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Today’s Guardian online reports that Wiltshire Police have stated that Operation Conifer, the investigation into allegations that Edward Health abused children, has resulted in the conclusion that there were grounds to suspect Heath of child sexual abuse and that if he were still alive he may have been formally interviewed under criminal caution. The Wiltshire Police are due to release a report into the matter next week, following their two year investigation.

Despite the huge quantities of mud thrown in the direction of Operation Conifer, the Wiltshire police maintain that they have received a number of accounts from people who claim to have been abused by Heath that they consider to be ‘credible’. Lincoln Seligman, Heath’s godson, is quoted in the Guardian as saying that a judge-led review of the evidence is the ‘only way of getting to the truth’. In the light of what I have witnessed judges doing in Court and the research that I’ve done whilst writing this blog, I’m not sure that Lincoln’s faith in a judge to get to the truth is well-placed.

The article about Heath only appeared on the Guardian’s website late this morning, but today’s print edition of the Daily Telegraph also contains an article about Heath and Operation Conifer, which presumably would have been compiled late last night. This article quotes a ‘key aide’ of Heath’s who was ‘astonished’ that he was not contacted by Conifer. The key aide in question is Lord Stephen Sherbourne who ran Heath’s Private Office. Sherbourne has told the Telegraph that he ‘never’ heard any rumours about Heath, ‘absolutely none’. The Telegraph also makes reference to ‘critics’ of the police investigation into Heath who criticise the police’s decision not to question Heath’s diary keepers, one of which was Sherbourne.

Perhaps I’m being overly cynical here, but if Heath had been doing anything at all that was unlawful let alone molesting children, I very much doubt that the appointments for such activities would have been listed in his diaries, particularly the diary kept by his key political aide ie. Sherbourne. As for Sherbourne ‘never’ hearing any rumours – well perhaps he did not, but then Esther ‘never’ heard any rumours about Jimmy Savile or her former bedfellow Nicholas Fairbain, although much of the rest of the world seemed to be very well aware of some of their activities.

Lincoln Seligman has popped up in the Telegraph as well, stating that the police have been happy to talk to ‘unreliable witnesses’ but seem to be reluctant to speak to Heath’s aides. Seligman presumably did not sit in on the police interviews and has not yet read the report, so he is in no position to judge the reliability of the witnesses that the police interviewed. Perhaps the police considered that Heath’s aides – who’s role in the Conservative Party will certainly not to have been grassing up their leader for child abuse – would be the unreliable witnesses.

Mike Veale, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire, has stated that he felt pressured to drop the inquiry into Heath. Imagine that. As the CPS won’t give advice on a case in which the suspect is deceased, presumably the Heath case will now fall into the category of a huge game of speculation a la Greville Janner, Cyril Smith and even dear old Savile, with their loyal followers stressing that they were never convicted of anything and died innocent men whilst a great many other people point to evidence suggesting that the only reason that they weren’t ever convicted was because an awful lot of people spent a great deal of time working very hard not to see or hear anything untoward.

Although Stephen Sherbourne ran Heath’s Private Office, he later worked for Heath’s sworn enemy Thatcher, as the head of her Political Office 1983-87. So he’ll have known about Sir Peter Morrison molesting under-aged boys then, because Tories such as Edwina Currie, Rod Richards and Gyles Brandreth have admitted that Morrison’s sexual tastes were openly discussed. Sherbourne was obviously a loyal Tory, because between 2003 and 2005 he was Chief of Staff to Michael Howard when Howard was Leader of the Opposition. The Michael Howard who had been Home Secretary when Mary Wynch was finally stuffed over by the Home Office in 1995. A number of the key figures involved in the unlawful arrest and imprisonment of Mary had been appointed by Heath. Heath was PM 1970-74. At that time the Home Office was directly responsible for running Bryn Estyn.

Sherbourne has had a career outside politics as well – he worked for tobacco companies (just like Ken Clarke, I wonder if perhaps they knew each other) and he worked in PR! Between 1983-88 he was Director of Chime Communications PLC. In 1988 he joined Lowe Bell Consultants (which became Bell Pottinger Consultants) and became their Managing Director. He was later appointed Chairman of Bell Pottinger Public Affairs. Bell Pottinger has just famously imploded as a result of a very stupid campaign that they ran in South Africa. Tim Bell, their leading light, was a mate of Thatcher’s and handled the PR for the Conservative Party. So Sherbourne was the equivalent of Lord Haw Haw – ‘Tories Calling, Tories Calling’.

Sherbourne is a close friend of Michael Portillo. Who was never in the least bit gay and according to Ken Clarke was subject to unfounded rumours about his ‘private life’. When being openly gay was no longer the kiss of death for a Tory politician, Portillo admitted to ‘gay experiences’. As with Heath, there were rumours that Portillo had relationships with under-aged males but I have never seen any evidence of this. However I do know that Portillo was a close associate of people who definitely knew that such things were going on and people who were alleged to have been participating in such things themselves.

Sherbourne is a non-executive director of Smithfields Consultants. Their website describes them as ‘Edelman’s London based specialist capital market and financial services communications consultancy’. I think that translates as ‘we make a great deal of money and conceal a great deal of shit’.

As for the other person casting aspersions on the police investigation, Lincoln Seligman, he is a sculptor and the son of Madron Seligman. Madron was the Tory MEP for West Sussex 1979-84. He is better known as the nearest thing to a friend that Heath had – somehow Madron Seligman managed to remain a close friend of Heath’s from their days at Balliol College, Oxford. Seligman’s Guardian obituary described him as Heath’s ‘lifelong friend and mentor’ and credits him with teaching Heath dinghy-sailing, which was Heath’s first step to becoming an accomplished yachtsman. Heath was such good mates with Seligman that on the day that Thatcher was ousted in 1990, Seligman was one of the first to be phoned by Heath to be told to ‘Rejoice! Rejoice!’…





Author: Sally Baker

I am a writer and a sociologist, originally from Somerset, but I’ve been based in Wales for most of my life. I had my first encounter with a mental health professional in 1984 at the age of 21. My GP described this man to my then partner – who also became a sociologist – as someone who had experienced ‘considerable success’. My meeting with this psychiatrist was a disaster and we attempted to complain about his insensitivity and highly inappropriate behaviour. That was the first time we were threatened and pressurised to withdraw a complaint against a mental health professional. This man is long dead – he was a retired psychiatrist from the North Wales Hospital Denbigh, T. Gwynne Williams, who was working shifts in the student health centre at University College of North Wales (now Bangor University). We discovered years later that this ‘successful man’ was notorious – he had been an enthusiastic lobotomist…

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  1. An interview under criminal caution is a key stage in building a criminal case against a suspect but it also offers them an opportunity to rebut claims and dispute facts.
    ‘No comment’ from Dr.X speaks volumes.
    I am most encouraged by the Guardian report relating to Operation Conifer, some Police of the more public minded, professional duty variety must welcome the change in the direction of the wind and perhaps even hope for a little more puff.

  2. Genville Janner’s son is a barrister of course, they have their uses – useful if dad needs to draw up a will quickly when successful prosecutions are in the air – not that Janner was found guilty, he was somehow incapable of appearing in court very soon after his affairs had been sewn up, being too mentally unwell. The link to mental health here is though more through his daughter Marion Janner who together with Anthony Bateman psychiatrist/psychoanalyst /international expert, usual blah..set up project named Wardipedia. A supposed collaborative approach between users and psychiatrists/nurses etc on the ward. Now very few users of the NHS, including St Anne’s in London, subject of a TV doc showing the horrors of hospital treatment, some of it blacked out as it was inappropriate to show huge thuggish nurses tussling with a service user in the usual degrading manner, but Marion who was hospitalised at St Anne’s has publicly declared her everlasting gratitude to Anthony who valiantly carried on giving her therapy throughout her distressing time. Marion, her father and A Bateman have all been given OBEs, not all at once and possibly not all for Wardipedia – Bye the way Sherbourne didn’t need to wait to be called in for an interview surely – most friends would have thought better get in there quick to defend old Ted.

    1. I know all about Greville, Daniel and Marion Janner Lydia, they have all featured in past blog posts on here!

      Daniel Janner has made some very threatening noises in the direction of people who claimed to have been abused by old Greville, Daniel threatened to sue the arse off them.

      Marion REALLY pisses me off, she and that fucking ’emotional support dog’ of hers Buddy are regulars on Radio 4’s Pravda for psychiatry ‘All In The Mind’. I’m sure that the dog is nothing like as offensive as the Janners, but there is just so much emphasis put on how fragile poor old Marion is, she cannot go anywhere without Buddy lest she has ‘a crisis’. I wouldn’t mind Marion being fragile but she is really causing problems for others who do not have the benefit of a rich dead father who was a peer and a dog and a gong. Not only does Marion do Wardipedia, she also does ‘Star Wards’, in which abusive oppressive environments are praised by Marion. The stupid cow even managed to praise a ward in north Wales – Marion noticed that the ward environment left a lot to be desired, but she knew how excellent the staff were…

      Didn’t know about Marion’s close relationship with Bateman. He no doubt upped his standards when he realised who Marion’s dad was. Or indeed her brother.

      Amazingly enough, I’ve discovered ANOTHER close friend of Ted Heath’s, I was gobsmacked to find that he had one, let alone two. Sir Ian Trethowan, Director General of the BBC 1977-82, was a good mate of Ted’s. Ian was also a big supporter of the security services vetting BBC staff – they did of course do this and the security services famously use the World Service for their work. Christ almighty didn’t they notice what Savile was up to??? Or indeed Stuart Hall and Rolf? In 1987 Trethowan became Chairman of Thames Television.

      In December 2014 an article appeared in the Mail Online by Tom Mangold, the Senior Correspondent for Panorama 1976-2003. Mangold maintained that Trethowan had a ‘close editorially unhealthy relationship’ with the security services and that he ‘directly interfered’ with a 1981 documentary about MI5 concerning the British Establishments walls of secrecy in the 1970s. In Dec 2011, after 30 year old papers were released, it was revealed that Threthowan had met the heads of MI5 and MI6, shown them the tape of the programme and invited them to suggest cuts. Which they did. Mangold also made an expose about Jeremy Thorpe and Norman Scott which he planned to broadcast after Thorpe’s Old Bailey trial. Because Thorpe was acquitted, the programme was pulled. Trethowan then demanded all the copies of the tapes that Mangold had of the programme and told him he’d be fired if he didn’t hand them over.

      Dunno who was put in charge of Panorama after Mangold went, it obviously wasn’t someone as brave as him – I offered them the north Wales psychiatry story with documentary evidence about 10 yrs ago but I never heard a thing from them. The abuse in north Wales was worse than Winterbourne View…

      I did note with some disappointment though that in his Mail article Mangold followed the standard line where Norman Scott was concerned – that he was a ‘whiner’ and ‘blabbed’ about Jeremy. Well according to Norman, Jeremy raped him, stole his NI card and although Jeremy was acquitted after the joke of the trial, Andrew Newton admitted that he’d been paid to kill Norman – Newton served a prison sentence for killing Norman’s dog and possessing a fire-arm with intent to kill Norman, so SOMEONE wanted Norman dead. It is hardly surprising that Norman was whining and blabbing.

      Having said that, I read a review of a newly released book today which claims that Lady Lucan probably murdered her nanny and that Lord Lucan was a lovely man who was liked by everyone. Presumably Lady Lucan also bludgeoned herself over the head as well, because she turned up at a hospital with serious injuries. The rationale of the author of this book for pointing the finger at Lady Lucan? That Lady Lucan had mental health problems and was ‘addicted to lithium’.

      Not only can one not get ‘addicted to lithium’, but Lady Lucan’s mental health problems were diagnosed when she arrived at St Georges Hospital after she told them that her husband had killed the nanny and tried to kill her. Norman Scott was a patient at St Georges too. As of course was I and my medical records from there make it quite clear that St Georges knew exactly how serious the criminal activities of psychiatrists in north Wales were, they admitted it in writing. I suggest that someone acquires Lady Lucan’s and Norman’s medical records from St Georges asap, there’ll probably be full details of the crimes that were committed against them and who the guilty parties were.

      Back to Trethowan. He was DG of the BBC whilst Lord Michael Swann was Chairman – Swann was said to be very well-liked by both Trethowan and Charles Curran, the other DG during Swann’s time as Chairman (Curran has starred previously on this blog). Swann was Chair of the BBC 1973-80 – he was appointed by Ted Heath, who admired the way that Swann had ‘dealt with’ protesting students at Edinburgh University when he had been Vice Chancellor there 1965-74. One of the leaders of the protests had been Gordon Brown, who had been elected Rector.

      Swann’s brother Hugh was cabinet maker to the Queen and his brother-in-law was Graham Leonard, who was the Anglican Bishop of London who subsequently became a Catholic Priest.

      Michael Swann was Chancellor of the University of York 1979-90.

      Readers might remember that another Trethowan featured on the blog recently, the psychiatrist William Trethowan, Professor at Birmingham who knew the corrupt Professor Robert Bluglass. Like Bluglass, Trethowan had a very understanding attitude to psychiatrists involved with abusing children and criminal activities.

      I’m wondering if the two Trethowans were related. Williams Trethowan sullied the earth with his presence 1917-95, Ian Trethowan 1922-90. Could they possibly have been brothers?

      1. Lydia – just googled Anthony Bateman. I see that he’s a visiting prof at UCL and is also involved with the Ann Freud Centre for Children and Families. He seems to mainly deal with alleged cases of Borderline Personality Disorder. Now this is the only diagnosis that the dreadful Dr Tony Roberts at the Hergest Unit actually had, everybody was told that they had BPD, that there was no effective treatment and they were then discharged with no support – which is how so many people ended up killing themselves. Bateman had better get on up to north Wales and have a word with the staff up there because I notice that he is an expert member of the NICE development group for treatment guidelines for BPD. I’m quite sure that those treatment guidelines will not consist of saying to suicidal patients ‘if you want to be that selfish go on and do it then’, which was definitely said to some.

        I am very sceptical about the very existence of BPD, but one thing that I do know about clinicians who do believe in its existence is that they believe that is is strongly associated with child sexual abuse. Is there anything that you wish to tell us Marion? Particularly in the wake of your brother threatening to sue anyone who calls old Greville a child molester – although the CPS have admitted that there was sufficient evidence to charge Greville with sexual offences against children in the 1990s and they just don’t know why this wasn’t done – and your sister Rabbi Laura RANTING on the Today programme a few months ago, maintaining that Greville was ‘great and good’ and that she’ll take on the lying bastards who dared accuse him of assaulting them.

      2. Another Chancellor of York University was also a BBC big wig – Greg Dyke.

        Dyke was Chancellor of York 2004-15. Dyke was Director General of the BBC 2000-2004 until he resigned in a flurry of publicity after the Hutton Report.

        Dyke was a mature student at York himself, he graduated in politics in 1974. He was politically active whilst he was at York, but he was more of a traditional Labour supporter than the folk involved with far left politics at that time. Whilst Dyke was at York he was friends with Peter Hitchens, who was then an International Socialist.

        After Dyke left York he went to Newcastle, so he may have known a few things about the people who featured in my post ‘The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Connection’ and their activities, particularly as Dyke was working as a journo on the Newcastle Journal. Dyke then returned to London where he worked as a campaign officer for Wandsworth Community Relations Council – he’ll have known about the wrongdoing there then…

        In 1978 Dyke landed a job at LWT – Marjorie Wallace’s husbands empire – via a former Newcastle journo colleague of his, Nicholas Evans. Evans is now a TV and film producer, a screenwriter and a novelist. Dyke worked on a local politics programme – his bosses were John Birt and Peter Jay. Who were the people that Mandelson knew well when he worked at LWT – John Birt is a friend of Mandy’s. Presumably Greg Dyke would also have known Mandy – Mandy was of course MP for Hartlepool in the north east, 1992-2004.

        In 1983 Dyke was brought into TV-am by Jonathan Aitken – former beau of Carol Thatcher’s and who later went to prison for perjury.

        Dyke joined TVS in 1984 as Director of Programmes.

        In 1987 Greg was back at LWT as Director of Programmes there.

        In 1992 he was appointed Chairman of ITV Council and LWT Chief Exec.

        In Feb 1993 Greg became Chair of the GMTV Board.

        In 1994 he made a great deal of money when Granada bought out LWT.

        In Jan 1995 Dyke was appointed Chair and Chief Exec of Pearson Television.

        In Feb 1997 he was Chair of Channel 5.

        In 1997 he was asked to review the NHS Patients Charter.

        In 2000 he took over as DG of the BBC from John Birt. In 2002 he introduced the Freeview terrestrial digital transmission platform.

        After the almighty row which was the Hutton Report, in which the blame for Alistair Campbell lying or should I say ‘sexing up’ a dossier concerning Saddam’s non-existent WMD was placed firmly upon the BBC rather than Alistair Campbell, Gavyn Davies (the Chair of the BBC) and Dyke resigned. Dyke’s story was that he offered his resignation to the BBC Governors but didn’t expect them to accept it. He got a bit of a shock when they did and Greg then became very cross and wrote newspaper articles demanding their resignations as well.

        Dyke’s appointment as the next Chancellor of the University of York was announced in Nov 2003. It caused a few raised eyebrows because it was right in the midst of the row about the BBC broadcasting allegations about the dodgy dossier.

        In 1977 Greg tried to win a seat for Labour on the GLC. Until 1999 he was considered to be ‘very much part of Blair’s new England’ and had appeared at parties celebrating Blairs victory in 1997. He also made financial donations to the Labour Party. However after the Hutton business, Dyke left Labour prior to the 2005 election when he supported the Lib Dems. In 2005 he appeared at a Lib Dem press conference to announce that democracy would be under threat if Labour was elected for a third term.

        In April 2009 it was announced that Dyke would lead a Review of the UK’s creative sector for the Tory Party.

        I can only presume that Greg Dyke was forced out of the BBC because he had some very powerful enemies, but I’m not sure who they were. He’d obviously really pissed someone off, because he had made friends with scores of influential people during his career. Although he fell out with the New Labour Gov’t in a big way, he’d actually been very close to them. I’m reading the book that he wrote after he resigned, ‘Inside Story’ and there are constant references to people across the political spectrum who he’d spent time toadying to, but he was actively mates with Blair and his circle. There was much support for him at the BBC when he resigned as well – there was a series of staff walk-outs and a letter of support from BBC staff was placed in the Daily Telegraph.

        Dyke tries to position himself as a good guy. He was notorious at the BBC for his ‘Cut The Crap’ initiative in which he dismantled an unpopular bureaucratic structure, he spoke out against the ‘hideously white’ aspect of the BBC and in the wake of the revelations of phone hacking by the News of the World, in 2011 Greg Dyke appeared on Newsnight and gave the deputy features editor of the News of the World a bollocking.

        However, look at when Dyke was DG of the BBC – 2000-04. The excessive salaries were in place as was the rampant nepotism and cronyism. Furthermore the BBC was still concealing the activites of Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris – and Savile. They all knew but they didn’t mention a thing. Greg Dyke will have known about a lot of other sordid stuff as well as Savile (Dyke’s wife is a probation officer, she’s involved with a charity for young offenders called Safe Ground, she’ll be well aware of the chaos that is social work, young people’s ‘services’ and the criminal justice system). Dyke is a journalist who socialised and rubbed shoulders with many of the people named on this blog who were guilty of concealing the most serious wrongdoing…

        If Greg Dyke’s book has enough new info in it, I’ll use it as the basis for a future post. I haven’t read much of his book yet, but a few familiar names have already cropped up.

        Greg Dyke does seem to have got his priorities a bit skewed. His book is written from the point of view of a victim and he was obviously really miffed at not being supported by the Governors. Greg explains that at the time that the Hutton Report was published he was on the Atkins Diet of all things and he was also trying to give up alcohol for a few days. However Greg was so traumatised by the Governors accepting his resignation that he broke his diet and ate ‘a whole pizza’. And then he had a drink with his mates. Dyke writes in his book that ‘I will never forgive Lord Hutton and the Governors for making me break my diet’. Which in the grand scheme of things seems quite a minor transgression on the part of Lord Hutton and the Governors. There are probably quite a few people Greg who will never forgive you and other senior managers at the BBC for harbouring, employing and concealing a revolting old sleaze bag who was one of the UK’s most prolific sex offenders and who used the fame that he acquired from the BBC to access children and sexually assault them. That is a rather more serious matter than you breaking your diet. All those years at the top of TV Greg – you could have blown the whistle on Savile at any time…

        1. Having read a bit more of Greg Dyke’s book since I wrote yesterday’s comment, I have now discovered that at about the time that Greg became the Chancellor of York University, he donated 1/4 million quid to their coffers, which they spent on an all-weather sports ground. I can’t work out from Greg’s book whether he made that donation before they appointed him or after – Greg draws a bit of a veil over that.

          York University have had a few more illustrious Chancellors – Lord Kenneth Clark of Civilisation (the father of the prolific sexual harasser and molester of teenaged girls Tory MP Alan Clark) 1967-78 and the current Chancellor is Professor Sir Malcolm Grant.

          Malcolm Grant is a barrister who is currently Chair of the NHS England. In 2011 Andrew Lansley appointed Grant Chair of the NHS Commissioning Board.

          Malcolm Grant was President and Provost of Sin City aka UCL 2003-13. In 2004 he launched Campaign for UCL, in which he drummed up 300 million quid – I have not found details of where this dosh came from, but Grant used it to fund some of the research and clinical facilities of which UCL now boasts.

          For the President of an institution which prides itself on its research excellence, Grant did something strange in 2007. In response to legal threats from a man whose wife flogged herbal remedies, Grant ordered Prof David Colquhoun to remove his Improbable Science website from University computers. David Colquhoun has a very sound reputation for exposing nonsense and an outcry from the scientific community followed. Grant then invited Prof Colquhoun to bring his site back after it had been edited for libel.

          In Dec 2011 Malcolm Grant was no confidenced in a vote from the UCL Union (representing the student body) following his appointment as Chair of the NHS Commissioning Board.

          Grant was Chair of the Russell group 2006-09. He was also Chair of the Standards Committee of the Greater London Authority; Chair of the Local Gov’t Committee for England 1996-2001. The PM appointed Grant British Business Ambassador in 2008.

  3. I knew of a David Seligman who worked for SPARTACUS and the address was 2 BRYDGES PLACE LONDON. he was also known for setting up the Gay Hotline aka the Paedophile friendly one that was attached to the ALBANY TRUST which has been proved to be a paedophile friendly place

    1. Thanks for the info. It’s really worrying how often ‘gay friendly’ services/facilities were an umbrella for paedophile-friendly ones. I don’t know to what extent that it is still happening…

      I see that the police have given more details re Ted Heath – looks like this report that they’re due to release later this week is going to shatter a few illusions of a few people. The Tories are so busy scrapping among themselves that no-one’s made an announcement. Must be putting a bit of a damper of their conference though…

      Perhaps the police could now go public on the activities of Sir Peter Morrison with the boys in north Wales children’s homes and elsewhere – this was actually discussed in Conservative circles and Thatcher herself was told what was going on. Morrison was known about years before all the Ted Heath allegations became public…

  4. NICK OR RICHARD? That’s the question that should be in METS mind? If they accept Richards case that he was taken to DOLPHIN SQR and appeared on TV in that programme OR reject DOLPHIN SQR because of NICK who is now as ‘the fantasist ‘ and cops may have to prosecute him So MET which is it NICK OR RICHARD?

    1. I know that allegations must always be investigated and it should never be assumed that because an allegation is made it is therefore 100% accurate, but it is also necessary to take a good look at the people who dismiss complainants as ‘fantasists’. Are they, for example, mental health professionals who have previously been caught lying to discredit other people making similar complaints or complaints about people within the same system? Are they friends/colleagues/relatives of the person who stands accused? I know that we do defend people we know if we believe that they are not guilty in the face of rumour and speculation (I defended a friend in my post ‘A Vampire At Glyndwr University?’), but it must always actually be borne in mind that an allegation might be true, as much as an allegation might be false. To dismiss someone as a ‘fantasist’ because they have mental health problems or are an addict or have a criminal conviction is as blinkered as maintaining that Leon Brittan couldn’t possibly be an abuser because he was a gentle man who was Home Secretary, according to his mates. I have no idea at all whether the allegations against Leon Brittan were true, or a case of mistaken identity or plain malicious. But I do know that people made vulnerable by factors such as learning disabilities, mental health problems, previous abusive experiences or drugs and drink are actively targeted by unscrupulous people who know damn well that they can discredit them in the face of complaint with the charge of being a ‘fantasist’. From what I read of the profile of Nick ‘the fantasist’, he is pretty much the sort of person that an unscrupulous abusive person would target – because by their reckoning no-one would believe him… I don’t think that the police should have BEGUN by stating that his allegations were ‘credible and true’, but they were completely right to investigate his very serious complaint.


    1. Robert – if people really wanted to know what Morrison and others were doing to kids in care in north Wales, all Operation Pallial has to do is to go through the social work/medical records of those kids and other complainants and read them in detail. The evidence will be there. The paedophiles and their friends were so bloody arrogant and so sure that no-one would ever ask questions that they were not afraid to document their own law breaking and plans to conceal misconduct or frame complainants. All such evidence is on the records that I have but Operation Pallial hasn’t asked me if they can read them yet! The names of the accomplices will be on the records as well, because they were all cc’d into the letters detailing the plans.

      The records of mine from St Georges Hospital Medical School contain admissions of sexual abuse of patients and criminal activity in the mental health services in north Wales. They also contain evidence that not only did psychiatrists at St Georges collude with this, but that the social work team based at St Georges were in direct contact with Lucille Hughes, Director of Gwynedd Social Services who was named in the Waterhouse Report as knowing that a paedophile ring was in operation in north Wales social services but not acting. Now why would a team based at St Georges have such a warm relationship with a gang of paedophiles in north Wales who were accepting children from London boroughs ‘on placement’ in north Wales? Not only that, but Oliver Brooke, a Professor of Paediatrics at St Georges, just a few years earlier was imprisoned for possession of huge amounts of child porn. The detectives working on the case identified Brooke as a major figure in a European paedophile ring. Oh, kids from north Wales children’s homes were taken to Europe to be abused. It’s not rocket science is it? A major trade in children for sex work was in existence, facilitated by health and social care professionals in south London and north Wales who had such a cosy relationship with each other that they lied to protect each other. Twenty five years down the line things will have got much, much worse because the likes of Tom Burns and Mark Williams have now migrated from south London/north Wales to Oxford and now occupy positions as ‘world leading academics’. Tom and Mark knew about the abuse and criminality…

      As I keep saying Robert, the evidence really is not very difficult to find. But I don’t think that anyone wants to find it.

    1. I do read extracts from Spotlight on Abuse, but you don’t need to confirm your credentials to me. I have spent thirty years watching what the welfare services do to people and it is bad. Both I and my friend Brown have been friends with people who grew up in care and we heard the same stories from all of them – the kids were not looked after properly, they were often physically and sexually abused, they had no schooling and they had much contact with medical professionals and others who knew that this was happening and even witnessed some of it. As adults they often experienced mental health problems and they were treated as badly by psychiatry as they had been when they were kids. Because the Top Doctors KNOW what happens to kids in care and they really do not want to listen to the stories of their patients because then they’ll bloody well have to admit that they know. So they introduce idiocies like ‘transference’, ‘dissociation’, ‘attention seeking’ or even dear old borderline personality disorder to give themselves an excuse not to treat their patients as human beings.

  6. Sally if you have time to have a look at yet another book or the previews or write up iin the Guardian the aforementioned Richard Lindley – of breach of confidence fame re Royal Free handing over million patients’ records to google while he is chief governor – he published a book ’50 years of pride and paranoia’ in 2002. He was working at Panorama during the years you mention He is very keen to criticise others and reveals info about some of the people you mention but he has links with medics plus BBC so it is almost impossible you would think – perhaps incorrectly, that he wouldn’t have heard at least rumors about Saville. The book needs an update there and including an explanation for the Royal Free fiasco – he seems to think it acceptable to tell people they can make their wishes clear about sharing info – well if they are not told in the first place Richard they will not realise they need to . How about a documentary as you and your wife Carol Stone have interests in a film production company.

    1. I will look it all up Lydia, thanks. I am halfway through Greg Dykes book ‘Inside Story’ at the moment and what a revelation it is. The number of people in the media, particularly in LWT which screened numerous programmes about ‘life in London’ AND did political programmes who must have known about Savile, the organised sexual abuse of children, the concealment of it by psychiatry, social work and the probation service etc, must have been enormous. These people were journos, living and working in London, being given stories etc OF COURSE they knew. Dykes book is a gem, but I’m not sure that he meant it to be. There are the names of tonnes of people in there whom I need to research, Dyke details political connections, the deals being done between media organisations and the City, venture capitalists, the web involving politicians/financiers/business and the media – and the money involved is huge, millions and millions. No wonder the abuse of kids in care and the deaths of ‘service users’ are lost among all this.

      There are connections between Top Doctors and media folk, but the media folk don’t see Top Doctors doing what you and me see them doing. Greg Dyke’s own father was a cancer patient of Karol Sikora at Hammersmith Hospital – Dyke describes Sikora as a ‘wonderful man’. I spent a year at Hammersmith at about the time that Dyke’s father was a patient there – Greg certainly wouldn’t think that Sikora was a wonderful man if he’d worked at Hammersmith. There was massive research fraud going on, one student passed an exam on the basis of having sex with a tutor, one of the ’eminent surgeons’ had a long standing affair with his secretary who was given a job as a lecturer in anatomy no less and Sikora was loathed, he was reputed to be a real shit. By the standards of Hammersmith that was certainly something. There are more details of life at Hammersmith on my blog posts…

      Dyke also mentions a well-known celeb from the 1990s who was a private patient at St Georges. Everyone there knew her, she had no bloody idea what they were doing, they just used to toady to her. She was a HUGE name in TV and Dyke mentions that the success of one of her most well-known shows was substantially the reason for LWT being so successful in the first half of the 1990s. This lady was a big supporter of Thatcher and I heard a bit about her the other day on the radio (she died recently) saying that she was actually a very very hard-nosed woman who wanted fame and fortune from her early days as a singer in the 60s, nothing like her cuddly TV image. I was told a couple of weeks ago that it was the fact that this lady was a patient and friend of the Prof of Obs and Gynae at St Georges that protected that hospital’s reputation in the face of the dreadful things happening there. She won’t have known about any of it, but her association with that institution was fully exploited by them.

      Top Docs in London are often very well-connected – St Thomas’s Hospital has a permanent love-in with Parliament and there are personal connections as well. Jonathan Miller was a Top Doctor as well as a media luvvie, Lord Robert Winston really loves being on TV, Susan Calman’s dad Kenneth Calman is a Top Doctor in Scotland, Harry Hill was a Top Doctor who trained at St Georges. A lot of shagging and socialising goes on between Top Doctors and celebs, as well as lawyers – dear old Helena Kennedy is married to a Top Doctor. No wonder we just never hear the truth about huge swathes of the NHS.

      Greg Dyke’s book has so much info in that I’ll be doing a series of blog posts based on it, but it will take me a few more days to do it…

      1. Lydia –
        Have just looked up Richard Lindley and his wife Carol Stone. You’re dead right that they will know about all the shit, including the mountain that is Savile and the other mountain that is the Top Doctors.

        Carol Stone worked at the BBC for 27 years. She was producer of Radio 4’s Any Questions 1980-90. Carol now styles herself as a media consultant. Carol seems to spend much time ingratiating herself to the rich and powerful and has even written handbooks on ‘networking’. She has done a lot of work in polling and polling research and is Chair of the YouGov Centre at Cambridge University.

        But look what a good mate Carol is of the Top Doctors:

        She is a former governor of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust; a patron of Mad Marjorie Wallace’s charity SANE; and the founding director of The Hippocratic Post, the first global blogging site for doctors. Carol is involved with a number of other medical charities as well.

        I don’t think that we’ll be hearing much about organised child abuse or the deaths of psychiatric patients from Carol, despite her many influential mates.

        In 2016, Carol succeeded that other paedophiles’ friend Patricia Scotland as Patron of the Global Foundation To Eliminate Domestic Violence. Those kicking the oppressed in the teeth excel at finding Good Causes to be patron of don’t they…

        Now for Carol’s hubby Richard Lindley. He joined ITN in 1962 and then worked on Panorama 1973-85. He then joined the TV regulator the IBA, subsequently working on ITV’s This Week. After that Lindley returned to ITN to present World News and produce special reports for News At Ten.

        The Observer’s 2003 review of Lindley’s book on Panorama mentioned that Thatcher came into conflict with Panorama when Roger Bolton started editing it and the only way that the BBC actually survived Thatcher was the arrival of John Birt as DG, who muzzled the journos on Panorama. Birt’s name pops up wherever I go and he’s a friend of Mandelson’s, I’ll try and blog more about him soon.

        I’m wondering when precisely Lindley worked on This Week, because it was that series which in 1988 screened the episode Death On The Rock, about the members of the SAS who killed three members of the IRA in Gibralter. There was such a fuss, Geoffrey Howe tried to lean on the IBA to prevent the programme being shown and Thatcher really had the knives out for Thames Televsion (they produced the programme) in the wake of that episode. Roger Bolton was the editor of the programme… Thames subsequently lost its franchise in a bidding war with Carlton, the IBA was abolished and it is alleged that Thatcher’s Gov’t deliberately twisted the knife into Thames by an amendment to a Parliamentary Bill made by David Mellor who at the time was a Minister in the Home Office. A huge number of staff were subsequently made redundant at Thames, it really incurred damage. The Chief Exec of Thames Television at the time was Roger Dunn. The chairman of Thames was a recent star of this blog, Ian Trethowan. In 1998 at the age of 54 Richard Dunn was found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool – according to the relevant Top Doctors he’d had a ‘heart attack’.

        I doubt that we’ll ever hear that Lindley or Carol have been found dead at the bottom of a pool (don’t bodies usually float??). Not with the friends that they have made and the things that they have not publicised…

  7. Sally you might have just missed the latest refinement being promoted by ‘attachment’ therapists they develop so rapidly. Linda Cundy author of ‘anxiously attached…….’ currently being promoted by Karnak publisher ie ‘borderline borderline personality disorder; I kid you not. People have the right to read their files, In the unlikely event she is informing them of that – wonder how anxious they would would be about Linda knowing anything about them..her book is very disrespectful towards clients who are paying her quite handsomely including for the material she uses in books using the laughable cop out of claiming the accounts are ‘vignettes’ and therefore not breaching confidentiality.

    1. Don’t talk to me about ‘vignettes’ Lydia, I know all about ‘vignettes’. Not only are they the usual way of breaching confidentiality, but vignettes also allow a bit of skilful editing to ensure that mention is never made of patients being abused, refused treatment or dying of neglect. There is a CPN in north Wales who published on the treatment of ‘alcohol problems’. Now I knew for a fact that patients with alcohol problems were being flatly refused treatment by the mental health services and they were being thrown out of A&E in Ysbyty Gwynedd as well, sometimes only to be found dead a few hours later. There were numerous deaths in this manner over a number of years, so who this man was treating I do not know. When I still worked at Bangor University he came to see me because he had heard that I was publishing about the mental health services in north Wales (that got them all crapping themselves). He turned up with two papers that he had co-authored with ‘service users’ and gave them to me to show how honest and transparent his publishing was – presumably he didn’t know that I knew what was actually happening to alcoholics in north Wales.

      This man’s papers contained vignettes. Did any of the vignettes involve patients being insulted, abused, refused treatment, manhandled out of the hospital by aggressive male Angels, refused all support and left to die? No. The vignettes were all of patients who had somehow managed to receive treatment for alcohol problems in north Wales, who had recovered and who just had a few mild criticisms of the ‘service’.

      This man knew exactly how fucking bad psychiatry in north Wales was and is. Other sources told me that his own glorious colleagues had threatened him, tried to blackmail him and that the psychopathic Keith Fearns, former leader of the Arfon Community Mental Health Team and now provider of CBT at £90/hour had tried to assault him in the street in Bangor. So I was quite surprised to see this man’s name listed on a therapy forum next to Keith’s and a few other old lags last year. But it looks as though those under the spotlight in north Wales are so keen on sticking together like glue that even those who hate Keith and have been targeted by him have now joined his gang. This man’s wife used to work with Fearns and was treated appallingly by him.

      So imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago this man sent me a message saying that he had evidence of corruption in the Hergest Unit for my blog. I was hoping that the evidence would be rather be honest than the vignettes, so I asked him to send it to me. He refused saying he wanted to meet me in person – in north Wales, the area that I had to leave, such were the threats and harassment towards me. I told him that at the moment I had been warned not to even visit north Wales – organised criminals running paedophile gangs are not very nice people and I’ve named loads of them. He of the vignettes then asked me where I was now living and said he’d come and see me. I live at a concealed location. I told him that no-one knows my address but he was very welcome to e mail the info over. I never heard another thing.

      I rather suspect that now they’re all crapping themselves in north Wales after a blog has made their activities public, that Fearns and co despatched the Clean Skin in an attempt to find out where I am. Rather than publishing any more vignettes, I think that John Sims and his wife Georgina really ought to be speaking to the police about the activities of Mr Fearns et al. John and Georgina watched it for years – time those two developed a backbone and out of respect to all the patients who were abused and died supply details of the crimes and the names of the offenders…

      Even the fluffiest therapy is usually offensive to patients Lydia. Absolutely everything is laid at the door of the person experiencing problems, even socio-political disasters. I am vaguely aware of all the ‘attachment’ bollocks but I haven’t bothered to waste my time digging into it too deep. The one that pisses me off is Paul Gilbert’s ‘shame’ work. Ooh do you know that many psychiatric patients feel shame and it’s this that’s causing their distress? Now why ever would psychiatric patients feel shame??? After all many of them have spent years being told by mental health professionals how dysfunctional they are, how their own views and perceptions cannot be believed, how they just need to be ‘strong’, how they won’t take responsibility, how they are dependent, indeed how they have ‘attachment disorders’ and if they’re really lucky they’ll be assaulted on the ward and if they complain a pack of lies will be told and they’ll find themselves interviewed by the police for ‘assaulting a nurse’. It’s good to know that it is their utterly unfathomable feelings of shame that is the problem.

      1. Now here’s a man who has knowledge of much wrongdoing but kept remarkably schtum:

        Sir Christopher Kelly. Christopher was a civil service Mandarin and in 1997 he became Permanent Secretary at the Dept of Health, when Dobbo and Alan Milburn were Secretaries of State. When it dawned on Blair that there were some dreadfully serious problems in the NHS…

        Kelly joined the civil service in 1970 when he was 24 and spent 25 years at the Treasury.

        Kelly was Secretary to the Wilson Committee of Inquiry into Financial Institutions 1978-80 and head of the Policy Group in the DSS 1995-97.

        Kelly retired from the civil service in 2001.

        In 2002 he became Chair of the NSPCC, where he remained until 2010.

        In 2007 Kelly was appointed Chair of the ‘anti-sleaze’ watchdog, the Committee for Standards in Public Life. Which has been gobsmackingly ineffective at stopping MPs from exploiting the expenses system.

        In 2010 he became Chair of the Kings Fund, which describes itself as an ‘independent commentator on health care’. The kings Fund is actually a very powerful voice of the healthcare establishment. A voice which usually maintains that the answer to the NHS’s problems is a few more billion.

        In 2017 Christopher Kelly became a non-executive member of the Office of Budget Responsibility.

        Kelly has also been Chair of the Financial Ombudsman Service, a senior advisor to KPMG and Chaired the Child Protection Committee Report into Ian Huntley, 2004.

        Sir Christopher began with a good start in life for one who concealed crap in the NHS. His father was Dr Reginald Kelly, the former President of the British Association of Neurologists.

        Reginald Kelly was a medic in the Royal Navy, then in 1946 began neurological training at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queens Square.
        In 1950 Reginald was appointed consultant to Queen Mary’s Hospital in the East End. He followed this with a stint at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Mount Vernon Hospital and St Thomas’s and then at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Maida Vale. Kelly was the Dean of the Institute of Neurology, 1968-75.

        Reginald Kelly was a Consultant at Tommy’s whilst Dr Death aka David Owen worked there as a Registrar. So Kelly was yet someone else who would have known all about the lethal William Sargant’s idiosyncratic approach to his patients…

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