov’t on the reform of public services in Wales, after scandal after scandal after scandal within those services.

Jeremy Beecham was the Labour leader of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne City Council, 1977-94. He had been a Councillor in Newcastle since 1967. Beecham was a Councillor in Newcastle throughout the years of serious corruption in the north east which was cultivated by and blossomed under T. Dan Smith, who was the Labour leader of Newcastle City Council, 1960-65 (see post ‘Another Episode Of Friends’).

Beecham went to the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and then to University College Oxford. After graduation he worked as a solicitor. He joined the Labour Party in 1959 and Chaired the Social Services Committee, 1973-77. Beecham Chaired that Committee whilst Brian Roycroft, the Director of Social Services for Newcastle, sent numerous kids in care on placements to the Bryn Alyn Community in north Wales, where they were abused and trafficked into sex work (see post ‘Another Episode Of Friends’). Kids at Bryn Alyn reported seeing Roycroft visiting and ignoring the dreadful conditions in which they were living. One boy at Bryn Alyn maintained that he had been forced into sex with an adult man at gunpoint.

For further details of the entrenched corruption in Wales’s public services upon whose reform Jeremy Beecham ‘advised’, see post ‘A Major Coup – Or A Complete Disaster?’.


As a new Labour MP, Mike Thomas served as PPS to Minister Fattersley, 1974-76. Fattersley was the MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook, 1964-97, while kids in care in Birmingham were abused in the city and sent to children’s homes in north Wales where they were also abused and trafficked and when the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad reached their zenith. Fattersley kept quiet about these matters as well as about the endemic corruption in civic life in Birmingham. However Fattersley did write a food column before everyone took to sending photos of their dinners to everyone else on social media. Fattersley was Deputy Leader of the Labour Party while the Windbag was Leader and he knew that the Windbag was concealing the en masse abuse of children and vulnerable people in north Wales. See previous posts for details of the full horror of Fattersley.


Once established as an MP, Mike Thomas soon became associated with the Campaign for Labour Victory group of right wingers in the Labour Party led by the then Environment Minister Bill Rodgers. In February 1981 Thomas left the party to found the SDP. Thomas declined to follow the advice of the constituency party that he should resign as an MP and contest a by-election and he remained in Parliament as an SDP MP where he acted as his new party’s Spokesman on Health and Social Services.

Thomas played a prominent role in the SDP’s successful launch in March 1981. As a member of the SDP’s national steering committee he advised on the selection of SDP candidates for the forthcoming General Election and led negotiations with the Liberal Party concerning the sharing out of constituency candidacies between the two centrist parties. The terms of an SDP/Liberal alliance was critical to the electoral success of both. Thomas quickly became known for his obduracy in the seat negotiations with the Liberals. In July 1981 it was reported that: ‘Senior Liberals were quietly seething… at the suggestion from Mike Thomas that half the prospective Parliamentary candidates already adopted by local Liberal associations should stand down in favour of SDP members.’ Many Liberals perceived Thomas’s approach as being ‘… a cynical electoral deal imposed from above’.

Thomas sought re-election at Newcastle East in the 1983 General Election as the SDP candidate, but lost to Labour’s Nick Brown, who years later, when a Minister, was at the centre of a scandal involving rent boys which was repackaged as a good news Gay MP Comes Out story by Alastair Cambell (see previous posts).  Mike Thomas stood for Parliament as an SDP/Alliance candidate in Exeter in 1987 but failed to be elected.

The SDP held its annual conference at Portsmouth in September 1987 and, by a 998-21 vote majority, delegates decided to open negotiations with the Liberal Party over a merger of the two Parties. Thomas and some other high-profile SDP members were opposed to this merger. Thomas engaged in a heated face to face exchange with Shirl, then the SDP President, over the use of a room at the conference centre for a meeting of those SDP members opposed to the merger. In full view of TV cameras, Shirl refused Thomas access to the room on grounds that his group’s meeting was not an official SDP function. Thomas initiated another heated disagreement at the Conference when he demanded access to the SDP’s central membership list in order to facilitate his campaign to keep the SDP as an independent party. This provoked a further confrontation with Shirl and Thomas moved a motion of no confidence in her Chairmanship of the Conference. In March 1988 a ballot of SDP members approved a merger with the Liberals by an 18,872 -9,929 vote majority.

Thomas became Vice-President of Dr Death’s Continuing SDP after the 1988 merger of the SDP’s main body with the Liberal Party to form the Lib Dems. He continued trying to negotiate deals whereby SDP and Liberal Democrat candidates would stand down in each other’s favour in particular constituencies, but his advances were largely ignored.

After losing his seat in Parliament in 1983, Thomas developed a portfolio of interests in journalism, corporate communications and management consulting.  In 1988 he established his own consultancy, Corporate Communications Strategy. 

Mike Thomas remained a prominent member of the SDP until the Party’s final demise in 1990. After 1990, unlike many former SDP leaders, Thomas did not immediately identify with any other political party. However, in 2009 he became site moderator of the Charter 2010 website which anticipated the result of the 2010 General Election and provided support for the political basis on which the Coalition Gov’t of 2010-2015 was founded. In 2010 Thomas joined the Liberal Democrats because he supported their decision to enter Coalition Gov’t with the Tories.

Dick Newby, the man who featured in ‘The Reunion’ of whom I was previously unaware, was educated at the Rothwell Grammar School, West Yorkshire, followed by St Catherine’s College, Oxford, graduating in 1974. So Newby may have been one of those students who came under the influence of Alan Bullock at Oxford and perhaps was recruited to MI5 by Bullock a la Mandelson (see post ‘A Study In Tyranny’).

Newby joined HM Customs and Excise, becaming Principal in charge of budget coordination in 1980. Post-SDP, Newby became Director of Corporate Affairs at property developers Rosehaugh plc. He subsequently became a consultant on corporate social responsibility. Newby worked extensively on programmes which used the power of sport to help motivate and educate children and young people. He was Chair of sport at The Prince’s Trust, 1997–2012, Chair of International Development Through Sport and Chair of Sport for Life International, of which he remains Patron.

Newby was Secretary of the SDP Parliamentary Committee in 1981 – David Owen described him as ‘an able young civil servant who resigned to come and work for us’ – and National Secretary of the SDP from 1983-88. From 1999 to 2006, Newby was Chief of Staff to Charles Kennedy and was instrumental in the process of managing the succession of leadership from Kennedy to Menzies Campbell.

Dick Newby received a peerage in Sept 1997, just weeks before Ronnie Waterhouse finished taking evidence from witnesses at the Waterhouse Inquiry. At the beginning of May 2012, Lord Newby was appointed the Lib Dem Chief Whip in the Lords and at the same time was appointed the Deputy Government Chief Whip in the House of Lords and Captain of the Yeoman of the Guard. In September 2012, Newby was appointed Treasury spokesman in the Lords. In September 2016 he was elected Leader of the Lib Dems in the Lords.

Lord Newby has been married since 1978 to the Rev. Ailsa Ballantyne Newby (née Thomson, now the Canon Residentiary of Ripon Cathedral). According to the House of Lords register of members interests, he jointly owns, with his wife, two flats in Lambeth, which are rented out.


After my reading and research re the SDP, it became obvious to me that they were infiltrated by the security services, who probably were responsible for the implosion of the SDP. That was very much appreciated security services, but you did not stop the organised crime against children and vulnerable people that the Gang Of Four were fully on board with. You will have known that Dr Death was a personal friend of some of those Top Docs in north Wales who caused my friends and I so much grief and who were responsible for a holocaust… Those Top Docs are still practising.



A selection of news from the media over the past few days:

The ongoing saga of Little Nell Hodge and her hurt feelings which were dealt with by lawyers to the Royals Mishcon de Reya (see post ‘A Vortex Of Eternal Shame’) seems to have dropped off the radar. After being on the receiving end of Little Nell’s wrath and her very expensive lawyers, Jeremy Corbyn is now under attack for refusing to apologise for being in the vicinity of the laying of a wreath at the site of a memorial. Jeremy has said he was present but not actually involved at a wreath-laying for individuals behind the group that carried out the Munich Olympic massacre, a partial admission that has led to a row with Israel’s PM. Jeremy had been asked if Palestinian leaders linked to the Black September terror group were also honoured at a memorial event he attended in Tunisia in 2014, at which victims of the 1985 Israeli airstrike in Tunis were remembered. I haven’t kept up with the latest on this particular row, there’s no telling what will have happened by the time that I post this up. Jeremy is coming under fire for numerous things at present, yet no-one is asking him to explain why he ignored a paedophile gang on his turf who killed their victims. Perhaps because a lot of other people ignored that gang or linked gangs.


‘The Guardian’ reported that social housing residents will be ’empowered’ to take on rogue landlords under a new strategy by the Gov’t, but campaigners have criticised the plan which offers no new funding. The social housing Green Paper has pledged to offer all tenants a “springboard” into ownership, with new shared ownership schemes that allow residents to buy as little as 1% of their homes each year. However, the Green Paper will say no social housing tenant should feel a “stigma” about council renting and the Department said it would “challenge the stereotypes that exists about residents and their communities.” Housing campaigners, including Shelter and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), said the reforms would not be effective without substantial new funding for council house building. I’m glad that someone has mentioned the obvious, but I’m wondering why Shelter and the JRF have not made a great deal more noise about this before now. The Shadow Housing Secretary, John Healey, called the proposals “pitiful” and said that they failed to tackle the crucial question of a lack of supply, as the number of new social rented homes built last year hit the lowest level since records began. Someone needs to remind John Healey that when last in Gov’t, the Labour Party ignored the housing crisis as well. They blamed the shortage of housing on immigrants from East Europe or on baby boomers refusing to move out of their own homes. Prezza suggested that developments of static caravans on brown field sites would be suitable for housing teachers and Angels. Euan, the son of Prezza’s former boss Blair, part owns, along with his mother Cherie, a house worth more than £3.6 million. Euan is in his early 30s and is not a teacher or an Angel.


‘The Guardian’ also published an article concerning suicides in mental health units, which stated that more than 200 patients killed themselves in mental health units over seven years. Data collected by the CQC showed that 224 people died of self-inflicted injuries between 2010 and 2016 in mental hospitals in England alone. The numbers ‘appear to be falling’ – yes, it has been even worse than this – and the fact that among inpatients more women than men have begun taking their own lives (a trend at odds with men’s much higher risk of suicide generally) has led campaigners to label the NHS’s care of women facing mental health issues as ‘not fit for purpose’. No it is isn’t, but then neither is the NHS’s care of men with mental health issues. Do we not worry so much about that because they are men? The 224 deaths involved 134 men and 90 women, according to the figures, which suggests that there is a great deal to be concerned about with regard to men’s healthcare.

The annual largest number of suicides was 41, in 2010. There were more than 30 suicides each year between 2011 and 2015, except for 2014, when the number was 23. However, 2016 saw the numbers drop significantly to 16. In 2015, the pattern of deaths changed and, for the first time, more women (20) killed themselves than men (15). The same was seen in 2016 when 10 women died compared with six men.

Vicky Nash, Head of Policy and Campaigns at MIND, stated that ‘it’s good to see the rates of self-inflicted deaths are declining. However, we’re concerned to see increased deaths among women. Regardless of gender, every death is a tragedy and one is one too many’. Then why have MIND ignored this scandal Vicky? You knew that it was happening and you’ve also known for years that the suicide rate in north Wales is particularly terrifying. You have refused to support the bereaved or publicly condemn the lethal ‘services’. MIND is ‘co-delivering’ parts of this killing machine in partnership with the NHS/private sector. Including in north Wales – MIND has a partnership with Dafydd’s charity CAIS…

The deaths involved people who had been detained under the Mental Health Act for compulsory treatment because they were deemed to pose a risk to themselves or others. Which confirms what I have maintained for years – people are being forcibly detained in units where they are not safe and no-one is being held to account. Some of the deaths were of frighteningly young people – over the seven years covered by the figures, nine young women and girls aged under 20 died in mental health units compared with four young men in the same age group.

‘It is appalling that we are seeing so many self-inflicted deaths of women and girls detained under the Mental Health Act’, said Katharine Sacks-Jones, the Chief Executive of Agenda, which campaigns ‘on the risks in society faced by women and girls’. ‘Many will have been detained precisely because they were at risk to themselves, yet the Mental Health Act is not keeping them safe and is failing to support and protect them’.

Did you really believe that it was Katharine or indeed even designed to do that? It was written by Dafydd’s mate Prof Robert Bluglass who was colluding with a trafficking gang and perjury.

Katharine continued: ‘NHS care of women with serious psychological or psychiatric problems needs to take much greater account of the fact that many female patients have suffered violence or abuse. The reality is that the conditions under which the Mental Health Act are enforced are not fit for purpose for women and girls’. They are not fit for men and boys either. Furthermore, patients of both genders sometimes suffer violence from mental health staff and no campaigners mention that ever. All we hear is crap about low paid caring Angels and Top Docs being prevented from doing their best by Cuts.

‘The Guardian’ revealed in March that coroners had found that at least 271 mental health patients in England and Wales had died between 2012 and 2017 after sometimes multiple failings by NHS staff and bodies, including mental health trusts, GP surgeries and ambulance services.

So why haven’t we heard much, much more about this from ‘The Guardian’?

Deborah Coles, the Director of Inquest – who is just about the only person regularly commenting in the media who has ever shown any understanding that the mental health services are killing people in substantial numbers – called for the introduction of mandatory independent investigations into deaths in places of mental health care. ‘Our casework bears witness to the escalating rise on the number of highly vulnerable women and girls dying in places where they should be safe,’ she said. ‘Critical to this is the need for greater oversight, accountability and learning. The lack of an independent investigation system for deaths in mental health settings, unlike that for deaths in police or prison custody, undermines this necessary scrutiny.’

Deborah has highlighted for years the fact that the mental health services kill people and are not even investigated by an independent body after they do so. The police and prison service at least have to do their best to conceal what has happened, the mental health services don’t have to explain the death to anyone.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care said: ‘Inpatient suicides are at an all-time low. However, every suicide is a tragedy, which is why we recently announced a zero suicide ambition for mental health inpatients.’

Everybody repeats that every death is a tragedy, but those deaths are clearly not such a tragedy that an independent investigation is warranted, let alone disciplinary action or prosecutions.

An independent review of the Mental Health Act ordered by Theresa May Chaired by Prof Sir Simon Wesseley, the former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, is due to report soon. Would you like me to tell you what Sir Simon is going to say Theresa? Because I suspect that I know. Sir Simon is married to Lady Clare Gerada, who is the former President of the Royal College of GPs, who are just as responsible for the killing fields as the Royal College of Psychiatrists are.

One wonders why there has been such silence about this atrocious state of affairs for so many years on the part of everyone but Deborah Coles.

Luciana Berger, a Jewish Labour MP, has demanded that Jeremy Corbyn apologise for his wreath-laying habits, because she is offended as a Jewish woman. Well as an Empowered Service User who is now in hiding Luciana, I would like you to apologise for not mentioning this slaughter of innocent people by the mental health services when you were Jeremy’s spokesperson on mental health. The dodgy deal with other people who also ignored the abuse of vulnerable people in which Luciana participated in order to become a Labour MP was detailed in an earlier post.


It has been reported that a new drug to relieve pain during childbirth that works better than pethidine – which has been in widespread use since the 1950s – is now available. ‘The Guardian’ reported that the new drug may be better than pethidine, which ‘it has long been known it does not help all women’. That has long been known, but most people are unaware of that, because Top Docs and Angels don’t tell them. The worst thing that can happen with pethidine is that the patient still feels the pain but becomes ‘drunk’ on pethidine and is unable to control their bodies. I watched one such birth at St George’s. The staff all knew what had happened because one of them explained to me why things were going so badly wrong, but nonetheless one Angel helpfully said to the patient ‘For God’s sake stop thrashing your legs around you stupid bitch’.

Ah, your life in their hands!

The new study, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, shows that remifentanil, which women control by pressing a button when they feel pain, appears to be more effective than pethidine. It is claimed that women using remifentanil were half as likely to end up asking for an epidural, which blocks all pain and sensation and often leads to a forceps delivery.

Dr Matthew Wilson, a senior lecturer at the University of Sheffield, was the lead author of the study, which was published in ‘The Lancet’. Matthew commented that ‘More than a quarter of a million women in labour are given pethidine each year in the UK, even though up to 40% do not find it helpful. Some women do not report any useful pain relief at all and it has significant side effects. That includes sedation and potentially affecting the baby.’

And being sworn at by the midwife, who gave one the pethidine in the first place without warning one what might happen.

Matthew observed that ‘Epidurals are by far the most effective form of pain relief, but women who have them are more likely to end up with their baby having a forceps or vacuum delivery. That can sometimes cause damage to the mother and have long-term consequences, including sexual problems.’

Furthermore, women who have been told that an epidural is available if the pain is really bad often find that there is no anaesthetist to give them the epidural, something that was never mentioned in the ante-natal classes or on those visits to the hospital to look at the birthing pool.


However, it seems that remifentanil is yet another medical breakthrough that may not be all that we are being told that it is: ‘It is being used in some maternity units, but there has not yet been sufficient proof that it is better than pethidine. Because women are attached to a drip with remifentanil, controlling the dose that goes into their body using a hand-held device, while pethidine is given as an injection, it was not possible to disguise which drug women received in the trial.’

OK, so this trial is invalid…

Furthermore, ‘one downside is that remifentanil can lead to low oxygen levels. That happened to 14% of women taking the drug, compared to 5% of those on pethidine and all were given additional oxygen. In the trial, women received one-on-one care from a midwife who could check on their oxygen levels, which is recommended for all NHS maternity units but is not always the case.’

The researchers called for a rethink on pain relief for women in labour: ‘The use of remifentanil as a first-line opioid for pain relief in labour in preference to pethidine would reduce the need for epidurals, instrumental deliveries and consequent morbidity for large numbers of women worldwide. The implications are that a fundamental re-evaluation of opioid pain relief in labour is required, challenging the routine use of pethidine in childbirth’.

Women should have the choice, said Dr Wilson. ‘Is it reasonable to persist in offering pethidine as standard now that we know remifentanil is superior?’ he asked.

Except that we don’t know that remifentanil is superior, because the trial was scientifically invalid.

Some maternity units stock remifentanil as an alternative for women who cannot have an epidural. ‘I think our study potentially provides the evidence that the units that currently have the ability to give it should seriously consider opening up to maternal request, provided they can offer the same stand of safety we did [including one to one midwife care],’ said Wilson.

Many NHS maternity units – probably most – do not now offer one-to-one midwife care.

Pain control in childbirth will always be a difficult one, because some women experience a great deal of pain, yet pain relief has to be sufficient to control the pain but not do damage to the baby. Top Docs cannot be blamed for this situation. But there needs to be a lot more honesty regarding the state of NHS care and very much more sensitivity and transparency when the birth has been mismanaged.


Media reports this morning are stressing that the singer Adele has ‘spoken out’ about her friend’s postpartum psychosis, because ‘talking about it helps’. Not if no-one will listen it doesn’t Adele. And believe me, no-one will listen. We’ve had years of ‘talking about it because that helps’ and just look at the mess.


‘The Guardian’ also reported that thousands of former prisoners are sleeping rough. More than 100,000 prisoners – almost half of those who left detention – left prison for unsettled or unknown accommodation over the last three years, Ministry of Justice figures have revealed. Around one in six former prisoners were classified as unsettled, likely to mean sleeping rough or another form of homelessness, between April 2015 and March 2018. The figures were obtained by the Lib Dems through an FoI request and also revealed that HMP Norwich released 72% of its prisoners to unsettled or unknown accommodation over two years.

Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrats’ Home Affairs spokesman, whose party analysed the MoJ figures, said he was concerned that those prisoners ‘who had fallen through the cracks’ would not be able to access vital rehabilitation services.

No-one fall through the cracks Ed, they are shoved over into the ravine. Everyone knows that it is happening and they do not give a stuff, because politicians believe that the only vote winner re penal policy is ‘Tough on crime, tough on causes of crime’…

On Monday, the Gov’t announced it would invest £3m a year over two years in a pilot scheme for dedicated officers in prison to equip inmates for life outside, with a focus on getting those serving short sentences into suitable housing. Wasn’t rehabilitation always part of the prison officers’ remit? They have not fulfilled that remit for decades, so now we are told that another £3 million is needed. No, the issue at stake is that the training of prison officers has not been what it should be, but no-one has admitted that.

Prisons minister Rory Stewart said ensuring prisoners had a stable home was vital to avoiding re-offending. ‘Too many rough sleepers come straight from prison – moving from their jail cells into this outdoor life of isolation, vulnerability and addiction’ he wrote in a blog for the MoJ. ‘On the streets, without a job, without mental health support, or a bed for the night – they are sucked back into a criminal life, reoffend, and soon end up back in prison.’

Many people are in prison because ‘mental health support’ has sent them to prison Rory. Not by accident, but as a policy, which, if a helping hand is needed, also involves perjury on the part of those delivering ‘mental health support’.

Can I ask why Theresa May removed Michael Gove from the post of Justice Secretary? Michael Gove was completely mad as Education Secretary but he was brilliant in Justice. Gove showed a real understanding of the inhumanity and brutality of the ‘justice system’ but he was removed and replaced by a series of numpties.


Yesterday thirty seven people in Yorkshire were convicted of sexual and trafficking offences against girls. The list of names of the convicted suggests that every one of them was South Asian/South Asian-British.

My how things haven’t changed.

Dafydd will still be Chairing CAIS.

Dr Dafydd Alun Jones



The biggest medical story of the last few days has been that of Dr Bawa-Garba winning her High Court appeal after she was struck off by the GMC. Dr Bawa-Garba is the junior Top Doc who was struck off and faced prosecution after a little boy in her care died at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Dr Bawa-Garba was distraught and maintained – and later proved – that she was left alone to carry the can for a hugely dysfunctional hospital in which scores of people, many much more senior and highly paid than Dr Bawa-Garba, were not doing their jobs. The debates around Dr Bawa-Garba’s case included institutionalised racism in medicine and ‘under-staffing/resourcing’.

Leicester Royal Infirmary was not under-staffed or under-resourced. Dr Bawa-Garba’s mentor, the consultant on call, was not available for her, although she did her best to seek advice. The consultant, Stephen O’Riordan, was working at another hospital and claims that he ‘did not know’ that he was on call at LRI. Why didn’t he know? There has been no explanation for this crucial lack of knowledge. I think that O’Riordan has now left the country and is working elsewhere, which Top Docs often do when a mountain of crap has exploded on their watch.

A Top Doctor who has been communicating with me for sometime now has sent me details of numerous failures and possible lies told by O’Riordan that have not been widely publicised.

Staff from LRI who have been too frightened to identify themselves have claimed that LRI has been dangerous for years and that there has been a long-standing problem with junior Top Docs left out of their depth with no-one on call to advise. Some have suggested that LRI has been as dangerous as Mid-Staffs was, but guess what, it has been concealed.

Much as I am glad that a junior doctor for once has won the battle against being scapegoated for the failings of many others including her seniors, a little boy died when he should not have and those responsible need to be identified and held to account. This is not the first healthcare scandal that there has been in Leicester – my blog has previously detailed just a few of the others.

The NHS in Leicester has been riddled with malpractice for many years. Like north Wales, Leicester was the centre of a huge long-standing paedophile gang – with links to Dafydd and co in north Wales – and the gang was facilitated by the social services and the NHS, although all other agencies were also colluding. A gang like that could not have operated if the Top Docs were not on board.

The Kirkwood Report which was published after the conviction of the social worker Frank Beck in 1991 for horrific abuse of children in care over many years made it clear that the police, the City and County Council, the legal and criminal justice services all knew what was happening but did nothing. Kirkwood only held back with regard to one person – Kirkwood made a private agreement with one Lord Greville Janner that he would not be named in the Report. Frank Beck always claimed that he had carried the can for a number of other people, including one Greville Janner. Beck was found dead in prison in May 1994 before he could do anymore mouthing off, what with all those criminal investigations in Leicester, north Wales, Islington, Lambeth…

I have previously blogged about the many people in Leicester University who colluded with the gang in Leicester, particularly in Leicester Medical School. Sir – later Lord – Robert Kilpatrick was the Dean of Leicester Medical School, which was supposedly a flagship institution. Kilpatrick was also President of the GMC when the GMC failed to take action against Dafydd et al. Kilpatrick, in 1993, published ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors’, the plan for medical training…

Kilpatrick knew that Top Docs across the UK, including Dafydd, were facilitating child abuse, trafficking and associated very serious crime. Kilpatrick was at the pinnacle of the medical establishment.

Are we surprised that LRI has been dangerous for years and that a huge cover-up has been in place?

The LRI is a teaching hospital.

Furthermore, as the staff of LRI all seem to be fully aware of how dangerous that hospital was and still is, why have no Leicester politicians spoken out about this? Er, Keith Vaz? Liz Kendal?

Blair’s Secretary of State for Health Patricia Hewitt was the MP who succeeded Greville Janner’s Leicester seat after Greville was off to the Lords.

Greville Janner didn’t stand trial for child abuse because he produced ‘medical evidence’ claiming that he was unfit to stand trial.

Greville Janner’s daughter Marion is a ‘mental health campaigner’ who praises dangerous services – including those in north Wales – and awards them stars. Marion is a Radio 4 favourite, as is her sister Rabbi Laura. Their brother Daniel is, like his dad, a barrister and has threatened to sue the arse off any former kids in care who claim that Greville molested them.


The Top Doc who wrote to me about Dr O’Riordan’s wrongdoing reassures me that although I have witnessed terrible things in medicine, he has no interest in child porn and always does his best for his patients. I believe him. I do not believe that every Top Doc is a criminal. But after I complained about some who definitely were, for more than 30 years, no other Top Doc dared contradict their lies about me, although nearly all of those Top Docs knew exactly what was going on. I understand that while a few of them were complete turds, many of them were simply terrified. That is the problem.

The medical establishment became corrupted many years ago and it is now rotten through and through. It is not Dr Bawa-Gharba who is the problem. It is the scores of people in very senior positions who have been involved in serious organised crime. The GMC needs to be abolished – no more public inquiries, they need to go – and the assets of the BMA need to be seized under the proceeds of crime legislation. The BMA advised doctors whom they knew were criminals on how to imprison patients who complained. There needs to be a whole new profession, trained by and staffed by very different people. There is no shortage of really good people who want to work in healthcare, but they have been systematically hounded out or bludgeoned into submission by a cadre of corrupt senior Top Docs and corrupt senior NHS managers.

A little boy has died, completely unnecessarily, in the care of the NHS. Another one. He won’t be coming back.

One Top Doctor who might be able to tell us all what has been going on in the NHS in Leicester is Dr Gareth Stables, who works there. Gareth’s mum is Liz Stables, who for many years was the Angel responsible for the Student Health Centre at UCNW (Bangor University) while the Top Docs in that Health Centre facilitated a trafficking ring. Liz was mates with Dafydd. Liz will remember when the gang killed my friend and housemate Anne Vernon. Days later, Liz took Anne’s file out of the filing cabinet and wrote ‘DEAD’ on the cover of it in big letters in front of me. Then Liz told me that I couldn’t hang about being miserable, there were things to do. Weeks later Dr D.G.E. Wood, the GP at the Student Health Centre, yelled at me to leave Bangor, forget about everything that had happened there and make a new life somewhere else. Liz told me that she never wanted to see me again, she was sick of my complaints about Gwynne the lobotomist.

Anne remained dead.




Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. To the person from Somerset who sent me a lengthy poisonous tirade a few minutes ago:

    I did not read the whole of your e mail – after the first few lines, I didn’t feel that I needed to. I will not be replying to anything from you or even posting up any more messages in response on this blog. Please do not clutter up my inbox again. It may have escaped your notice, but we are dealing with very serious criminal matters here and writing to a witness in the sort of style in which you did was not a good idea.

    1. Just a few of the health related items in the news today:

      Most GPs are now only opting to work three days per week, which is ‘adding to the crisis’. GPs are opting to work three days per week because they are so highly paid that three days/week gives them a bigger salary than most people earn full time. So part-time work for GPs is very attractive, particularly for women, who now make up a substantial proportion of GPs, because they can spend time with their families. I am not in the least critical of women who do want to look after their own children, most of my friends made that choice rather than take Gina Ford’s Motherhood For The Neoliberal Economy path and hand their kids over to someone else at 7 am every morning. But like the UK’s housing crisis, the GP crisis was utterly predictable. Huge numbers of women began qualifying as Top Docs years ago, they all openly declared their wish to work as GPs in order to combine work with children and then the Gov’t caved in every time that the BMA screamed ‘poverty and stress’ and demanded a pay rise. Their pension pots are so big that they retire at 55 yrs now as well…

      The Times is leading with a story that the IT systems in Military healthcare are so chaotic that soldiers lives are at risk. It’ll be even worse in the NHS…

      A psychiatric nurse at Cefn Coed Hospital has killed herself after dreadful workplace bullying. Cefn Coed is a mediocre psychiatric unit in Swansea which is no stranger to bad news stories. Cefn Coed is run by Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board who are of course heart-broken at this ‘tragedy’. After the NW Wales NHS Trust disappeared in a puff of smoke some years ago, the vile Director of Nursing Angela Hopkins was recirculated into a senior management position with Abertawe Bro Morgannwg. On Hopkins’s watch in north Wales, a number of staff had committed suicide, two leaving notes behind detailing atrocious bullying at their workplaces in Ysbyty Gwynedd. Angela Hopkins was one of those who was involved in refusing to investigate my complaints that I was being threatened by Angels and unlawfully denied treatment. Evidence regarding Hopkins was among that which I sent to Edwina Hart, the then Health Minister, who failed to take action against Hopkins. It was Edwina who dissolved the NW Wales NHS Trust and made an agreement with the unions that there would be no redundancies among the senior managers who had been involved in criminal activities and brought the Trust to ruin. Hopkins was one of them, Edwina smuggled her off down to Abertawe. Edwina was the AM for the Gower, just down the road from Swansea…

      After causing havoc at Abertawe, Hopkins ‘retired’, was given a Chair in Nursing at Bangor University, set herself up as a ‘consultant’ and sold her ‘expertise’ back to the Betsi Board in north Wales, which had replaced the NW Wales NHS Trust and which thanks to Edwina, still employed Hopkins’s old crooked friends…

      The Chair of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg is Win Griffiths, former Welsh Office Minister who was involved in concealing the organised abuse in the NHS and Social Services.

      The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales Nick Bennett has announced that the number of NHS complaints is rocketing and the highest number of complaints were about the Betsi Board. Nick has commented that there doesn’t seem to be any ‘learning’ because complaints about the same matters are being made repeatedly and that there is a ‘culture’ of not handling complaints properly.

      Nick, if patients can be violently assaulted, threatened, fitted up in court by Angels and senior managers and even the fucking Health Minister refuses to act and instead ensures that they remain in post, there is not going to be a change in ‘culture’. Not that any of those thick crooks understand the meaning of ‘culture’ anyway, in the way that none of them understand what is meant by a ‘learning organisation’. These are just phrases which are written on flip charts by Angels who have been sacked, set themselves up as ‘consultants’ and who then sell their ‘expertise’ back to the organisation from which they were obliged to depart. Is that not true Angela Hopkins/Dee Gray?

      Meanwhile patients die.

      Come on tossers, let’s have another march accompanied by UNISON and UNITE banners with the purpose of ‘saving the NHS’.

      1. Oh yes and a man has murdered his young niece after being denied mental health care after behaving strangely and denouncing his niece as Satan. It can’t even be blamed on a personality disorder, he had a re-growth of a brain tumour which had been excised some years previously. An organic neurological problem Top Docs, you prefer those to conditions to which you can apply your highly mobile goal posts. So what’s your excuse this time?

  2. And the wheel keeps turning Sally – it’s unspeakable. Re health services in S Wales valleys .doc in intensive care Newport described them and the illnesses people are suffering from such as TB as from the dark ages pre medieaval -he’s so genuinely disgusted by what he’s seeing. Enjoy your 3 day week docs on pay which would have kept a miner alive for a year.
    As for the lucky women docs who can have it all – at tax payers expense – remember when counselling became the rage in the 80’s? Thousands of them took short courses and started up businesses at home at times to suit. £60-£90 quid for only an hour -they do have the children to pick up. Qualifications? of course 6 week course and peer to peer practice and of course we care about our clients. ££££££££££££

    1. It is the biggest con that one could ever imagine and no politician will draw attention to it lest they or their nearest and dearest suddenly find themselves told that there is ‘nothing that can be done’ for their painful, lifelong, life threatening condition. They know what happens to NHS whistleblowers and they certainly don’t want it meted out to them. Or they might be remembering poor Michael Carr who took on the unholy alliance of the Top Docs and Militant in the Liverpool NHS. ‘Heart attack? Don’t be silly Mr Carr. You’re being discharged and you’ll be dead within the next hour. No-one will dare even discipline us.’

      I haven’t blogged half of the details of what I know has happened to whistleblowers or their relatives in terms of being left to die slowly and painfully on this blog…

      1. Only just realised – Cefn Coed, the site of the latest disaster, the suicide of the Angel after terrible work-place bullying, was the hospital where Jo Brand worked during her much-publicised stint as an Angel.

        Let’s hear it for Jo! She’s a Strong Empowered Woman who tells Ian Hislop and the Boys where to get off on HIGNFY! Jo talks about Sexual Harassment as well and tells the Boys that they just don’t understand this.

        Well Jo, Ian Hislop might be male, white and public school, but Private Eye under Hislop’s editorship was just about the only organ which published anything about the paedophile gang which was being facilitated by your old colleagues at Cefn Coed…

        Why have you kept so quiet then Jo?

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