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  1. To the person from Somerset who sent me a lengthy poisonous tirade a few minutes ago:

    I did not read the whole of your e mail – after the first few lines, I didn’t feel that I needed to. I will not be replying to anything from you or even posting up any more messages in response on this blog. Please do not clutter up my inbox again. It may have escaped your notice, but we are dealing with very serious criminal matters here and writing to a witness in the sort of style in which you did was not a good idea.

    1. Just a few of the health related items in the news today:

      Most GPs are now only opting to work three days per week, which is ‘adding to the crisis’. GPs are opting to work three days per week because they are so highly paid that three days/week gives them a bigger salary than most people earn full time. So part-time work for GPs is very attractive, particularly for women, who now make up a substantial proportion of GPs, because they can spend time with their families. I am not in the least critical of women who do want to look after their own children, most of my friends made that choice rather than take Gina Ford’s Motherhood For The Neoliberal Economy path and hand their kids over to someone else at 7 am every morning. But like the UK’s housing crisis, the GP crisis was utterly predictable. Huge numbers of women began qualifying as Top Docs years ago, they all openly declared their wish to work as GPs in order to combine work with children and then the Gov’t caved in every time that the BMA screamed ‘poverty and stress’ and demanded a pay rise. Their pension pots are so big that they retire at 55 yrs now as well…

      The Times is leading with a story that the IT systems in Military healthcare are so chaotic that soldiers lives are at risk. It’ll be even worse in the NHS…

      A psychiatric nurse at Cefn Coed Hospital has killed herself after dreadful workplace bullying. Cefn Coed is a mediocre psychiatric unit in Swansea which is no stranger to bad news stories. Cefn Coed is run by Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board who are of course heart-broken at this ‘tragedy’. After the NW Wales NHS Trust disappeared in a puff of smoke some years ago, the vile Director of Nursing Angela Hopkins was recirculated into a senior management position with Abertawe Bro Morgannwg. On Hopkins’s watch in north Wales, a number of staff had committed suicide, two leaving notes behind detailing atrocious bullying at their workplaces in Ysbyty Gwynedd. Angela Hopkins was one of those who was involved in refusing to investigate my complaints that I was being threatened by Angels and unlawfully denied treatment. Evidence regarding Hopkins was among that which I sent to Edwina Hart, the then Health Minister, who failed to take action against Hopkins. It was Edwina who dissolved the NW Wales NHS Trust and made an agreement with the unions that there would be no redundancies among the senior managers who had been involved in criminal activities and brought the Trust to ruin. Hopkins was one of them, Edwina smuggled her off down to Abertawe. Edwina was the AM for the Gower, just down the road from Swansea…

      After causing havoc at Abertawe, Hopkins ‘retired’, was given a Chair in Nursing at Bangor University, set herself up as a ‘consultant’ and sold her ‘expertise’ back to the Betsi Board in north Wales, which had replaced the NW Wales NHS Trust and which thanks to Edwina, still employed Hopkins’s old crooked friends…

      The Chair of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg is Win Griffiths, former Welsh Office Minister who was involved in concealing the organised abuse in the NHS and Social Services.

      The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales Nick Bennett has announced that the number of NHS complaints is rocketing and the highest number of complaints were about the Betsi Board. Nick has commented that there doesn’t seem to be any ‘learning’ because complaints about the same matters are being made repeatedly and that there is a ‘culture’ of not handling complaints properly.

      Nick, if patients can be violently assaulted, threatened, fitted up in court by Angels and senior managers and even the fucking Health Minister refuses to act and instead ensures that they remain in post, there is not going to be a change in ‘culture’. Not that any of those thick crooks understand the meaning of ‘culture’ anyway, in the way that none of them understand what is meant by a ‘learning organisation’. These are just phrases which are written on flip charts by Angels who have been sacked, set themselves up as ‘consultants’ and who then sell their ‘expertise’ back to the organisation from which they were obliged to depart. Is that not true Angela Hopkins/Dee Gray?

      Meanwhile patients die.

      Come on tossers, let’s have another march accompanied by UNISON and UNITE banners with the purpose of ‘saving the NHS’.

      1. Oh yes and a man has murdered his young niece after being denied mental health care after behaving strangely and denouncing his niece as Satan. It can’t even be blamed on a personality disorder, he had a re-growth of a brain tumour which had been excised some years previously. An organic neurological problem Top Docs, you prefer those to conditions to which you can apply your highly mobile goal posts. So what’s your excuse this time?

  2. And the wheel keeps turning Sally – it’s unspeakable. Re health services in S Wales valleys .doc in intensive care Newport described them and the illnesses people are suffering from such as TB as from the dark ages pre medieaval -he’s so genuinely disgusted by what he’s seeing. Enjoy your 3 day week docs on pay which would have kept a miner alive for a year.
    As for the lucky women docs who can have it all – at tax payers expense – remember when counselling became the rage in the 80’s? Thousands of them took short courses and started up businesses at home at times to suit. £60-£90 quid for only an hour -they do have the children to pick up. Qualifications? of course 6 week course and peer to peer practice and of course we care about our clients. ££££££££££££

    1. It is the biggest con that one could ever imagine and no politician will draw attention to it lest they or their nearest and dearest suddenly find themselves told that there is ‘nothing that can be done’ for their painful, lifelong, life threatening condition. They know what happens to NHS whistleblowers and they certainly don’t want it meted out to them. Or they might be remembering poor Michael Carr who took on the unholy alliance of the Top Docs and Militant in the Liverpool NHS. ‘Heart attack? Don’t be silly Mr Carr. You’re being discharged and you’ll be dead within the next hour. No-one will dare even discipline us.’

      I haven’t blogged half of the details of what I know has happened to whistleblowers or their relatives in terms of being left to die slowly and painfully on this blog…

      1. Only just realised – Cefn Coed, the site of the latest disaster, the suicide of the Angel after terrible work-place bullying, was the hospital where Jo Brand worked during her much-publicised stint as an Angel.

        Let’s hear it for Jo! She’s a Strong Empowered Woman who tells Ian Hislop and the Boys where to get off on HIGNFY! Jo talks about Sexual Harassment as well and tells the Boys that they just don’t understand this.

        Well Jo, Ian Hislop might be male, white and public school, but Private Eye under Hislop’s editorship was just about the only organ which published anything about the paedophile gang which was being facilitated by your old colleagues at Cefn Coed…

        Why have you kept so quiet then Jo?

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