Wheels Within Wheels Or Flies Drawn To The Same Incestuously Corrupt Shithouse?

I have taken the title of today’s post from a comment left by Mike Claybrook in response to a previous post. Mike offered it as a reflection on the cronyism and corruption evident in north east Wales, but it’s a remarkably succinct summary of the prevailing situation in the many institutions, political parties and regions of the UK that have been discussed on this blog.

Readers will be aware that I spent my youth living under the long dark days of Thatcherism and I don’t think that I’ve yet recovered – when I was in north Wales it was a case of poverty and being the victim of the paedophiles’ friends and when I was in London it was a case of witnessing the extreme fuckwittery and greed of the highest echelons of the medical profession whilst they told me that I was a naïve sheepshagger because I wasn’t interested in joining in with their idiocy. I didn’t know at the time, but they too were the paedophiles’ friends, but just rather richer, grander and rather better connected friends than those in north Wales. The paedophiles’ friends in north Wales ended up with OBEs, the ones in London bagged knighthoods and peerages. Despite the joy that erupted throughout the UK at the news of Thatcher’s resignation however, the nightmare of course continued – because John Major took over with pretty much the same bunch of goons in senior positions.

One of the more unpleasant spectacles in the early days of Major’s Gov’t occurred at the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton in October 1992, when Peter Lilley decided that the way to endear himself to the Party was to launch into a vindictive poisonous attack on some of the most vulnerable in society. There had been much gnashing of teeth about the ballooning numbers of people claiming sickness benefits – which was of course happening because Tebbit et al had spent years making alterations to the way in which the unemployment figures were calculated in order to hide the ghastly truth and GPs had been quietly encouraged to shift claimants over onto sickness benefits where possible. Lilley achieved notoriety by singing a pastiche of the Lord High Executioner’s ‘little list’ song from The Mikado. He entertained the conference with a ditty about having a ‘little list’ of people who ‘won’t be missed’ – they included people claiming social security benefits, unmarried pregnant women and socialists no less. Liiley’s performance was truly unedifying.

Readers might have noted the date of the Party Conference concerned – October 1992. Six months after the arson attack on a building in Brighton which killed five people with connections to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. Two more deaths resulted from this event as well – the man who was alleged to have confessed to starting the fire was found dead himself days later and another young man who survived the arson attack alleged that the former residents of the children’s homes in north Wales were being murdered because they had knowledge of liaisons between child prostitutes and politicians but he was subsequently found dead himself after giving evidence. For full details of the fire and it’s aftermath, see post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’. Presumably it was felt that after this fire, a few more people who wouldn’t be missed were out of the way.

Well Peter, I’ve got a list as well – a list of all those people whom I know colluded with the activities of a vicious paedophile ring in north Wales. Admittedly it’s not a little list – because of the degree of corruption that was involved it’s a very long list and many have already been named on this blog, but there are still a few obvious loose ends to tie up. So here is my own additional little list, to be read with reference to – and correlated with – previous posts.

My little list begins with three odious people who were friends and contemporaries at York University – Harvey Proctor, Michael Brown and Christine Holman, now Christine Hamilton. I don’t know what was going on at York at the time, but the York University Conservative Association spawned some deeply unpleasant people.

Harvey Proctor is legendary. He was Chair of the York University Conservative Association between 1967-69, then the Assistant Director (1969-71) and a member of the executive council (1983-87) of the hard right Monday Club. He was the Tory MP for Basildon (1979-83) and then for Billericay (1983-87). In the early 80s some mind-boggling rumours circulated about Harvey Proctor, rumours so florid that I didn’t believe them. He was alleged to be taking part in extreme S&M activities with under-aged boys. ‘Private Eye’ ran a few articles about him – he was featured in their ‘The New Boys’ column and I expected him to sue them. However he didn’t. Proctor became a source of fascination to the ‘Eye’ and sometime later they published allegations that a building that he owned was housing members of the League of St George (a far-right group) and then allegations that someone had been walking past his London flat, heard guttural noises coming from within and observed bloody handprints on the outside of the building. Interestingly, no-one from the Tories denied these stories, they just ignored them. The rumours continued to circulate and eventually some Tories started expressing the opinion that Proctor was a serious embarrassment and that they’d rather he stood down.

In 1986 ‘The People’ newspaper claimed that Proctor was in same sex relationships with males and then the shit really hit the fan – in 1987 Proctor was found guilty of gross indecency and fined after participating in spanking sessions in which young male prostitutes were tied up. The prostitutes involved were not ‘children’, but they were under the legal age of consent for gay sex between men, which at the time was 21. Proctor and others who were charged under similar circumstances now angrily point out that they were targeted for being gay and that the men that they were having sex with would these days be over the age of consent. I take their point about the relevant changes in the law – but whereas some of these men were charged for offences involving young men between the ages of 16 and 21, there were constant allegations that some of them had sometimes been sexually involved with boys under the age of 16. Furthermore these rent boys had frequently been trafficked into prostitution at the age of 16-17 after leaving children’s homes, where they had been ‘groomed’ by years of sexual abuse – often accompanied by violence if they resisted. This was certainly the pattern regarding the kids from north Wales children’s homes – and John Allen, the owner of the Bryn Alyn Community, was known to own brothels in London and Brighton where children formerly in his care were sent after they left the children’s homes. The boys pimped by Allen also alleged that he was involved with a major crime ring dealing in child porn and drugs. The defence used by Proctor et al never involves answering any difficult questions about where those rent boys had come from and why they were so willing to have sex with rather deranged sometimes elderly MPs whom they could not have found attractive in any way.

Proctor resigned his seat after his conviction and Theresa Gorman succeeded him. In 1988 Proctor established a shop in Richmond-Upon-Thames selling shirts, ties and waistcoats, after receiving a grant from the Gov’ts Enterprise Allowance Scheme. Proctor had considerable help establishing this business. The Tory Whip Tristan Garel-Jones organised the raising of the sum of £75,000 and over the following years, as Proctor’s shop repeatedly encountered financial difficulties, Tory MPs and former Tory MPs came to the rescue. Some of the people who were financially involved with Proctor’s business were Jeffrey Archer, Michael Heseltine, David Heathcote-Amory, Mark Lennox-Boyd, Sir Nicholas Bonsor, Richard Shephard, David Evans, Neil Hamilton, Christine Hamilton, Tim Yeo, Michael Brown, David Ashby, Sir Neil Thorne, William Benyon and Sir Charles Morrison. Charles Morrison was the older brother of Sir Peter Morrison whom it is now admitted was molesting boys in their mid-teens and younger, including boys resident in children’s homes in north Wales. Heseltine and Archer invested more than £100,000 in Proctor’s shop.

There was a punch-up in the shop in 1992. Two young men entered and asked Proctor ‘have you any ties for tying up rent boys before you spank them?’ Proctor tried to get them out of the shop and a fight broke out. Incredibly enough Neil and Christine Hamilton were in the shop at the time and Hamilton came to Proctor’s assistance when the young men assaulted Proctor. Proctor was punched in the face and had his little finger broken and Neil Hamilton ended up with a broken nose. The two men were charged and convicted.

In spite of the enormous helping hand that Proctor received from well-wishing Tories, his business eventually went bust. In 2003 Proctor was appointed the Private Secretary to the 11th Duke of Rutland at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. He entered obscurity but of course hit the media again in 2015 when he was named as a suspect in the Operation Midland investigation into child abuse. Proctor held a press conference at which he angrily denied all allegations made against him – which included allegations that he had sexually tortured boys, attempted to castrate one of them and that a boy was murdered. The allegations against Proctor were tied up with allegations that Ted Heath abused boys – Proctor maintained that he hated Ted Heath so much that he wouldn’t have shared a cup of tea with him, let alone have attended an orgy in his company.

The Operation Midland investigation was halted after the publication of Sir Richard Henriques’ highly critical report into the way that the police had conducted the investigation. In Nov 2016 the Commissioner of the Met, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, apologised to Proctor. Proctor began legal action against the Metropolitan Police in Feb 2017. Sir Richard Henriques was the judge who dismissed the appeal of Jeremy Bamber in 2002. Jeremy Bamber is serving a life sentence for the murder of three members of his family – there has been mounting concern for years that his case is a serious miscarriage of justice. Bamber was convicted substantially as a result of the evidence given by a Top Doctor from St Andrew’s Hospital Northampton, an institution with a history of patient neglect and abuse – the Top Doctor seems to have been untruthful when giving evidence (see post ‘Family Annihilation’).

Although I too found it difficult to believe that Proctor would have done anything at all with Ted Health including sexually abusing boys, I note that one of the investors in Proctor’s business, Sir Charles Morrison, had been a big fan of Heath’s. Charles Morrison was the MP for Devizes (1964-92) and died in 2005. His obituary in the ‘Daily Telegraph’ makes interesting reading. It contrasts the political differences between Charles and his brother Peter – Charles being a ‘die hard Heathite rebel’ and Peter being an aide to Thatcher. The Morrisons’ had a sister – Dame Mary Morrison, who was Woman of the Bed Chamber to the Queen for over 50 years. Charles Morrison’s wife was related by marriage to Ian Fleming, who wrote an article entitled ‘To Westminster With Love’, the opening words being ‘Charles Morrison – Licensed To Kill’. Well somebody certainly was, witnesses to the activities of Peter Morrison and his associates were constantly found dead.

Michael Brown, one of Proctor’s friends at York, was a part time research assistant to Michael Marshall between 1975-76 and between 1976-79 worked for Nicholas Winterton MP. In 1979 Brown was elected as a Tory MP himself and remained as one until May 1994. Brown was a member of the Monday Club and the Eldon League. He was a founder member of the No Turning Back group, which included Peter Lilley, Neil Hamilton and Michael Portillo. Brown and Portillo were extremely good friends in the early 80s, so much so that they went on holidays together, along with someone else close to them, Derek Laud, who was Brown’s research assistant for a considerable period of time.

Brown was a supporter of the apartheid regime in South Africa and in Feb 1988 visited South Africa with Neil Hamilton – their trip was funded by the South African Authorities.

Brown was PPS to Douglas Hogg, between 1989-90 when Hogg was at the DTI and then between 1990-92 when Hogg was at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Between 1992-93 Brown was PPS to Patrick Mayhew, Secretary of State for N Ireland. Mayhew was a barrister, who when he was younger had acted as Counsel for the GMC – the GMC who famously allowed Dr Morris Fraser, a child psychiatrist who was a paedophile, to continue practising in the 70s. But then they allowed Dafydd to practice and he was facilitating a paedophile ring. In 1993 Brown became an assistant Gov’t Whip.

Brown was involved with the Cash for Questions scandal, along with Neil Hamilton, Sir Michael Grylls and Sir Peter Morrison. Brown accepted money to lobby on behalf of U.S. Tobacco without declaring it and also failed to declare an interest in the notoriously carcinogenic Skoal Bandits.

Michael Brown resigned as an MP in 1994 after the ‘News of the World’ published photos of him on holiday in Barbados with a gay man who was under the age of consent.

Brown was in the wilderness for a short while but bounced back in April 1998 after he submitted a piece for the ‘Independent’ which they accepted. The Indie then offered him a regular commission as a political sketch writer, starting in 1999. I mentioned in my post ‘Running The Country – And All That Jazz’ that after he left office, Ken Clarke joined the Board of the ‘Independent’. Helena Kennedy, another name which will be familiar to readers of this blog, was also on the Board at the time. Clarke left office in 1997 – he joined the ‘Independent’ at some point after that. Michael Brown then also picked up work for other papers. He is now a political journalist who makes regular appearances as a commentator and newspaper reviewer on British TV, especially BBC News 24 and Sky News.

I note that Brown’s troubles began at the time that Gordon Anglesea sued for libel after a number of media outlets named Anglesea as abusing boys in care in north Wales and just as the Jillings investigation into child abuse in north Wales was launched. His career recovered whilst the Waterhouse Inquiry was nearing it’s end, when Amanda Platell had her feet firmly under the table at Conservative Central Office as Press Officer (see post ‘Did Glenda Occupy A Key Role In Keeping It All Quiet?’) and after Sir Peter Morrison had been found safely dead at the bottom of the stairs at his home.

I have mentioned that Brown and Portillo were good friends with Derek Laud, Brown’s research assistant and they even all went on holidays together. Laud was also a member of the Monday Club in the early 1980s. By the mid 1980s he was working for Tory MPs and Gov’t advisors as a researcher and as a special advisor to Sir Gordon Downey, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. During the second half of the 80s Laud was an aide and speechwriter for Thatcher. He also helped Alan Clark and Michael Heseltine with their speeches. During the 1992 general election Laud acted as a campaign aide and fundraiser for John Major.

In the mid 80s Laud established Strategic Network International, a company set up to campaign against anti-apartheid movements and in the late 80s he worked in private equity finance. In 1992 he co-founded the lobbying company Ludgate Laud. Laud is co-founder and executive director of New City Initiative, a think tank and financial lobbying company. He holds multiple positions at the ‘wealth management’ company Stanhope Capital LLP. In recent years Laud has became a TV celeb – including an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother and in 2005 he partnered Edwina Currie on a TV quiz.

In the 1990s Laud was active in support of the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA), a political party in Namibia backed by the South African Gov’t.

Laud has a rather different background to many of the people in the Conservative Party with whom he is mates. He came from a Jamaican family in south London but had a very big rift with his mother when he was fourteen, which he attributes to him being gay, but he never quite explained how exactly. He moved out of his mother’s house and had no contact with her for many years – he moved in with Anna Meeham the head of the school that he attended in Clapham. Anna lived with her sister Cecily who was a child psychologist – Cecily was friends with a Judge Ann Goddard. Laud has remained very close to these two sisters, particularly Cecily. In an interview with the ‘Daily Mail’ in 2007 he stresses their importance in his life and says that he consults them about everything.

I mentioned in my post ‘Are You Local?’ that teenaged boys from Ty’r Felin, the children’s home in Bangor run by the brutal Nefyn Dodd, were being trafficked into prostitution. They were hired out to men renting hotel rooms in the local area but they were also taken to London, where they were received by a Tory fundraiser and aide of Thatcher’s who had an apartment in Dolphin Square. I received an e mail from a journalist some weeks ago alleging that the man in question was Derek Laud.

Michael Portillo, a close friend of Laud and Brown’s, graduated from Cambridge in 1975 and in 1976 joined the Conservative Research Dept. He became a Gov’t advisor in 1979 and was elected to the Commons in 1984. He was given a seat in the Cabinet in 1992, as Chief Secretary to the Treasury. He was Secretary of State for Employment (1994-95) and Secretary of State for Defence (1995-97). Throughout this time he was known as the ‘darling of the right’ and in his early days as an MP many had seen him as the heir to Thatcher. He lost his seat unexpectedly in the 1997 general election. He returned to the Commons in 1999, after being elected for Kensington and Chelsea, Alan Clark’s seat, after Clark died. He became Shadow Chancellor. Portillo retired from the Commons in 2005 and is now largely known for his media work and is a regular on the BBC.

The right wing of the Tory Party eventually developed a problem with Portillo in the aftermath of him fessing up in 1998 that he had ‘had some homosexual experiences’ when he was a young man. As it became clear that Portillo’s homosexual experiences might have been rather more extensive than he’d let on, people like Norman Tebbit became very angry and accused him of deceiving them. Which I think he probably did – he married a woman in 1982, voted against gay equality legislation and denied the rumours circulating that he was gay. I knew someone in north Wales back in the 1990s who used to go to gay clubs in London and Manchester who told me that he’d seen Portillo in gay clubs. Many years ago Michael Gove alleged in one of his books that there was quite an interesting party scene in Portillo’s Cambridge College – Peterhouse – whilst Portillo was there, including cross-dressing parties at which men were given girls names which were attended by both undergrads and Fellows of the College. There were a number of allegations circulating about Portillo, including that he was one of the Tories who was having sex with under-aged boys. I have no idea whether he was or not – but I think that he certainly knew people who were. He has known one person since he was a teenager who definitely did keep quiet about paedophile activity in children’s homes – Diane Abbott, the former Press and PR Officer for Lambeth Borough Council, whose own children’s homes were rife with a paedophile activity and who also sent children in care to John Allen’s Bryn Alyn Community in north Wales.

Another Tory who was the subject of allegations that he was gay was the man with the little list, Peter Lilley. Lilley felt obliged to issue a denial in the end and he stated that he found the idea of homosexuality about as appetising as eating cardboard. Lilley had been at Cambridge with Ken Clarke, Michael Howard, John Selwyn Gummer and Norman Lamont. Lilley was a member of the No Turning Back group along with Portillo, Hamilton and Michael Brown. He was the Chair of the Bow Group, 1973-75. He was elected as a Tory MP in 1987 and retired in 2017. He was PPS to Nigel Lawson, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (July 1990-April 1992) and Secretary of State for Social Security (April 1992-May 1997). Lilley was always right behind Margaret Thatcher, but when he realised that she was going to lose the leadership contest in 1990 he very quickly changed his allegiances and supported John Major.

The toxic Child Support Agency was one of Lilley’s initiatives, although whether he was responsible for appointing as head of the CSA the equally toxic Ros Hepplewhite – formerly Chief Exec of MIND whilst that organisation concealed horrors in north Wales perpetrated by the paedophiles’ friends – I do not know. In 1977 Lilley co-authored a book with Samuel Brittan, brother of the dreadful Leon, who has been named as a child abuser. Leon’s family and friends have robustly denied the allegations, but what is certain is that Leon lost a dossier given to him by Geoffrey Dickens MP whilst Leon was Home Secretary – the dossier contained names and details of Westminster figures whom were alleged to be abusing children. Many other files relating to child abuse also went walkabout from the Home Office whilst Leon was there. Please see post ‘A Few Of The Relevant Politicians In The Mary Wynch Case’ for an account of the hissy fit that Samuel Brittan threw in the mid 80s when the box office at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival failed to pull strings for him and how dear old Michael Grade promised to help him out.

Lilley’s father was personnel officer at the BBC. R.D. Laing once commented when observing his son growing up that he felt himself rocked by successive generations. I’ve experienced a similar sensation when researching for this blog.

Proctor and Michael Brown’s friend from York, Christine Holman, eventually married Neil Hamilton. Christine had worked as secretary for Tory MP Sir Michael Grylls (father of Bear). Years later, Grylls ended up in a lot of trouble in the Cash for Questions scandal, along with Hamilton, Brown and Peter Morrison. Grylls was a Tory MP for 27 years who stood down in 1997. In 1990 he took cash payments and misled the select committee on members interests.

The most notorious MP involved in the Cash for Questions saga was of course Christine Hamilton’s husband Neil. Neil Hamilton has been involved in such extensive scandal and wrongdoing that I cannot detail it all here, so I’ll just provide a few highlights.

Neil Hamilton grew up in Carmarthenshire – his father was a manager for the National Coal Board. Hamilton eventually became a barrister specialising in taxation. He went to Aberystwyth University, that institution which trained so many of the corrupt lawyers named on this blog, although Hamilton didn’t read law there. After Aber, he went to Cambridge and then embarked on a legal career. There are a lot of people in Wales who remember Hamilton from his time at Aber and there are some interesting stories circulating. He was a member of the Federation of Conservative Students at Aber between 1968-74. He was elected for the Conservatives in Tatton in 1983 and held the seat until 1997, when he was beaten by the journalist Martin Bell who stood on an anti-sleaze ticket. Hamilton was a member of the No Turning Back group and his network included Alun Duncan and Gerald Howarth. He was also a member of the Eldon League.

In June 1984 Hamilton was the subject of a BBC Panorama programme, ‘Maggie’s Militant Tendency’, which detailed some seriously bad behaviour and worrying connections on the part of Neil Hamilton. In Oct 1986 Hamilton and Gerald Howarth sued the BBC for libel. The prosecution was funded by James Goldsmith and Taki, the Spectator journalist. David Davis was at the time a Director for Tate and Lyle and persuaded them to donate to Hamilton’s fighting fund. Hamilton stated that his main character witness would be Norman St John Stevas. I mentioned in my post ‘It’s The Sun Wot Won It’ that when I worked at St George’s Hospital Medical School between 1989-91, a member of staff there was a young man well-acquainted with the London gay scene who told me that Norman St John Stevas was known to holding ‘spanking parties with little boys’ and that ‘no-one knows how he’s getting away with it’. I was told this before the many allegations of politicians molesting children appeared in the media on a regular basis.

In October 1986 the BBC caved in to Hamilton suddenly and unexpectedly. A representative of the National Young Conservatives hinted at a stitch-up and the Director General of the BBC Alisdair Milne maintained that he had acted under the instruction of the BBC Governors, who had ordered the Board of Management to settle  case before the defence interrogated Hamilton. The BBC paid the legal costs of Hamilton and Howarth and issued an apology. Attention focussed on the actions of Malcolm McAlpine, the cousin of Alistair McAlpine, the Conservative Party treasurer. Malcom McAlpine denied promising Hamilton that he could ‘deliver’ the Governors behind a settlement.

Alistair McAlpine became headline news in 2012, when he was named on ‘Newsnight’ by Steve Messham as being one of the men who had sexually abused him whilst Messham was in Bryn Estyn. McAlpine denied it and successfully sued a number of people who repeated the allegation. The McAlpine family do have a connection to north Wales though – the mother of Owen Lloyd George (THE Lloyd George’s grandson) was a McAlpine. Two descendants of Lloyd George, Annwen Carey Evans and D.B. Carey Evans, signed the ‘memorandum’ presented to Parliament in 2008 – the memorandum that was initiated and largely signed by the paedophiles’ friends (see post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University!’) and designed to put a stop to Edwina Hart’s efforts as she confronted the corruption of the paedophiles’ friends in the north Wales NHS.

Hamilton’s action against the BBC involved some very worrying happenings and there were allegations of witness intimidation – a BBC internal memo to the Board of Management claimed that 17 witnesses were intimidated into changing their testimony. Conservative Central Office were accused of orchestrating a cover-up. Dale Campbell-Savours MP maintained that he had evidence in the form of a letter and a tape that demonstrated BBC nobbling. Campbell-Savours sent a copy of the tape to Michael Havers, the Attorney General and accused Conservative Central Office of interfering with potential witnesses.

In Dec 1986 Hamilton became PPS to Sir David Mitchell. Mitchell was a Hampshire MP between 1964-97 and was a Minister in Thatcher’s Gov’t. His is the father of Andrew Mitchell, who was Chief Whip in Cameron’s Gov’t between 2010-12 and at the centre of Plebgate. Andrew Mitchell’s wife is a Top Doctor.

Hamilton became a Whip in 1990. In June 1990 he was recruited by Derek Laud to work for Strategy Group International for which Hamilton received a fee from Michael Brown.

Hamilton was a keen supporter of Thatcher and after Heseltine’s leadership challenge in Nov 1990 was quoted as saying ‘I fed all my intelligence into her campaign’. My post ‘It’s The Sun Wot Won It’ mentions the degree of socialising that the Hamiltons were doing with Sir Peter Morrison – whose constituency was next to Hamilton’s – at a time when Morrison’s abuse of under-aged boys was openly talked about at social events involving the City of Chester Conservative Association. Between 1992-94 Hamilton was a Minister in Major’s Govt.

During the Cash for Questions scandal it was revealed that Hamilton did not register his consultancy fee from Strategy Network International, that he enjoyed free hospitality at the Ritz Hotel in Paris – owned by al Fayed – had stayed at al Fayed’s castle in Scotland without declaring it and that he had received many thousands of pounds from al Fayed which was handed over in the now infamous brown envelopes.

In the wake of the allegations that flew during Cash for Questions, in Jan 1998 Hamilton launched a libel action against al Fayed. Lord Harris of High Cross raised £100k to help fund the case and many other Tories also donated, including Lord Tim Bell and Simon Heffer. Over £400k was raised. Lord Harris had founded the No Turning Back group in 1985 and had a long association with the economists and think tanks which had exerted such influence on the economic policies of Thatcher’s administrations. He was the founding President of the Institute for Economic Affairs from 1990 until his death in 2006, proposed the idea of an ‘independent’ university and then became a Council member of Buckingham University (1980-85), famously the UK’s first private university. In 2003 Harris was also the Chairman and President of FOREST, the pro-smoking charity which was largely funded by the tobacco industry. Between 2008-2001 Harris was a Director of the Murdoch-owned Times Newspapers. Harris also wrote for the ‘Telegraph’.

Hamilton lost his libel action in Dec 1999 and subsequently filed for bankruptcy.

Following their disgrace and a memorable ‘Guardian’ headline confirming that Neil Hamilton was a liar and a cheat, the Hamiltons reinvented themselves as celebs. The BBC welcomed them with open arms and they appeared regularly on various TV shows, including ‘Have I Got News For You’. Their celebrity status had a downside. In 2001 they were accused of rape and sexual assault by a young woman who it later transpired was quite troubled and enjoyed a rich fantasy life. Her allegations against the Hamiltons were found to be demonstrably untrue – although the Hamiltons were arrested and questioned. The young woman subsequently went to prison, which was probably not the best place for her. However, the identity of the Hamilton’s alibi is noteworthy – it was Derek Laud, who maintained that the Hamiltons were having dinner with him at the time that they were alleged to have assaulted the young woman.

Cash for Questions was one of the key factors that did for John Major’s Gov’t. Another Tory MP who faced allegations of sleaze was Tim Smith who was elected in 1982 and stood down in 1997 after allegations that he received bribes. Smith was known to have accepted cash payments from al Fayed. Tim Smith worked for Leon Brittan in the Home Office 1983-85 and was a N Ireland Minister between Jan and Oct 1994.


What is overwhelming obvious here – particularly when considered alongside the information in my previous posts – is what a cradle of filth this was. There were a number of politicians close to Margaret Thatcher at the heart of Gov’t who were utterly unscrupulous and using any means available to them, including the gross abuse of their positions, to line their own pockets. There were some politicians who were known to be abusing young boys and rather more who were using the services of rent boys slightly under the then age of consent without asking any questions at all concerning where those rent boys were coming from. The networks and links – even just the ones that I have detailed on this blog – mean that these activities must have been widely known about in Westminster, as must have been some of the means being used to silence witnesses.

It is striking how many of the people named on this blog as having been involved in child abuse or in keeping it quiet also had careers in the media. Even the Hamiltons who had been utterly disgraced – and that was before the child molesting activities of their mate Peter Morrison became public knowledge – were invited to appear on prime time light entertainment BBC programmes, as though they were simply an entertaining colourful couple rather than a pair of lying, cheating crooks who intimidated anyone who dared take them on. But then there was effectively a deal done between Thatcher’s Gov’t and parts of the media. The BBC was notoriously craven – because it was usually presumed they were terrified of the Gov’t stopping the funding of the BBC via the licence fee. But the BBC was of course also employing and concealing the activities of Savile – who was literally a mate of Thatcher’s. Everybody was doing so much that they shouldn’t have been that no-one dared grass anybody else up. As for the newspapers – well Murdoch and Thatcher had a very obvious deal which I was reminded of when listening to the Radio 4 programme ‘The Reunion’ this morning. They were reminiscing about the Wapping dispute, the means by which Murdoch broke the print unions. The print unions enjoyed the support of many on the left but I don’t think that they should have – their practices were dreadful and involved actively excluding women and ethnic minorities from jobs, as well as large scale fiddling. They were of course happy to keep printing ‘The Sun’ all the way through the Falklands campaign even when it published photos of ‘injured Argies’ and a fictitious interview with a war widow which helped Thatcher to win another election. The print unions only started squealing when Murdoch went after them. He used the anti-union laws that the Thatcher Gov’t had passed to do this – the union was broken when the Courts sequestered their assets. Under Murdoch’s ownership the Times newspapers undoubtedly changed in character with the installation of people like Andrew Neil as editors – all Murdoch’s publications became uncritical defenders of everything that the Conservative Gov’t did. They were never going to publish stories about Thatcher’s aides abusing children and participating in substantial financial corruption, particularly when some of the political figures connected to child abuse were involved with bank-rolling the Conservative Party.

I have mentioned many times in previous posts how the Labour Party stood by impotent – they couldn’t blow the whistle, because so many of their MPs had been Councillors on the London boroughs overseeing the ‘services’ in which the children were sexually abused and then trafficked – to be sexually used by some of the very people whom the Councillors loathed and dearly wanted to see out of office. I have mentioned that some people who later made it big in New Labour actually worked as social workers themselves in those Councils, such as Tessa Jowell and Janet Boateng. This blog has also named a number of ‘radical lawyers’ with connections to the Labour Party who undoubtedly knew what was happening to those kids and the further abuse of them at the hands of the mental health services if they dared complain – lawyers who did not say a word, or even some, such as Patricia Scotland, who actually acted for the state in public inquiries which were no more than massive cover-ups of the abuse of children by public figures. The role of Margaret Hodge as leader of Islington Council whilst the children’s homes were infested with paedophiles has received substantial publicity, but there is one former lawyer who hit the big time with New Labour who is still skilfully hiding away, although her biography suggests that she bloody well knew about all this as well – I am talking about that well-known victim of oppression, Harriet!

Harriet Harman was interviewed by Peter Hennessey on Radio 4 earlier this week and I steeled myself to listen to the whole interview, because I have always suspected that Harriet, daughter of a Harley Street Top Doctor herself and an eternal whinger – referencing very simplistic notions of gender inequality but showing a complete ignorance of class inequality – knew a lot more about institutionalised child abuse than she ever let on. Harriet was famously outed a few years ago as having been involved with the NCCL – along with many of her New Labour mates – whilst NCCL was affiliated with PIE, a group lobbying for paedophiles’ rights. Harriet got very angry indeed and claimed that she was the subject of a smear campaign – and then someone produced a document written for the NCCL by a Harriet Harman in her capacity as their legal officer, which certainly read as though it was arguing for paedophiles rights. See posts ‘The London Connection’ and ‘Tower Hamlets, Paul Boateng and Tessa Jowell’ for the idiocies of the NCCL and their officers who later became senior figures in New Labour.

I have always accepted that Harriet really is not very bright at all and I could well imagine a young, over-privileged stupid Harriet deciding that she was going to change the world by telling it what to do, only to find herself being used by a bunch of paedophiles’ friends who probably couldn’t believe their luck at stumbling across such a dimwit. I was right! Throughout her interview with Hennessey, Harriet stressed how she wasn’t going to listen to the old fuddy duddies in her family like Lord Longford – she obviously doesn’t understand that she only ended up at the top of the Labour Party because she came from that immensely privileged and well-connected family, it certainly wasn’t through ability – she and her friends were going to change everything and she was delighted to maintain that they did. Some of them even worked whilst they were pregnant, which Harriet pointed out had never been done before – her own mother hadn’t. Harriet – that’s because your mother was Very Posh and could afford not to work. If you had ever read any social history at all, you would know that Poor People have for many generations worked whilst they were pregnant. Likewise, your memories of dressing up in your mother’s barrister’s wig and robes when you were little because she’d put them in your dressing up box was not so much a symbol of your mother’s oppression, it was a Signal to you from your mother of the sort of adult that you were expected to grow up to be. It worked – you are as thick as pig shit but you still became a lawyer and indeed even Solicitor General.

I did however learn a few more things about Harriet from that interview. That she was at York University when Proctor and his mates were there. She mentioned that she was ‘political’ but that the Conservative students at York were foul. Yes and some of them just a few years later did some very interesting things with rent boys and money. Harriet will not have forgotten that she was at York with Proctor et al when they hit the headlines some years later – but she couldn’t say a thing about their activities…

I also learnt that after her stint at NCCL, Harriet worked at Brent Law Centre (1978-82) at a time when the paedophile gangs that supplied the Westminster Paedophile Ring were in full swing. Brent Law Centre will have dealt with child care and mental health cases. In 1984, the complete fuckwittery of Brent Social Services resulted in the death of Jasmine Beckford (see post ‘Ian Brockington’s Mischief’). Jasmine was starved and beaten to death by her stepfather – she had been in the care of Brent Social Services for two and a half years before she died. So Brent Social Services were ‘caring’ for Jasmine whilst Harriet worked down the road at the Law Centre leading the way for the nation’s wimmin and planning her future career in the Labour Party. Paul Boateng was also busy in the area at the time and was MP for Brent South (1987-2005). The Paul Boateng who worked in the legal firm that acted for Mary Wynch (see post ‘The Mary Wynch Case -Details’) and who is married to Janet Boateng, a former social worker for Lambeth who Chaired the Social Services Committee at the time of the death of Tyra Henry in 1984 (see posts ‘Tower Hamlets, Paul Boateng and Tessa Jowell’ and ‘A Few More Who Might Be Able To Answer Questions’). Ken Livingstone was busy in the area as well and served as MP for Brent East (1987-2001). The Ken who led the GLC when so many of the kids in it’s care were abused on Ken’s patch or exported to children’s homes in north Wales to be abused. Brent embraces part of Camden – Tessa’s old stomping ground. For details of the many links that those from the London boroughs had to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, see post ‘The London Connection’.

I think that Harriet definitely knew that there was a problem – and her silence meant that her and her mates were not able to ‘change everything’ at all. Harriet didn’t just keep quiet when she was a young woman with an eye on a Labour seat (she was subsequently elected for Peckham, one of the most disadvantaged parts of London. I very much doubt whether the Council there was caring for the kids properly). Harriet’s lips remained sealed when she was an Older Empowered Strong Woman. She was Solicitor General in 2001, shortly after the publication of the Waterhouse Report at the time of the allegations of a huge cover-up. Not a word. In 2005 she was Minister of State for the Dept of Constitutional Affairs and represented Charlie Falconer on the Commons frontbench – whilst Charlie concealed the heap of manure and ensured that anyone who had suffered at the hands of the paedophiles’ friends would have no legal redress by making it impossible to access Legal Aid. Charlie’s withdrawing of Legal Aid also very nearly put the two lawyers in north Wales who were doing a pretty good job of fighting the paedophiles’ friends out of business. Now that would have been a great relief for those we know and love.

When Harriet and her close friend Patricia Hewitt discovered that MI5 had kept files on them as a result of their involvement with NCCL they became very angry, took a case to the European Court of Human Rights and subsequently there was a change in the law. Well Harriet and Patsy were only working for an organisation that was lobbying on behalf of paedophiles whilst there was a problem with senior figures in Gov’t abusing children, children who were later found dead, with the alleged involvement of rogue members of the security services. Why ever would MI5 be keeping files on Harriet and Patsy?

Harriet remains good friends with Patsy to this day. Patsy was formerly the General Secretary of NCCL during it’s Paedophile Period and later became the MP for Leicester West, after Greville Janner stood down. The Greville Janner whom the CPS has admitted should have been prosecuted for abusing boys but wasn’t, for reasons that the CPS have never been able to explain. Keith Vaz – he of the male prostitutes and drugs – also became an MP in Leicester, after a stint working as the senior solicitor for Islington Council in the mid 80s as the paedophile ring operating in the Islington children’s homes ran riot and a further stint working as a solicitor in a Law Centre in Leicester which was funded by Leicester City Council between 1985-87 as the paedophile ring there did it’s best (see post ‘One Of The Safest Pairs Of Hands At The Criminal Bar’ for further details on Keith, his mum and his sister). The paedophile ring in operation in Leicestershire children’s homes had as it’s key figure the social worker Franck Beck who was later imprisoned. It is not only Labour politicians with dirty linen who are drawn to Leicestershire – Harvey Proctor ended up there as well.

During the Hennessey interview Harriet spoke a lot about her battles with the male creatures who clutter up Parliament and explained that the reason why she accepted a place on the front bench when offered one by Neil Kinnock was that Patsy had told her that she ‘had a responsibility’ to sit on the front bench or other wimmin would not believe that it was possible. Thank God we’ve got Harriet to show us the way.

The fuckwittedness of Patsy’s comment had clearly escaped Harriet – whilst Harriet was exercising her responsibilities as a Role Model there was of course a woman PM. Harriet did know this. As she explained her ‘visceral hostility’ to Thatcher to Hennessey, she recounted a little anecdote – that just after her first baby was born (that will have been Joe Dromey who was famously taken into Parliament as a newborn), she was walking down a corridor with her baby when she saw Thatcher approaching. She was so desperate not to allow Thatcher’s ‘eyes to fall on my baby’ that she dived into a side room. Harriet told Hennessey that if that side room hadn’t have been available, she would have covered her baby’s face with a blanket to prevent the wicked witch from giving him the evil eye. I wouldn’t really want any children of mine to be left in the company of Thatcher, but the difference between me and you Harriet is that once I obtained the evidence pointing to a paedophile ring in operation with connections to Westminster that was concealed at the highest levels, I published it as soon as I was in a position to do so. You did not. But then there never was any chance of your child being taken into care by the sort of fuckwitted social worker like Tessa Jowell who were employed in the London boroughs in such great numbers and then being transported to a children’s home in north Wales where he would have been beaten, starved, forced to work free of charge, sexually abused and then trafficked back down to London as a rent boy. That Harriet is why Joe is now a senior research fellow in the IPPR, not stuck in an abusive mental health system, in prison or dead.

Since she released her blockbuster ‘A Woman’s Work’ recently, Harriet has explained that the reason why she never became leader of the Labour Party is of course because she is a woman and Gordon Discriminated. So we all had a lucky escape thanks to Gordon’s entrenched sexism.

There is yet another nightmare scenario looming on the horizon. There is talk in Labour circles of who is going to succeed Jeremy and I am horrified to read that the name being touted about is Emily Thornberry, on the grounds not of her brilliance but that she is of the left and that the next leader ‘must be a woman’.  That’s sounds a rather dogmatic position, but if it has to be a woman, please don’t let that woman be Emily Thornberry. Emily is of course best-known for sending out an offensive and massively damaging tweet whilst she was campaigning – a tweet of a photo of a new-build house draped in numerous flags of St George with a white van parked in the drive. Emily’s tweet suggested that the inhabitant of the said house must be a right wing oik from the lower orders – and the world went apeshit with a backlash. Emily was denounced as the worst example of the Labour metropolitan elite, out of touch with and contemptuous of less privileged people. The damage to the Labour Party was massive, but instead of accepting that she probably shouldn’t try and take a leading role in the Party lest she inflict more damage, Emily conducted a series of media interviews in which she stressed her humble origins as a kid from a council estate. She then continued to appear on TV as a spokesperson for Labour, screwing up badly because she didn’t know salient facts – which she blamed on the sexism of the interviewers. At the same time, much appeared in the press about the very expensive house in which she lives – the same part of Islington as the Blairs, just around the corner from Margaret Hodge -and it was revealed that she owns a number of other not at all cheap properties as well. It was confirmed that for a while as a child Emily had lived on a council estate, although no-one was quite sure when or why – yet her father was an international lawyer, a Professor at King’s College London and UN Assistant Secretary General. Emily’s mother had been a Labour Councillor and the Mayor in Guildford. Emily’s mum had encouraged her to go into politics – Emily became Labour MP (she was selected on an all-woman shortlist) for Islington and Finsbury in 2005. It was also revealed that Emily is married to High Court Judge Sir Christopher Nugee, so she is actually Lady Emily Nugee, but she became very vexed indeed when David Cameron called her that.

As ever though, the right wing press haven’t done their homework – well maybe they have, but unlike Service Shenanigans, there is an elephant in the room that they won’t tackle. Has Sir Christopher Nugee presided over miscarriages of justice? No, he doesn’t seem to have. Has his chambers been involved in anything shameful regarding court cases involving politicians and children? No – although the chambers probably doesn’t have clean hands, it specialises in finance, including off-shore trusts.

The elephant in the room is Emily. Before Emily became an MP she was a barrister, between 1985 and 2005. She worked at Took’s Court Chambers, the chambers of Michael Mansfield. I wrote to Michael Mansfield in 1993 or 1994 and informed him of my prosecution in Bangor Magistrates Court for ‘staring at a social worker in Safeways’, after I had complained about law-breaking on the part of the mental health services. I also complimented him on his recently published book ‘Presumed Guilty’, about miscarriages of justice and the abuse of public order legislation – that’s why I wrote to him, I explained that it was that legislation (which Thatcher’s Gov’t had specifically passed to use against striking miners) that was used to prosecute me. I received a reply from Mr Mansfield, but it simply thanked me for my letter and said ‘it is always good to have support’. Michael Mansfield will have known when he read my letter that there had been a recent media storm regarding the possible existence of a paedophile ring in north Wales providing children to politicians and that there were allegations that the police, the social services, the Top Doctors, lawyers, judges and the Welsh Office were involved in a huge cover-up. He will have known that it was a social worker from Bangor, Gwynedd – where I lived, the address was on my letter to him – who had been sacked for blowing the whistle on the paedophile ring. He will have known that a senior police officer, Gordon Anglesea, had been named by two young men on TV as having abused them when they were in Bryn Estyn children’s home and that Gordon Anglesea had launched a libel case against the media outlets that named him and that he was being supported by the Police Federation.

One would have thought that my letter would have had the antennae of the UK’s most high profile radical barrister twitching like mad. Mansfield had defended members of the IRA, acted for the Birmingham Six and given his services to the NUM free of charge during the miners’ strike. He had a reputation as a lawyer who was not afraid to take on the British State at it’s worst. But Mr Mansfield walked straight by on the other side of the road. Although he must have realised that someone had written to him who had evidence that if, pursued, could do serious damage to John Major’s Gov’t as well as to the politicians involved in the previous administrations – including Thatcher herself, who had destroyed his personal friend Scargill. But defending members of the IRA is obviously easier than defending someone under attack from the paedophiles’ friends. Emily was working at Tooks when I sent that letter to Michael Mansfield. Other people who have worked with Mr Mansfied include Helena Kennedy and Patricia Scotland, both stars of this blog and members of the network of paedophiles’ friends…

Not only is Emily one of the paedophiles’ friends, but King’s College London – the home of yet more of the paedophiles’ friends – where Emily’s dad held a Chair, was host to some interesting activities. In the 80s there was a scam going on among some of the students. In order to earn a few quid they were marrying foreign nationals in order for them to acquire permission to enter or remain in the UK. Someone I worked with at St George’s, whilst he had been a physiology student at Kings, had married one of the other students from America to enable her to stay in the UK. He had been paid many thousands of pounds for his service – after the marriage they shared a house whilst leading a separate existence and went their separate ways entirely a few years later, once the legal requirements had been fulfilled. There was also a professor in King’s College School of Medicine who was having sex with his own children. This was openly discussed among the Top Doctors on the London medical scene. No-one suggested any sort of investigation into the Professor of gynaecology concerned.

I think that I’m going to have to devise a classification system for the paedophiles’ friends because there are just so many of them. There’s going to have to be a category of the paedophiles’ bestest friends, such as Arfon Jones, the esteemed North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner and dear old Dafydd and Lucille. Then there will have to be the paedophiles’ very good friends, such as Dr Peter Higson. Then the paedophiles good friends; then the paedophiles’ ‘colleagues’ – a mixed bag, some of whom have no problems with the paedophiles at all but this category also includes some who tolerate them in order to gain personal advancement (a very big category); then the biggest category of all, containing many thousands of people from across the UK in many walks of life – those who knew what the paedophiles were doing but were too spineless to do anything at all, no matter how minor, to stop them. I might also need a sub-category – the paedophiles’ friends who are just in it for the money. I met a few of these at St George’s. They would actually drool over the idea of serious money and say things like ‘ooh I’d love to be rich’ – they reached fever-pitch after visits to the West End when they would catch glimpses of the money-laundering crooks with gangster connections of whom they were so envious. They didn’t like me very much, they accused me of being ‘naive’ and being like I was because I was a sheepshagger from Wales. No you stupid fuckers, it was because I had seen what was happening to those kids who were living in the children’s homes in north Wales and being groomed for sex work in London who dared to complain. I met them in the North Wales Hospital Denbigh didn’t I Dafydd – before they died, went to prison or disappeared off the face of the planet.


A couple of weeks ago, someone whose child died at the hands of the paedophiles’ friends was kind enough to thank me for writing this blog and told me that it was probably the most important thing that I’d ever do. This person is a bit hippyish and suggested that I had only survived the attentions of the paedophiles’ friends because the forces of the universe needed me to stay alive to write the story.

It’s nice to be thanked, but I don’t need to be. Writing this blog and exposing every one of them has been an absolute pleasure.


Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

281 thoughts on “Wheels Within Wheels Or Flies Drawn To The Same Incestuously Corrupt Shithouse?”

  1. (1) 1992 was when Dr Liz Davies of Islington safeguarding contacted her Suffolk counterpart re Peter Righton moving to Lord Henniker estate Suffolk. This resulted in the Suffolk safeguarding lady accompanying Chief constable to visit Henniker

    (2) An important development yesterday, I emailed press and Suffolk PCC about, is that it is evident Suffolk Chief constable lied to/misled Suffolk and Islington Safeguarding in 92. He concealed that Bury St Edmunds HM Coroner had been in contact with him re the Islington child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth (These were over 40 deaths 1954 to 1972).

    (3) Hence the first Islington Council knew about Beeches was when I told them earlier this year.

    (4) In 92 Margaret Hodge jumped ship as Islington leader to be replaced by Sawyer who in fact was business partner with Derek Slade, abuser head teacher, St Georges School Finborough Stowmarket Suffolk.

    (5) Suffolk Chief constable 1992 was a very naughty boy !

    (6) The Monarchist League Voice of Freedom used Roger Gales Radio 270 Scarborough (Jaconelli and Savile town) Harvey Proctor produced the half hour programmes featuring interviews of tory Monday Club MPs. Gale went on to become Head of Childrens TV at BBC. Ows about that then ?

    (7) Monarchist League “Voice of Freedom” etc was funded by arms trafficker Hervey Marquess of Bristol Ickworth House Suffolk (A suspected investor in Beeches care home BTW)

    (8) Gale became North Thanet MP a few years after League of St George settled in South Thanet (Stephens Books Canterbury etc)

    (9) At the time the League settled in Ramsgate they allegedly had some input re strange shenanigans using (unlawfully) the nearby Deal Royal Marines Barracks. The private military cadet group “Kent Adventure Training Corps” was enthusiastically supported by Roger Gale MP. Its adult leadership were/are associates of the ubiquitous founder of International Bodyguards Assn and International Law Enforcement Training Agency. Founded by unlawful use Deal RM Barracks 1976 to 83 by James Shortt finally exposed by Private Eye 2009 as a bogus ex SAS con man. Eye did not go on to explore Shortts input to a story known as the bullshit case for Saddam WMD. That input was back in 97 and 98 when Shortty could pass himself off as ex SAS because Jack STRAW suppressed inquiries into Shortty and League of Saint George called for by Kent Police Authority Sir John Grugeon 1997.

    (10) In 1987 It was 21 Thanet TA men arrested for loyalist paramilitary collusion and possession of forged UDR ID cards etc. Among these was a character who author Pat Monteath, faction “Who Pays the Ferryman” trilogy Quill Publishing, calls “George INAMOS”.

    I wonder, on the basis of anagram and because I know George Maison was arrested in TA, if Pat means North Thanet tory George Richard MAISON later Vice Chair North Thanet Tories. George was also an adult leader of Kent Adventure Training Corps. George hung around with chaps one of whom was a dead ringer for Roger Clare of League of Saint George BTW

    (11) Locally Gale’s beloved private cadets KATC were known as “Hitler Youth”. At the 1999 War and Peace Show in a marquee behind a book stall (Could this be Stephens Books IE League of St George ?) two amateur historians blagged their way in and witnessed a holocaust denial lecture being given to pan European private cadet groups of the Wiking Jugend persuasion. KATC were under KCC Youth Group affiliation inquiry at the time but were being obstructed by Kent Police.

    Anyway one of the historian was my mate who is awfully fond of having the last word in situation where no words at all would be wise.

    In this hotbed of Nazis my mate kicked off to the speaker. “That picture behind you chum ? Nazi leader did you know he went bust as a chicken breeder. Aryan chickens you see and point blank refused to improve the gene pool by introducing kosher cocks”

    (12) This incident when the Ann Frank exhibition Jews heard about it would have them crying in laughter just by saying “Kosher cocks”. The historian gave me a statement and I thought the very fellow who chairs the relevant parliamentary cttee should get a copy. Imagine my surprise when he nil actioned it. Chap called Greville Janner.

    Hope you found this interesting.

    1. Thanks Richard, it is interesting. I have been researching the networks of the politicians named on my blog as being involved with child abuse or the cover-up of it and what a barrel of filth it is – absolutely terrifying, people with links to the apartheid regime in South Africa, people with links to Pinochet in Chile. These people are now ‘working with’ regimes in places like Kazakstahn and they know exactly how the dictators that they are ‘advising’ murder and torture people. This is a dire state of affairs – a new generation of Tories under Thatcher is now in place who learnt at the knee of this lot, for example Alan Duncan, who presents himself as a liberal gay-friendly MP, ‘the first Tory to come out as gay in 2002’ and now the first Tory to enter into a civil partnership. Oh and by the way, Alan Duncan was PPS in the Dept. of Health 1993-95, so he’ll have known all about the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. He was William Hague’s close friend and protégé – the William Hague who in 1996 organised the massive cover-up of the paedophile ring that caused havoc and killed witnesses in North Wales, a paedophile ring that was an arm of serious organised crime. I really don’t think that it would have been possible for Alan not to have known what was going on and what was being covered-up. Duncan has been involved in a few scandals – like the fiddle that he perpetuated with the right to buy council housing scheme, but hey he’s ended up with a knighthood anyway! Now how did that happen???

      In terms of the historical info that you’ve given me, from what I can see there were some very unpleasant corrupt people around Ted Heath. They were economic ‘wets’, but they too concealed the paedophile ring in north Wales which of course started gathering steam and becoming an organised business in Heath’s time. Bryn Estyn was still an approved school run directly by the Home Office then – and staffed and managed by the paedophiles who later went to prison for sexually abusing the boys. So the Home Office under Ted Heath ran a knocking shop staffed by young boys near Wrexham.

      The other thing that I’ve done whilst I’ve written this blog is correlate what was going on when re the paedophile ring and the Gov’ts concealing of it. When I was being threatened, illegally detained etc by the paedophiles’ friends back in the mid 80s, my closest friends were my mates from university in Bangor and my mates from school. I was never a party animal but I had a bunch of very close friends who witnessed what was going on. They have ALL come under attack – two died (one in a car crash and one supposedly from suicide), careers have been ruined for no understandable reasons, false allegations have been levelled at people which led to wrongful dismissals from jobs and treatable health conditions were somehow so badly handled that death and disability resulted. I have correlated the dates on which my friends came to grief and those dates synchronise perfectly with investigations into the Westminster Paedophile Ring, crucial elections, trials etc. This is not me constructing a conspiracy theory – I know that as people go through life they have ups and downs, but what has happened to the small number of people who knew what happened to me at the hands of Dr Dafydd Alun Jones, Dr D.G.E. Wood and Dr Tony Francis is statistically improbable. These were all people who would have been credible witnesses in a criminal trial – they were a group of young academics and media professionals. The friends who died, died back in the days when the kids from the children’s homes were getting killed in car crashes on a regular basis or were said to have killed themselves. I have traced those of my friends who more recently had their careers hampered and identified those who were connected with the people who hampered their careers and it’s a perfect fit – there’s a man called Lord Robert Winston who pops up regularly and a man called Anthony Giddens, as well as a few corrupt old farts from the BBC and the Royal Television Society. Lord Robert Winston – Blair’s PR man for the NHS and medical research. Anthony Giddens – Blair’s guru who invented the Third Way. The BBC and RTS – er, anyone remember a man called Jimmy Savile? This is why there were no ‘credible witnesses’ to the allegations involving the Westminster Paedophile Ring – if witnesses were fragile with mental health problems they were criminalised and monstered, labelled as ‘fantasists’ or ‘psychotic’ or ‘dangerous’ (rather like the sort of thing that happened to me after I dared write to a few people about what was going on); if they did not have those sort of problems their careers were wrecked. Result – not one person available to speak up. No wonder Bernard Hogan Howe et al had such problems with all the police investigations.

      1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Ennals

        Haringey. His dad was top dog in MIND for a while and took over as DHSS minister 1976 from Mrs Castle April 1976 when Wilson quit. So Ennals was DHSS minister when the decision to try for me under OSA re Panorama continued and while failing to close up the IRA funding loophole in benefits continued. But it was also a time MIND made no noise about Labour discharging mental patients homeless (Panorama 1975 repercussions)

        With the Ennals family Peter Rightons Islington based National Children Bureau ? they also had a digit in that PIE. I wonder if Haringey MIND is a tad tetchy about the history ?

        In 1994 Desmond Tutu had a commission of inquiry into neo Nazis mercenaries attacking transitional Mandela Regime. Among these were the vile Parker twin child rapists of Nuneaton.

        According to Searchlight who gave evidence to Tutu Commission the neo Nazi mercs were prepared in Thanet Kent through the locally based League of Saint George who were in cahoots with Belgian VMO.

        Through the sterling efforts of the child victim 1980 of the Parkers (who has waived anonymity but I don’t name her) information emerges that the mercenaries had been briefed (In Thanet ?) to go to Fort Hare Uni in South Africa for support to mount an eco attack.

        By what may be a coincidence a former Eco Systems Lecturer at Fort Hare had moved from North Wales .. your colleague Dr Shaun Russell to East Kent for Durrell Institute. We have discussed the Chillenden murders and the merc attack on Mandela. But I think we did not mention the role of League of St George whose “International Officer” Steve Brady was I think a debating buddy of Harvey Proctor at Clarendon Club ? Brady, as a Gerry Adams lookielikie, also matches the description of a man who with a group of Irishmen met up with TA paramilitary George Maison (later vice chair North Thanet tories) at a pub called Clifton Arms Margate after hours. 1987. Before the arrests for paramilitary collusion. This was in evidence I gave Kent Police after Army Intelligence Ashford asked them to take my statement. 1987.

        Another TA HSF man (one who was arrested) gave evidence that one night he was fishing near Canterbury when he saw combat suited patrol .. initially he thought there was a TA exercise he hadn’t been told about so the others copped the pay. So he hid and observed. The only TA man in the manoeuvres was George Richard Maison. Roger Gale’s buddy and KATC adult leader.

        What was emerging was that the paramilitary training being given to the TA HSF dupes was being mirrored without their knowledge to another group of men who ended up never being investigated ! In spite of evidence of their existence and activity to Kent Plod and thence to Army Intelligence Ashford.

        1. I blogged about father and son Ennals a few weeks ago.
          Thanks for the other names and info and the link that you sent earlier. In terms of people and their organisations and activities that I haven’t blogged about yet, I note the following:

          Gerald Howarth – Neil Hamilton’s mate who also sued the BBC after the screening of ‘Maggie’s Militant Tendancy’ – has a reputation for being very homophobic. Does he know that Hamilton’s associate Peter Morrison was an abuser of young boys? Howarth set up a ‘prosecute Peter Hain fund’ in the era of apartheid South Africa – Hain certainly came under fire didn’t he, there was an attempt to stitch him up for robbing a bank in 1976. Howarth was also a member of the Monday Club.

          Geoffrey Rippon, one of Ken Clarke’s friends. Rippon was in the Monday Club – Rippon also played a role in the unlawful arrest and imprisonment of Mary Wynch (I did mention his name in my posts about Mary). Might be worth doing a bit more research on Geoffrey.

          Malcolm McAlpine. According to his obituary in The Times, he sat on the Board of BBC Governors when the Board was ‘dominated by Thatcher appointees’. McAlpine was on the Board when the Governors ordered the BBC management to cave in when Hamilton and Howarth sued them after the screening of ‘Maggie’s Militant Tendency’.

          Gerald Howarth was a co-founder of Patrick Robertson’s first PR company in 1992, along with dear old Cecil Parkinson. James Goldsmith was one of their first clients.

          Patrick Robertson was a staunch Thatcherite who organised the pro-Pinochet PR campaign when Pinochet was arrested in London – after taking tea witch Thatcher. Robertson co-founded Sovereign Solutions Ltd who ‘introduced’ Lord Rothschild to Kazakhstan. Robertson is CEO of World PR. He was the founder of the Bruges Group, which since 2015 has had Norman Lamont as Vice-President.

          Lord Harris of High Cross. As well as raising money to fund Hamilton’s legal action against the BBC, he also contributed to the fighting fund for Hamilton’s legal action against al Fayed – as did Norris McWhirter, Peter Clarke and the Earl of Portsmouth. Harris was also the Secretary and President of the Mont Pelerin Society. He was involved with the Bruges Group, the Wincott Foundation and Civitas.

          In terms of the intellectual backdrop to Thatcher’s ‘ideology’ – the ideology that fuelled it all as some of those in her inner circle molested children – we have the Conservative Philosophy Group founded by Roger Scruton, John Casey, Hugh Fraser and Joanthan Aitken to thank. I’m not at all convinced that Thatcher had the intellectual machinery to understand the philosophers and economists that she maintained influenced her.

          Regarding the paedophile ring in north Wales, the suspicious deaths of witnesses, the prosecution for ludicrous offences on the basis of Top Doctors and social workers committing perjury of folk who had dared to complain – a man called John Redwood probably has knowledge of that. He was Secretary of State for Wales between May 1993 and June 1995 when so much of that was happening, including to me. Redwood was also in office when Gordon Anglesea won a libel case after he was named as a child abuser. One of the witnesses who gave evidence against him was found dead a few weeks later. Anglesea was years later convicted of abusing children. And the only thing that anyone remembers about John Redwood is that he didn’t know the words to the Welsh National Anthem. What I remember about Redwood was him visiting a council estate in south Wales and hitting the roof because he met too many single mothers. You should have paid us all a visit in north Wales John – mental health patients were being made pregnant by Top Doctors who then forced them into having terminations that they arranged themselves, girls in children’s homes were becoming pregnant as a result of sex with the staff and were then shunted off to other regions of Wales with ‘highly disturbed’ written on their files, it was a laugh a minute. And a paedophile ring targeted the boys in care. And it was the Welsh Office that you were in charge of who employed the corrupt lawyers and Top Doctors covering it all up.

          1. A few more members of the corrupt incestuous shithouse on both a national and local level:

            Roy Griffiths. The MD of Sainsbury’s who was famously commissioned by Ken Clarke under Thatcher’s Gov’t to advise on the NHS. Griffiths compiled ‘The Griffiths Report – Community Care: Agenda For Action’, published in 1988 by the National Institute for Social Work. The Director for Education at the National Institute for Social Work was the social work academic and child care expert Peter Righton – who was also a founding member of PIE and convicted paedophile. Nonetheless whilst he lived at a peer’s country estate in Suffolk, children in the care of Islington Council were allowed to visit him. Further details pertaining to Righton are on the blog. Roy Griffiths was a Gov’t advisor to the NHS between 86-94. That spans the years of the cover-up regarding Mary Wynch’s complaint about the North Wales Hospital as well as the cover-up by the Welsh Office and Professor Robert Bluglass regarding my own complaint about the mental health services in Ysbyty Gwynedd and the North Wales Hospital.
            Roy Griffiths was President of Age Concern England 1989-94.

            Another member of the shithouse was also involved with Age Concern – Margaret Hanson, the current Vice-Chairman of the Betsi Board! Margaret was Chief Exec of Age Concern NE Wales from 2004 for ten years. Before that, Margaret was the TUC campaigns and policy officer in north west England. She also worked for Cheshire County Council Social Services for their older persons and family and children teams. That’s the Cheshire County Council that had a big problem with the paedophile ring that they shared with north Wales. Whilst Margaret was over in Cheshire, she was a member of the Royal Vale District Council for 11 years and Mayor of Northwich 1990-91. Margaret moved to Flintshire in 1992 – just as the shit started to hit the media about the north Wales paedophile ring and police investigations were underway! Margaret became a Flintshire County Councillor and chaired the Flintshire County Council Social Services Committee in 1999. Flintshire was the authority that succeeded Clwyd County Council when Clwyd was dissolved in 1996 after the excruciating embarrassment of them allowing the most terrible abuse to happen to children in their care. Margaret was Chairman of the Governors of Theatre Clwyd 1999-2004. In 2002 the BBC reported that Theatre Clwyd had it’s debts of £1 million paid off by the Assembly. Margaret stated that Flintshire County Council ‘inherited’ the Theatre when Clwyd was abolished. The Theatre was built as a result of a campaign by another member of the shithouse some years previously, a former Chief Exec of Clwyd County Council. The Council’s coffers were found to be mysteriously empty some while later. Hanson was also a member of the Adult Protection Committee for Flintshire and Wrexham and made public comments about the abuse of vulnerable elderly people. The Tawel Fan scandal – the biggest scandal in recent years in the UK with regard to the abuse of elderly people – happened at the Betsi whilst Margaret was Vice-Chair. Margaret is now doing a part-time PhD at Chester University on the health of elderly men! Margaret stood for election twice in Eddisbury in Cheshire as the Labour candidate, in 1997 and in 1999. Eddisbury is now held by the Tories – the MP is Antoinette Sandbach who’s dad was the leading Freemason in north Wales throughout the years of the failed police investigations into the paedophile ring in north Wales/Cheshire and the cover-up that was the Waterhouse Report. There were constant allegations that the cover-ups were partly because of Masonic activity.

            So why are the paedophiles’ friends so keen to be the MP for Eddisbury?

            Margaret’s husband David has been MP for Delyn since 1992. David worked for Scope back in the 80s and in 1989 became the Director of the Society for Preventing Solvent Abuse. Between 1983-89 he was a Councillor and then Council Leader for the Royal Vale Borough Council! He was also a Councillor for Norwich Town Council between 1987-91. David stood as the Labour Party candidate in 1983 – for Eddisbury, where else? In 1984 he contested the West Cheshire seat for the European Parliament and in 1987 stood for Delyn. He was beaten by Keith Raffan the Tory candidate, but Hanson stood again and won in 1992 – when the shit about the paedophile ring started kicking off. Delyn was a member of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee 1992-96, then the Public Accounts Committee. In 1997 David was PPS to Chief Sec to the Treasury Alistair Darling (who when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer oversaw the bank crash of 2008 and didn’t know what the fuck to do), he was Assistant Gov’t Whip in 1998 and in 1999 was Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Wales Office – right when the Waterhouse cover-up was underway! In 2001 – after the Waterhouse cover-up had been completed – David became PPS to Blair no less. David was Minister of State in the N Ireland Office 2005-07, and Minister of State for Security, Counter-terrorism, Crime and Policing 2009-10. Who better to have in such a position?

            These days, David’s wife Margaret Chairs the North Wales Health and Housing Coalition which ‘aims to reduce avoidable health inequalities’. So that’s why so many people from vulnerable cohorts are dying under the care of the Betsi and why there is such a massive homelessness problem in Wrexham that a load of people are living in tents on the site of a former school.

            In May 2012 the Daily Post reported on more members of the shithouse. There was a dinner to say goodbye to the outgoing Chairman of Flintshire County Council, Hilary McGuill (I’m sure she won’t have actually LEFT the shithouse, she’ll have just moved to another room within it) – she had been fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital and Macmillan Cancer. In attendance at the dinner were, among many others from the shithouse, Glwyndwr University, Airbus and the Port of Mostyn. The speaker at the occasion was a leading light in the shithouse, Lord Martin Thomas of Gresford. Martin Thomas is a Lib Dem peer. Martin Thomas was a solicitor in Wrexham 1961-66, a Deputy Circuit Judge in 1974, a Crown Court Recorder in 1976 and a Deputy High Court Judge in 1995. Martin was Shadow Attorney General in 2005.

            Two of the guests at the dinner were fine examples of members of the shithouse, Lord Barry Jones and his wife Lady Janet Jones. Barry trained as a teacher in Bangor, then worked as a teacher in north Wales and was President of Flint County NUT. He spent two years in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. He was Labour MP for East Flintshire 1970-83, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales 1974-79 and then in 1983 became MP for Alyn and Deeside. So Barry was a paid up member of the shithouse throughout the worst excesses of the paedophile gang. In 1994 John Major appointed him to the Intelligence and Security Committee – he stayed there until 2001. Well there were police investigations going on, the Waterhouse cover-up, witnesses being found dead, of course there’d have to be a leading light of the shithouse on the Intelligence and Security Committee. In 2007 Barry became President of NEWI and when NEWI metamorphosed into Glyndwr University he was their first Chancellor. Barry is also Vice-President of Attend, a health and welfare charity. In Feb 2017 Attend held a sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week. I think that old Barry was well aware of sexual abuse, it’s how he’s climbed so high in the shithouse – he began life as a school teacher and NUT rep in an area where a paedophile ring raged and he’s ended up in the Lords. Barry is President of Deeside Business Forum. In June 1999 Barry was made a Privy Councillor (there’s so many of them in the shithouse that I haven’t been bothering to name them, it’s par for the course).

            At the same time, John Major’s wife became Dame Norma Major. This was on account of her charity work for Mencap and Childline. She raised money by holding events at Chequers and Downing Street but she didn’t want it publicised at the time. Perhaps she feared negative publicity – her husband’s Gov’t were concealing the paedophile gang when she held those events. But then Mencap and Childline are both fully paid up members of the shithouse themselves.

            Barry’s wife is Lady Janet Jones. She was High Sheriff of Clwyd. Need I say more?

          2. A newly identified member of the shithouse – Sir Cecil Clothier. Cecil came to my attention when I was researching the case of Beverley Allitt, the former nurse who is currently banged up in Rampton after being founded guilty of murdering four children in Granthan and Kesteven District Hospital in May 1993. Beverley was accused of murdering the children by injecting them with insulin and was deemed to be suffering from Munchausen’s by Proxy. The expert witnesses at Beverley’s trial were two members of the shithouse already outed on the blog, Professor Roy Meadow and Professor Vincent Marks. The Secretary of State for Health and Minister of State for Health at the time were two other members of the shithouse also outed on the blog, Virginia Bottomley and Dr Brian Mawhinney. Cecil conducted the Inquiry after Beverley was sent to Rampton.

            Cecil held the Inquiry in secret, so no-one actually knew what he had been told as ‘evidence’. His report admitted that Grantham and Kesteven Hospital was deeply troubled, mismanaged, understaffed and unsafe before anyone ever got near to employing Beverley. On the receipt of his report Virginia was delighted to tell the House that nonetheless, the only reasons for the children’s deaths was the ‘malevolent deranged criminal mind’ of Beverley Allitt. Beverley denied injecting the children with insulin as accused. No-one saw her do it – there was no evidence that she did do it. But it was noted that she was on duty when the deaths happened and had access to the drugs. Every clinical member of staff would have had access to the drugs. Interestingly, Beverley was an SEN. In the 90s, there were still two tiers of angels – registered nurses and those like Beverley, enrolled nurses. The snobbery towards the enrolled nurses was enormous. So the person who was blamed for the deaths of children in what was already known to be an unsafe chaotic hospital was the lowest in the pecking order. There’s a surprise. Nobody ever saw Allitt mistreat any patient – people actually remarked on how good she was as a nurse. But that was used to explain just how evil she was. Beverley was sent to Rampton – a hospital where Savile was a regular visitor and a hospital that was sending patients to ‘Lynnwood’, an abusive ‘nursing home’ on Anglesey staffed by a member of the shithouse named on the blog, Lyn Jones. So someone on Anglesey had a connection to Rampton – do you know who that might have been Dafydd? Beverley was alleged to have murdered the four children in 1991 and was imprisoned in May 1993. So whilst all that happened, Dafydd and co were sexually exploiting patients in north Wales and running the paedophile ring as well as perjuring themselves to get complainants convicted. The witnesses to the paedophile ring were being found dead. And the Gov’t and medical establishment knew. Beverley Allitt has now been deemed to be an ‘untreatable psychopath’. Which according to Robert Bluglass was what I was after I complained about Dafydd’s criminal activities. But then they probably had to find a new diagnosis for Beverley after Roy Meadow – who gave evidence at her trial – was utterly disgraced some years later when someone demonstrated that he had lied in trials and a number of innocent people had gone to prison as a result. Anyone fancy re-opening the case of Beverley Allitt?

            Other highlights of Cecil Clothier’s career included acting as a GMC assessor and being appointed Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, yet failing to condemn the police involved in policing the student demo against Leon Brittan at Manchester University although students were coshed, assaulted, thrown down steps and then intimidated after they complained about the police. One student fled to Europe because he had been threatened so seriously. Another student was a medical student on placement in a Manchester Hospital when she was confronted by police in the hospital who threatened her. The zenith of Cecil’s career however had to be his handling of the complaint against the police in 1987 after the Battle of the Beanfield at Stonehenge. Police were filmed smashing up hippies’ vehicles, hitting a pregnant woman over the head with a truncheon, chasing women carrying babies and generally laying into people. There were more than 1,300 officers involved. The Earl of Cardigan was so horrified by what he saw (he was the neighbouring landowner) that he let the hippies onto his land to enable them to get away from the police. Cecil failed to recommend a single charge against any police officer. Welcome to the shithouse Sir Cecil, you are a most deserving member.

          3. Further info about the Beverley Allitt case: The deaths of the four children happened in the hospital that served the home town of Margaret Thatcher, weeks after Thatcher stood down. So not only was the Tory Gov’t faced with the knowledge that the hospital had been dangerous, chaotic and understaffed for a long while before the children died, but this was a hospital on Thatcher’s old stomping ground. The political embarrassment must have been particularly painful. Thank goodness there was a vulnerable young woman with a record of having taken a lot of sick leave working as an enrolled nurse on the ward with a high mortality rate to carry the can.

  2. Top Doctor
    Dr John Chisholm CBE
    Chair BMA Medical Ethics Committee
    formerly Chair BMA General Practitioners Committee (GPC)
    Negotiator of 2003/4 GP National Contract- no more out of hours & lots of extra cash for less work- a contemporary of Michael Portillo at Peterhouse College, Cambridge .

    1. Many thanks for the info – that was the infamous contract that led to the crisis in out of hours care that a member of the BMA described as being so favourable to GPs that it was ‘a bit of a laugh’…

        1. ‘Stunning in that no one in my position had ever believed we could pull it off.’

          Dr Simon Fradd, GP who was part of the negotiating team representing the British Medical Association during the talks on GPs’ contracts between 2001 and 2003.

          I just love it, people always declare themselves, knowingly or otherwise- it’s part of being a GP to recognise it.

          1. Dame Elizabeth Fradd DBE became Vice-President of Council, University of Nottingham in January 2012. She joined Council in 2009 and is a member of Audit & Risk Committee, Nominations Committee and Remuneration Committee. She is an independent health service adviser. The focus of her work and abiding passion is the continuous improvement of health care. She was until April 2004 the Nurse Director and lead Director for the Review and Inspection programme in the Commission for Health Improvement (CHI). Prior to this appointment she was Assistant Chief Nurse in the Department of Health. Her current portfolio of work includes commissioned governance reviews, Board development and mentoring of senior personnel.

            The Worshipful Company of Needlemakers
            The Court is the governing body of the Company. It is led by the Master, Dame Elizabeth Fradd, assisted by the Senior and Junior Wardens and supported by Past Masters and Assistants, served by the Clerk.

            Until April 2004 Elizabeth Fradd was Nurse Director and lead for the Review and Inspection programme in the Commission for Health Improvement (CHI). Previously she was Assistant Chief Nurse in the Department of Health. She is a Fellow of the Queen’s Nursing Institute and honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

          2. “A stitch in time may save nine.”
            The ‘stitch in time’ notion has been current in English for a very long time and is first recorded in Thomas Fuller’s Gnomologia, Adagies and Proverbs, Wise Sentences and Witty Sayings, Ancient and Modern, Foreign and British, 1732.
            This proverbial expression was obviously meant as an incentive to the lazy. It’s especially gratifying that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ is an anagram for ‘this is meant as incentive’!
            So there we have it , an easy way to riches.

    2. Top Doctor
      Dr Simon Fradd Nottinghamshire
      Former Joint Deputy Chair BMA GPC
      Founder Concordia Healthcare with John Chisholm post 2003/4 GP contract

      1. Dr Hamish Meldrum
        Former Joint Deputy Chair GPC & Chair BMA Council
        Father in law to ex teacher
        Simon Blott
        Headlands School, Bridlington
        convicted paedophile

        1. Richard Haynes
          Former GP Bridlington
          Whistleblower –
          organised criminal activity
          drug diversion, child trafficking & child sexual abuse

          1. ‘Keep your head down and collect your cash’
            NHS England(North)
            Acting Medical Director North East & Cumbria
            Reporting to acting now appointed Regional Medical Director
            dealt with outside of the NHS Whistleblowing Policy

          2. The NHS Whistleblowing Policy was blatantly ignored in the North West Wales NHS Trust. I have a copy of a letter written by a member of Trust staff (following NHS Whistleblowing Policy to the letter) to Alun Davies, the Director of the Mental Health Services. The whistleblower raised concerns about the aggressive and vindictive behaviour of and breach of confidentiality on the part of Keith Fearns and Julie Evans, two social workers in the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, towards me. Alun Davies wrote back to the whistleblower and complained about him using Trust headed notepaper for his letter. Davies ignored the concerns that had been raised completely. My lawyer later obtained documents demonstrating that Fearns had knowingly perjured himself in Court cases involving me after receiving instructions from Lucille Hughes, Director of Gwynedd Social Services and Ron Evans, lawyer working for Gwynedd County Council. Lucille was named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that a paedophile ring was operating in the social services but took no action. Julie Evans had been cc’d into letters and attended meetings about me without my knowledge, as did Fearns. Fearns and Julie Evans were never part of any team that were involved in my ‘care’. I found out informally that both Fearns and Evans casually gossiped – and lied – about me to third parties, including local people in the community. Many years later, a new CEO arrived at the reconfigured Health Board and Fearns and Evans were investigated for the serious neglect of patients and sacked. Evans took up a job as a counsellor in a local GPs surgery and Fearns set himself up in practice as a CBT therapist.

            Ron Evans, the corrupt lawyer working for Gwynedd County Council, was wheeled out at the Waterhouse Inquiry to defend Gwynedd Social Services staff.

            NHS Whistleblowing Policies are routinely ignored. There is simply no protection for patients from abusive or downright dangerous staff – including staff that had previously worked with people who facilitated organised child sexual abuse in Gwynedd.

          3. Top Doctors
            Dr Craig Melrose was moved sideways having failed to ‘manage’ me –
            Associate Medical Director Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.
            Dr Mike Prentice was promoted to Regional Medical Director NHS England (North).
            I had refused to meet Dr Paul Twomey MBE NHS England Medical Director (Humberside & North Yorkshire) as he had previously refused to take disclosure from a colleague about prescription fraud and other matters relating to Nafferton Branch Surgery, see subsequent CQC reports.He was promoted to Regional Clinical Appraisal Lead.
            You can’t make it up.

          4. I know – the things that happen – regularly – in medicine are so gross that anyone who hasn’t been party to it would simply not believe it. It’s how psychiatric patients (and others) can be murdered within the ‘care system’ and unsurprisingly no-one ever suspects. It’s why the punishments for whistleblowers within the NHS are so great – you will have your life and your family’s lives destroyed. To make damn sure that what the medical establishment actually does never becomes public. I am very rude about Top Doctors who stand by and watch, but I do understand that the Top Doctors who are not in powerful positions are indeed too terrified to speak up. They know exactly what will be coming their way if they do – ‘accidents’ and ‘mistakes’ if members of their family need to go into hospital which will result in their family member being harmed or even dying, the end of their careers, lose of their homes and indeed life on benefits/casual jobs. It’s what happened to the whistleblowing heart specialist from the midlands – he’s been ruined, although he eventually won his claim for unfair dismissal. The employment tribunal suggested that he could get a job as a teacher because he’ll never work as a doctor again. He won’t work as a teacher either – he’ll get a job but then he’ll find that somehow he loses it. Because someone will have had a word in the ear of someone else. There’s an awful lot at stake for the medical establishment at the moment and they are truly desperate. And a lot of them don’t like this blog…

          5. Dr Graig Melrose is a graduate of the University of Leicester Medical School.(1995)
            Dr Michael Prentice is a graduate of the University of Leicester Medical School.(1989)
            Dr Paul Twomey is graduate of the University of London.(1986)
            Dr Simon Fradd is a graduate of the University of London.(1976)

        2. The irony – Hamish Meldrum was Chair of the BMA when the BMA was doing all it could to bring down the CEO of the newly formed Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board in north Wales. The CEO, Mary Burrows, was very obviously trying to clean up the corruption that existed up there as a result of the Top Doctors colluding with, indeed facilitating, the paedophile ring that had operated in the region. I received a truly appalling threatening e mail myself from BMA Cymru in Cardiff – from their PR officer no less!

          1. My dealings with John Reid were 2007 iirc when Blair pushed my request to compel inquiry re backup genny failures under Civil Contingencies Act and Reid refused to sign reply then a civil servant on phone told me I would be “well within rights” to send the matter back to Blair at Downing Street which I did.

            Begin the saga with failure of backup power Dounreay 1998 when Bliar smuggled former soviet weapons grade material there to be processed. Triggering multi billion decommissioning and the problem of storing a lump pf weapons grade gubbins untreated there next 17 years.

            Shift on to 2003 when Gen de Chasterlain arms decommissioner suggested that investigating a certain James Bird and Petbow generators fraud and a saboteur in workforce. And criticised GFA for leaving out poisons and sabotage.

            April 19th 2005 Bliar learns that Sellafield has leaked enough dangerous stuff to make twent nuclear bombs but all is Ok cos it is in a stainless steel containment vessel. bit of a prob it is too radioactive for anyone to go near.

            Then April 21st 2005


            No sooner had he given Kent deputy lt James Bird a 6th Queens award for industry then next day Maidstone Hospital backup genny went bang and set fire to A and E,

            On 25th April 2005 Bliar wrote to me about his change of heart re my earlier reports about sabotage and fraud at Petbow and he had ordered my concerns reported to Northern Ireland Office. We then became pen pals till he issued new security of electrical supply guideline for NHS Hospitals in 2007.

            COMARE the nuclear danger advisory group on which sat Doctor Gerry McCann confirmed to me yesterday that govt never asked them to evaluate dangers of unreliable backup power at nuke plant.

            The Maidstone Hospital Chief Exec must have been pre-occupied with the hospital problem of giving patients hospital acquired infections.

            It was the 3rd time the backup genny failed.

          2. Yet another newly identified member of the shithouse: Lord Peter Carrington. I have discovered from a book by Matthew Parris that Lord Carrington was a family friend of the Bingley’s – Lady Juliet Bingley was involved with MIND whilst it was involved with paedophile friendly people and groups and William Bingley, her son, was Legal Director and concealed the wrongdoing of Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales. Lord Carrington famously resigned after the invasion of the Falklands. Before he was in Thatcher’s Cabinet he had been in Heath’s, until 1974. He was also Chairman of the Conservative Party 1972-74. Bryn Estyn, which was a hot spot for the paedophile activity that Dafydd was concealing, was an approved school run directly by the Home Office until 1974. (The Home Secretary Merlyn Rees also maintained that the torture of Irish Republican detainees in 1071/72 was a policy which originated with Carrington.) Carrington is still alive, but 98 yrs old. Would anyone like to ask him what exactly he knew about the paedophiles who ran, staffed and visited Bryn Estyn – and Dafydd, who banged up the boys who complained in Risley or the North Wales Hospital?

          3. Another member of the shithouse at a very local level: Les Cluclus, the ‘service user rep’ and leading light in Gwynedd Users Forum – a bigoted, racist, sexist, incompetent old git who knew that patients were committing suicide, were being abused, were being framed for offences that they hadn’t committed by staff from the Hergest Unit perjuring themselves. Cluclus said absolutely nothing. He was the ‘service users rep’ for years and years – the best mate that Alun Davies the corrupt manager of the Hergest Unit could ever have wanted. Cluclus was also a Director of the Advocacy Service. He made damn sure that no competent people were ever accepted to work as advocates – two capable people slipped through the net and were horrified at what was going on. Cluclus forced one to resign and unlawfully dismissed the other one. The Advocacy Service was funded by the local NHS. After the Advocacy Service had stood by for years watching the serious abuse of patients, they were actually given the contract to act as ‘responsible adults’ in police interviews with suspects. I only found this out when the Hergest Unit tried to frame me for ‘threatening to kill’ Alun Davies. I was arrested and whilst I was at Caernarfon Police Station I was offered a ‘responsible adult’ because I was considered a vulnerable defendant. In walked a man whom I knew, one of Cluclus’s mates – a long term mental health client himself who was known for being a fantasist. I told him to go away – the police tried to insist that he stayed whilst I was interviewed! I told the police that I had no obligation to have him there. He was only asked to leave when the policeman realised that I knew my rights. So who commissioned an uneducated fantasist who was funded by the local NHS as a ‘responsible adult’ for people under arrest? And why did the police try to insist that this idiot stay? Er – shouldn’t it have been the duty solicitor that was called???

          4. http://www.mondaq.com/uk/x/189340/Healthcare/When+Will+A+Doctors+Negligent+Acts+Or+Omissions+Attract+Criminal+Liability
            When Will A Doctor’s Negligent Acts Or Omissions Attract Criminal Liability?

            In R v Prentice and R v Sullman (1993) two junior doctors were acquitted of manslaughter on appeal after they wrongly injected vincristine intrathecally into the patient’s spine when the cytotoxic drug should have been administered intravenously. This resulted in the patient’s death. It was held that the question for the jury to answer in relation to a charge of gross negligence manslaughter was whether, in the case of each doctor, the jury was sure that the failure to ascertain the correct mode of administering the drug was negligent to the point of criminality. The jury should be directed to have regard to all of the circumstances of the case. The case ultimately turned upon the fact there were many mitigating circumstances in the case and the jury found although the doctors had acted negligently, they had not acted grossly negligently.

            GMC No. 3289286
            Michael Charles Prentice
            Registered with a licence to practise; this doctor is on the GP Register
            Primary Medical Qualification
            MB ChB 1989 University of Leicester
            Provisional Registration Date 11 Jul 1989
            Full Registration Date 01 Aug 1990
            GP Register entry date 31 Mar 2006
            This doctor is subject to revalidation

            Call me Mike, was promoted to Regional Medical Director NHS England North having successfully ignored my request for a review of a patient death, historical child sexual abuse in East Yorkshire and prescribed medicines diversion. I alleged organised criminal activity, which most people would say was less than ambiguous.
            It must be really difficult knowing who’s bitch you are.
            I asked Sir Simon Stevens at the at York Festival of Ideas, 14 June 2017, about ORGANISED CRIME IN THE NHS. He said that ‘did not recognise that’, lost his smile, was really quite arsey and left.
            Anyway, I hope for his career’s sake that he is right.
            Naughty, naughty persistent whistleblower.

        3. Dr Hamish Meldrum
          ‘I’m not one of these people with an overwhelming burning desire that said “I must go and heal the sick”,’ he says. ‘But I had an older brother doing medicine, and there was nothing else I wanted to do more.’

          Dr Meldrum faced particular criticism from those who felt the BMA should have taken a harder stance over the Health and Social Care Act and opposed it outright from the start.

          ‘I have various ideas,’ he says mysteriously about work following retirement from medical practice.
          Co-Founder, Co-Founding Owner, Director of Medical Services and Director, Ochre Health Group Pty Limited

          Hamish is hoping to join a choir, ideally one which sings Gilbert and Sullivan. On being pressed about which parts he might like, he points out diffidently that the Mikado is bass baritone.
          Hmm, a daring tale of political machinations, unpopular legislation and threatened executions.

  3. Carrington halted his tanks at Arnhem even though American Airborne had taken the final bridge at great loss. Arnhem was otherwise about to succeed.

    1. One of Carrington’s friends was Conrad Black, owner of the Telegraph newspaper and later a jailbird.

      Many more members of the shithouse now, they do keep turning up:

      There was a major branch of the shithouse in Birmingham. Professor Robert Bluglass one of it’s biggest names has been much discussed on the blog and his daughter Amanda has had a mention as well – but Bluglass has a wife, Dr Kerry Bluglass, another psychiatrist, who is also a paid-up member of the shithouse. Kerry has co-authored with Professor Anthony Clare, a member of the shithouse who inexplicably withdrew from the media some years ago. The Bluglass’s own one of Europe’s finest art galleries, Compton Verney, but not only that, they are also Vice-Presidents of an elite choir, the St James’s Singers, the Patron of which is Judi Dench!

      A towering figure in the Birmingham branch of the shithouse was Margaret Thatcher’s favourite Vice-Chancellor, the VC of Aston University, Sir Frederick Crawford. Aston University became a very unhappy place at the hands of Sir Freddie and one member of staff committed suicide as a direct result of the most dreadful treatment at the hands of Sir Freddie and the gang. My friend Brown was hounded out – I have been told that this was a result of his potential to publish what had happened to me at the hands of the paedophiles’ friends – and another senior member of staff who also knew what had happened in north Wales and who had stayed at the house that Brown and I shared on Anglesey was hounded out as well. He ended up at Worcester University where he was finally finished off – so there’s a few members of the shithouse at Worcester too. A suspected member of the shithouse at Aston was a mature student called Diane Underwood who ended up as a clinical psychologist at Bangor University! Freddie Crawford had previously spent 20 years at Stanford University in the USA, was a member of the British-North American Committee and the Franco-British Council. He had a son, Eric, who was found dead from a heroin overdose in a hotel in Israel. Eric enjoyed drugs and driving fast cars under the influence of drugs and whilst doing this had managed to maim and kill people. He told one of the nurses looking after him that he never got into trouble because his father was famous. Frederick was an honorary bencher of the Inner Temple and the Chair of the Criminal Cases Review Commission. He was High Sheriff of the West Midlands 1995-96 and in Feb 1999 was appointed Deputy Lieutenant. Fredrick lived in Edgbaston.

      The Tory MP for Edgbaston between 1966-97 was a big fan of Freddie’s mate Thatcher – Dame Gill Knight. Gill Knight caused uproar some years ago by stating that although homosexuals were artistic and good with antiques, they were not equal to other people – in the same way that some people are born blind, some people are born homosexual. Section 28 was Gill’s bright idea. Like many others in the shithouse who loudly denounce homosexuality but enjoy close friendships and professional relationships with others who are molesting children of the same sex as them, Gill was a member of the Monday Club.

      The Bluglass’s live in Solihull and exerted a considerable influence on the NHS in Birmingham which might explain why it was in a dreadful state but the bad news was suppressed. The Tory MP for Solihull 1983-2005 was a lawyer called John Taylor. Taylor had been a councillor on the Solihull Borough Council and the West Midlands County Council in the 70s and ended up as leader of the latter. Taylor was PPS to Ken Clarke. In 2005 Taylor lost his seat to a Lib Dem called Lorely Burt, a former assistant governor of HMP Holloway. Lorely campaigned hard for the NHS in Solihull.

      The Labour MP elected for Birmingham Northfield in 1979 was Jocelyn Cadbury. In 1982 he shot himself dead in his parents garden in Birmingham. After his death people in Birmingham maintained that ‘everyone knew’ that he was gay.

      Cheltenham is not a million miles away from Birmingham and the Tory MP for Cheltenham 1974-92 was Sir Charles Irving, described as ‘outrageously camp’. Charles Irving was a senior employee of the Commons Refreshments Dept and in his book ‘Chance Witness’ Matthew Parris (a leading light in Parliament’s Campaign for Homosexual Equality group) tells an anecdote of one of Irving’s minions saying to him ‘has Charles ever mentioned that if you ever wanted a special sort of party – private, like – we can arrange that through the Commons Refreshments Dept?’ At one point Sir Charles Irving was involved in a Court case – it was alleged that he had received heroin from his close friend and Top Doctor Dr Clive Froggatt, one of the Gov’ts NHS reforms advisors. In July 2014 Charles Irving was named in an article for the Mirror as being a Top Tory who had procured an under-aged boy from N Ireland to provide sexual services for members of Thatcher’s Gov’t. The man interviewed told the Mirror that he was told that his family could meet with an ‘accident’ if he didn’t agree – he was also threatened with blackmail. Charles Irving had an apartment in Tangiers for holidays. He founded NACRO, Victim Support and was a member of the All Party Parliamentary Mental Health Group 1979-1992.

      Charles Irving had a long-term close but platonic friendship with Janet Fookes MP, who is now in the Lords. Janet was appointed Deputy Lieutenant of East Sussex in 2001.

      Matthew Parris’s book ‘Chance Witness’ makes for interesting reading, as he extensively discusses attitudes to homosexuality in Parliament in the 70s and 80s. He describes a very confused situation, with many politicians known to be gay and some molesting children, yet at the time their friends, colleagues and even they themselves presenting as openly homophobic. A bit like Dafydd and Gwynne in the North Wales Hospital, who gave people aversion therapy to cure them of homosexuality but assisted in the running of a paedophile ring targeting boys. Charles and Janet assisted Matthew in amending the law so as not to criminalise prostitutes or gay men – the danger of this is that although some people may be completely genuine in not wanting people to be criminalised as a result of their private sexual activity, some people climb onto the bandwagon if they for example are involved in sexual abuse or coercing people into prostitution. Matthew mentions that Labour MP Robert Kilroy-Silk MP was very supportive.

      After Kilroy-Silk left Parliament he hosted a daytime TV show. Dafydd appeared on there regularly throughout the 1990s – whilst there were police investigations and inquiries into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. For years until 1974 Kilroy-Silk lectured at Liverpool University. The University at which Dafydd and other paedophiles’ friends had trained and continued to maintain their connections.

      Another Labour MP from Liverpool was Alan Roberts, Labour MP for Bootle 1979-90. Roberts was a former social worker, had a lot of links with Militant in Liverpool and had been involved in a number of gay sex offences in the city. Parris describes him as having a liking for parties with ‘strange young men’, as well as drink and drugs. There was an incident in Berlin in which Alan Roberts seemed to have incurred physical injuries as a result of an S & M session and was unable to afford the hospital bill in Germany. Charles Irving paid and also kept the incident quiet. Parris notes that Roberts died young and that he was ‘always doubtful about the cause’.

      The Labour MP who succeeded Alan Roberts in Bootle was Michael Carr, who had fought Militant. Carr died on 20 July 1990, 57 days after being elected. He was seen in the Commons by Tory MP and Top Doctor Thomas Stuttaford who described Carr as having an ‘extreme pallor’. Carr went back to Liverpool and attended Walton Hospital, feeling very unwell. He was told that he was ‘hyperventilating’ and was sent away after being told to make an appointment with his GP. Fifteen minutes after arriving home he had a heart attack. He was taken to Walton Hospital A&E, fell into a coma and the hospital failed to revive him. He died hours later. The Coroner stopped the inquest and recommended criminal charges for negligence against the medical staff. The DPP at the time – Allan Green – recommended that no charges should be brought. Yet another file was subsequently sent to the DPP – by then Barbara Mills – but it was decided that there was ‘insufficient evidence’ for a prosecution. Carr’s family sought a judicial review and another inquest was ordered under a different coroner. A verdict of death by natural causes was returned. Who says that Top Doctors in the shithouse don’t knowingly kill people?

      Parris mentions three other Tory MPs who helped him amend the Sexual Offences Act, Martin Stevens, the openly gay member for Fulham 1979-86, Sir John Wheeler and Robin Squire. John Wheeler was elected MP for Westminster North in 1983 and Security Minister for N Ireland under John Major. Wheeler later became the Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London. Sir Robin Squire was a member of the Guy Fawkes Dining Club, along with John Major and Dr Brian Mawhinney. After leaving Parliament in 1997 Squire applied for the job as General Manager of the Dolphin Square apartments. He was shortlisted but the job went to an even more highly trusted member of the shithouse. Early in 1991 Squire was PPS to Chris Patten, Chairman of the Conservative Party.

      Patten and his wife Lavender have already been outed as members of the shithouse, but there is more that qualifies them which is worth noting.
      Patten was Director of the Conservative Research Dept 1974-79. Parris worked there during that time. He maintains that many of the male members of that dept were gay, that some exotic sexual tastes were on display and that a collection of them would spend weeks every summer at a place called the Villa of Vice on the continent, where rent boys were supplied. Parris maintains that he never received an invitation. (In another book of his Parris talks about the Villa of Shame in Italy where ‘boys who were always willing’ were supplied – in this book, Parris mentions staying at the Villa of Shame himself.) Parris mentions the following people working at the Conservative Research Dept whilst he was there: Michael Portillo, Bruce Anderson, Michael Dobbs and John Wittingdale. Wittingdale later worked as a special advisor for Leon Brittan. Wittingdale’s half-brother Charles Napier was the former treasurer of PIE and was convicted of child sexual abuse in Nov 2014. Parris mentions that a senior member of staff at the Conservative Research Dept used to go hunting for male sexual partners on London buses.

      Patten was Chairman of the Conservative Party 1990-92. Whilst the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal hit the media, whilst I and my friends were hounded out of jobs, when five witnesses were killed in an arson attack – you get the picture…Patten departed for Hong Kong in his capacity as Governor in June 1992 – two months after the mass murder of the witnesses. Patten’s wife Lavender went with him. Lavender was a barrister ‘but put her career on hold’ to go to Hong Kong. Patten was Chairman of the BBC when the Savile scandal blew up. Patten blamed the BBC for harbouring Savile. Er – so did the Tory Party Patten. Patten was appointed Chancellor of Oxford University. Whilst he was in that position, Lavender became a Patron of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, led by Mark Williams – a clinical psychologist who had formerly worked at Bangor. Who was boasting of the wonders of mindfulness when he was in Bangor and patients were dying whilst the paedophile ring raged. Of course Lavender didn’t know a thing – although the links to the Bangor Mindfulness Centre were clearly visible on the Oxford website.

      Parris knew two Top Doctors who are undoubtedly members of the shithouse – Dr Thomas Stuttaford who was a Tory MP and writes for The Times and Dr James Le Fanu who writes for the Telegraph. Le Fanu is a GP in London who is a senior partner in one of the surgeries whose staff work in the Academic Dept of General Practice at St George’s Hospital Medical School.

      Another member of the shithouse is the former bodyguard to HM the Queen, Commander Michael Trestrail who resigned in 1982, after the male prostitute with whom he had been in a long-term relationship tried to flog a story to the press about Michael Fagan securing entry to the Queen’s bedroom.

      Trestrail was a client of a lawyer of note in the shithouse – Sir David Napley. Napley’s clients from the shithouse included Jeremy Thorpe, Harvey Proctor, Greville Janner and Sir Peter Hayman. Napley was responsible for propelling the star barrister of the shithouse, George Carman, to the top of the tree. Before getting Jeremy Thorpe off the conspiracy to murder charge, Carman was a drunk in Manchester hanging out with gangsters and prostitutes. But the London arm of the shithouse needed him! It was Napley’s influence which led to the establishment of the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

      Ian Gow, Thatcher’s PPS 1979-83. Gow’s father was a Harley Street Top Doctor affiliated to Barts Hospital. Gow was killed by a car bomb which Irish Republican terrorists took the credit for, but there was speculation that the US intelligence services were involved. Gow was described by senior member of the shithouse Alan Clark as his ‘closet friend in politics’. After Gow was assassinated, his Eastbourne seat was won by Lib Dem David Bellotti. Bellotti was the man who tried to help Mary Wynch. Bellotti was voted out and did not re-emerge in Parliament again.

      Michael Alison succeeded Ian Gow as Thatcher’s PPS. Alison campaigned against porn, abortion and lowering the age of consent for homosexuality. He had many years previously worked in the Conservative Research Dept. He was a man with evangelical Christian beliefs who persuaded Thatcher to put forward the name of George Carey for the see of Canterbury – after Carey had done such a good job protecting various child molesting bishops and clergymen. In 1970 he was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the DHSS and in 1979 Minister of State for N Ireland. As Parris left the Commons, Alison asked Parris for the names of the MPs that he knew were gay on the grounds that ‘we might be able to…er, help them’.

      Dr Alan Glyn was a graduate of Barts, a GP and Tory MP for HM the Queen’s constituency in Windsor. Parris maintains that Glyn was so deeply unpleasant that the Queen did not invite him back after Glyn disgraced himself. Glyn was so keen on the idea of reintroducing the death penalty that he wanted to act as the doctor to oversee it.

      Parris mentions that if someone was taken ill in the Palace of Westminster, they would be treated by Dr Barnett Stross, Dr Maurice Miller, Dr David Owen, Dr David Kerr or Dr Alan Glyn. Piss off the Top Doctors in the shithouse – you’ll end up like Michael Carr.

      Before entering the Commons, Matthew Parris sat on Wandsworth Council. That was the patch upon which St George’s Hospital Medical School was located. Many Councillors had connections with St George’s and knew the crucial role that it played in the smooth running of the shithouse. One person who lived in Wandsworth was Top Barrister and shithouse member Michael Mansfield. Another resident of Wandsworth was the corrupt union rep for MSF at St George’s, David Hole. Hole also ran a wine tasting society which afforded him the opportunity to ingratiate himself to the Top Doctors whom he hated. Hole’s mission in life was to acquire personal sensitive info about the more junior staff and feed it back to the corrupt personnel officer Frank Ball or the corrupt occupational health physician Nicky Mitchell-Heggs so that it could be used against them. He also kept an eye on who their friends and partners were and who therefore might be in receipt of info about the wrongdoing at St George’s. Who knows, one of them might publish an account of how St George’s were colluding with the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Hole gathered info on the Top Doctors too and undoubtedly had much shit on them. But he obviously didn’t know how to use it. David Hole was an enthusiastic activist for the SDP.

      The blog has named a number of female members of the shithouse who built on careers as social workers or Angels to do the most terrible things. I’ve discovered another one. Elaine Kellett-Bowman, Tory MP for Lancaster 1970-79, MEP for Cumbria 1979-84. Elaine was a social worker who worked in Liverpool and the East End who married Charles Norman Kellett, a farmer from Denbigh. Elaine sat on Denbigh Borough Council 1952-55! Gwynne will have been carrying out the lobotomies at that very time! Elaine started contesting seats for the Tories in 1955. In 1959 Norman was killed in a car crash. Following this, Elaine became a barrister and then a Councillor on Camden Borough Council 1968-74. In 1971 she married Edward Bowman, a fellow Camden Councillor. Elaine was a ‘committed Methodist’ who campaigned for tighter abortion laws and the death penalty. Elaine really hated poofs – so much so that when the offices of Capital Gay were subjected to an arson attack in 1987, Elaine suggested that this was a jolly good thing and that there should be an ‘intolerance of evil’. Presumably she felt the same when the victims of the North Wales paedophile ring facilitated by Dafydd and Gwynne died in arson attacks. A true original of the shithouse – campaigning for tighter abortion laws whilst remaining silent about the asylum on her doorstep in which women were illegally detained and sexually abused by the Top Doctors running the place. Whilst they facilitated a paedophile ring.

      Another two institutions log jammed with members of the shithouse in Gwynedd are Bangor Golf Club and the alumni network of Friars School. Everyone involved with these organisations can rightly be viewed with suspicion. As can members of Bangor Lions Club – it was a front for the corrupt doings of Alun Davies and his mates.

      1. A junior member of the shithouse at St George’s Hospital Medical School – but one who seemed to exert an enormous degree of influence there – was a dysfunctional called Debra Everard. She rarely made it into work, when she did she spat poison at people and she was somewhat of a fantasist. The academic dept of obs and gynae negotiated around her and she was never held to account no matter how serious her misconduct. At one point there was an attempt to mildly admonish her – so she utilised the services of the MSF rep David Hole to get her out of trouble. Hole knew exactly how serious her misconduct was yet defended her in the face of serious complaint. Everard was famed for either not turning up to work at all or for arriving after 11am. She also invited her friends in to visit her in her laboratory – on one occasion her mates were sitting in there when fertility patients were arriving to discuss sperm counts and hand semen samples in. This woman was a Conservative Councillor in Edmonton – and part of her ‘role’ there was to hold some Council workmen to account when they were alleged to be ski-iving off from work. Everard and her fellow Tory Councillors hid and spied on the workmen concerned. She did this when she was failing to turn up for work at St George’s Hospital. The whole dept knew what was going on and commented on it. No-one challenged her.

        The London Medical Schools – the best in the world!

        1. Is this the St Georges Richard Bacon MP was after for concealing backup genny failure during an operation which due to powercut ended up doing lifelong damage to the child ?

          IIRC the hospital covered up the power failure and emergency power failure for some years.

          1. I don’t know about that, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Whilst I worked there between 1989-91 as far as I could see, there wasn’t one part of the institution that wasn’t totally corrupt. I had detailed knowledge of the obs and gynae and psych depts., but I knew people working in other depts. as well and I very much got the impression that the problems were thoughout the fabric of the place. The Dean at that time, Sir William Asscher, had links to those concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and in 1986 their own Professor of Paedatrics had been imprisoned for child porn. Some of their consultants were in Cynthia Payne’s brothel when that was raided and that was all hushed up – but Cynthia herself went to prison. I do not know how that institution still pompouses around under the delusion that it is reputable. I note at the moment it is in special measures with a CQC rating of inadequate. So nothing’s changed since 1991 then. And there’s world famous neurosurgeon Henry Marsh sharing his pearls of wisdom on the BBC – he worked at St Georges for years, he’ll definitely know about the sleaze that was hushed up. Joe Collier made a name for himself by blowing the whistle on institutional racism with regard to the admissions criteria – but Collier trained and spent his whole career there, he will have know about the barrel of shite that constituted the whole place. Comedians Harry Hill and Paul Sinha trained there – they’ll know about the horrors too, but no-one utters a word. It was only a few years ago that a young man died of thirst there because the nurses weren’t giving him fluids. He was bed bound so he actually rang 999 to ask for help! The emergency services alerted the hospital and a nurse removed his phone – and STILL didn’t give him a drink! He DIED, a young man died of thirst in a London medical school, how does that happen without the place suffering reputational damage??? Oh, we’ll just get Henry Marsh to write another book and Radio 4 can serialise it and we can all marvel at the Top Doctor…

          2. Another member: Lord Richard Ryder, Conservative MP 1983-97. Formerly Thatcher’s Private Secretary and then Gov’t Chief Whip 1990-95 – the investigations of paedophile ring in north Wales and deaths of the witnesses years. Became Vice-Chair of the BBC in 2002 and became acting Chair in 2004 following the resignation of Gavyn Davies after the release of the Hutton Report. Ryder then announced that the selection for a new Chair was underway and that he would not be putting his name forward. They must have had someone special in mind! Obviously – Michael Grade was appointed shortly afterwards! Ryder is Chair of the Institute of Cancer Research and a nephew of Sue Ryder. Ryder qualifies for membership of the shithouse from every angle that one views him.

          3. Anthony Beaumont-Dark: Conservative MP, Selly Oak in Birmingham 1979-1992. Grew up and went to school in Birmingham, studied at Birmingham University. Worked as a stockbroker on Birmingham stock exchange. Joined Birmingham City Council in 1956 and West Midlands County Council in 1973 – a member for the next 15 years, some of those years Chairing the Finance Committee. Ken Clarke described him as ‘big’ in local Gov’t and a ‘powerful figure’ in Birmingham.

            In 2013 Beaumont-Dark’s son Nicholas, also a stockbroker, was convicted of making and sharing nearly 400 images of young babies being sexually abused. Half of the images were rated as category 5, the most serious level. Did he go to prison? No – Judge Richard Griffiths-Jones gave him a 12 month sentence suspended for two years, a suspension order and a £1,200 fine. I found an interesting recent little article about Judge Griffiths-Jones as well. After his friend Judge Alan Parker – who was gay – died, Griffiths-Jones fondly remembers the jolly times that they enjoyed together, including the time that Griffiths-Jones panicked after losing his phone lest anyone pick it up and read the many ‘scurrilous texts’ that Parker had sent him.

  4. “Another member of the shithouse is the former bodyguard to HM the Queen, Commander Michael Trestrail … Trestrail was a client of a lawyer of note in the shithouse – Sir David Napley. Napley’s clients from the shithouse included Jeremy Thorpe, Harvey Proctor, Greville Janner and Sir Peter Hayman”.

    (1) The Queen’s bodyguard, Commander Trestrail, was also said to be a client at the Elm Guest House. As was the Queen’s art curator, Sir Anthony Blunt.

    (2) The Queen awarded Peter Hayman the CVO.

    (3) The Queen awarded John Henniker-Major the CVO. Henniker-Major “provided a sanctuary on his country estate to Peter Righton, who suppled boys to paedophile MPs at Dolphin Square and elsewhere”.

    ***The CVO is given by the Queen in her PERSONAL CAPACITY. It is unlike most other honours which are given by the Queen on advice from the Government.***

    (4) The Queen’s personal friend and Woman of the Bedchamber was Sir Peter Morrison’s sister.

    (5) The Queen’s cook on the royal yacht Britannia was Douglas Slade, a founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange.

    Lord Justice Fulford, named as an adviser to the Queen in 2013, was reportedly a founder member of a campaign to defend PIE.

    Make of the above what you will.

    1. Many thanks for this. There were not only a lot of rather odd people in close proximity to the British Royal Family, but more and more of them are gradually being revealed as having been close to people who abused children.

      1. Another member of the Birmingham branch of the shithouse: Dr Philip Cauthery, the doctor in the Student Medical Centre at Aston University. Cauthery was appointed to the role back in the 60s or 70s and his Medical Centre was hailed as pioneering. In the 1980s Cauthery was still leading that Centre and Aston had one of the highest rates of suicides among it’s students amongst all UK universities. No-one ever correlated the two things – although Aston University was alive with stories of depressed and distressed students who went to see Cauthery who then gave them enough anti-depressants to kill themselves. Which quite a few of them did. Or they jumped out of the windows of the tower blocks with doubled up as halls of residence – there was at one point no restrictions on the opening of the windows, students could and indeed did just open the window and jump. Cauthery was most famous as a sexologist – he was on the advisory panel to Forum magazine and set up a clinic with Dr Martin Cole, which included the UK’s first abortion clinic. Cauthery was hugely controversial, so I’d be interested to know who let him loose in a Student Medical Centre at a time when universities were still in loco parentis. I can only find reference to one of the University Governors, a man called Dr David Owen. By the early 1980s staff and students knew that Cauthery was lethal but he was never removed and no bad publicity ever emerged.
        Which is weird, because there was plenty of bad publicity about Cauthery’s colleague Dr Martin Cole. Martin Cole ran a sex therapy clinic which employed surrogates and was constantly accused of running a brothel. He featured in Hansard 1972 – that other member of the shithouse Jill Knight was going apeshit about the activities of Martin Cole. Cole made a sex education film for schools in 1972 called ‘Growing Up’. It met with approval from some teachers but Mary Whitehouse and others hit the roof and prevented it from being shown in schools. One MP stormed out whilst it was being shown to them announcing that she would ‘shoot that man’ (Cole). That MP was member of the shithouse Elaine Kellett-Bowman – a member of Denbigh Borough Council whilst Dafydd and Gwynne were lobotomising people, sexually abusing women patients and running a paedophile ring. Elaine remained silent about that. I do know one person who was a patient of Martin Cole’s – he went to Martin Cole’s clinic after the Hergest Unit and their colleagues in north Wales flatly refused to provide him with therapy for a problem which was leaving him feeling suicidal. Martin Cole did provide a surrogate and this man ended up having a relationship with her that lasted about a year. So Cole’s surrogates were breaching professional boundaries. But having said that, Martin Cole did not fleece this patient of thousands of pounds, he did not tell him that he had a ‘personality disorder’, he did not lie about him in order to have him arrested and whilst he was a patient of Cole’s this man never ended up in prison – all this happened to the same man at the hands of the mental health services in north Wales. And I never heard that Martin Cole was running a paedophile ring. So the jury’s out on Martin Cole – but I doubt that he could have been quite so unhinged as Dafydd and Gwynne, although Cauthery possibly was.
        I suspect the reason that Cauthery was never condemned in the centre of a media storm in the way that Cole was – although it was Cauthery who was a danger to patients – was that Cauthery was a Top Doctor and will have enjoyed the umbrella of the BMA, the GMC etc. Cole was a geneticist so I was probably hung out to dry for doing rather less than Cauthery.

    2. I am hoping for a report in East Anglian Press soon. About Suffolk Chief constable visit to Lord Henniker 1992 when Righton retired to live on the estate. In fact the Chief constable visit was brought about by Islington child safeguarding Dr Liz Davies who contacted her Suffolk counterpart who accompanied Chief constable on the visit.

      The odd thing is the first Professor Liz Davies knew about the 40+ deaths of cerebral palsy children, in Islington and Hackney care, at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk 1954 to 1972 was when I told her earlier this year.

      So it is safe to infer, in my opinion, that Suffolk Chief constable lied to both Suffolk and Islington safeguarding in 1992.

      Embarrassingly after Margaret Hodge jumped ship as Islington council leader 1992 her replacement Cllr Sawyer was already a business partner with the paedo Derek Slade in the abusive St Georges School Finborough Suffolk.

      What the Chief concealed includes that HM Coroner Bury St Edmunds in 92 had already been in touch about the Beeches child deaths and the deaths 1972 at the Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish Suffolk. It is useful to know that this Richard Ryder is Sue Ryder nephew.

      Phil Wisdom an East Anglian Daily Times journalist had found earlier in 1992 that Sue Ryder request to press to prepare obituaries for her husband Leonard Cheshire was four years premature and that Cheshire’s medical advisers were mystified why Sue Ryder had asked for obits. THis was all known to Chief constable. Then Cheshire died of a heart attack on Sue Ryder’s schedule. No inquiry.

      Also of interest is Peter Righton’s association with Dr Morris Fraser. At Islington at the time.

      As Tam Dalyell later told the Commons re Kincora a lot of what went on (Shutting up Wallace and Holroyd etc) was about protecting reputation of Airey Neave. The co founding trustee of Sue Ryder Homes with ex SOE /MI6 big hitter Harry Sporborg. Sporborg brainchild 1944 manifested as GLADIO which in 1990 was subject of EU Resolution to member states to dismantle.

      Interesting Henniker’s name has been suggested as involved with arming TARA and Red Hand Commando via his alleged links with McKeague and McGrath of Kincora.

      GLADIO was an incidental part of correspondence of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP to Patrick Mayhew AG and Ferrers Police minister 1990 91. Up to Sir John’s death 1991 at his Dolphin Square Home. Mayhew earlier in his career had been GMC legal officer for the hearing against Dr Morris Fraser, child abusing deviant, which allowed Fraser to continue as a doctor.

      Suffolk Chief constable knew all this and that if he had lived Sir John would have raised parliamentary ombudsman inquiry into how his correspondence to Mayhew and Ferrers was handled by civil servants. An Ombudsman inquiry that would have made Chief visit to Henniker 1992 a tad more complicated.

      It seems self evident the Chief of 1992 lied to safeguarding.

      In following years Suffolk Chief constables appear to have sustained the lie to Fairbank, Fernbridge, Cayacos and Midland.

      And their own inquiry into Derek Slade St Georges School did not follow the trail back to Sawyer and the Chief constable visit to Henniker 1992 in which Islington and Suffolk safeguarding were kept in the dark.

      1. Very interesting info Richard. Airey Neave seems to have been up to his eyes in slurry on many different fronts.

        I’ve discovered a few more links between members of the shithouse:
        The Bingley family, including William and his mum Lady Juliet – who whilst they were in the highest echelons of MIND kept quiet about the north Wales paedophile ring and those who were concealing it, knew Field Marshal Michael Carver and his family. When they were young, Liza Bingley, William’s twin sister, was very close to Matthew Parris, who was also very friendly with Lord Carver’s son Andrew. The young Bingleys, Carver and Parris were all mates together. Field Marshal Carver will have known Admiral Bingley professionally anyway. Parris’s book ‘Chance Witness’ describes a dinner with Thatcher to which those in her circle throughout her years as PM were invited – many names now known to have concealed child abuse attended, as did Lord Carver.

        Lord Carver will have known Field Marshal Lord Bramall – Bramall was Chief of Defence Staff 1982-85 (he’ll have known Thatcher) and Carver was Chief of Defence Staff 1973-76. Field Marshals leading the British Armed Forces aren’t that common, there’s no way that they’ll have not known each other well. Bramall of course was the centre of the allegations by ‘Nick’ that precipitated Operation Midland, ie. that Heath, Bramall and Harvey Proctor were involved in abusing under-aged boys together. I could not think of a possible link between Bramall and the others (who do have connections to people involved with child abuse), but I’ve found something out that received no publicity among the furore over ‘Nick’. Bramall’s older brother Ashley has many connections to those in the mad London Councils in the 70s who were involved with and concealing child sexual abuse.

        Ashley Bramall was a barrister and the Labour MP for Bexley 1946-50. Ted Heath stood for the seat at the same time, but Brammal won by a very narrow margin – but he was friends with Ted Heath from their time in the Oxford Union and they remained friends. Heath won Bexley in 1950. Ashley then became active in local politics in the Metropolitan Borough of Westminster, becoming Alderman in 1959. He then was a Councillor in the newly formed Westminster City Council, but lost his seat in 1968. In addition, in 1961 he became a member of the London County Council which evolved into the GLC in 1964 – Bramall remained a member of the GLC throughout it’s entire existence. He was also a member of the ILEA, was Chairman in 1965-67 and led the Labour group when Labour lost control in 1967. When Labour won back control again in 1970, Bramall became leader of ILEA. He remained leader until 1981. Although Bramall was not part of the far left who eventually gained control of the GLC, they nonetheless voted for him to remain leader of ILEA. So Bramall was leader of ILEA whilst it was doing crazy things and whilst the children’s homes in the area were raging with paedophile activity. Bramall was leader when the scandal involving William Tyndale Junior School in Islington blew up in 1975 – he received a knighthood in the same year. He remained Chairman of ILEA after he retired. He led a very active retirement – he was a Museum director, Chairman of Westminster College of FE and hon sec to the Theatres Advisory Council. He was Chair of his local Labour Party branch and in August 1996 he acted as Agent to Mair Eluned Garside, his former Deputy at ILEA, when she was elected to Westminster City Council.

        Now Mair Eluned has some interesting connections – and with a name like that, she will have originally been from Wales. She was a member of the GLC between 1973-86. In the early 90s she was a non-executive director of an unidentified Family Health Services Authority. She was a Director of the University of Greenwich 1992-93. Between 1996-98 she was a Director of Westminster CAB – members of the shithouse concealing child abuse often seem to be strangely drawn to the CAB, as was Lucille Hughes. Mair was Director of the Sporting Club Thames Mead 1999-2008 and a Director of the Peabody Community Foundation 2000-11. The Peabody Community Foundation ticks all the family/children/welfare/well-being/community boxes. In 2017 Main became a Director of the Pimlico Neighbourhood Forum.

        A few links between a few members of the shithouse there then.

        1. A couple of junior members of the shithouse in north west Wales – Jan Stanley-Smith and Ann Kallmark. Both mental health nurses who worked in Ysbyty Gwynedd mental health wards before Hergest Unit opened and then stayed. They have both worked at the Hergest Unit and in the appallingly abusive Arfon Community Mental Health Team. Jan Stanley-Smith also worked at the School of Nursing in Bangor University where she was seriously bullied by the dreadful Head of Dept there, former Denbigh nurse Ruhi Behi. These two members of the shithouse seemed to become corrupted by others in the shithouse – pre-Hergest they didn’t seem to be as abusive as other members of the shithouse, but they certainly ended up as major accessories. They’ve been around for a long time now and watched much abuse and criminal activity – time for a trip to the police station to make your statements ladies?

  5. I am still laughing from reading about William Tyndale Junior School.

    Yes the two founding trustees of Sue Ryder (MI6 front ?) charity Neave and Sporborg were a pair of scallywags. Sporborg was Head of Hambros Bank postwar. Hambro had a great interest since WW2 “Tube Alloys” in UK nuclear independence. Leonard Cheshire discharged RAF with “Psychoneurosis” was the very fellow they would want. There he was postwar and no one mentioning he had betrayed every bomber stream he led. A fellow makes mistakes.

    He had been a UK witness to nuclear bombing of Japan. The public will think he is expert ? But that aint enough his voice for a “British finger on the nuke trigger” would be more authoritative if he is a living saint. Hey presto charity money flows and builds Cheshire a purpose built care home at his property Le Court. His charity founding trustee was Lord Denning. His ruling 1968 IIRC is the basis for Chief constable “Operational Independence” which MI5 exploit by telling Chiefies what to do. (See Chief constable visit to Henniker above). Of course as Welsh RCS discovered the Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire charities were an unlawful police no go area maintained by Special Branch snooping on plod and special branch liaison reporting to MI5. Denning had acted as judge in his own cause rendering what was only obiter as actually judge in own cause cobblers.

    Anyway Carnegie came up with the dosh to create Cheshire into a living saint.

    Butterworth Technical Press had the contract to collate records of the Nazi nuke programme. Hambro generously funded an MI5 interpreter to buy out the Butterworth Tech through acquisition of Pergamon Press. Capn Bob. Robert Maxwell.

    Neave got the constituency covering the nuclear research establishment and had interests in the nuke industry. Happily through Paperclip, involving ex SOE gals like Sue Ryder under charity cover in postwar Europe, we seem to have obtained a number of useful Nazi scientists even though Prince Anton Turkul stuck some soviet agent ringers in the paperclip take.

    Neave and Sporborg went into puppet theatre together when they selected and steered a puppet to leadership of the tories. Margaret Hilda Thatcher.

    Sporborg’s man in Italy was ex SOE and admitted he was MI6 when inquiries into Vatican banking shenanigans got to the subject of Mafioso Sindona. “Great chap said the Hambro man I am MI6 really and Sindona is a first class help to us” McCaffrey.

    Sporborgs masterpiece was called GLADIO. (It still exists)

    Neave was portrayed as the character Alex Nevan in the film “Hidden Agenda” about the Army Psyops Unit in Ulster (the one in fact who had tried to report the abuse in Kinora) helping bring down Wilson. To make way for Milk Snatcher Thatcher.

    1. I imagine Jo Cox, Lenny Cheshire and Sue Ryder in charity exploiter heaven

      Jo “Look I got a Love like Jo campaign”

      Ryder is incandescent “I want a love like Sue campaign” Stamps her foot but laments there are no vulnerable people for her foot to land on.

      “I want a Lenny Shone the Light Campaign. “

    2. Ah, you’ve answered a question that I was pondering on the other day – who put Thatcher in place? I know there was a ‘get Heath out’ campaign, I know Keith Joseph couldn’t be a candidate for leader because of that speech he made expressing concern that the working classes were breeding too rapidly and Willie Whitelaw wouldn’t stand because he was a mate of Heath’s, but I did wonder who was pulling Thatcher’s strings. She wasn’t popular and I am fairly convinced that she didn’t understand the philosophies or the economic policies that she aligned herself with – and of course she completely reconstructed herself. Someone had to be behind it – someone much brighter than her, of a right wing bent who wanted to introduce neoliberalism into the UK and knew the ‘advisors’ to do it.
      Regarding Lord Denning – I wanted to find a home on this blog for his famous ‘be ye ever so mighty the law is above ye’ quote, but sadly it seems that there are many people who are indeed above the law. But then I realised that a few years ago when Nicholas Hoogstraten’s trial was abandoned after information was received that if it went ahead the judge would be assassinated. The trial never resumed.

        1. The film does the defence of the state loyal patriot bit. But why was Neave’s charity already under MI5 and Special Branch protection before the events of this film. Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire Homes. The Welsh Regional Crime Squad Det sgt who defied Special Branch threats to drop inquiry ? Dead with a suicide verdict. MI5 took the RCS case file. IMO Bloody Sunday was about heading off the avowedly Marxist IRA plan for class war and provoking the breakdown to sectarian violence. It has the prints of Neave and Co all over it IMO.

        2. I have been contacted by an NHS Whistleblower who raised concerns regarding the safeguarding of vulnerable adults in the ‘care’ of Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Hospitals. I have been sent e mails and copies of documents but the whistleblower wants to remain anonymous – they have been forced out of their career, as usual. I have been given a list of names of senior managers of the Trust and names of people involved with ‘dementia care’. A number of them previously worked in Leeds hospitals, including St Jimmy’s, when Savile was on the loose. Of course they won’t have known anything. One thing that struck me was the name of the local MP who presided over the mess of which I have been given details – it was Alan Johnson, who was at one point Secretary of State for Health under Blair. Who, along with Andy Burnham, refused over 80 requests to hold an Inquiry into Mid-Staffs. They knew that people were dying in great numbers there…

          Alan Johnson only made it as MP for Hull West by the skin of his teeth. They had a perfectly good Labour MP, Stuart Randall, but he was subjected to a campaign of intimidation from within his local party, which involved hanging him out to dry when he confronted the Lord Mayor of Hull John Black (a good mate of John Prescott) about council corruption. Prior to this, there had been a sudden influx of new members to the local party – some of whom were relatives of a prominent councillor – and it later transpired that they didn’t know that they’d joined the party. A complaint to Labour Party HQ was never followed up. Things got incredibly nasty, with John Black sending an aggressive letter to Stuart Randall and later alleging that he wasn’t fit for office. There were physical confrontations between Labour members and allegations of abusive phone calls. In the end the unpleasantness was too much for Randall and he stood down three weeks before the 1997 general election. Up popped Alan Johnson, a Blairite union rep, who was in need of a safe seat!

          The whistleblower wants me to mention the man in charge of it all up in Yorks and Humberside, NHS England CEO Simon Stevens. That’s the man whom Blair really liked and who had a big fan in Cameron as well. Simon is of course currently being constructed as the only man who can save the NHS in England. Simon was famously at the very top of some huge US private healthcare firms before he was appointed NHS England CEO – US firms that want to colonise the UK’s healthcare market. Many moons ago, between 1998-2002, Simon was a Labour Councillor for Lambeth Borough Council – the Lambeth Borough Council that has paid millions in compensation to children formerly in it’s care who were abused by paedophiles. Lambeth knew that paedophiles were at work in their children’s homes until the 90s but failed to act. Simon is an old friend of Boris Johnson, they’ve known each other since they were in the Oxford Union together. In 1997 Simon was a policy advisor to Frank Dobson – Frank’s time as Secretary of State for Health was not that successful… Simon was then policy advisor to Alan Milburn and then health policy advisor to Blair, 2001-04. It all started in 1988 when Simon joined the NHS as a graduate trainee. When the NHS was unsafe, corrupt and going horribly wrong (a bit like Lambeth Borough Council) but it was concealed by Ken Clarke et al – as they appointed Jimmy Savile manager of Broadmoor. One of Simon’s early jobs was as the General Manager of the Mental Health services in North Tyneside and Northumberland. There was a big scandal in the mental health services in Newcastle at that time – there were a number of scandals in the mental health services then and I think it was in Newcastle that an NHS union had been taken over by the BNP and they hounded a whistleblower out. Simon then moved on to become Group Manager of Guy’s and Tommy’s – he was the Manager there when Guy’s accepted a former neighbour of mine as a medical student. This man was suffering from a serious mental illness himself, he was ferociously violent domestically, he nearly murdered his pet dog, he was abusive to his girlfriend who eventually left with their baby and prevented him having access to the baby on the grounds of his violence. Guy’s knew about all this. They qualified him nonetheless. He then went to work as a psychiatrist at the Hergest Unit. He had sex with various people on hospital premises which was widely known about and ended up attacking his wife so severely that she was sectioned as a result of her distress. His two young children were taken into care on the grounds of serious neglect. It was only then that he was struck off by the GMC. How were those medical students at Guy’s being selected Simon?

          The whistleblower also wants me to mention David Nicholson, the CEO of NHS England before Stevens (ie. until 2014). Nicholson was of course called the ‘man with no shame’ by the Daily Mail when it was revealed that he was the manager for the Strategic Health Authority covering Mid-Staffs when thousands of patients in their care died unnecessarily. But Nicholson had previous – not only had he been at the highest levels of the NHS for years as disaster after disaster was concealed, but back between 2001-2005, he was running the NHS in the West Midlands. The NHS in the West Midlands had been going badly wring for years under the influence of that leading member of the shithouse Professor Robert Bluglass, but of course no-one admitted it, because as we all knew the Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre is a flagship institution… Like Simon Stevens, Nicholson began his career in the NHS as a graduate trainee, in 1977. He worked in a mental health unit! It will have been dire, but no-one will have fessed up. Indeed Nicholson was probably promoted on the grounds of his success at concealing the blood on the carpet. Until 1983 Nicholson was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, but no-one can find out anything about his time there. So how’s he keeping his former comrades quiet?

          The whistleblower wants me to mention Professor Steve Field as well, Chief inspector of General Practice at CQC. Steve graduated from Birmingham in 1982 – so he’ll have been a student there not only when Robert Bluglass ruled the roost, but also when that other member of the shithouse Prof Ian Brockington worked there. Both Brockington and Bluglass concealed the wrongdoing of Dr Tony Francis who later concealed the paedophile ring in north Wales. Between 2007-12 Steve Field was Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners – one of whose leading lights was Dr D.G.E. Wood, a friend of Tony Francis, who also concealed the wrongdoing of his colleagues who were covering-up the north Wales paedophile ring.

          One more member of the shithouse: Terence Stephenson, Chair of the GMC and Council member of the GMC since 2009. Stephensen is a panel member of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. The GMC repeatedly refused to take action – over a period of 25 yrs – against the psychiatrists in north Wales who facilitated the paedophile gang. Dr Sara Ryan, whose son Connor Sparrowhawk died as a result of negligence on the part of Southern Health NHS Trust, has spoken publicly today about the mauling that she received at the hands of the GMC when giving evidence recently against the psychiatrist who was responsible for Connor’s care when he died. Sara was not on trial – she was the mother of someone who had died of neglect at the hands of Southern, along with hundreds of other patients. But Sara was cross-examined. Stephenson is Chair of Child Health at UCL, whose partner hospital is GOSH. Which has just been at the centre of the Charlie Gard storm. And which not so long ago was, along with Haringey Council, responsible for the serious ‘failings’ that led to the death of ‘Baby P’. A paediatrician at GOSH missed the fact that Baby P had a broken back. I was told that she didn’t actually examine him…

          1. A member of the shithouse all over the media today – Tim Havard, Director of the Royal College of Surgeons in Wales! Tim is complaining about the waiting lists for surgery in Wales and the ‘400%’ increase in patients waiting a very long time. The Welsh Gov’t need to do something! Well Tim, the answer lies in the hands of your colleagues – they don’t like Carwyn and co, they are as difficult as fuck and they brought Edwina Hart down because she was confronting their corrupt practices. Tim was a student in Cardiff at the same time as a friend of mine – do you remember the surgeons shagfests Tim, the ‘surgical conferences’ for which the Top Doctors booked prostitutes to take to the ‘conference’ with them? Of course you do, because you did your post-grad surgical training in Cardiff! Tim works for Cardiff and Vale NHS Board – as does the sexual harassing Top Doctor who was kicked out of the London circle in the 1990s..Tim has a private practice at the Nuffield – just like Dafydd did! Tim Chairs the RCS Board in Wales. At their last meeting they were joined by a high profile member of the shithouse, former Chief Medical Officer of Wales, Dr Ruth Hussey – whose brother Dr Peter Higson is a good friend of the paedophiles.
            Come on Tim, stop blaming Carwyn for a problem that you and the Top Doctors have created yourselves – probably deliberately, because you loathe the Welsh Gov’t and enjoy whipping up bad publicity for them, knowing that members of the shithouse in the London-based media will throw mud. As did Fraser Nelson, the scribbler for the Torygraph and Spectator in 2014, when he penned an article about the disastrous NHS in Wales. Hey there Fraser, are you one of the London journos who I’m told are following this blog? Fancy writing an article about St George’s now? Or how Thatcher and her circle concealed a paedophile ring in north Wales which were supplying boys to Tories in London – a paedophile ring that was facilitated by Top Doctors who wrecked the NHS in the process?
            Could the Top Doctors possibly have declared war on Carwyn, what with the appearance of a blog publicising some matters that they worked so hard for 30 years to keep quiet? Er – I gave you so many chances over YEARS Top Doctors, more than you ever deserved – you and your managers received many e mails from me, letters from my lawyers asking you to discuss matters and negotiate… In response I was denied treatment for a life-threatening condition, harassed and threatened until I left Gwynedd and then sectioned under the Mental Health Act after I sought help for the neurological problem that you were refusing to treat! Ooh, do you think that you could have done anything differently – as they always ask the Top Doctors when they’ve maimed or killed someone… Too late Tim, it’s all in the public domain now.

          2. A member of the shithouse formerly in Bangor has now hit the big time and joined the Birmingham branch – I’m talking Professor Fiona Irvine, one time Dark Angel, then Professor of Nursing at Bangor during which time Fiona bullied and intimidated her way around the place, one postgrad student mentally disintegrating at her hands with rumours that others had run away screaming in terror but that complaints had been concealed and not investigated. (Irvine was alleged to have described one terrified research assistant as ‘like a rabbit caught in the headlights’ – so Irvine ran her over.) Irvine left Bangor for a Chair of Nursing at Glyndwr. I was aware of one person who wanted to bring a bullying case against her but was told that if they did, the University feared that Irvine would make a counter-claim and sue. Rumours abounded that Irvine and her husband Stuart – who was Professor of Chemistry at Bangor and before that a Prof at NEWI – were trying to manipulate a situation which would inflict huge damage on Bangor. Stuart then acquired a Chair at Glyndwr as well, he became the Professor of Opto-electronic Materials for Solar Energy. Not that Fiona stayed at Glyndwr long – she was soon up and off to the Chair of Nursing at Liverpool John Moores. Now she’s Chair of Nursing at the University of Birmingham! Presumably Fiona passes through so quickly as a result of everyone loathing her – she’ll exit with a glowing reference as well – the institution concerned will know that they’ll get a crippling kick in the groin if she doesn’t.

            Two more names have been given to me by the NHS whistleblower from Yorkshire. One is Dr Paul Twomey, Joint Medical Director, East Yorkshire and Humberside NHS, Dementia Clinical Ambassador NHS England (North). Paul was for over twenty years a GP in the shithouse that is Lincolnshire NHS. The other name is Christopher Long, Chief Exec East Yorkshire and Humber NHS. Long is also a member of the Dementia Academy. This was launched in 2012 by NHS Humberside, with their partners Hull City Council and the Alzheimers Society. We’re back onto Alan Johnson’s stomping ground again!

            I need to mention that as well as all the other branches of the shithouse that he has passed through, Martin Jones – Director of the Workforce at the Betsi – also passed though the shithouse that was Birmingham and Coventry NHS, where he held ‘management positions’ in the late 80s/early 90s after beginning his career at Ysbyty Gwynedd. Martin later returned to cause further havoc in north west Wales. The man who assisted Professor Robert Bluglass from Birmingham in concealing the criminal activity of the mental health services in north Wales in 1988 was a man called Colin Berry from Coventry!

            Another member of the shithouse who previously passed through York University was Professor Ian Russell, who managed to cause much destruction and trouble when he was a Prof at Bangor University. He’s another healthcare researcher – of course he is. Ian Russell told so many lies that I never worked out whether there was a purpose to them or whether he was just a fantasist, particularly as the lies were so easily rumbled. Such as sending out a Christmas ‘Round Robin’ ie. Yuletide boast sheet, upon which Ian cheerily explained that his RAE submission had been classed as being ‘internationally excellent’. Which must have been news to the RAE panel, because the results weren’t due to be sent out for many months. As with Fiona Irvine, a lot of people ended up supervising Russell’s PhD students after the students had finally given up all hope of getting anywhere with him.

            Earlier today someone suggested that I should take a look at the people involved in the trial and subsequent care of the two 10 year old boys who killed Jamie Bulger in Liverpool in Feb 1993, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. I remember the case well – I was living in Bethesda at the time, watching the mental health services abuse people and stitch them up in Court, watching patients dying like lemmings and being told that I was ‘dangerous’ by various Top Doctors with close links to the paedophiles’ friends. I note that a number of people involved with Thompson and Venables were fully paid up members of the shithouse. Richard Henriques QC – who has featured on my blog – was the prosecuting counsel who rebutted the principal that presumes that a young child cannot be legally responsible for their actions. The boys were in fact tried in an adult Court which led to the European Court of Human Rights ruling in 1999 that they had not had a fair trial.

            One assessing psychiatrist was Dr Eileen Vizard, who maintained that Robert Thompson would have known the enormity of what he was doing. The other assessing psychiatrist, Home Office psych Dr Susan Bailey, maintained that Jon Venables ‘knew right from wrong’. Newspaper reports at the time described Robert Thompson as being very much the leader of the two boys and Venables as being a profoundly vulnerable child with learning disabilities, who spent most of his time crying and was so reluctant to talk when being interviewed after the killing his mum and dad had to keep reassuring him that he could answer. So how did you phrase the questions then Sue??? Susan Baile remained Venables’ psychiatrist until he was 21. When Venables was 17 and still in the secure unit – Red Bank in St Helens – it emerged that a female member of staff had sex with him. The member of staff was suspended and then left the employ of the unit. She was never identified or charged. Thompson and Venables were released in 2001 and both said to be rehabilitated. There was praise for the ‘specialists’ who had turned the two monsters of ten years old into normal happy young men. In 2010 it was revealed that Venables had been recalled to prison. Home Secretary Jack Straw did his best to keep a lid on it, but it was revealed that Venables had downloaded and shared 57 child porn images, some of the images being of young children being raped. It also emerged that Venables had revealed his true identity to a number of people (both boys were given new identities after release because of fears that they would be killed), so he had to be given yet another identity. He had also been arrested on suspicion of affray and cautioned for the possession of cocaine. Jon Venables actually spent his days drinking heavily, viewing child porn, taking drugs and playing video games. When he downloaded child porn, he had been living in Cheshire, where he had been relocated. Where a paedophile ring raged for decades. A book was written after the reality of Venables’ life was made public, ‘Jon Venables – What Went Wrong?’ Perhaps Sue Bailey can tell us! And indeed tell us exactly what was going on in the Red Bank Secure Unit when Venables was there and where the press reports of the fantastic work that had been done with him in that Unit came from.

            Sue should be able to tell us, because she’s quite keen on good communication. Between 2011-14 she was President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and spent a lot of time telling everyone how the Royal College needed to publicise the brilliant work that psychiatrists do, day in day out. Sue was also involved in the Royal College’s ‘Anti-Bash’ campaign, a campaign to stop Bashing psychiatrists, after it was found that so few medical students wanted to go into psychiatry (why ever would that be). And she was delighted that so many of the Royal Colleges Presidents were now women, it showed that women were leading the way. Sue is now Dame Sue! The disaster with Jon Venables doesn’t get mentioned much these days. Best forgotten about really. After all Sue now has a Chair of Mental Health at the University of Central Lancashire and will have dinners to go to and meetings to attend. Betweeen 2005-10, Sue was Registrar of the Royal College, responsible for ‘shaping mental health policy’. Another roaring success for Sue there then.

            Another female President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists was yet another name given to me by the Yorkshire NHS whistleblower – Prof Wendy Burn. She led on Dementia with the Yorkshire Humber Strategic Clinical Network, 2013-16.

            So how has Eileen Vizard fared? There has been no catastrophe reported with Robert Thompson, but then the mainstream media haven’t reported that a blog has now named numerous people who concealed and even facilitated the Westminster Paedophile Ring, so we can’t deduce much from that. Eileen has been given a CBE! Eileen trained as a psychoanalyst as well as a psychiatrist and has worked at GOSH, Newham, the Tavistock Clinic and for Whittington Health. She is an honorary senior lecturer at the Institute of Child Health, UCL. In 1986 she established a treatment service in the East End for convicted adult sex offenders – so it’s just as well that none of those involved in the Westminster Paedophile Ring were ever prosecuted then or Eileen would have to had treated them rather than a ten year old whilst politicians like Blair, Howard and Major ranted. When Venables and Thompson were found guilty, Justice Morland told them that their conduct was ‘cunning and very wicked’. Not unlike the conduct of those to whom they were handed over to be ‘assessed’ and ‘treated’. Eileen now practices at ‘The Child and Family Practice’, a clinic in Bloomsbury St, London. Nearly all her colleagues there have trained in the shithouse, all biographies boast familiar institutions – St George’s, the Tavistock, the Maudsley, GOSH etc. Eileen ‘leads a service’ – the National Child assessment and Treatment Service – ‘hosted’ by the NSPCC in Camden Town.

            Now for another two minor members of the shithouse from Gwynedd:
            Jenny Perry, yet another ‘health researcher’ from Bangor University. Perry wasn’t too bright and wasn’t too scrupulous and her CV claimed expertise in many areas that she very obviously had no knowledge of. She was someone who found actually making it into work quite difficult and found some very interesting reasons to remain at home. One of the best was because she had to stay in to await delivery of a goat no less. I presumed that this would be a live goat, having been acquired for milking purposes. No, it was a dead goat, a free range goat from Scotland which had been shot under special conditions. It was explained to me that Jenny Perry was a Pagan who needed to dine on goat meat, but not just any old goat meat. I was then surprised to find that although Perry had great trouble coming into work for day to day reasons, she was giving conference presentations around the county in her capacity as a Pagan, conference presentations in the name of Bangor University, accompanied by her son, who was nothing to do with Bangor University. I’m not sure that the University knew about this. Perry has now metamorphosed into an expert on old age and the last that I heard was working for another member of the shithouse, Prof Bob Woods. Ooh nearly forgot – of course being a Pagan is not the reason that Jenny Perry was so hard to cope with. No, that was the malicious allegations, the poisonous e mails, the harassment of other staff etc etc…

            A member of the shithouse has appeared in the Daily Post online – Ken Jones, the Secretary of Ysbyty Gwynedd’s Kidney Patients Association. Ken is getting vexed at the proposed changes to vascular surgery in north Wales. These changes have been suggested after a highly critical report which found that the vascular surgeons in north Wales were constantly scrapping among themselves and were making decisions based upon their own needs, not the patients. Ken’s a useful PR spokesman for the Top Doctors, as well as for their mates in Liverpool hospitals. He had a successful kidney transplant twenty years ago in Liverpool and has been a keen fan of the Top Doctors ever since – such a keen fan that they appear in the press with him every time they want to refuse to change their working practices and Ken talks about how brilliant they are. I can understand that Ken is grateful for his transplant but look what’s happened to a few other people Ken… I note that Ken describes himself as a ‘retired civil servant’. Ken lives in Llanberis and has been around for years, at least since the mid-70s. His adult children all have Welsh names as well, so I don’t think that Ken is a Whitehall mandarin who fancied a change and moved to Snowdonia. I rather suspect that Ken is a retired manager/administrator for Gwynedd County Council or Gwynedd Health Board…

          3. Phil Morley, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – YouTube
            The NHS award for Inspiration, short-listed nominee.

            Phil Morley, the chief executive of Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
            NHS boss Phil Morley faces backlash over superman video – Daily Mail

            NHS boss Phil Morley’s ill-judged Superman stunt – The Telegraph
            http://www.telegraph.co.uk › News › Health


            Phil Morley’s Superman Antics Take a Sinister Turn | Dermot …
            00180-15 Morley v Hull Daily Mail – Ruling


            The ‘catalogue of errors’ that cost this father his life
            £250,000 payoff for NHS whistle-blower bullied by hospital chief executive



            Who’s Who in Health and Social Care
            A directory of key contacts in Yorkshire and Humber

            I had to share the Hull & East Yorkshire ‘Superman’ because it is is world class!

            My former GP colleagues offered me £250K to leave having in desperation gone to Humberside Police over concerns about the death ( Open Coroner’s verdict) of an administrative colleague/patient, drug diversion, insurance fraud and falsification of patient records. I didn’t get the cash but was referred to the GMC under health- ‘madness’ had already been ruled out locally- occupational health& psychiatry but hey ho.

  6. I must be really unlucky- 253 day disciplinary suspension from GP Unscheduled Care (Out of Hours)
    no patient/family complaint, no harm/ injury to patient, no adverse feedback from Hull & East Yorkshire Hospital or patient’s own GP- suspended on the say so of a receptionist. The ‘stitch up’ failed but not due to the vigour of acting, subsequently promoted, Dr Michael. My actions were deemed by the Deputy Medical Director to be those that you would expect of an experienced GP with a background in Anaesthesia and yes the Trust did fail to follow it’s own Disciplinary Framework with the apparent complicity of NCAS.
    Dr Dasari Michael, Medical Director Humber NHS Foundation Trust
    Appointed 1 May 2014
    Consultant Psychiatrist in Learning Disability 2003 onwards

    Training Programme Director Core Training, East Riding Rotational Training Scheme March 2011 – February 2013

    Clinical Director Learning Disability Service 2006 onwards

    Executive Committee Member Faculty of Learning Disability 2014 onwards

    Royal College of Psychiatrists

    CASC Examiner for the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2010 onwards


    M.B.B.S – Osmania University, Hyderabad, India 1987
    D.P.M – University of Health Sciences, Hyderabad, India 1993
    Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry – University of Leeds, UK 2000

    Royal College of Psychiatrists, London, UK:
    Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2000
    Fellow of the Royal College Psychiatrists 2014

    1. If you don’t mind me asking, was the disciplinary action solely a result of local procedures or were you referred to the GMC as well?
      In every case that I know of, when disciplinary action has been taken against a doctor, it’s because they’ve pissed some powerful colleagues off. No matter that the complaint came from a receptionist – if you’ve ended up in trouble it’s because another doctor in a powerful position somewhere had it in for you.

      1. I believe that the direction of travel was to the GMC- the trouble was I continued to live in East Yorkshire and would insist on telling all and sundry about what I believed was gross criminality at my former Practice. This was before I joined the dots and became aware of a much bigger picture which would I believe explain events.
        My previous encounter with the GMC led to me accepting a warning from the IOP as my colleagues said that they would say anything to get me struck off, they had successfully raised ‘conduct ‘ issues and so I declined a formal hearing. The Senior Partner was the face of General Practice in East Yorkshire within a long and apparently distinguished family medical tradition. He was the East Riding of Yorkshire PCT Professional Executive Committee Chair.
        I had to be fair previously accused a colleague of murder, so generally that would cause a little upset and I had not repented.
        Humberside Police had said that I acted in good faith.

        1. Dr. X was interviewed under caution in the presence of a Solicitor by Humberside Police-
          ‘No comment’.
          A counter harassment charge against myself was declined by Humberside Police.

          1. The PCT did not undertake any formal interview with Dr. X. An informal one to one with Dr Sue Butler was the only action undertaken. There was according to the record an expression of concern (touchingly tender) about the mental health of Dr.X and about how it was a difficult time. I understand that there had been much crying and wailing along the lines of ‘I’m a broken man’, but things worked out okay, everyone rallied round and everything went back to normal.

          2. I know all about broken men in tears. After Alun Davies, manager of the Hergest Unit, repeatedly failed to investigate my complaints against Dafydd Alun Jones, telling me to ‘put up and shut up’ – even after Brown wrote letters to the authorities concerned confirming that he had heard Dafydd threatening to have me ‘detained in Risley Remand Centre’ if I didn’t drop my complaints about him and then trying to bribe me – Davies told me that Dafydd had now retired and was a ‘broken man’ who was regularly in tears. A remarkably honest nurse commented ‘yes, crocodile tears’. That nurse was quite right – the ‘broken man’ had retired with an agreement not to follow up any of the very serious complaints against him and furthermore Dafydd walked away with the contract to provide ‘substance abuse services’ for north Wales. Dafydd also continued to run a chain of private nursing homes, conduct private clinics across the UK and work as an ‘expert witness’.

          3. The documentation from the Humberside Police ‘investigation’ for the the PCT and forwarded to the GMC was incomplete. The attached documents were not attached.
            I now feel a bit silly, I expected that RadcliffesLeBrasseur, Leeds would do their job.
            It seems that that they did.
            I just didn’t and wasn’t able to understand and then it was too late ?

          4. My medical defence organisation, the Medical Defence Union (MDU), instructed RadcliifesLeBrasseur, Leeds to support and represent me at the GMC fitness to practise hearings- Interim Orders Panel (IOP) in London in the first instance, not Manchester as you might expect and as happened subsequently on three occasions.
            I was so naive and trusting. I cried after the hearing, not because of the adverse result but because it was my son’s 6th Birthday and I was in London being turned over for doing the right thing and not being at home.
            Anyway. the point of the post …
            John Bishop Harman, FRCS, FRCP (1907 –1994), British physician, President of the Medical Defence Union from 1972.
            Dr. John Bodkin Adams was tried in 1957 for the murder of an 81-year-old patient. Dr Harman was the defence’s main expert witness.
            Adams was acquitted and a second count of the murder of another patient was withdrawn.
            Home Office pathologist Dr Francis Camps, suspected Adams of causing the deaths of 163 patients.

      2. A major historical member of the shithouse for you all now – Sir Charles Evans. Charles Evans is best known for being part of the first team to conquer Everest in 1953 – but Charles was also Principal of UNCW, now Bangor University. Charles was Principal when Gwynne the lobotomist was installed as a Top Doctor in the Student Medical Centre there! Charles had many strings to his bow – before he was Principal of UCNW, he was a Top Doctor in Liverpool. It get’s better – he was a neurosurgeon. In fact Charles Evans only ever became Principal of UCNW because he developed multiple sclerosis and could no longer climb or work as a surgeon which is what he really liked doing. Charles Evans was born in rural north West Wales, the Conwy Valley area – his father was a solicitor and his mother a farmer’s daughter. He was raised to speak Welsh but then went to Shrewsbury School and then onto Oxford to read medicine.

        At Oxford he was influenced by the neurosurgeons Sir Hugh Cairns and Joe Pennybacker. He qualified as a doctor in 1942, worked as a house physician in the Nuffield Professorial Unit, then became a house surgeon at the Northern Hospital in Liverpool. He spent some time in the Army as a medical officer, serving in Burma. On his return to the UK he was appointed surgical registrar at the Royal Southern Hospital, Liverpool. In 1949 he became the senior registrar at the neurosurgical centre in Liverpool. The Royal College of Surgeons made him Hunterian Professor of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1953. Between 1951 and ’57 Evans spent most of his time in Nepal leading climbing expeditions. It was observed that he spent as much time in the Himalayas as he did in the operating theatre – not that anyone did anything about it, after all he was a Top Doctor and had every right not to turn up for work. However Evans did find that being in Nepal rather than in medicine hampered his career progress in terms of neurosurgery, so he returned to being a general surgeon for a time. Not for very long – he developed MS and within five years found himself in a wheelchair. He gave up surgery in 1957 – and was immediately offered a job as Principal at UCNW, because of course he could do that without being able to stand up.

        Now the Royal College of Surgeons online biography of their Fellows – ‘Plarr’s Lives of the Fellows’ – describes Charles Evans’s years at Bangor as ‘a great success’. That is not how other people remember them. In the 1970s there was much aggro at UCNW – the Welsh language students were going apeshit (they were still going apeshit when I arrived there in 1981), holding protests, sit-ins and stealing files and a number of the staff were kicking up a stink as well. In 1979 Dafydd Wigley, MP for Caernarfon, asked Secretary of State for Education Shirley Williams to hold a Public Inquiry into the running of UCNW. This didn’t happen and Evans’s obituary from the Independent states that ‘fences were mended’. I very much doubt that they were. The shit was covered up because Charles Evans was a national hero, along with Edmund Hilary, Sherpa Tenzing et al and somebody else’s reputation also needed preserving – UCNW was a college of the University of Wales and the Chancellor of the University of Wales was Prince Charles. Among all this chaos, Charles Evans had seen fit to employ a lobotomist who had facilitated a paedophile ring as a doctor in the Student Health Centre. What could ever go wrong? Evans was a Top Doctor who was actually a gentleman who’s real passion was leading climbing expeditions rather than being a Top Doctor or a university administrator, but Christ a man’s got to earn a living somehow when he develops MS. So he was given a university to play with. The next question is – who on earth gave Charles Evans a university to play with??

        There another puzzle as well. In 1984 Thatcher famously appointed Swinnerton-Dyer of the University Grant’s Committee to take an axe to some UK universities. Aston University suffered very badly – which was odd because Freddie Crawford was their VC who was right up Thatcher’s street. But Bangor was threatened with closure – as detailed on the blog, a leading light in the shithouse, Prof Fergus Lowe, saved the psychology dept from closure by enlisting the help of B.F. Skinner. But how did UCNW as a whole save it’s neck? Evans retired that year and Prof Eric Sunderland took over as Principal. Was UCNW scheduled for the chop because of the dreadful mess that Charles Evans had left in his wake? A number of the staff there were concealing the paedophile ring that Gwynne and Dafydd were running, which was supplying boys to the Westminster Paedophile Ring – which Thatcher and those close to her were doing everything possible to conceal. Did someone quietly explain that to Thatcher or her aides? Gwynne the lobotomist didn’t die until 1986, Charles Evans survived until 1995 and Dafydd is still alive. I wonder if a bit of unspoken blackmail went on somewhere.
        As I said, Charles Evans is best known for climbing Everest. Although he might well now become best known for giving a job to a lobotomist who supplied fresh meat to the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Did Charles Evans KNOW about that side-line of Gwynne’s??? Perhaps we should ask Dafydd before he pegs out.

    1. Well I’ll tell you where I saw some boxes of magazines – magazines and newspapers and very interesting ones at that. In the Student’s Union Sabbatical Officers Offices in Bangor University in 1981. When I enrolled at Bangor, I headed for the Students Union being a bit of a leftie, but of course I discovered very quickly that the people involved with the SU were pillocks, as they were in most universities. But before I discovered what pillocks they were I spent a few weeks up there with them socialising. There was a young man called Aiden – can’t remember his surname, a graduate from N Ireland (there were quite a few students from N Ireland at Bangor in those days). Aiden kept asking me if I was interested in the troubles – I knew what he was referring to but I knew bugger all about the troubles. Aiden then produced a box with the most enormous quantity of Irish Republican literature – I remember there were a lot of copies of ‘The Starry Plough’. I didn’t fancy being roped in to support terrorism and it was Aiden’s rather worrying interest in the armed struggle that caused me to stop going up to the Sabbatical Offices.

      There was yet more going on in the Bangor SU. For a start there was a group of ‘community volunteers’ who ‘helped with disadvantaged children’ called Community Action (CA). The disadvantaged children that they helped were those living in the children’s home Ty’r Felin – the home run by Nefyn Dodd, who was abusing the kids and trafficking them to London. (Community Action gets a mention in the Waterhouse Report – Ronnie Waterhouse took their presence at Ty’r Felin as evidence that it can’t have been all bad there.) CA was the strongest student society at Bangor – it had it’s own salaried organiser and own minibus. Now there will have been many idealistic well-motivated students who volunteered with CA who may well have had no idea what was happening to the kids whom they were working with. But somebody as a higher level will have known what was going on in Ty’r Felin. And where was all the dosh to fund CA coming from? The students were never asked to contribute and the activities and trips for the kids from Ty’r Felin were provided free of charge. There was another very substantial society at Bangor, unusually for 1981 – the gay rights group. As with CA there will have been plenty of students joining that group for genuine reasons – but there were some florid rumours about some of the men in that group and there was a paedophile ring operating from Ty’r Felin selling the services of rent boys. What if, like the Chester branch of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, the University’s gay rights group had been infiltrated by the paedophile gang as well? After all the psychiatrist who facilitated the sodding paedophile ring was sitting in the Student Health Centre. As we have seen, NOBODY would blow the whistle on that paedophile gang, because everyone in one way or another was feeding off it or off the people facilitating it.

      As for Dafydd Wigley’s plea for Shirley Williams to hold a Public Inquiry in her capacity as Secretary of State for Education – there might be a good reason why she wouldn’t. Sir Charles Evans, the Top Doctor who gave Gwynne the lobotomist and facilitator of the paedophile gang a job in the Student Health Centre, was appointed Principal of Bangor back in 1958. Bangor University (UCNW as it was known then) was a college that was part of the wider University of Wales. In 1958 the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales was Baron John Fulton. John Fulton was still alive when Dafydd Wigley called for an Inquiry. John Fulton was a close personal friend of Harold Wilson. Shirl wasn’t going to embarrass John Fulton – not only was he a mate of Harold’s, but he was had also been VC of Sussex University, Chair of UCCA, a member of the Committee of the Civil Service, Chair of the British Council, a member of the Planning Committee for the OU, Chair of the Committee that established the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chair of the Inter-University Council for HE Overseas, a BBC Governor and Vice-Chair of the Board of BBC Governors. He was given a peerage in 1966. A Very Big Mate of Harold’s then.

      My blog posts about Mary Wynch mentioned that when Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends unlawfully arrested her, illegally imprisoned her and stole her property and money, she was employed as a secretary in the Agriculture Dept in Bangor, presided over by the hideous J.B. Owen. I mentioned that no-one there raised a voice in support of her. It was Dafydd who was responsible for the ruining of Mary Wynch. I cannot help wondering if Mary discovered something going on in that Dept that shouldn’t have been. Mary was arrested and incarcerated in 1979. That was about the time when Dafydd Wigley asked Shirley Williams to hold a Public Inquiry into the running of the University. By the time that I arrived in Bangor in 1981, stories concerning the Agri Dept were legion – there was a lecturer employed who was a relentless sexual harasser of the female students for a start, as well as all the other wrongdoing that I detailed on the blog.

      Many of the staff at Bangor from the early 80s have now died. However, there is one man who worked in the Agri Dept who will remember what was going on there at the time of Mary’s arrest who might be able to shed light on events of that time. That man is an agricultural economist, Dr Richard Howarth. I remember him very well – he was building up a name for himself at the time as one of the new breed of right-wing economists who was finding favour with Thatcher. Richard Howarth did actually know Thatcher – I discovered this when I was waiting for a bus in Menai Bridge one night and I got chatting to a rather drunk but very sociable young woman who, when she heard that I was a student, asked me if I knew her uncle Richard Howarth. She then told me that he had begun to receive invitations to meet Thatcher. Richard Howarth disappeared from Bangor a few years later and I remember an article about him in Private Eye, alleging dirty tricks flying between economists of opposing views. In recent years I presumed that Richard Howarth must have died, because I hadn’t heard anything about him for a long time. But look what I’ve found online:

      A publication from The Bruges Group, dated 2015, ‘Sweden’s Immigration Crisis’. The report explains that the Bruges Group is an ‘independent all party think tank’ set up in Feb 1989 and that ‘it’s inspiration was Margaret Thatcher’s Bruges Speech in Sept 1988′. There follows a list of key people involved with the Bruges Group. The Founder President was Margaret Thatcher, the President is Norman Tebbit, the Vice-President is Norman Lamont and the Founder Chairman was Lord Harris of High Cross. The Academic Advisory Council includes Dr Richard Howarth, Professor Patrick Minford and Ruth Lea. The Sponsors and Patrons include Lord Michael Howard, Lord David Young and Sir Rocco Forte.

      Some of these names have already been outed as being members of the shithouse who concealed the paedophile ring. But Richard Howarth was right where the action was. Welcome to the shithouse Richard. Now can you tell us exactly what is was that Mary Wynch did that pissed off the paedophiles’ friends so badly?

      I never stop marvelling at how fucking stupid all these members of the shithouse have been. All they needed to have done was respond appropriately to my complaint about a horrible dishonest old git in a Student Health Centre. If they had done that I would never have found out that he was facilitating the Westminster Paedophile Ring, that a whole pyramid of people were involved and that someone had even killed some of the witnesses. The first thing that Gwynne the lobotomist did when I complained about him was doctor (so to speak) my medical notes, by tippexing out some lines that he’d written and re-writing them. I pointed this out and I was told that of course he had done no such thing, me making such accusations just showed how mad I was. Somebody remarked to me the other day ‘they’re going to have trouble tippexing your blog away’.

      There’s also the matter of the numerous witnesses who were found dead.

      Perhaps Norman Lamont would like to give us all another rendering of ‘Je Ne Regrette Rien’.

    2. http://www.matherpix.com/
      Alan G. Mather Photographer, Nafferton, East Yorkshire
      Alan was involved in a road traffic accident with one of my GP colleagues.
      Humberside Police interviewed Alan for some reason, but no one else in respect of my concerns.He made me appear very silly.
      Alan is a high level Freemason, Rosicrucian, Knight Templar and Member of the Order of St. John.
      He has undertaken remedial work on Regimental Silver for the Special Air Service.
      He takes modest photographs I am advised by those that know.

      1. http://www.andsotowed.com/blog/highfield-house
        The Highfield House used to be the go to place in Driffield from the late 50s to 80s when it was run as a country club.
        http://www.thecrestedchinacompany.com/ used to be based at Highfield House. The former wife of Alan Mather lived there.
        Windmill Hill, Driffield was in times past where people were hanged.
        Moot Hill is a mid to late 11th century earthwork motte and bailey fortress, founded by Morcar. Beneath it is an 8th century Northumbrian palace and evidence of 4th century Roman occupation. It is directly opposite Highfield House.
        Some people attach huge significance to certain places, and ‘celebrate’ with site specific acts.
        I have heard a few stories about the cellars at Highfield.

    3. Enough money made to build a £3.5M new surgery, the Park Surgery, Driffield in 2011.
      Nice work. Gross profit per partner before seniority payments was £163k in 2006.

  7. Harvey Proctor’s father Albert was a master baker. Harvey was born in 1947 in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, going to the Scarborough High School for Boys and then the University of York where he read History. He joined the Young Conservatives at the age of 14 in 1961.
    “Between Savile, Jaconelli and the other nine plus people we believe operated in the ring with them in Scarborough, we suspect that their victims ran into their thousands over the period 1947 – 2007.”
    Real Whitby- a citizen investigative journalism site now North Yorks Enquirer.

    From: Bridlington, UK
    To: Scarborough, UK
    Distance: 17.1 miles
    Time: 33 minutes

    On a completely separate and unrelated matter, with a nod to fate.
    Dr Ian Michael Elliott, General practitioner Bridlington (b 1959; q Newcastle 1983), died suddenly on 20 July 2001 on a home visit.
    I regularly sat on his commemorative bench at The Macmillan Wolds Unit, Bridlington General Hospital when doing Out of Hours shifts.
    The Medical Centre, Station Avenue has 3 GP practices sharing the same building. Dr Hamish Meldrum worked there for 24 years.

    Dominic first met Hockney et al as a teenager in Driffield.

    1. Do you know the nursery rhyme:-
      Charlie, Charlie cluck,cluck,cluck
      Went to bed with three young ducks
      One died, Charlie cried
      Charlie,Charlie chuck,chuck,chuck

        1. Dr Harold Shipman studied medicine at Leeds School of Medicine and graduated in 1970.
          He started working in Paediatrics at Pontefract General Infirmary, West Riding of Yorkshire.
          First position as a GP at the Abraham Ormerod Medical Centre in Todmorden, West Yorkshire in 1974.
          In 1975, he was caught forging prescriptions of pethidine for his own use.
          He was fined £600 and briefly attended a drug rehabilitation clinic in York.
          He became a GP at the Donneybrook Medical Centre in Hyde near Manchester in 1977.
          He began his own surgery at 21 Market Street,Hyde in 1993.
          In 1983, he was interviewed on the Granada Television documentary World in Action on how the mentally ill should be treated in the community.

          http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/1975153.stm GP blew whistle on Shipman
          The rest is history, apart from motive. Was he a supplier of the deceased for the purpose of niche sexual/ritual purposes ?

          1. I am waiting for a degree of honesty regarding the practices of the NHS during the same era. Ask nurses who worked in the NHS in the 50s who feel confident enough to confide in you – what went on was shocking. Babies forcibly removed from women – or women told that their babies had died – and SOLD to more ‘suitable’ parents; disabled children left to die in the sluice; doctors experimenting on patients who did not have relatives to ask questions; nurses running prostitution rackets in hospitals; patients sexually assaulted by doctors etc. It was not just the Catholic Church who took a harsh view of people perceived to have transgressed.

            And when are we going to be told how many people in Denbigh died after being lobotomised or told the truth about the underground chamber there….

          2. Children ‘were murdered’ at Smyllum Park orphanage, in Lanark, Scotland.

            I have heard a first hand witness narrative of a child killing themselves rather endure
            further sexual abuse. They threw themselves off a building. I believe the account.
            And you wonder why I am so persistent-only seeking transparency and justice.
            Just money – who really cares but the rest- yes.

    2. http://nyenquirer.uk/nyp-det-con-age-sex-charges/
      Detective Constable Chris HOGG (49) of the North Yorkshire Police,has been charged with an act of gross indecency with a child under the age of 14, as well as one count of indecent assault on a child under the age of 14, and three further charges of indecent assault on a child aged between 14 and 16. At the time of his suspension, DC HOGG was serving with the York Investigation Hub.
      An NYP spokesperson stated:
      “The alleged offences, which were reported to North Yorkshire Police in 2016, relate to a period between 1983 and 1986 in the Scarborough area.
      (at a time when the SAVILE/JACONELLI paedophile ring was operating in the area in plain sight.)

  8. A GRAND day out in North & East Yorkshire (with a nod to Wallace & Gromit)
    From: St.William’s School, Market Weighton, York YO43, UK
    To:York YO60 7DA, United Kingdom
    Via A1079
    24.9 miles
    45 minutes

    On the way back
    York YO60 7DA, United Kingdom
    To:York Hospital, Wigginton Road, York, United Kingdom
    Via A64
    16.0 miles
    29 minutes
    Careless, but in and out of A & E in 20 minutes.

    1. ‘Fell onto a railing’- severe anorectal trauma with bleeding.
      You can’t make it up, because it is told first hand and they have sphincter disruption as an adult.
      The ritual abuse is a bit more difficult to convince parties of.

      1. Patrick Crowley, Chief Executive
        Patrick has worked with the Trust since 1991 in a variety of finance and performance management roles, and was appointed to the role of Finance Director and Performance in 2001. He played a significant role in securing the required Trusts licence to become a Foundation Trust in April 2007 and was subsequently appointed Chief Executive in November 2007. Patrick led the successful acquisition of Scarborough & North East Yorkshire NHS Trust that was completed in July 2012 that followed on from securing community services for both the York and Scarborough localities. He is now wholly committed to establishing the enlarged Foundation Trust as major influence on the progressive development of whole system provision in North Yorkshire, building on York’s reputation as a high performing organisation. The Foundation Trust Board was recently recognised as the NHS Board of the Year by the NHS Leadership Academy.
        He previously worked for the Ministry of Defence financial management development unit in Bath and in the private sector industry.

        York hospital boss admits ‘we’ve run out of cash’
        in 2014, Dr Alastair Turnbull, the medical director of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, last year received a rise of about £15,000, taking his annual earnings to between £225,000 and £230,000. Patrick Crowley, chief executive, received a pay rise of about £30,000, taking his annual earnings to between £190,000 and £195,000.
        It’s a somewhat unusual surname CROWLEY, I just wonder if Patrick is related to Aleister? Wheels within wheels and all that.

        1. Dr Clive Anthony Henderson
          MA MBChB DRCOG DCH MRCGP F.P. Cert.
          To be fair he arrived in 1992 – but with that keen Oxbridge mind and with presumably all St. Williams residents and possibly staff registered at his Surgery you might have thought a little reflective learning might have gone on post- convictions if not before.

          Dr Henderson finished his undergraduate course in Oxford in 1987, following which he completed his training in Oxfordshire and Yorkshire before settling in Market Weighton in 1992. He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and holds postgraduate diplomas in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Child Health. Now the elected chair of Goole, Howden & West Wolds GP Locality Commissioning Group he is also a member of East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group Committee.

          Also the co-chair of the Quality & Performance Improvement Group for the East Riding, he is a trainer of registrars entering a career in general practice.

          The Board of Humberside Group of LMCs Ltd – the great, the good of hear nowt, say nowt* and fuck off- just to remind ourselves I went to the LMC in 2006 post GMC.
          Dr Anne Jeffreys Director & Chair of the Board
          Dr Andrea Fraser Director & Vice-Chair of the Board
          Dr D Hopper Director
          Dr A Lees Director
          Dr I Prentice Director
          Dr A Francis Director
          Dr G Gibson Director
          Dr I Sibley-Calder Director
          It can’t just of been me who saw adult patients who had been subject to historical child sexual abuse in East Yorkshire and elswhere and were still living the consequences.

          pronoun & adverb NORTHERN ENGLISH
          “it’s nowt to do with me”

  9. “There were a number of allegations circulating about Portillo, including that he was one of the Tories who was having sex with under-aged boys. I have no idea whether he was or not – but I think that he certainly knew people who were. He has known one person since he was a teenager who definitely did keep quiet about paedophile activity in children’s homes – Diane Abbot, the former Press and PR Officer for Lambeth Borough Council, whose own children’s homes were rife with a paedophile activity and who also sent children in care to John Allen’s Bryn Alyn Community in north Wales.”

    Portillo and Abbot were starring side by side on the BBC’s ‘This Week’ programme (receiving £700 each per show) when questions resurfaced after many years about the duo’s possible knowledge of historical paedophile activity in Westminster and Lambeth.

    I implored the BBC to consider an historical allegation against Michael Portillo due to its very serious nature and in light of Mr Portillo being a highly-paid Corporation employee.

    I expected the BBC at least to ask their star presenter about the allegation, allowing Portillo the opportunity to condemn the historical allegation as baseless, even malicious.

    Mike Ford, the BBC’s Director of Risk and Assurance, gave me no indication that the BBC would be asking Mr Portillo about the serious allegation or making other enquiries. The BBC merely referred the allegation against their star presenter to the police, according to Mr Ford.

    Whilst I understand the limitations on the BBC’s resources and the proper presumption of innocence, I felt the Corporation’s response to my entreaty was inadequate.

    I should make it clear that I have seen no substantive evidence that Michael Portillo was involved in, or has knowledge of, historical paedophile activity in London. But the BBC had a clear duty to bring to their employee’s attention a very serious allegation and require his response.

    Perhaps the BBC did this; one hopes so.


    1. Dr David Wigglesworth
      Dr Simon Towers
      Dr Guy Clarkson
      Dr Cornelius Vincini
      Dr Robin Freeman
      Dr Susan Dale
      Dr Helen Heaton
      Dr Michael Hardman
      Dr Jane Taylor
      up to your necks…

      Supporting cast: Mrs Paula Snaith (Practice Manager), Mr Robert Armitage (Pharmacist), Ms Rosie Thompson (Nurse Specialist), Mrs Mary Moore (Finance Officer), Mr Malcolm Jones, Leeds (Accountant)
      not forgetting Dr Susan Butler, Medical Director East Yorkshire PCT
      with walk parts for Dr Andrew Green, GP Hedon and Dr Russell Walshaw, Humberside LMC

      Recent major roles for Dr Disari Michael, Medical Director, Elizabeth Thomas, Director of Human Resources & Diversity, Humber NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Stewart Burdett, GP Lead Unscheduled Care & GP Church View Surgery, Hedon Sara Davies, Operations Manager, Unscheduled Care, Mr John Smith, Unscheduled Care Coordinator, Dr Alan Francis, GP Appraiser, Dr Paul Twomey, NHS England (North) Medical Director, Responsible Officer & Regional Clinical Appraisal Lead, Dr Michael Prentice Regional Medical Director NHS England (North) ‘ enjoy your retirement’- no I left because of a loss of faith.
      stooge goes to Dr Craig Melrose who let me record the meeting.

      What a pantomime!

      Dr Richard Haynes expelled from the Bridge Street Partnership, Driifield, East Yorkshire 31 December 2006 for ‘persistent breachs of partnership etiquette’ – a concerned GP becoming a whistleblower, former Chair GPC Registrars sub-committee, voluntarily rescinded his license to practice with the GMC on 31 July 2015.

        1. https://andystrangewayindependent.com/2017/09/01/pam-allen-retired/

          Could the reason be that her sister, Jackie Lown, is the ERYC Head Children and Young People Specialist Services?
          In brief, Arthur HODGSON faced multiple charges of sexual offences with minors, including girls of 11 and 12, and was found guilty on three counts.
          Judge David TREMBERG, sentencing HODGSON to twenty-seven months imprisonment, told him:
          “The court has seen and heard not one hint of acceptance, contrition, insight or remorse. In my judgement, no sentence other than immediate custody is appropriate to deal with matters of this seriousness.”

      1. I was still so naive..
        I formally requested (again) that East Riding of Yorkshire CCG review of historical child sexual abuse in Bridlington and East Yorkshire in October 2015 at the Bridlington Locality Commissioning Forum. I should have remembered my physics, Newton 3.
        I spilled the ‘beans’ but not in a polished way about my concerns to a CCG Manager who came to have an informal chat, in the company of my Practice Manager. My former employer CHCP CIC, Hull – City Healthcare Partnership Community Interest Company have been the only party that has ever acted in accordance with correct process for which I have thanked them.
        WEll you would never guess, I was referred to Humberside Police by the CCG. A specialist child safeguarding detective from Hull came to my home on a Saturday morning in early November 2015. He wanted to interrogate my concerns about CURRENT child safeguarding concerns. I advised that my concerns were all of a HISTORICAL nature and that I was fully familiar with and appropriately used safeguarding pathways.
        So Humberside Police produced a report for the CCG, the content of which is not known to me or my former employer.
        Again I now understand how it works and of course I raised lots of things that I felt were not right. It was the Police after all and I wanted to help, not least about the recent local drug diversion that I had flagged up with the local NHS Fraud Offficer.
        Tramodol 100mg MR, Beeford & Leven, a nonagenarian on the Community GP ward who was sharp as a pin and rightly insisted that she did not take anything but paracetamol for her osteoarthritis. On dispensing repeat, 100 becoming 200, and issued regularly even whilst in Bridlington Hospital. Funny old game.
        I find sudden and unexpected deaths troubling.
        Jane Hawkard, Chief Officer, East Riding CCG and Director of Thinq Media Ltd (marketing consultancy) is I think less than clear in her understanding of the Freeedom of Information Act and the Harassment, Bullying and Grievance Policies of the CCG.

        1. http://www.bridlingtonfreepress.co.uk/news/crime/child-abuse-in-bridlington-shocks-police-1-7541569
          A detective inspector said he was ‘shocked’ by some of the examples of child sexual exploitation he had encountered in Bridlington. Inspector Robert Cocker told a full meeting of Bridlington Town Council that child sexual exploitation in the town was a more significant problem than radicalisation.

          The leader of one of the country’s largest teaching unions said yesterday that she was staggered one school had faced so many cases. “It is absolutely extraordinary and I am sure the local authority and school management will want to look closely at the processes they have in place,” said Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT.
          School inspectors are routinely failing to tell parents about sexual abuse of pupils by teachers, an investigation has found.

          Foster parent gets 18 years’ jail for child abuse- Children were not taken away from paedophile.
          DI Nigel Sawyer has worked on all of those cases but insists Bridlington is not a hot-spot area for crimes of this nature. ‘We have had a lot of high-profile sex abuse cases within the Bridlington area in the past four or five years but we shouldn’t take things out of context.’

          Read more at: http://www.bridlingtonfreepress.co.uk/news/latest-in-a-long-line-of-offenders-1-1713116







    2. Dear Richard,

      Have signed and hearby acknowledge your email.
      I will always support anything like this.


      Thelma Milns

      (East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Bridlington North- her husband Malcolm is ERYC Councillor for Bridlington Central and Old Town)

  10. Dr Mike Hardman is Senior Partner Practice 2, Bridlington & Chief Executive of BridInc Ltd.
    He is the face of General Practice in Bridlington having taken over seamlessly from Dr Hamish Meldrum. He was a Partner at a Practice in Driffield, but left suddenly after 12 years for a salaried post in Bridlington. Even at the time the request of £100k for goodwill was a tad strange.
    Mike hails from Cheshire, his father was a lawyer. He is keen on palliative care and is a family man.
    Mike works closely with Dr Alan Francis, Senior Partner, ex RAMC, Manor House Surgery, Bridlington.
    Alan like Mike is lovely. He is the Chair of the Bridlington Locality Commissioning Forum (part of the CCG) but does not like GPs asking about historical child sexual abuse.

  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/45312.stm

    At the time of the Barrett Inquiry Hackney council told John Barrett that Beeches child deaths would not be subject of his inquiry. Diane Abbott specifically refused to pick up and run with her predecessor casework re The Beeches child deaths (See above)

    As far as I know in spite of 43 deaths in 18 years the parental concern group, about Beeches, was not told the name of the home GP. Oakwood School Stowmarket the county council refuses to disclose GP name. Information is it was the late Dr Lower who retired to become leader of county council and chair of social services. Lower was in “Ipswich Vocational Training Initiative for GPs” the vehicle for Ipswich Mengele John W Paulley research re corticosteroids, life event stress and effect of stress on long term progress of organic disease. They seem to have had sessions discussing patients and taking Paulley’s off the record prescribing instructions. No patient got a blue steroid card and the prednisone prescribing seems not to have been accurately recorded on Lloyd George cards.

    It is clear that Paulley research was complementary to the Cambridge Uni contracted research by Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre whose director J G Howells concealed his researcher status from victims/patients. I have put the IFPC before IICSA. Now I wonder if Stowmarket GP Dr Lower referred inmates of abusive Oakwood and abusive St Georges Finborough to IFPC. The director of IFPC was a cttee colleague of Milner of Aston Hall and Sargent of St Thomas at Royal Medico Psychological Assn.

    I have wondered with the number of pupils in hospital wing at st georges and the number of abused Oakwood pupils was it simply a case of the local GP needing to have gone to Specsavers.

    1. Richard
      I would maintain that it is impossible for a GP not to know exactly what is going on a community.
      Patients, relatives colleagues and staff mean that if you want a question answered and to understand all you have to do is ask.
      I am bemused that YORLMC: The voice for NHS GPs and Practice Teams https://www.yorlmcltd.co.uk/, the Humbeside Group of Local Medical Committees http://www.humbersidelmc.org.uk/ or Rotherham Local Medical Committee have not sought out the experience of GPs and Primary Care Teams about historical child sexual abuse in Scarborough, Bridlington or Rotherham for instance.
      GPs seem to have been let of the hook, generally no noise whatsoever. Let me be quite clear it is impossible not to know, even if you don’t want to.

      1. I quite agree Richard. I know about a mountain of shit in north Wales that GPs undoubtedly knew of, including of course the paedophile gang. I’ve talked a lot about the corrupt GP D.G.E. Wood on this blog because I have documents signed by him and I’ve mentioned the corrupt Dr K. Shah, but all the GPs in north Wales will have known what was happening. Same in Leicester – I lived there for a short time in 1987 and I remember a young South Asian girl telling me that her sister had run away to escape a forced marriage. A few weeks later I was having a conversation with a GP when he cheerily commented that the South Asian families didn’t have girls over 17 ‘because they’ve all run away by then’. No doubt GPs often feel that they can’t do much about some of what they hear, but when talking about organised sexual abuse going on in the locality on a massive scale I don’t think that they can be let off the hook. Dafydd Alun Jones was a monster – they all knew about him. The reality was that Jones abused and mistreated people with mental health problems who were vulnerable and dispossessed and the GPs didn’t actually think those patients mattered. They simply ensured that patients whom they did think mattered were kept well away from Jones if they developed mental health problems. The snobbery in medicine is truly appalling and the whole profession is pervaded by it – most doctors these days know the right noises to make to indicate that they are aware and sympathetic to people with socio-economic problems, but look at how the profession as a whole continues to behave. (I’m entertained at the moment by some of the twitter feeds of some of the Top Doctors and their associates – retweeting articles from the Guardian. It’s their idea of radical political activism. One of the people doing this witnessed the abuses of Dafydd and co, remained silent and even warned them that I was going to publish! Didn’t you Catherine?)

  12. In the period when’you shall not make unfounded criticisms of colleagues’ – my GMC warning. I was told a story by a former patient about his father. He was 94, lived alone in Nafferton, but was generally in rude health supported by two daughters and a son all living locally. He became unwell, a GP home visit was requested and occurred. The daughters waited outside the bedroom for the GP to assess. The GP returned to the living room to advice the father had died. I was told that he had a good life…
    Humberside Police had identified an unexpectedly large number of sudden and unexpected deaths when not looking too hard at my concerns. The PCT Medical Director, Dr Sue Butler, reassured them that everything was okay. Much like the GP drug dependence, falsification of medical records and insurance fraud etc. – all with evidence to support.

    1. I think it was about 1983 Institute of Electrical Engineers published research into management in the UK industry. 93% totally unqualified either by experience or education. 3.5% arts, accountancy or management qualified. 3.5% technically qualified. Happily the companies I looked for saboteurs at bucked the trend. By having 100% unqualified management. The press, in the murder case of Sizewell protestor Hilda Murrell, had a field day promoting conspiracy theory about Belgrano secrets and Sizewell etc.

      At Plessey torpedoes I found no saboteurs which was the special branch line of inquiry to explain why our torps were too unreliable to risk firing in Falklands War. Hence why we fired obsolete torps outside EZ. What I found was a wrongly wired factory and management falsifying RN tests data while unable to explain why the products would not pass test.

      Special Branch then applied itself to me. What if Richard lets on the torps don’t work and the management commits fraud in the RN supply chain.

      We are a country in which Special Branch thinks its patriotic duty is to protect management. Rather than to protect the realm or represent the public interest.

      A way back perhaps 1950s Airey Neave became aware the Soviet thought UK would lose cold war because of its obsession with putting pratts in charge and training too few engineers. Neave thought “They are right” and put himself in charge of developing a solution.

      Prince Albert told Victoria what we need is an Army which has promotion by merit. How’s that working out ? After the war Clement Attlee and Co decided we would end the Poor Law. The undeserving poor became the victims of the NHS and the workhouse was sustained in the name of charity like Leonard Cheshire Homes. The Parish gave way to ATOS.

      The most perceptive analysis of the UK situation was “Yes Prime Minister”.

      Networking remained the name of the game.

      I recall in 1969 a 22 SAS sergeant major told us tech corporals that we live in the age of asymmetric warfare and unions being an enemy within or at least that is the view of the Command. “Unfortunately” said the SAS man “The Command has come up with a plan”

      When you see phrases like “The IRA might exploit simple new technology” you concede the SAS man had a point. When it became clear the Command thought tech corporals could spend a couple of weeks at a nuke power station to learn the wrinkles and be able to run the plant if the unions played up. Prince Albert all is forgiven.

      When I did a linear accelerator course at David Salomons House in 85 I was there with the late David Earl St Thomas physicist who was an Oxford boxing blue. (Should have gone pro he would have made more money). David was wont to have a peek at what an NHS management course “Practical approach to problem solving” was up to. He didn’t like management smoking in the dining hall. He would report back, after his recces, to linac course like this “They are making models from plastic cups and straws working in teams”. The Phillips Mullard engineer lecturer would laugh then “Well back to closed loop stability criteria”

      Nothing changes. After the Napoleonic wars we ended compulsory apprenticeships, introduced state education and state policing and have been in decline ever since. After WW2 we introduced state health care. When I was 8 attending Ipswich Family Psychiatric Centre, posing in yoga positions I was assured would cure my asthma, I did think that if my parents had to pay for this cobblers I would not be there. It seems, in hindsight, the IFPC also thought the magic yoga would not work so gave my dad ephedrine and quinine to give me on the QT. Luckily full marks our Ipswich GP Dr Peyton caught my dad giving me the drugs. And I didn’t go to IFPC again.

      When the NHS set up it encouraged research. And then in 1956 the law gave a privileged defence to doctors.

      As “Yes Prime Minister” might say the doctor has a choice with awkward colleagues and patients “Bury them or section them”

      1. The old joke about burying or sectioning awkward colleagues or patients is not without foundation – they probably don’t bother to do it if a patient has a minor complaint about something that doesn’t actually matter, but in the case of those who stumbled upon the Westminster Paedophile Ring that the Top Docs were facilitating, yes they definitely were burying them and sectioning them. And just about everyone else in medicine knew that this was going on.

        By the way, excuse me for being a bit slow, but under Sir Charles Evans the Dept of Electronic Engineering at Bangor blossomed – it was rated among the best in the UK. Now I know just how dodgy Charles was, I’m wondering what sort of high level wrongdoing could be facilitated in a Dept of Electrical Engineering. Any ideas? I also suspect that Sir Charles was as dangerous a doctor as any that has been mentioned on this blog – his own colleagues admitted that he spent as much time leading expeditions in Nepal as he did operating in Liverpool. Now neurosurgery is not something that can be done on a part-time basis, it’s why the training is so long and so hard, you need to really go at it to become proficient. Charles Evans could not have become that proficient – read the accounts of his mountaineering adventures and it is clear that he just would not have operated for enough hours to gain the expertise necessary. He did eventually give up neurosurgery and return to general surgery after ‘losing progress’ as a result of his Himalayan adventures. So how many people did he kill before his colleagues finally had a word and told him that this could not go on any longer? Quite a few I’d imagine – after all in the 1950s the Everest team were like astronauts, absolute heroes. Which was why a particularly rash one was never challenged when he should have been.

    2. Naughty, naughty- if the concerned are not mad, bad or dangerous to know but public spirited, professional, consistent and truthful what do you do ? … GMC And that fails.. RTA what next? Disciplinary suspension to try and go around the professional regulatory loop again, but threw a double six so out of professional jail and onto Bridlington. Oh no the bigger, if that’s possible, the story is out.
      Have you moved on ? asked Con over 10 years since I last saw him. The answer: yes and no. Understanding plenty with much more capacity. The clever option would not to have expelled me on spurious grounds. The Partnership was so poisonous I would almost certainly have left at some point.
      I am so grateful to those who have done me so much harm. I have learnt more than they will possibly ever know and now it’s time for those in positions of Authority to tidy up, but without leaving any awkward bits out.

  13. Dr Sue Butler, East Riding of Yorkshire PCT Medical Director knew nothing about East Yorkshire. She came from Pontefract, West Yorkshire (like Harvey) and commuted. Her husband was a teacher. Formerly she had been a Partner at Northgate Surgery, Pontefract. My former GP training practice.
    She was appointed by Dr David Fearnley Wigglesworth, Senior Partner, the Bridge Street Practice, Driffield and PCT PEC Chair. He was aware of her lack of critical thinking from my perspective.
    I was fortunate to have the PCT Prescribing & Medicines Management Lead, Mr Robert Armitage, a pharmacist from Howden (David’s familial medical base) and Ms Rosie Thompson, Nurse Specialist and PCT Nursing Lead as colleagues. The main surgery was busy but smashing. I was the Caldicott guardian.
    Dr Guy Christopher Clarkson, trained in Leeds and had a GP brother based near Aberystwyth.
    Dr Cornelius Michael Vincini had an unexpected range of friends, from my perspective.

    1. Interesting that you’ve named these people Richard – they were named in a series of e mail to me the other day – I have now received so much info about East Yorkshire and Humberside NHS that I haven’t had time to post it all up. I note that MPs whose constituencies span this dung heap include Alan Johnson and John Prescott. Isn’t Mandelson something to do with the area as well?

      I have been informed that Prof Alexis Jay, the Chair of the ‘Independent’ Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, is a former Chief Inspector of Social Work and President of the Association of Directors of Social Work. As nearly every social services dept in the UK had a problem with the sexual abuse of children in care which was then concealed, Alexis is a really great choice for Chair of that Inquiry. No wonder the survivors and barristers are walking out. Alexis was also Chair of the Board of Trustees of the WRVS. I knew that there was a problem with the WRVS at a local level in Gwynedd – the ‘ladies’ who volunteered with the WRVS in Ysbyty Gwynedd were married to some of the most corrupt men in Gwynedd and the WRVS was used as a networking forum for the corruption – but I’ve received info that all is not well with the WRVS at a national level. Another former Chair of their Trustees is Ruth Markland.

      Ruth Markland worked as a lawyer for Freshfields for over twenty years, is a non-executive director of Standard Chartered plc, also of Sage Group plc and also of Deloitte.

      A leading member of the shithouse has appeared on BBC News Wales to tell us all how Welsh Diana, William and Harry are. That is Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards, former Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan 1990-2008. He was described as the Palace’s ‘right hand man’ and ‘eyes and ears’ in Cardiff. He must have had an awful lot to report back to Buck House – Norman was involved in just about every arm of the shithouse. He was a lawyer who was President of Cardiff Law Society 1995-96 (just at the point of discussions in the Welsh Office regarding a possible Public Inquiry into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal); pursued a career in the Royal Navy and Naval Reserves in the 50s and is also honorary colonel of a number of regiments; a member of Cardiff City Council 1963-87 – during the planning of Corruption Bay; Deputy Lord Mayor of Cardiff 1972/73; Lord Mayor of Cardiff 1985/86; Tory candidate for Rhondda West in 1964 and for Cardiff South East in 1966 and 70; Deputy Lieutenant for South Glamorgan 1978; Vice Lord Lieutenant for South Glamorgan in 1986; Chief Magistrate in South Glamorgan; Chapter Clerk in Llandaff Cathedral 1975-95; President of the George Thomas Hospice, the Community Foundation Wales, the RNLI, the Royal British Legion (S Wales), the Cardiff and Vale Youth Orchestra, the Welsh Music Guild, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Wales, the United Services Mess; the Chair of National Youth Orchestra of Wales; President of local branches of the National Trust; a Governor of the English Speaking Union, the former President of the South Glamorgan Scouts, Chair of Gwerin Housing Association 1991-96; a member of the Welsh Arts Council; a member of the BBC Council for Wales.

      I think that we’ve found the member of the shithouse who runs Cardiff. He’s also the member of the shithouse who ensures that no members of the shithouse are brought to book. Norman has had a ‘distinguished career’ in English Freemasonry – the United Grand Lodge of England are also responsible for Freemasonry in Wales, which was why the members of the shithouse in Wales did favours for the big boys in England in return for crumbs from the table. Norman is President of the Masonic Samaritan Fund and between 2008-13 he was Provincial Grand Master of the Masonic Province of South Wales (Eastern Division) – that was during the years when there were louder and louder demands for a Review of the Waterhouse Report and then the appointment of dear old Lady Justice Macur to perform another whitewash. Norman is a fellow of Cardiff Met University and has an honorary doctorate from the University of Glamorgan. He has never married, stating that he was ‘too busy’.

      A previously identified member of the shithouse popped up on Radio 4 this morning – Michael Howard. Howard revealed that he is now a leading light in the hospice movement and is in talks with Simon Stevens (outed as a member of the shithouse recently) regarding collaborating on hospice care.

      Digging up the dirt on Sir Charles Evans yesterday answered a question that I’ve been asking myself for many years – why did Prince Charles go to Aberystwyth Univ to learn Welsh before his investiture at Caernarfon, rather than Bangor? Bangor was more ‘Welsh’ than Aber and was even more of a hot spot for the Welsh language. Answer – because there was havoc at Bangor on Charles Evans’s watch, everyone knew it and they weren’t going to entrust Prince Charles to him. But no-one was going to be rude in public about the Top Doctor and man who conquered Everest. Which is how in the 1980s his mate Gwynne, a lobotomist who facilitated a paedophile ring, was sitting in the Student Health Centre whilst students attempted suicide and had to be speedily sent back to their parents lest anyone discover the cradle of filth that was Gwynne and his pals. By this time Prince Charles was Chancellor of the University – and presumably knew something about the regime that Charles Evans was running.

    2. 2389745 Nigel Charles Clarkson Man Not Registered – Having relinquished registration 1977 Leeds
      2486989 Guy Christopher Clarkson Man Not Registered – Having relinquished registration 1979 Leeds

      Dr N Clarkson Gwrych MC Abergele retired 26.5.2015

      Dr G Clarkson
      ‘Best doctor from Park Surgery, Driffield. Sad he retired as he was the best doctor there.’ 19.8.2015


      1. Dr Susan Elizabeth Butler MBChB University of Leeds 1976 Full GMC Registration 1977 2304304 GP Registered currently without a license to practice

        So that’s clear then…

      2. Meeting with Dr Craig Melrose, NHS England North, The Old Exchange Barnard Street, Darlington
        on 4 March 2016 re concerns organised criminal activity.
        I just love creating time lines..
        Formally stated, Newton’s Third Law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
        The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object.

        1. I’ve received an e mail with another member of the shithouse named – Sue Collins, currently leading light of the Institute of Fundraising. The IoF seems to be an organisation dedicated to extracting dosh for Third sector organisations, no matter what those organisations are. The Chair of IoF is Amanda Bringans, who was formerly Director of Fundraising for BHF and has also led fundraising teams for VSO and Macmillan Cancer Support. Amanda has occupied senior roles with Leonard Cheshire Disability and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. The former Chair of the IoF is Richard Taylor, who was formerly the Executive Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Macmillan Cancer Support.

          Lest anyone delude themselves that working for the Third sector these days has anything to do with wanting to support a cause that one is committed to, I’ll outline Sue Collins’s previous. An article in Community Care, Jan 2010, is revealing. It tells us that Sue is now working as ‘regional lead’ for the WRVS and is involved in developing a long-term care funding policy. Sue knows all about that. Until Dec 2009 she worked at JRF (Joseph Rowntree Foundation) and according to Community Care, Sue left a ‘strong legacy’ at JRF regarding policy for long-term fundraising that informed ‘Gov’t thinking’. When she was at JRF, Sue was policy and research manager for the JRF long term care programme. In 2000 Sue ‘forged links’ with ‘partner organisations and ‘policy makers’ to ‘build momentum based on evidence’. What this garbage actually means is that it was Sue who with her partners and policymakers came up with the idea that elderly people in need of personal care should pay for it by releasing equity from their homes. Sue started looking at long term funding for care after a Royal Commission in 2000 and came up with the green paper Sharing the Future of Care Together. Sue intended this to be followed by a white paper on funding reform. However Sue’s bright ideas were ‘undermined’ by policy announcements recommending that free care at home should be available to people with the highest needs. Sue was acutely aware of the ‘looming’ presence of a General Election in 2010, which seems to be when her brainwaves regarding elderly people’s properties footing the bill for their basic care were consigned to the dustbin. Sue was in business throughout the years of the New Labour Gov’ts. Sue’s presence at the JRF during that time is interesting because in 2006 or so, Brown and I applied for funding from the JRF in response to an advert placed by them for academics to look at poverty – Brown and I applied for funding to look at rural poverty in Welsh speaking hill villages in Snowdonia as compared to urban poverty in another location in England. A friend who was a senior academic in England told me not to bother to apply to the JRF – she told me that the JRF were known to only give out funding to their mates, which was why so much of it went to projects based in Bradford or to Professor Danny Dorling. Guess what? The lucky winners were a team from Bradford! I note that in the Community Care article, Sue mentioned that she had worked ‘with partners in Bradford and York’. Anyone want to let me know who it was in Bradford and York that were pals with Sue? Sue began life as a social worker in London in 1978 and spent twenty years there. OK, so we’re back to someone who probably knew about the organised child sexual abuse there at that time and who ended up doing favours and being favoured by New Labour once Blair became PM.

          1. I have been told that another member of the shithouse – who was in the news in Wales last week – is one Jane Tranter, Executive Vice-President of programming and production at BBC Worldwide’s LA base since Jan 2009. Between 2006-08 Jane was BBC controller of fiction. This is not as innocuous as it sounds. In that capacity, Jane oversaw all BBC output regarding drama and comedy, as well as films and programmes from overseas, across all TV channels. There was aggro about Jane being appointed to this position, a number of people believing that this left far too much power in the hands of one person. After Jane left for BBC Worldwide, her previous position was split between four different executives. Jane joined the BBC in 1985, but left to work for Carlton between 1992-97. David Cameron took a little break from politics in the 90s – he worked at Carlton! Jane had a partner in crime when she was virtually single handedly running the BBC – Peter Salmon, the Chief Creative Officer. Salmon was already a big hitter at the BBC – he was the former Chief Exec of Question Time producer The Television Corporation, the former controller of BBC1 and had held senior roles at Granada and Channel 4. In 2015 Jane established a production company based in Cardiff and LA, Bad Wolf.

            Now I don’t know why I have been reassured that Jane is a member of the shithouse, but I have noticed that Jane shares a surname with Top Doctor and paedophiles’ friend Richard Tranter. Jane is also the right age to be a sibling of Tranter’s and she comes from Oxford. Tranter went to Oxford to read medicine, worked there and his wife has worked at Oxford as well. One reason why so little of what Top Doctors get up to makes its way into the media is that many Top Doctors have friends, relatives or patients with media connections, or work in the media themselves. Robert Bluglass’s daughter Amanda worked at the BBC. Lord Robert Winston is a media luvvy – Winston certainly knows how much wrongdoing there is in the London hospitals. I’m not convinced that he was ever involved himself, but he definitely knew people who were.

            I mentioned on the blog that in about 2008-09 I was approached by a woman who had BBC connections who wanted to make a documentary about what had happened to me in north Wales. She saw the documentary evidence of the Top Doctors’ criminal activities and filming was planned. The day before, she rang me up and asked me to name a public figure in Wales whom I knew for a fact was hated by the paedophiles’ friends and was being targeted by them. I told her that this person had not been involved in any of the wrongdoing at all. She told me that if I changed my mind about naming him, filming would go ahead. I told her that I would not be naming him. I did not hear from this journo again. I suspected at the time that this woman might have been something to do with Amanda Bluglass. But I didn’t know of the existence of Jane Tranter then. At the time that I was in contact with this TV journo, Richard Tranter was working at the Hergest Unit. He was also my consultant – but was somehow never able to come up with helpful support. He prescribed a combination of tablets which were neurotoxic and could have killed me if I’d taken them. On one occasion he became very irate with me and told me that he knew that I was telling someone in Bangor University what had happened to me at the hands of the mental health services and demanded to know who it was. On another occasion, when Martin Jones tried to have me arrested – YET AGAIN – and framed, Tranter did not mention a word about it on my medical records but stated that I was stressed because I was being bullied at work. (I was never bullied in the workplace at Bangor – both the professors whom I worked with were great, as was my PhD supervisor.) As the Hergest sank deeper and deeper, Tranter suddenly emigrated to New Zealand.

            What if Jane was, say, Tranter’s sister? We know that the BBC was concealing sexual abuse linked to paedophile activity in the NHS in a very direct way through covering up for Savile. It only became public after Savile died in about 2012. Jane had beavered away at the BBC for yrs. She would of course have known about Savile along with all the rest of them. Richard Tranter first made an appearance at the Hergest Unit sometime in the mid 90s. At the time that Waterhouse was kicking off and it looked as though things might explode. Jane was at that time at Carlton – along with Cameron. Jane then returned to the BBC in the year that Blair was elected. Within three years she had acquired huge influence and by 2003 she was responsible for a budget of £324 million. In 2006 she was virtually running the place. (Jane had started work at the BBC as a secretary.) By 2006 Brown and I had started appearing in the lay press talking about abuses in the north Wales mental health services and had also published something about it academically. And then there was an attempt to set me up and drop someone whom the paedophiles loathed in it…

            If anyone has any info about any links between Jane and the deceitful Richard, please do let me know. After all Richard was pumping Catherine Robinson, a colleague of mine at Bangor, for info about my publishing plans. Whilst Robinson pumped me to see how much I could remember about the wrongdoing of the mental health services and the names of folk who worked at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. (Catherine Robinson had worked at Denbigh for a short while, witnessed much malpractice but kept quiet.) Then Tranter and Robinson published a book together!

            I suspect that it was the connections between the Obs and Gynae Dept at St Georges and media/celebs which kept their wrongdoing out of the public domain. The Professor of that dept had a famous private patient, one of the biggest names in light entertainment of the 80s and 90s – she had no idea of what was actually happening at St Georges, all she saw was a load of Top Doctors toadying to her. She was on very good terms with that prof, she even mentioned his name in media interviews. This celeb was also a very well known supporter of the Tories and a fan of Thatcher. The prof had another celeb connection as well – his son was one of the people involved with Wayne Hemingway’s fashion empire Red or Dead.

            I’m sorry to keep labouring the point – but St Georges were concealing the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Time to make police statements everyone…

  14. Sir Greg’Silent’ Knight MP Conservative East Yorkshire.
    Born in Blaby, Leicestershire, 1949. Educated at Alderman Newton’s Grammar School, Leicester, and the College of Law Guildford, qualifying as a solicitor in 1973.
    Leicester City Councillor for Castle Ward and Leicestershire County Councillor for Evington Division from 1976 to 1981. MP for Derby North from 1983 until the 1997 election. Returned to the House of Commons in 2001 after successfully contesting the East Yorkshire seat.
    Deputy Chief Whip under John Major between 1993 and 1996 and Minister of State for Industry at the Department of Trade and Industry from 1996 until the Conservative defeat at the 1997 election.
    Privy Councillor in 1995.
    Rejoined the government in September 2012 as a Senior Whip and Vice Chamberlain of the Royal Household, a position he held until October 2013.
    October 2013, awarded a Knighthood for POLITICAL SILENCE-his nom de plume. He has written six books, mostly on the subject of political quips and insults.
    Secretary of the British American Parliamentary Group.
    And yes, of course I have written to him attempting to enlist his support as a constituent and local GP. You guessed it, not deafening silence but put up or shut up. I have encouraged those that have to do so but they are damaged and let down.I am a former doctor not a detective.

    1. Blaby in Leicestershire – Nigel Lawson’s constituency throughout the 70s, 80s, until he retired in the 90s. An arm of the Westminster Paedophile Ring raged in Leicestershire, involving social worker Frank Beck who was later imprisoned and Beck’s old mucker Greville Janner. Nigel’s son Dominic – a journo for various right wing organs – is married to Rosa Monckton who was a big mate of Diana’s and who is busy writing all about Diana at the moment, what with it being the twentieth anniversary of the crash.

      It doesn’t matter that you’re not a detective – you could be the best detective in the world and you’d still have been ignored. I used to think that I wasn’t enough of a detective which is why I accumulated mountains of evidence against those we know and love. Years later when I finally gained access to my own files, there were written admissions of perjury, perverting the course of justice, plans to frame me in Court, deals with named corrupt police officers, it was written down in black and white on my medical records and SIGNED by the Top Doctors et al that I have named on this blog! They had made signed confessions – what more evidence was needed? There was sufficient evidence to have imprisoned them. The documents were concealed from me for 25 yrs and when I did get hold of them, I was simply ignored. The documents are here with me, I have made copies lest my house goes up in flames – the copies are in a safe place. Everyone knows that I have these documents. We have had the Waterhouse Report, the Macur Review and now the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and everyone keeps repeating that there is no firm evidence. And I’m sitting here with the evidence. 10,000 documents.

      1. I have been asked to post the following info onto the blog:

        John Mann MP in Westminster Hall on 4th November 2015 stated that there are three VIP paedophile rings, London, Greater Manchester and North Yorkshire. My informant believes that the HQ was in Bridlington, East Yorkshire and that the Top GPs blackmailed the Blair Gov’t – a conversation between Dr Simon Fradd and John Reid. What my informant calls the ‘national doctors drugs diversion racket’ was, my informant alleges, controlled by Russel Walshaw, former Chief Exec Humberside LMC and BMA luvvy. Hamish Meldrum was Humberside LMC Chair. Andrew Green is the current GPC prescribing lead and is from Hedon, East Yorkshire. The Dispensing Doctors Association HQ is in Kirbymoorside, North Yorkshire and is run by Russel’s former right hand man from the BMA Secretariat. The Finance Director at Humberside Foundation Trust wound up the bankrupt North Yorkshire OOH-NYED – the money went missing. Former North Yorkshire HA/Medical Director Dr Gavin McBurney went to the Office of the NHS Ombudsman.

        1. Dr Fay Wilson
          Top Doctor
          A GP in Birmingham for over thirty years, including twenty years as a sessional out-of-hours GP. In March 2010 she was named in the GP Trade Press, as the UK’s 7th most influential GP. A long-standing member of the Birmingham Local Medical Committee, the UK GP Committee, She has been on the BMA Council and the GMC and has a long term interest in doctors in difficulty. She has chaired GMC fitness to practise panels as well as worked in the West Midlands Workforce Deanery’s Professional Support Unit
          Birmingham LMC, Chairman 1994-98 & currently co-opted to represent the class of experience.

          Fay is the long standing partner of Dr Russell Walshaw of Winteringham, Scunthorpe.
          Why is poor Dr Walshaw in the soup?

    2. They don’t call it Organised for no reason..
      18 individuals across Practice, Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England.
      Time to sweat a little more …

      1. Dear Harriet
        I understand you and your colleagues concerns, but I would suggest that you spend your money on something else. Funny how a couple of words come into your mind and then they can stand down. Anyway, I am pleased to say that I remain in rude health.
        Keep safe.

  15. Peter Mandelson appointed high steward of Hull, historic role resurrected by the Queen.
    The former business secretary and European commissioner follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, Labour foreign and home secretary Herbert Morrison, who held the position from 1956 to 1965.
    Baroness Virginia Bottomley of Nettlestone, appointed as sheriff of Hull.

    Rt Hon Baroness Bottomley, DL
    Chancellor of the University of Hull from April 2006 to present.

    1. https://andystrangewayindependent.com/2017/09/03/conservatives-planning-to-stand-down/
      The political scene in Pocklington Provincial is going to look very different come 2019. I can reveal both Pocklington Provincial Conservative Councillors Kay West and Claude Mole are planning NOT to stand for election.
      In addition, Greg Knight is to stand down at the next General Election as the MP for the East Yorkshire Constituency. He was re-elected with an increased majority in the general election of 2017.
      Greg is a former Trustee of Pocklington School.
      Funny thing, it was a 2.3 tonne Pocklington School minibus driven by Mr Richard Bartle that hit me sideways on at the the top of Garrowby Hill. The only children about were two of mine and what a ride across the carriageway, a 12 foot ERYC verge and through Lord Halifax’s hawthorn hedge into his field. The slightly odd details were that the Pocklington School was, according to a School administrator, out of it’s pick up area.
      The Police response was a single pleasant but distracted young PC based in Pocklington, who helpfully witnessed the ‘Inquest’ follow on crash at exactly the same spot.
      I am pleased to report that there were no significant injuries for all parties. Although attending Mr Bartle, as my duty of care demanded, he appeared upset with himself and had a pain in the neck. He must of been worried about being for the chop.
      The Policeman said he should spend some more time on Farming Simulator or something like that, it being quite rural East Yorkshire.I was a little distracted, the kids said could I organise that I again. I said probably not, we would have to find another game to play.

      1. Another member of the Birmingham branch of the shithouse, afforded protection by Freddie Crawford, Thatcher’s favourite Vice-Chancellor:
        Professor Elwyn Edwards. Elwyn Edwards was the Prof of Applied Psychology at Aston University until 1984. Elwyn Edwards was best known to the world as being Mr Ergonomics, he virtually established the discipline with regard to aviation. Within Aston University however Elwyn Edwards was known for something else – sexually propositioning male undergrads. The undergrads would arrive at Edwards’s office expecting a tutorial, only to find Edwards wearing a silk dressing gown and nothing else offering them drinks with some interesting suggestions as to how to pass the time. The University authorities did know about this – so many undergrads complained to their tutors that one of the senior lecturers finally mentioned it in an exam board. There was a silence, broken only by the sound of an elderly Prof, Tom Singleton, drawing his breath in and out like, I was told, ‘a steam train’. As far as I know nothing was done to stop Edwards. Freddie Crawford closed the social psychology division down and hounded the staff out – one member of staff committed suicide – but no shadow fell upon ergonomics. Edwards died in 1993 and a very cool, carefully worded obituary about him appeared in the Indie, which concentrated entirely on Edwards’ career. The obit was written by Tom Singleton, who died himself in 2010. What else could he have said?

        Now for a few senior members of the shithouse who were at the centre of the disaster that was the NHS on New Labour’s watch – including Mid-Staffs – who for the most part managed to keep their names out of the media. The info is kindly provided in Alan Johnson’s memoir ‘The Long and Winding Road’. Johnson was Secretary of State for Health, June 2007-June 2009. It was Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson who famously refused over 80 requests to hold a Public Inquiry into Mid-Staffs. In his book Johnson maintains that nothing could be that badly wrong at Mid-Staffs because an organisation as big as the NHS couldn’t keep a secret that big. When an Inquiry was subsequently held – although there were suspicions that the Inquiry had downplayed the problems at Mid-Staffs – an horrific picture emerged. Still think the NHS doesn’t keep secrets Alan? Alan has been kind enough to name all the guilty parties behind the scenes.

        The Chief Medical Officer was Liam Donaldson and the NHS Chief Exec was David Nicholson. They have already been outed on the blog.

        The Permanent Secretary at the Dept of Health 2006-2010 was Sir Hugh Taylor. Taylor was a Civil Service mandarin who started in the Home Office in 1972. The Home Office that managed Bryn Estyn which was managed and staffed by paedophiles, the Home Office that concealed so much shit and not only with regard to organised sexual abuse. Hugh Taylor also worked for the Prison Service and the Cabinet Office. In 1998 he was Director General dealing with ‘workforce issues’ in the NHS Executive. A safe pair of hands! Taylor stayed on beyond retirement age to ‘ease the transition’ when the Coalition Gov’t was elected – Andrew Lansley was most grateful to him. Sir Hugh is still being used to mop up the blood. In Feb 2011 he was appointed Chair of Guys and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust.

        The previous Chair of Guys and St Tommy’s, Patricia Moberly, had obviously uncovered a massive slurry pit. She found that doctors believed that appointments to consultant posts were influenced by membership of Masonic organisations and she then noticed that no matter what their qualifications and experience, black members of staff were systematically appointed to the less powerful or less popular positions. In terms of Angels, black nurses were nearly all working on the elderly wards. Moberly seems to have been an NHS exec with a difference – she and her husband had spent many years in Rhodesia and had been involved in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, so she had strong opinions on what was happening to black people at Guys and Tommys. She spoke about the ferocious opposition that she faced from white Top Doctors when she asked questions. The NHS has now reverted to type and Hugh Taylor is Chair.

        In Feb 2014, Taylor also became interim Chair at the Christie Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester. So desperate was someone to ensure that he attained that post that the law was changed to allow him to hold two non-executive directorships in the NHS at the same time. The Christie had lost it’s Chair, Lord Keith Bradley, when he suddenly resigned as a result of disagreements with the rest of the Board regarding the handling of the suspension of the Chief Exec Caroline Shaw. It was never made clear why the Chief Exec was suspended, but in 2014 Monitor began investigating the Christie as a result of ‘serious difficulties’ in the governance of the Trust. Bradley was the Labour MP for Manchester Withington 1987-2005. I’d like to know how he ended up with a peerage in 2006, because he’s a nonentity. He will have an awful lot of shit on a lot of people though. He was Secretary for Stockport Community Council 1981-87, a junior Minister in the DSS after the 1997 General Election and was a junior Minister in the Home Office 2001-02. He was also a member of the Health Select Committee. In Oct 2006 he became a non-executive director of the Christie and was appointed Chair of the Trust in May 2011. Keith has a wife, Lady Rhona! Lady Rhona worked as a ‘senior social worker’ for 25 years. Specifically with the National Probation Service in Greater Manchester and Cheshire – the location of a paedophile ring and the site of police corruption. Rhona was a Services Inspectorate with what is now known as the CQC. She was responsible for inspecting youth offending teams and Local Authority Children’s Services, including Directors positions in Adults and Children’s Services. I know two social workers from Manchester who left their jobs with Local Authorities there because they claimed that the children’s services were so dangerous that it was only a matter of time before there was a ‘Baby P’ incident. Since July 2006 Rhona has been Chief Exec of Addiction Dependency Solutions. She is or was a non-executive director of Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust. In 2010 she was appointed Deputy Lieutenant for Greater Manchester.

        To return briefly to the man who was sent to the Christie to keep a lid on whatever was going on up there, Sir Hugh Taylor. He is a Trustee of the Nuffield Trust and a Director of Macmillan Cancer Support.

        Another member of Johnson’s team at the Dept of Health was Lord Ara Darzi, a surgeon famously parachuted in by New Labour as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State. Darzi was given a peerage to enable him to participate in Gordon Brown’s Government Of All The Talents. Before Darzi ever got anywhere near Gordon, he was a fully fledged member of the shithouse. Darzi was a Professor of Surgery at Imperial College and the Institute of Cancer Research, he had been a consultant at the Central Middlesex Hospital and at St Mary’s Hospital and was an honorary consultant at the Royal Marsden. Whilst a member of the Government Of All The Tossers, Darzi ‘led a national review to plan the course of the NHS over a decade’. His report ‘High Quality Care For All’ was published in June 2008. The Guardian reported that unlike the Blairites, Darzi didn’t ‘wage war on medics’ but ‘invited them to take a hand in designing their own targets and bound them to reform’. Oh well that was successful, they’ve screamed and screamed until they are sick regularly ever since. Darzi became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2013 and part of his nomination stated that he was ‘tasked with leading a review to determine the future course of the NHS as Parliamentary Undersecretary of State and has ensured this is firmly evidence-based and clinically-led’. So that’s why there are daily revelations that various things being utilised by the NHS eg. vaginal meshes, are causing massive patient harm. Presumably it was Darzi who ticked off Mark Williams’s mindfulness con as being ‘evidence based’ as well.

        Johnson mentions that there was a ‘nurse’ on the team, Ann Keen. It’s a very long time since Ann Keen was an Angel. She was one of Blair’s babes, elected in 1997. In 1999 she was appointed PPS to Frank Dobson, but she lasted less than one month. She was transferred to the Treasury to be PPS to Gordon. In June 2007 she became Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the Dept of Health. Between 2009-10 Ann led the PM’s Independent Commission on the future of nursing and midwifery in England. Midwifery would at present seem to be in crisis, but Ann didn’t predict the revelations of all these babies dying unnecessarily as a result of dogma and/or clinical negligence. Ann is married to another Labour MP, Alan Keen and her sister Sylvia Heal is a former Labour MP. Ann and Alan were two of the MPs who were considered to have damaged the Labour Party’s reputation as a result of the expenses scandal. They were named Mr and Mrs Expenses, purchased a swanky flat on the bank of the Thames using their second home allowances although their constituency home was 30 minutes drive from Westminster and claimed almost £1.7 million in expenses over 7 years. In Feb 2009 John Taylor, a constituent of Ann’s, sued her for breaching her ‘duty of care’ after she failed to assist him in his efforts to claim compensation for wrongful imprisonment. She was ordered to pay him £15,000 in damages, but this was overturned on appeal. Ann grew up in Clwyd, north Wales.

        Ivan Lewis, Labour MP for Bury South, was also on Johnson’s Health team. Between 1986-97 Lewis worked for the voluntary sector, with a learning disabilities support group. He was elected as a Councillor for Bury Metropolitan Borough Council in 1990 at 23 years old and became Chair of the Social Services Committee. He became a junior Minister in the Dept of Health in 2006 and in June 2007 was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, with the brief for social care and mental health services. So what went wrong Ivan? Didn’t you notice a few problems? If he did he didn’t mention it. Whilst he was Minister for Care Services 2006-08 Ivan introduced ‘personal budgets’ for the elderly and disabled, enabling them to purchase care from whoever they wanted and to employ personal carers. For people who were retired accountants it was great, but thousands of disabled people found that they had suddenly become ’employers’ with all the responsibilities that involved, from interviewing people for jobs to paying their NI and not breaching employment law. A number of vulnerable people ended up employing exploitative people who fleeced and abused them. Ivan landed himself in a major sexual harassment scandal after he sent numerous ‘intimate’ messages to a female civil servant.

        Ben Bradshaw was also on this A team. Bradshaw was a BBC radio journalist who became Labour MP for Exeter in 1997. Ben Bradshaw was one of the first Labour candidates who was openly gay and during the election campaign he was subjected to some very unpleasant abuse from the Tories. He was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State to John Denham the Minister of State at the Dept of Health in 2000. In June 2007 Bradshaw was made Minister of State himself at the Dept of Health. He was subjected to attack by other members of the shithouse such as the BMA and NHS Confederation after he defended car parking charges in NHS hospitals and planned to introduce private management into the NHS.

        One of the colleagues of this merry band was Dawn Primarolo, who was Minister of State for Public Health 2007-09. Dawn was MP for Bristol South 1987-2015. There were widespread allegations at the time of her election that some very dirty tricks indeed had been played in order to secure her that seat. She was a constituency worker for Tony Benn who was at that time a Bristol MP and her predecessor, the moderate Labour MP John Cocks, had been deselected. Dawn presented herself as being a peoples champ on the left of the party and advertised her feminist credentials and support for CND. (She underwent a rapid conversion to New Labour some years later and then voted for Trident.) She joined the Labour Party in 1973 and like the other wimmin who showed the rest of us the way eg. Harriet, Dawn worked in an east London Law Centre. I know who used those Law Centres – it was the same people who used CAB, people who did not have the money for lawyers, or networks to advise them, people who had been stuffed over by the state, very often the mental health services or child care services. Dawn will have known what was happening to people at the mercy of those ‘services’. Which is probably why, like Margaret Hodge and Tessa Jowell who also ignored the screams, that Dawn ended up as Minister for Children! Now that Dawn is out of the Commons and in the Lords – of course she is – a number of her former colleagues have spoken openly of what a disaster she was as a Minister and from how many posts she had to be quietly removed. Dawn was Paymaster General 1999-07 and administered the fiasco that was Tax Credits. The circumstances in which Dawn became Paymaster General are worth a mention – she nipped in there after Geoffrey Robinson had to resign after that business of him giving Peter Mandelson an enormous loan for a mortgage… Lady Dawn married Ian Ducat in 1990. Ducat was General Secretary of UNISON, one of the biggest NHS unions.

        As any team who are fucking things up big style has, Johnson’s bunch at the Dept of Health bagged a Communications Advisor, Jo Revill. Johnson describes Jo as being the former Health Correspondent of The Observer. Jo was rather more than that. Jo is positively Lord Haw-Haw. Jo had been the health editor of the Observer 2002-06, but she was then Whitehall editor of the Observer 2007-08, then Communications Advisor to Johnson in Health 2008-09, then Communications Advisor to Johnson when he became Home Secretary. After that, Jo was Director of Media for GSK 2010-11, Chief Media and Communications Officer at the London Councils 2011-2012, Director of Strategic Communications for the Royal College of Surgeons 2012-15 and is currently CEO of the British Society of Immunology. Clearly a case of Top Doctors Calling, Top Doctors Calling… I note that Jo is a Trustee of the Science Media Centre. David Healy complains about them a lot, he maintains that they’re just a propaganda machine.

        As well as disasters like Mid-Staffs, this team presided over another notorious NHS cock-up – the NHS IT programme, a £17.4 billion national computer system that never got off the ground and was eventually scrapped. But not before a lot of people to whom New Labour had given lucrative contracts had made a great deal of money. As journos – but not Jo Revill obviously – began to report on this very deep trough that a lot of mates of the New Labour Gov’t stuck their snouts into, a Health Minister called Lord Hunt defended it. Lord Hunt had gone under my radar, but he is probably the most guilty member of the shithouse where the NHS is concerned, even more guilty than Hugh Taylor. Lord Hunt is Philip Hunt, who between 1984-90 was the Director of the National Association of Health Authorities. So he’ll have known all about the nutters in Gwynedd and Clwyd who were bankrupting the local NHS, concealing a paedophile ring, breaking the law, wiping out vulnerable cohorts, nicking the funds etc. He’ll have known about Dafydd too. From 1990 Hunt was Director to the succeeding body, the National Association of Health Authorities and Trusts. So he was in post when Dafydd was allowed to retire following an agreement not to follow up all the many serious complaints about him and with the contract to provide drug abuse services for north Wales. Philip then became the first CEO of the NHS Confederation. He has been at the heart of a thoroughly rotten NHS for decades. That’ll be why he was given a peerage in 1997. Philip was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health 1999-2003, but resigned over the invasion of Iraq. If only he’d resigned over an NHS that concealed organised paedophile rings. Philip was soon back though – in 2005 he was Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the DWP (Dafydd’s charity CAIS have picked up big grants from the DWP), Minister in the Dept of Health in Jan 2007 and Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the Ministry of Justice in July 2007. In April 2011 Philip Hunt was appointed Chair of the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. That was the Trust that employed rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson who has just received a hefty prison sentence for maiming patients. Oh how ever did it happen? You just don’t expect it do you – of course Paterson was a one off, an evil genius who fooled the world, no, there won’t be any more Top Doctors out there harming patients, Philip’s been at the helm for the last three decades, he must be a safe pair of hands. After all he’s in the Lords and he’ll be picking up his £300/day allowance.

        1. Two members of the north Wales branch of the shithouse that I haven’t got around to naming yet: Dr John Perkins and his wife Ann. It took me a while to realise that John Perkins was a member of the shithouse, I just thought that he was grossly incompetent. Perkins used to work in the academic registry at Bangor University. He was responsible for everything to do with postgrad degrees. When I first started my PhD, Perkins had great problems doing the admin to register me. I couldn’t understand why, it was a simple process, it was his job and the University had hundreds of postgrads going through the system. But no matter how many e mails I sent, John Perkins just couldn’t seem to find it within his heart to register me. Of course I couldn’t access my scholarship until he’d actually done his bit. After weeks of me and my PhD supervisor begging him to just hurry up and register me, I went up to the academic registry to see what was going on. I was met by one of Perkins’s minions who asked me if I had any criminal convictions – of course I said yes, because I had been framed twice by the paedophiles’ friends. The minion then asked for details of the ‘offences’, which were of course ‘staring at a social worker’ and ‘calling an NHS manager a fat idiot’. The minion started umming and ahhing and saying that they usually didn’t accept PhD students with ‘convictions’. I knew that this was bollocks – I had passed the criteria for teacher training three years previously anyway which does involve a criminal records check – my PhD was not a clinical one and did not involve access to groups such as children. I went back to my PhD supervisor who was horrified and told me that no-one in the academic registry should have ever asked me such a question. If criminal records checks were necessary, there was a procedure to be followed. My supervisor then contacted Perkins AGAIN – finally I was registered for my PhD. By the time that Perkins managed to do this, I had written the first paper from my data. I thought that Perkins had difficulty registering me – well after I passed my viva, he had even more difficulty doing the admin bit to actually award me my PhD. E mails went back and forth, the examiners report was submitted, but no, Perkins just could not bring himself to do the necessary for me to receive my PhD. I was presented with ridiculous spurious forms to fill in – which no other PhD student was given. Still no PhD. In the end I went to his office – he saw me coming and tried to escape down a corridor – I blacked his path and told him that if he did not complete the necessary procedure THAT DAY, I would begin legal action against the university. I then put this in writing. By the end of the afternoon Perkins confirmed that I had a PhD. It was only many months later when I was telling a third party the tale of my battles with Perkins that I was enlightened. I was told in no uncertain terms that Perkins was part of the cylch, he knew that I had done battle with those we know and love and that he was buggered if I was going to get a PhD.

          Perkins is a man involved with charity – a charity that campaigns for women in Afghanistan to access education. Although he clearly thinks that certain women in Wales should be denied an education. Some six years ago I came across Perkins’s wife Ann. She’s a charitable lady as well. Ann was (and probably still is) a member of the group that organises the service users group in Ysbyty Gwynedd. Along with the Rev Wynne Roberts, the Ysbyty Gwynedd chaplain who dresses up as Elvis and was kicked out of the Church in Wales for shagging his parishioners. Ann is involved with the Church, so she’ll know the circumstances under which Wynne became the hospital chaplain.

          Perkins originated in the Agriculture Dept in Bangor. The Dept in which Mary Wynch worked before Dafydd and the paedophiles’ friends stole her money and property, illegally imprisoned her and hounded her out of Wales. I’m still wondering what she found out about that pissed them off so much. Can you shed any light on the matter Perkins?

    2. Tomorrow’s Brexit Debate- Thursday 7 September 2017.

      The Rt Hon Sir GREG KNIGHT MP

      Tel: 0207 219 4077 or 01377 812123

      Thank you for your email.

      I am away on holiday until Monday 25th September. If the matter is urgent please call Matthew Thomas on 0207 *** **** or email: matthew.thomas@parliament.uk


      Teresa Sothcottt
      Private Secretary

      How long? said Ratty.
      Poop, poop said Toad.
      The excitement of of an open, empty road.
      The future looks uncertain for Mr. Toad, will he have the support of a ‘washerwomen’ ?

    3. Richard Haynes commented on Kendall House Report: Summary.
      in response to Richard Haynes:
      Yet again, the Medical Profession up to it’s neck – outrageous complicity. Signed: a Whistleblowing GP
      From: Richard Haynes
      Sent: 23 July 2016 13:08
      To: SOTHCOTT, Teresa
      Subject: RE: Historical Sexual Abuse – Bridlington
      Many would say your title has some weight. All that work in the area of Political Service marvellous.
      I remain wholly unconvinced that you understand fully the weight of responsibility to constituents and your duty of care, not to historic motor vehicles, but to people.
      These are not an abstract idea but a collective body, with I believe an expectation of social justice and effective advocacy from their elected representatives.
      I understand that you like a good quip and political insult.
      Well yes, your SILENCE is damming.
      Silent Knight is no great orator but a trader of secrets. If not, then how has he done so well in political life?
      You have successfully ignored a local, experienced constituent GP who has awkwardly raised a matter that his Bridlington colleagues, East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England (North) do not want to properly explore. I have additionally raised the question of Organised Crime- naughty, naughty!
      I would be so happy to be reassured. I am not and therefore with effect of 31 July 2106 I will voluntarily rescind my licence to practice as a doctor. I have lost faith and there is nowhere else for me to go.
      As such, there will be no more letters from me screaming at you in your inbox. The matter is sadly not resolved. May I direct you to the speech of John Mann MP on 5 November 2015 in Westminster Hall. Bridlington is not North Yorkshire but it is pretty close.
      I hope that you enjoy the Summer Recess , with endless possibilities of Touring like Mr. Toad.
      ‘Whether a Ford or a Ferrari, whatever I can get to carry me near or far, just give me any car. I love to ride the Tar, an old Excalibar; yes, any motor car. And I’ll be happy – ho-ho! Messing around in cars!’
      Kindest Regards
      Dr Richard John Haynes MA (Cantab) MBChB (Edin)
      PS. Our correspondence will be shared with others.
      From: SOTHCOTT, Teresa
      Sent: 04 July 2016 09:47
      To: Richard Haynes
      Subject: Re: Historical Sexual Abuse – Bridlington
      The Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight MP
      House of Commons
      London SW1A 0AA
      Telephone: 0207 219 4077 or 0845 0900 203
      Thank you for your email.
      I should be grateful if you could let me have your home address please so that Sir Greg can reply to you.
      Teresa Sothcott
      Private Secretary
      From: Richard Haynes
      Date: Saturday, 2 July 2016 07:09
      To: Teresa Sothcott
      Subject: Historical Sexual Abuse – Bridlington
      Greg Knight
      I wrote to you recently to enlist your support as a social justice advocate for your constituents. I cannot believe that you would wish to remain silent on this matter, especially with concerns articulated locally of possible organised or systematic activity. We need the weight of our MP to shine a light and hopefully provide reassurance on a range of matters. The evidence from elsewhere needs us to rule out child trafficking and ritual abuse as parts of a well documented triad of activity.
      I am sure that you have spent the period since our correspondence reflecting how you are best placed to lead our social justice programme.
      Greg, unlike many who say that elected representatives do nothing for them, I believe that you are an individual who is brave and capable. Your knighthood for political services is testament to the standing that you have amongst your peers. May I encourage you to join our fight for truth.
      Kind Regards and Best Wishes from a fellow Public Servant working in the Public Interest.
      Richard Haynes

  16. My colleague did not like shadows. That surely must have been the case because the consulting room was lit up like a film studio , with more lights than you could shake a stick at. Woe betide anyone who turned off the lights.
    May be the East Riding looked after kids and those being medically examined for adoption had put in a special request.

  17. Now to the matter of the missing medical record.. well to be factually correct the EMIS* number not linked to a patient record. It must have been a technical glitch- patient’s can’t disappear, except that this 6 digit number was written, in the personal but used at work, filofax of my administrative colleague with responsibility for IT & the coding of medical correspondence (obsessive with it- ex RAF & former GP Practice Manager in Wales). This number was not linked to a patient record, add or subtract one and all was fine, patient’s with different addresses etc.
    So what was this about ?
    Two surgeries, Main and Branch, with personal GP lists but some crossover , correspondence going to both but dealt somewhat differently in the two sites, in fact very Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
    Two functionally separate businesses, each with their own Master.
    What would happen to a letter whose receipt had been delayed, perhaps the patient had been receiving specialist treatment for a cancer say and had subsequently died. The registered GP may have been based at the Branch with the palliative care GP at the Main say.
    If you could not find the patient record to add the coded correspondence what would you do ?
    This question is clearly hypothetical and would presumably simply reflect the personality type of the individual and their degree of conscientiousness.
    You would be systematic, because that is what people who order things typically do. You would presumably speak to your bosses, the GPs or possibly the Practice Manager (Mrs Paula Snaith for completeness).
    If you were told not to worry, what would you do ? If you could not reconcile the facts, perhaps you knew the patient personally, what would you do ?
    In the end stress and sickness absence from work – ‘ acute sinusitis’
    To be continued
    *Egton Medical Information System

      1. Mr David Crawford was the Senior Undertaker at Naylor’s Funeral Directors, Driffield. The only Funeral Directors in Driffield before 2006 and for a period afterwards and independently owned at that time. He was a co-opted Trustee until April 2011 of the Nafferton Lord Feoffees.
        Dr David Wigglesworth is and was the Chairman. Mrs Jean Towers (wife of Dr Simon Towers) is a Trustee and a previous Treasurer.
        I believe that they sold some land for building- the Alms Houses on their header.
        09/01126/STPLF | Erection of 57 dwellings and associated garages, construction of a new access and associated works (Amended housetypes following outline permission 01/05419/OUT and reserved matters 05/03926/STREM) | Land South Of Manor House 26 Station Road Nafferton East Riding Of Yorkshire.
        I wasn’t looking for this but … what I did know about was the close personal/business relationship between the two Davids. I suppose in some respects it was the same business- caring for people.

  18. My understanding of Good Medical Practice is that you should not commit NHS fraud. Surely prescribing and dispensing repeat quantities of solpadol ( effervescent co-codamol 30/500) to a minor, your daughter say, without clinical indication would be considered to be a bit naughty. The removal of the prescribing record from the ‘front’ screen required some complicity from the Dispensing staff perhaps. Mrs Pat Kirkby, Senior Dispenser and mother of the Practice Manager surely would not permit that? Surely the Practice Pharmacist & PCT Prescribing Lead, Mr Robert Armitage would be troubled by this? Surely the Senior Partner, Dr David Fearnley Wigglesworth would want to address the drug dependency of a GP colleague. Absolutely , informal referral to Occupational Health with no follow up, so that’s okay then.
    While we are chewing inappropriate prescribing and dispensing, I must mention the dexamphetamines for a male personal friend of a GP colleague visiting from London, repeatedly issued as a temporary resident with no supporting specialist recommendation.
    Again Pat, Bob and David were all okay with this. It must just be me that wasn’t.

    1. Sorry to clarify the prescribing GP used to walk around the Surgery popping solpadol and so as to not miss out on reimbursements , the GP and dispensing staff found a patient that would not complain or know, the GPs daughter, to ‘prescribe’ them to.

  19. Dr Simon Towers, GP Partner and Trainer knowingly allowed a colleague to use his name to personally create a fictitious record of a medical examination following a car accident on their own medical record for the purpose of a medicolegal compensation claim.
    The doctors were registered patients at their own Practice.
    When challenged, no denial just deafening silence across the Partnership. It was agreed that GPs should register at another Practice. Practice 2 in Bridlington was well thought of by some.

  20. What do you make of this?
    The former partner of a convicted and currently imprisoned paedophile tells you that they are physically afraid for their and their abused children’s lives. The family were previously registered at my former Practice, but not known to me. The paedophile I was advised was a personal friend of a former GP colleague. That must have been difficult for them.
    His Prison Officer (a former Policeman) was also a personal friend of the paedophile.
    Funny old game.

    1. Whilst it is sort of understandable that knackered, busy (or burnt out) doctors might not pick up on well-thought out frauds or might turn a blind eye to prescribing for their friends n families (although they know that they shouldn’t), the friendliness towards paedophiles of some doctors is quite mind-blowing. The subject of many of my posts, dear old Dr Dafydd Alun Jones, was facilitating the paedophile ring that operated in north Wales and Cheshire. In 1988 Dafydd’s criminal conduct was whitewashed – indeed concealed – by Professor Robert Bluglass, supposedly then the UK’s most senior forensic psychiatrist. When Dafydd got really pissed off with people and refused to have them banged up in Denbigh, he’d ensure that they found their way into Ashworth Secure Hospital (home of Ian Brady and other charmers). Four years or so after Bluglass covered up for Dafydd’s criminal conduct, the problems at Ashworth became so bad that a Public Inquiry was held. Bluglass was a member of the Inquiry team. One thing that Bluglass had to investigate was the murder of a patient. The two people whom Bluglass appointed to investigate that murder was a senior nurse from his own Unit in Birmingham, the Reaside Clinic – and a senior nurse of Dafydd’s from Clwyd. Among the many problems at Ashworth was the use of child porn. Ashworth had been formed from the merger of two other ‘hospitals’, Moss Side and Park Lane. Whilst I was in Denbigh, I made a complaint about a nurse who assaulted me. That was just one of the many aspects of my complaint that Bluglass failed to investigate. After my complaint the nurse in question was given a job at Park Lane. One of the problems at the Park Lane site at Ashworth was that of children being taken into the building to be abused by paedophiles.

      Within two years of Bluglass’s investigation at Ashworth the problems there had become even more serious and there was another Public Inquiry. Was that really surprising?
      The NHS keeps a record of investigations and inquiries. They knew damn well that Bluglass had ‘investigated’ Dafydd before they appointed him to ‘investigate’ Ashworth. But as Brown observed, Bluglass was appointed to lead many inquiries into dangerous mental health services in the 80s and 90s for a good reason…

  21. You don’t just get gangsters in London, Manchester and Glasgow.
    In Driffield, East Yorkshire we have a convicted arsonist, of the Doncaster Rovers FC blaze fame, Mr Kenneth Richardson. His Operation’s man, ex SAS, left his mobile at the scene- careless.
    Anyway, Kenny does property development and is a commercial landlord. The Medical Centre, Cranwell Road, Driffield are his long standing tenants. My former colleague Con is a personal friend. He once sent me along to meet him, to negotiate about vehicle access, a bit odd given I was the most junior Partner. It is suggested locally that Kenny is true to Kray traditions.

  22. Back to David
    He died age 53 in July 2005. He was found dead in his chair at home on a Monday afternoon having failed to collect his Social Worker wife from Bridlington. He had spoken with the Practice Manager at lunchtime and was coming back to work on the Tuesday. He had been off work for two weeks.
    The Partnership held a business meeting on a Monday lunchtime. I was away on holiday in Cornwall when he died.
    At the Inquest the Hull Coroner declared an Open verdict.

    1. Another name that a whistleblower from Yorkshire has asked me to flag up:
      Sir Michael Carlisle. Chair of Trent Regional Health Authority 1982-94; sat on NHS Policy Board 1994-95; joined Council of University of York 1990; was Pro-Chancellor and Vice-Chair of the Council of University of York in 2000; was Chair of York Health Economics Consortium; non-executive director of York Science Park; member of the Hull York Medical School Board since 2007; 2007-12 Chair of Scarborough and NE Yorkshire Healthcare Trust – led the strategy to integrate the Trust with York Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to eliminate debt and provide further capital expenditure; lay Chair of Fitness to Practice Committee of Hull York Medical School; since 2012 has been Chair of Healthwatch Yorkshire.

      1. So let’s ask him, he lives in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, if John Mann MP is correct?
        Is North Yorkshire the party place for those special gatherings of naughty, naughty VIPs?
        Let’s look at the logistics, nice and tightly controlled, Conservative, feudal, sea to one edge, moor to another.
        Nice gaff(s) to stay at and now then, now then aka Jimmy, one of their very own to meet, greet and supply the entertainment.
        So far the thought experiment suggests yes possible, but VIP is a long term game so slowly, slowly- you need lots of people in who are paid up. Once in it’s not possible to be a little bit bad, you are on the hook.

        1. Jimmy Savile was an English DJ, television and radio personality, dance hall manager, and charity fundraiser. So far, so good. How many of the above sort have such a big name.
          James Wilson Vincent- you got a lot of those to the pound in mucky Leeds, as it was then.
          And what about the trimmings- Sir, OBE, KCSG and the Papal Knighthood.
          “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country, Jimmy.’ writes Prince Charles in his 80th Birthday card-well we plan to find out fully.
          How many people do you know who with a bookmaker’s clerk and insurance agent father and a mother looking after seven children that have risen to such dizzy heights ? -‘an eccentric adornment to British public life’, personal friend of Royalty and Prime Ministers.
          So part two of the thought experiment.
          What if the father of Jimmy was not Vincent Joseph Marie ?
          My limited understanding of the aristo/establishment team is that they are obsessed with heritage and bloodlines. You may provide a service to them, but definitely not join the team.
          So how did Jimmy were very much embed himself in that team ?
          Everything was as he said ‘in plain sight’.He lived with his mother In Scarborough, whom he referred to as “The Duchess”, NOW THAT’S FUNNY, except might it be true?

          1. Jimmy Savile came from a Roman Catholic family.
            He was proposed as a member of the Athenaeum Club in London by Cardinal Basil Hume. He was a personal friend of Cardinal Keith O’Brien.
            Grand Catholics could still pull strings around the turn of the millennium. This was partly because they went down so well in Rome. Vatican officials are “very susceptible to the idea of aristocratic English Catholics”.
            If you are an English gentleman, “it really does count in Rome”. Perhaps this is something to do with the authenticity of English titles, which are bestowed only by the monarch. There are no bogus or semi-bogus aristocrats.
            Papal orders of Knighthood are bestowed in the name of the Pope of the Catholic Church by his authority as head of the Holy See and sovereign of the Vatican City State.
            Jimmy Savile was honoured by being made a Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great. This Order is awarded for conspicuous service to the Catholic Church,
            Of the papal orders, the highest and most infrequently awarded is the Supreme Order of Christ; the second order is the equally rare Order of the Golden Spur; the third is the Order of Pius IX; the fourth is the Order of Saint Gregory the Great; and the fifth is the Order of Saint Sylvester Pope and Martyr.
            So Pope John Paul II in 1990 was a great supporter of Jimmy at number 4 in Top of the Pops.
            You might reasonably conclude that Jimmy Savile was a Grand Catholic, not bogus or semi-bogus on the English aristocrat front.
            So to recap .. The Duchess in plain sight of the Castle at Scarborough and the Papal affirmation of breeding.
            To be continued…

          2. For the absence of doubt, this is part of a thought experiment.
            The Duke of Norfolk is the premier Duke in the peerage of England. The dukes have historically been Catholic, a state of affairs known as recusancy in England.
            All past and present dukes have been descended from Edward I. The son of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, was Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey; the Earl was descended from both King Edward I and King Edward III.
            The Dukes of Norfolk hold the hereditary position of Earl Marshal. For the last five centuries, save some periods when it was under attainder, both the Dukedom and the Earl-Marshalship have been in the hands of the Howard family.

          3. Castle Howard is one of Britain’s finest historic houses, situated just outside York in the Howardian Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
            Built over 300 years ago by Sir John Vanbrugh, today it remains home to the Howard family.

    2. Mrs Susan ‘Sue’ Clarkson, Nafferton Branch Surgery Manager announced suddenly her retirement in the first half of 2005. She was a former nurse and was married to Dr Guy Clarkson who worked almost exclusively at the Branch Surgery. There was a very close group of female administrative assistants who appeared to perform a number of medical tasks for Guy and were very loyal.

    3. I was set up like a carp hooked on a fat boilie, being too troublesome for the Partnership. A female patient who had transferred her care to myself in early 2006 from her personal GP and friend Dr Vincini told me that a local psychic Ms Kate Scurrier (whose partner had criminal convictions I believe) wanted to speak to me about a man called David. I did nothing but was prompted again and went to speak with her. The Coroner’s inquest had been in November 2005.
      One thing led to another and ultimately I went to speak to his widow in the company of this claimed psychic. She gave his work filofax, quizzed me, I talked about general patient safety concerns and bingo I was hooked. Of she went to the Senior Partner and it became put up or shut up. So I went to Humberside Police with a self declared ‘unusual story’ but a firm belief of wrongdoing and a concern over a death.
      I had evidence of a number of criminal activities but these were quickly lost in the upset of a widow and a messy ‘psychic’ story. The wife said she had seen him as ghost at the bottom of her bed. Off to occupational health- no bother, off to the psychiatrist- no bother, offered cash – no thank you, so lets find ‘a little list’ and off ‘informally’ to the GMC via the PCT colleague Dr Sue Butler.
      Perhaps somewhat frustratingly for my colleagues two GMC approved psychiatrists could find no mental health problem.
      Anyway the GMC processed me and tied me up professionally, the red mark of keep away.But how to manage the patients and general local population. I became aware a number of years later, 40 interviews no job etc, that my Nafferton administrative colleagues had declared me to be a paedophile , specifically in respect of the earlier mentioned women’s special needs adolescent grandson who I had seen and helped as a patient. I was also apparently alcohol and drug dependent and a philanderer. So my 5 years in Driffield came to that.
      I now see that that my subsequent experience has led full circle, but to a much bigger one. I like to think that I am considered , reflective and curious, most would say positive attributes for a doctor but I am also handicapped by perseverance, a strong sense of principle and an ability to resist extreme external pressure. I am very lucky the attempt to kill me failed. I am physically and emotionally well. I understand, which is lovely and I have helped many people, the opportunity for which I am very grateful. The patient’s and their stories that have turned up to see me latterly in Bridlington I could not make up. I have personally met two of the three professional criminals (as patients) who I believe have facilitated child sexual abuse on an industrial scale. I have told my story.

      1. Thank you so much for your contribution to this blog. I have known for many years that doctors ignore the most serious wrongdoing of their colleagues, even when it results in death or wrongful imprisonment – it is only very recently that I realised how often that wrongdoing was connected to organised child abuse. Organised child abuse is now connected to organised crime and is run by mafia-like organisations. No wonder we have all come in for such a hard time. As for the slander campaign against you – Brown and I experienced this as well. I know a number of other people who have as well, who dared work behind the scenes against these atrocious ‘professionals’ who are facilitating serious criminal activity. I too was told that the one Welsh politician who dared challenge these scumbags was a ‘philanderer’ – whether he is or not I do not know, but he isn’t ignoring a paedophile ring and associated abuses in the psychiatric system which the person who claimed that he was philandering was. People who have not worked in health and social care have no idea of what is happening – but nearly everyone within the system knows something is very wrong, even if they can’t quite see the bigger picture. You don’t have to be in a senior position to see the clues, they are everywhere – just listen to the stories of the patients/’service users’ and you will find that the most terrible things are happening to the most vulnerable members of society.

        Please don’t ever question your actions in standing up. I know that you’re not a doctor anymore, but you’ll have done a lot more good than many people still working in that role. The profession has become completely corrupted and you can probably help people more effectively by working outside of that framework, in the way that academia has now become so dumbed down that the best work/writing is found outside it. It is very sad, because this is not how the world should be, but there we are.

        1. Sally
          Thank you. I hope that someone will follow all the dots, I have made it easy as possible for them. For the record, Dr Sarah Wollaston, GP, Conservative MP & Chair of the Commons Health Service Select Committee is aware and her Secretariat.
          Professor Terence Stephenson and the GMC has information sat on their desk at this moment in terms of a specific safeguarding complaint which connects in. There is already a related criminal conviction., the patsy. The Scarborough & Ryedale CCG is currently looking at formal complaints against the Chief Officer, Medical Director and two Non-Execective Directors in relation to a historical vulnerable adult safeguarding matter. These are not lodged by myself.
          I am awaiting the outcome of a review of the file notes etc by Dr Saskia Roberts, Medical Director and the Secretariat of the Humberside LMC. It must be difficult.
          Humberside Police have a new Police & Crime Commissioner who I have corresponded with, commending him on his published comments relating to a review of safeguarding policing in East Yorkshire.
          St William’s, Market Weighton has not gone away.
          East Riding of Yorkshire Council are experiencing the pain and paroxysms of addressing long standing corruption amongst the Conservative political leadership and Senior Officers.
          Bridlington is finally being ‘made over’ and once again will celebrate the fabulous bay, sand and nearby chalk cliffs. The ‘old’ business is dead.
          So resignations, retirement, relocation and re-writing.
          I am now looking for a job with those that share my culture and values.
          Best wishes

          1. Am very glad to hear that a clean-up is underway in Bridlington.

            I await one in north Wales, particularly in the light of today’s revelation that the lethal failing Betsi Board, infested with criminals, has received special permission from the Welsh Gov’t to pay enormous salaries to a number of ‘senior managers’, because they are operating in an ‘international market’ and have to pay for the best. Well if that Board wasn’t led by the paedophiles’ friends Peter Higson and Margaret Hanson and wasn’t giving a home to the likes of Martin Jones and Lyn Meadows, people would actually want to work there without being paid more than the PM.

            In terms of a public service clean-up in north Wales, I wonder whether a man with aspirations to lead the Labour Party can shed any light on who behind the scenes might need ousting. I am talking Owen Smith. A look at Owen’s biography makes it quite clear that he has been where the action is, knows where the bodies are buried and knows who needs to be removed – in addition to those named on this blog.

            After graduating, Owen worked for the BBC. He was a radio producer for BBC Wales – he was appointed in 1992, the same year that his dad Dai was appointed Editor of Radio Wales. 1992 – the year that the allegations of a paedophile ring in north Wales with connections to public figures appeared in the London media, the year that the mass murder of witnesses took place. Of course Owen would have heard about all this – particularly as he had just graduated from Sussex University and Brighton was the site of the arson attack that killed the witnesses. In the mid 90s Owen worked on the Today programme – mid 90s Owen, the establishing of a Public Inquiry into the abuse of children in north Wales, does that ring a bell? Owen also worked on Good Morning Wales and on the Welsh political programme Dragon’s Eye. In 2002 Owen became special advisor to Paul Murphy – who had just finished being Secretary of State for Wales and in that capacity had taken receipt of the Waterhouse Report. Murphy was the Secretary of State for N Ireland at the time that Blair achieved his Good Friday agreement. Perhaps Owen could tell us what deals were done regarding the scandal at Kincora Boys Home – and of course the less reputable activities of Martin McGuiness – to achieve that agreement. This is Blair that we’re talking about, it won’t have been clean.

            Owen then worked for US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer – in 2006 he was appointed Head of Policy and Gov’t Relations with them. Pfizer spends many millions of dollars on persuading Gov’ts to do what it wants and WikiLeaks revealed that Pfizer even lobbied against New Zealand getting a free trade agreement with the US because it objected to New Zealand’s restrictive drug buying rules – Pfizer tried to get rid of New Zealand’s former Health Minister Helen Clark in 1990. In 2006 Owen stood as the Labour candidate for Blaenau Gwent – he stated that Pfizer were ‘extremely supportive’ of his aspirations to public office. Why ever would they have wanted their former Head of Gov’t Relations as an MP in Blair’s Gov’t?? The Blair who was so keen to do deals with Big Pharma… Owen didn’t win in Blaenau Gwent and in 2008 he was appointed Head of Corporate Affairs for Amgen, an American multinational which is the world’s biggest independent biotechnology firm. When Owen stood against Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour Party, there was a lot of flattering coverage of Owen in the Mirror. The Associate Editor of the Mirror is Kevin Maguire, a graduate of the School of Journalism at Cardiff University – that School does a lot of toadying to some rather lame people who have worked at the BBC (such as Richard Tait). Owen’s dad Dai formerly held a Chair at Cardiff University for many years.

            During the leadership challenge, a lot of people on social media and in the Guardian became outraged when Owen said that he wanted to ‘smash Theresa May back on her heels’. As ever, all this fuss about nothing – I’m sure that Owen didn’t mean it literally and Theresa did go on about those sodding kitten heels endlessly – provided a distraction from much more important questions that Owen could answer, questions relating to Paul Murphy and Blair’s continued cover-up of the Westminster Paedophile Ring. Paul Murphy has already been outed on my blog, but I omitted to mention something that’s probably quite important. Murphy was MP for Torfaen 1987-2015. His immediate predecessor was Leo Abse. The Leo Abse who was recently investigated by the South Wales Police for historic child abuse – as was Abse’s friend George Thomas. Murphy knew Torfaen well – he was a member of Torfaen Council 1973-87 and the Secretary of the Pontypool/Torfaen Constituency Labour Party 1971-87. No-one even farts in Wales without the rest of Wales knowing about it, let alone molests children. Murphy is now in the Lords. Which is where George Thomas ended up.

          2. My blog has described how a close friend of mine was unlawfully dismissed from the Royal Television Society in 1991 just as the paedophiles’ friends hounded me out of my job at St George’s Hospital Medical School – my friend at the RTS was a documentary maker, knew what had happened to me in north Wales and wanted to make a film about it. I have named the President of the RTS at the time – Sir Paul Fox. I have now discovered that the man who mentored Paul Fox, indeed who built his career, was none other than Sir Huw Wheldon – who was born in Denbighshire and went to Friars School in Bangor. Friars Alumni has already been named as being an institution of the shithouse – the Alumni includes corrupt Gwynedd NHS managers Elfed Roberts and Keith Thomson. Huw Wheldon’s dad was a high profile educationalist and was a member of the Court and Council at Bangor University – there is a building named after him there. He was also a lawyer in the chambers of David Lloyd George.

            Huw Wheldon was a broadcaster and an Executive at the BBC, as well as a leading light in the Arts Council for Wales. In the late 50s and 60s Wheldon produced the arts magazine programme Monitor – Monitor was responsible for the careers of Melvyn Bragg and Ken Russel, both of whom Wheldon was friends with. Wheldon then moved into BBC management. By 1965 he was Controller of BBC 1 and BBC 2 and in 1968 he became Managing Director of BBC TV until his retirement in 1975. Wheldon was responsible for David Attenborough and Paul Fox reaching high executive office in the BBC. He continued working after his retirement and co-wrote and presented Royal Heritage, which went down a bomb in 1977 the Silver Jubilee year.

            Following his retirement, Wheldon became Chair of the Governors at the LSE and President of the Royal Television Society (1979-85).

            Wheldon’s wife Jacqueline was a novelist, who counted Melvyn Bragg, Kingsley Amis and Roger Scruton among her friends. In 1980 she became Director of the UK branch of the Committee for a Free World, an organisation arguing against unilateral disarmament and requesting Cruise Missiles in Western Europe. The committee included Max Beloff. It was Beloff’s son Michael Beloff QC who gave the legal advice that stopped Clwyd County Council releasing the Jillings Report. Beloff later joined Matrix, the ‘Human Rights’ chambers set up by Cherie, wife of Blair. Not a chambers concerned with the human rights of hundreds of kids abused by a paedophile gang though Michael…

            Jacqueline was bipolar. I bet that Huw kept her well away from Dafydd and his mates from the Friars Alumni network.

            Huw’s friend and protégé Paul Fox was controller of BBC 1 1967-73 and Managing Director of Yorkshire TV 1977-88. He was Chairman of ITN 1986-88 and Managing Director BBC Network TV 1988-91. So that’s why Yorkshire TV dropped their programme about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and why no-one else showed any interest in the subject…

            So which member of the shithouse sent up the distress flare to Paul Fox and got my mate the sack then?

          3. I have received further info regarding alleged corruption within the WRVS – which is now calling itself the Royal Voluntary Service. I have long been aware that the WRVS branch in Ysbyty Gwynedd was a front for the corruption of the husbands of the ‘ladies’ who volunteered, but it seems that there is a bigger problem than I realised – allegations are being made that as with other charities providing ‘services’ to the elderly, elderly vulnerable people are being ‘befriended’ and subsequently exploited or abused. The Royal Voluntary Services is based in Cardiff. Guess who’s on the Board of Trustees? A Sir Paul Williams.

            Paul Williams is the former Director General of Health and Social Services for the Welsh Gov’t and the former Chief Executive of NHS Wales! So HE’S the man responsible for it all…
            Paul Williams began his career in 1966 as a clerk with the Welsh Hospitals Board (which oversaw the horrors at the North Wales Hospital). He ended up as Assistant Director General Manager of Mid Glamorgan Health Authority; then Chief Exec Bridgend NHS Trust 1993-99; then CEO Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust; Chief Exec of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board. Er – things didn’t run smoothly in ANY of those organisations.

            Between 1995-2001 Paul was Chair of NHS Staff College Wales. He was UK President of the Institute of Healthcare Management 2002-05.

            After all those years of leading the health and social services shithouse in Wales, Paul was given a knighthood in 2011.

            He was the High Sheriff of South Glamorgan 2007/08 and the Deputy Lieutenant South Glamorgan 2010.

            Paul – you owe the Welsh nation an explanation. You knew about the death rates and the framing of patients who had complained in north Wales. Were you also one of the civil servants whom I was told were working so hard to undermine Edwina Hart when she dared challenge the paedophiles’ friends?

          4. A few more members of the shithouse (the shithouse is so full that I think I’m going to have to build a basement extension, there’s lots more people to go in there yet):

            Michael Trickey, husband of another member of the shithouse, Jane Hutt. Trickey is involved with the CAB – just like Lucille Hughes! – and was a civil servant in the Welsh Gov’t. He is the Welsh advisor to the Joseph Rowntree Fund and Programme Director of ‘Wales Public Services 2025’, which claims to be ‘rethinking Wales public services’ because it is ‘time to think radically’. I don’t think that there’s going to be much radical thinking springing forth from Trickey et al. This ‘programme’ is hosted by Cardiff Business School in a ‘unique partnership’ with the Welsh Local Gov’t Association, SOLACE Wales, the Welsh NHS Confederation, WCVA and Community Housing Cymru. Everyone involved in this ‘unique partnership’ are the same lame moribund old gits who have landed the Welsh public services in their present mess. Many of them have already been named as members of the shithouse and some of them are the paedophiles’ friends. One of the individuals involved is worth outlining specifically:

            Ruth Marks, CEO of the WCVA since Jan 2015. In 2014 ‘on behalf of the Health Minister’ (Mark Drakeford, an eminent member of the shithouse), Ruth led an Independent Review of HIW – the HIW which was deemed as not being fit for purpose by the time that Peter Higson had left as CEO and is probably still not fit for purpose. Prior to this Ruth was Director of Care and Development for REACH, part of the Seren Group. Ruth’s main claim to fame was that she was formerly the Older People’s Commissioner, ‘a world first’ and that she ‘established this public body from scratch’. I’ll burst Ruth’s bubble for her:

            Whilst Ruth was Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, I had a friend who worked at Bryn Mel Manor Nursing Home on Anglesey. The conditions were terrible. Most of the residents had dementia and there was no training in dementia care for staff – indeed there was no training in anything for the staff. The owners would not staff the place properly anyway and because staff were treated so badly they kept walking out, so the home was very severely understaffed. My friend had to break up a fight between two elderly residents – an elderly man had whacked an elderly lady with his walking stick – because the room had been left unsupervised. Then the owners of Bryn Mel Manor told the staff that they would no longer be buying latex gloves – although most of the residents were incontinent. Then the owners refused to buy incontinence pads. Then the owners switched off the boiler ‘to save electricity’ – so there was no hot water. As well as working as a care assistant, my friend was also asked to help in the kitchen – he was asked to change doubly incontinent patients with no gloves, no pads and no hot water and was then put to work in the kitchen, washing the plates, again with no hot water. My friend tolerated three weeks on ‘bottoms and plates’ and then walked out. He rang the Older Person’s Commissioner’s Office three times to report the neglect and health and safety risks at Bryn Mel. He received no reply, although he did leave his name with the person to whom he spoke. The Older People’s Commissioner certainly took notice of his complaint. My friend had befriended an old man at Bryn Mel who used to go home for weekends. After he left Bryn Mel my friend used to pop round to the old man’s house to see him on Sunday. One day he arrived to be faced with the old man’s wife asking ‘have you reported Bryn Mel to the Older People’s Commissioner?’ My friend said that he had – the old lady told him that Bryn Mel had found out and were furious. She was so frightened that there would be retaliation from Bryn Mel that she asked him not to come and visit the old man again. Conditions at Bryn Mel didn’t improve. Some six months later it closed down among a huge row, owing money all over the place, leaving a crisis in care for the patients, with the owners withdrawing as much dosh from the business as possible and buggering off. So someone from the Older People’s Commissioner’s office simply tipped Bryn Mel Manor off that they’d been reported – and left Bryn Mel to terrorise the residents’ families and get out of town quick with no repercussions.
            Another of Ruth’s ‘key achievements’ was her Statutory Review into Older People’s Care in Hospital, ‘Dignified Care?’ There’s another world first for Ruth then, a quick perusal of the Welsh media tells us exactly how ‘dignified’ the ‘care’ that the elderly receive in hospital is. Not a week passes without an account of an elderly person dying unnecessarily in dreadful circumstances in hospital.

            Ruth has also been a Director of the RNIB Cymru, Chief Exec of Chwarae Teg (a Third sector organisation set up by Michael Trickey’s wife), Deputy Director of Business in Community Cymru, Training Officer for the WCVA and Trustee of the WCVA 2001-08.

            Ruth’s name also appears on a website called ‘UpRising’ – er, OK, I’ll look forward to it. Perhaps when it happens Carwyn will stop funding this bunch of dipsticks to conceal wrongdoing in the health and social care sector.

          5. A few more additions to the shithouse – and their relationships with some who have been named previously:

            Alison Levitt QC. Since April 2014, Levitt has been a partner at Mishcon de Reya (they’ve done a lot of very costly divorces, I think that they acted for Diana during her divorce from Charles). Alison is Head of Business Crime there. Between 2009-14 Levitt worked for the CPS as Principal Legal Advisor to the DPP (first Keir Starmer, then Alison Saunders). It was in this capacity that in 2013 Levitt reviewed the decision not to prosecute Jimmy Savile for a number of historic sex offences investigated by Surrey and Sussex police in 2007 and 2008. Levitt’s report contains some interesting passages.

            On 1st Oct 2009, whilst being interviewed under caution, Savile tells police officers that he had sued five newspapers in the past and they’d all settled. Duuring this interview Savile was very menacing indeed towards the police. He threatened officers with his ‘legal people’ if the allegations did not ‘disappear’. He boasted about having a ‘real’ Doctor of Laws degree, not just an honorary one (so how did he end up with one of them?) and stated ‘that gives me friends’. He went on to explain that if the officers pursued the allegations against him, ‘we would go to the Old Bailey ‘cos my people can put time in the Old Bailey. So my legal people are ready and waiting’.

            Savile has now been revealed as a predatory sex offender who committed hundreds (at least) of offences, some of them against pre-pubescent children. As the ‘legal people’ who were ‘ready and waiting’ won’t want to come forward and explain why they were assisting this intimidating git, can the newspapers whom he sued now identify themselves and tell us which lawyers acted for him?

            Levitt concluded from her report that it would have been possible to prosecute Savile had ‘police and prosecutors taken a different approach’. It seems that the decision to prosecute Savile was taken in October 2009. On 8th Oct, the police ‘verbally updated’ the CPS lawyer. On 10th Oct the police wrote to the CPS saying that ‘as previously advised with will be NFA and I will update all parties by letter and send a final report to West Yorkshire Police once I have received the final written decision from you’. Levitt’s report is dated 2013. Yet the Principal Legal Advisor to the DPP and the DPP when the decision not to prosecute Savile was taken were exactly the same as they were when Levitt wrote the report – it was Alison Levitt and Keir Starmer. So Alison investigated herself. Her report makes reference to the ‘reviewing lawyer’ concerning the Savile decision but she doesn’t identify that lawyer – who was it? I think we should be told.

            There was mention in the report of the offences that Savile committed at Duncroft Children’s Home. These offences received widespread media coverage. What didn’t receive media coverage was that Duncroft was actually managed by Dr Barnardos. Some of the paedophiles’ named in the north Wales abuse scandal had worked for, or went on to work for, Dr Barnardos. Levitt’s report mentioned that it was not deemed necessary to warn either Stoke Mandeville Hospital or Barnardos about Savile. (Although it’s obvious now that they knew all about him anyway.)

            The Chief Exec of Barnardos 2005-11 was Sir Martin Narey. Narey joined the Prison Service in 1982, was Director General of the Prison Service of England and Wales 1998-2003, was then Chief Exec of the National Offender Management Service until joining Barnardos. From 2001-13 he was the Gov’ts Advisor on Adoption and it was his advice that led to adoption becoming one of the Gov’ts domestic priorities. In Feb 2013 it was announced that Narey would be advising Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, on children’s social care. Narey was knighted in 2013 for ‘services to vulnerable people’. Well he’s certainly ensured that they won’t be listened to if they’ve been molested by paedophiles.

            Alison Levitt had packed quite a punch before she joined the CPS. Between 1991-2009 she was a barrister in the chambers of 25 Bedford Square, specialising in ‘white collar crime, murder and rape’. Between 2006-07 she was Secretary of the Criminal Bar Association. Alison has a famous husband, who has received coverage on my blog – Lord Alex Carlile QC, since 2001 the Gov’ts Independent Reviewer of Terrorism! They married in Dec 2007.

            In Jan 2007 a distraught Lady Carlile gave an interview to Wales Online describing how in Feb 2006 Alex had left her for Alison Levitt. Their affair had started five months previously, in 2005. Carlile and Levitt had known each other for some time as barristers. Carlile’s high point was successfully defending Diana’s butler after he was accused of nicking her frocks and a few other things after her death. From what I remember of that trial, things were looking bad for Paul Burrell until his legal team threatened to put members of the Royal Household on the witness stand…the allegations against Burrell then melted away.

            Alex Carlile knows about a great many things other than dodgy doings among the Royals and their servants. Between 1983-97 he was the Lib Dem MP for Montgomeryshire in Wales. I have mentioned on the blog that Carlile knew about Mary Wynch’s case and was actually the MP who received the letter from the Lord Chancellor’s office in 1995, confirming that Mary had been completely stuffed over and not another word would be said about it. Carlile never mentioned the case of Mary again – although he had been demanding a public inquiry into what had happened to her in north Wales. Carlile was given a peerage in 1999 and has never looked back. All the other MPs who signed an Early Day Motion in 1992 demanding an investigation into Mary’s case also received peerages – except for David Belotti, the MP who tabled the EDM – even the most obscure ones who had made zero contribution to public life. None of them ever mentioned Mary again. Belotti lost his seat at the next election and never stood for Parliament again.

            But Carlile knows all about the North Wales Hospital and I bet he knows a few things about the paedophile gang that it concealed as well. Not only did Carlile grow up near Wrexham on the doorstep of the children’s homes that the gang were working in, but Carlile stood as the Lib Dem candidate for East Flintshire three times – Feb 1974, Oct 1974 and in 1979. East Flintshire is just down the road from the North Wales Hospital, many of those who protected the paedophiles – and indeed many of the paedophiles themselves – lived in that constituency. The children’s homes where children were abused weren’t just near Wrexham – a number of them were in East Flintshire. East Flintshire fell under the umbrella of Clwyd County Council from 1974-1996. It was Clwyd County Council who were the subject of police investigations and the Jillings Investigation. Mary was unlawfully arrested and illegally detained in 1979. Sir Ronald Waterhouse, the judge who conducted the cover-up of the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal, grew up in Flintshire and retained numerous connections and close friendships there.

            Carlile worked his way up from barrister to a Deputy High Court Judge.

            Alex Carlile is a member of the Athanaeum. Jimmy Savile was a member as well and the Athanaeum was the meeting place for Savile and the DHSS officials who installed him as the General Manager of Broadmoor.

          6. From: Health Committee
            Sent: 04 July 2016 16:53
            To: Richard Haynes
            Subject: RE: NHS Whistleblowing -Organised Crime. A Public Interest Disclosure.

            Dear Mr Haynes

            Thank you for your email concerning organised crime in the NHS. If you would like the Health Committee to look into this particular issue then you could submit a proposal for an inquiry. If you would like to do that, please could you send no more than side of A4 with the following:

            • Nature of the inquiry
            • What your organisation is aiming to achieve
            • What kind of evidence your organisation would want the Committee to collect
            • Suggestions for witnesses

            It is only fair to point out, however, that since the start of this Parliament we have received well over fifty such pitches: alongside the Committee’s other work such as pre-appointment hearings for important positions in the health service, regular accountability hearings with the regulators, follow-up work from earlier inquiries, and periodic sessions with the Secretary of State and the Chief Executive of NHS England, they have the opportunity to undertake a maximum of only perhaps six detailed inquiries each year.

            As you may already be aware, the Committee in the last Parliament held an inquiry into complaints and raising concerns. You can read the report here: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmselect/cmhealth/350/35002.htm.

            The current Committee has not made a decision about whether it will hold a follow up inquiry in this Parliament however it is monitoring the implementation of the recommendations following the review by Sir Robert Francis. Unfortunately, as you are aware, the Committee does not intervene in individual case but you may wish to contact your own MP who may be able to make representations on your behalf, you can find their contact address here: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/.

            Yours sincerely


            Victoria Carpenter
            Committee Assistant
            Health Committee
            House of Commons | London | SW1A 0AA | Tel: 020 7219 7348
            Email: carpenterv@parliament.uk | http://www.parliament.uk

          7. Richard – I would have thought that a doctor who has provided evidence of organised child sexual abuse in his region who then requests an investigation into organised crime in the NHS deserves something rather better than this response. But then I’m sitting here with 10,000 documents containing signed confessions of criminal activity compiled by people who were involved in the North Wales paedophile ring and no-one’s contacted me yet despite regular media reports on Operation Pallial and it’s alleged sterling work.

            I can see why you have given up Richard, because there is a determined and organised effort to ignore the people who have evidence regarding the paedophile rings which the National Crime Agency claim to ne investigating at the moment. It doesn’t matter how many people we write to, we receive silly letters in reply and a refusal to look at our evidence – whilst another press release is prepared about the horrors of organised child abuse and how difficult it is for witnesses to come forward!

            Can I ask you to take a leaf out of my book and start a blog, detailing the activities of those involved and naming them?

  23. Dr Sue Dale was I understand a close personal friend of Robert Goodwill Conservative MP for the Scarborough and Ryedale constituency. Robert was quite a dashing chap but seemed somewhat grey and diminished when I saw him at Danby Show on 16 August 2017. I hope he is not ailing.
    Anyway, Robert is embedded into the very fabric of North Yorkshire. He farms at Terrington, between York and Castle Howard and uncommonly has diversified into natural burials. You know a few trees, meadow but no headstone, very sympathetic.

  24. I have never done the doctor golf bit but I know some who have.
    Ganton, in the Vale of Pickering between York and Scarborough, ranks among the very best of Britain’s inland courses. It has played host to many Amateur and Professional tournaments.
    Following the staging of the Walker Cup, the Club has joined Royal Birkdale and The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers as being the only clubs honoured to have also staged the Curtis Cup and the Ryder Cup.
    David, Con and Guy are all Members, but the Committee’s nose must have picked up some shit on the wind…
    Termination of appointment of David Fearnley Wigglesworth as a director on 18 March 2017 (Appointment of Dr David Fearnley Wigglesworth as a director 28 April 2014)
    Coincidentally it seems other local GPs are out of favour.
    Termination of appointment of Hamish Kellar Macnab as a director on 18 March 2017
    (Appointment of Dr Hamish Kellar Macnab as a director on 18 April 2015)
    Dr MacNab H K And Partners,The Medical Centre,Station Avenue,Bridlington

    1. Some more members of the Wales branch of the shithouse:

      Professor Roy Evans, Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University, 1995-2004. Evans was a civil engineer, a Swansea graduate who spent 26 years of his career at Cardiff University, eventually becoming the Deputy Principal, before his appointment as VC at Bangor. I graduated from Bangor in 1984 and didn’t have any involvement with the university again until 2000, but I caught the end of Roy Evans’s reign. He was widely held in contempt by many staff and the most positive thing that I heard said about him was that he was a ‘nice man but incompetent’. Other people were far ruder, with one man commenting that after he retired the University would probably want to erase all trace of him. I was told by someone in the know that Roy Evans was frightened of the other members of the shithouse in north Wales and tried to do business with them on their terms, which was not a good idea. He decided that Bangor should be a ‘community university’ – the surrounding community and its institutions were concealing a paedophile ring, so Roy ended up getting into bed (metaphorically) with a lot of people that he should not have. The local FE College was a crippling embarrassment and contained social work lecturers who were paid up paedophiles’ friends – there had been complaints about that college, the mismanagement and fiddling there and the dreadful quality of the courses for years. One enterprising lecturer at Bangor University started providing vocational training of the type which the FE college should have been providing but wasn’t. Business boomed and this lecturer’s dept expanded rapidly and became one of the biggest most successful depts in the University. The FE College nearly died of embarrassment and jealousy, the Principal there had a word with Roy Evans and the successful dept in the University was split up, the man who led it was removed as head of dept and relocated to a portacabin with seven members of staff and bugger all funding. The new head of dept, installed by Roy Evans, was none other than Meri Huws aka the Crack of Doom, former paedophiles’ friend/employee of Gwynedd Social Services and former bedfellow of a number of politicians in the National Assembly for Wales. Meri ran the dept into the ground within three years. There were allegations of serious bullying, at least one Tribunal for unfair dismissal, a major research project fell apart and students complained and eventually stopped enrolling such was the chaos. But at least the FE College weren’t being shown up as inadequate any longer. Roy Evans seemed to be magnetically attracted to fuckwits – he formed a collaboration with that shithouse of enormous proportions in Wrexham, NEWI/Glyndwr University. Roy was so fond of Glyndwr that he wanted Bangor to merge with them, which sent a chill through every member of staff at Bangor. The Daily Post awarded Roy Evans the accolade of ‘business person of the year’ in 2001, which can only have been the result of mutual backscratching because Roy wasn’t a business person, he was supposed to be running a university. I note that particular award was sponsored by the WDA, a major player in the shithouse for many years. Roy also set up a partnership with SAIN records, a company led by Dafydd Iwan, the former leader of Gwynedd County Council and President of Plaid throughout the Paedophile Years.

      The Chairman of Court at Bangor University whilst Roy Evans was VC was Judge Eifion Roberts. Eifion Roberts had studied law at Aberystwyth, had worked as a barrister on the Chester and Wales Circuit (1953-71), was Deputy Chairman of the Anglesey Quarter Sessions 1966-71, of Denbighshire Quarter Sessions 1970-71, a Recorder of the Crown Court 1972-77 and was appointed as a Circuit Judge in 1977. A paid up paedophiles’ friend then. Eifion retired in 1998 and in 2009 was made an honorary fellow at Bangor University. I was in the audience at the time – as is the usual practice, a senior member of the University made a nice speech about Eifion and explained that Eifion had been one of the people who had been responsible for cleaning up the corruption in the public services in south Wales in the 1970s. Obviously I and my friends sat there sniggering, commenting to each other that perhaps he’d like to clean up the corruption in north Wales (we didn’t realise that he was at the centre of it), but I’d be interested to know which corruption in south Wales that Eifion Roberts thought that he’d cleaned up. South Wales is log jammed with members of the shithouse – indeed Roy Evans himself was there until 1995 – and the South Wales Police have been mired in scandal after scandal resulting in miscarriages of justice. The biggest trial for police corruption that mainland Britain had ever seen took place in south Wales a few years ago, after the framing of three innocent men for the murder of Lynette White. The trial collapsed – because of corruption in the police, the CPS and the judiciary.

      Eifion had tried to enter politics – he stood for election in Denbigh for the Liberal Party in 1950. The Era of Gwynne and the En Masse Lobotomies! Eifion was beaten by the National Liberal Candidate, Emlyn Garner Evans, who was MP for Denbigh 1950-59. He didn’t go public on the abuse and the lobotomies either. Emlyn Evans was succeeded by Geraint Morgan, who has already been outed on the blog. The MP for Denbigh before Emlyn Evans was Sir John Henry Morris-Jones – the Liberal and then National Liberal MP 1929-50. I know this is history now, but it matters – the shithouse in north Wales contains many of the descendants of these characters who ruled the roost decades ago. As with Antoinette Sandbach MP, it is still very much a case of ‘I knew your father’ or indeed your grandfather or even great-grandfather. There are certain families in north Wales who members of the shithouse definitely feel that it is worth getting to know. Morris-Jones was a Top Doctor, a GP in Colwyn Bay who was a leading light in the BMA and Colwyn Bay Medical Society. Morris-Jones was a member and then Chair of Colwyn Bay Urban District Council. He was also a member of the County Council, was a JP, the High Sheriff Designate of the County (1929-30), the Deputy Lieutenant of Denbighshire, a member of the Gorsedd and a member of the Governing Body of the Representative Body of the Church in Wales 1950-62. As an MP, Morris-Jones took a great interest in public health. He campaigned against the availability of contraceptives from slot machines on the grounds that this represented ‘a temptation to youth’ and he really didn’t like the idea of the NHS (neither did the rest of the BMA). Morris-Jones wrote a number of letters to The Times in the 1940s concerning the NHS. A year after its establishment, he expressed his grave concerns in one letter concerning the decline in status of GPs, the expansion of their workload, the increase in bureaucracy and the difficulties of seeing cases through and getting patients into hospitals. My how things haven’t changed. Morris-Jones will almost certainly have known Sir Charles Evans, the VC of Bangor between 1958-1984 – who employed Gwynne the lobotomist and facilitator of the paedophile ring as a Top Doctor in the Student Health Centre.

  25. Vindication-proof that someone or something is right, reasonable, or justified.
    Redress-remedy or compensation for a wrong or grievance.
    Faith-complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
    “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”
    ― William Faulkner

    1. I notice that Harvey is threatening High Court action to prevent his accuser appearing at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. He’s also stated that he doesn’t want any information from the internet being presented – I wonder if he’s worried about a certain blog which has named scores of the people involved in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and their links to the Westminster Paedophile Ring? Keith Gregory, one of the few survivors of the North Wales children’s homes, is on BBC News Wales talking about how bad the aftercare for victims of sexual abuse is. Who is providing the ‘aftercare’? The Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and Conwy Social Services – two organisations still employing people involved in perpetuating the abuse… Operation Pallial have put out a public statement boasting about how many witnesses they interviewed! Well they know that I’m here – my blog is all over the internet, I have nearly 10,000 documents, I wrote and I wrote and I wrote about what happened to me and what I’d witnessed, those letters of mine are in the files of the NHS, the Social Services, the North Wales Police. Of course I couldn’t give evidence in person to Operation Pallial – because I’d been sectioned by Raj Sambhi and there I was sitting in a locked ward in the Heddfan Unit whilst Raj Sambhi told everyone that I was ‘seriously mentally ill’ because I alleged serious abuse in the mental health services because they were covering up for a paedophile ring in north Wales.

      Somehow I don’t think that anyone really wants to find out who was involved in the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal.

      1. Regular readers of the blog will know that I like my 20 century British history. I feel justified in flagging it up here because as I have demonstrated many times, the mess that we’re in today can be directly traced to the wrongdoing of those in decades past. Brown speculated a few weeks ago that the reason why the NHS is so abusive and unresponsive to change is that this was built in to it at it’s inception. Nye Bevan is a Welsh hero for having established the NHS and you take your life in your hands if you criticise either him or the NHS – literally, I was left to die because I discovered that the NHS was concealing a paedophile gang. Nye Bevan of course achieved notoriety for saying that he would stuff the mouths of the Top Doctors with gold in order to get them to accept the NHS – they really did not want the NHS. Yesterday whilst reading a Welsh political blog I found out something that I had not been aware of and which has led to the discovery of a whole group of people to name as members of the shithouse:

        In 1967, Nye Bevan’s wife, Jenny Lee, MP for Cannock in Staffordshire, organised bail for two Foreign Office diplomats, Colin Peters and Alistair Laing, after they were arrested in Naples for abusing two ten year old boys. No charges were ever brought against them and the Foreign Office provided ‘legal assistance’. As a result of Jenny Lee obtaining bail for them they received diplomatic immunity. They were also suspected of procuring ‘street urchins’ for sexual use. The Gov’t file relating to this arrest is closed until 2056. However, Colin Peters, a barrister, ended up in more trouble. He was one of those convicted as a result of Operation Hedgerow – the trial began in Nov 1988 at the Central Criminal Court. A number of men stood trial for abusing boys – the activity centred on the West End of London. A number of the boys abused ended up working in prostitution and one later ended up in Broadmoor (there’s a very obvious pattern here isn’t there). Peters was sentenced to 8 years in prison. Peters’s name was also found in paperwork relating to Elm Guest House. After Peters was released from prison he worked as a tax advisor in the Solicitors Office of Customs and Excise (now known as HM Revenue and Customs). Alistair Laing had been a student of Anthony Blunt at the Courthauld Institute, co-authored a book with Blunt and was Curator of Pictures and Sculpture at the National Trust 1986-2013.

        Jenny Lee had connections to another worrying man – Lord Arnold Goodman. I remember Goodman as being the lawyer who acted for Jeremy Thorpe when Thorpe stood trial for conspiring to murder Norman Scott, but Goodman seems to have been the Peter Mandelson of the 60s and 70s. He was Harold Wilson’s solicitor and political advisor and a fixer for scores of public figures of that era. It was Goodman who was alleged to have suppressed journalists investigations into the role that Lord Boothby played in protecting the Krays – Boothby was known to be using rent boys, as was Ronnie Kray and there seems to have been a degree of overlap in social circles between them. Boothby feared being exposed by the Krays and it is alleged that he used his influence with corrupt officers in Scotland Yard to prevent their prosecution for a good three years before they actually stood trial – during this time they committed a number of very serious offences. There was an MI5 investigation into Boothby and the Krays in 1964.

        Goodman held scores of Chairmanships and Directorships, but one of his big breaks in public life was given to him by Jenny Lee in her capacity as Minister for Arts – she appointed Goodman Chairman of the Arts Council for Great Britain in 1965, where he remained until 1972, overseeing the establishment of the South Bank Centre. Goodman received his peerage in 1965. Jenny Lee also played a leading role in the establishment of the Open University – which brings us back to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal and the people involved in it sheltering under the wing of Sir Charles Evans at Bangor University (the relevant connections were detailed in a previous comment).

        The Chancellor of the OU (1995-2006) was Betty Boothroyd, former Speaker of the House, 1992-2000. It was Betty Boothroyd who refused to allow Ann Clwyd to speak about the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal in the House at a crucial time – Betty very effectively closed that discussion down. Betty was Labour MP for West Bromwich 1973-92 – and we know that a branch of the shithouse thrived in the West Midlands during that time. Betty Boothroyd was secretary to Barbara Castle in the late 50s – the Barbara who concealed deaths of disabled children in care when she was at the DHSS. Betty was an Assistant Gov’t Whip in 1974 and a member of the Labour Party NEC 1981-87. Betty might be an ex-Tiller girl and full of fun, but she knew about all the shit…

        Back to Lord Goodman. Goodman was at the centre of the cronyism that characterised Harold Wilson’s Gov’t. Goodman died in 1995 and his obituary in the Indie is informative. Goodman receives an utterly glowing tribute from Anthony Blond, who maintained that Goodman was a lovely man in every way. Blond admits that Goodman had his ‘failures’ such as Rhodesia and Biafra. I’ve had my failures but I don’t think I’ve been responsible for anything as dreadful as Biafra and Rhodesia. Blond is now dead himself – he was a ‘gentleman publisher’ (ie. published what he wanted because he was very wealthy) and was involved in Private Eye in it’s early days. Blond was close mates with Alan Clark, John Aspinall and Sir James Goldsmith (even though Goldsmith hated the Eye and regularly pursued them for libel). Blond’s obituaries tell us that he was ‘bisexual’, a ‘fully paid up member of the permissive society’ and was particularly prone to falling in love ‘with young boys’. Some of Blond’s publishing ventures didn’t succeed because he was deemed to be publishing obscene material. He published material by Jean Genet – Genet is a very good writer, but he wasn’t a particularly nice man. Genet was a life long criminal who also had a taste for boys. I cannot help wondering what a wealthy publisher with a liking for young boys might have been publishing that escaped the attention of the authorities. In 1964 Blond stood as the Labour candidate for Chester. He was also on the executive of NCCL. In between sleeping with an assortment of people, Blond married a few times. In 1955 he married Charlotte Strachey, who was subsequently deeply traumatised by a series of miscarriages and a stillbirth. Charlotte ‘left quietly one day with the journalist Peter Jenkins, whom she subsequently married’. Jenkins was Associate Editor of the Indie 1987-92 and a columnist for the Guardian, the Sunday Times and the Indie. After Charlotte died he married Polly Toynbee – who is still cluttering up the Guardian and the likes of the Andrew Marr show. No wonder nothing appears in the mainstream media about the North Wales or Westminster Paedophile Rings, except for yet another article maintaining that no-one knows who was involved and the witnesses who have come forward so far are just a bunch of nutters.

        Another person who contributed to Goodman’s obituary – again someone who wrote about Goodman in glowing terms – was Professor Roger Williams. Williams is a Top Doctor – a liver specialist – who works at King’s College of Medicine and has a Harley Street practice. Williams was ‘introduced’ to Lord Goodman in 1971 because Williams wanted to raise funds for ‘his’ liver unit at Kings College Hospital. Goodman climbed on board and hey presto the dosh flowed in. Williams also mentioned that Goodman was awarded an honorary fellowship by the Royal College of Psychiatrists ‘in recognition of his success in raising funds’. As well as this, Goodman ‘settled…a particularly unseemly squabble between the consultants and Barbara Castle’. Would this have been the grade A row that there was about pay beds in the NHS??? It nearly did for Castle, the Top Doctors were after her blood because she wanted to abolish pay beds – but somehow a deal was reached. Goodman certainly helped Roger Williams. In 1992, the ‘liver unit’ was recognised as the Institute of Liver Studies.

        Roger Williams had a very famous patient – George Best! It was Roger Williams who famously ensured that George Best received a liver transplant in 2002, despite Best being a hopeless alkie who was known to be drinking like a fish. It was all very controversial, because George landed that liver at a time when several hundred more people could have done with it, who were not wife-beating piss-artists. A number of them subsequently died. Roger appeared on TV explaining that George was as deserving as anyone else and that he deserved a second chance and that Roger trusted him to stay sober. George continued drinking, as I’m sure Roger realised that he would. George died of multiple organ failure in 2005 – ‘from a kidney infection caused by the side-effects of immune-suppressant drugs’. Not of liver failure after all the drinking then Roger? Which would seem much more likely. Why am I suspicious of the reasons given for George’s death? Because there are indications that a lot of porkies were being told about George and his Brave Struggle. George Best’s wiki page informs us that his liver transplant was performed at Kings, on the NHS, at public expense. Yet an article in the Evening Standard in July 2002 contains an interview with George. This article states that George was a patient of the private Cromwell Hospital and that he and his wife Alex – another wife whom George thumped on occasions – went to the Cromwell when they were contacted after a donor ‘suddenly became available’. The surgery was supervised by Roger Williams who told the Evening Standard that ‘after seven months of waiting he [George] was getting very fed up’. George explained that he and Alex had been in Malta on holiday and it was a real pain in the bum because they had had to choose a hotel near the airport so that they could fly home if a liver became available. George had of course been bound by an agreement not to go abroad whilst he was waiting for a liver – he admits that ‘we have been a bit naughty’. I think that a lot of people had been a bit naughty, including Roger Williams – I think that a great many lies were told to the media (and probably to a lot of other people as well), I think that George was prioritised for a transplant above other people although Roger Williams et al knew that he was drinking, would carry on drinking and wouldn’t even stay in the UK when asked. The Evening Standard reported that the liver ‘was taken to the Cromwell where Best’s surgical team were waiting’. What were they – and the liver – doing at the Cromwell if the transplant was performed at Kings? Did they all take the liver over to Kings on the bus? If I know anything about hospitals like the Cromwell, they wouldn’t have the facilities for a transplant there. And they definitely wouldn’t have the back-up facilities if anything went wrong during the transplant. That transplant COULD NOT have taken place at the Cromwell.

        What’s the betting that Best was a private patient of Williams’s, consulted him at the Cromwell, but when the big day came, it was the NHS that was used? Because of the dreadful publicity, it was implied at the time that George was footing the bill himself and that it was all happening at the Cromwell. There are loads of other questions outstanding – why did Wiliams prioritise Best for a transplant in the first place? Who else was party to this? Who lied to the media? Who decided to ignore Best’s flouting of the rules when he buggered off to Malta – because someone knew that he was there, they contacted him and told him to get his arse back to London because a liver was available. And what was the REAL cause of his organ failure in 2005 – we were told that he died in the Cromwell. He wasn’t going to peg out in an NHS hospital was he – that was just there to give him a free liver transplant. Oh – and did Roger Williams participate in all this because he wanted a celebrity patient as PR or did George pay an awful lot of money for that NHS liver – or should I say ‘Roger Williams’s clinical opinion’?

        And who did Williams know back in 1971 who directed him towards Lord Goodman when that liver unit needed some cash and publicity?

        George Best was certainly well-connected for a hopeless violent drunk. He was a drinking friend of George Carman QC. It was Carman who defended him after Best was charged when he fractured the nose of a ‘girlfriend’ in a nightclub. Best was found not guilty. In much the same way that he received a liver transplant because he had given up drink, was never going to drink again and had a good chance of recovery. A liver transplant which was performed at the Cromwell Hospital of course.

    2. This morning IICSA replied to say they have recorded my concerns about 43 child deaths in care at Beeches Ixworth 1954 to 72. This includes my concerns about Suffolk Chief constable visit, with Suffolk safeguarding, to Lord Henniker 1992. It is clear that Chief constable concealed from Suffolk and Islington safeguarding the significance of death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP at his Dolphin Square Home 1991. Suffolk Police in later years also concealed this from Operation Midland and Operation Cayacos.

      Suffolk journos have rather let me down as I was hoping by now to either verify or eliminate that the investor behind Beeches was Hervey Marquiss of Bristol. He was also Monarchist League Voice of Freedom funder for activity such as the half hour programmes produced by Harvey Proctor to air on Roger Gales Scarborough based Radio 270. After Radio 270 Gale became head of childrens TV at BBC but spotted nothing untoward about his old Scarborough mucker Jimmy Savile. Gale ended up as a Thanet MP. Oddly enough Thanet is also where League of St George settled in mid 70s a group with whom Proctor socialised I gather ?

      I have re-iterated my request to IICSA to call Celia Hensman ex DHSS ministry civil servant .. re Beeches child deaths history in Islington and Hackney care and Sir Keith Joseph and later Barbara Castle (Jack Straw Norman Warner) covers up.

      1. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/jimmy-savile-love-affair-21-stone-5878177
        Jimmy Savile had love affair with 21-stone King of Cornets accused of abusing young boys.
        Another intelligence report refers to Savile being a “close associate” of “suspected child abuser” Jaconelli, ­considered untouchable by many victims due to his role as mayor of Scarborough in the 1970s and powerful contacts.
        So NYP, NYCC, SBC and …Threats: Savile bragged that he could fix anyone with one call.

    1. Now there’s a good point – I remember reading the garbage that Camilla used to write as Kids Company caught the public’s imagination but long before it was disgraced and she did really like going into the realms of neuroscience. It was very obvious that she had absolutely no understanding of the field at all and I just thought that she was daft, out of her depth and hadn’t understood whatever it was that she thought that she’d read. But we now know that Camilla was a very competent con-artist – there was probably a scam going on. Furthermore there are MRI researchers who are happy to collaborate. People are now demonstrating that Mindfulness ‘works’ by the use of MRI scans. I have blogged about the research fraud that was Mark Williams’s ‘Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy’, I was on the scene when he did it and I know that the social workers whom he conducted the ‘fieldwork’ with were abusing patients and concealing the paedophile gang in north Wales. Williams’s work on Mindfulness/MBCT is so full of holes that any half-competent researcher would spot them immediately – yet he and his colleagues have persuaded neuroscientists to work with them. What if Camilla had done the same? There’s only one reason why neuroscientists would ever be involved with either – all that lovely grant dosh from a Gov’t that has been persuaded by Mark Williams and Mrs Chris Patten (or Camilla and Alan Yentob) that this nonsense can change the world…

      1. After a bit more research on those who stood for election in Denbigh, I’m delighted to name a few more members of the shithouse.

        Denbigh was a marginal seat which was yet another reason why no candidate was going to dare risk breathing a word about the patients being shagged, lobotomised and abused in the North Wales Hospital by Dafydd and Gwynne, even when those patients were former residents of children’s homes who had complained about being abused. The candidates needed every vote they could get from all the people who worked at the hospital and their friends and relatives…

        I have mentioned that for years Denbigh was held by Geraint Morgan (Cons) a barrister who paid very little attention to the constituency because he was far too busy being a barrister and a judge. Morgan was only elected in 1959 instead of the Liberal candidate because a Plaid candidate split the nationalist vote – the Liberal candidate was a Welsh speaking enthusiastic nationalist. Who was the Plaid man who split the vote? None other than Dafydd! So Dafydd did the Tories a massive favour there then – as well as facilitating the paedophile ring… The Liberal candidate in question really was desperate to be the MP for Denbigh, he stood for election three times in the 50s. The Liberal in question was Dr Glyn Tegai Hughes – he died in March this year.

        Glyn Tegai Hughes was a Cambridge graduate who at one point was Chairman of the Liberal Party of Wales. On 22 Sept 1959 Glyn featured with Robin Day as ‘Liberal Party leaders’ in a televised election broadcast – Glyn spoke in Welsh which will have caused a stir in those days. Not becoming MP for Denbigh certainly didn’t hold Glyn back. He was lecturer in Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Manchester from 1953 and then Warden of the Gregynog Centre (part of the University of Wales) 1964-89. In 2000 he was made a fellow of Aberystwyth University and in 2004 he was given an honorary fellowship by Bangor University. Glyn was a member of the Welsh arts Council 1967-76; Governor for Wales for the BBC 1971-79; Chairman of the Broadcasting Council for Wales 1971-79; Vice-President of the North Wales Arts Association 1977-84; member of the Board of Channel Four 1980-87; member of the Board of the Welsh Fourth TV Channel 1981-87; Chairman of the Welsh Broadcasting Trust 1988-96.

        Glyn Tegai Hughes’s Times funeral announcement is still online. The funeral arrangements were carried out by a firm called, most appropriately, Leach & Son.

        When I was a student, my closest friend at Bangor University was my housemate Ann. We used to discuss how the University’s walls were covered in portraits of what I called ‘old fogeys’ and what Ann called ‘old cronies’. Ann was slightly older than me so graduated the summer before I did and she stated that graduation was a real laugh because ‘all the old cronies’ were there. Brown used to quip ‘but whose cronies are they?’ Well now I know – they were the cronies of the paedophile ring.

        I have mentioned how nearly all of my small circle of friends who knew what happened to me at the hands of the paedophiles’ friends are either dead or have had their careers wrecked. Ann was the first casualty. I discussed the corrupt GP D.G.E. Wood, Gwynne the lobotomist and Tony Francis extensively with her. Some weeks after I began writing to MPs and Ministers about what was happening in the mental health services in north Wales, Ann was killed in a car crash. Her former boyfriend – another one of my circle who also knew what was going on – was left with severe brain damage, unable to walk or speak again. The man who crashed head on into Ann was a young man driving a TR7 at speed who was on the wrong side of the road – not a motorway, but a country lane. Somehow he walked away – literally – with a broken arm. There was no police investigation into the crash. Ann was a keen birder and her car was distinctive because it was a white Beetle with huge pictures of choughs on each door. About a month before the crash, D.G.E. Wood told me that he could always recognise my friend driving past because there were pictures of black birds on her car doors. After Ann died, Wood had a huge row with me – well silly me, once more I was trying to pursue my complaint about Gwynne Williams and Tony Francis – and yelled at me ‘there’s nothing for you here anymore, move away and forget about everything that has happened’. The trouble was Wood, that I couldn’t. Particularly as my friends were dropping like flies. But then so were a lot of other people who had dared talk about what you and the old cronies were up to.

        Whilst looking through the election results for Denbigh, I noticed the name of one of the most notorious old cronies that there is in Gwynedd – Dr Robyn Lewis. Robyn Lewis first came to my attention years ago – he was a prolific writer of letters to newspapers, both national and local. There’s no harm in that, I’ve written a few myself, but the topics of Robyn Lewis’s letters were somewhat eccentric – he often wrote about the correct way to pronounce his name for example. He must have also presumed that the readers of the broadsheets were total ignoramuses who’d never met anyone with A levels, because his letters often contained lines such as ‘not only am I a man of letters, but I am also a man of law’. I gained much entertainment from Robyn Lewis’s letters and then years later I got to know someone who’s mum lived near him and I mentioned the letters. I was met with the response ‘God he is such a pompous wanker’.

        Robyn Lewis stood as the Labour candidate for Denbigh in 1955, but he left the Labour Party and joined Plaid in the 1960s. He stood as the Plaid candidate against the Labour candidate Goronwy Roberts in 1970 in Caernarfon. When Robyn Lewis wasn’t telling people how to pronounce his name or standing for election, he worked as a solicitor and barrister, based in Pwllheli. You’ve guessed it – he read law at Abersytwyth. He was a member of Lleyn Rural District Council and Vice-President of Plaid 1970-76. Robyn was a keen Eisteddfodwr and was Archdruid 2002-05.

        Robyn Lewis resigned his membership from Plaid in Jan 2006, in protest at an OBE being accepted by Elinor Bennett, the wife of Dafydd Wigley, the then leader of Plaid. I don’t know why this enraged Robyn Lewis so much – Elinor Bennett was given that OBE for playing the harp, it’s not as if she was given a peerage for concealing a paedophile ring, which seems to be a much more common practice. However, in 2008 Robyn saw a glimmer of light on the horizon. When that leading light of the shithouse Elfyn Llwyd stood against Dafydd Iwan – another leading light of the shithouse – for Plaid’s leadership, Robyn Lewis wrote to Elfyn Llwyd ‘offering support’. The letter was splendidly toadying, with Lewis saying that if Llwyd became leader ‘the direction of Plaid would be changed where this is most needed’…’this would reinvigorate individuals and branches’…’you would offer numerous exciting ideas and the clear ability to realise them’ and claimed that the leadership had lost its way. As everybody involved in the equation were all paedophiles’ friends and senior figures in the shithouse, I do not know what all the scrapping was about.

        Like Dafydd, Lucille and a few of those who facilitated the paedophile ring at first hand, Robyn is now very ancient and will soon be going the way of Glyn Tegai Hughes, having his funeral arranged by Leach & Son. So before he pegs out, perhaps Robyn can illuminate one of the mysteries of Gwynedd. It seems that when the paedophiles’ friends were really desperate to frame someone, Pwllheli Police Station and Magistrates Court were the vehicles utilised. Bangor and Caernarfon were used too, but when the stakes were really high, it was Pwllheli that swung into action. Both I and another person whom the Hergest Unit were desperate to secure convictions against were taken to Pwllheli Police Station for questioning and then taken before Pwllheli Magistrates. There was no earthly reason for this. We had both been arrested on trumped up charges at the instigation of the Hergest Unit in Bangor, we both lived within five miles of Caernarfon and we were arrested at a time when there would have been magistrates sitting in Bangor or Caernarfon. But we were both transported to Pwllheli Police Station – by police officers from Caernarfon. My over-riding memory is of me not being able to obtain my usual excellent solicitor and having to use the duty solicitor instead – a solicitor from Pwllheli called Richard Robyns, who was very obviously terrified. And not of me either. I managed to get out of the Magistrates Court on bail – my friend wasn’t so lucky, he was remanded to Walton Prison. Whilst he was there the charges against him were dropped with no explanation. Neither did he ever receive formal notification of this. He was transferred from Walton to the care of one Dr Dafydd Alun Jones and after experiencing the quality of Dafydd’s ‘care’ my friend walked away. He heard no more – I suspect because he had been detained in Walton unlawfully. He attempted to access the paperwork regarding his case from Walton – it was not forthcoming.

        As a man of letters and a man of law practicing in Pwllheli, perhaps Robyn can explain.

        There are two other names that I recognise from the Denbigh electoral records. One is Emlyn Sherrington aka Kremlin Sherrington, who stood for Labour in Denbigh in 1974. Kremlin Sherrington is now deceased, he was a history lecturer at Bangor University. I was told that he had a very much cruder nickname as well as Kremlin Sherrington, as a result of his conduct towards young women.

        The other name is Ann Clwyd, who stood as Labour candidate for Denbigh in 1970.

        So out of all those people who stood for Denbigh over all those years who undoubtedly knew about the nightmare that was the North Wales Hospital and the paedophile ring that was associated with it, the only person who ever seemed to really try to speak up was Ann Clwyd – it took her 25 years to do it and she was silenced immediately by Betty Boothroyd, but at least Ann did do it. I understand that Ann also collected evidence over a number of years from some of the people who had been abused in the children’s homes in north Wales.

        Ann Clwyd is of course also the only politician who has ever stood up in no uncertain terms and spoken about the dreadful ‘care’ that her dying husband was subjected to at the hands of the NHS. She had a barrel of shit thrown at her in return.

        Who has not been given a peerage, despite being one of the longest serving MPs? Ann Clwyd of course. Take it as a compliment Ann, at least you won’t have to sit next to Peter Mandelson.

  26. Susanne – I’m really sorry but I’ve had to edit out your comment – I do know about the case that you have written about but I received an e mail from a Crown Court Judge weeks ago ordering me not to publish anything about the case at all. I’m gagged – I have even interviewed the victim and their family, but I cannot publish anything on the blog at all about any of it. Really sorry.

      1. It’s seriously weird Susanne – the trial is over, the verdict was guilty, but a court order was served on me and all journalists stating that we cannot publish anything about the case at all. The victim and their family were desperate to tell their story on my blog but they have been silenced as well. I wouldn’t have thought that this was possible under UK law, but it seems that it is. I would have thought that the profession of the offender would make it vital that the public should know of their offences – which were committed during the course of their work – but a judge thinks otherwise.

        1. Life at Camden Council in the 1980s:

          Camden Council and it’s Councillors – such as dear old Tessa Jowell – have previously been named on the blog as being members of the shithouse, but I’ve just read a volume that provides an insight into what was tolerated among their staff in the 1980s. I found a copy of Paul O’ Grady’s memoir ‘Still Standing’ in a second hand bookshop. I know that O’Grady aka Lily Savage describes himself as having worked as a ‘social worker’ before he became famous, so I thought that I’d read his book. O’ Grady it transpired worked as a peripatetic social care officer for Camden Council for quite some time before he made Lily Savage his main career. He describes a life of casual sex, hanging out with rent boys and strippers, boozing and occasional drug use – it sounded fairly sordid but if that’s his idea of fun, it’s a matter for him. However, he reveals some interesting practices in his role as a social care officer. One of his clients – an old lady – dies. So O Grady kept the key to her council flat and moved in himself – he makes no mention of paying any rent. Camden Council catches up with him and he has to move out – he then goes to Yorkshire with his Lily Savage act and spends a while up there whilst the Yorkshire Ripper is doing his best to wipe out some of the people whom O’Grady hangs out with. He finds himself in need of money, so he returns to London – and Camden Council re-employs him, once more as a social care officer, responsible for children and the elderly. Had they forgotten about the way in which he conducted himself previously? Paul didn’t seem that concerned about his duty of care towards his clients. He was employed as a live-in carer working day and night shifts – yet he regularly abandons his clients at night to moonlight as Lily Savage. One elderly lady finds out about this and threatens to go public – Paul realises that Camden Council would suffer a great deal of embarrassment if one of their childcare/elderly care ‘officers’ were to be revealed moonlighting as a drag queen in gay clubs, so he asks the old lady what he has to do to buy her silence. She asks him to take her to the gay clubs with him, which he does – the old lady has a great time and gets pissed. Well at least if she was in the gay club with him, she wasn’t alone at home whilst Camden paid O’Grady to look after her. O’Grady does his Lily Savage bit for many years whilst working for Camden – people seem to know about it as well because he mentions meeting other employees of Camden Council for drinks and discussing it.

          O’Grady also mentions another practice that I was aware of but O’Grady is the first person who admits in writing that he witnessed it. He mentions a stripper in a club whom he knows has undergone male to female gender reassignment at Charing Cross Hospital – the stripper is frank that she had this surgery in order to work as a prostitute. Gender reassignment surgery is openly discussed now and the NHS is being urged to fund more of it and to consider it for young people who may well feel differently a few years later – but there is no discussion at all regarding the ethics of some of those working in this field. Readers might be interested to know that the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales have taken an interest in gender reassignment surgery. Dafydd Alun Jones tried to persuade a young man of 19 who was gay to undergo it. Two of the other ‘experts’ in north Wales who advertised their services in this area were Dr Sadie Francis, of the lethal Hergest Unit and Dr Kenny Midence, a particularly vile clinical psychologist associated with the abusive Arfon Community Mental Health Team. These were people who could not even treat straightforward cases of clinical depression – patients were told that there was nothing wrong with them, even when they could not speak or could barely get out of bed, which was why so many people killed themselves. How did anyone think that this bunch of dickwits were going to deal with an issue as complex as gender identity?

          O’Grady mentions visiting a gay bar called the Royal Vauxhall Tavern – an article has appeared on the Indie online regarding Diana, Princess of Wales being a good friend to gay men in London during the 80s and mentions her frequent visits to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. After a few years squatting in the flats of his deceased clients and dossing down in various squats, O’Grady was offered a council flat in Lambeth. His book details some of his adventures during this time, a continuation of his life in gay bars, strip clubs etc. What I noticed was his numerous references to the ‘rent boys’ among his circle. Would these perhaps have been the rent boys who were the boys who had grown up in care in Lambeth, who were being coerced into prostitution as they reached their mid-teens? O’Grady doesn’t say – but I bet he knew where those rent boys had come from. O’Grady also describes how, when AIDS hit London, he went around the London hospitals – he mentions St Marys and Westminster – visiting dying AIDS patients. He mentions the London Lighthouse and Professor Brian Gazzard from Westminster Hospital who were working with the AIDS patients. As with any STD, one only has to have sex with one infected partner to contract AIDS if one is very unlucky. But if one is a rent boy, one’s chances of contracting AIDS are through the roof. O’Grady eventually moved away from this world and spent his time holidaying with Cilla or socialising with Elton John, because he became a TV celeb. But a lot of those rent boys will have died. The people working with AIDS patients in London at the time will have known where many of those rent boys came from and how they ended up as rent boys. Unlike O’Grady’s drag act, it wasn’t always a straightforward matter of free will. But as ever, no-one has mentioned a word – despite caring about all the AIDS patients…

          But it’s amazing what celebs can write about in their memoirs. In his book ‘A Liar’s Autobiography’ Graham Chapman describes an unhappy incident in his life when a teenage gay man whom he befriended hung himself. Chapman had previously received a distressed call from this boy – and I think that he was a boy rather than a man – saying ‘Graham please get me out of here’. Chapman went to his assistance to find this boy in a room among middle-aged men who were watching another teenage boy gyrating around in his underpants. Like many celebs of that time, Graham Chapman was involved in Gay Lib – O’Grady mentions the Campaign for Homosexual Equality. These movements were infiltrated by paedophiles and everyone knew it. Chapman had trained as a Top Doctor.

          But no-one knows anything about the Westminster Paedophile Ring.

        2. Sally and Susanne, does the gagging order apply to Scotland, Ireland or France there have been some cases regarding these sort of orders for celebs, notably Ryan Giggs or does it come under the auspices of a D Notice ????

          1. I do not know Mike, it’s unfathomable. I was contacted by someone who was the victim of a number of crimes – the trial was at that time being reported on BBC News Wales and in most media outlets in Wales. The victim of the crimes and a member of their family communicated with me regularly and told me of their concerns that the person on trial knew a member of the jury and was using their professional position to intimidate the victim. The person on trial was found guilty and the victim wanted me to publish an interview with them on the blog. I received an e mail from the presiding judge stating that reporting restrictions were in place and no-one at all was allowed to publish anything about the trial. I was ordered to remove all references to the case from my blog. At the time I presumed that the restrictions were in place because there was a possibility of a retrial on a number of charges relating to other complainants. I understand that will not now happen – but the reporting restrictions are still in place. So somebody has been found guilty of a number of crimes and the victim is not allowed to speak about any of it in the media or online. The victim and their family raised their concerns about various aspects of the trial with the Police and Crime Commissioner, but I do not know the outcome of that. Obviously the victim can tell people face to face about it all. But as no-one knows who they are, their concerns will never be widely known. People with a good memory will know which case I am talking about – it received a great deal of publicity in the summer. I presume that, like me, other media outlets will have been ordered to remove all references to the case from their online archives. So the only accounts of that trial now will be in the old copies of newspapers that were printed at the time.

  27. Harvey Proctor – Derek Laud – Peter Hayman -NHS

    “I was at the time twelve years old, and prostitute to Peter Hayman. I attended his private apartment weekly [to be sexually assaulted by Hayman] and to be brutally raped and abused for his entertainment by guests like Harvey Proctor and Derek Laud.”

    “A condition of receiving [NHS treatment for gender transition] is that you live as a woman, twenty-four seven. So back there on my doorstep, in my nightdress and pom-pom slippers, the first Monday morning in [February 2015], after a couple of hours of trying to put off the inevitable, I was raped by a uniformed [Metropolitan Police] officer, and detained in a violent and dangerous psychiatric lockdown ward for six days, on a section. This had been easy for the police to obtain due to my history of mental health treatment and long-term benefit dependence.”

    Blog by Anonymous, dated 2nd April 2015.

    *** I have no knowledge as to whether the events as described by the blogger actually took place, nor do I know the blogger’s identity. N.B. Concerning allegations of rape in general: Academic studies over decades have found that, statistically, most accusations of rape that are reported to police are true.


    1. The whole area is a minefield Concerned and it is a minefield because of the serious malpractice of the ‘professionals’ employed within it. I have been thinking long and hard about this, particularly about prostitution. I do not believe that I would ever have the right to tell another consenting adult what to do with their body. If my neighbour were to be discovered receiving male visitors who paid her for sex and I was asked to condemn her, mistreat her or force her to move house I absolutely would not. But that is predicated on the putative neighbour being CONSENTING, not being controlled by a violent pimp and not being involved in crime. A lot of people are undoubtedly being forced into prostitution and a high proportion of them have come from the ‘care’ system or the mental health system. This can only happen with the collusion of professional people – if they stopped colluding, this supply of vulnerable people for prostitution (or porn) would stop. The collusion comes from unlikely corners as well – Julie Bindel is a vociferous anti-prostitution campaigner. Bindel is also involved with Justice for Woman. Some of the lawyers who worked with Justice for Women kept quiet about the women in secure hospitals who had been abused whilst they were in care and in the mental health system – didn’t you Helena?

      Likewise transgender. I do understand that there are people who feel mightily uncomfortable with their assigned gender. But I really do feel that their interests are absolutely not being served by the unscrupulous sharks that populate the medical profession within whose grasp they fall – ‘professionals’ who are often subscribing to laughingly simplistic notions of gender identity themselves. After what I have experienced and witnessed at the hands of psychiatry, they are the last people whom I would ask for advice on gender or sexuality issues – they are out of their depth, many of them are abusers themselves, but their profession is in deep denial.

      1. A worrying historical case from the shithouse that is the University Hospital Cardiff:

        Readers might remember that the former child star Lena Zavaroni became seriously ill with anorexia and depression when she was in her early teens. Her career eventually ground to a halt, she ended up on benefit and died in Oct 1999 in the University Hospital Cardiff after neurosurgery. The circumstances of her death were very unclear, but Cardiff maintained that Lena had died after developing pneumonia following an operation for depression. I was gobsmacked at the time because it sounded to me as though she had died after having a leucotomy (lobotomy). In the wake of the constant scandal that has emanated from that hospital over the past decade or so – scandal had existed previously but it was concealed – I thought that I’d look up the case of Lena again.

        The death of Lena Zavaroni as explained by Cardiff makes about as much sense as the account of George Best’s liver transplant by Professor Roger Williams.

        Lena developed anorexia at 13. At 15 she developed clinical depression. Over the subsequent years she was treated for depression with drugs and ECT. Lena’s opinion was that it was depression that was her greatest problem, she had ‘learned to live with’ anorexia. In 1989 her mother died after an overdose of tranquillisers and a fire destroyed all her showbiz mementos. The same year she married a computer programmer and they set up home in north London. The marriage broke up after 18 months and Lena moved to Hertfordshire to be near her father and his second wife. She was in the news again in 1999 after she was accused of a very minor shoplifting offence, although charges were dropped. It was reported that she was in a bad way and was living on benefits. However, the year before, 1998, she had been referred by an unidentified consultant psychiatrist to Brian Simpson, a neurosurgeon at Cardiff. It was reported that she had ‘begged’ for the operation which she subsequently had, threatened to kill herself if she didn’t get it and took an overdose. She was referred to Cardiff because that was ‘one of the few centres’ that carried out ‘the operation’.

        In Sept 1999 Lena was operated on by Simpson. After her death, Cardiff’s story was that following the operation, her progress was satisfactory, although she was a little confused and incontinent, which was described as ‘usual’. However, she subsequently sat up in bed, held a telephone conversation and asked Simpson if he thought that she could resume her career again. So a pretty miraculous immediate recovery from brain surgery then. But things took a turn for the worse – she became ‘very withdrawn for several days and her incontinence worsened’. Lena then developed a chest infection which turned into bronchial pneumonia and she died on Oct 1st.

        After her death, Cardiff stressed that Lena had not had a leucotomy – although earlier reports stated that she had. Cardiff said that she had had a ‘pioneering operation’. If the operation was pioneering, how did Lena, a singer and dancer with no knowledge of neurosurgery, get to hear about it, such that she begged for it? Furthermore the ‘usual’ symptoms that she was described as experiencing post-op are the post-op symptoms of a leucotomy. At one point Cardiff stated that the operation was not for depression, it was to ‘help her eat’. In another statement, they claimed that the operation was ‘to cure her depression’. Then the hospital spokesman Bob Burrows was reported as having ‘declined to discuss the brain operation’. What Cardiff were sure about however was that Lena had died of pneumonia.

        The inquest was held by Dr Lawrence Addicott, the Coroner for South Glamorgan. He ‘could find no evidence linking her death from pneumonia to the operation’. So she just spontaneously died. Not much point having your brain surgery in a hospital then – should I ever want pioneering brain surgery for a confused reason that even the neurosurgeon is not clear about, I’ll have the operation done in my sitting room.

        Brian Simpson has recently died, but was described as an ’eminent neurosurgeon’. Lawrence Addicott retired in 2005. A feature in Wales Online explained how qualified from Cardiff in 1961, worked as an anaesthetist, then a GP and became a police surgeon in 1968. Latterly he was a GP in Bridgend. So Lawrence was a graduate of the institution that killed Lena, will have known all of them there and also worked as a police surgeon during the many years when the institutional corruption in the South Wales Police caused havoc. He had been the Coroner for Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan since 1984. He certainly had some high points before he retired. Those included maintaining that a 13 year old girl who hung herself was ‘disturbed with low self-esteem’. This 13 yr old was known to suffer from depression, she was quite a serious self-harmer and had gone to the GP requesting a pregnancy test. The GP told her to return a few days later for the result. She hung herself before she returned. Yes, a 13 yr old with serious mental health problems asking for a pregnancy test was sent on her merry way – there is no mention of anyone asking her if they could contact her parents or any other adult so she had support whilst she waited for the result. All in a day’s work for Lawrence. Lawrence held an inquest on another teenager who killed herself as well, a girl who took an overdose. Lawrence maintained that she didn’t really mean to kill herself, she was just angry because she’d found her mother drunk. The details of the case were that the girl’s mum was an alcoholic who was usually drunk and upon finding her drunk yet again the girl stated that she couldn’t cope with this any longer, told her friend to attend her funeral and took an overdose of her mothers heart pills and subsequently died.

        It’s good to know that the Coroner in south Wales trotted out exactly the same lame old excuses in the face of medical practitioners failures – desperate people who committed suicide were ‘disturbed’, suffering from ‘low self-esteem’ or just ‘angry’.

        As for Bob Burrows, he was wheeled out by Cardiff in 2000 to explain that kidney transplants had been stopped at the University Hospital because of a shortage of surgeons. They’d seen the shortage coming but had done nothing. Considering that Cardiff was short of surgeons, their treatment of Peter O’ Keefe, a cardiac surgeon, has been bizarre. Mr O’Keefe raised concerns about safety at the hospital only to find himself faced with allegations that he’d bullied staff. The allegations snowballed and more and more people came forward. He was suspended on full pay – for I think it was two years. Mr O Keefe got fed up of fighting the allegations and has always maintained that he was targeted because he raised safety issues. Mr O Keefe appeared in the media yesterday. He is now working as an Uber cab driver. He says that he enjoys it and has no intention of returning to medicine, he’s had enough.

        Who says that NHS staff are leaving because of pay? They’re leaving because they are expected to stand by and say nothing whilst patients are put in danger.

        As for poor old Lena, after she died one media report mentioned that her state benefit had been £48-50/week and that her story was one of a ‘sad decline’. Someone went to the trouble of finding out how much benefit that she was claiming but no-one asked who presided over her ‘sad decline’ and they didn’t ask why the University Hospital in Cardiff had lied repeatedly or how they’d managed to kill her. Or indeed why an ’eminent neurosurgeon’ was about the only person in the UK prepared to carry out an operation that was not at all a lobotomy that was not for depression or for anorexia on a 35 yr old woman to ‘help her eat’. Neither did anyone ask who the fuckwit who referred her to Simpson was.

  28. Lena likely had an anterior capsulotamy at Cardiff. A form of psychosurgery which targets connections between the thalamus and frontal lobe.

    And transgender patients are quite able to manage their own gender variance. To be honest, most would be more concerned by abuse emanating from the likes of Julie Bindle than from Gender Identity Clinics. Not saying the medical community as a whole are supportive, though. Indeed, in time gender variance per se will likely be removed from the DSM/ICD anyway. As the mental distress they experience is not really sourced from the condition itself (but from generalised bullying, violence, and other abuse etc) (:

    1. Thanks very much for the info. Do you have any more details about Lena or anyone involved in her care?

      I am aware that many transgender patients would like to walk away from the medicalization of it all and I’m aware that many want gender variance removed from DSM. I think it would be a very good thing if DSM was consigned to the dustbin anyway. I do know that Julie Bindel is not popular – maybe it’s just dear old north Wales, but from what I’ve seen the ‘experts’ there will be doing as much damage as Julie Bindel and the worst bigots on the planet. Strangers and experts – it’s incredible what they feel able to say and do…

    2. Back in the so naughty 90’s when medics could get away with so much naughtiness Cardiff had the highest usage of ECT in Europe – carried out in Whitchurch mainly – a psychiatrist was furious when a mental health advocate was using the ECT video in the Whitchurch library to compose an information leaflet for service users. He (you know who) stated that they would never accept the treatment if they saw the video or read the leaflet. There were around the same time campaigns running against the use of ECT but coincidentally it was discloered that clandestine use of psychosurgery was being carried out at Cardiff and Vale hospital – they would not give any info on what was going on. There is almost a research factory based there which seems to get plenty of funding whilst elderly people are terrified of being admitted there after Ann Clwyd MP raised hell about the way her husband died on the elderly persons ward. Don’t recall her getting any support from the Cardiff Taffia.

      1. Interested to hear about this Lydia. I’ve been wondering what’s been going on down there re mental health for a while – I know that other arms of Cardiff University ‘research’ are very much a case of the King’s New Clothes. There is constant bragging about the research concerning the genetic basis of serious mental illness being done by a team of psychiatrists down there (I think it’s a Nick Fry who’s usually wheeled out to speak to the media), yet one press release I read talked about work involving thousands of people across Wales with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Well even if Dr Fry knows what he’s doing, he must know that practice elsewhere is so shoddy that such a diagnosis is frequently meaningless – if he fancies popping up to north Wales and taking a look at people’s case notes he’ll find the diagnoses change on a near-weekly basis, so I’d be interested to know which genes he thinks that he’s looking at. I’m not levelling this criticism only at Nick Fry and Cardiff – having observed how poor practice is in psychiatry right across the UK, I’m beginning to think that none of the research can be believed because ‘diagnosis’ is a joke.

        I heard some very bad stories about Whitchurch re patient experiences.

        Yes Ann Clwyd was left utterly isolated. She refused to be silenced, but there was very little support for her from anyone and a lot of nastiness. It is absolutely sickening, the NHS can abuse people in the grossest ways and NO-ONE is allowed to mention it. I am fed-up with hearing ‘ooh well you might have had a bad experience but that’s very unusual’. No it’s not actually – OK, most people don’t end up being hounded by a gang of paedophiles for thirty years, but poor NHS ‘care’ is very common and patients and their relatives are nearly always met with extreme levels of manipulation and aggression if they dare complain. What happened to Ann’s husband was absolutely inexcusable, yet it was Ann who had a bucket of slurry thrown at her. Janet Street-Porter was met with the same when she wrote about her sister’s dreadful NHS treatment when she was dying. The hospital involved threw a hissy fit, refused to accept that anything could have been done better and then wrote a sanctimonious letter into the Indie on Sunday stating that this was ‘trial by newspaper’. Well someone needs to put the fucking NHS on trial – the complaints system is totally ineffective, politicians are afraid to take it on and far from the country heaving with ‘ambulance chasing lawyers’ there is in existence a system of corrupt expert witnesses ensuring that the ghastly truth will never be revealed.

        1. So agree with you re any suggestion of there being a working complaints system. One ploy when someone is still at the polite and trusting stage is to advise not wasting time with it but get on with life. Thankfully some like you don’t fall for that. Just to say the other very TOP DOCTOR whose work was lauded at UCW is Peter Mcguffin – now moved on where he continues the discredited search for culprit genes. When he was still in Wales the research dept was putting posters on bus shelters asking for volunteers who would get paid for their contribution to their careers- sorry science. Poor people of course tend to use buses……..

          1. I had the misfortune, re suing NHS J W Paulley for steroid negligence, that my solicitors were Morgan Cole of Cardiff. In the end I did spin their Graham Miles on complaint to Law society as “Worst case of poor service they ever investigated”. The max award Law Society could order was one grand which I got from Morgan Cole but how much legal aid had they milked while stymying my case and allowing limitation to expire etc ?

        2. PS Sally you might have missed in BJPsych Bulletin Feb 2017 by TOP psychiatrist -‘Personality Disorder – Still the Patients Psychiatrists Dislike’ There is actually another of the beloved checklists – Attitudes to Personality Disorder Questionaire (with acronym of course APDQ!) So dislike but so love to use the label for any body they don’t understand or like. About time ex users survivors and supporters started labelling the labellers maybe.

          1. I haven’t read that one Lydia, I read the original years ago, ‘Personality Disorder – the Patients That Psychiatrists Don’t Like’. It was an excellent paper, demonstrating quite clearly that not only are patients simply labelled as such if a psychiatrist literally just does not like them but that such a diagnosis prevents anyone receiving treatment for OTHER ILLNESSES in the future. Thirty years of observation and talking to others has also taught me that PD patients do not just include those who psychiatrists do not ‘like’ or ‘understand’, it is a crucial way of discrediting, excluding and trashing patients who have witnessed or discovered something terrible – like a paedophile ring facilitated by psychiatrists for example!

            Regarding your comment re complaints – I DID begin at the polite and trusting stage. It’s how I found out how ineffective the complaints system was. For a very long time I wrote polite reasonable letters with details of why I was so concerned about the conduct of Gwynne the lobotomist, Tony Francis and Dafydd Alun Jones. It was THEM that behaved dreadfully – and I have copies of all the letters exchanged and the letters that they sent about me to third parties that they never thought I would obtain. They really were bad – unsolicited letters about me and Brown maintaining that we were absolute bastards and armed revolutionaries into the bargain. The problem was quite simple – they were abusing patients and running a fucking paedophile ring and they could not afford for ANYONE to listen to what Brown and me were saying. They wrecked my career and tried to wreck Brown’s, as well as the careers of other people who knew what happened to me. Patients really are not a bunch of bastards – patients who do end up stroppy or resorting to lawyers have nearly always ended up doing so because they have been treated appallingly. The wrongdoing in the health and social care system is so entrenched and so pervasive that no-one can afford to install an effective complaints system.

            Regarding the search for culprit genes – I don’t have a problem with people looking for culprit genes. I just don’t see how this can possibly be done when ‘diagnosis’ is such a joke. How many times have we been told that the gene for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder has been ‘discovered’? Then it’s all quietly forgotten about – it is so obviously a case of bullshit being sent out in press releases whilst another research bid is being prepared. Whilst I am completely supportive of GOOD research however, I cannot help but note the paucity of care on offer to patients whilst another few million is invested in a machine that goes ping or more nurses are ‘trained’ in ‘therapeutic techniques’. It would be far more helpful if the patients had stable decent accommodation, enough money to live on and opportunities for fulfilment.

            Yes, the patients are usually on buses. In most cases the quality of life of people with long-term mental health problems is truly grim and no-one is interested, not even those ‘caring’ for them. The Top Doctors and Angels who are squealing so loudly at the moment are well-paid and are usually owner-occupiers. They ensure that their own children will never end up living like the patients whom they are being paid to care for. The attitude is utterly sickening and the Labour Party need to wake up to what the Top Doctors and Angels are actually doing to their patients before offering to support their strikes. There are a few heroes and heroines, but for the most part these ‘caring professionals’ are selfish middle class not very able people leading comfortable lives who have no intention at all of sticking their necks out for their patients who very often have nothing. It is disgusting and in the case of north Wales I could literally read the terror on their corrupt faces when I finished a PhD and started writing about what I had seen. Dunno how many of them are reading this blog (I’ve been told that a lot of them are because they’re so worried about who I’m going to name next), but I’d like them to know just what a bunch of maggots they are…DO YOU REGRET RUNNING A PAEDOPHILE RING YOU LOT????

  29. No, not really. Not my bag. But know that form of psychosurgery has been undertaken at Cardiff (in the 90s, at least). In the UK, is/was used for both refractory depression and OCD.

    1. Continuing the theme of celebs who have had mental health problems and the unanswered questions:

      In the early 2000s Stuart Goddard aka Adam Ant suffered a much publicised episode of manic depression. Media reports stressed that he had thrown a large object through the window of a pub in London and had threatened someone with a gun. He ended up on trial at the Old Bailey and was sectioned. About a year later there were more reports that he had been found naked in a café trying to sleep and once more was sectioned. Some years later, Adam Ant was interviewed by John Humphrys on the Today programme. This was before Radio 4 became obsessed with interviewing people with mild mental health problems who tell the listeners that they had really good ‘help’ but that the mental health services just need more money. Adam Ant was talking music, but at one point he tried to talk about his treatment at the hands of the mental health system. He became veru upset and angry and began saying ‘do you realise what happens to people in those places?’ and tried to relate what was obviously going to be an account of abusive practice. Humphrys SHUT HIM UP. He told Adam Ant that he had been ‘ill’ and therefore his memories will not be accurate. I’ve got news for John Humphrys – even when someone is hypomanic or depressed they can remember quite clearly if they have been abused or have witnessed other people being abused.

      I have just googled a few background details.

      Adam Ant did throw an object through a pub window – he had gone into the pub to look for someone, the pub was a rough one and he was met with macho jeers because of his appearance. He became involved in a brawl. He was thrown out and was so angry at the way in which he had been treated that he chucked something through the window. He returned with the ‘gun’ – it wasn’t a gun which worked, I think it was a replica or antique. Armed police were called and they chased him – he was frightened and tried to run away. He was arrested and sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He was held in the Royal Free Hospital, in Alice secure ward. After two weeks his friends and family had him transferred to the Priory North London and issued a public statement saying that they wanted Adam to get the care that he needed. So they obviously felt that had not been forthcoming in Alice Ward. There was a trial at the Old Bailey but it did not involve a firearms charge. But no-one ever found out what it did involve or indeed Adam Ant’s side of the story. Because a Dr John Meehan, Consultant Psych of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, presented a report to the Court stating that if Adam Ant participated in a planned tour it would cause him ‘extreme stress’ and that any publicity regarding the cancellation of the tour or the forthcoming trial would cause him ‘such humiliation and shame that there’s a significant risk of another hypomanic episode, hospitalisation and suicide’. An Observer article written by Adam Higginbotham in Sept 2002 makes it clear that Adam Ant was being prevented from discussing his own case by a Court Order – Adam Ant himself, far from feeling such humiliation and shame that he was at risk of suicide, seems desperate to tell his side of the story. He repeatedly states that things are not as they are being reported. Not only did the Court silence him, but he was prevented from continuing his career.

      OK then, what were various people so desperate to keep quiet? Perhaps now we’re all urged to ‘talk about mental health’, Dr John Meehan would like to tell us why he silenced his patient – who it would seem had been set upon by a roughs in a pub whilst he was fragile, ended up in the Old Bailey but was never allowed to tell his side of the story. Meehan was the senior consultant psychiatrist at the Chelsea and Westminster for many years, but retired from the NHS in 2015 and now practices at Courtfield Private Practice.

      The Observer article contains a few other gems. Including comments from a Dr Michael Beary regarding how ‘dangerous’ hypomanic patients can be. Michael Beary works at the Priory North London and did his psychiatric training at St Georges – enough said.

      Someone else will know what happened to Adam Ant as well – his former wife, a lady called Lorraine whom he married in 1997. They had a baby girl in 1998 and although the marriage broke up after that, Adam Ant maintained contact with his daughter.

      Lorraine was the PR person for Dame Vivienne Westwood. That’s the intern-exploiting allegedly tax dodging very rich Dame Viv who has taken up radical politics and campaigning on climate change. Dame Viv’s son Jo Corre is featured in Guardian online today, talking about climate change – he’s joined his mum’s campaign. Now I remember many years ago, Jo openly described himself as a ‘pornographer’ and there was quite a lot of controversy about Jo’s activities. This all seems to have disappeared from the internet – all one can find about Jo now are details relating to his Agent Provocateur elite undies company and his anxieties regarding the world’s climate. Jo’s dad Malcolm Maclaren – Dame Viv’s ex – also seems to have undergone a sanitising process since his death. We are told that Malcolm was an ‘impressario’, told about his artistic influences and music activities and that his ‘unhappiness’ caused him to ‘lash out’. I remember a time – particularly after Sid Vicious murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself – when Malcolm Maclaren was openly spoken of as a grade A bastard and a probable psychopath who had ruthlessly exploited a highly unstable Sid n Nancy and who then walked away when disaster struck.

      It’s amazing how history has been rewritten since Dame Viv picked up her honour at Buck House. An occasion on which she famously wore no knickers. Which doesn’t matter half as much as everybody’s silence regarding some very dodgy activities indeed – and the mystery surrounding what happened to Adam Ant at the hands of the Top Doctors. Come on Viv and Jo – we’ve got real climate scientists to tell us about global warning and what’s more they know what they are talking about. Your job is to shed light on the porn trade that you were involved in, Malcolm’s questionable use of unstable young people and poor old Adam Ant who’s just been written off as a nutter. It will at least make a more worthwhile contribution to the world than Dame Viv made by her appearance on Any Questions when she responded to a question from Dimbleby by saying ‘eeh there was a man called Voltaire who was very clever…’

      1. I have just received an e mail alerting me to the following facts about Harriet Harman’s dad, a Top Doctor:

        Dr John Harman (1907-1994). Born in Harley Street, his father was an ophthalmic consultant. His mother had also qualified as a doctor and was a cousin of Neville Chamberlain. His sister married Lord Longford. Harman studied at St Thomas’s and later became a consultant there. In 1971 he became Chairman of the British National Formulary. Between 1975-78 he was instrumental in persuading the DHSS to make the BNF the NHS’s medicines handbook when it’s existence was under threat. In 1972 Harman retired and then became President of the Medical Defence Union.

        John Harman acted as a medical expert witness. He was the main defence witness at the trial of the serial killer Top Doctor Dr Bodkin Adams. Bodkin Adams was arrested for the murder of his 81 year old patient. Harman maintained that the high quantities of heroin and morphine supplied to the elderly lady was justified under the circumstances. Yet under cross examination Harman admitted that he had only worked as a GP himself for two weeks in total and had only treated a handful of drug addicts – and that was before the war. Harman had never actually witnessed a ‘spasm of addiction’ despite acting them out in the witness box – he had only ever read about them. He also claimed that he had at no time talked to Bodkin Adams about the treatment of his patient.

        Bodkin Adams was acquitted and another charge of murder of another patient was controversially withdrawn. The prosecutor Attorney-General Reginald Manningham-Buller entered nolle prosequi, which the presiding judge Patrick Devlin later termed an abuse of process. Bodkins Adams was subsequently prosecuted on 13 charges of prescription fraud, lying on cremation forms, obstructing a police search and failing to keep a drugs register. He was removed from the Medical Register in 1957 and reinstated in 1961. Home Office pathologist Francis Camps suspected Adams of causing the deaths of 163 patients.

        You’ve kept all that very quiet haven’t you Harriet?

          1. A valiant member of the shithouse has popped up on BBC News Wales this morning – Dr Phil White.

            Phil is speaking in support of a medical school at Bangor in order to tackle the GP shortage in north Wales and suggests that GPs stay where they train. Well students from Cardiff have been going on placement with Phil et al for years and they run away screaming when they find out what Phil and co are up to. I have heard many accounts of Phil’s bizarre practices and I met Phil myself on one occasion when he was doing the out of hours on call. Phil was as nice as pie to my face but then wrote some arsey comments on my records to discredit me, obviously assuming that I’d never get hold of those records.

            Phil receives a lot of media coverage in north Wales and some time ago made headlines in the Daily Post when he stated that obese children should be taken into care because their parents were incapable of feeding them properly. Phil has an adult son. Phil’s son has served a prison sentence for drug dealing. During the trial, it was reported that the judge had been given a letter from a doctor explaining that Phil’s son came from a ‘good family’. The doctor who wrote that letter was a Dr Phil White. I’m only surprised that Phil didn’t appear as an expert witness in the case. It wouldn’t have been a first for north Wales – Dafydd gave medical evidence against his own wife when he fought her for custody of the kids.

            Phil White is also one of the fattest doctors that I have ever encountered. He needs to be taken into care and quickly. Preferably by the gang of paedophiles who abused everybody else’s kids whilst Phil and his mates kept schtum.

          2. Two members of the shithouses highest echelons:

            I have found out today that prosecutions for contempt of Court have to be approved by the Attorney General and Solicitor General. In the summer of 1990 Gwynedd County Council tried to have me imprisoned for contempt of court on the basis of members of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team perjuring themselves. Although they perjured themselves repeatedly – and were demonstrated to have done so in Court – their allegations against me were still relatively trivial – there were, at that time, no allegations that I had for example been violent or threatening to them. The allegations were that I was harassing them – by calling at their office and writing letters of complaint, the complaint being that they were involved in serious criminal activities and the abuse of patients. So who were the two Gov’t Law Officers who thought that I deserved to be imprisoned for complaining about the paedophiles’ friends?

            Attorney General – Sir Patrick Mayhew – who was the legal advisor to the GMC at the hearing involving Dr Morris Fraser, a child psychiatrist who had sexually abused a child. Fraser was allowed to continue practising.

            Solicitor General – Sir Nicholas Lyell

            So now we know who the Gov’t lawyers were who were protecting the North Wales paedophile ring.

          3. Now here’s a member of the shithouse who’s been lurking in high places for a long time:

            Ann Coffey. Labour MP for Stockport. Coffey has an MSc in psychiatric social work from the University of Manchester. In 1971 she was a trainee social worker for Walsall Social Services; in 1972 she was a social worker for Birmingham City Council; in 1973 a social worker for GWYNEDD COUNTY COUNCIL; in 1974 a social worker for the Metropolitan Borough of Wolverhampton; in 1975 for the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport; in 1982 for CHESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL; in 1988 she was fostering team leader with the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham.

            So Ann, why have you kept so quiet? It’s not as if you don’t know influential people – because in 1997 you were appointed PPS to Blair. Did you mention the Waterhouse Inquiry to him, which was happening at that time? The dimwit social worker Ann who undoubtedly has knowledge of the paedophile gang ended up as PPS to Alistair Darling when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time that he drove the economy off the cliff.

            What is Ann doing now? She is the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults. Ann has criticised authorities who have failed to respond to child sexual abuse and exploitation! She Chaired the Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse after the Rotherham scandal.

            In 2016 Ann co-signed a letter with that other paedophiles’ friend Margaret Hodge requesting a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.

            Ann has demanded that the term ‘child prostitute’ should not be used. In the way that idiots like her suggested that calling people with mental health problems ‘service users’ would somehow make everything OK for them. Child prostitutes are exactly what they are Ann – it does not suggest that they are CONSENTING child prostitutes – the term simply makes it clear that they are children who are being used for sex in return for payment. And you spent decades watching it happen and keeping schtum you vicious hypocritical cow.

            Now, down to the police station Ann and make a statement detailing what you saw when you worked in Gwynedd and Cheshire – and what you witnessed in those other boroughs as well, because kids in care were getting abused there too. You’ll be in the queue for a peerage of course, I’m just wondering why Blair hasn’t given you one already.

            Ann is married to Peter Saranger, who is the Vice-Chair of the Council of the University of Sussex and former MD of Phillips Research Labs.

          4. More members of the shithouse:

            Linda Smith: she ran the Southwark Childcare Campaign – come on Linda, there was abuse of kids in Southwark, you’ll have known. Linda is a friend of Harriet Harman and later became the Chair of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority. In Sept 2001, whilst Linda was Chair, a letter from Dr Deirde Cunningham and Martin Roberts – Director of Health Policy and Public Health Chief Exec – was sent to all GPs and pharmacists in the Health Authority. In stated that ‘in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham we have an extremely high rate of malaria and the Directorate of Health Policy and Public Health at the Health Authority consider that this is a problem which must be addressed by all means available’.

            Malaria?? In south London??? Did anyone else know about this? What else have they got down there that Linda was keeping quiet about (apart from child abuse by the state) – bubonic plague perhaps?

            The paedophile gang and malaria outbreak notwithstanding, Blair appointed Linda a member of ‘The Futures Group’ who in 2002 produced the discussion paper ‘The Future of the NHS’, which had the broad remit of addressing the future of health care in the UK. Who else did Blair call upon to conjure up a few ideas re the NHS? The following (among others):
            Sir Cyril Chantler (Chair, GOSH; Chair Standards Committee of the GMC – when they were found to be in possession of a forged document purporting to be a letter from me); Pippa Gough (previous Director of Policy RCN); Anatole Kaletsky (Associate Editor, The Times); Professor Julian Le Grand and Professor Richard Titmuss.

            This shower were led by Lord Christopher Haskins, who was the Chair. Lord Haskins was originally from Ireland but relocated to Yorkshire many years ago. He was Chairman of Northern Foods 1980-2002. Haskins married into that company – he married Gilda Horsley. Alec Horsley founded Northern Foods, his son became Chairman and then Christopher Haskins took over from him. The most notorious member of the Horsley family was Alec’s grandson, Sebastian. Sebastian was born in Yorkshire but as an adult lived in Soho. Sebastian Horsley liked his class A drugs but he was even more well known for boasting of his involvement with prostitutes – he claimed to have had sex with thousands of them and had worked as a prostitute himself. Not that he did any campaigning on their behalf – he was against the legislation of prostitution because he claimed that it was more fun if it was illegal. Horsley I presume was a wealthy man – he claimed to be an artist but he could never have financed his drug habit and activities with prostitutes from his ‘art’ – and lived in one of the streets where prostitutes used to doss down in the doorways. For a man who regularly made use of the prostitutes, Horsley did something weird. He attached a notice to his door which read ‘this is not a brothel, there are no prostitutes here’ – because he got sick of prostitutes dossing in his doorway and the police being called. I rather get the impression that Seb was a bit of an exploiter rather than a ‘free spirit’. He wrote a memoir ‘Dandy In The Underworld’ which was acclaimed by the usual suspects. In 2010 he was found dead of a heroin and cocaine overdose. Toby Young was a big mate of Horsley’s – as was Stephen Fry – and maintained that it couldn’t have been suicide or Horsley would have definitely left a note or poem. The coroner was that well known member of the shithouse Dr Paul Knapman who simply observed that Horsley was the architect of his own misfortune.

            In 2001 Haskins, head of the empire which I presume supported Sebastian Horsley’s lifestyle, was appointed as ‘rural tsar’ by Blair in the wake of the foot n mouth outbreak. He was also Chair of the Better Regulation Task Force. Haskins was for many years a member of the Labour Party, but was expelled after an investigation in 2005 revealed that he had donated £2000 to the campaign of Scottish Lib Dem Danny Alexander.

            Christopher Haskins is Chairman of Humber Local Enterprise Partnership and a Board Member of Yorkshire Forward.

          5. A key player in the Welsh shithouse:

            Julie Morgan, AM for Cardiff North, formerly MP for Cardiff North and wife of the late Rhodri. A friend of Harriet Harman.

            Julie was formerly a social worker with Barry Social Services, a Councillor with South Glamorgan County Council (1985-87) and became a member of Cardiff City Council in 1995.

            Julie’s husband Rhodri famously became very angry when the Jillings Report was suppressed – he stated that a paedophile ring had operated in north Wales but Welsh politicians were being prevented from accessing information relating to this. Rhodri’s desire to see the paedophiles’ friends exposed was so great that when he became First Minister, he appointed Dr Brian Gibbons as Health Minister – Gibbons then wrote to me saying ‘this correspondence is closed’ when I told him that I had been violently assaulted by the paedophiles’ friends in north Wales and that I had evidence of serious criminal activity in the NHS and social services. Dear old Rhodri was just so desperate to identify the culprits wasn’t he.

            A friend and I were in the presence of Rhodri once – he was rude to us. Perhaps if Rhodri had spent less time getting bladdered with his mates and actually followed up serious complaints from the citizens of Wales where the public services were concerned, he’d have gathered the evidence against the paedophile gang that he pretended that he wanted. Or he could have just asked Julie – she was a social worker who networked with other social workers and they all knew about the paedophile gang.

            Julie’s sterling work included Chairing the All Party Parliamentary Group on Children In Wales. Her interests include children’s welfare, women’s rights and disabled people. So that’s why she made a speech in the Assembly declaring that smoking should be banned in psychiatric units to ‘help service users’. Julie – ‘service users’ are being assaulted, framed for serious crimes and left destitute. Smoking is not good for their health but it is the least of their problems. And a lot of them were formerly kids in care who were molested by your colleagues.

          6. Jan Pickles: Julie Morgan’s mate. Organised ‘Cardiff Women’s Safety Run’ and Julie invited Harriet along.

            Jan is a social worker and has worked in Gov’t, in the Third sector, in the Probation Service and for the NSPCC.

            Jan is a member of the Velindre NHS Trust and sits on the National Independent Safeguarding Board at the Welsh Gov’t.

            Jan received a First Minister’s recognition award. I’m not expecting one myself – after all I’m naming the paedophiles’ friends rather than working with them.

          7. Readers might have noticed that the last few comments have been Harriet-related. That’s because I’ve just finished reading her book and it very conveniently names a lot of her friends and colleagues who very obviously did know something about organised child sexual abuse or abuse of other vulnerable people by the state but who said nothing, as Blair (or to a lesser extent Gordon Brown) gave them jobs in Government and peerages. I can recommend Harriet’s book – apart from it’s use in identifying accessories to serious crime, it is one of the most entertaining volumes that I’ve ever read, although Harriet obviously didn’t realise that. I have mentioned before that Harriet is pretty dim and believes that she is truly oppressed, but her book also reveals how bloody selfish she is. It would seem that everything Harriet does, every change in the law and campaign that she supports, is because it will personally benefit her.

            Harriet is a delicate flower and finds work hard-going – she is nearly always ‘exhausted’ or ‘not feeling very well’ or ‘anxious’ and has to lie down, take it easy and be fed herbal teas whilst someone else does the cooking. The irony is that although Harriet fumes about the notion of middle class women devoting themselves to their families, it’s obviously what she’d really like to do herself – only she feels an obligation to try to be PM. She dotes on her kids, wants to spend all her time with them but BUGGER she has to go into Parliament. When what she wants to do is bake them a cake. She wraps up her political ambitions in the rhetoric of female solidarity but she very obviously doesn’t have any – she alienates people and pisses them off, spends much of her time having rows with them – indeed a key function of her staff is to rebuild bridges with those whom she has deeply upset or to keep her from falling out with even more people. She has absolutely no understanding at all of women who are not from her social class and doesn’t even seem to know the names of some of the wimmin whose work she praises in this book. There are names that are incorrect and I don’t think it’s just a result of typos. Harriet is surrounded by a small coterie of women very much like herself, utterly ruthless and self-promoting but claiming to be doing it all in the cause of the sisterhood, and they very obviously constructed a network to advance themselves.

            Harriet herself boasts that she and her mates completely stitched up the whole of south London. Two of the MPs in Harriet’s gang were only selected as candidates because the FEMALE candidates that the local parties chose were shafted by Labour HQ, on one occasion personally by Neil Kinnock. Harriet is so keen for her Kate Hoey to stand for a neighbouring constituency that when she finds herself attending a funeral with Hoey, as the coffin is being lowered into the ground and there’s silence she whispers to Hoey that she really must try for the candidacy. She cold calls Joan Ruddock to helpfully inform her of a forthcoming selection in south London – and then follows her contact up just in case Joan is a bit of a slacker.

            Another phenomenon is how well people who helped the young Harriet have done for themselves – everyone who helped her win Peckham back in the early 80s suddenly found themselves leading lights in the Labour Party – Mayors, Council leaders or in some cases in the Lords. Nothing about them or their contribution to society suggests that they are worthy of these positions. Indeed it seems that Harriet only ever got off the ground in Peckham in the first place because her partner Joe Dromey press ganged all his mates in the Unions to support his dipstick girlfriend. A few years after she had been elected, there was chaos in Peckham and nearly everyone was after Harriet’s blood, including the local trade union reps. Once more Dromey strong arms them into supporting her which was probably the only reason that she survived.

            Harriet is the sort of person whom I would normally categorise as a deluded irritant, but it’s clear from this book that Harriet is rather more toxic than that. She really has been calling the shots across swathes of south London for a long while – in boroughs where there were terrible problems with the abuse and neglect of children and other vulnerable people and serious corruption in the councils and statutory services. Harriet’s ‘interests’ are wimmin and child care. If only Harriet had a brain, was not so completely fucking selfish and did not surround herself with equally selfish – and in some cases corrupt – people, Harriet could have been at the forefront of tackling organised child abuse and trafficking. She wasn’t – the presence of her and her mates in that part of London enabled all hell to break out. Harriet is so unaware of what has been going on around her for decades that when, in her capacity as a senior MP, she attends a conference at which human trafficking is discussed, she says that she’s never heard of the phenomenon. It was going on all around you Harriet – kids in care were being abused under your nose, in the constituencies of you and your friends, and were then trafficked into sex work. If you had ever taken a real interest in the lives of your constituents, listened to the disadvantaged people in south London and what they were saying was happening to them at the hands of the state, you would have known all about it. But instead you were busy campaigning with your middle class ‘friends’ in the Parliamentary Women’s Group or visiting hospitals and listening to the STAFF rather than the patients and reassuring everyone that the problems in the health and welfare services in south London were all a result of ‘Tory cuts’.

            Harriet’s book contains some photos of her campaigning in 1989 on a Save The NHS ticket. 1989. When the likes of Alison Taylor, Mary Wynch and I were screaming as loudly as we could that something terrible was happening in the social services and mental health services in north Wales and that there seemed to be connections in other parts of the UK. When Margaret Hodge – Harriet’s mate – was being told that the social services that she ran had been infiltrated by paedophiles with links to gangsters. Hodge just slapped down the people who told her and concealed all the shit – Hodge isn’t as thick as Harriet, she certainly knew something was terribly wrong. When Lambeth children’s homes had been infested with paedophiles as well. Harriet is so utterly stupid that she may actually have not known how bad the situation was – but an awful lot of those around her did know. If you are working with disadvantaged women and children, you could not avoid knowing. Harriet’s clique were running children’s centres, working in Law Centres, working with Women’s Aid and sitting on Councils. They knew.

            Harriet is even too stupid to recognise professional malpractice when she is asked to assist with it. When Harriet is young and still working as a solicitor, Dromey gets himself arrested and prosecuted when he’s taking part in a picket. Harriet – Dromey’s girlfriend – trots along to the Magistrates Court to give evidence in his favour. She ‘automatically assumed’ that he’d be acquitted because she was an Officer of the Court. The Court finds Dromey guilty. Harriet believes this is because she was now seen as a dangerous radical fighting the establishment. No Harriet, it was because you were perceived to be abusing your position – as you no doubt were when you rescued Arthur Scargill and others from the police station after they had been arrested.

            Harriet relates a real horror story for those of us familiar with the practices of Top Doctors. In the 1980s Harriet acquires a ‘stalker’ who writes her letters and turns up at her office. It transpires that the ‘stalker’ is actually a previous client of hers who is in fragile mental health. Harriet does not reveal what the legal problems that he consulted her about were. But in 1989 she receives a phone call from the Maudsley Hospital, telling her that this man is now a patient there. The Maudsley are frank with Harriet that they are breaking confidentiality and shouldn’t be ringing her, but nonetheless they ask her to report the man to the police because, they tell her, he is so dangerous that he might kill her. They tell Harriet that they won’t report him to the police, but they want her to. Does Harriet challenge them over breaking the patient’s confidence or ask what the fuck they think they are doing? Does she even ask for the evidence that this man might kill her? No. Harriet obediently calls the police and reports the man – whom she knows is sitting in the Maudsley – and tells the police that she’s frightened that he’s going to kill her. The ‘stalker’ is then arrested, removed from the Maudsley, taken into custody and charged with threatening to kill. The Maudsley refuse to give evidence at his trial, stating that this would ‘interfere’ with his treatment. As if stitching him up using Harriet hasn’t already done that. The ‘stalker’ subsequently sued the police for wrongful arrest, stating that Harriet pressurised the police into arresting him. Harriet then received grief in the media. She frames herself as the victim here – well she was a ‘stalked woman’ – she asks no questions at all about the Maudsley’s outrageous behaviour, she asks no questions about how much of a threat this man really presented or whether he was ill and she doesn’t even demand an explanation from the Top Doctors and go public on what they did. She was a lawyer and by then, an MP. She could have exposed some corrupt Top Doctors and corrupt police officers – she didn’t.

            There are so many accessories named in Harriet’s book that it’ll take me a series of comments to name them all. The names will follow shortly…

          8. Harriet’s book received much publicity a few weeks ago because she claimed that when she was at York University a professor told her that if she had sex with him she’d get a 2:1 but if she didn’t she’d get a 2:2. She’s named this man although he’s now dead and a row ensued. Harriet claimed that she spurned his offer – in her book Harriet claims to have a 2:1. So getting a 2:1 obviously wasn’t dependent upon having sex with this bloke then. One of the few truer things that Harriet has observed is that this sort of thing did go on in universities in previous years. I knew of a number of lecturer-student encounters but they were consensual and the students were quite enthusiastic. There was a sexual harasser in the Agriculture Dept at Bangor but he was universally viewed as a sad old git who was a joke. I only ever heard of one case in which a student offered sex in return for passing an exam – you’ve guessed it, a Top Doctor was involved. At Hammersmith Hospital to be precise. Save the NHS Harriet! Give them more money and more pay because the Tory Cuts are what’s putting us all in danger.

            After York, Harriet embarked upon a career as a solicitor. She hadn’t ever thought of this before, but very obviously was at a loose end, so her family suggested it. Her Big Break in terms of leading the wimmin to revolution came when she volunteered at Fulham Advice Centre and then Brent Law Centre. She observes that in the mid-70s a network of Law Centres was being set up around the UK and that they were lobbying the Law Society and the Gov’t for more services for people on low incomes. Which was true – but those Law Centres didn’t touch cases involving child abuse at the hands of the social services or psychiatric abuse. In fact they kept quiet that these were serious common problems. Brent itself had a big problem with the neglect and abuse of children in its care.

            Harriet’s colleagues at Brent Law Centre included Jack Dromey and Irene Bannon. Dromey is of course now Harriet’s husband and after years of being a big cheese in the Union movement he is now Labour MP for Birmingham Erdington. Irene Bannon has an MBE and works for a body called Campbell Tickell which is a ‘management consultancy’ focussing on the public and not for profit sectors. The more vulnerable members of society then.

            Harriet was famously involved with NCCL and after volunteering for them, landed a job as their Legal Advisor. Her friends encouraged her to go for it – the friends that also were members of the NCCL executive committee. The NCCL has featured on my blog already, but there are a few names that Harriet hung out with who have not yet starred. They include Anna Coote, Tess Gill, Christine Jackson and Bill Birtles.

            Anna Coote is the former wife of the media sociologist Laurie Taylor. Taylor’s son – I presume from his relationship with Coote – is Matthew Taylor, who was an advisor to Blair. Coote was the Director of Health Policy at the Kings Fund 1998-04 and was then involved with the Healthcare Commission (who famously concealed serious problems in the NHS). She’s now Head of Social Policy for the New Economics Foundation.

            Tess Gill is a Human Rights lawyer. She and Coote made legal history by bringing a sex discrimination case against a bar called El Vino, because El Vino wouldn’t sell women drinks. Gill is a Vice-President of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. Other Vice-Presidents include Tony Gifford and Helena Kennedy. The President is Michael Mansfield. Never mind El Vino, how about a case against radical lawyers who knew about organised abuse of children in care/patients in the psychiatric system but ignored it then Helena and Michael?

            Tess was married to Ken Gill, a communist who was head of the MSF union. That was the union whose corrupt reps were ignoring misconduct and malpractice at St Georges Hospital Medical School.

            Christine Jackson was involved with the Cobden Trust which was the ‘research’ arm of the NCCL during the NCCL’s Paedophile Years. The Cobden Trust now calls itself the Civil Liberties Trust. Christine Jackson ended up on the Equal Opportunities Commission. Her first husband, Peter Jackson, was a Labour MP. She then had a relationship with Eric Robinson, the Principal of Bradford College. The Bradford College that had a major problem with drug dealing and serious crime among some of its students and their friends – who very likely were involved in the sexual exploitation of under-aged girls as well.

            Bill Birtles was a barrister who married Patricia Hewitt. Birtles has now retired but he became a Circuit judge as well as a Deputy High Court judge. Birtles and Hewitt have a house worth a bomb in Camden and Birtles spoke out against the drug dealing that was going on in their road and objected to a needle exchange scheme at a local pharmacy on the grounds that it would encourage undesirables. In 2009 Birtles’s and Hewitt’s son Nicholas was prosecuted for possession of cocaine.

            Harriet met a few other people during her NCCL years who proved useful throughout her career – legal journalists, including Marcel Berlins, Frances Gibb and Joshua Rozenberg. Berlins has worked for the Times, the Guardian and Radio 4. Frances Gibb has worked for the Times. Joshua Rozenberg has worked for the BBC, Radio 4, the Telegraph, the Evening Standard, the Guardian and the Law Society Gazette. Rozenberg is married to Melanie Phillips who’s a regular on Radio 4’s Moral Maze where she can be heard getting very angry about hypothetical things that don’t actually matter.

            So that’s why Radio 4 Woman’s Hour is completely obsessed with Harriet and her function as a Role Model for Women and seems to interview her on a weekly basis.

            At the NCCL Harriet got to know Marie Patterson, the TGWU National Women’s Officer. Harriet instructed the barrister Stephen Sedley to represent the women TGWU members against their own union. The TGWU were mightily pissed off, but as seems to be the case with people around Harriet, those on her side did very well in the long run. Marie Patterson became President of the TUC and bagged a place on the Equal Opportunities Commission – latterly she ended up on the Board of Remploy (which was destroyed by the Labour Gov’t in the name of liberating the service users, most of whom never worked again once they lost their jobs with Remploy) and on the Council of the LSE. Sedley, who practised with Michael Mansfield, is now Sir Stephen Sedley – he became a High Court judge and a judge in the Court of Appeal. His wife Ann (who was also involved with NCCL) co-authored a volume with Melissa Benn. Sedley worked with Michael Seifert – who is also a Vice-President with the Haldane Society of Hypocritical Lawyers – a communist who has represented the NUM and Scargill as well as the print workers at Wapping. Seifert also advised Ken Gill, Ken Livingstone and the Socialist Workers Party. He was the Director of North Kensington Law Centre, 2001-14. Seifert didn’t think to bring Grenfell Tower to public attention then. He acted as Harriet’s own solicitor when she was prosecuted for contempt of Court. Seifert trained with Lord Arnold Goodman. The most minor player in the TGWU case was the woman who had originally written to the NCCL because she was pissed off with the TGWU not supporting her to the degree that she expected, Brenda Clarke. Brenda then became a Councillor on Birmingham City Council. Kids in the care of that Council were abused and neglected and sent to north Wales where they were received by the paedophile gang – so Brenda didn’t write another letter to the NCCL about that. Or perhaps she did but the NCCL weren’t quite as helpful as they’d been where taking on the TGWU was concerned.

            Regarding Harriet getting done for contempt of Court. This arose as a result of Harriet challenging Control Units in prisons whilst Roy Jenkins was Home Secretary. Harriet allowed Guardian journalist David Leigh to see some of her notes that she knew could not be published by order of the Court. David Leigh of course then published them. Michael Havers the Attorney General was most unhappy and launched a case against Harriet for contempt of Court and instigated disciplinary proceedings to have her struck off. She appealed, but lost the appeal – Lord Denning heard the appeal. Harriet even manages to misquote Lord Denning in her book. The quote that you were thinking of Harriet is ‘Be ye ever so mighty, the law is above ye’. Except if you are concealing child abuse by public figures of course. Or if you are Harriet – after losing her appeal, Harriet went to what is now called the Supreme Court, lost again and then went to the European Court of Human Rights. The case was eventually heard in June 1986, by which time Harriet was an MP – she won that case. She then used her position as an MP to have the law changed. What a pity that Harriet didn’t put this sort of effort into trying to find out what and who was at the bottom of the Maudsley’s framing of one of their patients for a serious offence.

          1. Richard, I really do recommend that you read Harriet’s book, ‘A Woman’s Work’ – it’s just £10 for the kindle version, so although it still involves giving Harriet a bit of money, it’s not a huge amount. The book is one long roll call of her mates and the all the people who did her favours as she climbed up the greasy pole – what a motley crowd they are. I have named a few already, but here are a few more:

            Two families from south London, the Kennedys and the Wentworths. The son of the Kennedy’s, Roy, rocketed up through the Labour Party once Harriet became an MP and ended up as a Labour peer. Roy’s wife Alicia is a Labour peer as well. The Wentworth’s son, John, urged everyone to support Harriet – he ended up as the headmaster of a school in Lambeth.

            Francine Bates, Chief Exec of the Lullaby Trust. Former special advisor to Ed Balls. Now hob nobs with peers, BLISS, SANDS, Tommy’s, NSPCC and NCB.

            Margaret Prosser. She’s in the Lords now too, although she began life as a trade unionist. Her autobiography has a foreword by Blair himself.

            Vicky Nash and Mary Ellery – both became Mayors of Southwark after stuffing envelopes for Harriet.

            Glenys Thornton. Another one who ended up in the Lords after a career in the Third sector concerning ‘inequalities’.

            Anna Healey – married to Jon Cruddas. Anna’s bagged a peerage.

            Estelle Morris. She was at least honest enough to admit that she couldn’t do the job of Education Secretary and stepped down among much derision. In 2005 she succeeded Helena Kennedy as President of the National Children’s Bureau (NCB)…

            Helen Jackson, former Labour MP for Sheffield Hillsborough. Her brother is former Labour MP Christopher Price (Birmingham Perry Bar 1966-70; Lewisham West 1974-83).

            Bridget Prentice, Labour MP for Lewisham East 1992-2010. Worked in Lord Chancellor’s Dept and in Dept of Constitutional Affairs.

            Ann Campbell. PPS to Patricia Hewitt, but resigned in 2003.

            Yvette Cooper. Special advisor to Harriet, then she was Parliamentary Under-Sec of State in Dept of Health in 1999. MP for Pontefract and Castleford – not a million miles away from the child sexual abuse hotspot…

            Ross Cranston, MP for Dudley North 1997-05. Was Solicitor General but was sacked to make way for Harriet. Was appointed a High Court judge very quickly after leaving politics. He’s now a Professor of Law. I can’t help suspecting that Ross might be able to tell us all a few interesting things…

            Margaret Moran, former Leader of Lewisham Council. Later became MP for Lewisham South but ended up utterly disgraced after fraudulently claiming expenses. Yet another person who had an interest in women’s issues, child protection and housing.

            Mike Foster, MP for Worcester 1997-2010. PPS to Margaret Hodge.

            Lise-Anne Boissiere – civil servant. At one point was Head of Strategy for Communities and Local Government.

            Jan Royall. In the Lords. Of course she is – she was special advisor to Neil Kinnock in the 80s and remained mates with him. Like Kinnock she joined the gravy train and became Head of the European Commission Office in Wales.

            Caroline Flint. Dear old Caroline! Who complained that Gordon Brown treated women like ‘window dressing’ – days after she featured in a fashion shoot in the lay press and said that she didn’t mind being known as the Minister for Short Skirts. Caroline has spent her whole career in the depths of the shithouse: she worked for ILEA 1984-87, Lambeth Council 1989-93, for the Home Office in 2003 and for the Dept of Health in 2005. In 2007 she became the Minister for Yorkshire and Humber. Caroline was named and shamed in the expenses scandal – she was due to speak at Bangor University a few days later but cancelled without giving a reason, which was a great shame because I was hoping to ask her a few questions.

            Fiona MacTaggart. Fiona’s dad was a millionaire and she attended Cheltenham Ladies College. Between 1987-92 she was a primary school teacher in Peckham. She was Press and PR Officer for NCVO and Leader of the Labour Group on Wandsworth Council 1988-90. Between 1992-97 Fiona was Chair of Liberty. Fiona is a campaigner against prostitution and has publicly compared men who use prostitutes with child abusers. She made up statistics regarding the % of women who are trafficked into prostitution. A lot of people became very cross about Fiona’s unique style of campaigning. I’m just wondering how, when she was the Labour group leader of Wandsworth Council, she managed to miss some very real trafficking of people into prostitution being facilitated by St Georges and Springfield Hospitals which were just down the road. Or the Professor of Paediatrics there who was jailed for possessing enormous quantities of child porn.

            A key supporter of Harriet seems to have been Neil Kinnock. Whose daughter Rachel later became a member of Ed Milliband’s inner-circle. Ed did of course work for Harriet himself – he seems to have done Harriet’s job for her, because she very obviously couldn’t do it herself.

            Harriet’s book is a terrifying insight into both the courts of Kinnock and Blair. Vacuous idiots who turned a blind eye to terrible things whilst proclaiming their commitment to ‘equalities’ in order to bag a place in the Lords. Harriet’s high spot was Barbara Follett telling her and all the other wimmin to wear ‘coloured jackets’ and ‘smart high heels’ because they couldn’t be trusted to choose their own clothes. No wonder Blair was able to persuade these gullible twerps to be photographed in a huddle around him in the famous ‘Blair’s babes gathered around the Master’ photo shoot. Never mind selecting female candidates with a grasp of economic or social policy, just choose a bunch of dimwits who can be told what sort of jackets to wear. I know the jackets don’t really matter and I wouldn’t really mind, but whilst the wimmin concerned themselves with coloured jackets, the state wiped out vulnerable people and the child protection service turned into one big trafficking organisation.

            Never mind, Harriet got to go to the G20 dinner. She was cross because Gordon didn’t invite her to the Big Wigs gathering, she had to join the ‘wives of the G20 leaders’ dinner. She discussed a new diet with them (honestly, she did – read the book…).

  30. Nicholas Lyell old boy of Stowe. Like Henniker, Hayman, Leonard Cheshire and McAlpine.

    Ileac crest bruising on the body of volunteer Matron Mary McGill reported drowned in Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire lake 22.1.72. How did that occur ? Did something happen when she was alone with Leonard Cheshire in the final 19 hours of her life. Not considered at inquest 1972 because Saint Leonard Cheshire didn’t tell inquest. Perjury.

    But in 1992 Nicholas Lyell decided a new inquest would not be in the public interest. Sue Ryder asked East Anglian press to leave the subject and prepare obits for Saint Leonard. Phil Wisdom an East Anglian Daily Times journo was astonished to find that Leonard Cheshire’s prognosis was for four more years. But he was recruited into Home Office subject of OSA. And Saint Len died of a heart attack (Not motor neuron) right on Saint Suzy Ryder schedule.

    Suffolk Chief constable had been informed of the situation before Saint Len tumbled off the twig.

    But he soon had other things on his mind. Islington child safeguarding had contacted their Suffolk colleagues about Peter Righton moving to Henniker Estate Suffolk. And Suffolk safeguarding accompanied Chief constable on a visit to Stowe Old Boy Henniker.

    Of course his nibs the Chief constable knew that in 1990 and 1991 Sir John Stradling Thomas MP had written to Patrick Mayhew AG and Earl Ferrers police minister about Sir Keith Josephs DHSS ministerial covers up of Suffolk care deaths. Beeches Ixworth (Islington child care deaths which we now know to be 43 deaths 1954 to 1972 .. and 4 deaths 1972 at Saint Sue and Saint Len seedy country boarding house posing as a care home.

    But for his death 1991 at his Dolphin Square Home Sir John would have raised parliamentary ombudsman inquiry into handling of his correspondence to Mayhew. That would have meant that Mayhew office would have been under Ombudsman inquiry concerning the time fiat was granted to prosecute you Sally.

    The current issue I have reported to IICSA (who have recorded it into evidence) is that it is clear Suffolk Chief constable concealed material facts from Suffolk and Islington safeguarding in 1992. Later Suffolk Police also concealed the implications of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP death at DOLPHIN SQUARE 1991 from Ops CAYACOS and MIDLAND.

    As you know Margaret Hodge jumped ship as Islington leader 1992. Embarrassingly (for Suffolk Plod) Hodge’s successor at Islington was Cllr Sawyer the business partner of abuser Derek Slade in St Georges School Finborough Suffolk. Righton co-authored with his PIE Pal Dr Morris Fraser. Bit this was not the only KINCORA connection Chief constable in 92 was closed mouth about. Hadn’t HENNIKER flagged years before as suspect for arming TARA via his associates McKEAGUE and McGRATH of KINCORA ?

  31. Sally would you know of a North Wales ACPO ranked officer 1990s who in 1982 was a Supt in Suffolk Police probably “Head of Support Services”.

    1. No, the only knowledge I ever had of police from other forces with connections to North Wales were the corrupt officers from the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad who framed a man from Caernarfon for robbery and some officers that I met in London when the north Wales mental health services tried to frame me when I was living down there. One of the officers in London was boasting of how he was stationed in North Wales previously and he used to beat up local lads and chuck them in Llyn Ogwen, but if the corrupt magistrate Jeff – who was landlord of the Douglas Hotel in Bethesda – was on the bench, the young men whom he’d roughed up would always be found guilty of assaulting the police. I pricked my ears up at this because a number of young men were found dead in that lake supposedly after ‘going swimming after visiting the pubs in Bethesda’. Local lads never went swimming in that lake – it’s miles away from Bethesda and there’s no buses up there. The only people who did the swimming in LLyn Ogwen bit were the climbers who liked to put on a macho display.

      By the way, there’s been a report on Welsh news that one of the paedophile gang has been arrested and charged with numerous historical offences against boys in his care. He was living in Malta but they’ve extradited him. Guess what – he’s got bail though. Unbelievable isn’t it.

      1. As it happens Tony Coe, the Suffolk Chief constable who visited Lord Henniker 1992, seems up to May 1989 to have been an ACPO rank in Kent. By the time he left Kent the ACPOs there had decided to nil action security warnings against Deal Royal Marines Barracks. Barely had Coe warmed his chair in Suffolk when the treachery in Kent came home to roost 22.9.89 when a terrorist bomb killed 11 Royal Marines at Deal Barracks.

        I reckon in 1991/92 Mr Coe recognised my name as the ex Suffolk Pc who raised GLADIO, sabotage and historical Suffolk and Gwent deaths cases via Sir John Stradling Thomas MP. Who died at his DOLPHIN SQUARE Home 1991.

        In Nov 1990 the EU called on member states to dismantle GLADIO. UK did not comply. But imagine if it had complied. Inquiry in public into HENNIKER and arming of TARA via KINCORA association. Inquiry into the founders of GLADIO NEAVE and SPORBORG founding trustees Sue Ryder Homes. Inquiry into the MI5/Special Branch liaison monitor spying on and making the Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire charities an unlawful police no go area. Inquiry into joint GLADIO and SBS anti Soviet exercises allegedly based in Deal Barracks 1989. (The barracks was terrorist bombed the day THATCHER was in Moscow discussing German re-unification) Inquiry into the GLADIO related omissions in Admiralty Board Report to Govt re Deal Barracks Bombing. eg Jean Bultot and Brabant killings and his claim the killings were to protect the Belgian “Pink ballets” paedo ring. And the home grown paedo allegations about alleged abuse of Royal Marines band recruits at Earls Court and Deal.

        So when Coe went to visit Henniker in 92 look at how much he knew and kept schtum about. He knew Leonard Cheshire was not classified as terminal when he died Aug 92 on Sue Ryder schedule. He knew the implications of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP death at Dolphin Square 1991. He knew the ex Welsh RCS Dc, who investigated Cheshire and Ryder Homes 1971 72, was being threatened by Gwent SB. He knew the ex RCS man had been document burgled 1992. He knew Tam Dalyell MP was interested in my findings at Plessey Torpedoes Gwent re the sinking of Belgrano. He knew I was in touch with Rob Green ex RN Intelligence about the unreliable torpedoes and SB suspicions of GLADIO saboteurs in the torpedo factory. He knew Rob Green was helping me in the Matron Mary McGill Decd case (Sue Ryder HQ Suffolk Jan 1972 ) And pound to a penny he knew I had written to Kent Chief constable, after speaking with Rob about GLADIO, re their failure to protect the Royal Marines at Deal.

        What Coe did was to conceal the relevant parts of what he knew (Beeches child deaths concerns linked to the Sue Ryder HQ deaths concerns) from Suffolk and Islington safeguarding and from Ulster safeguarding re KINCORA. He knew that the “IRA asset in Suffolk acquiring information of use to Soviet” I thought significant in the Sue Ryder HQ deaths of 1972. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the route to IRA asset interest in Ryder HQ was a loop from Michael O Halloran MP Islington ?? And if Barbara Castle was not initiator of the Commons questioning of 1972 of DHSS minister Keith Joseph re Beeches and Sue Ryder deaths Suffolk.

        What is clear, it seems to me, is that Chief constable Coe lied to Suffolk and Islington safeguarding 1992. And that Suffolk Police concealed this and its implications from Ops Hydrant, Cayacos and Midland.

        1. http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/written_answers/1971/may/25/mental-illness-research#S5CV0818P0_19710525_CWA_197

          So O Halloran MP Islington was asking about mentally handicapped children in 1971 without reference to Beeches. Then from Dec 71 to April 72 3 cerebral palsy children in Hackney and Islington care died at Beeches Ixworth. mmmm

          If you take the back to handicapped children option you get the list of advisers which includes “National Childrens Bureau” (oh oh) and some of your Welsh muckers.

  32. I notice you say “tried to frame me” Sally,l your lucky they did frame me. Police refused to investigate embezzlement and theft by the bankrupt who I threatened to kill when I was suicidal ….instead I was immediately remanded at Altcourse Prison and two months later, hours before a court hearing, told my solicitor there had been a multi agency meeting (a complete conflict of interests) that had agreed to vigorously oppose any application for bail. So we didn’t bother.
    The reasons for remand had been changed from my safety to that of “witnesses”. I was unable to obtain witnesses or references and effectively coerced me in to a plea bargain. My solicitor, family and friends just wanted me out …..What a huge mistake. Five months on remand plus one extra month on the same wing ( Remand wings are always the toughest). Six of the twelve month sentence was then spent on licence resulting in probation attendance every week making it impossible to work else where in the country or abroad as I normally did.
    The licence required me to accept mental health treatment and prohibited me from approaching Belmont house in Wrexham and three people. One of whom was the fraudulent bankrupt who swindled £5500 from me! I was initially banned from mental health services. When my probation officer told me contact Dr Singh. When I did so this was used as an excuse for Christopher Pearson, WCBC head of Adult Mental Health services to call a multi agency meeting because I had “breeched my release licence” very conveniently two weeks before my licence was due to end in February 2011, effectively attempting to put me back in prison for six months. This meeting took place regardless of probation saying it was not a breech of licence. I had no representation at this meeting my PO was off sick so another PO attended who didn’t know my case. These shit bags hadn’t finished with their hysterical lies. A month after I received a letter from a BCUHB adult mental health service manager, saying I was prohibited (by release licence)from attending Grosvenor Road Wrexham ..the CMHT building on the other side of town !!!! I corrected him on this which he agreed with ..having sent a copy of the release licence how could he not !!! It was irrelevant because he said I wasn’t to go there anyway and if I did the Police would be called.

    So these professionally qualified shit bags obviously can’t read! What’s even more frightening is the fact that if I had visited Wrexham CMHT at Grosvenor Road ( as the Court expected and required me to on the release licence) I would I been arrested and in all probability put back in prison. They only stipulated this when my release licence had expired ….basically entrapment. From February 2010 when I was remanded they refused an ASD assessment requested by an independent private medical professional until October 2012. An ADHD assessment was mysteriously cancelled even though a second appointment was sent out for March 2010. The private Aspergers/ADHD diagnosis, in July 2011, by a leading international specialist was ignored and later refuted. Very odd when he is listed in the bibliography of the Welsh Autism Strategy research publication.

    If these comical contradictions constitute the rational conclusion of these pernicious prats, masquerading as senior medical professionals and managers its time mental health services were disbanded and they retuned to primary school ??? Maybe evil is a simpler description.

  33. Ennobled as a life peer with the title Baron Haskins, of Skidby, in the County of the East Riding of Yorkshire, on 25 July 1998.
    He now is the chair of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership & non-executive Director of JSR Farms Ltd.

    Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Councillor Stephen Parnaby OBE said: ‘The appointment of Lord Haskins is tremendous for the Humber LEP. It raises the profile immediately, and with his connections, enthusiasm and ability, can lead the Humber to be a real force nationally”


  34. These sort of “misunderstandings” and falsifications are completely acceptable if done by senior management consensus but not so if you are a private care provider or employee further down the food chain.
    Check out https://socialcare.wales/hearings
    Rather than relying on hearsay and balance of probabilities I can fully corroborate what I say but when did the truth matter when pursing justice and the best interests of a service user !!!!!!!

  35. Free & Fearless have put together a who’s who list of important figures and names that are vital to the child sex abuse scandal and paedophile ring/network that is operating in and outside of Westminster.

    Should you feel we have missed any key people from this list, please send an email to newsdesk@freeandfearless.org.uk, along with your evidence of why you believe that person should be included in our list.

    1. Thanks for posting this Concerned. Someone e mailed me the list yesterday – there are some familiar names on there. My blog has named many more accessories – people who will never face trial but who built careers upon concealing it all…

  36. https://www.freeandfearless.org.uk/2017/09/10/whos-who-child-sex-abuse/

    This article would not have been possible without the help from former Scallywag Magazine Founder the late Simon Regan and Andrea Davison. Much of this piece is their own work, just re-edited and made suitable for web content as opposed to print.

    This article is also dedicated to Co-Founder of Scallywag Magazine, the late Angus James, who we believe gave his life trying to expose child sex abuse through his bold, fearless, journalism.

    Free & Fearless remain dedicated to covering child abuse cases. If you have any information you’d like to share with the team, please email newsdesk@freeandfearless.org.uk.

  37. More connections between members of the shithouse:

    David Stafford-Clark – a Top Doctor who’s book ‘Psychiatry for Students’ discussed learning disabled people in such offensive terms that by 1990 medical school libraries were attaching warning notices to copies of that book – established himself as a radio and TV doctor in the 50s and 60s. His media career was launched by that member of the shithouse with strong north Wales links, Huw Wheldon. Stafford-Clark was a leading light at the Maudsley when Dafydd Alun Jones ‘trained’ there.

    Stafford-Clark died in 1999 and his obituary, written by his son Nigel, explained how Stafford-Clark had single handedly humanised psychiatry and thAt because of him psychiatric patients were no longer stigmatized or mistreated.

    Nigel Stafford-Clark works in TV and film. His brother Max is the well-known theatre director.

    Little wonder that we never hear the truth about UK psychiatry – even when it has been concealing a paedophile gang.

  38. A possible member of the shithouse:

    Andreas Whittam Smith, founder and editor of the Independent, 1986-93. Whittam Smith is not your usual newspaper editor, not a boozy swearing bullying type. However in 1997 he wrote an article praising R.D. Laing and revealing that he was involved in an organisation following Laing and promoting his ideas. Now a lot of people don’t know what Laing and some of his colleagues actually DID to their patients – but I suspect that Whittam Smith will have been in a position to have heard the rumours. All traces of Whittam Smith’s article have disappeared from the internet.

    Whittam Smith’s father was a clergyman in the Diocese of Chester and Whittam Smith grew up in Cheshire. Whittam Smith was First Church Estates Commissioner, 2002-June 2017. He was Chairman of the Church Commissioners Assets Committee, a member of the General Synod of the C of E and of the Archbishops Council.

    A definite member of the shithouse:

    Stephen Hillcoat, former Whitehall mandarin. Hillcoat joined the Wales Office in 2010 as Principal Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Wales. So Hillcoat worked for David Jones during the planning of the cover-up that was the Macur Review. When Stephen Crabb replaced David Jones, Hillcoat was replaced as well. In June 2015 Hillcoat opted for redundancy and received a pay-off of 133k. His Linked In profile tells us that he is currently ‘investing in a property in Turkey’.

  39. Just has to be a member of the shithouse:

    Baroness Anita Gale. Anita Gale was given a peerage by Blair in 1999 and I’d love to know why. She is or was a Whip in the Lords. Between 1976-99 she worked for the Labour Party, first as Women’s Officer for Wales and then as the General Secretary of the Welsh Labour Party. Her only claim to fame since retirement in 1999 has been that she is President of Treherbert and District British Legion. At one point she had the biggest expenses claim of any peer.

    In Oct 2004 Wales Online reported an almighty row over Anita Gale’s lack of activity. Pauline Jarman, the Plaid opposition leader on Rhondda Cynon Taff Council, stated that in her five years as leader she could not recall one letter from Gale regarding any matter concerning the area. Gale didn’t deny it, she simply responded by saying that as a Peer, such matters were not her concern.

    Anita Gale was recently featured on BBC News Wales when it was announced that she is to be the Deputy Leader of Welsh Labour. I do hope that she has time to fit it in around her hectic work schedule of leading the Treherbert British Legion.

  40. At the weekend, Sir Trevor McDonald broadcast a charity appeal on Radio 4. His chosen charity was the Maytree Respite Centre, London. Sir Trevor explained that the Maytree offers short term care to the suicidal. I looked up the Maytree and noted that a number of it’s staff are former employees of the mental health services, which do tend to let down suicidal people rather badly. I then looked up the Trustees and Patrons of the Maytree and what a laugh I had. They are nearly all members of arms of the shithouse.


    Professor Michael Crawford. Trained at the Royal Free, the Maudsley and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. A Prof at Imperial College. Director of the Centre of Quality Improvement at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

    Heather Wignall. Former senior manager in the NHS, then HE Director for Save the Children. Psychotherapist and counsellor.

    Lisa Aubrey. Fundraiser for Cancer Research UK.

    Peter Hale. Former Treasurer of London branch of the Samaritans.


    Professor Keith Hawton. Prof of Psychiatry and Director of Centre of Suicide Research at Oxford University; Consultant Psychiatrist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

    Alastair Campbell. Anyone remember Dr David Kelly?

    Simon Armson. Chief Exec of Samaritans for 15 yrs. Worked as Mental Health Act Manager at Broadmoor.
    Chair of Mental Health Act Commission 2008-09. Member of Independent Advisory Panel to Ministerial Council on Deaths in Custody 2008-14.

    So having fouled up so badly in their day jobs, this lot have taken a leaf out of the book of Alys Cole-King, Catherine Robinson and Mark Williams and are now offering their services to the suicidal. Does Trevor McDonald know of their track records – apart from that of Alastair Campbell whose track record he must know of, he spent several years telling us all about it on News at Ten.

  41. More candidates for the shithouse – ‘they must have known something’:

    Clive Soley. Probation officer for inner London Probation Service, 1970-79. Councillor, Hammersmith Council, 1974-78. Labour MP for Hammersmith North from 1979, then for Ealing, Acton and Shepherds Bush, 1997-05. Hammersmith Hospital and Wormwood Scrubs were on his patch… Clive is now in the Lords.

    Jackie Ashley, journalist, married to Andrew Marr. Jackie has worked for the New Statesman, the Guardian, BBC, ITN and Channel 4.

    Rita Stringfellow. A background in ‘teaching and social work’. For many years Council leader for North Tyneside. There has recently been a major scandal concerning the sexual exploitation of girls in Tyneside. Rita became the lead spokesperson for Social Affairs and Health for the Local Government Association. She is now active in the voluntary sector and is Chair of the Family Rights Group. She has been a Director of the Swanswell Charitable Trust, the Daycare Trust, Relate Northumberland and Tyneside, New Local Government Network, Childcare Enterprises Ltd, NCB (National Children’s Bureau).

    Karen Buck. Labour MP for Regents Park and Kingston North, then for Westminster North. From 1979 worked as Research and Development Worker with Outset, a disabled people’s charity. Worked for Hackney Borough Council as Disability Officer from 1983, Public Health Officer from 1986, as Health Directorate Researcher from 1987, as Campaign Strategy Coordinator from 1992. Councillor, City of Westminster, 1990-97.

  42. They definitely knew something:

    Jean Corston. MP for Bristol East 1992-05. Also a barrister. Responsible for the 2007 Corston Report into vulnerable women in the criminal justice system. Jean is now a peer. Jean Corston was married to the sociologist Peter Townsend, co-founder of the Child Poverty Action Group in 1965, Chaired it for 20 yrs, was life President from 1989. Co-founded Disability Alliance and Chaired that for 25 yrs. In the 1960s Townsend was a member of the Council for Training in Social Work’s Research Committee, which was Chaired by Charles Morrison, Peter Morrison’s brother.

    Angela Eagle. Worked for NHS union COHSE in the mid to late 1980s and as the Secretary for the Constituency Labour Party in Peckham, 1989-91. Elected as MP for Wallasey in 1992, amid allegations that a local candidate was excluded during the selection.

    Alan Howarth. A friend of Margaret Hodge. MP for Newport East, 1983-2005. Howarth was originally a hard line Tory and a founder of the No Turning Back group. He worked for Conservative Central Office under Willie Whitelaw, was Director of Conservative Research Office and Conservative Party Vice-Chair. Howarth defected from the Tories in 1995 and was selected for a safe Labour seat. In 2005 Howarth was given a peerage. His partner, Patricia Hollis, is also in the Lords but I can’t work out why – the only thing that she had done of note is writing a biography of Jenny Lee. She was formerly a Councillor for Norwich City Council and was given a peerage in 1990. She is, or has been, Deputy Lieutenant for Norfolk. She and Alan live next door to each other but both claimed expenses from the Lords.

    Anne Longfield. Chief Exec of 4Children. ‘Worked in the field of children and family policy for 25 yrs.’ ‘A leading figure in the field.’ Anne set up the Childcare Commission with dear old Harriet. She is now sitting on the Family Commission, along with Esther, Boris’s sister Rachel Johnson and Yvonne Roberts, an Observer journo who’s also a mate of Harriet.

    Clare Dyer is another journo mate of Harriet’s – Clare is the former legal editor of the Guardian and was so trusted by Harriet that whilst there were demands for Harriet’s head on a plate when she was at the DSS, Clare was the only journo whom Harriet would speak to. Among Clare’s past offerings was an article explaining why Elizabeth Butler-Slows was the right choice to lead the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and a sympathetic portrait of Professor David Southall.

  43. A leading figure of the shithouse:

    Trevor Phillips, Head of the Commission for Racial Equality from 2003, then Chair of the EHCR, 2006-2012. Phillips was President of the NUS in 1978 when the NUS was quite mad. He is mates with Blair but only joined the Labour Party relatively late in 1996.

    Philips is also mates with Mandelson – they worked at LWT together many years ago. The LWT that was established and led by Marjorie Wallace’s husband…

    I have taken it for granted that Mandy himself is a member of the shithouse of the highest order. It is well-known that there was a media black-out ordered by Mandy regarding him being gay – Mandy was mates with John Birt at the BBC and was a former LWT man himself. Matthew Parris was the only person who had the guts to ignore Mandy’s dictat and Mandy got very nasty.

    Mandy was formerly a Lambeth Councillor. He stepped down, but not because Lambeth’s children’s homes were infested with paedophiles. Neither did he ever use his substantial influence to publicise this or put a stop to it.

  44. A collective member of the shithouse:

    The union Unite. Len – their leader – is currently making a lot of noise about lifting the public sector pay cap. Theresa is beginning to relent – so now the prison officers and police have got higher pay. But because there’s no more dosh in the system, other people will be made redundant to pay for it. Police and prison officers are not badly paid. Call this radical Len? We’re still hearing a lot about the Angels as well. What no-one has dared do is arrive on a news slot with details of the Angels pay scales – because the Angels really are not that badly paid and once Angels reach the level of senior Angel on the ward, they earn well above the UK average. 40K or thereabouts. Not too bad really.

    The Guardian profiled the ‘mental health lead’ for Unite yesterday, a David Munday. David wants to see a Secretary of State for Mental Health. Presumably so they can then hide the shit at the highest level. David boasts of how many mental health nurses and health care staff Unite represents. That’s right David, Unite represented a number of those people who abused me and others and perjured themselves in an attempt to imprison us. When we complained Unite gave them free legal advice – none of them were ever disciplined and they remained in their jobs to abuse more patients. Thanks to Unite, they were untouchable.

    It is significant that most of David’s comments in the Guardian were concerned with the pay of his members, his ‘support’ of them and the levels of ‘stress’ that some of them endure – so Unite are training mental health professionals for their members! Why don’t you just buy them Bupa cover Dave?

    Dave knows exactly how shite the ‘care’ that mental health patients receive is and how badly they are routinely treated by healthcare professionals. David’s sister is a GP and he spent his career as an Angel in Manchester before he began working for Unite. Manchester had some of the worst mental healthcare in the UK, it was the centre of a number of scandals.

    One of the witnesses to the north Wales child abuse scandal died whilst in the ‘care’ of the Manchester mental health services. She became suicidal and was prescribed highly toxic anti-depressants. She took an overdose and nearly died. Her mum and her boyfriend expressed concern to her psychiatrist that she would do it again. He gave her another prescription for the same drugs with no other form of aftercare. She killed herself a few months later.

    David previously worked in Tameside. Read the Waterhouse Report – the paedophile gang in north Wales had links in Tameside.

    David cannot absolve himself of responsibility for Unite’s support of abusive staff – he’s worked for Unite since 2007. Ten yrs David. And the abuse of patients hasn’t stopped. And now you want more money. David points to the drop in numbers of mental health nurses – yes, I keep telling everyone, the good ones are leaving because they will not work alongside abusive staff. The abusers never leave because Unite ensures that they are never dismissed.

    The MP for Hornesy and Wood Green 1992-05, Barbara Roche, was supported by Unite. Barbara is a barrister. She was a big chum of Blair’s and was Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration 1999-01. It was Barbara who was responsible for the huge influx of migrants into the UK. She then worked in the Cabinet Office 2001-02 and then in the Office of the Deputy PM, 2002-03.

    So why did the Workers Friend support a barrister who was right behind Blair?

    I notice that Barbara ‘s maiden name was Margolis. So she is a legal professional who married someone called Roche. Lawyers often marry other lawyers. The corrupt judge at Chester Crown Court who offered the paedophiles’ friends time to rewrite their statements when it became obvious that they had perjured themselves when they demanded that I should be imprisoned was Justice Roche. That attempt to imprison me was made in 1990. Just as Unite was supporting Barbara in her search for a safe seat.

    1. A member of the shithouse, who probably has joined the shithouse for fear of what will happen if he doesn’t sign up:

      Patrick Cockburn, journalist. Patrick Cockburn’s son Henry was diagnosed with schizophrenia many years ago. Henry has had a very, very bad time and has spent most of his life since his diagnosis in hospitals, frequently in secure units. Patrick Cockburn has written an article in the Indie online today maintaining that the UK psychiatric system isn’t ‘broken’ but it is ‘patchy’. Patrick, the UK psychiatric system is beyond broken, it is fucking lethal and you know it. Patrick’s Indie article today mentions that he’s never challenged psychiatrists, because it is necessary to keep them ‘onside’ as his son has a lifelong illness. This is actually quite a common reaction – if we complain it’ll get worse. Yes, it probably will, they’re a vindictive bunch psychiatrists. But it’s pretty obvious from what Patrick Cockburn and Henry have written so far – and they have written quite a bit – that Henry has really not been cared for very well at all. At one hospital in Canterbury Henry was punched in the face – in the same hospital patients had to spend all day in the day room and were not allowed into their bedrooms because two patients had hung themselves. This sounds like a broken system to me. Henry has escaped from hospitals dozens of times. So they’re not observing him very well then. Patrick complains that Henry spent months spitting out his medication (that will probably be because it makes him feel bloody awful) and presumes that this is because nurses are loathe to get heavy with patients – he attributes the number of times that Henry has escaped to the same syndrome. It is far more likely that the staff simply don’t give a stuff. Henry himself talks about friends that he has made in hospital killing themselves – in hospital – and about patients being ‘restrained’ by numerous nurses whilst doctors peer through doors at a safe distance and about being kept in ‘seclusion’ – which Henry admits is a cell with a bog in it – for months at a time. Henry has never been violent.

      For Christ’s sake Patrick, tell it like it is. The system is dreadful and your son does not sound as though he has been cared for very well at all. Your toadying to the Top Doctors has not resulted in him being treated respectfully or humanely. You admit that he is still psychotic. Yet he has been in the hands of the psychiatrists who told you that they knew how to ‘treat’ schizophrenia for years now. I’m not underestimating the distress that he is in or the difficulties that this distress has caused – but Henry does not deserve to be treated like this.

      Patrick Cockburn is a very well-known war journalist who has many close relatives who are also journalists. His wife, Henry’s mother, is a professor. His niece is Stephanie Flanders the economist. If a man in his position with this network does not feel able to honest about the brutality and neglect that pervades the mental health system, that simply reflects just how bad the situation is.

      Henry is now in a Cygnet hospital. The Medical Director of Cygnet is Robert Kehoe, one of the ‘expert witnesses’ who lied about me.

      1. I have received an e mail from someone who has knowledge of workplace bullying and misconduct in MIND Cymru. I have been given the details and names of the people involved but my correspondent fears a victim being identified if they tell the full story on this blog. They have asked me to place the following statement on my blog:

        A good friend of mine walked out of MIND Cymru and told me that there have been allegations of bullying and staff and poor management practice with several members of it’s small team leaving in the last 12 months alone – some of whom have cited bullying and poor management practice. One member of staff there had been telling her colleagues that one former member of staff had taken their concerns to Health Minister Vaughan Gething. The Welsh Gov’t funds MIND Cymru and this includes promoting workplace well-being and good mental health in the workplace.

  45. The IEA idea for independent uni of Buckingham came from or via John W Paulley Mengele steroid researcher and “Educationalist” of Ipswich Hospital. Small world. Leonard Cheshires aide at Cavendish early 70s was darling of IEA Richard D North.

    1. There seems to have been a number of unsavoury people associated with the University of Buckingham in it’s early days – the controversy over it is not discussed (at least in public) anymore, but it certainly attracts some odd people. About five years ago there was a sexual harassment scandal there I seem to remember, a lecherous old fart of a lecturer making the most appalling comments about young female students.

      1. Paulley liked independence. See Stockwell Centre Colchester. Before that his Ipswich Vocational Training Initiative for GPs. Never accountable. All his Ipswich Hospital patient records destroyed 1998 when there were applications for disclosure to sue him re steroid prescribing and hidden research.

        I would love to know what he was up to at Arkansas USA bio weapons research (?) in WW2. But I think all reference to that part of his RAF medical service has disappeared from net recently ?

        1. ‘Some of the UK’s leading scientists’:

          Sir Mark Walport. Gov’t Chief Scientific Advisor in the UK and Chief Exec Designate of UK Research and Innovation. One hell of an influential man, no-one’s going to fall out with Mark. He was on Radio 4 this morning stressing the importance of giving the best scientific advice and the best interpretation of that advice to politicians. My how I laughed – not because I disagree with him, but because I know how some of Mark Walport’s colleagues have conducted themselves. Walport is the son of a Top Doctor and he did his clinical training at Hammersmith Hospital. Walport later became Head of Medicine at the Hammersmith Campus of Imperial College (this was cited in his nomination for the Royal Society). That’s the Hammersmith which was teaming with the research fraud, bad practice and sexual favours in return for exam passes that I witnessed when I passed through there, as detailed on my blog. Many of those whom I knew and loved are still working there. They’ll have been working for Walport. Oh well their funding will be assured now…

          Another member of the shithouse with a similar name: Professor Lewis Wolpert, the Emeritus Chair of Developmental Biology at UCL. Wolpert is an embryologist but hit the lay press back in the 1990s when he started writing about his experience of severe depression. For those of us who had first hand knowledge of the mental health system, Wolpert’s experiences were a bit of a mystery. He wrote an article (I think it was in the Guardian) in which he explained how he suddenly felt dreadfully suicidal late one night, so his wife rang the doctor and Wolpert was admitted immediately to hospital. Wolpert wrote about the fantastic care that he received and how anti-depressants had saved his life and how people really had to stop questioning drugs like Prozac. This all happened at the height of the bad publicity for SSRIs like Prozac. I do not know ANYONE who received the sort of prompt high quality care that Wolpert did in the face of crushing suicidal depression – people are usually left to fester for a very long time. I always presumed that because of his position at UCL somebody pushed the boat out for him. I also presumed that Wolpert was the sort of ‘we’re all chemicals’ sort of person (I have some sympathy with that position, I believe in the existence of neurochemistry myself) and having found that Prozac worked for him, he was happy to say so.

          But since that article a few other things have happened. In retrospect, Wolpert and his wife said that at first they didn’t tell anyone that Wolpert had depression because of the damage that it could do to his career – but then they decided to ‘fight the stigma’. I don’t know what planet the Wolpert’s live on but it’s clearly a different one from the rest of us. By the 1990s there was no ‘stigma’ attached to depression. Schizophrenia yes, but not depression. It was the most respectable form of mental health problem that one could have. People with other diagnoses would tell people that they had depression because they knew that they wouldn’t receive crap for that. Wolpert then wrote a book about depression, ‘Malignant Sadness: The Anatomy of Depression’. Wolpert became a walking advert for SSRIs and an ‘expert’ one at that. Which was seriously odd because Wolpert’s whole career had been dedicated to studying the development of chick embryos. Which is all well and good and he no doubt knew a great deal about chick embryos – but Wolpert metamorphosed into an expert on mental health and SSRIs pretty quickly and he also received an enormous amount of media coverage. For which the manufacturers of SSRIs must have been most grateful, because some very difficult questions were being asked about SSRIs at that time and some worrying allegations were made that the drug companies manufacturing them had withheld crucial clinical trials data…

          Much more recently poor old Wolpert ended up in the shit. He published a book in 2011 with Faber and Faber and after publication a journalist noticed that chunks of the book had been plagiarised. The book was withdrawn from sale. In 2014 Faber and Faber were about to publish another book of Wolpert’s (called no less ‘Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Man?’) but someone noticed that material in that manuscript had been plagiarised as well. Production of the book was stopped. Wolpert himself stated that during ‘research’ for the books, he had downloaded material from the internet and did not ‘recall’ that he hadn’t written it.

          Wolpert was staunchly defended by Professor Jim Smith, who reminded everyone how distinguished Wolpert was and who blamed Faber and Faber for Wolpert’s plagiarism, saying that he was ‘disappointed’ that the publishers ‘appear not to have provided him with enough support to have prevented mistakes like these’. Jim knows as well as I do that publishers rely on authors not to submit plagiarised work and when one receives a contract from a publisher one signs an agreement to this effect. Publishers do not expect to have to do what university lecturers now do and check submitted work for plagiarism. Furthermore Lewis Wolpert made the same ‘mistake’ twice, several years apart. Could Wolpert have perhaps been making such mistakes throughout his distinguished career? At that time Jim Smith was the Director of the National Institute for Medical Research and before that he was Director of the Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Institute for Cancer and Developmental Biology, later known as the Gurdon Institute. Jim was also Lewis Wolpert’s former PhD student. Jim had carried out his PhD at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, which later became UCL. Jim has gone onto bigger and better things since defending his former supervisor’s plagiarism – he is now Professor of Developmental Biology and Director of Research at the Francis Crick Institute and Deputy CEO and Chief of Strategy at the MRC.

          A lot of people who’ve never worked in science have no idea of the sort of naughtiness that goes on in high places – including politicians who are usually scientifically illiterate anyway and are fed shite by those who are mates of those who are doing naughty things. MRC funding to use MRI scans to demonstrate that mindfulness works and that psychopathy is inherited, incurable and evident by the time that a child is two years old? Come this way oh gullible MPs and give us a few more million…After all, we’re distinguished professors.

          It doesn’t stop when the distinguished ones are caught bang to rights either. Such as Top Doctor Raj Persaud who in 2008 was demonstrated to have plagiarised work repeatedly over many years. Raj resigned from his job as a Top Doctor at the Maudsley and poor old Radio 4 had to get someone to take over the Shrink Spots. However I’m delighted to say that Raj has been fully rehabilitated – I heard a trailer for a programme on Radio 4 featuring Raj the other day.

          Isn’t it comforting to know that some of the leading figures in health research in the UK are routinely conducting themselves in a manner which would result in the removal of an undergrad from their course?

          1. Two members of the shithouse in Wales that had escaped my attention:

            Dawn Bowden and Martin Eaglestone.

            Dawn Bowden is the AM for Methyr. She was featured on a number of Welsh websites sometime ago when she pissed a lot of people off in Methyr by sending out tweets featuring photos of her living it up in Italy in the way in which most of her constituents haven’t got a hope in hell of doing. But I’ve found out rather more about Dawn from the Jac O The North blog. Dawn was selected for Methyr on an all women shortlist (Harriet Harman’s book explains the dirty deal that Harriet and her mates colluded with in order to get all women shortlists passed as policy, even though it led to Labour losing their safest seat in Wales) and many locals viewed the selection process as rigged. Dawn is from Bristol and has a host of different photos of herself with different slogans that she uses, depending upon whether she wants people to think that she’s Welsh or English or indeed who she’s trying to curry favour with. My concern however is Dawn’s career before she was elected – Dawn had spent most of her working life with UINSON – she was their health workers rep! So like David Munday who featured recently on the blog, Dawn is someone whose working life has involved protecting healthcare staff who abuse patients. Dawn is now representing an area in Wales with terrible health outcomes and a Health Board that has seen a few scandals – not that you’ll be hearing a thing about this from Dawn. Dawn’s website contains the slogan ‘Dawn Bowden – Working Hard For Methyr and Rhymney’. When she’s not in Italy. Or ignorning NHS abuses and failures.

            Dawn’s partner – I don’t know if they’re actually married because the man in question was married to someone else for a long time and the domestic situation seems complex – is Martin Eaglestone. Martin Eaglestone spent years trying to get himself elected as Labour MP for Arfon without success and alienated a lot of people in the process. I met Martin Eaglestone once, at a friend’s house when he came around canvassing. He was rather frosty towards me and I just thought that he was bollocks at canvassing. But by that time I had published a few things about the wrongdoing of the north Wales NHS – and I suspect that he knew who I was.

            In 2013 Martin Eaglestone was appointed Welsh Labour’s Policy Officer (some sources state that he is their Press Officer as well). Is this why Carwyn and Vaughan Gething have been embarrassing themselves by remaining in deep denial regarding the atrocious goings on at the Betsi, as death rates rocket, the Board faces bankruptcy and local people beat a path to the door of the Ombudsman’s office or to clinical negligence lawyers?

            Let me make it clear Dawn and Martin – I don’t really care how wedded you are to your careers in protecting abusive NHS staff. Patients in north Wales are dying quite unnecessarily because the local NHS is riddled with people who have been involved in criminal activities – they were also running a PAEDOPHILE RING you fucking idiots. Get off the fence, forget about the holidays in Italy and do the decent thing for once in your lives – speak out about a corrupt, worm-ridden NHS that badly needs cleaning up. And you Eaglestone have no right to even dare THINK about being frosty to me after what I have put up with at the hands of scumbags whom you and the dimwit Dawn have been protecting.

          2. A celebrity member of the shithouse:

            Jo Brand. ‘Ooh she’s so down to earth and she did that hike for the BBC to show that overweight middle aged women could exercise and she’ll say anything to anyone, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she just lights up a fag’.

            Jo Brand is a former psychiatric nurse. When she first became famous back in the 80s she still used to talk about this – she stressed how resilient it made her and how she used to be sworn at by the patients constantly. Yes, she probably was, staff do get sworn at. But it’s often because the patients are treated dreadfully. Jo was a psych nurse in the 70s and 80s. She will have seen some pretty disgusting things happening to patients – but she’s not said a word. She just jokes about being sworn at.

            I found something else out a few months ago – that Jo Brand’s husband still works as a psychiatric nurse. So she can’t even pretend that it was all so long ago that her knowledge is out of date and that she doesn’t know about the chaos and brutality that still reigns. It’s not that Jo is unafraid to talk about distressing matters – her father suffered from very severe depression and I think that he killed himself. She has spoken publicly about that. She just doesn’t mention that little matter of the abuse and neglect of patients that is endemic in the mental health system. Too busy wearing a red nose for Comic Relief obviously – or being a MIND ambassador, I think that Jo is in MIND’s Hall Of Lame, along with Alastair Campbell, Stephen Fry and Melvyn Bragg. Probably Ruby Wax as well. They’re all so brave…not afraid to speak out…talk about anything…nothing taboo…they know what it is to Suffer…but not quite as much as poor old Dr David Kelly – wouldn’t you agree Alastair?

          3. A conundrum in the shithouse:

            It has been revealed that in June, Lord Ian Duncan was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales. This was a well-kept secret in that it wasn’t announced anywhere. Lord Duncan is a Scot who has been involved in politics in Europe and Scotland but he doesn’t seem to have had much to do with Wales – he has not yet visited Wales on any official business. Ian Duncan is openly gay and a patron of LGBT+ Conservative.

            Ian Duncan’s former boss was also gay, famously so. In the late 1990s Duncan was a policy analyst for BP’s political affairs team – so Duncan worked for BP whilst Lord John Browne was Group Chief Exec. From 1997 onwards Browne tried to rebrand BP as a green energy company, but I guess that the Deepwater Horizon explosion put paid to that particular idea. Browne became headline news in 2007 when he resigned from his post at BP and as non-executive director at Goldman Sachs after his appeal to the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords to prevent Associated Newspapers publishing an article about his former partner Jeff Chevalier failed. Jeff Chevalier was a rent boy very much younger than Browne who had met Browne via a commercial gay escort website – there were also allegations that Browne had misused company funds. During his attempt to prevent publication Browne was demonstrated to have perjured himself by lying about the circumstances under which he met Chevalier. Nevertheless Justice Eady was most understanding and did not refer the matter to the Attorney General.

            The article about Jeff Chevalier was certainly interesting – it alleged that he had been a rent boy since he was 17 and that he took up sex work to escape from poverty. Jeff himself claimed that whilst he was John Browne’s partner he met Tony Blair, partied with Elton John and David Furnish and was introduced to members of the Royal Family.

            Despite doing all he could to prevent his sexual orientation becoming public – including trashing the character of his former partner and calling him a liar – John Browne has now metamorphosed into a poster boy for gay businessmen. He wrote a book in 2014 about how being gay assists in business and his wiki page now boasts that Browne was the first openly gay CEO of any Fortune 500 company. He was interviewed by Radio 4 a few weeks ago about the delights of being a gay businessman.

            Until Jan 2015 Browne was the UK Gov’t Lead Non-Executive Director – his remit was to work with Secretaries of State to appoint non-executives to the Board of each Gov’t dept.

            In August 2017 Browne was appointed Chair of the Francis Crick Institute.

            So all that business about the rent boy and the perjury (the alleged misuse of funds was simply ignored from the outset) is behind Browne now.

          4. This member of the shithouse has been mentioned previously, but his upward mobility after his mum and dad helped Harriet get elected as MP for Peckham was so impressive that I thought it was worth detailing:

            Roy Kennedy. Elected as Councillor for Southwark in 1986 – four yrs after Harriet became MP – when he was just 23. Became Deputy Leader of the Council. 1990 – appointed to full time staff of the Labour Party. Organiser for Coventry – was instrumental in defeat of Dave Nellist MP in 1992 election. Nellist was famous for refusing to take the full MP’s salary, only drawing the wage of a manual worker in Coventry, the constituency that he represented. In 1994 Kennedy moved to the east midlands, become regional director of the Labour Party there in 1997-05. So he’ll have known about the activities of a man called Greville Janner then. In 2005 Roy joined the senior management team of the Labour Party.

            Roy was made a life peer in 2010.

            In Sept 2010 Roy left the employ of the Labour Party, but remained a Labour Trustee until April 2011. On 1 Oct 2010 Roy became an electoral commissioner upon the nomination of the Labour Party. He was the first ever Labour Party member to serve in this role. In May 2014 Roy decided to seek election to Lewisham Council. He was replaced as electoral commissioner by Bridget Prentice, the Lewisham MP.

            Lord Roy is married to Lady Alicia, a life peer in her own right, who was also elected to Lewisham Council in 2014.

          5. A long-term friend of Mandelson’s:

            Roger Liddle. Sat on Lambeth Council with Mandy back in the days when Lambeth children’s homes were choc a bloc with paedophiles. Mandy was a Labour Councillor, but Roger was SDP leader on the Council – Roger was a founding member of the SDP in 1981 and remained a member of the SDP’s National Committee until 1986. Roger found his way back to the Labour Party after his flirtation with Dr Death, Shirl et al and in 1992 became Blair’s special advisor on European Matters. In 1996 he co-authored ‘The Blair Revolution’ with Mandy. Liddle has also co-authored with Anthony Giddens.

            In 2010 Roger became a life peer. He is Chair of the think tank Policy Network and Pro-Chancellor of the University of Lancaster. In 2013 he became a Councillor for Cumbria County Council. So Roger will have known about the lethal NHS up there then.

            Roger is married to Caroline Thomson. Lady Caroline formerly worked for the BBC. She began as a trainee journo with them in 1975 and then became a producer on Radio 4’s ‘Analysis’ and on ‘Panorama’. From 1984 she spent over a decade working for the awful Michael Grade at Channel 4. She returned to the BBC, becoming Director of Policy and Legal Affairs in 2000. She was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2006. Caroline was a casualty of the huge BBC punch up over bloated executives and left with a redundancy package of £670,000 in 2012 (her salary in 2011 was £385,000). She narrowly missed out on the Director General’s job – it went to George Entwhistle instead, he who was forced to resign after only being in post a few days after Steve Messham named Lord McAlpine as being one of the men who abused him whilst he was at Bryn Estyn.

            Ever hear about a man called Jimmy Savile during all those years at the BBC then Caroline?

            Caroline may know about a few other things as well. She took a break from her media career at one point and worked as special advisor for Roy Jenkins, who was once Home Secretary. The Home Office knew all about those boys being abused at Bryn Estyn – they used to directly run that ‘home’.

            I received an e mail today telling me that over 4 million quid has now been spent on Operation Pallial. Eight people involved in the abuse of children in north Wales have now been convicted as a result. Perhaps the officers of Operation Pallial should just read my blog. It won’t cost them another 4 million and there’s a lot more than 8 people named. But I won’t expect a tell-all documentary from Caroline – once more it’ll be a case of ‘I Know Nuzzing…’

  46. Sally what charges against you did Patrick Mayhew authorise in 1990 ?

    The situation, re ex Kent cop Tony Coe as Suffolk Chief constable visit, re Peter Righton, to Lord Henniker 1992, becomes intriguing. As you know Op Midland never looked at the implications of death of Sir John Stradling Thomas MP at his Dolphin Square Home 1991.

    In April 1990 it was not Lord Ferrers to whom Sir John wrote. But in July 1990 it was Ferrers who replied.

    Sir John had written to DHSS Minister Tony Newton. I wonder why he chose Newton ? It would appear to be between Newton and Home Office Ferrers a request for Home Secretary to compel report from Suffolk Chief constable (ex Kent Plod COE) was generated. Ferrers then refused.

    In this mail journey it appears that some of what Sir John submitted went walkies .. because Ferrers self evidently did not take the new facts into account.

    Quite what Sir John wrote after that I dunno. But he was considering raising parliamentary ombudsman inquiry but his Dolphin Square death intervened. 29th March 1991.

    Between April 1990 (Letter to Newton) and July 1990 (Ferrers answer) Ferrers steered War Crimes Bill through the Lords. Very strange because the common factor, between death of volunteer Matron McGill at Sue Ryder HQ Suffolk 1972 and death of Welsh Regional Crime Squad Det sgt 1972, was the Airey Neave/Sue Ryder/Willi Brandt release scheme of men held in postwar German internment. Who were they ? Had they escaped Nuremberg ? If Ferrers had acknowledged receipt of that information via Newton from Sir John then he would have been up for misleading the Lords.

    1. Mayhew authorised charges of contempt of court against me – on the grounds that I had broken an injunction by writing letters of complaint. The injunction concerned had been issued on the basis of Dr Tony Francis perjuring himself, but as it was an ex-parte injunction and I didn’t have access to the unlimited legal services of the MDU like he did, I couldn’t defend against it. The letters of complaint that I wrote were letters complaining that psychiatrists and social workers were involved in serious criminal activities – including Dr Tony Francis. The barrister involved was the man who has now metamorphosed into the Patients’ Friend, Sir Robert Francis QC, who requested that I should be imprisoned. I wasn’t imprisoned but I did make headline news and was labelled an ‘harasser’. Many years later I obtained copies of letters that Francis’s own solicitor wrote to him strongly advising him not to bring legal action against me – he ignored that advice. I also obtained other letters from the Welsh Office’s corrupt lawyer Andrew Park, admitting that there was no evidence for the ‘crimes’ that Francis alleged that I’d committed that formed the basis of his injunction.

      So there we are – Francis perjured himself repeatedly, his lawyers knew it and even told him to stop, he ignored their advice and I was labelled the one doing the harassing. Oh and he was concealing a paedophile ring into the bargain. All this info was available to the Court at the time…and Mayhew will have known about it as well.

      1. Thank you Sally. I am wondering if it was also Tony Newton who re directed Sir John Stradling Thomas MP letters to Patrick Mayhew. 1990. (Newton who raised the Butler Sloss inquiry re Cleveland “Experts” 1988). Patrick Mayhew was absolute custodian of public interest (Attorney General)

        Surely the whole point of the Cleveland Inquiry was to learn the lessons of giving unquestioning power to “Experts”.

        The 1972 Welsh RCS inquiry escalated to investigate identity theft via death registration fraud in Leonard Cheshire Homes starting with Llanhennock. The RCS Det sgt in defiance of Special Branch trawled for information of Coroners officers all Wales and Western England up to NW England who responded. My understanding is the Det sgt copped a suicide verdict in North West England while on his further inquiry in defiance of Special Branch. This was also in Mayhew’s in tray which would, if Sir John had not died, been subject of parliamentary ombudsman inquiry 1992.

        1. I think Newton is now dead – a great shame, if only he was still alive to answer questions, he seems to have ignored/concealed the most serious matters. It was Tony Newton whom Alison Taylor told about the paedophile ring in children’s homes in north Wales. Didn’t realise he also organised the Butler-Sloss Inquiry into the havoc that broke out in Cleveland.

          There is absolutely NO WAY that they did not know that something terrible was happening – Mary Wynch, Alison and me were all screaming as loudly as we could in the late 80s and 90s that social workers and psychiatrists in north Wales were involved in serious criminal activity. And Mary and me were being dragged through the Courts and were appearing in the press. DIDN’T KNOW??? Don’t make me laugh – we were even all writing to the Ministers in the same Depts! Our correspondence will have been handled by the same junior ministers and civil servants. We didn’t just write once either – we all wrote again and again and again, with more and more evidence. And the appalling Lord Wyn Roberts was at the heart of all of it…

          1. Richard – Newton died five years ago. In 2007 he was appointed the first Chairman of the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council – which was responsible for the appointment of the Welsh Public Services Ombudsman. Which was Adam Peat – who refused to investigate my complaints about the Hergest Unit, even though it involved an assault and staff perjuring themselves. Furthermore before Peat wrote to me refusing to investigate, his sidekick threatened me over the phone.

            I see that there are allegations that the only reason that John Major ever became PM was that Tony Newton kept quiet about Major’s affair with Edwina Currie. Obviously Tony Newton kept quiet about a lot of other things as well.

            Newton might be dead but John Major and Edwina Currie aren’t. Shouldn’t the police be investigating all this? It’s not just a bit of shoplifting of groceries and there’s documentary evidence of the crimes.

          2. What seems clear is that if Sir John Stradling Thomas had lived and raised parliamentary ombudsman inquiry then Newton Mayhew and Ferrers correspondence routes and interference/editing would have been investigated.

            If Home Secretary had compelled report from COE Chief constable Suffolk all sorts of cack would have been stirred which would have really comp0licated his later visit 1992 to Lord Henniker.

            So I will ask if the 43 child deaths at Beeches Ixworth and the 4 adult deaths of interest Sue Ryder Cavendish would have been explored if Mayhew and Ferrers and Newton had done their duty properly.

            There remains a stubborn position of Suffolk PCC and Chief constable to review the Beeches 43 deaths history.

            Ferrers of course unloaded his stately pile Staunton Harold on to Leonard Cheshire to become part of their 80% unfit for purpose estate. Sue Ryder helped out the Flemings the same way re their pile at Nettlebed Oxon. I think that is where Ryder incarcerated Suzi Knight widow of head of MI5 Maxwell Knight. Nice scam buy up a stately pile and put inmates into its unsuitable bulk claim social security fees for the inmates, call it charity and stick your hand out to be made a saint of the catholics in the fullness of time. Lost for something to do of an evening Ryder and Cheshire might compose a prayer to inspire the ordinary people. Imagine “Child of my Love” Ryder in paradise with “Love like Jo” Cox.

      2. Members of the shithouse not yet named:

        Dr Pat McGrath. Pat McGrath was for many years the Top Doctor at Broadmoor – he oversaw years of abuse and mistreatment of patients and was the person who had the bright idea of enlisting the help of Jimmy Savile as a volunteer, very soon issuing Savile with his own set of keys and permission to go anywhere in the hospital at any time – thus Savile often found himself watching female patients in the showers. Pat McGrath has a famous son, Patrick McGrath, who writes horror fiction and these days lives in New York. Until all those embarrassing revelations re Savile, Patrick McGrath really enjoyed telling everyone that his dad was the Top Doctor at Broadmoor and how he spent his childhood among ‘the criminally insane’. In one interview Patrick mentioned that the patients that his father ‘treated’ were people who had ‘drowned their children’ or ‘thrown their father under a train’. I presume that if Patrick had mentioned that many more of those being ‘treated’ by his father had complained about being abused in care as children or being abused by his father’s colleagues in other hospitals, Patrick’s books wouldn’t have sold quite so well.

        Elsewhere on my blog I have described how it was Edwina Currie, who, in her capacity as Minister for Health, appointed Savile as head of the taskforce charged with managing Broadmoor. I was aware that Savile had occupied a position in the Broadmoor management team before this, but I have only just discovered who it was who initially appointed Savile to the management Board in 1987 – it was Jean, Lady Trumpington, whilst she was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the DHSS, having been appointed to that position by Thatcher in 1985.

        Lady Trumpington gets a really good press, she was the game old bird who appeared on ‘Have I Got News For You’ a few years ago. She is very elderly now and has very much achieved the status of national treasure. Somehow her name was kept out of the Savile scandal – although it was revealed that he raped and sexually assaulted a number of female patients at Broadmoor, that the authorities knew of a number of these assaults at the time but ignored them and that some reports claim two women patients killed themselves as a result of Savile’s abuse. Never mind, Lady Trumpington’s a real hoot! After reading Trumpington’s biography earlier today I wondered how many more dreadful decisions of hers have been kept under wraps. Because Trumpington’s construction as some sort of public life polymath doesn’t ring true.

        Jean Trumpington was born an aristo in the 1920s and received the sort of education that girls of her class did at the time – ballet and foreign languages. Her formal education stopped at 15 and for decades she was no more than a socialite, spending many years in New York. Part of the Trumpington myth was that she played a crucial role at Bletchley Park in the war and ‘worked with Alan Turing’. I don’t see how she could have played a crucial role – she was an upper class woman who had never worked in her life, so whatever part she played will have been relatively minor. As for knowing Alan Turing – she admitted to seeing him on one occasion. She probably didn’t have much time for him either – because Trumpington didn’t like poofs and was frank about this, although decades later she jumped on the bandwagon of requesting a pardon for Turing.

        After winning the war single handedly, Jean Trumpington returned to the life of a posh woman. However, after her family had grown up and left home, Wonder Woman decided upon a political career. She did the usual Posh Lady things such as sitting as a magistrate and becoming a Mayor (specifically of Cambridge), but she went a bit further than usual. She was a member of the Board of Visitors for women prisoners at Pentonville Prison and in 1975 the Labour Gov’t appointed Jean to sit on Mental Health Tribunals. Her wiki entry tells us that unusually for another woman ‘she got on well with’ Margaret Thatcher. In 1976 Trumpington became General Commissioner for Taxes, although there was nothing at all in her background that suggested she was suited to such a role – she had by then been appointed to numerous bodies, but they were nearly all concerned with women, children and welfare (which was quite typical of public roles for women in those days). But of course, Trumpington was simply the best General Commissioner of Taxes that the world had ever known. In 1980 she was made a life peer (she sits as a Conservative), between 1983-85 she was Baroness-In-Waiting to HM the Queen and then in 1985 she became PUSS in the DHSS, hence the Savile appointment. After her success in that role, she moved to a role in MAFF, where once more, she proved to be brilliant. It wasn’t just Thatch who liked Trumpington, Blair was wowed as well – in 1998 he appointed her Extraordinary Baroness-In-Waiting to HM the Queen.

        At some point during all this, Jean Trumpington, what with her ‘interest in women’s affairs’, became the UK representative to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Her remit was to promote women’s equality, healthcare and human rights. She also had ‘a deep concern for women’s mental health’, being involved with numerous charities’. So that’s why she appointed a prolific sex offender to the management team of Broadmoor then. It was on Jean Trumpington’s watch that orders were sent out to refer to Savile as ‘Dr Savile’ – both orally and in writing. Can Jean explain this? Savile wasn’t any sort of doctor and everyone knew it.

        Although Jean Trumpington possessed such concern for women with mental health problems or who were in the criminal justice system, she was no softie – she was described as ‘a principled opponent of soft measures on crime’. Except of course for cases in which Jimmy Savile drove female patients to suicide. Trumpington became a Trustee of Crimestoppers in 2004. The Crimestoppers which received at least two calls from someone in north Wales giving them full details of some of the offences committed by Dr Dafydd Alun Jones. Calls which were ignored.

        In view of the number of members of the shithouse who have claimed a special interest in ‘women’, can I make a plea to Gov’ts to start ignoring us? I don’t really want any more people who are concealing paedophiles and sex offenders to take an interest in me, I really do think that I’m better off without them. Even if they are a Baroness-In-Waiting to Lilibet.

        I have only mentioned a few of Trumpington’s appointments here, I recommend that readers take a quick look at her wiki entry, because everyone else will probably be as mystified as I am as to why she was given so many responsible roles on the basis of so little experience. It could simply be a case of her being very well-connected – or as with so many members of the shithouse, did Trumpington very effectively conceal a few things that successive Gov’ts really didn’t want leaking out? The ingredients are all there – women in prison, women with mental health problems, interest in criminal justice, mental health charities, pal of Thatcher’s, thought that it was a good idea to give Savile domain over people who had been abused by the state, seat in the Lords, position as a Courtier… Did you ever find out about a paedophile ring with connections to Westminster Jean???

        As well as putting Savile in charge of Broadmoor, Thatcher’s Gov’t showed their determination to reform the special hospitals by establishing the Special Hospitals Service Authority in 1989. It didn’t last long, it was abolished in 1996, but it’s first Chief Exec was Charles Kaye. Charles Kaye seems to have been air-brushed out of history, so one presumes that something grim happened involving him, but his publications remain. Kaye – being an expert – co-authored a volume entitled ‘Managing High Security Forensic Care’. He co-authored that volume with Alan Franey – the now utterly disgraced friend of Savile, who also ended up on the Broadmoor senior management team whilst patients were raped and beaten up. Another of Kaye’s contributions was entitled ‘Race, Culture and Ethnicity in Secure Psychiatric Practice: Working With Difference’. Presumably that book explains why there was – and still is – such a high death rate among black patients in ‘secure services’.

        Another ’eminent’ figure who oversaw the gore and abuse at Broadmoor for many years crops up in forensic psychology journals – D.A. Black (known as Tony Black). He was head of psychology at Broadmoor… Not that you’ll find an explanation of why patients were molested and sometimes killed in Tony Black’s work.

        What one does find, right up until the time at which Savile was exposed, are constant articles – in both the lay and specialist press – about the ‘expertise’ to be found at Broadmoor, the ‘dedicated staff’ ‘doing a terribly difficult job’, the ‘high standard of care’, how the institution is such a shining example of good practice that the ‘best psychiatrists and psychologists’ compete to work there.

        I know that all organisations talk themselves up to some degree, but however did such blatant lies continue to appear for years about an institution in which the staff dealt in porn and had sex with patients, which was managed by one of the country’s most serious sex offenders and one of his mates, in which everyone who worked with the patients in any capacity – or even just visited them – was told that they were being molested and assaulted and which killed so many of it’s black patients that the most elementary understanding of statistics would point to a problem meriting an inquiry?

        Perhaps the following members of the shithouse would like to tell us:

        Sir Alan Langlands, Chief Exec of NHS England 1994-2000. Langlands knew damn well that all was not as it should be at Broadmoor because after the Ashworth inquiries – in which the paedophiles’ friend Professor Robert Bluglass played a key role – Langlands held a Review into the special hospitals. Was it a Review into patient deaths, staff misconduct, abuse of patients or even indeed into how some patients seemed to be ending up in special hospitals for years on end without being convicted of any crime after complaining about psychiatrists? No, it was a Review of Security after A Patient Escaped. Langlands responded to the Great Escape by ramping up the security in the special hospitals.

        The special hospitals weren’t the only thing that went pear-shaped during Langlands tenure – the whole of NHS England did. A number of scandals that were too big to be concealed occurred and mid-Staffs was also quietly brewing away as well. How could things have gone so wrong – after all Langlands had spent his entire career as an NHS manager…Langlands was responsible for establishing NICE (which approves treatments that have frequently been developed by people sitting on it’s own Committees) and for establishing the Commission for Health Improvement (CHI), which acquired such a dreadful reputation for giving glowing reports about dangerous services that it ended up having it’s name changed, which is always the NHS answer when patients are killed or maimed.

        As the shit got ever deeper, eventually Langlands himself realised that he couldn’t remedy it and he resigned. Having fucked up thus he was rewarded with a job as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dundee. He stayed there for nine years and then became the Chief Exec of HEFCE and the Vice-Chancellor of Leeds University. Not that his contribution to the NHS went unnoticed – Langlands became Chairman of UK Biobank (set up by the Wellcome Trust and the MRC to oversee one of the world’s largest genetic epidemiology studies), a non-executive director for the Strategic Co-Ordination of Health Research and for the UK Statistics Authority, a Trustee of the Nuffield Trust and Chairman Designate of the Health Foundation. Langlands is also an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London), an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh), an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow) and an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine.

        Langlands graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1974 with an ordinary degree. So virtually all those graduates who shook the pompous old bastard’s hand this year at their graduation ceremony will have been more highly qualified than him. They’d have probably done a better job at running the NHS as well.

        After Langlands resigned and was given Dundee University to play with, Nigel Crisp was appointed as Chief Exec of NHS England – he also took on the role of Permanent Secretary of the Dept of Health. Upon his appointment, Crisp told the Today programme that he faced a ‘big challenge’. So what made Blair think that Crisp was up to repairing the damage that Langlands had left in his wake? Why, Crisp had spent years as an NHS senior manager of course. In fact Crisp had managed learning disability and mental health services in the 80s and we all know how good they were. Before joining the NHS in 1986 and running services which abused and neglected vulnerable people, Crisp had been a community worker in Liverpool and then worked for Age Concern in Cambridgeshire. Crisp retired in 2006 after he realised that he had no control over costs and no idea of how to address the financial problems in the NHS – which were enormous. Blair constantly reminds us of how much money he ‘invested in’ the NHS but he doesn’t explain how much of it was wasted and how out of control the whole system was. Savile survived it all though – the nation’s Samaritan!

        Nigel Crisp may have got the hell out of the NHS but Blair still gave him a peerage and Nigel now ‘works and publishes extensively in global health and international development’. So having failed to run the UK’s health service effectively, Nigel now tells Johnny Foreigner how to run theirs.

        After Nigel, there was an ‘interim Acting Chief Executive’ for NHS England, working under the paedophiles’ friend Patricia Hewitt. He was Ian Carruthers. Ian Carruthers was NHS England’s answer to Alun Davies, he joined the NHS in 1969 as the lowest grade administrator – in Carlisle as well, so he’ll have watched the slurry pit there develop. After pen-pushing away for decades Ian eventually became Chief Exec for the South West Strategic Health Authority (NHS South West) in 2006. It was on Ian’s watch that the CEO of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, John Watkinson, was sacked for pointing out that the Strategic Health Authority had broken the law. (Even whistle-blowing Chief Execs don’t last long in the NHS.) An ‘Independent’ Review of the matter conducted by Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, the former President of the Law Society, concluded that there had been ‘no impropriety’ in the sacking of Watkinson. He did nonetheless win his case at an employment tribunal.

        Prior to being Chief Exec of the South West Strategic Health Authority, Carruthers was a senior manager in the NHS in Somerset – where the mental health services were so bad that concern was expressed at a national level and where a spate of new born babies inexplicably died at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton. Carruthers only stayed as Chief Exec of NHS England for six months – after that he returned to his job in NHS South West. In recent years, NHS South West has been a very troubled place – the serious problems culminated in the suicides of a number of junior doctors. Suicides which were blamed on idiocies like ‘boyfriend problems’ – which meant that no-one asked the questions that they should have concerning what exactly has been going on in the NHS in the south west under Carruthers regime.

        Carruthers was replaced as Chief Exec of NHS England by the ‘man with no shame’ David Nicholson. Who had been Head of the Strategic Health Authority which ran mid-Staffs. That beats the havoc in the south west any day, thousands of patients dying unnecessarily and a pack of lies being told to conceal it, of course Nicholson was going to be given the Top Job on a permanent basis.

        Years ago when somebody told me that Martin Jones expected to end up as Chief Exec of NHS Wales I rolled around laughing at the idea of a lethal lying maniac who almost failed his degree believing that he could end up in such a position. But I’m beginning to understand why Martin convinced himself that he was destined for greatness. Perhaps he still is – the Betsi Board is bankrupt, in special measures, has sky high death rates and terrible health outcomes and can’t find any staff who’ll work for them. Martin is Director of the Workforce. Surely this bodes well for Martin’s future…

        1. I think Bletchley Park provided excellent grounds for blackmail. For example RAF pilots who betrayed bomber streams by activating IFF radar over occupied Europe. Against standing orders. mmm Leonard Cheshire actually. Did Bletchley let it go on (and hence allow doubling of RAF bomber losses) because the IFF twat would provide the traffic analysis fodder all along his bomber route. IE “Achtung the twat who uses IFF is here, fire at all the other bombers behind him leave him to betray the next raid” Triumphant Bletchley get the crib for IFF twat all along the bomber route. Writing the enemy’s lines. There is a reason Leonard Cheshire’s bomber pilot brother disowned him. Not may people get called an idiot and a traitor six months before they get a VC in the same actions.

          I also find Airey Neave’s gripping yarn of escaping Colditz very unlikely. I was sent information from someone who debriefed Neave saying he had been flagged as a plant IE The Nazis enabled his escape. But the initial debrief were overruled to appoint Neave to MI9.