Yet More Inglorious Bastards

After Sir Ronald Waterhouse had conducted his inquiry and insulted and discredited the witnesses, ignored the minor matter of the fabrication of letters allegedly written by the paedophiles’ victims singing the praises of the paedophiles at the time of the police investigation into their activities, offered the paedophiles and their associates immunity from prosecution if they consdescended to give evidence and failed to even consider evidence relating to the paedophiles taking the kids in care to locations outside north Wales to be abused or to consider evidence relating to people from outside of north Wales visiting the children’s homes to abuse the children, Sir Ronnie came up with numerous recommendations to ensure that It Never Happened Again. Although of course he reassured everyone that what happened did not involve public figures, or Freemasonry, or a high level Gov’t cover-up or indeed a European paedophile ring.  What happened did involve very serious cruelty to children but it had only been on the part of a few cave dwellers in north Wales and No-One Knew.

One of Sir Ronnie’s recommendations was the creation of the post of Children’s Commissioner for Wales. The Children’s Commissioner is ‘an independent champion for children’s rights’. Wales was the first country in the UK to have a Children’s Commissioner! The Children’s Commissioner for Wales has two offices – one in Colwyn Bay and one in Swansea.

Colwyn Bay is the location of the HQ of the North Wales Police, the force which for years colluded with the criminality and child abuse. It was where Superintendent Gordon Anglesea – who was one of the paedophiles who abused kids in north Wales – lived and worked and Colwyn Bay was also home to other people who assisted the paedophile gang, including Professor Robert Owen, Huw Vaughan Thomas and Nigel Berry (see post ‘The Right Honourable David Jones MP’). The Gwynfa children’s psychiatric unit in which children were violently assaulted and raped was located at Colwyn Bay (see post ‘Don’t Be Silly, He’s Nice’). Neither is Swansea exactly free from people who colluded with or concealed child abuse and Swansea Social Services was utterly dysfunctional and dangerous.

The first independent champion of a Children’s Commissioner for Wales took up the post in 2001. He was Peter Clarke – a social worker who came from Llandudno. Which was where Gwynne the lobotomist, one of the key facilitators of the paedophile gang, came from.

Peter Clarke undertook a period of military training at Sandhurst but decided that it would be a social worker’s life for him rather than an Army Officer’s. Clarke went to Sussex and Warwick Universities, but that was after he had spent some time in paid employment as a social worker.

His first job in social work was as an unqualified social worker at Stamford House Remand Home in London. Stamford House achieved notoriety as being a location of serious child abuse. The abuse at Stamford House was known to have been happening in the 60s and 70s (see post ‘The Case Of The King’s Sperm’) and was happening when Peter Clarke worked there.

Clarke’s wiki entry states that he qualified in social work from Warwick University and worked as a social worker in London and Brighton, but gives no further specific details.

Throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, the organised abuse of children in care in London was endemic. Many of the London boroughs sent children in their care on placement to children’s homes in north Wales, where they were abused by the paedophiles whose activities Waterhouse failed to fully reveal. The trade in children for sex work between London – as well as other parts of the UK – and north Wales began in earnest in 1968 when John Allen set up the Bryn Alyn Community. During the 1970s and 80s business boomed and other people such as Paul Hett also established children’s homes and residential schools in north Wales where children from London and elsewhere were abused (see post ‘More On Those Prisons For Folk Who Dared Complain’).

After a period of being battered and molested at the Bryn Alyn Community, the children would be trafficked by John Allen to brothels that he owned in London and Brighton.

The five witnesses to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal who were killed by a firebomb in April 1992 were attending a party at a flat in Brighton (see post ‘The Silence Of The Welsh Lambs’). John Allen had arranged to meet one of them there himself but never turned up, although the firebomber did. One of the surviving partygoers claimed that witnesses to the paedophile gang in north Wales were being murdered. He was later found dead shortly after he gave evidence against John Allen in court.

Keith Best, the Tory MP for Ynys Mon, 1983-87 and Welsh Office Minister who concealed criminal activity in the social services and mental health services in north Wales, was a barrister who was born and went to school in Brighton and for a number of years was a Councillor there.

In 1985 Peter Clarke was appointed as a community care advisor for the Spastics Society, now known as Scope. There were allegations of abuse at facilities run by Scope. David Hanson, MP for Delyn in north Wales MP and Blair’s former PPS and paedophiles’ friend worked for Scope, 1982-89 (see post ‘The Most Dangerous Man In The World – Part II’). Tim Yeo was Chief Exec of Scope, 1980-83 and subsequently held a number of junior Ministerial roles in which he failed to respond appropriately to abuse and serious wrongdoing (see post ‘Another Episode Of Friends’).

From what I can work out, Clarke completed his social work qualification at Warwick just before he was employed by Scope.

In 1991 Clarke became Director of the National Schizophrenia Fellowship, now known as Rethink. Some 12 years ago I wrote a letter providing details of some of the criminality and abuse on the part of the  mental health services in north Wales to which I and other patients had been subjected. One of the bodies to which I CC’d my letter was Rethink – I didn’t bother to send it to MIND because I had already approached them on  number of occasions and it was quite clear that they were colluding with  the abuse of patients. The Chief Exec of Rethink at the time to whom I sent my letter was Paul Farmer. I did not receive a response from Rethink but only weeks later, Paul Farmer was appointed Chief Executive of MIND.

In 1995 Paul Clarke became the Director of Childline Cymru – which must have been inevitable with a CV like his. There were allegations that Childline ignored calls from children in care in north Wales.

Clarke also ‘worked for many voluntary organisations’.

Whilst he was Children’s Commissioner, Clarke led the Clywch Inquiry into claims that drama teacher John Owen had serially abused pupils at Ysgol Gyfun Rhydfelen in Pontypridd for over 20 years.

John Owen worked at Rhydfelen between 1974-91. He was very well known in drama circles in Wales and wrote and directed the S4C teenagers programme ‘Pam Fi Duw?’, which starred young people aged 10 and upwards.

There had been a stream of very serious complaints about Owen throughout the 1980s that were not acted upon. In 1983 a member of catering staff reported seeing a pupil in a state of undress sitting on Owen’s lap – the head later declared that the matter had been dealt with. In 1983-84 a pupil stayed at Owen’s home overnight. In 1986  WJEC external examiner tried to stop a practical exam because a pupil was simulating a sex act – she was told by the WJEC to continue with the exam. In 1987 John Owen was made acting Deputy Head. In 1988 another WJEC examiner halted a GCSE drama practical exam because he was concerned that the scripts were obscene. He wrote to the WJEC about the matter and was never invited to examine for them again. In 1990 Owen was appointed Head of Years 2 and 3. In the summer of 1990, senior WJEC officials told Rhydfelen that that the school’s drama excerpts were unacceptable because of sexual references and swearing. In 1990 and 1991 two pupils complained about the emphasis on sex and sexually explicit material in the drama lessons and one gave up drama because of this just days before the practical A level exam.

In Jan 1991, senior staff took statements from six pupils regarding nudity in lessons, the simulation of sex acts by pupils, actual sex acts between pupils and a sexual assault by John Owen. A parent formally complained after their daughter had become suicidal because of what was going on in Owen’s drama class.

David Matthews, the district education advisor for Mid-Glamorgan County Council, was called in by the school. He was shown the statements and he re-interviewed three pupils. There was no referral to the police or to social services. Matthews told senior staff not to talk to anyone about the allegations.

John Owen was suspended and ordered not to accompany the pupils on a forthcoming trip to London. He went to London with them anyway – one pupil on the trip was one of those who had made allegations of serious sexual offences against Owen.

Senior staff then gave Matthews a typed statement, which disclosed criminal offences against children. Matthews still didn’t call the police. The Chair of Governors at Rhydfelen was Philip Richards, a judge on the notoriously corrupt Chester and Wales Circuit. Richards has been criticised for his leniency in cases of child sexual abuse.

A pupil then went to Owen’s house to rehearse a play – where he was confronted by Owen in possession of a copy of the statement that this pupil had made about Owen.

Owen then resigned – following his resignation the school received letters in support of him. In Feb 1991 a number of other teachers – including Owen’s girlfriend Theda Williams – wrote letters in support of Owen to the Director of Education.

In March 1991 a parent had enough of the fuckwittery and called the police, who began a criminal investigation.

In April 1991 John Owen travelled Wales with a production of Godspell and a group of 20 young people. In May 1991 he directed and produced a rock festival at the Urdd National Eisteddfod (a Welsh language children’s festival). The Director of the Urdd asked Owen about his resignation from Rhydfelen and was assured by Owen that there was nothing to be concerned about. The matter was discussed at the Urdd National Executive Committee but it was decided that it was unfair to take action in the absence of detail. I can understand that – but the stupid buggers didn’t seek any further details and there was no communication from Mid-Glamorgan County Council anyway.

It cannot have been that the Urdd had not heard how serious the allegations were against Owen or that Mid-Glamorgan didn’t know that Owen was treading the boards with youngsters and rocking up at the Urdd – the good thing about Wales is that with regard to most matters, most people know most things about most other people. It is a country with truly impressive jungle drums, although the jungle drums do tell lies about people who have spilt the pints of the paedophiles and their friends.

In May 1991 the CPS stated that it would take no further action against John Owen.

I really do wonder who was making decisions at the CPS in the early 1990s. Aft that time, mountains of the most damning evidence regarding the paedophile gang in north Wales was submitted to the CPS, yet there were very few prosecutions. A file was sent to the CPS regarding the mass of evidence against Greville Janner, but there was no prosecution. The CPS also were made aware of Cyril Smith’s activities at this time, but there was no prosecution. Yet children in care and psychiatric patients in north Wales were appearing in various courts charged with laughable ‘offences’. Only the CPS wasn’t laughing. For an account of the failings of the CPS and DPP during those years, see post ‘A Future Leader Of The Labour Party’.

Whilst the CPS were not taking action against John Owen, I was appearing in the Royal Courts of Justice at the Strand in the wake of the paedophiles’ friends of north Wales perjuring themselves and demanding my imprisonment.

In 1994 Eddie Roberts, the Director of Education for Mid-Glamorgan County Council, resigned.

In 1996, filming for ‘Pam Fi Duw?’ began.

In 2001 police began an investigation into Owen in the wake of further allegations. The producer of ‘Pam Fi Duw?’ was aware of the investigation but was told by the management at HTV and S4C to ‘continue as normal’.

In Sept 2001 John Owen was arrested and charged with serious criminal offences. In Oct 2001 days before he was due to appear in court, he was found dead from an overdose of drugs in a caravan in Porthcawl. It was presumed that he had killed himself.

There was a good turnout at the funeral, over one hundred people, including many teachers – even Menna Richards, the Controller of BBC Wales, was there.

There have been a great many deaths of the victims of and witnesses to the paedophiles’ and their friends in Wales which were stated to be suicides but are believed to have almost certainly been murders by people with knowledge of what was going on. I do not know enough about John Owen to speculate.

In Dec 2001 Rhondda Cynon Taff Area Child Protection Committee conducted a serious case review into the handling of the allegations against Owen. The words horse and stable door come to mind for some reason.

At the end of 2001 Peter Clarke announced his inquiry into the John Owen matter. Clarke’s inquiry was paused midway for a few months because of police investigating fresh allegations made by the alleged victims of five teachers who had been named by two of Owen’s former pupils and, who it was alleged, were implicated in incidents of abuse by Owen. The CPS subsequently announced that no action would be taken against any of the five teachers.

Peter Clarke published the Clywch Report in 2004, which concluded that there was overwhelming evidence that John Owen had sexually abused children in the early 1990s – and what a lot of trouble there was.

David Matthews was by then Director of Education for Bridgend County Council and was furious at what he claimed was unjustified criticism of him in the Report. He explained that he had sort of stuffed up in a major way, but it was 1991. David – having sex with one’s pupils in one’s drama class was not acceptable in 1991 or in any other year, in the way that in the 1970s it was not considered OK for Jimmy Savile to molest children who were incapacitated in bed in hospital no matter what all the bizarre commentary about ‘things were different then’ asserted after Savile’s crimes became public knowledge. Victims of and witnesses to the north Wales paedophile ring were locked in the dungeon at Denbigh, framed and imprisoned or killed because Dafydd and the paedophiles didn’t want to go to prison for a long time.

David Matthews also maintained that in 1991 he had sought advice from County Hall at Mid-Glamorgan requesting advice on how to deal with the information that had  become available to him during his investigation into Owen, but he did not receive a response.

A Clywch Response Group was formed which contained many high profile people who had been friends of John Owen’s, who challenged the ‘seriously flawed’ Report.

Allegations flew that the people who had accused Owen of abuse were lying and were only after compensation. Exactly the same allegations were made about the former kids in care in north Wales and Greville Janner’s offspring are at present also saying this about the people who maintain that Janner abused them when they were children. I know that sometimes people do accuse innocent people of abusing them and that there are – although I believe only a very few – people who are prepared to lie over a period of many years about having been harmed by others in the hope of acquiring some dosh in the form of a compensation payment or from flogging a story to a tabloid. But after John Owen’s death the sheer number of people who admitted  that he had either abused them or people whom they personally knew, suggests that the allegations against him were not fantasy.

Eventually John Owen’s fan club, including his former girlfriend Theda Williams, admitted that yes, he had abused children. I do not know if they ever managed to explain why they wrote all those letters in support of Owen or why so much mud was thrown at the kids who claimed that he had abused them. Teenagers are cheeky and rude to teachers and take the piss out of them, but if a number of pupils are saying that they want to give up drama because the teacher’s obsessed with sex and another one is suicidal because of her experiences in his class, that teacher is probably doing something that he shouldn’t be doing.

Peter Clarke’s Report was received by the then Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning Jane Davidson, who stated that there must be ‘robust dependable systems in place that protect children from harm and abuse’. Davidson maintained that everyone needed to involve themselves in tightening child protection procedures, including the Welsh Gov’t.

When Davidson said this, Brian Gibbons had been Deputy Minister for Health – Gibbons later became Minister for Health and Social Services and during that time wrote me a letter stating that ‘this correspondence is closed’ after I wrote to him and told him that I had evidence of serious criminal activity in the north Wales mental health services. In 2004 Jane Hutt, a former social worker, was the Minister for Health and Social Services and remained silent whilst children in care and patients were abused. Mark Drakeford was working as Rhodri Morgan’s SPAD – Drakeford had worked as a social worker in Dyfed whilst a paedophile gang operated there. Rhodri himself was married to dear old Julie – a former social worker who had been Deputy Director of Barnardo’s whilst Barnardo’s staff had been involved with child abuse.

The NUT stated that ‘the situation has improved significantly since 1991’ – sex in class with the pupils was SO last century.

In 2002 I lodged on a farm in Snowdonia. The 12 year old grandson of my landlord was very friendly with  a boy from the village who, my landlord’s grandson told me, was being physically abused by his stepfather – my landlord’s grandson detailed some of the aggression and assaults that he had witnessed. One evening the two boys told me that they were going to run away because my landlord’s grandson’s friend was so frightened of his stepdad. By this time my farmer landlord and his wife had also expressed concern about the welfare of their grandson’s friend. I was working as a teacher at the time and I had knowledge of child protection procedures. The boy concerned had special educational needs, so I rang the SENCO (special needs co-ordinator) at the school concerned, Ysgol Syr Huw Owen in Caernarfon. I found out that the SENCO was also the form teacher of the boy who was the centre of concern. So I spoke to her and told her what the boys had told me and my landlords had been going on.

The teacher concerned sounded as though she was an older teacher and she didn’t seem to have any knowledge of child protection procedures. She snapped at me that she had never been told by anyone that her pupil was being assaulted but she’d make enquiries. I told her that I would ring her again.

I rang back a couple of days later and the teacher told me that she had asked the boy if his stepfather had been hitting him and he said that he hadn’t. I later discovered that she had asked him this in front of the whole class. She then asked me if I knew that the two boys were liars and that my landlord’s grandson had stolen another pupil’s watch. I asked my landlord’s grandson about this and his explanation was that a friend’s watch had broken, the boys were tinkering about with it in class and were told to stop it, so the owner of the broken watch asked my landlord’s grandson if he would keep it in his locker.

I realised that I was dealing with fuckwits at Ysgol Syr Huw Owen and that there was not much that I could do.

Over the following years various people in the village expressed concern that the boy was being ill-treated by his stepfather. They all believed that the school ‘was dealing with it’.

When the boy concerned was in his late teens, he began a relationship with a young woman who had children and moved in with her. She became ill and had the misfortune to end up in the hands of the Hergest Unit. It was discovered that her partner had been hitting the children. How disgusted everyone was – no doubt the SENCO at Ysgol Syr Huw Owen could have reassured them all that he’d always been a Bad Lot, she knew that when he was 12 and made those allegations about his stepdad.

Some months after I encountered the dipstick at Ysgol Syr Huw Owen, I met a couple from a neighbouring village who told me that their eight year old daughter had told them that she had been indecently assaulted by a teaching assistant at her primary school. They raised the matter with the school who maintained that the teaching assistant had done no such thing. The couple were then investigated for abusing their daughter by Gwynedd Social Services. They told me that they believed that part of the school’s kudos arose from some of the pupils there being the grandchildren of the former MP for Caernarfon.

At the time of the publication of the Clywch Inquiry, Anna Brychan was Director of the National Association of Head Teachers Cymru. Anna had previously been a senior information officer at the National Assembly for Wales, went to school in Carmarthenshire and then in Abersytwyth and to Cardiff, Swansea and Mannheim Universities. Anna Brychan is now ‘Senior Lead for Strategy and Workplace Reform, Central and South Wales Consortium’ I won’t put anything on pause whilst I await Anna’s reform.

The Clywch Inquiry Counsel Nicholas Cooke stated that he was ‘not interested in blaming people, only in identifying where responsibility lay’. As far as I can see no-one was blamed for anything and there was certainly no question of anyone taking responsibility for any of it.

Ron Davies, former MP for Caerphilly and Secretary of State for Wales – who famously did not become First Minister because of a ‘moment of madness’ on Clapham Common with a male prostitute called Boogie and who then followed this up a few years later with a trip to a well known dogging and cruising spot where he was photographed ‘looking for badgers’ (see post ‘The Cradle Of Filth’) – worked as a Further Education advisor for Mid-Glamorgan Education Authority from 1974 until he was elected to Parliament in 1983.

In 2002, before conducting the Clywch Inquiry, Clarke published a report looking at the way in which social service departments in Wales dealt with complaints. I know how they dealt with complaints after Clarke published that report, because my lawyer accompanied me to a meeting with two senior managers of Gwynedd Social Services after Keith Fearns, the leader of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team, approached  my employer, revealed confidential information and also made a number of allegations about me that weren’t true and then threatened my employer. Fearns did his in the knowledge that two members of this man’s family were in the ‘care’ of the mental health services in Gwynedd.

The two senior managers were very unpleasant and aggressive, admitted that Fearns had broken the law, told my lawyer and I in no uncertain terms that there would be no action whatever taken against Fearns and that if we read the guidance re complaints about the social services in full, we would see that Gwynedd Social Services could choose not to follow up this complaint and indeed they would not be doing so. My lawyer adviced me that their behaviour was outrageous but our only redress would be through the civil courts – and in this case Legal Aid was not available.

One of the senior managers was married to the then Director of Gwynedd Social Services. I was later told by a mole that not only had she appointed her own husband to a senior position in her own dept, but that she negotiated a particularly generous salary for him as well. The same person described the other senior manager whom we met as ‘an absolute bastard, even worse than the rest of the bastards down there’. That particular bastard didn’t hang around in Gwynedd for long, he disappeared fairly quickly but I have no idea why. It won’t have been related to him breaking the law – he probably joined the Social Services Inspectorate or became First Minister Rhodri Morgan’s advisor on service user involvement. I’m sure that an OBE will not be far away.

Rhodri – who was married to Julie, a social work colleague of the paedophiles and who ensured that his head remained very deep in the sand and in pints of ale whenever the subject of the paedophile gang in north Wales was mentioned – praised Clarke’s ‘commitment’ and stated that Clarke had ‘blazed a trail for others to follow’. Well I suppose that Clarke had written one damning report about one molesting school teacher, but he’d kept schtum about all the others that he knew about, as well as those people sitting in the Senedd who were covering up for them.

Rhodri also stated that Clarke was ‘unafraid to use the legal powers his office gave him’. I can only presume  therefore that Clarke’s office didn’t give him the legal powers to arrest a few members of Rhodri’s Gov’t, Rhdori’s SPAD, Rhodri’s wife and indeed Rhodri himself and question them under caution.

Peter Clarke lived in Carmarthenshire. Which was the location of one of the paedophile gangs in Wales.

The Children’s Commissioner for Wales is a Welsh Gov’t appointment. What I’d like to know is who exactly gave the job to Peter Clarke?

Peter Clarke died of cancer in 2008 when he was 58. In the wake of Clarke turning his toes up, Keith Towler was appointed Children’s Commissioner.

Keith Towler went to Llanederyn High School in Cardiff, then did a Fine Arts degree at Exeter College of Art and Design. He then joined South Glamorgan Social Services as a social work assistant in youth justice. A number of AMs are former Councillors of South Glamorgan County Council, including Mark Drakeford, Jane Hutt, Julie Morgan – and so was the Baroness of Ely’s dad, the Rev Bob Morgan. Rhodri Morgan used to work for South Glamorgan Council.

Towler became head of NACRO Cymru in 1998 and in 2001 was appointed NACRO’s Director of Crime Reduction. So not only did Towler work for NACRO – which in north Wales at least employed petty criminals as supervisors on the projects whose ‘clients’ were often victims of Dafydd and the paedophile gang –  but he has a very similar CV to that other former NACRO bigwig, paedophiles’ friend Prof Nick Hardwick, the Chair of the Parole Board (see post ‘The Mentor’).

In 2006 Towler was appointed Programme Director for Save the Children Wales.

Whilst Keith Towler was Children’s Commissioner, a social worker in the Office of the Children’s Commissioner alleged that there was serious work place bullying happening in Towler’s empire. She was sacked. She took Towler to an employment tribunal alleging unfair dismissal. Towler made a number of allegations against her and maintained that she was an unfit person to work with children. She demonstrated every allegation to be baseless but nonetheless lost her case. She left social work.

Towler was or still is Chair of UNCRC (United Nations  Convention on the Rights of the Child).

Since Towler stopped being Commissioner in 2015, he has worked as an Independent Consultant in ‘development and service reviews’. He is or was Vice-Chair of the Independent Safeguarding Board for Wales and Chaired and might still Chair CWVYS (Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services).

The President of CWVYS is Wayne David, Labour MP for Caerphilly, who succeded Ron Davies. Wayne David is a graduate of Cardiff and Swansea Universities and worked as a teacher in Bridgend between 1983-85, then for the WEA and was Chairman of War On Want Cymru, 1987-98. He was MEP for South Wales Central, 1989-99 and a junior Minister in the Wales Office in Gordon Brown’s Gov’t between 2008-10. Wayne David has been a member of the UNA Cardiff branch since 1989. Dr Dafydd Alun Jones was invited by the UNA as a keynote speaker at a drug misuse conference in Bangor about 12 years ago.

Neil Kinnock, Rhodri Morgan and Ron Davies all worked for the WEA in south Wales.

In April 2015 Sally Holland took over as Children’s Commissioner. Keith was not particularly gracious about this – he maintained that the selection process was ‘less than perfect’ (as opposed to the faultless way in  which he and Clarke found themselves in that post) and that the short hand over period was ‘not great’.

Other people were delighted with Sally’s appointment however. Communities Minister, paedophiles’ friend and paid up member of the Mafia of Drips Lesley Griffiths (see post ‘History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Second As Farce’) stated that she was confident that Sally’s ‘range of experience in social work and children’s rights and her proven commitment to empowering children and young people’ would make her a ‘strong ambassador on their behalf’. Only someone who ignored a paedophile gang which operated in the Social Services in Wrexham whilst she was a Wrexham Councillor could have made such a statement.

Paedophiles’ friend and colleague and the then Health Minister Mark Drakeford also welcomed Sally with open arms – he was so overjoyed at her arrival that he put an enormous announcement on his website. Mark was particularly chuffed that Sally was a Professor from Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences -Drakeford was a Professor in that School himself! Drakeford also noted on his website that Sally is a resident of west Cardiff. I’m not sure how that qualifies her to be Children’s Commissioner, but Mark Drakeford just happens to be the AM for Cardiff West. I wonder if he lives in the constituency and if so which neighbours of his pop round to borrow a cup of sugar? Or indeed a bowl of quinoa.

My recent post ‘The Battle Of The Cowshed’ featured Nia Griffith, someone whose whole career has been spent in the company of the paedophiles’ friends. It did not escape my notice that Nia is a member of USDAW, the shop workers union. Yet Nia’s CV doesn’t mention anything about working in a shop – she graduated with a First in languages from Oxford, went to Bangor to do teacher training and spent her whole career as a teacher, education advisor and Estyn inspector until she became MP for Llanelli.

However, Nia seems good at making friends with the right people and there was someone very influential in Welsh Labour politics in south Wales who was sponsored by USDAW – Ray Powell, the former MP for Ogmore. Ray Powell had enormous influence in the Labour Party and the wider House of Commons because of what he knew about organised child abuse (see post ‘News From Sicily’). I wonder if Nia thought that it might have been worth her while ingratiating herself to USDAW in order to make an ally of Ray Powell?

His friendship with Ray Powell and connections with Powell’s part of the Labour Party mafia which runs south Wales is the root of Huw Irrance-Davies’s power base (see post ‘News From Sicily’). Welsh political blogs are getting excited at the moment because people can smell Carwyn’s blood. It is said that Mark Drakeford, Ken Skates, Vaughan Gething and Huw Irranca-Davies are all hoping to become First Minister. I hope for Wales’s sake that they bloody well do not. I have been very rude about Carwyn because he has not been robust enough in tackling the entrenched corruption which pervades Wales, but I can find nothing in his biography that suggests that he has sat cheek by jowl with the paedophiles’ friends and cosied up to them. As opposed to the four hopefuls who have done exactly that – and Drakeford was a close colleague of the paedophiles themselves. Carwyn is the best of a very bad bunch.

‘The Battle Of The Cowshed’ detailed the worrying network of Dr Manon Atoniazzi, Chief  Executive and Clerk to the National Assembly of Wales – she is the sister-in-law of Lord Hague of the Huge Cover-Up. Before the sister-in-law of the man who tried to bury the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal for good was Chief Exec, the position was held by Dame Claire Clancy. Claire Clancy took up the post in Feb 2007.

Clancy’s late husband Michael was Chief Secretary and Governor of St Helena and the Ascension Island, which is why Clancy lived there in the late 1990s. Prior to working as Chief Exec to the Assembly, Claire was Chief Exec of Companies House and before that she led the Patent Office. She has also been the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.

It is however Claire’s early career that interests me. She joined the Civil Service in 1977 and worked for the Manpower Services Commission. In the 1980s the MSC Committee for Wales was Chaired by the former President of Aberystwyth University, Sir Melvyn Rosser (see post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’), who presided over Aber when it was a honeypot for paedophiles’ friends and was churning out law graduates who later became legal professionals who assisted the paedophiles and their friends. Sir Melvyn  seems to have vanished from history, there are very few references to him which suggests that he has the potential to cause a lot of people a lot of embarrassment. I do know that he was Chairman of the HTV Group, 1986-91.

Perhaps Menna, who rocked up at John Owen’s funeral when she was employed as Controller of BBC 1, could enlighten us regarding the erasing of Sir Melvyn from history – Menna, an Aber graduate herself, became a reporter and producer for HTV Wales in 1983 and in 1997 was appointed MD of HTV Wales. Which was involved with John Owen’s series ‘Pam Fi Duw?’ A question that Menna might finds resonates with her now that this blog has reminded her of a few things.

Whilst Menna was Controller of BBC 1, 2000-11, the BBC proudly boasted that she was responsible for bringing various treasures to ‘global TV screens’, including the 70s favourite Upstairs Downstairs. Upstairs Downstairs was a drama about all the action in the London townhouse of Lord Bellamy – a Liberal politician – and his family, as well as their servants, who were overseen by a particularly sanctimonious butler called Hudson. Lord Bellamy had a son who was a Cad and made one of the servants pregnant. Out of the goodness of their upper class Liberal hearts the Bellamys allowed the servant to give birth upstairs at theirs and even paid for a Top Doctor to attend. Hudson was disgusted and made it clear that if it was up to him the serving wench with child would be out on the street. Well  if it was up to Menna and her mates, she’d have been in Dafydd’s dungeon. There was another episode in which one of the servants went insane after watching her boss go down with the Titanic. I don’t quite know how the servant managed to survive whilst her boss succumbed to the icy water, because the Titanic’s lifeboats were given to the first class passengers, they weren’t just wasted on anyone.

Menna also worked on the Welsh language current affairs programme ‘Y Byd Y Bedwar’. A journalist from ‘Y Byd Y Bedwar’ wanted  to make a programme about my experiences at the hands of the mental health services, but her boss pulled the plug on it without ever telling her why.

When she left the MSC, Claire Clancy worked for the Dept of Employment. Sir Peter Morrison, Thatcher’s mate and MP for Chester who was abusing children in care in north Wales as well as in other places, was Minister of State for Employment, June 1983-Sept 1985. Alan Clark was a junior Minister in the Dept of Employment for a time from 1983. Alan Clark was constructed by the Tories as a colourful character, but he was a sexually predatory total sleazebag who not only hassled under aged girls but wasn’t too concerned with issues of consent. The irony of him being a Minister for Employment was that according to Ken Clarke who worked with him – and with Morrison – Clark was a lazy git who infrequently did not make it into work. He also turned up in the Commons so drunk that he was barely able to speak. It must have been bad because it was Clare Short who complained about him and she was reputed to be frequently bladdered in the House.

Dame Claire will have known what Peter Morrison was up to as well as much of the accompanying detail in terms of who was keeping the victims quiet and how.

Dame Claire was Chief Exec of the National Assembly when Dame Gillian Morgan was appointed as Permanent Secretary for the Welsh Gov’t. Morgan had no experience in the civil service, but was actually a Top Doctor who had ealier in her career worked as the Director of Public Health in Leicester, where the NHS had assisted in concealing a paedophile ring. Morgan knew the senior managers of the NHS in north Wales which might have been the reason why their criminal conduct was not investigated (see post ‘A Major Coup – Or A Complete Disaster?’).

Claire Clancy owns a farm near Abergavenny. A number of people involved in concealing the north Wales paedophile ring retired to the Abergavenny area, such as social services senior manager Adrianne Jones and former Labour MP for Flintshire Baroness Eirene White (see post ‘A Bit More Paleontology’).

Claire’s predecessor as Chief Exec to the National Assembly, 2001-11, was Sir Paul Silk, who was appointed Chair of the Silk Commission on Devolution in Wales in 2011.

Before he was Chief Exec to the National Assembly, Sir Paul was a Clerk in the Commons for the best part of 25 years, between 1975-77, 1979-01 and 2007-10. Sir Paul clerked for three different Select Committees, including the Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Select Committees. He is also the former clerk of the Welsh Grand Committee.

The Home Office covered up a mountain of wrongdoing on the part of the North Wales Police and the Probation and Prison Services in relation to the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal during the years that Silk clerked.

Silk was involved with the administration of the National Assembly in it’s early days. As were a number of the paedophiles’ friends.

Silk went to school at Christ’s College, Brecon. As did Sir Simon Hughes, the Lib Dem MP for Bermondsey and Southwark, 1983-2015. There is approx one year difference in age between Silk and Hughes. Hughes said nothing about the numerous children in care in Southwark who were sent on placement to north Wales, even after complaints of serious abuse were made. Southwark Borough Council continued to send children to children’s homes in north Wales (see post ‘A Galaxy Of Talent’). However Hughes did sign an Early Day Motion in 1992 opposing the closure of Garth Angharad, a ‘hospital for mentally abnormal criminals’ which was actually one of the paedophiles’ prisons in Snowdonia, owned by Paul Hett, a struck off solicitor who also owned schools and children’s homes where kids were abused (see post ‘More On Those Prisons For Folk Who Dared’).

The early career of another person has caught my attention as well – Dame Shan Morgan, the Permanent Secretary for the Welsh Gov’t since Feb 2017. Much of Dame Shan’s career has been as a diplomat – she has been Ambassador to Argentina, Director of the European Union at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the attache at the British Embassy in Paris.

But guess what – Shan Morgan joined the MSC in 1977. And in 1987 she was Private Secretary to the Permanent Secretary at the Department of Employment – so she’ll have heard all about Peter Morrison and Alan Clark.

In 1994 Dame Shan was at the Dept of Education and Employment – shortly after a number of scandals involving the sexual abuse of children in residential schools by people like Ralph Morris, who was imprisoned (see post ‘The Mentor’). In 1991-92, Secretary of State for Education Ken Clarke horrified everyone by his laissez-faire attitude in the wake of such serious offences .

BBC News Wales have recently informed us that in the wake of the ever increasing complaints about and litigation against the NHS in Wales – particularly it seems the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board –  a change in culture is needed. I think that we have heard this before – again and again, for years. One person who agrees that a change in culture is needed is Vanessa Young, the Director of the NHS Confederation in Wales. That, readers might remember, is the body that ‘represents NHS employers’ – in other words, the greedy shameless crooks who run the Betsi who sacked a nurse who blew the whistle on the horrific abuse of elderly mental health patients because she had sex with her own husband (see post ‘Betsi Whistleblower Totally Shafted’). Vanessa is on record as stating that the NHS Confederation Wales is ‘the authentic voice of NHS leadership in Wales, speaking for the whole healthcare system’.

If there is one thing that ‘NHS leadership’ does not do, it is speak for the whole healthcare system, although it does run the whole healthcare system entirely for it’s own benefit.

So how likely is it that Vanessa will effect any sort of change, cultural or otherwise?

Judging from her CV, not very.

Vanessa joined NHS Confederation Wales in 2016. Prior to that she was Director of Corporate Services at Bridgend County Council, where she had been since 2012. She was Director of Resources for the WLGA, a body which has a long and glorious track record of ignoring the criminality in local authorities, especially in the children’s services and whose senior positions are occupied by paedophiles’ friends (see posts ‘The Reality Is, There Is No Problem’ and ‘A Major Coup – Or A Complete Disaster?’).

Vanessa has also been Chief Accountant for NHS Wales – so she must have noticed the millions being wasted and even disappearing completely. Such as when Martin Jones, the CEO of the North West Wales NHS Trust, flew to America first class with a bunch of his senior colleagues and stayed in the best hotels, all paid for by the Trust. No-one ever found out what Martin and his mates actually did in America. Then there was the posh crockery that the Trust purchased  – with gold leaf and the Trust logo on it, costing the best part of 15k – off which Martin and co ate their meals. The staff of Ysbyty Gwynedd openly discussed how the Trust was being run by madmen, but the madness continued as did the patient deaths and staff suicides. Then as Edwina Hart ordered the dissolution of the Trust, there was the purchase of the machine that went ping, although there were no staff to operate it – but Bangor University had just purchased a really grand machine that went ping and Martin and his equally mad Chairman Elfed Roberts didn’t want to be outdone. As a final gesture, the Financial Director of the Trust was alleged to have nicked what was left of the dosh.

Vanessa has also worked in Whitehall and the Welsh Gov’t as a policy civil servant.

So in the finest NHS tradition, the person now supporting the notion of a culture change had been part of the problem for decades and has resisted every bit of culture change throughout that time.

Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. Viscount Tenby lives in a small village, Crondall near Farnham. Lord Bramall also resides in Crondall, as coincidence would have it. The pair appear to be acquainted (i).

    Viscount Tenby was involved in covering up the involvement of police in the North Wales portion of the *alleged* Kincora-North Wales-Southeast England paedophilia and boy trafficking network, or so Scallywag alleged in 1994 (ii). Viscount Tenby’s son, too, was part of that alleged network, which reportedly tied Kincora and North Wales to Dolphin Square, other Southeast England locations including Elm Guest House and Brighton, and Parliament itself: in what 2017-18 reportage by ‘The Village’ magazine (focusing on survivor Richard Kerr) has suggested was a veritable conveyer-belt of paedophilia and ‘boys for questions’, ‘boys for profit’ and ‘boys for omerta’, well known to MI5 (iii).

    Lord Bramall was among those who took part in the alleged London paedophile parties supplied by the alleged network, or so ‘Nick’ told police in 2014. Coincidentally or not, Lord Bramall’s brother had a flat in Dolphin Square, records appear to show.

    Anthony Blunt sexually abused boys from Kincora within the Irish portion of the Kincora-North Wales-Southeast England paedophilia and boy trafficking network, Private Eye alleged in 1998 (iv). Anthony Blunt also sexually abused boys at the Elm Guest House (as did Harvey Proctor) according to records compiled by Mary Moss and seized by police in 2013 (v). I think Richard Kerr has identified Elm Guest House, along with Dolphin Square, as locations in Southeast England to which he himself was trafficked from Kincora. Lord Bramall and Anthony Blunt appear to both have been members of the exclusive Travellers Club in central London.

    To conclude, we find that Viscount Tenby, Lord Bramall and Anthony Blunt are all connected:
    Viscount Tenby to Lord Bramall;
    Lord Bramall to Anthony Blunt;
    and all three men to the North Wales children’s homes at the centre of the Waterhouse Inquiry (assuming we accept the accounts that Dolphin Square received trafficked kids from Bryn Estyn and Kincora alike).

    I genuinely do not know if these connections are meaningless or meaningful coincidences.

    Sally, have you come across any information about Viscount Tenby and his son that could connect either of them to abuse or cover-up in the North Wales homes? What about Lord Bramall?

    Could Tenby, Bramall, and Blunt be the innocent victims of ‘fantastists’: i.e., the late Scallywag journalist Simon Regan (the Tenby allegations); ‘Nick’ who has this week been arrested for *alleged* possession of child abuse images (the Bramall allegations); and Richard Kerr and Mary Moss/Carole Kasir/Chris Fay (the Blunt/Proctor allegations)?

    Or do you think Tenby and/or Bramall and/or Blunt and/or Proctor may have been involved in the alleged Anglo-Irish paedophilia and boy trafficking network? Interested in your thoughts.


    1. Hi
      Thanks for this info.

      Yes, I have come across Viscount Tenby and his connections to north Wales.

      Regarding Lord Brammall – his brother had a position of responsibility in ILEA whilst children from London boroughs were sent to north Wales, where they were abused. Anyone involved with ILEA will have known at least something about the complaints from those kids. I did blog about Lord Brammall’s brother some time ago.

      I have come across info or allegations against all the people mentioned in your comment.

      I have always noticed that although I don’t have any evidence against any of the high profile people named in the media who are fuming and protesting their innocence and threatening legal action, I do have evidence against people close to them. I cannot possibly say ooh yes Lord Brammall was a child abuser – but some people in ILEA definitely were and they were sending children to the paedophile gang in north Wales and Lord Brammall’s brother knew it. Whether Lord Brammall knew it I have no idea.

      Some of Viscount Tenby’s relatives were definitely involved with those who concealed child abuse in north Wales. But again, whether Viscount Tenby himself knew what was happening, I don’t know.

      There was definitely a paedophile network in north Wales with links to paedophile gangs in London, Leicester and the North East of England and scores of professional people working in medicine, law, the social services, education and welfare charities were involved. There were people working in business, finance and sport involved as well, but I know less about them because I have never worked in those sectors or had any dealings with them. The paedophile network in the UK had links to sex traffickers in Europe and elsewhere and they definitely killed victims and witnesses. I am less sure whether they killed children for sexual pleasure, as has been alleged.

      This was undoubtedly serious organised crime that went on for many years and was facilitated by corrupt police officers and judges – most people were too frightened to touch it. It was why I could get no help from anyone when that gang came after me. It didn’t matter how much evidence you had or how many witnesses, no action would be taken.

      The problem with the allegations that one hears about people whom one knows nothing about at all is that they could gave been targets of the gang themselves – one of the gang’s favourite allegations against whistleblowers was to claim that they were sex offenders! Rumours were put around that my friend Brown was a paedophile because he was making statements about what he’d seen happen to me. I am absolutely sure that some of the male psychiatric patients whom I knew in north Wales had been framed for sexual offences. It was Dafydd Alun Jones and his staff who should have been arrested, but of course that never happened.

      I notice that former Lib Dem MP John Hemming is one of those claiming to gave been wrongly accused of child abuse. He has been accused of raping someone in a woods in Staffordshire. There WAS a paedophile gang in Staffordshire, that was facilitated/protected by the Top Doctors, social services, police etc. But John Hemming has actually campaigned on the issue of a Top Doctor being allowed to practice when he was a danger to patients and the wrongdoing of the social services. That would make him a target and it is entirely possible that he has been smeared.

      The paedophile network of the 70s, 80s and 90s were very well connected because some of them were professional people, civil servants, politicians etc. They are now pulling out all the stops to ensure that was happened is never revealed, that the reputations of those now dead are preserved and are constructing themselves as the victims.

      The Freemasons are demanding protection under the ECHR and are complaining about being discriminated against. Of course I don’t believe that every Mason was a child molester, but that organisation definitely concealed the North Wales gang. The Masons are in no way an oppressed group.

      Greville Janner’s children are at present going apeshit about the allegations against their father. Laura seems to turn up on the BBC whenever she feels like it to insult her father’s accusers and her brother Daniel, a barrister, is threatening to sue the arse off them. They are so obviously trying to intimidate – I heard Laura yelling on the radio ‘he was innocent’. Well Janner was never convicted but that’s because although a file was sent to the DPP no action was taken – although the DPP has since admitted that it should have been and they can’t explain why Janner wasn’t prosecuted. Janner was of course supposed to be facing a trial of the facts – but WHOOPS, he died before the trial.

      I am happy to tell Laura and Daniel that I have documents in my posession demonstrating that the mental health services in Leicester WERE concealing a paedophile gang – and it was the gang that their father was alleged to have been involved with. Before Laura rocks up on the Today programme for her next bit of free PR, the journos might like to read a copy of Greville’s book ‘Janner’s Letter Writer’. Janner wrote it with Daniel years ago, before the allegations about Janner were made public. It explains how to lie and get away with it, how to ruin people financially and how to intimidate people whilst ensuring that you come up smelling of roses. I own a copy of this book and I can highly recommend it to anyone at whom Laura is going to scream ‘he was a LOVELY man’.

      Laura’s sister Marion styles herself as a mental health campaigner. She visited a thoroughly abusive mental health service in north Wales which employed people who facilitated the paedophile gang and in whose care numerous people have died and told everyone that the staff were excellent.

      1. Readers will have noticed that yesterday this blog came under serious attack after a former employee of Flintshire MIND dared to go public on the appalling malpractice that prevailed in that organisation -which resulted in the death of at least one ‘service user’.

        The e mail accounts of the MIND whistleblower and at least one other correspondent to this blog were hacked, my inbox and the inbox of the whistleblower filled up with shite all day, shite which became nastier and nastier and ended in serious threats. The person doing all this it transpired is the partner of the daughter of the Chief Officer of Flintshire MIND.

        The matter is now in the hands of the police.

        I have known that MIND was rotten to the core as long ago as the 1980s – it facilitated the wrongdoing of Dafydd and the paedophile gang. That ‘charity’ had been bought off by organised crime. Things are no better now.

        I am sufficiently pissed off with the way in which MIND sent a Threatening Bastard after my correspondent and me to now name two of those who assisted Dafydd and the paedophiles and who are still big players in MIND in north Wales.

        Robin Holden and Geoff Lees.

        Holden was a nurse who worked at Denbigh and who was there amongst the abuse and who knew about the dungeon where victims of sexual assault were imprisoned. Holden was then a nurse manager at the Hergest Unit and did nothing about the serious abuse of patients and the rocketing suicide rate. After a youthful ‘retirement’on a public sector pension, Holden set up a health care consultancy and sold his advice to the Betsi Board. Advice on how to improve the mental health services would you believe.

        Holden is now a ‘MIND executive’ and has responsibility for running some of the dreadful ‘services’ exposed by Karen on this blog.

        A police statement Holden – now. Not just about the toe rag who was sent after us yesterday, but about historical crimes of the most serious nature.

        Holden also knew about the abuse and trafficking of mental health patients at Prestwood Homes – young people abused and groomed for sex work. They were telling MIND workers what was happening to them and Holden was directly informed. He breezily said that he knew all about Prestwood but couldn’t do anything. He could have called the police – but of course MIND were part of the Prestwood scam, not that the poor bloody Prestwood residents knew that when they were ordered to take part in the MIND ‘activities’ and ‘drop ins’.

        Geoff Lees, Director of Vale of Clwyd MIND also knew about Prestwood – because I told him. As did a number of students at Coleg Menai in Bangor where Geoff worked as a lecturer who had part time jobs at Prestwood and were horrified at what they saw going on. Did Geoff tell me to go to the police? No. He gave me some curious advice. He told me to take it to the press. I told him that we were dealing with serious crime here and if I did that I’d never work again and the gang would come after me. Geoff’s response? It was to tell me that ‘shit happens’ and then to walk out of the room.

        It certainly does with people like you working in mental health Geoff.

        But Geoff and the sex offenders went back years – he was a CPN and a mental health social worker in north Wales when Dafydd had those patients in the dungeon. Geoff had a consultancy business as well – ‘independent social work consultancy’. And he and his wife ran a nursing home for young people, in Llandudno, going under the name of Apple.

        Nice little number Geoff – in return for keeping quiet about Dafydd and the paedophile gang. Lest you hadn’t noticed, shit has now happened to you – I suggest that you fess up.

        Geoff also knew about a young persons mental health unit in Abersytwyth where patients were being abused. As ever, one of the social work students tried to do the right thing and told Geoff what was going on. Bugger all was done to stop it.

        Then there was the student who revealed that a dangerous offender had been enrolled onto a course in an FE college in north Wales without appropriate safeguards. He followed a female member of staff into the bogs and sexually assaulted her.

        Not that Geoff and Coleg Menai could ever gave blown the whistle – because very similar things were happening there. Such as the predatory middle aged paedophile with a taste for S&M with non-consenting people who sat in the canteen every lunchtime engaging teenaged boys in conversation. One of the few sane senior members of staff in the place was horrified and told me to report him immediately if I saw him. I did see him, I went straight to the staff room and told two senior colleagues – Geoff and Sian Barker, another social worker. Geoff laughed and Sian told me not to worry about it because ‘he’s not interested in girls’.

        Sian Barker and her husband Richard were both social workers in north Wales when the paedophile gang – which targeted mainly boys – was at it’s worst. Was the predator in Coleg Menai an old customer from yesteryear Sian?

        When I told Geoff that I had raised the abuse of patients at the Hergest Unit with Ruth Coombes,the Director of MIND Cymru and she actually moaned ‘oh my God’ and terminated the phone call, Geoff told me that he’d get onto it because he was friends with her and that they both knew Jane Hutt!

        Some weeks later Ruth appeared on Welsh TV – talking about the sexual exploitation of patients at the Ablett Unit, after a member of staff was jailed for having sex with a patient. Ruth explained that such conduct could never be tolerated and MIND were at the forefront in fighting the abuse of patients. Not a word was mentioned about Hergest or Prestwood.

        The last I heard, Ruth was Director of the British Heart Foundation in Wales!

        1. When Theresa May stood up in the Commons and announced that Operation Pallial was to reinvestigate the North Wales paedophile ring, she announced that terrible stories of children disappearing had come out of north Wales.

          Want to know where the bodies are buried Theresa? They’re at the North Wales Hospital Denbigh. Either in the grounds or in the cellars/walls of the old building.

          Get out there and start excavating.

          1. A Prestwood client disappeared as well. Susan Colligan, a 19 yr old girl from Liverpool. She was told that if she didn’t ‘co-operate with therapy’ at Prestwood, she would be refused ‘support’ and taken back to Liverpool, where she could ‘die on an embankment’. I heard this said by Suzanne Hamlet, the monster who managed Prestwood.

            Susan made the mistake of telling MIND that her therapy at Prestwood was to watch porn. The MIND support worker told Robin Holden. Susan disappeared from Prestwood a few weeks later. No explanation given.

            Suzanne Hamlet told Susan that she was a former mental health nurse. Hamlet was actually a former alcoholic patient of Dafydd’s who spent years going in and out of his detox ward in Denbigh.

            Hamlet did a degree in psychology at Bangor University – she got a place on a scheme for vulnerable wimmin! She subsequently worked as a counselling tutor at Coleg Llandrillo – and was sacked for having a relationship with a student, Lynda Holland. They then set up home together and opened Prestwood…

            I was told that it was suspected that an eastern European trafficking gang was behind Prestwood. Everyone suspected Dafydd, his paw prints were all over the place, but the money involved was more than he could have produced alone, they were opening a new home every ten minutes.

            Hamlet is mercifully dead now, but Lynda Holland is still alive, going under the name of Lynda Hall. Come on Lynda – or ‘sweetie’ as you used to call your victims – trot along to the police station to cough, along with your daughters whom you empoyed as ‘managers’…

  2. I provided written details of the abuse that I had witnessed at Prestwood in a letter to the inspection unit at Conwy responsible for registering the home in Llandudno at which I’d witnessed the wrongdoing. My letter was ignored so I wrote another. That letter was ignored so I went out to see them. I was met by an aggressive woman who was accompanied by a completely silent woman. The aggressive woman told me that Prestwood patients were difficult. I replied that did not mean that they should be abused.

    This woman admitted to me that she knew that two residents had been seriously injured after jumping from upstairs windows and she also admitted that yes, a sex worker was taken into a Prestwood home on at least one occasion for the benefit of a male resident – a shared home in which young woman with histories of sexual abuse were also living. Her only concern was how I found out about this. She then demanded to know what I did for a living and where I worked.

    This inspection unit was run by Conwy Council.

    The Director of Social Services for Conwy for many years was Joanna Griffiths. Who is the wife of Aled Griffiths, the lecturer in law and social work at Bangor University who has starred on this blog previously.

    Aled was President of the Students Union at UCNW (Bangor University) many years ago. He will have known then that the psychology and social work lecturers were concealing the paedophile gang and that some of the graduates from those depts were working with the paedophile gang.

    Aled’s twin brother Huw was a solicitor who was actually in Bangor Magistrates Court on one of the occasions where I was framed by the paedophile gang’s associates. His witnessed this happen to many other people as well.

    Aled’s sister Gwenan Carrington was Director of Gwynedd Social Services whilst chaos and neglect prevailed. As part of their safeguarding measures, the Welsh Govt introduced a policy demanding that all Social Services Depts should have an independent children’s champion. Guess who the independent champion was in Gwynedd? Gwenan Carrington. There was her signature on the paperwork, for everyone to see. Did no-one actually not notice?

    Employees of Gwynedd Social Services had links with a team of visiting German social workers and sociologists with connections to Bangor University. The Germans were told that the mental health services in Gwynedd were excellent – the services were actually highly abusive and at least one social worker attending seminars with the German team was involved in the fabrication of evidence against patients to be presented in court herself.

    I don’t think that the Germans ever twigged as to what was happening. After all, they were meeting the colleagues of the paedophile gang, not the victims. However Aled Griffiths certainly saw his opportunity – he forged links to the European project although he did no work at all and was not part of the team. He then began making lots of visits to Germany – and Eastern Europe – and Russia…

    After getting nowhere with Conwy Social Services re Prestwood, I discovered that nursing homes can be closed down if ‘unfit’ people are running them. I was told which offices to visit in Caernarfon. I went there in person and discussed Prestwood but no-one responded to my concerns or followed them up. The office that I visited was located next to offices of Gwynedd County Council – and the dear old job centre – but was actually an office of the National Assembly for Wales.

    This was in 1999/2000. Jane Hutt was Minister for Health and Social Services.

    1. Sheila Jenkins. Vile abusive social worker with the Arfon Community Mental Health Team. Someone who bore false witness, broke confidentiality and was always willing to lie to the police.

      Sheila practiced Mindfulness with Mark Williams!

      Jenkins had a stroke when she was older and ended up paralysed. The irony was that she was abused by the carers when there was no-one else around. A fellow social worker found her on the floor in tears after she had been left there by those ‘carers’, asking ‘why can’t people just be kind to each other?’ Ah Sheila, as ye sow, so shall ye reap. God knows how many kids in care or patients in the dungeon must have asked that before old Sheila did.

      When someone who knew the enormity of what Jenkins had done before she had her stroke heard about the Sheila on the floor incident, they observed ‘let’s hope she stays that way for a very long time’.

      However she didn’t, she died and the abusive mental health professionals held a special conference entitled ‘Remembering Sheila’. Christ, the patients will never forget her.

      Sheila’s husband was Professor David Jenkins, who dined out on stories of how well thought of his wife was and how much she helped the Mad and Dangerous.

      No-one in Bangor University was allowed to mention what Sheila and colleagues had actually done to people and I was told to stop speaking ill of the dead when I mentioned that Sheila wasn’t quite all that she was cracked up to be. And I hadn’t even used the phrases ‘facilitating a paedophile gang’ or ‘victims of the paedophiles illegally arrested and kept in a dungeon’.

      Sheila and David had a daughter, Sarah Jenkins. Sarah followed her mother into the mental health business — Sarah is a clinical psychologist. Sarah did her first degree at Bristol and I think that she did her clin psych somewhere other than Bangor as well. Well if Sarah had trained in Bangor, she’d have had to have gone on placement with the dreadful Dafydd at the North Wales Hospital – who was know for sexually harassing the clin psych students. Sheila wasn’t going to let that happen. That particular fate was for other people’s children, not for the offspring of a well regarded family who Helped People like the Jenkins’s!

      Many years ago Sarah was a tenant of the corrupt GP Dr DGE Wood who concealed the paedophile gang along with Sarah’s mother – Sarah lived in a little chalet place with a girl whom I knew, in the grounds of Wood’s palatial residence on Anglesey.

      Wood used to complain about the extensive corruption in Anglesey County Council.

      Now how do you think life in north Wales came to be dominated by crooks then Wood?

      Come on David and Sarah, down the cop shop, cough up all those little nuggets that Sheila told you.

      1. Liz Stables. Worked as the nurse in the Student Health Centre at UCNW (Bangor University) for years.

        Liz knew absolutely everything – she knew that students were so distressed after meeting Gwynne the lobotomist that some of them injured themselves and attempted suicide and she witnessed DGE Wood threatening and intimidating people who complained. Liz knew that students records were being altered and fabricated and were libellous.

        She knew that Wood was breaching confidence and was holding unprofessional conversations about students with people whom he should not have been.

        Liz knew about the female student on my course who found out about the police corruption in Gwynedd and was pressurised by Wood to take up a job in Australia no less after she graduated – although she was horrified at the prospect. I suspect that this student was also another casualty of Gwynne the lobotomist as well.

        Liz also knew that Wood was receiving telephone calls from the father of a student who was asking Wood to break up the relationship between his daughter and another student. Interestingly enough the male student who needed to be disposed of ended up being sectioned in Ysbyty Gwynedd. Now I wonder what the circumstances which led to that were?

        Liz was particularly grateful to Wood because the University weren’t paying her very well and he fought the authorities and secured her a pay rise. How on earth did Wood manage to deal with the Iron Vice Chancellor Sir Charles Evans then, because Evans wouldn’t negotiate with anyone over anything.

        Liz did her nurse training at the old C&A Hospital in Bangor. She knew about the corruption at that hospital and knew that some of the nurses had a prostitution racket going with the patients as customers.

        Liz knew how dangerous the practices were at Ysbyty Gwynedd, the hospital which replaced the C&A. It was so bad at YG that just a few months after opening, some of the local police officers and nurses were warning their friends and families not to go to YG.

        I have never previously named Liz because I’m sure that she was probably quite frightened of the paedophiles’ friends. But sadly Liz did what so many of those who were frightened did – she made friends with them.

        Before I ever encountered Dafydd I remember Liz telling me what a great bloke he was. When I encountered him myself not long afterwards and was threatened with the dungeon, I kept thinking ‘surely Liz Stables couldn’t gave known about THIS’.

        But she did. Everybody who worked in nursing, medicine, or the social services in north Wales at that time knew. It’s why they were so frightened of their own families becoming mentally ill. Nothing to do with stigma – they knew who was running that hospital. And they knew that some patients went through the doors and were literally never seen again.

        It’s more than 30 yrs since I complained about Gwynne the lobotomist Liz and I and my correspondents are being hassled by a vile little scumbag because we’ve dared blow the whistle after all these years.

        Go to the police now and tell them everything that you know. I will not be threatened into silence by gangsters.

        I notice that Liz’s son did medicine at Liverpool. Liverpool Medical School was the hub of Dafydd’s network…

        1. Brenda Roberts – another Angel of the North Wales.

          Brenda trained at the C&A Hospital with Liz Stables. Brenda hated Liz but I don’t know why – it can’t possibly have been because Liz’s ethical standards were found wanting.

          After years of shagging someone else’s husband who worked as Top Doctor – the decades long shagathon finally ended when the Top Doctor dumped Brenda and told her that he’d decided not to leave his wife after all – Brenda arrived in a senior role at Coleg Menai where her nastiness, bullying and fuckwittery were always explained away by the story of Brenda’s Broken Heart.

          Brenda was particularly dreadful to one member of staff – who happened to be married to the Hergest whistleblower. Eventually this person’s finances became sufficiently healthy to enable her to give up one of her two jobs – she gave up teaching at Coleg Menai but continued working at the Travelodge, because the lot at the Travelodge were so much nicer than Broken Hearted Brenda et al.

          North Wales bubbled over with Brenda Anecdotes. I was told repeatedly that she was unfairly favouring certain students for personal reasons, so I was interested to find that when I did some part time lecturing at Coleg Menai – after a few weeks once I’d got to know the class and had started grading their work – Brenda went right through my marks and systematically downgraded one student because ‘her Welsh wasn’t good enough’. This was an English medium course and there was no requirement for any student to even know as much as ‘bore da’. This student withdrew from the course before she completed it which was sad, because she was one of the best students.

          Somehow I think that Brenda’s real motive was unrelated to language skills, although I don’t know what it was. Towards the end of the course, just before the exams, I repeatedly gave all the students warnings that the deadline for the handing in of coursework was approaching. Everyone managed to get it in, except for one student who had done nothing all year and had ignored all warnings. Days before the final deadline it became obvious that he really had not completed any of it, so I went to Brenda and asked ‘so shall I fail him now’? In response Brenda screamed at me in horror ‘you don’t fail ANYONE. You write it for him and he can copy it’. (He didn’t speak a word of Welsh by the way.)

          I had heard that this was going on but this was the first time that I had been actually ordered to complete a student’s coursework for them myself.

          Think that it doesn’t really matter if a student in a not very prestigious FE college in north Wales picks up a qualification on the basis of their teacher’s work? It matters a lot – this was an access to NHS careers course and that particular student wanted to be a paramedic.

          There was one lovely student on the course who was aiming for nursing. She had come from a difficult background, had no parental support and was working very long shifts at MacDonalds to support herself whilst she studied. She did go into nursing and did very well at degree level. She landed a job at Ysbyty Gwynedd – and resigned after a year because she was not prepared to ignore the bad practice and neglect of patients that was endemic.

          Brenda knew how bad it was at Ysbyty Gwynedd. She used to say that she’d never let a relative of hers go there. She knew – she’d worked there.

          This was in 2001/02. Er – anyone remember Blair and ‘Education, Education, Education’ and how we were all reassured that allegations of cheating, deception and box ticking exercises in the education system to pretend that things were rather less parlous than they were was just a lot of nonsense? Well there was massive cooking of the books at Coleg Menai, it was why they couldn’t keep staff. That and Brenda’s relentless harassing and idiocy.

          Lest anyone accuses me of willingly participating in Blair’s deception, I didn’t. Being told to write a student’s coursework to enable him to travel around in an ambulance in a green boiler suit and to blame other people when his patients died was a step too far for me. I refused to draft his coursework and Brenda was not a happy bunny.

          I did wonder if I was going to be sacked, particularly as I had already blotted my copybook. Another class of students were preparing to sit their exam after completing a course that had been advertised in the local press as being suitable for all students no matter what their financial circumstances because it was FREE, NO FEES AT ANY POINT. Nearly all the students were women working as very badly paid care assistants who were hoping to one day go into nursing. One of them was also caring for her learning disabled brother. They had all worked very hard and were diligent. Just weeks before the exam, they received a letter from Coleg Menai demanding a substantial fee in order to sit the exam, rather more than a usual exam fee. I was not told that this was going to happen and neither were they. A lot of them did not have the money, some were angry and one was in tears. Three of them actually brought in the original advert from the paper and the registration documents stating that this was a free course.

          I told the students that I agreed with them, that this was unfair and they had been misled. I raised the matter with the admin dept and the Third World War broke out. Brenda was seething, because I had backed up students who had criticised the Coleg. As opposed to doing their coursework for them.

          I survived these events for only one reason. Paedophiles’ friend Geoff Lees had been offered the job as Director of Vale of Clwyd MIND and literally walked out of his job at Coleg Menai on the spot and told them to take a running jump. Before he walked out Geoff chucked every bit of admin in the bin without making a record of anything, explaining that it was ‘crap’ and that he wasn’t going to waste hours doing that.

          He was correct that it was crap but unfortunately for Brenda the dept was due for an external inspection – poor old Brenda had just been appointed head of dept and she went into meltdown. I treasure the memory of Brenda sitting holding her head in her hands when she realised that there were no records of anything. No coursework marks, no student numbers, nothing.

          Brenda tried to resolve the situation as she always did – she snapped and snarled at me and the other member of staff whom she had enlisted into helping her out and got nastier and nastier as she realised the scale of the disaster. It was at that point that I decided to leave. I have no idea how Brenda solved the problem, I suspect that figures were simply made up and hastily completed documentation was shown to the inspectors. Coleg Menai subsequently received a glowing inspection report…

          Brenda had a mate – Janice Lewis. Janice had learnt at the knee of Coleg Menai and had learnt well. There were many Janice anecdotes circulating around Bangor as well, very similar to the Brenda anecdotes – bullying, lying, favouring certain students for personal reasons, managing health and social care courses with the intention of supplying staff to the region’s NHS whilst she freely admitted that Ysbyty Gwynedd was so bloody dangerous that she’d never set foot in there as a patient herself.

          The most spectacular Janice anecdote that I heard was that she had made an excuse not to admit a student with epilepsy onto a course because having to make provision for her would involve the Coleg in too much work.

          Anyone up for disability discrimination in a health and social care dept?

          To return to my principal theme of these comments. Janice, Brenda and Geoff and indeed others at Coleg Menai knew about organised child sexual abuse in the region and they also knew about the abuse of mental health patients – because some of the students had been on the receiving end and were so distressed that they were telling the staff and asking us to help them. I received a letter from one mature female student describing her experience of crimes so serious that the police should have been called in. She was a Hergest mental health patient who described being forced into prostitution when she was 10 yrs old. It was my first lecturing job and Geoff was my boss – I asked him what to do and he replied ‘tell her to go along to the college counsellor, this is nothing to do with us’.

          No, lecturers aren’t counsellors. But they are human beings and we were being told about a paedophile and sex trafficking ring – the ring that no-one knew anything about of course. The ring run by people whom the older members of staff had worked alongside and were often friends with.

          I do not ever remember hearing about any investigation as a result of the Coleg’s counselling service hearing about serious sexual offences.

          One student with mental health problems who had enrolled e mailed the tutors at Coleg Menai and alleged that the Hergest Unit were attempting to stop him attending the course after he had complained about the Hergest. We received increasingly panicky phone calls, e mails and letters. The problem was resolved when he was sectioned for six months. Geoff was relieved because the student was ‘too ill’ to do the course. That might have been the case – but this was the Hergest Unit. Interestingly enough this young man repeatedly named the Top Doctor whom he claimed was steadily wrecking his life – it was Sadie Francis, who if the statements that she had made about me to the police had ever been believed in court, would have seen me go to prison for a very long time.

          You must remember this young man Sadie, he might have been too ill for a course at Coleg Menai, but he was the only ‘chronic schizophrenic’ on your books who bred champion racehorses. Until of course his business failed after he was sectioned for six months…

          The reason why Coleg Menai had a steady stream of staff to be kicked about by the paedophiles’ friends was that many of the academics working in Bangor University had highly qualified partners/spouses who were after teaching and lecturing jobs. There was also a steady stream of postgrads and postdocs looking for casual lecturing jobs whilst they applied for academic posts. Which led to a rather odd situation – the lowly paid part time and casual jobs were filled by people far more highly qualified than the senior roles.

          Coleg Menai was reputed to be run entirely on nepotism and cronyism and it was a standing joke that no senior positions were ever advertised, either internally or externally. A Brenda or a Janice would suddenly arrive at the Coleg one day in a brand new managerial role, after the fairy godmother had paid them a visit.

          The fact that the place was managed by very highly paid but not very highly qualified or capable paedophiles’ friends working every scam possible led to the senior managers being known as the Chavistocrats.

          They provided endless fun for all the family. Janice, whilst she led the health and social care dept which taught the value of healthy eating and good nutrition, was spotted shopping in Morrisons with multiple bags brimming over with crisps and coca cola.

          Despite Coleg Menai’s manipulation of data and wonderful inspection reports, some years ago rumours flew around north Wales that the Welsh Gov’t had got wind of what was going on at Coleg Menai and that the Chavistocrats might have to watch their step. Then a news item appeared in the media which maintained that the Welsh Govt had expressed concern about the expense accounts of the senior managers at Coleg Menai and allegations were made that the Chavistocrats had been hiring very expensive cars to convey themselves back and forth between events.

          Just two weeks later I and colleagues from Bangor University attended a conference in Llandudno to which the Chavistocrats had also been invited. Three of our team had worked at Coleg Menai and had experienced the Chavistocrats. So imagine how delighted we were when after the conference ended and we were leaving the venue to cram into the one old banger that had taken us there, we saw the Chavistocrats climbing into the two hired Mercedes that had arrived to transport Janice and her colleague home.

          Janice looked at us as though we were turds, although to be fair we were howling with laughter at the Chavistocrats’ sense of public duty.

          By this time Janice had been promoted to Vice Principal.

          Some weeks later I was giving a friend a lift home when we saw a Rolls Royce driving through Caernarfon no less. My friend observed that it was either Janice inside or that Martin Jones, the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, had received his redundancy package.

          Everyone wondered if the party would end when the Welsh Gov’t merged Coleg Menai with Coleg Llandrillo near Llandudno. Llandrillo had a much better reputation than Coleg Menai and had succeeded in embarrassing the Chavistocrats by proving so attractive to so many students living in Bangor on the Chavistocrats own territory.

          The news soon came through – there would be no redundancies at Coleg Menai as a result of the merger, so the Chavistocrats could sleep soundly once more. One of my friends was very good mates with a head of dept at Llandrillo who was certainly worked very hard, but loved her job and had much loyalty to her employer. She resigned a couple of years ago and left north Wales completely. She told my friend that her job had been made impossible by a grossly incompetent very unpleasant senior manager who had previously worked at Coleg Menai and had been transferred to Llandrillo into a senior role, despite very obviously not having a clue how to run a Coleg.

          I cannot think who that might have been.

          1. Dee Jones, now known as Dee Gray. An Angel from Liverpool who then did a law degree, but not I suspect very well.

            Dee had exited at least two depts in Bangor University under a cloud before she arrived in the open plan office which I joined when I began my PhD.

            Dee claimed to be an ‘NHS risk management specialist’ and when I began my PhD had just landed a sizeable grant to carry out a project with the Welsh Risk Pool. I don’t know how Dee secured a grant that substantial, because she was very obviously out of her depth, had very few publications and could not manage the project.

            I did not know Dee before I shared an office with her but I had only been in the office a matter of days when Dee held a project meeting. Two of the senior members of her team were Patricia Gaskell, who had just left her post as solicitor for the North Wales NHS Trust and John Bowles, who was the risk manager for the Trust.

            Gaskell had just weeks previously failed to resolve a very serious complaint of mine about the Hergest Unit, which included an assault on me by four members of staff – the same four staff had been the subject of a number of other complaints from patients and I understand that staff too had raised concerns about their conduct. Gaskell gave every sign of being open and honest with my lawyer and I and maintained that her hands were tied in the face of employment legislation and trade union activity. When my lawyer finally extracted my records from the Trust by subpoenaeing Keith Thomson, the CEO – he resigned hours later – they contained documents showing that not only did Gaskell have a very cosy relationship with the four abusive members of staff and constantly reassured them that they did not have to answer any questions or indeed explain themselves at all, but that Gaskell had also lied to another patient who had made a serious complaint about the same ward. The records also contained derogatory comments written by staff about me and other patients who had made complaint.

            John Bowles was hated by everyone, including Dee, who memorably described him as being ‘all that is wrong with the NHS’. He referred to his colleagues as ‘my subordinates’.

            Gaskell recognised me as soon as she saw me and the atmosphere was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Bowles obviously knew who I was –
            by then I was taking the advice of a specialist lawyer in the wake of constant threats and harassment from NHS and social services staff – and took to hanging around my desk staring at my computer screen and paperwork, as well as ensuring that he listened to every phone call that I made.

            Brown and I had begun publishing some of the less worrying things that had happened to me at the hands of the mental health services and one day Dee got very angry with me. She yelled that I was putting her career in jeopardy with my publications and complaints about the dear old NHS. Which was certainly an interesting analysis from someone who had fallen out with every member of her team and was presiding over a project that was obviously falling apart.

            I then learnt that Dee knew that babies and mothers had died in Wrexham Maelor Hospital and that the midwives did not know why but that the hospital managers had refused an investigation because they didn’t want to run the risk of bad publicity.

            Risk management indeed, NHS style!

            Dee also knew all about the abuse of mental health patients in north Wales. She had met the manager who had been appointed to modernise the Hergest Unit – that is try to stop the assaults on patients by staff and the suicides – Craig Barton. Dee had asked Barton what his plans were in the face of the very serious problems at the Hergest Unit. Barton replied that he wasn’t even going to try to modernise the Hergest Unit because Alun Davies, the manager of the mental health services, was ‘alright’ if you kept on the right side of him, but if you crossed him ‘your feet wouldn’t touch the floor’.

            The deaths at the Hergest continued.

            Craig Barton is now the Director of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Which is a source of constant scandal and avoidable deaths.

            I then discovered that Dee had used her knowledge of what had happened to me to extract a grant from Ysbyty Gwyned for a tick box review of their A and E dept, to reassure everyone just how excellent it was. She didn’t drive much of a hard bargain, they only gave her 7k, which wasn’t much for keeping quiet about the barrel of shit which was the NW Wales NHS Trust.

            One day a TV journalist rang me expressing an interest in filming a documentary about the mental health services. Dee heard the telephone call and later cornered me and asked if I’d suggest to the journo that they ought to do a hatchet job on the VC of Bangor University instead. What crimes he was supposed to have committed I do not know – he was one of the people who never tried to gain info about what was happening to me at the hands of the NHS or never tried to threaten me into dropping my complaint or keeping quiet. Which was a great deal more than could be said for Dee and a number of other people.

            Eventually Dee’s project imploded. There were no outputs and the two PhD students left without PhDs. There was a huge row and talk of the University having to repay the funding body.

            Dee then sued the University and I was told that she ‘screwed them over’ for a considerable amount of money. I have no idea what her grounds for suing were.

            She then walked into a job with Public Health Wales. In her capacity with Public Health Wales on at least one occasion she hurled abuse at someone who had kept her waiting, on the grounds that she was a very important person who was not going to be treated like this.

            She departed from Public Health Wales under the usual enormous cloud. Dee then set up an ‘executive coaching agency’ – ‘Grays’ – and has been commissioned by the Betsi, to train their senior doctors in the ways of ‘accepting change’ no less. The Betsi, despite being millions of pounds in debt and receiving regular bail outs from the Welsh Gov’t, actually paid Dee good money for this.

            I cannot help wondering if the key to Dee’s success is not simply to keep schtum about patients being abused and placed in danger, but her good relationship with Gren Kershaw, the former CEO of the North Wales NHS Trust who concealed a great deal of blood on the carpet at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.

            There was something else that worried me far more than all this however.

            There was a patient in north Wales who had received as much of a bad time from the mental health services as I did – after he had complained about the Hergest. This man was one of those who actually ended up in prison on bail, although the case against him brought by the Hergest was so flimsy that the charges were dropped.

            It became very clear that there was an unspoken arrangement on the part of the mental health services to completely unlawfully deny this man all treatment. He suffered from crushing depressions and it became well known in north Wales that after his suicide attempts, if concerned people rang for help, it really just somehow didn’t ever arrive. On at least one occasion a duty social worker flatly refused to attend when they were told who the patient was – which was unlawful.

            This patient’s situation was so well known that in the end people would just ring the police – who were actually fantastic on every occasion, admitted that there was one hell of a problem at Hergest and ended up offering to drive him to any hospital in Wales to try to get him treatment.

            Before that happened, this man experienced an extended severe depression and constantly attempted suicide. He told me and others that he was so desperate for treatment that he was going to park his car outside Ysbyty Gwynedd and take a huge overdose, ‘because then they’ll have to help me’.

            I and this man’s other friends were very worried about what we perceived to be a very high risk strategy in the face of a hospital where patients were being assaulted by staff, framed and sent to prison and were dropping like lemmings. So we used to take it in turns going over to this man’s house to check on him. One day I was at work and announced that I was leaving early to check on him. Dee heard this and piped up that she didn’t know that I knew him. I confirmed that I did and that I was very worried that he was would make another suicide attempt in his efforts to gain care from the Hergest Unit.

            Dee then said something extraordinary. She let out that there was indeed an arrangement within Ysbyty Gwynedd not to treat him under any circumstances and very soon he would die and that would be the end of their problems with him. And according to Dee it would bloody well serve him right.

            That man was very seriously ill Dee. Perhaps you would now like to explain what it was that he knew about the paedophiles’ friends to warrant the death sentence. As well as come clean on the rest of the dodgy NHS deals that you were involved with, because you certainly weren’t landing jobs and funding on the basis of your ability and track record.

            Whilst I shared an office with Dee, my drawer and cupboard was ransacked on a number of occasions and somebody accessed my computer more than once. But then John McTernan’s brother-in-law also shared that office and he actually nicked my computer, so it might not all have been down to Dee…

  3. Dr Alwyn Roberts – was Chair of the Council at Bangor University and might still be Chair. A former missionary who was the Pro Vice Chancellor at Bangor – he stood down as PVC in 1997.

    Alwyn Roberts was a member of the S4C Authority, Chair of the Broadcasting Council for Wales and BBC Governor for Wales, 1980-87.

    According to Gareth Price’s book ‘The Broadcasters of BBC Wales 1964-90′, Alwyn Roberts was the only ally among the Governors that Alasdair Milne had when he was Director General of the BBC. Margaret Thatcher famously hated the BBC as well as Alasdair Milne and Marmaduke Hussey was appointed Chairman of the BBC to give all the pinkos a kicking. Gareth Price maintains that Alwyn Roberts was such a staunch ally of Milne’s that Hussey waited until after Roberts’s farewell dinner before ousting Milne.

    In the mid 1980s Margaret Thatcher’s Gov’t implemented university cuts so severe that some institutions were nearly closed down. The man who swung the hatchet was Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, the Chairman of the University Grants Committee. At the time there was much puzzling over why Swinnerton-Dyer/Thatcher had targeted certain universities. Everyone knew that Thatcher had no sympathy for universities at all, but some of the universities which suffered most were actually institutions of the sort which Thatcher claimed to want to support. Aston University was a predominantly engineering based university, but suffered a cut in its funding of I think approx 40%. Star of this blog Sir Frederick Crawford was installed as VC at Aston to do Thatcher’s bidding and caused much bad feeling, inflicting considerable damage upon some of the soundest parts of the university. Bangor suffered at the same time and the drama, philosophy and I think the maths depts closed.

    Years later I heard from a number of different sources that although there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth at Bangor, Swinnerton-Dyer’s original plan had been to actually close Bangor down and there was a very real threat that this would happen. I was told that it was Alwyn Roberts who met Swinnerton-Dyer and had a truly terrible time – Swinnerton-Dyer did have a reputation for having his opponents for breakfast. Somehow though it was actually Alwyn Roberts who managed to persuade Swinnerton-Dyer not to close Bangor down. Which is interesting – not only was the old bag famously not for turning, but she had bugger all interest in or sympathy for Wales and I would imagine considered Bangor University to be no more than a gnat on the backside of the outer darkness.

    No-one has ever told me how Alwyn Roberts managed to oppose Swinnerton-Dyer’s plans.

    At the time that Swinnerton-Dyer planned to close Bangor University the social work and psychology depts, as well as the Student Health Centre, were facilitating a paedophile gang which was supplying children to Westminster figures, including Thatcher’s friend Sir Peter Morrison who was Minister of State for Employment.

    Did perhaps Alwyn Roberts manage to communicate this to Swinnerton-Dyer, in the way that Lord Wyn Roberts was reminded of it when he was visited by people campaigning for S4C and a Welsh Language Act?

    Alwyn Roberts was President of the National Eisteddfod. The paedophiles’ friends were well-represented in the Gorsedd, as were mates of Dafydd’s.

    I have been told two memorable anecdotes about Swinnerton-Dyer.

    One was from my best friend from school, who was a student at Stirling University when Swinnerton-Dyer and the UGC visited Stirling after proposing severe cuts to the institution. The students at Stirling were very much more militant than at Bangor and I used to hear about all the action up there from my friend. After the UGC’s visit to Stirling I received a letter giving full details of how an angry mob of howling and screaming students – my friend among them – had pursued the minibus containing the UGC down the road, caught up with it and attacked it, rocking the minibus to and fro whilst the terrified faces of Swinnerton-Dyer et al could be seen peering out. Much as I thought that this was entertaining, I did think that my friend had gone a bit far. If I’d known then that Swinnerton-Dyer was one of the many who was bought off and remained silent about the paedophile gang that murdered witnesses and tried to kill me, I’d have suggested to my friend and her mates that they should push the UGC minibus over a cliff.

    The other Swinnerton-Dyer anecdote was provided by a man who was one of Swinnerton-Dyer’s maths undergrads at Cambridge. He told me that Swinnerton-Dyer was a deeply unpleasant man and had a habit of walking around Trinity wearing only a towel around his nether regions, in order to display his gorgeous, rippling, muscled body. I asked my friends what he did when a woman walked past and my friend observed that in those days there weren’t any women there. Not that Swinnerton-Dyer minded – my friend told me that Swinnerton-Dyer was interested in having sex with male undergrads.

    Swinnerton-Dyer was VC of Cambridge, 1979-83. A global leader!

    Alwyn Roberts and Swinnerton-Dyer are still alive, but very elderly. As neither of them have many more miles on the clock left, perhaps they’d like to provide the details of the shabby deal that was thrashed out that enabled Bangor University to live to see another day – and Dafydd to carry on imprisoning the victims of the paedophile gang in the dungeon at Denbigh.

    Alwyn Roberts had his farewell dinner as BBC Governor for Wales on 30 Jan 1987. Which was just a few days after I had been released from Denbigh after being illegally imprisoned with the paedophile gang’s victims – the Angels from Denbigh actually drove me to a railway station and loaded me onto a train for London. Before being released I was told repeatedly to ‘shut my mouth about DA’ and dear old DA himself told me that if I ever set foot in north Wales again he’d have me arrested.

    As readers know, I didn’t take any notice of the daft old bugger’s threats.

    By the time that Roberts was having his final BBC dinner, Peter Morrison had become Deputy Chairman of the Tory Party.

    1. ‘There is no evidence of a Westminster Paedophile Ring’.

      ‘We didn’t know what was happening to children in care in north Wales’.

      Operation Pallial has reopened the investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse Scandal. So the police are pleading for witnesses to come forward. That’ll be the police who watched and assisted the paedophile gang for years as some of us were assaulted, framed and dragged through the courts for offences that everyone knew we had not committed. After we had repeatedly informed the police of being threatened and assaulted by staff of the mental health services.

      You all knew. All of you. Which is why witnesses will not now come forward. Nothing to do with stigma. It’s because their houses will go up in flames if they do come forward.

      Nothing to do with Welsh Nationalists – it was the paedophile gang and their associates.

      Where were the security services who were called in to deal with the Nationalists and the cottage burning? They were concealing the fucking paedophile gang because one of them was Thatcher’s aide and the Tory MP for Chester.

      No wonder no-one got to the bottom of the cottage burning. It was probably the security services themselves muddying the waters.

      The bodies of the missing people are in the grounds of the North Wales Hospital. Everyone who worked in the welfare services in north Wales in the 70s, 80s and 90s knows it. It’s why there were such traumas when Denbigh was earmarked for closure. And why part of it remained opened after 1995 -although everyone was told that it had closed.

  4. So why was the building plastered in notices saying that it was too dangerous to enter when young men who like exploring old buildings started going out there?

    Patients had been living in the place just months previously.

    Why was there always a problem with the sale of the building every time that a developer wanted to buy it?

    Why did some Councillors in Denbigh want it demolished on the grounds that it was a shameful reminder? They never found it shameful enough to want to close it down – they fought the closure every step of the way.

  5. The children in the Ty’r Felin children’s home on the Maesgeirchan estate in Bangor were battered, raped and occasionally made pregnant by the social workers caring for them.

    The girls were sold for sex locally in north Wales and the boys were trafficked to London. A boy from Ty’r Felin was found wandering the corridor in Dolphin Square in the early hours. He told people that he had been taken there on a number of occasions.

    How exactly does a Welsh boy in care from Bangor rock up in Dolphin Square, home of MPs and civil servants? Gaining access to Dolphin Square won’t be like popping next door for a cup of sugar on Maesgeirchan, that place will be like Fort Knox.

    Perhaps Meri Huws the Welsh Language Commissioner could tell us. Meri used to work as a community social worker for Gwynedd Social Services – on Maesgeirchan.

    Dr DGE Wood might know as well. The area covered by his surgery included Maesgeirchan.

    1. Another estate where the residents were targeted by the paedophiles and their associates was Ysgubor Goch in Caernarfon. People were left to kill themselves by the mental health services, were stitched up for offences and generally given a hard time.

      So perhaps Dr Delyth Morris aka Duckula would like to fess up. Duckula was employed as a social worker by Gwynedd Social Services on Ysgubor Goch before her mate Glyn Wiliams gave her a PhD and a job at Bangor University – and he must have literally given her that PhD, because she certainly wasn’t capable of writing it herself. Which might have been why she plagiarized other people’s ideas and work – like mine, on at least one occasion.

      Glyn Williams was investigated by the University for unfair practices – he was accused of systematically marking up certain favoured students. He was cleared.

      One of the recent members of the fair practice committee at Bangor University was Elfed Roberts, the former Chairman of the NW Wales NHS Trust.

      Duckula sat as a magistrate in Holyhead. Until she was asked to stand down after she attempted to persuade the police not to prosecute her son when someone made a complaint of assault against him.

      The same son completed a PhD which was of all things sponsored by Tesco – this was before Tesco made noises about opening its own university. Someone who was friends with Duckula’s son told me that the sponsorship for his PhD was forthcoming after Duckula campaigned on behalf of Tesco when they wanted to build a big supermarket in Holyhead. There was a lot of local opposition, so Duckula was kind enough to organise a petition in support of the Tesco store. The Tesco store duly arrived. Planning permission won’t have been a problem, it never is with Anglesy County Council, they are most obliging which is how some of the Councillors have become so wealthy.

      Duckula herself received planning permission from Anglesey County Council to build a load of bungalows on her fields near her house.

      I was also told by the friend of Duckula’s son that Duckula’s son at one point developed a taste for illegal substances which Duckula helpfully stashed at her house. I didn’t witness this myself so if anybody wants to confirm it they’ll have to ask Duckula – although she might be over-wintering at her second home in France. The second home that she keeps quiet, what with her being so critical of second homes in north Wales.

      Daughter of Duckula, Gillian, was in a relationship with Sion Aubrey Roberts, who was imprisoned in 1993 for sending letter bombs. Duckula got on very well with Sion Aubrey, although that relationship did lead to quips about a family Christmas at Duckula’s place involving a present under the tree which was ticking loudly – an alarm clock of course!

      Sion Aubrey was under suspicion of burning cottages, as was Dewi Prysor. Dewi robustly maintained his innocence and was never convicted, although he spent many months in Risley Remand Centre. Dewi always maintained that he was framed by the police, as did Bryn Fon when incendiary devices were supposedly found on his properly. The North Wales Police and the paedophiles’ friends were busy framing me at the time, so I’ve always wondered what Dewi and Bryn knew about Dafydd and the paedophiles – they were stitched up as demands for a police investigation into the paedophile gang could not be ignored any longer.

      I think Tesco have now been given the go ahead to establish a university. I look forward to seeing Duckula appointed as Vice Chancellor.

  6. In the 1980s the biological sciences depts in Bangor had a very good reputation – forestry and wood science were considered as good as they were in Oxbridge and students felt very pleased with themselves if they secured a place.

    So in 1984 a lot of forestry students became very disillusioned when a prize A idiot turned up on the degree. The mystery deepened when it became known that this student did not have anything like the A level grades that every one else had been asked to achieve. The student himself soon proferred an explanation – his mum was a lecturer in botany at Durham and had used her contacts at Bangor to secure her son a place.

    It soon became clear that this student was a very big problem and not just because his A levels weren’t up to much. How did I find out? Because he moved into our house and for one horrible term we lived with him.

    He acquired a girlfriend who was also a student at Bangor and was actually very nice and dropped by regularly. One day she began crying and revealed that the forestry student had been violently assaulting her – and forcing her to pose for porn pbotos. It got worse. We then found out that he had raped a girl up in Durham before he ever went to Bangor. For some reason this never went to court – but his well connected parents did enlist the help of a psychiatrist, so at least one Top Doctor in the north east of England knew that this young man was sexually violent.

    Not many people in Bangor knew about this student’s sexual abuse of his girlfriend and we didn’t publicise it because we felt that she had quite enough on her plate with him as it was, without her confidentiality being breached over that matter.

    However, a lot of people did know a lot of other things about him. They knew that he had threatened some children on Anglesey. They knew that he had gone out with the hunt saboteurs to Cheshire and had ended up in so much trouble that even the hunt sabs grassed him up to the police because they considered him to be a danger. They knew that he took two young women for a drive around Anglesey in his Land Rover and drove so dangerously that the girls ended up hysterical and refused to get back in the Land Rover with him and another young man had to collect them and drive them home.

    They knew that he joined the Bangor University Mountaineers (known as BUMS) – which at the time were causing concern because there had been so many accidents and there were fears that safety was being disregarded – and turned up at the funeral of a student who had been killed in a climbing accident and caused upset.

    There was also trouble when this student joined the University diving club. His idea of a joke was to shut off people’s oxygen supplies when they were underwater. No-one would partner him because he was so dangerous and none of the diving instructors wanted him in their group, so it was suggested that Dr Tony Jones should tutor him. Tony Jones was a rather overtly macho South African lecturer who was part of the mountain rescue team. He was very useful in that he stood up to certain twats of the parish but unfortunately he had links with other twats of the parish, including some of the corrupt police officers in north Wales. Tony Jones stated that if he was forced to teach ‘that idiot’, he would resign. Even Tony Jones did not confront him, the University just kept him out of Tony Jones’s way.

    When he went home to Durham for the summer after his first year at Bangor, this student was once again involved in something weird which no-one ever got to the bottom of. Someone had committed suicide in the north east by jumping off a bridge – and he’d been on the scene. Right next to the man who jumped. He saw it happen. He was the only witness. He became so violent afterwards that the helpful Top Doctor was called in again.

    The Student Health Centre also knew all about this student. They also knew that he contracted ameobic dysentery when he went on a trip to north Africa and refused treatment. (We were undergrads – it was of course the dysentery that made this man absolutely famous in Bangor, people would cheerfully yell ‘are you the ones sharing the house with that bloke with dysentery?’ and ‘we do not want to be infected’ whilst screaming with laughter.) He later contracted bilharzia on a trip abroad and refused treatment for that.

    This man appeared on BBC TV news some years later, after he had been arrested during a particularly bizarre protest at Windscale. The reason that he was featured in the news reports rather than the other protesters was that he worked as a chauffeur for David Bellamy. He hit the news again sometime later, again as a result of his anti-nuclear protests – he was then described as ‘David Bellamy’s assistant’.

    His mum was friends with David Bellamy, we discovered that when he was at Bangor.

    His mum and dad had a few other well known friends as well. His dad was the editor of the literary magazine Stand and his obit was in the Guardian when he died a few years ago.

    The infectious ones mum and dad knew a lot of high profile literary figures and were also involved in a lot of political activism – they knew Tony Benn. They knew another man as well who had been elected to a Durham constituency shortly before their son turned up as a student in Bangor – a Tony Blair, MP for Sedgefield.

    The Tony Blair who was married to a lawyer who knew so much about those kids in London who were sent to children’s homes in north Wales where they were so badly abused by the paedophile gang that DGE Wood, Gwynne Williams and Liz Stables in the Student Health Centre – as well as others in Bangor University – were colluding with.

    David Bellamy disappeared from the nation’s TV screens many years ago but no one was ever sure why. An interview in the Guardian in 2002 talked about Bellamy being too outspoken and making enemies. The same interview discussed all those children that Bellamy and his wife had adopted from overseas.

    The interview reminded the reader of how ubiquitous Bellamy once was on the TV – and how Lenny Henry used to imitate him on Tiswas using the phrase ‘gwapple me gwapenuts’. Lenny Henry was for many years married to Dawn French – who came from Holyhead. As did Glenys Kinnock, who knew all about the paedophile gang in north Wales along with her husband.

    Gwapple me gwapenuts, was there anyone who DIDN’T know?

    One of Bellamy’s TV series was called ‘It’s Patently Obvious’. There’s your answer all those former Bangor students who used to ask how a dangerous loose cannon made it onto the forestry degree and was never removed no matter what he did. It was because of all those people gwappling with the gwapenuts of the kids in care in north Wales who didn’t have the benefit of parents who were mates with Blair.

    Blair’s Home Secretary Jack Straw was an Islington Councillor along with Margaret Hodge, who presided over the paedophile ring in Islington – the one that they all ignored, including Jeremy Corbyn. When Jack Straw was a guest on Desert Island Discs, one of his choices was a track by The Verve, because it reminded him of his children. One of The Verve’s most well known songs was ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’. No Jack, they didn’t. That’s why the ‘extremely disturbed’ victims of the paedophile gang ended up in Dafydd’s dungeon.

    Someone else who had been a student at Bangor knew all about Bellamy’s chauffeur as well – my friend Ann. Who was killed whilst out driving one day – CRASH! Like so many other witnesses and kids in care in north Wales…

    The People’s Princess went the same way.

    Sir Peter Morrison’s sister Dame Mary was a lady-in-waiting to HM the Queen for most of her life.

    At one point the Prince’s Trust was involved in negotiating the future of the North Wales Hospital Denbigh after it was declared too structurally dangerous for anyone to go near.

    Get Alastair Campbell to write you a speech explaining this lot away then Blair.

  7. Until well into the 1980s the Top Doctors in north Wales got together to ensure that it was virtually impossible to access an abortion on the NHS anywhere in the region. I accept that there are many people who genuinely oppose abortion and they have every right not to participate in providing abortions if they are medical or nursing staff. However as with so many matters involving the Top Doctors in north Wales, arrangements could be made for the right people – it was well known that women could access abortions in Chester if they paid for private care and the Student Health Centre at Bangor University used to refer students to clinics in Chester.

    Although I knew students who had secured abortions in the private sector and had made this arrangement through the Student Health Centre, I also knew plenty of less advantaged women – and even quite young girls – who had definitely not been able to gain an abortion although they were in dire straits. Since the 1967 Abortion Act, one of the grounds on which a woman was able to secure an abortion was if two Top Doctors agreed that her mental health would be adversely affected. I have mentioned elsewhere on the blog that women in north Wales seeking a termination on mental health grounds were sent to the North Wales Hospital to be ‘assessed’ by Dafydd. Well who else would have been given such a sensitive task? At one point Dafydd was responsible for the whole women’s section of the hospital anyway. Total pervert who will do anything to anyone? Come this way Dafydd and treat the most vulnerable women in the region for the most sensitive of reasons. Particularly regarding anything that involves sex, it’ll be right up your street.

    The situation which prevailed raises a few questions. The most obvious one is why did the Top Doctors actually work so hard to prevent women accessing abortions in the first place? It wasn’t as if any of them had enough integrity to have genuinely had ethical objections. I can only presume that there was a business arrangement between them and the private clinic in Chester.

    The other questions are so much wore worrying. We know that the kids in care were being made by pregnant by their ‘carers’ and the other people who were abusing them. So what was happening to those pregnancies? Those girls weren’t being pointed in the direction of private clinics in Chester. Neither would those patients be who were ‘assessed’ by Dafydd – the ‘assessment’ was a farce, they were going to be refused an abortion anyway and if they had the money to go to the private clinic in Chester, they certainly wouldn’t be checking in with Dafydd at Denbigh. I heard much about the difficult side of life during my years in north Wales, but one thing that I NEVER heard about were illegal abortions being made available locally. I am sure that there will have been desperate women who did attempt to induce miscarriages – indeed I know one married woman who miscarried and sought help from St David’s Hospital only to be accused by the Top Doctors and Angels there of inducing the miscarriage. She hadn’t, but the fact that they had even accused her with no grounds for suspicion suggests that this was something that was happening frequently. I also know of women who gave birth whose babies were brought up by their mothers whilst they spent the rest of their lives telling everybody that they were the child’s sister. I know of at least one woman whose child was forcibly removed from her by the combined forces of St David’s and Denbigh. But this still doesn’t account for the number of unplanned/unwanted children that will have born in a region with a paedophile and a sex trafficking ring on operation on a very big scale.

    Where are the missing babies then Dafydd? Did you have a trade in babies out at Denbigh as well as in underage kids for sex? Were any of the newborns simply disposed of by any chance? After all you had a tame midwife supervising the Denbigh area – Antoinette Sandbach’s grandmother! Come on Antoinette, what was your gran doing with all the babies born to the women banged up in Denbigh?

    If anyone begins to dig and excavate at Denbigh what’s the betting that there’ll be the bodies of newborns out there? It’s what happened when people excavated Roman villas – the corpses of the unwanted babies would be found, usually under the floors I was told. I am absolutely sure that there will be at least some there – particularly as so many women were imprisoned in Denbigh for no other reason than they had become pregnant outside of marriage.

    Of course with the female patients at Denbigh also being sexually exploited by the Top Doctors and staff there will have been a lot of unwanted pregnancies to deal with anyway.

    1. Cerys Matthews, formerly of Catatonia, part of the Cool Cymru music scene around the turn of the millennium. Cerys began training as a psychiatric nurse but withdrew. I have never read any interviews with Cerys in which she talks about her experiences as a student psych nurse.

      Cerys knows someone who will be able to tell us all about the wrongdoing of the Top Doctors in Wales – her dad! He is an orthopaedic surgeon and worked at the Morriston Hospital in Swansea. He now lives in Pembrokeshire. Which falls within the area of the Hywel Dda Health Board currently in bits and demanding more money from the Welsh Gov’t.

      There was a paedophile ring operating in west Wales with links to the ring in north Wales.

      After Keith Thomson, the CEO of the NW Wales NHS Trust, was ordered by the High Court in Cardiff to hand over my medical records or face being jailed for contempt, he resigned. Only he nipped off down to Pembrokeshire a few months later and became the CEO of the Health Board down there!

      Do you know him by any chance Cerys’s dad?

      As Basil said in that episode of Fawlty Towers when he upset the German guests by going on about the war all the time – RAUS, RAUS, you might as well all fess up because you really are all going to be named…

  8. Hi Sally – wanted to leave a general comment not specific to this post. Tried to comment on todays (15th) post but the site wouldnt let me.
    I have been reading your posts and my goodness you have done a great deal of research into the awful goings on by those in positions of trust and power – naming and shaming would do the country the world of good. As you say what consenting adults do in their leisure time (paid or unpaid) is entirely up to them but when vulnerable people especially children become involved then measures have to be put in place to stop it all from ever happening again.
    One thing that I would like you to comment on though is the murder of Jill Dando – I did read somewhere that she was about to blow the whistle on that awful Jimmy Saville and it was infact he who ordered her to be silenced – now poor Barry George spent several years in prison for a crime that he did not commit? Its all gone very quiet hasnt it?

    1. Thanks for your comment – I’m sorry that you weren’t able to post earlier, I shut the comments down a few days ago after someone hacked in to the e mail account of someone who left a comment. There’s a police investigation underway. People are very welcome to e mail me if they have info or want me to put anything up on their behalf – t’s not that I don’t want anyone to comment, it’s just that I don’t want to put them at risk until the hacker has been definitely dealt with.

      Just as you mention Jill Dando – I’m working on a post with some info about her! I have mentioned her previously – in connection with the fitting up of Barry George. Who has been denied compensation for those years that he languished in prison. I read the stuff about her having knowledge of a VIP sex ring which included BBC people as well. Jill wasn’t actually a journo though, she was a presenter. But what jumps out at me is the fact that her colleague on Crimewatch Sue Cook was a close friend of the crooked barrister George Carman. Carman was mates with gangsters, he knew about the paedophilia and he had also been retained by Savile. If anyone thought that Jill was about to blow the whistle, there are any number of people who could have ordered and carried out that killing – Carman alone knew some dreadful people.

      If Jill was about to blow the whistle on a VIP paedophile gang, Peter Morrison’s name will have been mentioned as a key member – his sister spent her entire life as lady in waiting to HM the Queen. Jill’s former fiance is now surgeon gynaecologist to the Queen – now there’s a way to shut him up. I’m surprised he didn’t tell them to take a running jump when he received that offer.

      Jill Dando came from Somerset like me and she was just a bit younger – I went to school for a short while nearby to where she came from and I know a couple of people from her home town but I didn’t know her.

      I’m just researching Iain West, the pathologist who was involved in Jill’s case – what a cess-pit he lived in and all of the people with whom he worked and trained. The post will be up in a few days time – there is a whole network of people connected to him that I’m on to. I’m correlating a lot of suspicious deaths as well that nobody questioned at the time but that people have now raised concerns about. Some pretty terrible things were going on in the mid 90s – just as the questions about what exactly had gone on in north Wales would not go away.

      1. Witness A4 at IICSA allegations against Greville Janner. But IICSA failed to draw my submission re Janner. I have emailed IICSA. Sir John Stradling Thomas MP died at his Dolphin Square Home March 1991. Between the final readings of the War Crimes Bill being driven through using Parliament Act. The drivers of this bill were Janner and the propaganda magazine “Searchlight”

        Stradling Thomas was asking about things like Sue Ryder and Airey Neave and who they were bringing into UK (Nazi war criminals ?) and about UK identity thefts via death cert fraud. And he was asking questions about Keith Joseph and Barbara Castle cover ups such as the 43 child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk.

        Neave’s recruitment for Gladio began during hostilities. A complication for retrospective jurisdiction over war criminals. And who would know this better that another member of the postwar war crimes UK team ? Like Janner ?

        Although he was driving the bill it may be significant he kept schtum and gave Paddy Mayhew no problems. 1991 Just at the time child rape charges against Janner had disappeared ??

        1. Thanks for reminding me that Janner was involved with the post war crimes UK team. Again and again I have come across names of people involved with that who gained great kudos from it – yet they later went on to play major roles in concealing organised abuse. I have come across another one today whom I shall soon blog about in detail – Keith Mant, a pathologist at Guys Hospital. Mant was part of the team that investigated Nazi war crimes, particularly the human medical experiments at Ravensbruck – yet he was one of a group of pathologists who later concealed the most appalling wrongdoing closer to home.

          The disappearing rape charges against Janner in 1991 coincided with quite a few other events – people being prosecuted, hounded out of careers etc, mass panic on the part of those who ran the paedophile gang in north Wales. There seem to have been peaks of panic and strenuous activity to destroy witnesses – a lot of activity in 1990-91, then they obviously panicked again 1994-95, then there was another great stuffing over of people as the publication of the Waterhouse Report neared/happened. Of course the peaks of activity also resulted in the distribution of peerages to those who had helped conceal the mess.

          1. As you know two other members of British War Crimes Team were being spied on by OIRA in Suffolk to provide information of use to Soviet. Clement Freud at Walberswick and Airey Neave’s charity Sue Ryder HQ at Cavendish.

            The 1971 Ryder/Neave release scheme of 1200 men from German postwar custody was a subject in Sir John Stradling Thomas correspondence 1990/91 to Newton, Ferrers and Mayhew. That and the deaths of Sir John and alleged 1992 euthanasia of Leonard Cheshire (Four years ahead of prognosis) would have been firmly in the mind of Chief constable COE when he visited Lord HENNIKER (associate of MI6 Sue Ryder) 1992 re paedo Peter Righton.

            I have had a reply from Sarah Morgan QC who leads the Islington review of the 1995 White Inquiry. The Henniker visit was 1992 so hence after the 1979 start date of her terms of reference. So my argument is the ministerial correspondence of Sir John and the duty of COE was to tell Islington about the renewed concerns about the 43 child care deaths at Ixworth 1954 to 72.

            It appears that Islington (anxious only to talk about naughty ex Mayor Sandy Marks failing to say she was in Fallen Angels paedo group) assumed that child care deaths prior to the TOR start date of 1979 could safely be ignored by QC review. We’ll see Cllr Watts leader Islington Council. I do think we must have some Islington Labour Cllr Jack Straw related questions plus Barbara Castle related questions.

            It would be helpful if you discover more on the links between Righton, Kahan, Revd Nick Stacey, Norman Warner and Bishop Stockwood and possibly Christs College Cambridge.

  9. Yes she originated from the West Country – you say that she wasnt a journo but a presenter. That is very true but her roots were in journalism – so she knew how to do it! I knew that her boyfriend now had a top job – uuuummmmmm very interesting connections.

    1. She was from Weston-Super-Mare.

      I think that she’d been a local journo before she became a presenter. I thought that she was younger than me, but I’ve just checked – she was actually a year older. She will have known about Jeremy Thorpe, especially being interested in journalism.

      It is stated that she was a devout Baptist – if that was true she will have found lot of things that were going on at the BBC very unacceptable and may well have been so appalled that she wanted to blow the whistle. However she will have known about such things for a very long time but kept quiet.

      Jill was killed in 1999 – just a few months before the Waterhouse Report was published. A lot of people were very panicky about that time – quite a few people who could name names pegged out just before that Report, including Lord David Sutch (who shared the brothel at Ambleside Avenue with Cynthia Payne) and Ioan Bowen Rees, the former Chief Exec of Gwynedd County Council who presided over the paedophile gang and previously had presided over another paedophile gang in west Wales.

      I didn’t know Jill Dando, but I suspect that someone whom I used to know very well might have – an old school teacher of mine who some of us kept in touch with long after we left school. He lived very near to where Jill grew up and I think that for a while he was in the same am dram society as her as well.

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